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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai Lesson - Buy a gun, learn how to use it and carry.

Islamic murdering maggot. The little cocksucker, Azam Amir Kasab, 21, from Pakistan, is still alive.

Preparations for the atrocity may have began a year ago in a remote mountain camp in Kashmir Photo: AP

There appear to be 300 dead in Mumbai, killed by five two-man killing teams using mostly hand weapons. Government could not protect them before hand, while it happened, and will not be able to protect others, or you, next week or next year.

Like the police, governments can investigate after the fact, but rarely intercede and protect unless there is a controlled environment such as an airport. An airplane suicide attack such as 911 is unlikely. Another Mumbai is practically guaranteed.

In the Telegraph article, they describe the training and motivation of the killers. It was formidable.

From my experience in Central America, I can assure you that private security guards are practically useless. They are poorly paid, predictable in their placement and habits, obvious to identify and easy to intimidate or in this case kill. Most will simply flee at the first sign of a serious challenge. That is our natural instinct, flee and stay alive. Your reaction and that of most others would be the same. However, there is an important difference.

If a person trained with a private weapon cannot flee, is armed and finds themselves trapped on a restaurant floor such as in Mumbai, they become highly motivated to survive. Five or six others randomly seated and scattered through other parts of a hotel radically changes the math.


300 May be dead in India

The audacious attack which took a year to plan
The attack was planned with military precision.

By Rahul Bedi in Bombay and Sean Rayment, Security correspondent
Last Updated: 10:44PM GMT 29 Nov 2008 Telegraph

Ten terrorists dedicated to fighting for an independent Kashmir were selected for an operation from which they were likely never to return.

The tactics were relatively simple: to strike at multiple targets while simultaneously slaughtering as many civilians as possible before going "static" in three of the locations within the city.

But such a plan would require a year of planning, reconnaissance, the covert acquisition of ships and speed boats as well as the forward basing of weapons and ammunition secretly hidden inside at least one hotel.

Nothing would be left to chance. Even the times of the tides were checked and rechecked to ensure that the terrorists would be able to arrive when their first target, the Café Leopold, was full of unsuspecting tourists enjoying the balmy Bombay (Mumbai) evening.

The preparations for the atrocity began a year earlier in a remote mountain camp in Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan- administered Kashmir, according to the interrogation of a 19-year-old believed to be the only member of the terrorist unit to be captured alive.
The Sunday Telegraph has been shown details of the interrogation which provide the first clues to the identity of the terrorists and the amount of detail which went into the planning of the operation.

Kamal has revealed to his interrogators that most of the volunteers spoke his native Punjabi and that all of them were given false names and were discouraged from interacting with each other beyond what was barely necessary.

During the months of training they were taught the use of explosives and close quarter combat. It was ingrained upon every man that ammunition would be in short supply and therefore every bullet should count.

The terrorists were also taught marine commando techniques such as beach landings at another camp at the Mangla Dam, located on the border between Pakistan-administered Kashmir and India's Punjab province.

Kamal revealed that once their training was complete, his team of four travelled to the garrison town of Rawalpindi, where they were joined by another six terrorists, who had been trained at other camps close by.

It was in Rawalpindi that the 10-man team were briefed in detail with digitised images of their prospective targets – the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Hotels, the Jewish Centre and the Victoria Terminus railway station. Each member of the team memorised street names and routes to each location. Kamal told his interrogators that most of the targeting information came from a reconnaissance team which had selected the targets earlier in the year.

From Rawalpindi, the team then moved to the eastern port of Karachi where they chartered the merchant ship MV Alpha and headed for Bombay.

It was during this crucial phase, as the cargo ship headed into the Arabian Sea, that the terrorists appeared to almost lose their nerve. The Indian navy, Kamal revealed, were very active, boarding foreign vessels and searching their holds. The terrorists thought their plan might be compromised so on the night of 15th/16th November, the teams used their inflatable speed boats to hijack a local fishing boat, the Kuber.
Kamal also admitted to his interrogators that three of the Kuber's four crew were immediately murdered, while the ship's captain was ordered to sail for the Indian coast. When the Kuber was within five miles of the coast, the terrorists slit the captain's throat and transferred back into their inflatable speed boats and headed for the lights of Bombay.

