“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, November 03, 2008

McCain is the Better Man. May the Better Man Win.

I can understand the blacks lining up to vote for Obama because he is black.

I can understand the students who want to get an education for free voting for Obama.

I can understand those that pay no taxes, wanting a free government check, voting for Obama.

I can understand those who scam the system and get their health care for free by showing up in emergency wards voting for Obama.

I can understand those that send their children to tuition free public schools and pay no real estate taxes voting for Obama.

I can understand socialists, marxists and left wing ideologues voting for Obama.

I can understand those who never were and never will be in the military voting for Obama.

I can understand the self loathing and the losers and victims of society voting for Obama.

I can understand the anti-Christians voting for Obama.

I can understand all those things, but I cannot understand   working and middle class Americans, who are none of the above,  joining Obama. 

If there are a majority of Americans who want to join the losers and takers, then I will accept that the America of lore and legend is gone. These things happen. It is the historic rule rather than the exception.

I will then continue to be a free man and will adapt and live my life and protect myself and my property from those that believe they can take it from me.

May the better man win.


  1. Not going to run another betting pool this election Deuce?

  2. PK, in my heart I believe there are enough good people to stop this travesty and McCain wins although my heart has been broken before.

    My brains, my wits, my experience and tenacity have served me better than my heart. If the collective will falls for this vapor, that will become increasing less a problem for me and more a problem for the misty eyed victims of the change artist.

    I have done all that I can here for now.

  3. Think about how refreshing it will be to have a tax and spend liberal in the WH as opposed to a tax and spend conservative. The daily burden of defending the latter will be lifted and Republicans can go back to excoriating big government.

    Foreign adventurism, ditto.

    Executive power, ditto.

    Republicans will rediscover their scruples, lost in one very long night of thoughtless abandon. What *were* they thinking?

    No, just kidding. THAT is the Republican Party of myth and lore.

  4. People are sick of Republicans.

    Hell, I'm a Republican, and I'm Sick of Republicans.

    McCain reminds me of a mean-spirited Herbert Hoover. The Cluelessness, without the charm.

    A whole lot of those people that spend 7, or 8 hours in those emergency rooms have no choice, in that they Can't Get Health Insurance due to pre-existing illnesses or insufficient income.

    McCain has voted against every bill designed to help transition us off of foreign oil.

    McCain led the charge to open our borders, and Citizenship, up to anyone who wants to walk across.

    McCain anklebit Bush for 8 long years, and possibly enhanced the morale of our terrorist enemies in the process.

    McCain railed against the idea of getting a little water in Terrorists' noses even at the possible expense of thousands of American lives.

    McCain is as big, if not bigger, a "Global-Warming" idiot as any Democrat alive.

    McCain voted against Bush's Tax Cuts on "Fairness" concerns.

    Bah, if we lose this one we'll survive, and come back in a few years with a Real Republican> Candidate. In the meantime, I'm going to go buy a case of Bud Light, and a bottle of Crown.

    Pass the Popcorn.

  5. More than likely, I will live overseas again. The life of an expat is interesting. You do not become part of anything. You are ever the observer and stand outside of the drama that infects the times.

    I was declared persona non grata by the Greek colonels in December 1967, because I played bridge with a very unfortunate Greek Air Force Colonel and given 48 hours to leave my post in Larissa, and was reassigned to Cambridge England.

    I got caught up in the student nonsense in France in May 1968 when the Left almost destroyed the French. From there it was two years in Germany, a time when the Germans worked like Germans feared and the loathed the Soviets and respected and loathed the Americans.

    Then Aviano and the dolce vita of Northern Italy. the Italians were expert of staying on the right side of the state while taking care of business

    This is an opportunity to draw fresh. Taking care of business.

    I have become too drawn in, too affected. I forgot the lesson of my distant past when someone said and rufus reminds us 'it don't mean nothing."

  6. "People are sick of Republicans."

    Exactly so, rufus.

    The GOP is getting its clock cleaned because Americans in majority have determined that Leviathan needs new management.

    The world will continue to turn; the sun will keep on rising. Life goes on.

    Oh bla dee
    Oh bla da
    Life goes oooooo-on
    Oh my darling life goes on...

  7. "More than likely, I will live overseas again. The life of an expat is interesting. You do not become part of anything. You are ever the observer and stand outside of the drama that infects the times."

    Man, I wish I had written that.

    It's called "third culture," dear host. And there are a lot of us that appreciate it for exactly that.

  8. Or, you can just move to Mississippi.


  9. This one is funny. And true.


    I don't think the dems win this one this time.

    If anything, Obama is going to get swamped.

    This will clue the dems that they have to change from the radical liberals because their guy couldn't win with an unpopular war and a bad economy at their backs.

    Republicans need to know that they too, as they are currently configured, are on life support.

    And it will be a full time job once McCain is in power-- to keep him from doing really stupid self destructive stuff.

