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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Netanyahu Warns Against Inaction as War Comes

hattip: allen
From the Debkafile

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu: Instead of restraint, Israel should topple the Hamas government

December 5, 2006, 9:27 AM (GMT+02:00)

In a radio interview Tuesday, the former Likud prime minister questioned the current state leadership’s capabilities for preparing Israel’s armed forces for the “next war.” What should be done now, he said, was to wipe out the burgeoning Palestinian terrorist infrastructure and stem the vast stream of weapons entering Gaza. Instead, the Olmert government was exhibiting weakness by its decision to let eight days of continuous Palestinian ceasefire violations from Gaza go unanswered. In this period, 16 Qassam missiles were fired against Israeli civilian locations.

Amid widening criticism of the government’s decision to accept the Hamas “ceasefire” and its violations, Netanyahu said earlier said that Israel’s restraint had the effect of strengthening Hamas and weakening Palestinian moderates.

Defending the decision, prime minister Ehud Olmert argued to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee Monday that the Israeli military operation had not stopped the Palestinian missile offensive. DEBKAfile adds: This further stung the military whose anti-missile operation in northern Gaza he halted mid-stream.

Olmert also explained that if the ceasefire is allowed to gather momentum it could stimulate diplomatic engagement.

I agree with Netanyahu. Hamas is an Islamist organization whose primary purpose is to bring jihad and sharia to Palestine. The total destruction of Israel and annihilation of all Jews is the centerpiece of the Hamas charter. The missile attacks haven't halted for one day during this latest charade that we call a ceasefire and the Palestinians call "hudna." The so-called "moderate" party; the Palestinian Authority (Abbas' Party) has its own wing of terrorists, Fatah. The PLO and then the Palestinian Authority have so effectively developed martrydom to a pseudo science wrapped in a religion that now even 64 year old grannies strap on a bomb. Will we appease this madness until a martyr straps on and detonates a nuclear device?

After the big Christmas Tsunami, I realized that mankind forgets the hard lessons. Instead of learning from mistakes, we repeat them. Fifty years of experience dealing with the Palestinians should be enough for everyone to realize that you can't deal with them. But apparently every new Presidential administration forgets the lessons of the past and tries to reason with an unreasonable, irrational people. That is the definition of insanity.

Netanyahu is right: Olmert's actions have been inexplicable and inexcusable. Hopefully, the Israeli people will listen to BeBe before it is too late.


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  2. Israel has never been rewarded for restraint and always respected by her enemies when she gave out better than she received.

    It is better to give than receive

  3. I want to say one thing. Whit and I welcome as many posts as anyone cares to put up. they should be interesting and it is appreciated when they are relevant. Obviously with late breaking news, we want to know about it. Personal attacks, cheap shots and insults unwelcome and are not necessary. The multiple personalities, when done well are entertaining. The cut and paste trashing of the blog is unwelcome and we ask that it not be done. We put a lot of energy into our work. The regulars here at the bar do as well. New people are turned off by it and I want it stopped. We want to keep improving and ask for your cooperation and help, and welcome one and all who share our vision to exchange similar and opposing ideas and beliefs.

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  5. What are Israel's options at this point?

  6. This is good news.
    presidential council urges greater role for ethanol.


  7. Hey, habu, welcome back! Hope the vaction was a real blast for you and a good time was had by all.

    I had noticed the subfreezing weather reports from Big Sky Country and thought of your field of frozen blue ethanol petals, wasfully wilting on the praire.

  8. DR,
    Thanks for the welcome. Just been roam'n the purple mountains mind'n my own business.
    Good to see folks are do'in fine.

  9. Gwyneth and I won’t sleep a wink tonight. Unfortunately, we will do so on different continents.
    Study finds global wealth uneven

  10. Just arrived from Alpha Centuri, anything new shaking?

  11. "Olmert also explained that if the ceasefire is allowed to gather momentum it could stimulate diplomatic engagement."

    How can a leader of Israel make a statement like that and expect to be considered a serious person by anyone with an IQ higher than a bowl of artichoke dip?

    He's either blackmailed, delusional, or outright insane.

    He's gonna get a whole bunch of innocent people killed.

  12. Whit,

    Here's more for that missing Israeli thread.

    Wretchard has much the same thought as I on the Israeli effort to prove to the “international community” that it is a good citizen.
    Too little, too late

    My first post on the subject was here at the EB in the morning.
    Offering Video, Israel Answers Critics on War


  13. Allen,
    I have always thought BeBe is more realistic and aggressive in defending Israel.
    I'm not that up on Israeli politics but this guy in there now seems like a Jimmy Carter type.

  14. Whit,

    Why worry about the Franco-American UNSC Resolution 1701? I linked to this during that little dust-up in Lebanon, as Dr. Rice was negotiating the breakthrough deal.
    France and the Rwanda genocide

    That “fabulous” Baker boy

    Links from the American Thinker

  15. Whit,

    This is likely to be one of the most timely threads to come our way during this season. More reports show a pressure cooker about to blow.


