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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why are The British Creating So Many Muslim Terrorists?

As a young American airman stationed in England during the sixties, I learned an early lesson in British sanctimony. (The British have a particular talent when it comes to instructing Americans.) At parties and social functions, my accent would be targetted by the hard lefties and I would be treated to remediation on Viet Nam, American racism and British enlightenment regarding multi-culturalism.

At that time, the British grand multi-cultural experiment was a work in process. To the English elite opinion makers, contemporary England was depressing pale in complexion and too monotone in her tongue. They fixed all that and drew in the masses from their former empire.

Some of their grand ideals have not worked out so well, specifically among the young Muslim middle class. The Independent begins to notice:


British Muslims have become a mainstay of the global 'jihad'
Analysis by Kim Sengupta
Saturday, 29 November 2008

More than 4,000 British Muslims have passed through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to security agencies, providing a fertile recruitment pool for the Islamist international jihad.

Men from the UK's Kashmiri community have joined groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, the prime suspects in the Mumbai attacks, which have been fighting against Indian forces in Kashmir. Others from a Pakistani background are in the ranks of the Taliban and other groups taking part in action against British and Nato forces in Afghanistan.

A former commander of the British force in Helmand, Brigadier Ed Butler, has revealed that his troops had come across British Muslims in southern Afghanistan. "There are British passport holders who live in the UK who are being found in places such as Kandahar," he said. "There is a link between Kandahar and urban conurbations in the UK. This is something the military understands, but theBritish public does not."

Last year, RAF Nimrod intelligence-gathering aircraft tracking Taliban radio signals in Afghanistan heard insurgent fighters speaking with Yorkshire and Midlands accents.

As well as fighters joining their ranks, groups such as Lashkar also benefit from funds raised on their behalf in the UK by the Muslim community. It has also been claimed that some of the aid money donated for the earthquake disaster relief three years ago was siphoned off for militant groups.

Lashkar, previously known as Jaish-e-Mohammed, has forged links with al-Qa'ida in Pakistan and are said to have shared training camps. One of their most famous recruits was Rashid Rauf, accused of being a key member in the plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, who was recently reported to have been killed in an American missile strike.

British Muslim recruits have also been involved in other conflicts. Asif Hanif, 21, from London, killed three people and injured 55 by blowing himself up in Tel Aviv. A companion, Omar Sharif, 27, from Derby fled the scene after explosives strapped to his body failed to detonate and was later found dead, his body washed up on an Israeli beach.

Somalia's transitional government has accused Britain of being the main source of money and men for the fighters of the Islamist Courts Union (ICU), a fundamentalist group, in the country. The then deputy prime minister, Hussain Mohammed Aideed, declared: "The ICU's main support was coming from London, paying cash to the ICU against the government. Among those who died in the war with the ICU wereBritish passport holders."

The Independent, in Mogadishu after the Somali capital was taken over by Islamist forces last summer, discovered a significant number of young Somalis who had returned to fight for the Islamists from the diaspora in the West. Half a dozen young men, including two brothers from Wood Green in north London, were acting as bodyguards for Sheik Yusuf, one of the main Islamist commanders. One of the brothers, Hamid, said at the time: "The true Muslims are the only ones who are honest and who are patriots. We are doing our duty by fighting for the cause of Islam, which is above all countries."

Britain has also been accused of being the centre where a number of terrorist plots abroad were planned. Moutaz Almallah Dabas, a Syrian-born Spanish citizen accused of helping those who took part in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, was extradited from London to Spain after the discovery of links between the attack and an alleged cell in England.


  1. Every time you remove your shoes at an airport, or have your cologne or water bottle confiscated by the TSA, you can thank a British Muslim.

  2. The muslims aren't assimilable. Sooner or later they get together, and go back to the old ways. We're fools for letting any more in here, as I predict we will under BO.

    I bet if we watch closely over the coming years, we'll see the muslim quotas rise.

    They've been on this jihad since the beginning. It's at the heart of their deal.

    One thinks of El Cid...

  3. con·ur·ba·tion (knr-bshn)
    A predominantly urban region including adjacent towns and suburbs; a metropolitan area.

    [con- + Latin urbs, city + -ation.]

    is a word I don't see much, though we have plenty of conurbations in the USA.

