“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Barack Obama

What is up with that dress? 

Republicans will benefit from a White House defeat
Alex Singleton at Nov 5, 2008 , Telegraph

Shortly after President Bush was first elected, I found myself attending The Wednesday Meeting, a Washington DC institution where over a hundred conservative strategists, thinkers and lobbyists descend on a downtown office and co-ordinate actions. There was a real buzz in the meetings I attended back then.

The attendees' dream of replacing President Clinton had come true, and Grover Norquist, the chairman of the group, had managed to secure significant influence with the new President, encouraging boldness in tax cuts. The destruction of the Twin Towers was still to occur, and President Bush was a dream come true.

When I returned a few years later, the optimistic buzz had all but disappeared. Bush was still a believer in low taxes, but he had become a big government conservative, allowing spending to run out of control.

The more libertarian free-marketeers present had become completely disillusioned with the President, regarding Guantanamo Bay and the USA Patriot Act, which increased the government's surveillence powers, as distinctly un-American. Even those unworried about Bush's attacks on civil liberties seemed concerned that their man had, in retrospect, been a poor choice.

Losing the White House is probably a healthy outcome for the Republicans. It will give them time to reanalyse what their purpose is - something much easier when out of power - and allow a new, less illiberal Republican school of thought to emerge.

Just as the New Democrats emerged after the Republicans retained the White House in 1988, New Republicans need to emerge after this election, making the Republicans once again relevant for the America that exists today.


  1. John McCain made the most gracious concession speech that I have ever heard. He is the better man.

  2. Tonight I feel America just lost a major amount of her specialness...

    To quote Martin Luther King

    I dream of a day when a man can be judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin...

    Today, we as a nation salute the color of a man's skin and ignore his lack of character...

    Today the music died....

  3. Goldman Sachs should be spelled Goldman Sucks.

  4. Ya think that now blacks will stop calling whites racist?


  5. There's something really creepy about the huge Obama rally in Chicago right now. Just the sheer numbers of people. The size of it.

    Something creepy about all those huge rallies, actually.

  6. In a way, we brought this on ourselves by tolerating the behavior of the Republican leadership and the chaos of George Bush. Sometimes you have to check.

  7. Sam, that may be his undoing. When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, he was met with glory and adulation. That did not last very long.

  8. Amazing.

    A person of his:

    history (drug abuse)
    extreme liberalness
    lack of experience


  9. What have we done to ourselves?

  10. Biden must see something good in him.

  11. if Obama can be POTUS...

    Then there is HOPE for me...

    I can BE an ASTRONAUT!

    I can BE the President!

    I can Be like a Bird up in the Sky & Fly High!


    See if only McCain had stayed at a Holiday Inn, he could have won...

  12. 2164th/Whit,

    You keepin' the bar open the next 4 years?

  13. Oh well, should be entertaining watching him fuck things up.

    (I know - Bush fucked up)

    But still.

  14. How many judges due to retire in the next 4 years?

  15. Hillary - what's she thinking right now?

    - If only Florida and Wisconsin.
    - Shoulda ran in '04.

  16. Coke and abortions for all y'all!

    Let's party!!

  17. Knock, Knock, its Bloody Barry, barging into your private domain, bolt-cutters at the ready to snap the single chain lock separating you from his villainous pillage.

    Snap! Door flys open, Bloody Barry bursts into the room, grabbing you by the collar and lifting you nearly a foot off the ground. And first he'lll just stare at ya, look you up and down as he just categorizes, collates and constructs your place in the quest for social justice. Nostrils pulsing with each predatory breath, Bloody Barry leaned in closer, pressing your neck against the wall as he ferrets through your pockets, with a hunger and efficiency unseen.

    Wallet in hand, he'll drop you, and you'll be dazed. Dazed enough so that when he steps away, you'll hope against hope he's departing, only to see him briskly stride across your living room, and lunge a stiff arm straight into and then through all your prized belongings, careening his path across the tops of tables, buffets, shelves, ottomans, countertops and wetbars.

    A path of homespun wreckage, torn and soiled linen, broken glass, wet crumbled fishtanks, tipped fridges, toilets ripped from the floor, bolts and all, Bloody Barry would make no bones about what he wanted, and he took no guff from those who opposed him.

  18. Bloody Barry's not shy about pulling burdensome buns from ovens. And if the law or medicine do not allow, Bloody Barry's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve to keep the mouths to feed in the right groups.

  19. Kind of interesting how Drudge climbed in the back seat tonight - very low key - maybe thinking he might not want to get off on a bad foot with the incoming Obama administration.

  20. Let's pah-teh..

    C'mon y'all. You muthafuckas feel me?!

    Oh yeah, uh-huh, here we go, oh-yeah, where ya at, uh-huh, over here, oh yeah,

    c'mon nigga, sheet..