On landing the 10-man team, stripped off their orange wind breakers and began hoisting large heavy packs onto their shoulders.

Kashinath Patil, the 72-year-old harbour master, who spotted the boats moor alongside the harbour wall was immediately suspicious and asked them what they were doing. "I said: 'Where are you going? What's in your bags?'" Mr Patil recalled. "They said: 'We don't want any attention. Don't bother us."

The terrorists then split into two-man teams and launched their attacks.
Major General RK Hooda, the senior Indian commander, acknowledged the group, the Deccan Mujadeen, were better equipped and had a better knowledge of the battleground than India's soldiers.

After the battle, one member of India's National Security Guard, who led one of the assault groups against the terrorists occupying the Taj Mahal hotel, said they were the "best fighters" he had ever encountered.

He said: "They were obviously trained by professionals in urban guerrilla fighting. They used their environment and situation brilliantly, leading us (the NSG) on a dangerous chase through various tiers of the hotel which they obviously knew well. Their fire discipline too was excellent and they used their ammunition judiciously, mostly to draw us out.

"It was amply clear they came to kill a large number of people and to eventually perish in their horrific endeavour," he said. "Negotiating with the Indian authorities or escaping was not an option for them."

Neeta, the sister of Harish Gohil, who was shot dead by the terrorists, mourns over his body at his funeral in Mumbai. Photograph: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP


  1. A time to love and a time to hate; A time for war and a time for peace.

  2. Mumbai terrorists were 'funded by cash raised in UK mosques'
    Last updated at 12:19 AM on 30th November 2008

    A banned Islamic terrorist group funded with cash raised in British mosques is believed to be behind the Mumbai attacks.

    Kashmiri separatists Lashkar-e-Taiba, ‘The Army of the Righteous’, which has strong links to Al Qaeda, is accused of previous terrorist outrages in India.
    And intercepted telephone and radio communications before and during the latest attacks apparently suggest a link.

  3. Read this..."Nick, 37, Asia-Pacific managing director of Euromoney Conferences, added: ‘We barricaded ourselves into a kitchen. It had a heavy door and there were about 15 or 20 of us crammed into this very small space, so it was claustrophobic. But for half an hour nobody was too concerned. We thought it was cops and robbers stuff.’

    The group then decided to find a safer, more comfortable place to hole up. ‘There was an adjacent restaurant called The Zodiac which we could get to without going through the lobby,’ said Nick. ‘There were some other people in there, so when we arrived there were about 40.

    ‘One was a very nice Guatemalan. He didn’t speak English but his friend did and explained that this guy was ex-army. He took a lead role."...

  4. If he only had a gun..

    "A HERO Brit told last night how he plunged 50ft and broke his back trying to save his girlfriend from the Mumbai murder squad.

    As gunshots drew closer and flames licked around the corridor outside their third floor hotel room, Will Pike and Kelly Doyle prayed—and knotted sheets together to make a rope to escape out the window.

    Will, 28, said: “I could only think of Kelly’s safety. That’s why I went first, to make sure the rope was okay.”

    But it wasn’t. Just 10ft into the daring 60ft descent, it gave way and he plummeted to the pavement below the Taj Mahal Palace.

    Will, who was ready to defend Kelly with a penknife and cutlery from his room, added: “Clearly I never did my boy scout knot badge because my knots were rubbish.

    “I remember looking up and seeing the ledge going away and the rope falling down with me...

    He broke three bones in his SPINE, shattered his PELVIS and broke BOTH ARMS horrifically. He has no sensation in his legs and doctors are concerned he may never walk again.