  4. Maybe it's just that polite people don't use any words that end in "-urbation"

  5. From the Telegraph:
    Two of the killers were members of staff at the Taj Mahal hotel, according to one report, and two others were staying there as guests, enabling them to plan the attack and gain an edge over security forces by familiarising themselves with the layout of the labyrinthine Edwardian building.

  6. 2164th: Every time you remove your shoes at an airport, or have your cologne or water bottle confiscated by the TSA, you can thank a British Muslim.

    No, you can thank Homeland Security for putting on a grand theater that avoids any hint of racial profiling. Grandma Doris Peters from Evansville isn't a frikken terrorist. Little Johnny Smith in the boy scout uniform isn't a frikken terrorist.

  7. US Terror Support Network Exposed

    Good ol' Holy Land Foundation.

    Our new President has said if the politcal winds change, he'll "stand with the muslims."

    We can take this as an insight.

  8. Without the muzzies, we wouldn't need any Homeland
    Security in the first place, so deuce is right.

  9. Bad girl Samantha Power resurfaces for DOS transition. Odds are she'll have a job there when it's done.

  10. I chose the "lesbian lifestyle" when I was in my mother's womb so I could get an early start. from Ruby's profile

    I believe this is true, from listening to an hour's interview with Britain's top biology guy at Oxford or Cambridge. It's seem sexual orientation is determined - early - during fetal development. It is not genetic--that determines male and female, but rather there are a whole series biochemical and biological hoops and jumps and hurdles that have to be made in the correct order, which sometimes doesn't occur quite in the 'right' sequence, not that there is any right outcome to the sequence. This guy said they had it about 70% figured out, but knew they were on the right track. This made perfect sense to me, so I could never be anti-gay. It's just the way nature is.

  11. Morning (barely) news roundup:

    ISI Chief won't be heading to India this coming week. Sending stunt double.

    Zadari arranges for more US missile strikes, without which Pakistan be in big heap trouble.

    Iranian leaders pushing the rollout of new documentary, "Pakistan: World Menace or Global Threat?"

    Hank Paulson checks another day off his calendar.

    Teresita and habu attend a conference on Multiple Blogger Disorder.

  12. List Of Ships Held By Somali Pirates

    Quite a list.

    I'm not convinced yet that Ruby is T., though she may be. I don't think T. would say she is a lapsed Catholic.

  13. IBD:

    The Thrill Of Victory

    By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Friday, November 28, 2008 4:20 PM PT

    Iraq: Nineteen months after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared the war "lost," a freely elected Iraqi Parliament signs a security pact with the United States. We won. It is the terrorists and their appeasers who lost.

    Do NOT be surprised if this story changes.

  14. The biggest fish of all--

    SIRIUS STAR: Seized Nov. 15. The Saudi supertanker, the biggest ship ever hijacked, held as much as 2 million barrels of oil. Captured off east Africa, it had 25 crew from Croatia, Britain, the Philippines, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

    Cargo worth something around $One hundred million dollars.

    Hell of a catch.

  15. I heard an interview with a guy from US News and World Report last night about his recent month in Iraq. It does seem things have settled down. Not much going on.

    But, I think you're right Trish, it might change, with the changing of the guard.

  16. (How many guys has the ISI lost over the past few years? A count would be nice.)

  17. Yeah, a changing of the guard and other factors, bob. It's still dicey. Odierno, he's good, but he's not a one-man show.

    And I'm just sayin' - just sayin' - that Pakistan won't be staying in the hot seat.

  18. I made this observation on Thursday:

    2164th said...
    One little lesson learned in Mumbai. Imagine gunmen going into a luxury hotel in....say...Houston, Texas where more than a few gentleman at the bar, wearing their Justin's, are packing heat.

    Government cannot protect us from such attacks. An armed citizenry can.

    Thu Nov 27, 10:52:00 AM EST


    it turns out that these killers worked in two man teams. ... A right to carry state is indeed a polite state and perhaps a far safer one in these times.

  19. And the news from Colombia is...not good.

  20. Make no mistake about it, regardless of what he may have said during the campaign, Obama is a gun grabber.

    John Lott (More Guns, Less Crime) talked to Obama briefly one time at Columbia, he says.

    Lott asked him about his opinion about guns, he, Obama, said people shouldn't be allowed to have them.

    Lott says, why don't we sit and have a cup of coffee, and visit about this a little.

    Obama just walked off.

  21. The great Commonwealth of Virginia, bless its heart, still keeps it relatively easy to carry. Except on college campuses, about which after Va Tech there was much, much to-do.