  21. Fuck it.

    I'm goin' home and gettin' drunk.


  22. Today the music died....

    I agree with WiO, it will never be the same. We've let too many people in, with more acomin', we've dumbed down to electing this turd, the culture, let's face it, it's the shits, nothing good is going to come of this.

    When I grew up we didn't know what drugs were here, and it's everywhere, the hard stuff. We've elected a turd that voted to kill babies born alive. We've voted in Ayers, a killer.

    The music has died.

    Uncle Sam's no longer a friend.

  23. The next few years, no matter what Obama does, when it turns out badly, the press will blame Bush for his past policies. When it turns out well, they'll credit Obama.

    We saw that with Clinton and Bush; we still seeing it today, albeit in reverse order. Clinton gets the credit for anything that goes well; Bush gets the blame for everything that goes sour, even 9/11.

    Obama's likely support for the 'Fairness' Doctrine will help ensure this. While alternative views may not be completely destroyed, they'll be driven underground, and hence be harder to be heard.

    What about education? Obama's friend Ayers is heavily involved, and seems bent on inculcating his views in the future generations. Even if everything tanks, will the young of the US be even able to understand the reasons behind failing? Or will they simply sprout the party line because that is what they have been taught? Throw in political correctness, and it gets worse.

    Add in voter fraud, the fact that the new President isn't likely to do anything about it, and the problem becomes FUBARed. They won't be so stupid as to have 90% support for their candidate. Just 55%, which translates to landslides, but enough for the stupid right wingers to hope.

    When you have the laws, the media, education, and the government all working against you, you're going down no matter what. In many ways, it's a takeover more insidious and in some ways even more awe-inspiring than the communist revolutions of the 20th century.

    By maintaining the trappings of democracy and fooling the populace into believing the sanctity of the secret ballot, while controlling the media, education, and the government, the Gramscians(whether they know it or not) have made sure that it would be nearly impossible to dislodge them from power. After so long, the Dems have finally created the formula for success. I suspect 2006 was something of a trial run for their shenanigans.

    USA, welcome to the perpetual Democratic Socialist majority.

    What about the Republicans? They will see that a slight tilt back to the right(aka Palin) brought them nothing but grief. They'll take it as a signal that they're not centrist (socialist) enough.

    How do you fight the Gramscians? I've yet to hear anybody articulate a coherent plan.

    That's it. I'm pinning my hopes on China. I don't care if the Chinese are authoritarians. They believe in capitalism, and I'm throwing in with them.

  24. What does Bloody Barry do when his felonious impulse to thieve and destroy lies insipidly dormant?

    Why, Bloody Barry's Public Service Announcements of course, courtesy of his insatiable appetite for fairness.

  25. The Gazans celebrate with a missile barrage into Israel.

    I can't find out who won the Minnesotat Senate race, not that it matters much.

  26. US President George W. Bush late Tuesday telephoned his apparent successor, Democrat Barack Obama, to congratulate him on his "awesome night."

  27. and after 8 years of such inanity is there any wonder?

  28. Here's what my friend Dale says---



    O Tumbleweed

    O Tumbleweed where do you go driven along like the fast driven snow

    To see the other side of this mountain if you really have to know

    But what is there that isn’t here O Tumbleweed that you have got to see

    On the morning side of this mountain that is where I want to be

    The grass is greener, the flowers have more color and the creeks are clear

    But O Tumbleweed isn’t that what you said before coming here

    Your valley here is beautiful that I must say, but I still have to move along

    The next valley is fresh and new and the birds sing a sweeter song

    The mountain peaks are snowy white and reaching for the clear blue sky

    The fleecy white clouds never stopping, but go dancing right on by

    A lot like me those clouds have to be they have many, many places to see

    And staying in anyone place very long is just not very good for me

    O Tumbleweed have you no roots and sometimes aren’t you very lonely

    O Tumbleweed the beauty that you speak about is not for you only

    Isn’t there someone O Tumbleweed that you with all of this like to share

    Someone to love, to smile and to laugh; and someone who would care

    Someone to hear, to see the same meadowlarks singing their happy song

    Someone that is just like me who has loved you for oh so long

    By Dale L. Neill of Lewiston, Idaho

    July 27, 2004


  29. Look here, Luigi, we'll get the poor hooked on the dole, and lead 'em by the nose, and take the country.

  30. Still too soon to tell which way Prop 8 is headed in California but with a quarter of the vote counted, it’s 53/47 in favor of reinstating the ban on gay marriage (i.e. a “yes” vote).

  31. The women voting for Frankenstein, the men Coleman.

    The gals like a laugh, I quess, and a dangerous dude, an income tax cheat.