  5. Barbara Oakley--"Evil Genes" was a good listen tonight. People aren't all the same, she claims. Experiments have shown that the pleasure centers in some people light up when they are viewing pain inflicted on others. On the other hand, altruism seems built in to the majority of our species, and punishment of malefactors is very necessary as it in the long run reinforces the group altruism. From this point of view the situation can be viewed areligiously. She also said, some of the very worst are very intelligent and come across as good fellows, well met. She referenced Churchill's early liking for Uncle Joe, for instance. She was unable to explain how whole societies go bad though, but it isn't because a society is religious, as some people claim religion to be the source of all ills. Witness the Soviet Union, she pointed out. Which was officially atheist, and the vaunted rationality didn't work out so well. And then again, we have islam, a true perversion, which claims a mandate from the Almighty, so we have a real problem here, understanding all this. But people aren't the same, their brains light up differently to witnessing distress and pain.

  6. Concealed Carry Laws In Each State

    Just click on the map to find out what the deal is in your state.

  7. In Alaska, you don't need a permit at all.

  8. That picture of that young woman caressing her dead brother...another life snuffed by the "religion of peace."

  9. Yes, repeated two hundred times or more in this one incident alone.

  10. by the way bob, on your query the other night about deaths from nuclear power versus coal. In Pennsylvania since 1870, there were 30,000 deaths in the hard coal mines alone.

  11. I can believe it. I know it was bad in the early days, gotten somewhat better now, with the machinery, I read somewhere.

  12. But what angered Mr D'Souza almost as much were the masses of armed police hiding in the area who simply refused to shoot back. "There were armed policemen hiding all around the station but none of them did anything," he said. "At one point, I ran up to them and told them to use their weapons. I said, 'Shoot them, they're sitting ducks!' but they just didn't shoot back."

  13. "Islam is peace. These terrorists don't represent peace. They represent evil and war. When we think of Islam we think of a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace. And that's made brothers and sisters out of every race." -- GW Bush, 9/17/2001

  14. Ruby is that another knock on Bush or a statement about Islam?

  15. Should terrorists be treated as common criminals or should they be treated as prisoners of war?

    Should the lone terrorist survivor be waterboarded if necessary or should he be read his international Miranda rights?

    Should the Geneva Convention be modified to address terrorist armies?

  16. Now, arrested terrorist Ajmal says 'kill me'
    30 Nov 2008, 0954 hrs IST, Akela, MUMBAI MIRROR

    Arrested terrorist Azam Amir Kasav, alias Ajmal Kasab has stopped eating for the last two days. Kasab, currently in crime branch custody, has been
    lodged in the lockup at the commisserate’s office since he was caught near Girgaum Chowpatty on Wednesday night. Since Kasab’s arrest, the police have been trying hard to get more information from him about his group, but he seems to be a tough nut to crack.

    Kasab has stopped eating to avoid police torture since he was discharged from the Nair hospital on Thursday afternoon.
    “Neither is he eating anything nor has he agreed to reveal anything about his links,” an officer from the crime branch said.

    Interrogators have tried feeding him a couple of times. The officers have also revealed that Kasab has been repeatedly requesting them to kill him.

    Kasab was arrested by D B Marg Police, his companion Abu Ismail was killed. Kasab was injured. Both were taken to Nair hospital at Mumbai Central.

  17. I get so angry over these type of incidents I just fill with uncontrollable rage. Our leaders are all cocksuckers. Every single one. Islam should have been eradicated long ago. Jihadism is not at all different than Nazism. Jihadis are not at all different than Nazis. Muslims should all be hunted down and killed to last one, Man woman and child. I would spare no one. No one.

  18. Metuselah: Muslims should all be hunted down and killed to last one, Man woman and child. I would spare no one. No one.

    I wouldn't want to explain that attitude to the Old One on the last day.

  19. The average wage of an Indian cop is $70 per week.

  20. Terror at Beslan. Fascinating read.

    Explores the mutation / radicalization of a Chechen nationalist movement into an al-Qaeda / Wahabbist jihad.