  22. Anyone whom can legally own a firearm in the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania can openly carry, on foot, with the exception of court facilities, federal buildings, motor vehicles and cities of the first class (Philadelphia)

    Those person possessing a valid License to Carry Firearms are also permitted to carry openly (or concealed) while in a vehicle and in cities of the first class.

  23. Britain is now a proxy of islam. There, now things make sense.

  24. In Pa, whit would have not have had to resort to the brutal bludgeoning of his water moccasin. He could have cooly stepped away from the lawn mower, done the manly thing and shot the son of a bitch.

  25. Still it beats what the dimmis do in Hawaii, where the men partition their hard drives instead of driving hard.

  26. Why bother with the first step? Lawn mowers usually do a neat trick on snakes.

    My mother always preferred to chop them up with a hoe. Nice - when they were outside the house. Inside, just fucking ghastly.

  27. When I bought my pistol here, the guy says, well, here's your pistol. I say, can't you put in a sack or something? He says, you got a concealed carry? No. Then you can't put it in a sack. What do I do? I don't want to walk down the street with a pistol in my hand. Well, then you'll have to leave it here. So, out the door I go, pistol in hand, feeling a little odd.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I'll have a Snake Bite. In a stainless steel coffee mug. By the camp fire. Bug spray residue a bonus. Lots of ice.

  30. So lucky to be sent to Korea, from 3rd World to First in one generation, including while I was there.
    So sad they now prefer the Norkors and despise Imperial USA.
    Worldwide brainwashing.
    USA Trashed by Globalist W Bush Junior and the Dems.
    Fucking Traitor.

  31. Hey, Trish:
    One of Ingraham's Thanksgiving Horror Story Call Ins was a lady who thought she was spraying PAM on the Bird, and it turned out to be RAID!

  32. Trish and my family would take each other with ALL our faults over a ZERO OBAMUNIST (like zero michelle and barry) "Terrorita" whoeversheis.

  33. You are a fucking insult to all the Patriotic ex-pat Filipinos in Hawaii, and my mentor and dearly departed friend Basil Cuizon, RIP.
    (Death March Survivor)

  34. And I thought I was stupid for baking my first turkey with the Scary Parts Package still inside.

    Leading to an interesting conversation with my then-small children: Does anyone even really know what giblets are? Do *we* have giblets? If so, where might they be located?

    As far as I know, these questions go unanswered.

  35. Well, according to the Snake group at Flickr, the snake in question was a harmless Banded Water Snake. I feel bad about killing a harmless snake but I still say that his triangular head did not look like the round headed water snakes pictured elsewhere.

    I left him hanging on a vine in the woods out behind my house. Later when I went back out to check for elliptical pupils (pit viper), he was gone. At least, something ate well yesterday. (I doubt if he awoke with a wicked headache and crawled off.)

    Earlier this summer I did inadvertently run over a tiny little pencil thick snake with the mower. Last summer, I accidentally chopped one in two when I was edging a flower bed. So in the current domicile, by accident I've killed two and murdered one. My neighbor on the other hand subscribes to the Gag Reflex school of kill first, id later.

    Trish's snakes in the house reminds me of my youth when my dad rented a farmhouse in the country. I hopped into bed one night to find an oak snake hiding under a book on the pillow. Quite a scene. Not long after that my mother caused quite a stir when she found another Oak Snake in the bathroom. We moved shortly thereafter.

  36. Another Ingraham story was Baking the Bird with the giblets left inside.
    Followed by the bird imitating a Japanese "Horror" Flick, w/Flames shooting out it's A-Hole!
    Giblets, or no Giblets,
    that is the question.

  37. No wonder Californians went Nutz:
    No Snakes to remind them of reality.
    Rattlers stayed outdoors, where they belonged.
    King Snakes were and are,

  38. Japanese Flick in Question was "Gamera," the flying, rocket propelled Turtle.

  39. Sounds like a jet propelled turkey.

  40. One of our best Thanksgiving memories: Went to Connecticut to sup with my husband's family. His father had recently suffered a stroke and his mother, a longtime nurse always careful about their diets, had turned hyper-vigilant. Imagine fat-free Thanksgiving dinner.

    Yes. Well. The four of us spent that night driving over hell and back trying to find a convenience store that was open and when we finally did, bought about a hundred dollars worth of frozen pizza and burritos. Took it all back to the friends' house we were staying at and had a Bad Food Feast while watching a King of the Hill marathon.