  32. Quess I'll have to start thinking about taking down my Mr. and Mrs. Palin picture.

  33. nTed Stevens is ahead in Alaska right now!--

    U.S. Senate
    159 of 438 precincts reporting | Last update: 11/4/2008 9:10 pm | Return to top

    Begich, Mark DEM 49,248 45%
    Bird, Bob AI 4,615 4%
    Gianoutsos, Ted NA 368 0%
    Haase, Fredrick D. LIB 718 0%
    Stevens, Ted REP 53,747 49%

    Maybe Sarah will be able to name his replacement.

    She could name herself!

  34. Obama will have his Praetorian Guard of Nation of Islam soldiers boxing out the Secret Service. He will use these guards to build his "Internal US Army" he's already talked about..

    However the other enemy will be in full view. The leftist press.

    Who believes these Quislings should not be held accountable for what they do? They will be in the vanguard of disarming the US population so preemption would be right and just. It would not be surprising if more than just a few Charlotte Cordays and other Girondists came forward with solutions of their own to persuade these reporters to move in a new direction.

    Some responsible Republicans could even form syndicates and buy the weak and cheap NYT and other media outlets. They have the money and that is where the war is being lost; clouded by the BIG LIE put out by the leftist media.

    Time to turn the tables and recapture the Constitution……BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    The man who was going to bring us together will do more damage than any man in our history, both foreign and domestic.

    When we needed a Cincinnatus we got a Catiline.

  35. Look at these statistics for Pennsylvania. They are very positive for Republicans, if they acted and led like Republicans.

  36. The when does life begin proposition in Colorado that I thought was ahead earlier seems to have failed. (I think)

  37. I think it would be a gas if Stevens got re-elected. I hope he does. Even if he is a little corrrupt.

  38. Has anyone looked at how the Obama's are dressed? Bizzare.

  39. Change o' clothes, as in everything else.

    Least it's not Kenyan tribal dress. Quite.

  40. That third party Alaska Independence Party guy might be saving Stevens' ass.

    Independence for Alaska is starting to sound like a hell of a good idea.

  41. Nomination for best quote by a Representative (R)

    "If the party "were a dog food," says Rep. Tom Davis, "they would take us off the shelf."

  42. He's at 4 percent, the difference between Stevens and Begavich(sp?) right now.

  43. Gay marriage is losing everywhere, even in California at this point, all the abortion restriction propositions are losing, end affirmative action now is passing big in one state and close in another, assisted suicide passes in Washington State, as also medical marijuana in another.

  44. Now Frankenstein has pulled ahead by 1,000 votes.

    Ah, hell, I'm goin' to bed.

  45. Hermit said...

    The dress? All I can say is, "Michelle, you're no Jackie Kennedy."

    I won't say anything about the election right now... wouldn't want to turn the page blue or make any longshoremen blush.

    Wed Nov 05, 03:01:00 AM EST

    Doug said...

    Was strange:
    Needed to go to town, wasn't 'til I was driving back, several hours after knowing BHO won, that it struck me for the first time that my Belle is gonna be the First Ho.
    Good thing nobody mentioned her before, as both of them at once mighta been more than I coulda took.
    Wo unto us, we be fucked.

    Wed Nov 05, 04:44:00 AM EST

  46. Kevin James says there appears to be only about ten thousand, slightly short of a million predicted.

    Lucky for them:
    A million would have been mayhem, w/multiple deaths, and etc.

    Wed Nov 05, 01:04:00 AM EST

    Doug said...
    James was surprised that SoCal cities are passing Prop 8, the Marriage one. (Bigot vote to T)

    I wouldn't have predicted it but as soon as I heard it I was not surprised:
    Hispanics probly joined the Bigots on that one.

    Course by the time it reaches the Supremes, it will be Barry's Court, and struck down.
    Establishing the power and glory of the Unbigots forevermore.

  47. All I can say is....

    "f#%^&*g Republicans did it to themselves."

  48. It looks like Coleman has beaten Frankenstein by about 2500 votes with 99% of the precincts reporting.

    And it looks like Stevens is ahead of Begich by about 3500 votes with 96% of the precincts reporting.

    I hope this holds for Stevens. I get a great kick out of it:) Sarah will appoint the replacement.

    God Bless the Third Party Candidates:)

  49. Arizona, Arkansas, California and Florida all vote down gay marriage and adoption.

    But the restrictions on abortion all fail.

    People seem willing if they are in the majority to put restrictions on other people's behavior, and perhaps rightly so, but if a measure might put restrictions on their own behavior they don't want to do that.

    The Connecticut Court made a ruling with such amazing language recently about 'any two people' that the question becomes whether one could marry one's daughter, mother, sister.

    People don't like this gay marriage business because they see where it might go, already has gone in Connecticut.

  50. First order of business:

    1. Repeal "Don't ask, don't tell."
    2. Shut down Quantanamo Bay. Release all that can be, bring rest stateside for jury trials.
    3. Justice Dept: Review Profiling guidelines, investigate and prosecute cases of "vote suppression."
    4. Green light Union activity.
    5. Green light liberal Federal (state level) agendas.
    6. Set change agenda with Reed and Pelosi.
    7. Review policies and practices to ensure continued Democrat victories.