    More than anything, it goes into the mindset of the perps. One-way trip to inflict maximum hell on the people you have been programed to hate. No political objective, just death and destruction. Echoes of this are all over Mumbai.

    If this thing with the cash for the attacks coming from British mosques plays out, it'll be gross watching the Brits twist in the wind as they make apologies for the madmen in their midsts to preserve the veneer of false security in the name of multiculturalism. Dumbasses.

    As for the perps of this latest, greatest hit in the name of the prophet (PBUH), it would be nice if they got Western Justice. And I'm not talking about the Ramsey Clark West. I'm talking the Pat Garrett West.

    A little hangin' followed by placing the deceased's body on a hill, covering it with pig entrails and leaving it for the coyotes, vultures and rats to feast.

  21. I can understand why Azam Amir Kasav has lost his appetite. The drugs have worn off. How else could he stay up an kill nonstop?

  22. I think it would be the height of naivete to think that foreign expat money does not find its way into the hands of terrorists but let's see how far the denials go.

    From the Guardian:
    However, despite initial claims, it became increasingly certain that there was no involvement of British-based fundamentalists. Police forces across the UK denied they were investigating named individuals and Gordon Brown said there was no evidence linking any of the terrorist to the UK.

  23. The Telegraph is reporting that Russian hackers were behind last weeks cyber attacks on the Pentagon.

  24. Islamists see the "Invasion of Bombay" as their victory. In their websites yesterday, many called it "Clear Victory" (Fath al-mobeen), a term used to designate the Prophet's earliest victories.
    The Jihadists have reason to feel triumphant.
    They showed that they were still capable of hitting hard and on a grand scale, continuing the chain of their "triumphs" in New York, Madrid and London. They showed that they are able to change tactics and adapt to new circumstances. They made a mockery of the much advertised "counter-terrorism cooperation" between Washington and New Delhi by showing that Indians were not any safer as a result of their government's alliance with the American " Great Satan".

    Read more

  25. Whit, there's been a lot of meetings canceled at the ol' Naval Undersea Warfare Center because people can't take their Powerpoint shows around on thumb drives anymore. That means people have to actually, you know, do their work rather than sit there looking at charts that mean nothing.

  26. The BBC has still not opened a commentary thread about the Bombay attacks.

    BBC Have your say

  27. You can pick your own list of vulnerable cities.

    I doubt I will be staying in an Intercontinental Hotel in the near future. I would pick good small hotels with small tight entrances. Stay out of the large name restaurants. Forget visiting pyramids, buy a video, avoid crowds of tourists.

    Some countries are far safer than others. I doubt this could happen in China, but curiously, on my last trip to China, the Chinese businessman in the room next to mine, had two armed body guards outside his door 24/7.

  28. Surely, by now, they could determine whether those dastardly Chinese has altered the USB drives.

  29. The BBC is a gutless pathetic shill for the hard doctrinaire left. However, I do not think the last shoe has fallen on this incident. That last terrorist will talk. He probably wishes he was being water-boarded, but if the reports on training camps in Pakistan are correct, India will have to make a response.

  30. Boy, whit, we better hope we never go to war with China, we probably get all our avionics from there now too.

  31. Please, oh please. Let the muzzies hit China. Not because I hate the chinese, mind you(I'm ethnic chinese myself, and partial to my heritage).

    I just want to see what China's reaction would be. Which is likely to be quite underhandedly spectacular.

  32. Roger that wobbly. The Chinese police will fire back.

  33. Wobbly, it's always our pleasure when you "stop by" our humble establishment.

  34. Blix blather
    Thomas Lifson
    Words fail me. "idiocy" won't do, and neither will "myopia." "Perhaps "willful blindness"?

    Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector in Iraq has put himself on record pooh-poohing the danger of proliferating nuclear weapons in the hands of Arab states. In an interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's most prestigious newspaper, he goes on record stating:

    "Everything involves risks, including atomic energy. But in the long run I'm more worried about global warming than about weapons of mass destruction."