  10. Did the Biloxi blues, when the richest man in Harrison County was the sheriff.

    Had a girl from Hattisburg.
    Drank too much pearl beer.
    Did pt in combat boots watching the passenger trains fly past the base heading east.

    Biloxi never saw a day that could not melt a starched uniform.

  11. My daughter dressed as Uncle Sam for Halloween. She carried a ballot box.

    You could choose one: FUBAR or SNAFU.

  12. My son dressed as a talib terrorist.

    God bless the administration of THAT school.

  13. The US is looking more and more like Imperial Rome, its unemployed mob dependent on the Imperial welfare state, and the labor and loot from abroad. How long will the USD survive on this trajectory, I don't think it can be very long.

  14. We need some of Trish's Bogatarian pura vida.

  15. Our kind of guy:

    Marine vet at Russell rally: Murtha a 'fat little bastard'

    By ALEX ROARTY, Reporter
    NEW STANTON -- Republican congressional candidate Bill Russell's rally on Sunday featured several Iraq war veterans vehemently criticizing U.S. Rep. John Murtha (D-Johnstown), who they say betrayed them when he said troops in Iraq killed innocent civilians in Haditha "in cold blood."

    Those remarks sparked Russell to run against Murtha and have been a theme of his campaign ever since.

  16. To loath is to be alive. I can hardly wait to hear the chuffed voice from that big mouth and those purple lips.

    Smug self satisfaction under the gleam of the lovely Michelle.

  17. Our Unemployed Mob. All 6.1% of them. Most countries on Earth would commit to the devil for a 6.1% "unemployed mob."

    $14 TRILLION GDP. Almost Triple any other country on the Globe.

    Less than 4 hrs worked per week to pay for food.

    Watching the Tennessee Titans kick ass on Sunday.

    The Greatest Universities. The Greatest Teaching Hospitals. Silicon Valley. Hollywood. Crop yields the Europeans can only marvel at.

    Missiles that shoot ICBMs out of Space. Warplanes invisible to Radar.

    The Tennessee Titans.

    American Idol, Survivor, House

    The Big 12

    The country that replaced 8% of it's gasoline with ethanol in a couple of years, almost as an afterthought.

    The Tennessee Titans

    County fairs, fried snickers

    Walmart, Nuclear Carrier Groups

    The Elephant Bar

    And, you're worried about one skinny, black socialist?

    Did I mention the "Tennessee Titans?"

  18. $14 TRILLION GDP

    What does that mean, Rufus? Multi trillion dollar deficit spending subsiding the oil car military mafia? $2 trillion a year spent on producing nothing? This is an unsustainable economic model. And it's going to crash if things don't change.

  19. I understand those excommunists in Russia, and E Europe had a special affinity for this song. We may learn why. Like a Rolling Stone

    As you look into the vacuum of his eyes

    you realize he's not selling any alibis

    Do you want to "Make a Deal"

    How does it Feel?

  20. The Greatest Universities. The Greatest Teaching Hospitals. Silicon Valley. Hollywood. Crop yields the Europeans can only marvel at.

    That's all good and great. And all worthless when your currency crashes. Which is where you're heading.

  21. Did I mention the United States Marine Corps?

    Ah, don't fall into that "some GDP is better than other GDP," trap, Mat.

    GDP is people selling other people What they want to Buy.

    We love cars, and we love the stuff that makes them go (gas, diesel, ethanol, etc.)

    We love to spend money on the Navy, and Marines cause they keep the oil flowing that makes'em go. We love spending money on the Army (cause the Marines can't be "everywhere.") And, we love spending money on the Air Force because . . . . . well, somebody has to play golf, and fly around looking cool.

    And, it makes no difference, whatsoever, whether it's bought on Credit, or for Cash. In fact, "Credit" is the lifeblood of civilized society, and capitalism. Without it, we're just 1970's Russians.

  22. The "Currency" can't crash, Mat, until people quit believing in it. And, they can't quit believing in it until they quit "Believing" in the United States.

    And, when the shit hits the fan the rest of the world runs Toward the U.S.A. and the Dollar, Mat, not away from it.

  23. Rufus,

    I'm not an economist and I don't pretend to be one, but even an economic simpleton such as meself can discern a vacuous ponzi scheme when I see one.

  24. The "Currency" can't crash, Mat, until people quit believing in it.

    Tell that to the pretty Icelandic girls.

  25. Mat, all sufficiently advanced technology looks like Magic, and all advanced economic systems Are Ponzi schemes. They're Vaporware. It Don't make'm bad. It's just what they are.

    In the end, they work, because, unlike ol Ponz, we've built these schemes on the back of exponentially-expanding technologies. Thus, ever-expanding productivity.

    Ignore the poseurs on the internet; the stats you get from the Government really are accurate, and Bernanke really does know what he's doing.

