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Friday, December 01, 2006

Lies, Subterfuge and Propaganda

If al-Reuters isn't on the Mohammedan payroll it's because they have a contract with them and if this isn't pure propaganda designed to gin up hatred in the Islamic world, I don't what it is.
In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep
by By Bernd Debusmann, Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters)- When radio host Jerry Klein suggested that all Muslims in the United States should be identified with a crescent-shape tattoo or a distinctive arm band, the phone lines jammed instantly.

The first caller to the station in Washington said that Klein must be "off his rocker." The second congratulated him and added: "Not only do you tattoo them in the middle of their forehead but you ship them out of this country ... they are here to kill us."

Another said that tattoos, armbands and other identifying markers such as crescent marks on driver's licenses, passports and birth certificates did not go far enough. "What good is identifying them?" he asked. "You have to set up encampments like during World War Two with the Japanese and Germans."

At the end of the one-hour show, rich with arguments on why visual identification of "the threat in our midst" would alleviate the public's fears, Klein revealed that he had staged a hoax. It drew out reactions that are not uncommon in post-9/11 America.

Klein's show followed a week of heated discussions on talk radio, including his own, and online forums over an incident on November 22 involving six Muslim clerics. They were handcuffed and taken off a US Airways flight after passengers reported "suspicious behavior" that included praying in the departure gate area.

The clerics, on their way to a meeting of the North American Imams Federation, were detained in a holding cell, questioned by police and FBI agents, and released. Muslim community leaders saw the incident as yet more evidence of anti-Muslim prejudice.

The propaganda in point (or if we really want to be generous, the sloppy journalism) is -"They were handcuffed and taken off a US Airways flight after passengers reported "suspicious behavior" that included praying in the departure gate area."

Fortunately, for those seeking the truth, Audrey Hudson has a more accurate story Imam disputes tie to Hamas in today's Washington Times. Ms. Hudson interviewed a Mr. Omar Shahin, one of the Imams involved in the incident and writes:
Mr. Shahin says they were not led off the plane in handcuffs, as reported, nor were they kept in handcuffs during their five-hour detention, and they were not harassed by dogs.
The issue of whether they were led off the plane in handcuffs may seem irrelevant or of little consequence but a painting is done one brush stroke at a time. Personally, I thought the Abu Ghraib "scandal" was overblown nonsense but what I thought was irrelevant in light of the mileage the issue provided to the other side. This incident will be portrayed throughout the Islamic world as an example of how devout praying Muslims are mistreated and scorned in the "Great Satan."

The article goes on to discuss recent polls by the Gallup organization and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) showing widespread anti-Muslim sentiment. The CAIR poll indicates that 33% of the American people associate the word "Islam" with "war, hatred and terrorists." Debussmann writes, "The war in Iraq has contributed to such perceptions." Oh really? Events throughout the Islamic world have nothing to do with forming those opinions? Apparently not. CAIR's Executive Director, Nihad Awad, said on The Factor, "there is no link between Islam as a religion and fascists." This is the latest Mohammedan meme - that the "terrorists are not Muslims and no Muslims are committing these heinous acts that we see happening all over the world." The problem is that too many Muslims like Awad will not acknowledge that the terrorists invoke the name of Allah when committing their terror. Instead, when confronted, they usually deflect the issue to the huge worldwide terror problem of "fanatical Christians" or claim that "it's all the fault of the US and of course, the Jews." Lie by lie, the hatred is sown and carefully cultivated. As the lies continue, the poll numbers will get worse.

American people can see through the subterfuge.


  1. 'This incident will be portrayed throughout the Islamic world as an example of how devout praying Muslims are mistreated and scorned in the "Great Satan."'

    Whenever the Mysterious Missing Moderate Muslim is ready to step forward and denounce, oh, (let's keep it simple) the rockets falling on Jews, let me know.

  2. Litvinenko Story Turns From Assassination Towards Black Market
    Litvinenko Story Turns From Assassination Towards Black Market
    Posted by AJStrata on December 1st, 2006
    The Times UK is reporting that the authorities investigating the Litvinenko contamination incident are now (finally) looking towards the underworld and not just a political assassination hit:

    Alexander Litvinenko may have been killed after a deal that went wrong with associates involved in the ruthless world of Russian business.
    According to security sources, investigators are looking at the former spy’s dealings with Russian businessmen involved in the lucrative energy sector and the shadowy world of private security. “We are looking at a very long list of Mr Litvinenko’s friends and foes since he has been in London,” one source said.

    The list includes exotic figures ranging from billionaire businessmen, former Kremlin spies and KGB agents to underworld bosses.
    In the six years that he was in Britain, Litvinenko appeared to have acquired a formidable collection of friends and enemies. Although he described himself as a journalist, Litvinenko tried unsuccessfully to muscle in on several lucrative business deals with Russians.

    This line of thinking brings the entire incident closer to what I felt was the crux of this situation all along - black market contraband. The assassination meme is just ridiculous. There are many easy ways to kill someone without risking exposure and getting caught smuggling Polonium-210 into the UK. And yes, that theory is still alive and well and being investigated:

  3. Whit said, "There's a blurry line between "business men and government" when it comes to the Russian Energy sector."

    The same blurry line between business and government will be found in the US Congress until all elections are publically funded by statute.

  4. ...if this isn't pure propaganda designed to gin up hatred in the Islamic world,

    Actually, its just as aimed at the West in general, an example of artifical creation of Politically InCorrect "Islamophobia". Its tries to discredit legitimate concerns with redactio ad Hitlerum unarguments and scaremongering.

    They're the new Jews! Its 15 to midnight before those eeevil cryptofascist white people start building konclagers!

    Not to say it won't gin up hatred in the Islamic world of course.

  5. Terrorism author Steve Emerson has been on the talk shows saying the whole incident was a set-up from the get-go, by these well-known radical Imams.

    I believe him--several of these imams were wearing Columbine coats, for cryinoutloud. You telling me they weren't trying for effect, in the Darth vader get-ups? They were playing Abu Graib from the beginning. Fricken BS artist creep show. I'm so sick of this Bolshoie shit I could projectile vomit allaway to Mecca.

  6. What does Steve Emerson know?
    All he did was illustrate in graphic detail the source and nature of the mortal threat that we may yet soon come to appreciate.
    ...about 13 years ago.

  7. It's Victimology 101, and it PROVES they aren't suffering discrimination, because if they *were*, they wouldn't have to turn themselves inside out conspiring to FAKE it.

  8. well, remembering the lesson of 'crying wolf', these jerks are part of a long, multi-decade process of screaming 'racism' and 'oppression' so loud and long that i personally no longer give a shit, and think we ought to become proudly racist and oppressive until these low-brow buck-toothed fat-ass ugly mother f88kers crawl back under their rocks and STFU for another century or two.

  9. The very idea, what gall, to sit around in their Arizona mosques and conspire to panic an airliner full of paying passengers, so they can lie up a police brutality story and gin up a big press party aimed at hurting America and intimidating passengers and airline crews on account of their 'latent Islamophobia'!

    JEEZ! They obviously desire all the islamophobia they can generate!

  10. But there's apparently a solution.

    Great idea! The imams could borrow a few tools and knock this together, right there in the airport parking lot.

  11. Uh, re my insulting those guy's looks--I shouldn't have posted while watching these guys on tv--the smug sanctimony was just too infuriatin'. Sorry for the rant.