  35. Kewl Mag:

  36. Brothers shall fight and fell each other,
    And sister's sons shall kinship stain;
    Hard is it on earth, with mighty whoredom;
    Ax-time, sword time, shields are sundered,
    Wind-time, wolf-time, ere the world falls;
    Nor ever shall men each other spare.

    Poetic Edda

    Othin shall advance against the wolf, Thor against the serpent, Tyr against the dog--the worst monster of all--and Freyr against Surt, the man of flame. Thor shall slay the serpent, stride ten paces from that spot, and because of the venom blown, fall dead to the earth. Othin shall be swallowed by the wolf, and thereafter Vedarr, setting one foot upon the lower jaw, shall take the upper jaw of the wolf in his hand and tear asunder the gullet. Loki shall slay Heindallr and be slain by him. Surt shall cast fire over the earth and burn all the world.

    Joseph Campbell "The Hero With A Thousand Faces"

    The sun turns black, earth sinks in the sea,
    The hot stars down from heaven are whirled;
    Fierce grows the steam and the life-feeding flame,
    Till fire leaps high about heaven itself.

    Now Garm howls loud before Gnipahellir,
    The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free;
    Much do I know, and more can see
    Of the fate of the gods, the mighty in fight.

    Poetic Edda

    The damned muzzies live in this kind of attitude continually. Always wanting to bring about the end of the world, or take Paradise by force, or some other awful thing.

  37. Whit, the lawyers gotta eat:)

    We had a Supreme Court Justice awhile back, who thought rocks should have rights. I'll go look his name up.

  38. Trees Have Standing

    In the landmark environmental law case, Sierra Club v. Morton, 405 U.S. 727 (1972), Justice Douglas famously, and most colorfully argued that "inanimate objects" should have standing to sue in court:

    The critical question of "standing" would be simplified and also put neatly in focus if we fashioned a federal rule that allowed environmental issues to be litigated before federal agencies or federal courts in the name of the inanimate object about to be despoiled, defaced, or invaded by roads and bulldozers and where injury is the subject of public outrage. Contemporary public concern for protecting nature's ecological equilibrium should lead to the conferral of standing upon environmental objects to sue for their own preservation. This suit would therefore be more properly labeled as Mineral King v. Morton.

    William O. Douglas

    He had a woman towards the end half his age, and a cabin up in the Cascades somewheres.

  39. In the United States Supreme Court, Docket #9438757339,

    Rush Creek vs. All American Hikers and Fishermen

    Accepted for Certiorari, November 30, 2008

  40. the lawyers gotta eat:)

    Lawyers will eat regardless. This is about putting some checks on the Corporate State, about reclaiming local democratic rights stolen by the Corporate mafia and their Corruptokrats.

    Unwelcome Guests: #408
    - Power, Democracy and Deadly Law Segment: 2

  41. Before I support genocide of the islamic peoples...

    We should TAKE ALL DEAD BODIES OF THE TERRORISTS and stitch them into pig skins and feed them to the sharks...

    Let's try that for a while

    If that doesnt work...

    NUKE their big black rock...

    THEN if they still wish to wage war...

    make glass...

  42. Mat, for the record, I'm against an International Environmental Court.

    I'm for sane conservation. Locally done, if possible. With maybe some guidance from the local universities.

  43. I'm for sane conservation.

    That's not going to happen with the present tort system.

    Local councils and municipalities have zero power against the Corporate mafia, and when local citizenry tries to fight the Corporates they get sued by the State Attorney General who works on behest of the Corporates.

    You really should listen to this. It will open some eyes:

  44. Bobal, next time you go from Yakima to Seattle up the American River you're going through the William O. Douglas Wilderness which looks like this. Even righties in Washington are greener'n Kermit the Frog, and we loved Wild Bill who served for almost 37 years on the SCOTUS. He said, "The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of the people."

  45. Mrs. Redinger, I didn't realize William O. Douglas grew up in Yakima, till I looked the article over just now. Yup, it's purtie country up that way.