  41. Giblets: Googled

    No, Virginia, we do not have giblets. We do have a heart and liver but no gizzard. I suppose that if our heart and liver were stuffed into our carcass they would be considered giblets but fortunately, our culture has not gone there.

  42. " longtime nurse always careful about their diets"
    I was "educated" in the Kalifornia Union Factory "Schools" to regard nurses as Untermenchen.
    I now rightly regard them as Saints.
    (still a good Pizza Story, however!)

  43. from Giblets and Food Safety--

    Accidental Cooking in Packaging
    Some giblets are paper wrapped before being inserted into the poultry body cavity. In this case, there would be no concern if the giblets are accidentally cooked inside the bird to a safe temperature.

    If giblets were packed in a plastic bag, and the bag has been altered or melted by the cooking process, do not use the giblets or the poultry because harmful chemicals may have leached into the surrounding meat. If the plastic bag was not altered, the giblets and poultry should be safe to use as long as the meat is fully cooked.

    Watch that plastic.

  44. I've never had anything against nurses. New Englanders, on the other hand, are a different story.

  45. You've ruined the mystery, whit.

  46. Should I delete the offending comment?

  47. The frequency of attacks has been increasing.

  48. Nah. I suppose we all have to learn the origin of giblets sometime.

  49. I've related this story before, LaBob:
    Meth Freak UCSB Grad student decided to study light emitting phytoplankton because he could Jazz up their Output with Methedrine. (got to order goodly amounts of Pharmaceutidal Grade stuff to "feed his experiment"
    Walked into (w/full Beard and Hippy Garb and Wife) a gas station/restaurant establishment 9 miles South of my hometown, and ordered a Ham and Cheese.

    He was served a Microwaved Ham and Cheese with it's Saran Wrap Cover exquisitely melted on by the electronic oven.

  50. Geez, Sister Teresita Red Ruby.

    You've assumed so many personas, we don't know who we're addressing anymore. Again you're telling us that you're actually straight and married for nineteen years. I think you're an internet performing artist who "gets off" on pushing buttons. And prolific, too.

    You're a piece of work, Mercado. ;)

  51. Mercado Impression ado, Excalibur ado.
    Guess I better check out a local Dem Politico named
    "Donna Mercado Kim"

  52. Don't know, LaBob, one of life's mysteries.

  53. I picked up a hitchhiker one time, heading to Coeur d' Alene, in my thoughtless youth. One of the dumber things I've done. This guy just wasn't all there. Kinda wild eyed, if you know what I mean. We talked a little.

    "How long you been on the road?"

    "Three years."

    ah jeez, he looked it too. I was getting a little worried. He had a knapsack, what's in it? Anyway, I stopped at a gas station for some gas. He gets out, and takes the bucket of squeegey water for the windshields, and drinks out it!

    Then, he heads for the restroom, and I head on down the road, pronto. Since then, I don't do hitchhikers.

  54. We don't know if this Redinger girl is even a Phillipino, was in the navy, or even if she's a girl.

    All I know for sure is he/she knows about gout and how to fix it, and Huck Finn.

  55. He/she's picture should just be a big Question Mark ?

  56. Hold those two good thoughts, Labob:
    You'll be twice as good as the average Christian Scientist.

  57. This is in line with today's topic---

    Coast2Coast tonight--

    Sat 11.29 >>
    Prof. Barbara Oakley will take us into the minds of truly evil people and explain how history has been influenced by the combination of genes and the environment.

  58. Frankenstein Wants The Recount To Continue Until He Wins

    Even taking it to the US Senate.

    Democrats are basically shameless these days.

  59. He was served a Microwaved Ham and Cheese with it's Saran Wrap Cover exquisitely melted on by the electronic oven.

    How did it taste?

  60. Bobal: We don't know if this Redinger girl is even a Phillipino, was in the navy, or even if she's a girl. All I know for sure is he/she knows about gout and how to fix it, and Huck Finn.

    I thought we were friends bobal. Maybe I'll come back much later when I get over this.

  61. Whit, I'm not going to ask to be removed from the board of directors again this time (you never do it anyway, I have to beg deuce to do it), but that's not a friendly post, I don't feel like a "regular" anymore.