    This would have all come crashing down, anyway, had it not been for amazing cooperation between the U.S. and Europe. Absolutely, the first time in History for this level of Positive Coordinated Response. There's hope for us, yet.

  26. That's the point, Mat. Size Matters. Iceland is itty-bitty small. Perfect sacrifice material.

    They'll be alright, anyway. We'll slip in the back door and loan'em some money; and, the girls will still be about the prettiest things on earth.

  27. My music-finder is broken. I need a beer.

  28. What's the favorite in Mississippi?

  29. In the end, they work, because, unlike ol Ponz, we've built these schemes on the back of exponentially-expanding technologies. Thus, ever-expanding productivity.

    That might be true, but it doesn't apply here. You're not selling expanding productivity, you're selling printed paper and IOUs. And there's less and less productivity in reserve to back it up that paper, because your energy and labor costs are thru the roof.

  30. I fail to believe you're all a bunch of Bud Lite drinkers.

  31. ..less and less productivity in reserve to back up that paper..

  32. I've got some ancestors on my father's side that've been here for twelve, thirteen thousand years; and, I'm not sure, exactly, how they'd view this song. But, it seems appropriate, today, somehow.

    Remember, this guy was a stone Communist, but I think it's good we had him. This Land is Your Land

    I'll see if I can find it sung in "Cherokee."

  33. What's the favorite in Mississippi?

    Bud Light.

  34. Well, then, cat vomit, I will buy.

  35. Mark Hollis and Joel Marino | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    November 3, 2008

    A record-shattering 4.2 million Floridians already have voted by casting absentee ballots or going to polls early, including thousands who stood in lines for hours across South Florida on Sunday.

    Fourteen days of early voting finished with spectacular displays of patience by voters and poll workers alike.

    What was to be a few hours of last-minute early voting splurged into a daylong drama, particularly in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, where voters endured rain showers, heat and hunger in lines that snaked around parking lots and city blocks.

    County election workers, who had planned for a big day, were surprised by the turnout. Dozens of people lined up at voting sites before dawn, and hundreds more stayed past dusk, hours after polls closed — except to intrepid voters already standing in line.

    The statewide result: 2.5 million early voters over two weeks, with half of them Democrats and nearly a third Republicans.

    Meanwhile, almost 1.7 million absentee ballots have been returned, with Republicans and independents making up about two-thirds.
    Rosen was part of what one Broward County election official called "a record event." By Saturday the office counted 314,134 votes, including absentee ballots.

    "The early voting numbers already exceeded our expectations before the end of the weekend," said Mary Cooney, director of public services in the Broward Supervisor of Elections office. A total of 800,000 registered Broward voters are expected to participate through Tuesday.
    In Florida, the number of new registered voters (about 1 million this year) is so high, and the expected total turnout (80 percent or more of the 11.2 million registered voters) is so great, that election analysts say Tuesday's voting traffic will be heavy

  36. I was hoping to find the original Pete Seeger, but this'll have to do. Turn Turn Turn

  37. And, I will Drink.

  38. Look at that smart ass, on Drudge.

    Five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton gets you that.

  39. Smart Ass

    The man that would kill babies born alive.

  40. Rufus, did I ever mention Kennewick Man?

    Some of us Caucoids seem to have been wandering around here long ago too, but no one can figure out exactly what the deal was, or who exactly he was related to. This one ended up with a Cascade point in his ass:)

    Kennewick Man

    I, of course, maintain he was an early Swede.

  41. let's see he shoots the bird at hillary...

    he now shoots it at...


    can we say...


  42. I can.

    I can also say ass hole.

    Why anyone would want to join the military if he's in charge is beyond me. There will be openings in the national security force however.

    The nation is going to pay for this.

  43. I think it comes under general expendables.

  44. Some of us have been here for a long time. I'm afraid when you all return it it's going to be a little worse for the wear. The People

  45. That's beautiful, Rufus. Great message at the end too.

  46. 2164th,

    Thank You for this, the Elephant Bar.

    Thank you so much to all who have stepped up, for the discussion, impassioned argument, good humour and informative links.

    I used to read newspapers, listen to radio and watch a little television.

    And I wondered about this disconnect between the torrent of negativity that appeared in the media and was spoken amongst so many about the United States of America.

    Yet the words didn't match the reality of USA achievements.

    Now, after spending time here and following your links, I think I get it, the idea upon which the United States of America was founded.

    Wow !!! I Love it !!!

    How fortunate you all are!

    And how grateful we should be that there is a USA.

    Thank you again, to everyone here. People have put in an inordinate amount of time and I for one very much appreciate what you have achieved.

    Can I just ask, how many here had a state education from the 1970's on?

    It is back to school for me, I wear "the brand of a 70's education" and it stinks!

    2164th, hope you all can take a (short ;) ) break after this election.

    Again, a huge "Thank You" to the Elephant Bar


    ps Australians know ALL there is to know about the "third culture".