  46. Whit, you were so on target with that 'they'll use global warming for control' argument.

    I notice in the article it isn't global warming any more but the threat of climate 'change'.

    And Obama and the democrats will probably buy into this nonsense.

    The climate is changing here, right now. Winter is acomin' in.

    I want it stopped, now!

  47. The climate is changing here, right now.

    They say that soon you'll be able to see arctic summers without snow cover in the arctic.

    In Haifa, beach erosion is real. I'd say we lost about 20m of shoreline in the past 10 years due to beach erosion. Whatever the cause, the effect is real and measurable.

  48. I was going to ask, what's the cause of that beach erosion?

    Can't be the sea, Obama has calmed that.

  49. I was going to ask, what's the cause of that beach erosion?

    Sand going elsewhere. :)

  50. Dang, I shoulda thought of that.

  51. :)

    Usually that happens with some construction interrupting natural currents. But as far as I know, there's nothing that can be attributed to that. My guess is that winter storms have become more violent over the past years, and are overwhelming the natural flow and fill rate of the sand banks.

  52. You meant to say you are telling me Obama hasn't calmed the sea?


  53. Beautiful music podcats.. calm the seas :)

  54. Mətušélaḥ said...
    I get so angry over these type of incidents I just fill with uncontrollable rage.

    You should seek professional help!

    To further fuel your paranoia about the corporate mafiosa running the US military industrial complex you'll love this NYTimes article

  55. You should seek professional help!

    Not at all. I'm just fine. It's nothing but a natural reaction. In fact, it is those that are emotionally numb and don't have such feelings, that should seek help.

  56. A natural reaction that leads to the desire for "Muslims should all be hunted down and killed to last one, Man woman and child. I would spare no one. No one."??? riiiiiight! Luckily you are such a coward that you'd never act on your impulses. Muslims are all around you and yet you've not killed one.

  57. In many ways, the failure of the Police Force to do it's job is the most disturbing element of this.

    India could turn into a real mess.

    Then a part of me says, "Good, takes the heat off us."

    We're, ALL, Sonsabitches, sometimes.

  58. Luckily you are such a coward that you'd never act on your impulses. Muslims are all around you and yet you've not killed one.

    Their luck is bound to run out some day. So is yours.

  59. Pirates MO for locating supertanker 450 miles offshore - turns out its not very difficult at all, thanks to modern technology. Cheap, too.

    See these links (h/t to instapundit, i think!)

    Note: for anyone using Firefox as their browser, this add on makes it SO EASY to load these links - once installed and configured, you simply click on them! One of my favorite productivity enhancers!

  60. Ash: Luckily you are such a coward that you'd never act on your impulses. Muslims are all around you and yet you've not killed one.

    And over on the BC they're actually calling for the terrorists to hit Berkeley. That's not a giant commune, that's a US city with 100,000 men, women, and children. It looks like any other place on the West Coast, with parks, churches, schools, and shops. But it has a university with students who don't fit the BC profile, so Nahncee says, "I would love to see an attack like this go down in Berkeley." and her retinue of supporters rush to defend her rather than the frikken country. And it pisses me off because I've given 24 years of my life to the Department of DEFENSE.

  61. The average wage of an Indian cop is $70 per week.

    Recall Columbine. What's ave wage for a sheriff deputy in Colo?

    The construction tractor killers in Israel. Some authorities accused of hesitation there. Citizens lauded for bravery, although some of that was hyperbolic.

    Virginia Tech. A veteran friend of my son was probably on campus that day. Can't imagine him not acting, had he been near and in possession of a gun. But guns were outlawed on campus.

    Bob's link to concealed carry laws shows Arkansas at first glance to be pretty liberal in issuing permits. But looking at the fine print, you see "churches and other places of worship" as well as all schools are restricted. I'd hope Ohio to be more sensible for WiO's sake. After checking, Ohio doesn't reveal any information, but Arkansas/Ohio are reciprocal states. Good luck there, WiO.


    What's my point?

    Many, actually. Foremost is probably that you're a fool to rely on law enforcement capability or legislative remedies. Anywhere.