  51. In my congressional district, Sali, the Republican, is behind the democrat. This doesn't really surprise me, as Sali has a very bad reputation as a nitwit lawyer. Minnick however is worse, but had more access to money, his own. Wants to stop growth, tear out the dams, etc. It would be surprising if Sali weren't so--challenged. With 12% left to count, and a four thousand vote lead, I think Minnick is the winner.

    U.S. House
    Idaho 01

    Democratic Republican


    Dem-Minnick 148,767 51%

    (Incumbent) 144,772 49%

    88% precincts reporting - 5:28 a.m. EST, Nov 5 '08

  52. Might as well not worry about gays in the military, one way or the other. We're going to gut it anyway, and create no new weapons systems, so what's the difference?

  53. China is now the rising power in the world. We're on the way out.
    Don't learn Spanish, learn Chinese.

  54. ...It would not be surprising if more than just a few Charlotte Cordays and other Girondists came forward with solutions of their own to persuade these reporters to move in a new direction.

    ...If you hear a step upon
    Your stair tonight
    If you see a shadow in
    The candle light
    It's only your imagination
    Leading you astray
    See her for a moment
    Then she'll slip away
    The ghost of Charlotte Corday

    Al Stewart

  55. Biden as seer:

    LATEST: Russia to deploy short-range missiles in Kaliningrad, near Poland - President Medvedev. More soon.BBC

  56. Seems all those polls, they were on the money. Obama wins the Electoral College, two to one.

    A landslide.

    FL, PA, OH, HI
    Home to whit, duece, wi"o" and doug
    Pure Obamanation, all of them.

    The Dems picked up five Senate seats, the GOP down to that fabled number 44.

    The question, now, are those 44 really loyal and true Ronin, or are they truly Repiblicans?

  57. New Republicans need to emerge after this election, making the Republicans once again relevant for the America that exists today.

    Should the Republicans rally to McCain's policy positions, on Global Warming, Immigration & Economic Nationalization or strike out on another course?

    What course would that be?

  58. New Republicans need to emerge after this election, making the Republicans once again relevant for the America that exists today.

    I posted this in reply to Smitten Eagle over at BC, but it applies here just as well:

    Green Libertarians. If staffed correctly, this could be the majority party in a future 3 way race. The Republican moniker (commie big gov) is poison. The Green Libertarians should form their own independent party.

  59. The Republican moniker (commie big gov) is poison.

    Same applies to the Dems. The debt and deficit will undo America.

  60. Fashion is definitely not on their side.

    Maybe if your, Mrs. Palin, wore the same boots that, Ann Curry, did last night, she might have had a chance.

  61. Mrs Palin will be jetting back, North to Alaska, just a little southeast of Nome.

    They're singin' that tune in Nogales, sure as shootin'.

    Go north, the rush is on!

  62. That's what, I'm sayin'

    A hockey mom belongs, well, with her kids.

  63. Johnny Horton he knew the "real" New Orleans.

    Arlo, though, he's cool, but not his daddy ...

  64. America, for good or bad, has chosen...

    I am on the "losing" side....

    The one upside? Now the DEM's will have to take credit for everything that happens (good and bad) for the next 4 years.

    I am going gun shopping, withdrawing from many activities, scaling back growth plans and sheltering down...

    NOT looking forward to 21% interest & inflation rates.....

    NOT looking forward to seeing the rape of Israel

    NOT looking forward to seeing the continued RAPE of the USA treasury

    NOT looking forward to the rise of the Nation of Islam & Sharia

    I am cynical and I am not gracious...

    BHO is still a shit in my book...

    and the ideals of MLK that one should be judged by the content of their character NOT THE FUCKING COLOR OF THEIR SKIN has gone to the shitcan....

  65. My daughter called last night when the election was declared. You could hear the celebrating in the streets. She didn't vote for either Obama or McCain, and knew she wasn't going to get the divided government she wanted, but she was sentimentally affected last night. And so was I.

    (The Corner is split on that. The Corner is split on everything.)

    Today is the first day since I arrived that I feel homesick.

    I'm not a Republican. Even less a Democrat. I lamented (and grew terribly angry during) eight years of Clinton. I celebrated two GWB victories before growing terribly angry a second time. I got over it. Mostly.

    I don't feel any bitterness today. None at all.

    Later, when the policy ball gets rolling, it'll be different.

    Today, I'd just rather be back home.

  66. Newsupdate...

    Obama seeks to tax intercourse!

    And now the change is coming...

    One wonders will he redistribute the intercourse among those who are the most needy?

    after all it's proven that the top 5% intercourse players DO 91% of all intercourse...