  62. Oh dear, we're friends, just don't know who you are anymore, never did.

  63. My comment was entirely friendly, Absolutely no offense intended.

  64. If Bush doesn't do anything else, he ought to pardon Ramos and Compean, and Duke Cunningham.

  65. "If Bush doesn't do anything else, he ought to pardon Ramos and Compean..."

    I agree.

  66. I don't care Who you are, T; I still luvs you.

  67. Let's try to move up on the creepiness meter, shall we?

  68. 216th wrote:

    "it turns out that these killers worked in two man teams. ... A right to carry state is indeed a polite state and perhaps a far safer one in these times"

    hmmm, a polite state is the end product is it? How does the two guys who shot each other, then died, in Toys R Us while arguing fit in your polite state scheme? Or the teenage girl Creba who was caught in the cross fire betweem a few heat packing youth in a busy downtown shopping area? How do you explaing the 'polite state' to her parents? Or the kid on the bus who got nailed, just sitting there? The list goes on, and on, and on...

  69. Bob and rufus both 'luv.' You know, like girls in a year book.

  70. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Except that there is.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Another aburdity of the 'polite state' argument (sorry deuce) is demonstrated by a portion of society where many already carry weapons - the gangbangers. They are constantly shootin' each other up because some other dude was not "polite" to him or his woman - "he disrespected me so I shot him". All carrying a weapon does in helping folk be polite is to up the ante and increase the collateral damage.

  73. the gangbangers. They are constantly shootin' each other up

    And, your point is . . . . . ?

  74. At least T never called me "a big old pile of stinkin dog vomit."

    Or, "Cat" Vomit. Or, "whatever" vomit.

    Did she . . . . . ?

  75. Ah, I luvs you ALL. Except for the Guys, of course; I just "likes" you.

  76. OMG. This is a gay men's blog.

    Well, you know, I never did get the whole Village People thing until...well, many years later.

  77. The construction worker was my favorite.

  78. My point is, rufus, that carrying a gun does nothing toward helping people be polite to each other and the gangbangers are just one example of a 'cohort' who tend to carry weapons and shoot each other alot simply because the other was not 'polite'.

  79. I'm sure glad you 'splained your point to me, Ash. I feel so much smarter now.

  80. And, this CAN'T be a "Gay" mens' blog. "Gay" men have a "life."

  81. My point is, rufus, that carrying a gun does nothing toward helping people be polite to each other

    I guess that explains why people are so Rude to cops all the time. Right?

  82. If I'm carrying a gun and a cop is as well is the gun in my pocket going to encourage me to be more civil to the man in uniform? Nope!

  83. Is it only a quarter to five? Because it feels a lot later.

  84. Maybe not; but, I'll bet the gun in His holster will encourage polity.

  85. Oh! You call us a "bunch of GayWads," and, now, you want to engage us in casual chitchat, Trish?

  86. If only cops had guns, sure but letting anyone who wants to carry a gun carry won't do a damned thing to make society more civil. Quite the opposite.

  87. I ALWAYS expect to engage in the usual chitchat.

  88. Well, you better stay in Canada, Ash, cause we ain't giving'em up down here.

  89. It sure seems that way rufus however illogical.

  90. I keep thinking back to that Japanese Admiral (Yamamoto?) who, when asked if the Japanese ever had any plans for invading the U.S. said, "What? Invade a country of a hundred million, and They're ALL Armed?"

  91. counter those thoughts, rufus, by perusing your local papers for the regular gun carnage (mind you it is so common that a lot just goes unreported)

    here, Barry Crimmins just did a quick sample though his purpose was to ridicule the local hunters he's got to deal with around his property. If you go to his page at you can click on the hot links for easier perusal:

    "And now, from the pages of Outdoor Death Magazine let's get right to a compendium of recent murder, massacre and maiming by the dim bulbs in the bright orange caps.

  92. Why would you know anything about guns, Ashley, dear. You ever pulled the trigger on one? Have you ever owned one? Have you ever lived in a home with someone who owned one? My bet is that all you know about guns is what you read that other people say about them. If that's true, you are not qualified to discuss the subject. And it really doesn't matter what you think anyway because the Supremes have decided/ruled, as they likewise did about abortion.

  93. I love you too Rufus.

    Peri-menopausal freak out is over.

  94. Shit happens, Ash. Hell, we lose forty, or fifty thousand every year in car accidents.

    We even lose a couple every year in Black Friday Mall stampedes.