    I don't have a ccw, primarily because here the local sheriff controls issuing, and justifications are case-by-case with specific threats given priority over general self defense.

    Krav maga would seem useful training, although limited when up against a baby-faced killer, high on drugs, and armed with an AK. I'd hope that, as WiO has noted, all synagogues, Jewish community centers, and schools/day care facilities have obtained site specific security waivers from the insane legal restrictions. Recall the San Francisco rampage of couple years ago. Seattle, also.

  62. You guys are kinda funny. Here the conversation is about life and death, carrying a weapon, one that no one in the normal course of events would know you had on your person. And yet worry about conceal carry regulations.

    If you think you need the weapon, carry it. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6

  63. Ruby, from the limited reading I have on Nahncee, she is not to be taken seriously.

  64. Yes, Deuce, and I actually should thank her for the opportunity to paint myself as the patriotic one and her clique as the traitors who are giving terrorists a target list.

  65. It's all about being "real" Ms R.

    Real Americans wouldn't advocate for terrorist target preferences within the United States.

    Or Mexico nor Canada

  66. Australia, UK, US and Canada have set up hotlines for missing relatives, friends and luggage. Most countries had put out alerts after the blasts but as is usually the case, the alerts were localised, restricting travel
    advice to Mumbai.

    In this case, however, both countries have extended the advisory to the rest of the country.

    According to the travel industry, alerts have an immediate and negative impact on tourism and business travel. While business travel will pick up slowly - despite the recession - leisure travel is a major casualty.

    Advisories Hit Tourism

  67. Ohio is ok about the ccp..

    If i choose to, all i need to do to be legal is to get verbal permission from our Rabbi...

    Not sure how I will proceed...

    I can, by Ohio law, without a carry permit, have it in a lock box in the trunk..

    the funny thing is an ex-special forces marine that shares in our cub pack warns that if you have a ccp and actually use it, be prepared for a 100k lawsuit by the perp's family...

    I guess he doesnt get the point, i dont care at that point if I have to pull it and use it about 100k to keep my friends, family and place of worship safe...

    also by NOT being ccp trained I have a better chance of using it and emptying the 15 bullets into the perp and not stopping after 3...

    i do believe in the concept of confirming the kill...

    i'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

  68. Texas is one of six states — along with New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina — in which handguns can't be worn in plain view. The other 44 states, in the parlance of gun advocates, are known as "open-carry" states.

    Ralph Carroll, 48, said he views an open-carry law as another way for him to protect his three children. He said fears about increased gun violence after the passage of Texas' concealed-carry law haven't happened.

    "I just simply want to ensure I have self-protection if the need arises," said Carroll, who lives in Van Zandt County. "The same reason I wear my seat belt, carry a spare tire and have a working fire extinguisher."

    Carry Guns

  69. i do believe in the concept of confirming the kill...

    i'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

    That's why my old Winchester pump gun is loaded with #3-buck loads, 20 of those marbles within 10 yards, center-of-mass. No birdshot load to the knees.

    My shells make a nice racket crashing through the oak tree tops in the dead of night when a little deterrent is needed. That's happened once when the local meth freak put a ladder up to my daughter's bedroom window, and then taunted me from the darkness when I ran him off. The sheriff knew right where to go when he arrived. 45 minutes later.

  70. What about this idea that a city within a state can have a different law than the state? In Moscow, they wanted to monkey around a bit, but gave up, after the city attorney advised them that state law wouldn't allow them to do wantever it was they wanted to do--can't recall what it was, some little restriction.

    But I notice deuce said something about Philadelphia and 'cities of the first order'.

    Can cities actually have laws different than their state laws? Or does that depend on the state law in question?

    Gets confusing.

  71. I don't know, Bob. Not being apt to live in a city any time soon.

    But you've no doubt heard of Mayor Gavin's restrictions in San Francisco, and I think Chicago has similar laws. It seems they do what they want as long as they can get away with it.