    It's time for a change...

  67. Boys, when a woman's through with your ass, she's through with your ass. Period.

    The American Public, at least for awhile, is through with the Republicans' asses.

    Have a drink. Go to work. Blog. Whatever floats your boat. The burden of keeping this deal together is off your shoulders. You're Free.

    Just don't be late with the child support.

  68. rufus said...
    Boys, when a woman's through with your ass, she's through with your ass. Period.

    The American Public, at least for awhile, is through with the Republicans' asses.

    Have a drink. Go to work. Blog. Whatever floats your boat. The burden of keeping this deal together is off your shoulders. You're Free.


    the Day of Heavy Lifting are OVER...

    Never Again will I listen to a black man say.. "the MAN held me down"

    Time to END affirmative action

    There will never be any election finance reform, gloves are off

    Time to LET (MY party the DEMs) take the FULL credit for the NEXT 4 years...

    If the world does not heal, obama's fault

    IF the oceans dont lower, obama's fault

    ANY terror attacks? obama's fault

  69. We've probably got enough votes in the Senate to hold off the most egregious forms of "Card Check." Other than that you're going to want to puke.

    We didn't do some things we should have done. Instead of doing something "sensible" on health insurance we're going to have a "National" Medicare/Medicaid Program.

    Instead of getting behind Bush on Alternative Fuels, we let the "Oil" Wing of the Party dominate.

    We let the Wall Street/Banker Bozos raid the country.

    We took the Old Gal for granted. Hope we enjoy life at the Holiday Inn.

  70. And, for you assholes that worried about Romney's "Religion," I think you're going to get a real "Kick" out of Obama's.

  71. Along with the credit that will come. Especially, if as duece predicted the economic disturbance of the day is seen as a "good thing" in five years.

    Depends a lot, upon the messenger, which will deliver the propaganda in the normal course of events.

    If bio-fuel production soars, if solar and other "renewable or alternate" energy promotional policies form.
    And US dependence of MidEast oil lessens.

    If the US disengages from Iraq and the world, as we know it, does not end.

    Obamasan will reap the credit.

  72. I did find it a tad humorous, at the time, the ribbing Obamasan recieved when he said a major part of his energy proposal was to CONSERVE it. Proper maintance of vehicles and homes could lead to lessened demand, 3 or 4% perhaps ...

    The CONSERVEatives derided him for being simplistic.

    In any case, the countdown is on!
    To 20JAN09 and that last chance window of opportunity for a late grasp at a legacy of greatness, by GW Bush.
    A decisive strike against Iran.

    I just don't think it'll happen, still ...

  73. Everybody wants to go to Heaven, just not "today."

    Anybody with a lick of sense knows you can't leave one party in power too long. You know that you have to put the Dems in every 8 years, or so.

    It's just, always, "Not THIS YEAR, and Not THIS DEM."

  74. Here you go, rufus.

    Have a mansion high above the clouds

  75. Jimmie Buffet's spirit continues to grow in Country music. ...

    He used to listen to the dad, now Chesney playin' with the Wailers

    Playin' calypso music to America.

  76. Good find, Rat. I love a steel band. Was stationed at Vieques Island for awhile waiting to get out. I miss the islands. Maybe I'll try to go back for awhile.

  77. Some things that went through my troubled mind:
    1) Nothing to do but congratulate the new CIC while casually scratching the side of my mouth with my middle finger....
    2.) Both parties should start grooming an African American woman for 2012. It will be difficult for them to get this degree of turnout for any plain old pol in the future.
    3.) The people have spoken and they said that they want the govt. to take care of them.
    4.) Now the "most ethical congress ever" will be tested.
    5.) watch for liberals to start making more extreme statements such as Schumer did yesterday comparing conservative talk radio to pornography.

  78. KunstlerCast #37: Impotent Politics
    The Increasing Irrelevance of our Two Political Parties

    James Howard Kunstler muses on the increasing irrelevance of the two political parties in America. Neither party seems to be truly facing our energy predicament and the coming obsolescence of suburbia. Yet this is with the complete connivance of the voting public, which is too heavily invested in the status quo.

  79. The number that attracted my attention was on FOX, of the Senior voters McCain garnered just 51% of their vote, Obama 49%.

    Found that to be so non-stereotypical, as to be surprising.

    It seems all those young voters did turn out to vote. Shaming their elders who did not bother, 'back in the day', in the process.

  80. Of course, mat.

    We need a revolutionary elite,
    to lead the masses.
    Masses that prefer the status que.

    But those masses, they do not know what is really best?
    Well, they do not agree with you, anyway, we can agree on that at least.

  81. New Bet:

    How long (over/under = 100 days) until the Dems call an end to this silly "40 votes for fillibuster" rule in the Senate.

    What? You didn't realize they could do away with that rule with a simple "adieu?"

    Shame on you.