    At least we get to go out and "Shoot Things."

  95. Of course, I'm sure you're aware that in the couple of U.S. cities (towns) that passed laws requiring all citizens to Own firearms the crime rates went down.

  96. I know of at least one Israeli that cant wait to show Ashley how polite he can be.

    Forget them puny hand guns. Consider fully automatic military assault riffles. Uzis, Galils, Tavors, M16's, Kalashnikovs. :)

  97. Mat, carrying an m16 up against a Mississipian with a 308 Deer Rifle is, Literally, taking a bb shooter to a "Gun" fight.

  98. Thing is, the NRA was right all along. If you ever let'em get your handguns they'll come back for your deer rifle, and shotgun (and, get'em.)

  99. J. Willie, my roots are in Colorado and my family still owns a cabin in the mountains there, and yes, we have guns and use them.

    Rufus, yes I am aware of the argument that crime rates have decreased in areas where conceal carry laws were instituted. There are also loads of statistics showing increased casualties tracking increase in gun ownership.

    In an urban environment the use of guns is pretty dang nasty. Shooting them off in a city creates a lot of collateral damage. Stories abound of kids getting shot while sleeping bed because some fools are fighting nearby. Those dang bullets go right through windows and walls dontch know.

    Gotta love the death threats from our local wanker mat (the bull shitter) ušélaḥ

  100. Mat, carrying an m16 up against a Mississipian with a 308 Deer Rifle is, Literally, taking a bb shooter to a "Gun" fight.

    I'll warm up the Merkava. :)

  101. Whit, the coloring of that snake definitely didn't look like any of the hundreds of cottonmouths I've killed (all with guns, Ashley - many with a .22 caliber pistol, more with a .22 caliber rifle, some with various shotguns, and a few with a high-powred .243 rifle). Most adult cottonmouths are black, gray or muddy brown colored. When I searched on Google several pics came up that showed some with a lighter brown and black coloring, although I never saw any that light in Mississippi. The head did look very viperish in the pic you posted, so I wasn't about to claim it not to be a cottonmouth. Nevertheless, the reddish-orangish color looks more like a water snake. In the Piedmont area of Georgia, we don't have to worry about cottonmouths, but copperheads are very plentiful. I don't really worry about the gun laws - when I see a coppehead over 2 feet - out comes the shotgun. Not gonna get bit trying to chop his head off with a hoe or shovel. There's another snake in GA with markings very similar to the copperhead, rat snake, I believe, and I've actually blasted a couple of them thinking they were copperheads. Having paid $1500 for anti-venin when my chocolate lab was bitten by a copperhead, I don't ask any questions - just shoot. (Six year old girl in the neighborhood was hospitalized for days and almost lost her arm after being bitten in the carport of their house. Another thing I learned growing up in MS - never put your hands anywhere without looking where you are putting them. Grandmother discovered cottonmouth in her closet - house was only 100 feet from bayou!

  102. Some Israeli porn for Ashley:

  103. Rufus, I didn't use the 7.62 mm rifle on the moccasins; that would be "overkill". :)

    As you know, going fishing without firepower in Mississippi can be dangerous. We've had moccasins try to climb in the boat, and when there's more than one, trying to beat them with a boat paddle is a little bit too exciting. Much prefer to turn 'em belly up and a floppin' outside of 10 yards from the boat.

  104. I like shooting them with a .22, but for more "close-in" work I prefer something that's a little less sporting. A 12 gauge being my favorite. Man, they bounce when that baby hits'em.

  105. Funniest shot was when I caught one climbing up onto a rock. .22 cut him dead in half.

    I'm not really that mean, but my house is right on the lake, and I don't like'm getting all fond of the local amenities.

  106. See photo on the right at this page - - for illustration of Rufus' point re: taking a bb shooter to a "Gun" fight.

  107. I am with Rufus. T is always welcome and missed when not around.

  108. jwillie, your link isn't showing a page with a picture.

  109. Thanks, JW.
    Looks like Ashley wet her panties. The plan worked, she's gone away.

  110. Never Mind, I got it now. I wuz copying the dash on the end of the url.

  111. M14 was a helluva gun. I feel sorry for Marines having to carry those little sissy rifles.

  112. I never look at any of my guns except with silent respect and almost a slight fear. I know what they are for and what they can do. I am sure it is a feeling shared by most who own them, have practiced with them, and used them.