  16. I don't know if it's 2164 or whit or both that do the graphics or choose the theme pictures but they are, I am sure, pleasing to many people. Sometimes eclectic, sometimes Norman Rockwell or Winslow Homer but always seem to fit.
    Are they from a file or do you folks compose them? (the eclectic ones)

  17. Habu, an interesting thing about that Presidential council report is that they're trying to give a little extra oomph to E-85. This is a Very Good Thing, in that it is E-85 that the oil companies are really fighting the hardest. It's the part of the picture that's out of the oil company's food chain.

    They've picked kind of an awkward way of doing it, but it's good that they're thinking in this direction.

  18. Oh, Great link on the "Camel's Toe."


  19. Rufus

    I just also noticed that Montana has a mandated 10% ethanol/gas mix.
    I really do think this time, if BIG OIL will allow it we may make some real progress on the alt. fuels challenge.
    Did you listen to the Girlski II with the song?

  20. That's former heavyweight champion Charles "Sonny" Liston

  21. You'd think they'd be going head to head with ADM

  22. Habu,

    Your Rodney King avatar will only draw the attention of the Catholic one.

  23. The catholic one will draw the ire of the oui one

  24. doug
    it's "Sonny "Liston who was one mean fighter til Cassius Clay hit him with a "mystery" punch that to this day I can't see in the fight films. Neither could anyone else.

  25. Habu1 said, "I have always thought BeBe is more realistic and aggressive in defending Israel. I'm not that up on Israeli politics but this guy in there now seems like a Jimmy Carter type."

    Except that even Jimmy Carter started ramping up the defense budget again after his liberal ass got spanked by the Soviet Union going into Afghanistan. Olmert is talking about giving up the West Bank again, only a few months after getting "rewarded" for giving up Gaza by a series of kidnappings and thousands of rockets.

  26. One Ruby to Rule Them All

  27. One Blogger to Ruin Them All

  28. Wretchard never spoke highly of spankings and asses.

  29. WC,
    It appears to me that Olmert is steering the car over a cliff. What's his M.O.? Can't be peace ,he has to know they'll never let Israel alone. Has he been in a cave or what?

  30. Spankings are the opiates of the asses

  31. Causes

    Intestinal gas is composed of 90% exogenous sources (air that is ingested through the nose and mouth) and 10% endogenous sources (gas produced within the digestive tract). The exogenous gases are swallowed (aerophagia) when eating or drinking or during times of excessive salivation (as might occur when nauseated or as the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease). The endogenous gases are produced as a by-product of digesting certain types of food.

  32. A Story in 11 Words

    Once he put the condom on, it was a seminal event.

  33. Reproductionism is penisism.

  34. Doug,
    Thanks for airing that out for us. It's my understanding that we flatulate about 30-50X a day. Does that jive with your research?

  35. Yeah, it was hilarious.

    Habu, no one seems to want to realize that Bush "Stuck it to" the oil companies on the ethanol thing. It just doesn't fit the meme. But he did.

    It was his $0.51 tax credit that took a large part of the gamble out of ethanol, and emboldened the entrepreneurs to take a risk. Then, when the $60.00 oil came along they were rewarded.

    The oil companies have already, grudgingly, accepted that their gasoline is going to have 10% ethanol in it. Now, they're scared to death that E-85 will get enough acceptance that the car companies will start building ethanol-optimizing engines. That will be a "bitter" pill, indeed.

  36. Rufus,
    It might have been from you but I saw somewhere that one of the NASCAR teams will be running ethanol exclusively for the season next year.Should be a gas, I mean,fun.

  37. Anyone know where to get more pics of Atlas?

  38. The oil companies never come at you, head-on. That makes the head-lines. Their attacks are always from the oblique, using sock-puppets of different varieties.

    They are currently using UL (underwriters laboratories,) a major customer of theirs to delay and obfuscate over the certifying of pumps dispensing E-85.

    The pumps are 100% designed for the dispensing of alcohol (Brazil has been dispensing 100% alcohol for a couple of decades) but UL is doing a delaying maneuver (study) in an attempt to slow the spread of these pumps.

    This, curiously coincided with the automakers telling the President that if he can move the E-85 thing along, they can produce flex-fuel engines in 50% of their vehicles by 2012. I think it's going to be sooner.

  39. I also read that in a recent sports car test they ran the ethanol and it was like a rocket..I'm not sure if it was E-85 but I think it was .I'll try to find the article.

  40. doug..where have you tried so far?

  41. Habu, that can't be. If they ran ethanol in the same size engine as the other racers, and tightened up the Compression ratio they would have the field lapped in 20 laps, if not ten.

    Ethanol might be sponsoring a car, or you might have seen where ALL the Indy Cars will be running 100% Ethanol this year. That's the more likely scenario.