  82. We need a revolutionary elite,
    to lead the masses.

    Spoken like a true Roman Imperialist. I'm talking about ideas. And he's talking The Masses. The white masses. The black masses. The hispanic masses. The Pauline Roman Imperialist masses. The Jihadi masses. Bread crumbs & circus shows produced by the MSM and the commie Imperialists for The Masses.

  83. Stocks stumbled out of the gate and fell further south Wednesday as economic worries resurfaced.
    Solar issues took heat after California rejected clean power initiatives. First Solar (FSLR) tumbled 12.81, or 7%, to 164.71. SunPower (SPWR) dumped 9.59, or 19%, to 40.91. Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) shed 3.96, or 9%, to 38.18.


  84. Oh yeah and one though I left off of my list...

    6.) Will this change dry up the leaks to the press coming from the IC?

  85. LT,

    I wouldn't read too much into that rationalization. FSLR has gone from $95 to $180 in little less than 10 days. A little profit taking was in order.

  86. Well, Rat. Time to choke down the crow and get it over with. I was wrong.

    Refused to believe the US public dumb enough to fall for BO. Wrong.

    Relied on PUMA and Bradley factors. Wrong.

    I still maintain the polls are rigged to support the market for polls and pollsters.

    Sun's out this morning for the first time in days. Time to get on with life.

  87. I wouldn't read too much into that rationalization. FSLR has gone from $95 to $180 in little less than 10 days. A little profit taking was in order.

    I don't disagree. Just thought it was curious.

  88. Interesting to see what happens when the rent seekers are shot out of the saddle though.

    They'll be back.

  89. Among the better "consolation prize" observations I've seen this morning:

    One should never say "never" in politics. However, Barack Obama's victory almost certainly means that neither Hillary Clinton nor Al Gore will ever be president of the United States.

    Steven den Beste:
    One other good thing: no one will be spinning grand conspiracy theories about this administration's Vice President being an evil, conniving genius who is the true power behind the throne.

    And the WSJ succintly sums up the reasons behind the "Rejected" label Deuce accurately applied to the Republicans last night:
    As for the Republicans, the lesson of their defeat is the most fundamental in politics. When the party in power fails to deliver either peace or prosperity, voters typically send it packing.

    At this point, I can say that my dread of the outcome prepared me more than I anticipated to accept it. We will see how far "yes we can" will take us. I will pray for him, as his burdens will be heavy. No matter how self-confident, he must be in some way humbled by the awesomeness of the responsibilities he will assume, or else he's inhuman. As many observers note, today is the highwater mark for the Dem's, as many will be disappointed if not disillusioned as he now must take action and not just criticize other's actions. Conservatives must decide whether the Republican party is their vehicle of choice for political expression; if it is, we must make it into a party true to conservative principles by selecting leaders who act in accordance with them. We have work to do.

  90. Almost forgot - my first thought upon seeing Mrs. O in that dress last night was that she's pregnant. Maybe there expecting more than the Presidency!

  91. Observations by JHK:

    There's a lot about the way we live now that is disgusting, degrading, demoralizing, and socially toxic -- from our suicidal diet of processed fat, salt, and corn syrup byproducts to the spiritually punishing everyday realm of the highway strip to the fantastic loneliness and alienation of a people made hostage to a TV-consumer nexus of corporate colonialism. Were done with that. We just don't know it yet.

  92. And, for you assholes that worried about Romney's "Religion," I think you're going to get a real "Kick" out of Obama's.

    You know I agree with you there, Rufus.

    Bush should have attacked Iran long ago, I've always thought, but he won't do it now.Don't have any idea what Israel might do. She's on her own now.

    Wife is down buying today's paper. It's the last one I'm buying. Have bought it mostly for the crossword. Can live without that. Find an alternative source. Today, I need to read Idaho election returns.

  93. Looks like Coleman won in Minnesota by 694 votes.

    I suppose this is headed for recounts and courts.

    I hope the joke remains on the comedian.

  94. Stevens also tapped into Alaskan distrust of Outsiders, hammering on the fact it was Washington, D.C., jurors who convicted him, and saying Alaskans would never have done so.

    Stevens Still Leads Begich By Thin Margin

    This is making my day.

    I think he's right. He would not have been convicted in Alaska.

    Most of those outstanding votes are probably so far in the outback, they may not have heard he'd been convicted at all.

    Go Ted Stevens :)

    I'd have voted for him, in these circumstances.

    My representative Sali is still behind, as of the last count, this morning.

  95. Georgia Senate Race May Go To Runoff

    If Stevens, Coleman, and Chambliss all should lose....