    Responsible gun owners have nothing in common with gang-bangers. You may as well say that classical music enthusiasts and rappers are both music lovers: technically true but not a useful metaphor.

  113. Now, all Marine combat stories begin with, "My Fucking Rifle Jammed."

  114. No snake handler ever handled a black mamba with more respect, and trepidation than I handle guns. And, I've been shooting them since I was seven, or eight years old.

  115. 2164th wrote:

    "Responsible gun owners have nothing in common with gang-bangers."

    Exactly, and that makes for a good argument to restrict gun ownership.

  116. Forget it, Ash. Americans are well aware of why the first thing any totalitarian, authoritarian government does is "disarm" the populace.

    We ain't going for it.

  117. The goal shouldn't be to disarm the populace but rather to keep folk like gang bangers from owning. It isn't all or nothing.

  118. It Always ends up being "all or nothing," Ash.

    We have laws prohibiting Felons from having guns. They have guns, anyway.

    The old bumper-sticker, "When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Guns" is true. We know it; and anyone but the most naive lefty knows it.

    Besides, we all know, deep in our souls, that the only populace a government respects is an "Armed" populace; and, that deep in your little "lefty" souls you liberals want to disarm us so you can fuck us.

    We ain't going for it.

  119. and then we have this sort of thing:

    Burress Reportedly Shoots Himself in Leg
    UPDATED (6:40 p.m.)...

    New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was hospitalized Friday night after being shot in the leg.

    According to several reports, Burress accidentally shot himself.

    The Giants indicated in a written statement released today that Burress, 31, had suffered a wound to his right thigh in "an apparent accidental shooting" and was released from a New York City hospital this afternoon. The Giants indicated in the statement that they were gathering facts about the incident and had been in contact with NFL security officials, and added that the shooting "could become a matter for law enforcement officials."

  120. no dude, I want to disarm the friggin' gang bangers and other fools who are running about our urban areas shootin' up a storm. You good ole boys shootin' up snakes are just fine.

  121. Vatican solar panels installed

    As Pope Benedict again called on young people to defend nature from a "correct ecological perspective", the first solar panels have been installed on the Paul VI auditorium at the Vatican.

    BBC News reports Pope Benedict has become the first pontiff to harness solar power to provide energy for the Vatican.

    Roof tiles on the Paul VI auditorium, used in poor weather for the Pope's weekly audience with pilgrims, are being replaced by 2,700 solar panels.

    The photovoltaic cells will convert sunlight into electricity, generating enough power to light, heat or cool the 6,000 seat hall, engineers say.

    Working beneath a brilliantly clear Roman sky on Monday, a group of engineers in yellow T-shirts positioned the dark cells on the auditorium's roof.

    The solar panels are replacing deteriorating cement roof tiles.

    Andre Koekenhoff, one of the workers, said the initiative was an attempt to make the Vatican "a little bit greener".

    "With this plant, if it is working, in about two weeks we avoid 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and this is the equivalent to 70 tonnes of oil," he told the Associated Press news agency.

    When the hall is not in use, the surplus energy produced will reportedly be fed into the Vatican's power network.

    The Paul VI auditorium was designed by architect Pier Luigi Nervi and built in 1969, but the cement panels on its roof were deteriorating and it was decided last year to replace them with solar panels.

  122. Well, you got a problem, then, cause they sure as hell aren't going to disarm.

    Your best hope is that I shoot the one that's going to end up shooting you.

  123. rufus, sure they won't disarm themselves, the cops need the tools to disarm them.

    loads of tragedy if your looking:

    "Startled Father Fatally Shoots His Daughter
    Yahoo! Buzz
    Published: November 9, 1994
    A girl who jumped out of a closet and shouted, "Boo!" when her parents came home in the middle of the night was shot and killed by her own father.

    Fourteen-year-old Matilda Kaye Crabtree's last words to her father were "I love you, Daddy."

    No charges were brought against her father, 53-year-old Robert Crabtree. The Ouachita Parish Chief Deputy, Richard Fewell, said the case would be turned over to the District Attorney as a matter of routine.