    Not all city cops are inclined to bust you, if the circumstances are in your favor. I know that from a neighbor's experience.

    But then, I also know of an octogenarian who was stopped by deputies for speeding (as he was returning to his mountain home after dancing one night down in the bright lights). They found a little 22 six-shooter under his truck seat, and threw the book at him. Nicest old fella you'd ever meet. Can't imagine him giving the deputies any sass. He told me he lost his pistol.

  72. The only gunman captured after a 60-hour terrorist siege of Mumbai said he belonged to a Pakistani militant group with links to the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, a senior police officer said Sunday. The gunman was one of 10 who paralyzed the city in an attack that killed at least 174 people and revealed the weakness of India's security apparatus.

    India's top law enforcement official resigned, bowing to growing criticism that the attackers appeared better trained, better coordinated and better armed than police.

    Top News

  73. rufus said...

    In many ways, the failure of the Police Force to do it's job is the most disturbing element of this.

    India could turn into a real mess.

    Chances are it is poor training Rufus.

    A common meme in all of these attacks is for the victims / participants to be thinking "I can't believe this is happening" and thus doing nothing out of disbelief.

    Such is the reason for the boom in force-on-force and active shooter training here in US. No more Columbines and no Beslans allowed. Our guys are being taught to run to the guns and engage as quickly as possible to reduce the tangos' ability to rack up a body count worthy of news.

    If you're going to be packing in an urban environment, get some training.

    EAG Tactical / Pat Rogers
    Larry Vickers
    Viking tactics

    The instructors at these outfits, fine men all. No bullshit guys that have seen the dragon.

    CCW is a nice start. Get your mind and your muscle memory tuned in and you can be a big help.

    Check out Dave Grossman's books too, On Combat and On Killing. Good stuff when it comes to things like Mumbai.

    Take care, barmates, please don't blow your balls off when packing or be the next Plaxico Burress when you carry. Makes us all look bad.

  74. That's what I want to know--if I'm driving back to Ohio through half a dozen states--I don't even know where to keep the gun--in the trunk, on the seat, in the glove box? And if I drive through Chicago or Philadelphia, can I have one at all? Not that those considerations stopped me last time.

    I like that "Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6" :) Catchy and memorable.

  75. Here's a story I've always enjoyed.

    Back in the 80's a bandit pulled a gun in a crowed bar down in Clovis, and tried to shake down the bartender and the patrons. Somebody in the crowd was carrying. Shot the fucker.

    Now here my memory gets a little hazy, but I think the good samaritan just pocketed his piece, and faded into the darkness in the confusion. I might be embellishing that part though. You know about my memory.

    Fresno and its environs seem to have a colorful history of such shootings. Even wedding parties are involved, but knives often seem to be the weapons of choice there.

  76. That's what I want to know--if I'm driving back to Ohio through half a dozen states--I don't even know where to keep the gun--

    Bob, if you go back to your link with the carry map, I think you'll find some advice about travelling. I recall seeing a map just for that as I was browsing.

  77. n a private telephone conversation apparently recorded by Venezuelan intelligence agents, Carlos Galvis called the opposition's gains "very good news." The recording was then broadcast on state television by talk show host Alberto Noria.

    Chavez urged Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to recall Galvis. "If not, I'll expel him," he warned.

    Months of sniping between Caracas and Bogota threatened trade and unleashed a diplomatic crisis earlier this year, when Colombian officials accused Venezuela's government of supporting leftist Colombian guerrillas. But ties between the United States' top critic and top ally had improved in recent months.

    Govern Through '19

  78. Thankfully Paxico was a poor shot.

  79. Soon we will hear the rhetoric from our leaders. That is easy for them to produce.

    Facing down the enemy is something else.

    India is going to have to wake up. We don't want to talk about resilience any more, we have had enough.

    Very Angry

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  81. I wrote a little bit about a superior response by a city to an armed band here.

    Too bad more cities were not like Northfield, Minnesota, circa 1876; there would probably not be so many terrorists walking around with impunity!

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