  96. 5. Anton:

    Sorry to anybody who has seen this already but here I go:

    Carter 2.0 ( a.k.a. the reign of O )

    My predictions for the coming four years;

    1. A deepening of the coming recession due to feckless tax increases and a failure of economic policies driven by redistributionist ideas.
    2. Rapid expansion of the Federal government in an attempt to “create” jobs.
    3. Retreat and retrenchment in all matters of foreign policy, appeasement of aggressive dictators, fawning on the U.N. for permission to act in self defense
    4. Fairness Doctrine
    5. Disastrous Supreme Court appointments that rule against the Constitution and in favor of “fairness’, “justice” and “economic equality”, a constant invention of new rights or powers not to be found in the Constitution.
    6. A relentless attack on the Second Amendment.
    7. National Health Care on a par with the U.K. (do please try not to die whilst waiting in the aisle)
    8. Collapse of capital markets due to punitive taxation.
    9. Reparations
    10. Iran gets the bomb.
    11. China gets Taiwan.
    12. Korea still has nukes.
    13. Lebanon abandoned to Hezbollah.
    14. Russia continues to creep back into its old empire, holds Europe hostage via control of energy supply lines.
    15. Iraq left to twist in the wind.
    16. Afghanistan abandoned.
    17. Pakistan falls to the Taliban.
    18. Chavez visits the White House and gives O pointers on how to run a “fair election”.
    19. O visits Iran.
    20. Israel gets nuked or nukes Iran (or Syria) preemptively.
    21. Terrorists deploy nuclear assets.
    22. New energy initiatives fail to come close to promised levels of output, still no drilling off California’s coast and oil prices skyrocket.
    23. Kyoto Treaty signed. US economy suffers while trying to meet carbon caps.
    24. U.S. military suffers reduced budgets while forced to act as the U.N.s policeman.
    25. Mexican invasion continues unabated. Voting rights given to many of them.
    26. Social Security still not fixed (or even patched) retirement age raised to 72.

    Nov 5, 2008 - 9:41 am

    Expect War Between Israel and Iran

    We're goin' for a drive. Later.

  97. Seems all those polls, they were on the money. Obama wins the Electoral College, two to one.

    "A landslide.

    FL, PA, OH, HI
    Home to whit, duece, wi"o" and doug
    Pure Obamanation, all of them.

    The Dems picked up five Senate seats, the GOP down to that fabled number 44.

    The question, now, are those 44 really loyal and true Ronin, or are they truly Republicans?"

    Do not underestimate the amount of illegal votes in PA. Of course immigrants are going to want free stuff. i am in St Johns today. Yesterday St Thomas. They like free stuff in St Thomas. An astounding 67% of the mostly black population gets one form of US federal aid.

    Here are the free things for residents of St Thomas:
    -Telephone assistance.
    -Aid to the old aged.
    -Aid to the blind.
    -General Assistance
    -Emergency Assistance.
    -Food stamps.
    -Pre School services.
    -Legal services.
    -Children youth and family services.
    Check it out.

    They are not allowed to vote in US elections. Will your mirth spread when they will be included and given the vote to vote for more free stuff.

    How about Washington DC being made a state? That would guarantee two more Senators and another representative.

    The Democrats will not be so foolish as the Bush Administration and not do everything to guarantee their power base.Of course they will legalize all the illegals. More votes.

    Those illegals will be able to bring their extended families for more free stuff.

  98. An astounding 67% of the mostly black population gets one form of US federal aid.

    What's the US ranking in the Special Olympics?

  99. Well, as for me, I've had it with all this racial crap.

    As of yet, I have never heard a black man thank any white for getting tnem out of slavery.

    I've had it with it.

    I'm tired of the whining.

    We have some wonderful blacks in the country.

    But I fear to go in parts of our country.

    And, I fear to go into Mexico.

    Let the blacks make their own way now.

    Affirmative action is bullshit.

    No black fears to go into a white area.

    Almost all whites fear to go into a black area.

    That is the way it is. And will be.

    If I am a whigger, I am going to call a nigger a nigger, if that is what he is.

    I'm tired of it now.

    End Affirmative Action Now.

    We whites brought the whole thing here to America. Stuff they had never ever heard of before.

    We have been too kind, and too good.

    When Lewis and Clark came back up the Snake, they met uptiliiups, or whatever his name was, with a chain of scalps around his neck.

    I've had it with the hypocrisy.

    If the blacks think we are so damned flawed, let them go to

    Let them build a GM plant there, and win the war for human rights.

    And, I love the American Indians. You can go to their parts of the country without fear.

    Long Live Israel, and the Native Americans.

    Let the blacks get over it, and compete on equal terms.

    Long live Israel.

  100. Well, Luigi, we'll get the underclass hooked on our giveouts, then we'll lead 'em by the nose, and take the country.

  101. I hope the Israelis elect Netanyehu and he nukes Iran, while there is still time.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. In my entire life, I have never heard a black man, in literature or in conversation, say, thanks, for dying for us.

    Look at Rhodesia. I remember when my stupid church was saying,o,o, white supremecy,but, look at it now.