    "It's sad," Mr. Fewell said. "This is something every kid has done. I don't know how the father is going to live with it." "


    Blogging from the Middle East: Day One

    Shalom from Israel! I write to you from the Middle East where I am on my seventh overseas jobs and investment mission - part of my strategy to go anywhere, do anything to diversify our economy and bring jobs home to Michigan.
    After just barely catching our plane, we embarked on a 10-hour flight to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. We were greeted in Tel Aviv by many friendly faces and lots of sunshine! (Sorry for those of you who may be seeing the first snow of the season.) Once we settled into our hotel, I worked off my jet lag with a jog along the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea - a beautiful day for a run. Saturdays are reserved for the Sabbath, which is the weekly day of rest and worship in the Jewish community, so many businesses were closed. There were families enjoying time together on the beach - children flying brightly colored kites, men playing paddleball in the sand, and boardwalk cafes filled with patrons taking in the sunny November afternoon. At the end of my jog, I stuck my feet in the water and really took it all in - the sights, the people, the skyline, and the sea. Last night, our team enjoyed a welcome dinner at Deca, a restaurant in Tel Aviv. The food was delicious: fish falafel, cucumber salad with yogurt dressing, grilled salmon; and the sweet melon crepes for dessert really hit the spot! With a long, tiring journey behind us, we were refreshed and ready to pitch our Michigan story.

    This morning, we were up early for a business breakfast with the Deloitte partners of Israel. They provided a briefing on the possibilities of Israeli alternative energy and homeland security opportunities that Michigan may be able to hone in on. Then we were off to the headquarters of Perrigo Israel for a meeting with Rafi Lebel, Perrigo's executive vice-president who is also president of Perrigo Israel, and his team. Perrigo is a health sciences company that already has a strong presence in West Michigan. They announced a $25 million expansion last summer that was supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Rafi said they are at capacity in West Michigan and are looking to possibly expand again. We thanked the company for their continued commitment to Michigan and also encouraged their future growth in the Great Lakes State. We have the infrastructure and beautiful lab space already in place, and I let Rafi know that we are ready to help them grow their business and grow new jobs right now. Michigan and Perrigo already have a great working relationship, but this trip is all about continuing to build on our link with business in Israel and attracting new jobs and growth in the future.

    Our next meeting was with Shai Agassi, a brilliant entrepreneur and CEO of Better Place, a company that is working fervently to electrify the car. In January 2008, the Israeli government announced its support for a broad effort to promote the use of electric cars, embracing a joint venture with Better Place. Shai is also building the stations in Israel where batteries for cars can be recharged and is expanding this effort in countries around the world. We want to reduce our state's and our nation's dependence on foreign oil, and the advanced battery has the potential to do just that. We talked about future partnerships that might be viable for Michigan, and in Michigan, we know that new energy means new jobs. Later in the afternoon, we met with Inspire Invest, a venture capital firm in Tel Aviv, and this evening, I spoke at an automotive seminar and reception hosted by the Michigan Israel Business Bridge and the Israel Export Institute where I discussed business and research opportunities with CEOs of companies and suppliers that are looking to grow and expand.

    Overall, it was a busy day full of promise and prospective jobs for Michigan. Stay tuned for more news on our meetings and travels tomorrow as we head to Jerusalem to continue telling Michigan's story.

    Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

  125. That'll probably end up being a "homicide."

    Drunk drivers kill their own, and others', kids by the thousands every year. Try banning alcohol. Oh, . . . wait. Never mind.

    Ash, we're aware lefties tell these stories to try and get the "moral highground" for disarming (and, eventually, enslaving) us.

    Again, Americans aren't like Canadians, and Englishmen, and Australians. We're just not going for it.

    If some dumb fuck shoots his own daughter, too bad. Call it, "Darwin in action," or somesuch. Like I said, "it was probably a Homicide." It's kinda hard to see how somebody could "accidentally" shoot their daughter as a result of her jumping out of a closet and yelling, "Boo."

    Anyway, it's kind of a dumb conversation and I'm through with it. Better luck with the "next" disarmament discussion group.

  126. It seems to me Granholm would better serve her citizens by keeping her ass home and trying to figure out how to keep her three biggest employers afloat.

    I think she's a bit of a tool.

  127. Rufus: M14 was a helluva gun. I feel sorry for Marines having to carry those little sissy rifles.

    I shot that one at the Navy shooting range on Whidbey Island, 26 for 30 at 200 yards (not bad for my first time I guess), but it like to beat my little bitty shoulder to a pulp.

  128. Pretty good. We had to shoot "offhand" at 200 yds. Did you?

  129. My "optimum" aiming point was with my upper lip resting squarely on my right thumb. Guess how I looked after two weeks at the range.