  42. Could well be lemme check a minute

  43. E-85 Ethanol will produce at least 20% more HP in the same size engine. The only reason it doesn't in your family car is that the compression ratio is too low. Ethanol is less dense than gasoline so it has to be squeezed tighter. That's why it gets better mileage in Minnesota than it does in Fl.

    In a "Racing" car you accomplish this compression mechanically. In a "civilian" car, that would sometimes run on gasoline, you would accomplish this through a variable boost turbocharger that would crank up the "boost" when it smelled alcohol. That's what the Saab Biopower does.

  44. Rufus,
    Looks like Indy yeah NASCAR looking.


  45. Rufus..found it Lotus is using it..I've been a two time Lotus owner. I'm proud they're stepping up

    Lotus on Ethanol

  46. You know, I'm just guessing, here; but it seems to me that the probem NASCAR would have is it will produce "Too Much" HP.

    They put "Restrictor plates" under their carburetors as it is. A 350 cu in Engine running Alky, set up the way those guys can do it, would produce so many gazillions of horsepower that they would have a Hell of a problem governing them down.

    They would probably have to go to a smaller engine.

  47. Two little AP articles that outline the problems of a solution in the post modern middle east

    1. BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq's prime minister reversed course Tuesday and said his envoys will talk with Iraq's neighbors about the possibility of a regional conference on quelling the violence here, despite opposition to the plan by some key political allies. ...."

    2. TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran, whose president has described the Holocaust as a "myth," said Tuesday they will hold a conference to discuss the evidence that the Nazis committed genocide against the Jews in World War II.

    The two-day conference scheduled for next week was initiated by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the systematic killing of some six million Jews, which has been extensively researched and documented, a "myth" and "exaggerated."

    So there it is the Iraqi are going to discuss important matters relating to regional stability with Iran, was there a Holocaust in Europe?

  48. Yeah, they will keep the cars at under 200mph or close to it because of the danger to the crowds. Even with the roof flaps you get up to 220-230 mph one of those things could get way way up.

    They'll probably downsize the engines in keeping with the size of the street machines. The cars aren't very big to begin with.
    I'd like to see Formula 1 go back to 1,1/2 litres and ethanol

  49. 0 - 60 in 3.88 In a 4 Banger, Not Bad, eh?

  50. Habu said, "It appears to me that Olmert is steering the car over a cliff. What's his M.O.? Can't be peace ,he has to know they'll never let Israel alone. Has he been in a cave or what?"

    Hell, Osama really does live in a cave, and he's got a better grasp of what's going on than Olmert and Bush.

  51. DR,
    We've just really muffed that entire deal. Rather Mr. Bush, who kept thinking had some kinda "secret" pat hand going. Looks more like he had a tin foil hat going..
    I think it was at the Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War when "Fighting" Joe Hooker petered out and when asked why he didn't press his advantage he said, 'I guess I just lost confidence in Fight'n Joe"
    Jeez we can't have both Israel and the US with 'Fight'n Joe's at the same time or like mark Steyn said the "green Zone " will be in our back yard.

  52. WC..excellent point and sooo true

  53. A lot of problems. Gotta get the car companies to come up with a V-8 that's 20% smaller, and a tranny to match. The package has to go just as fast as the current models or the fans will pitch a bitch.

    NASCAR is so incredibly successful I can understand them not wanting to make any changes.

    HOWEVER, the Japs have been slow to the Ethanol thing. This would be a Hell of an opportunity to steal the march on Toyota.

  54. DR

    Make that Battle of Chancellorsville

  55. I think Dubya has an excellent handle on what's going on.

    I'm starting to develop a "grudging" respect for Maliki. He seems to me to be doing what he has to/needs to do.

    It's not like he's got the easiest job on the floor, you know.

  56. Rufus,
    It wouldn't surprise me if they looked at some old F-1 engine designs. The Ford-Cosworth engine was very compact and was used for more than a decade.

  57. Rufus,
    I know the Chief has a tough one on his hands but I just read today that there are over 100,000 contractors in Iraq. Most of them are mercenaries which means we have a helluva lot more me at arms than just in uniform.
    I don't know what mastery he's got but Maliki it seems to me has stopped listening to us and is now going regional to save his butt.
    A good many writers are saying we can't leave without a win and I agree but we better get started or it'll be over ....Russias stepping on us in the UN..Iran is going to "help" keep the peace? Iraq/Iran killed each other by the millions less than twenty years ago. All very confusing.
    Glad it's above my payscale.

  58. Nite time for to all

  59. Maliki said he's going to bring in the Sunnis and Kurds for a big national unity confab before he does the Regional thing.

    I don't know, it just makes sense to me. If he talks to them he might be able to convince them that he's going to survive. If he can convince them of that, he might be able to convince them to give up the bullshit.

  60. I can't imagine how it could not be in his best interests to "talk."

  61. Habu is up to something nefarious. Be on the alert. For, the "magic punch" was in the rematch. The first fight ended with Liston on the stool in his corner, declining to answer the bell. Beware the CPUSA re-writing history--it is a KNOWN TACTIC!