    I've had it with tribalism.

    Let them make it with the sweat of their own brow.

    The blacks aren't capable of democracy in Africa. We night as wll speak the truth.

    They can't handle democracy, and I am beginning to wonder if we are able to do so ourselves.

  104. Of course, the first thing with democracy is, you take care of your own. You don't watch tv, and fuck, you take care of your own. You do not rely on a great guy like my brother, who is tired of it now, having done his duty, helping people through life and death.

    You do your best, and not claim to have a Constitutional Right to abortion, to kill your own children.

    The Native Americans never agreed to that shit.

  105. Let Ash go to medical school, see how he likes it.

    Piece of crap, Ash.

  106. Red Blue by county

  107. One of my close black friends is preparing his VICTORY DINNER tonight...

    how special

    If McCain had won I would have a nice swig or to and a salute to the bullet we just dodged...

    The Obamanics are having VICTORY meals...

  108. Fox News reported that John Kerry is actively campaigning for Secretary of State as is Bill Richardson and Richard Holbrooke. John Francois Kerry. Can you imagine?

    Also, Rahm Emanuel, the gun grabber and enforcer for Nancy Pelosi, is WH Chief of Staff.

  109. I ask you, very seriously, like your life depended on it, as it might, would you rather have my brother passing the gas to you, which takes something like almost 1o years of intensive study, and a lot of panic, or someone who has come up through our current public school session. I ask you.

    Or someone who has serve in the curent public school system?

    He is retired now.

    Having done his job to society, a good man.

    Would you rather have a witch doctor?

    End Affirmative Action Now.

  110. Well, duece, PA was lost by 11%.
    Obama got 3,184,807 votes
    McCain garnered 2,584,119

    The spread was 600,000 votes.

    There was that much fraud?

    You had said that there could be tens of thousands of fraudulent votes, not hundreds of thousands.

  111. Should be "post mortem by eight prominent..."

  112. We have 27% of the world's coal reserves. 27% and we're going to ignore or phase out of the greatest natural resources in the world? Obama has said so.

    Seems to me that it would be far easier and quicker to develop clean coal technology than some of the other alternatives we've been discussing. Immensely profitable, too. One has to wonder why the other side is so adamantly opposed to carbon.

  113. DR: The spread was 600,000 votes.

    There was that much fraud?

    Obama won the vote...

    With or without acorn & company's fraud...

    Now want to look at the cash issue?

    but in the end...

    the messiah WILL be given the position of POTUS and it will be HIS time to win or lose...

    If he wins and does a great job? I'll thank him and admit i was wrong

    If he loses and F*cks up BIG time? I shall jam it so far up the obamanics asses you can see it come out their mouths...

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. ah, think about it really, if you are going under the knife, are you going to rely on Michelle Obama, or my brother.

    Our society is breaking down.

    Call a spade a spade.

    I am not afraid to.

    Let the blacks create their own medical schools.

    Rhodesia forever!

    Mugabe, Mugabe, Mugabe!

  116. I've just really had it with this whining by the incompetent niggers.

    Let them build their own medical schools, the incompetent niggers.

    I've had it.

    Let them go to Rhodesia.

    Land of opportunity.

  117. Republicans will make a comeback only after they return to their conservative roots.

    One of those NRO writers, Richard A. Viguerie, is giving advise. The fellow is so misinformed that he does not know that the roots of Repulicanism are radically progressive. Mr Lincln, he was no conservative, not at all.

    Whether Republicans make a comeback, or not, matters little.
    Whether conservatives can make a comeback, matters a lot.

    History, like words, matter.

  118. But Republicans are hardly blameless. Fourteen years ago, they took control of Congress on the strength of their ideas. Over time, though, they put the retention of power ahead of the advancement of principle. They squeezed campaign contributions from interest groups while they neglected the grassroots donors who believed in conservative ideals. They abandoned belief money in order to get access money, and they ended up with neither.

    If they want to reconnect with their supporters, they should spend less time at the Capitol Hill Club and more time at Sam’s Club.

    — John J. Pitney Jr.

  119. Look at the clip of the following post.

  120. If you think you are getting good medical care in one of these big cities, you are sadly mis-staken.

    You are gettting the least that that can be given to you.

    It will get worse.

    Make up your mind to die like a man, because that is what is given to you, and your courage will do you well in the other world.

    I don't know perfectly what happens in the other world, but I know what happens here.

    Get yourself a white doctor, if you want to put if off for a term.
    But that may be a mistake in itself, if you have lived a good life.


  121. bob... stop with the n shit...

    however time to re-read atlas shrugged...

    this is NOT a race issue...

    This is about individual achievement & freedom over "state collectives"

    ayn rand...


    My brother told me one time how tired they got of niggers and whiggers getting rid of their 'babies' he couldn't damn well stand it no more.