“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama on personal responsibility. Do as I say, not as I do.


  1. Sharing the Wealth, courtesy of the Redistributor in Cheif.

  2. I'm writing in Noonan/Parker.
    An all-blonde ticket will bring

  3. Support Public Housing for Undocumented Residents related to the Next President.

    (Redistributive Change)
    ...share the Wealth.

  4. Obama? A self absorbed, wannabe messiah who just happens to be a cocksucker

  5. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

    OBAMA: I think we can say that, uh, uh, the Constitution reflected an enormous blind spot in this culture that carries on until this day and -- and, uh, -- and, uh, that the framers had that same blind spot. I -- I don't think the two viewers are contradictory, to say that it was a remarkable political document that paved the way for where we are now and to say that, uh, it also, uh, reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.

    OBAMA: If you look at the victories and failures of the civil rights movement and its litigation strategy in the court, I think where it succeeded was to invest formal rights in previously dispossessed peoples so that, uh, I would now have the right to vote, I would now be able to sit at the lunch counter and order and -- and as long as I could pay for it I'd be okay. But the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society.

    OBAMA: As radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical.
    It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it has been interpreted -- and Warren Court interpreted it in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.

    It says what the states can't do to you, says what the federal government can't do to you.
    But it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

    And that hasn't shifted, and one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court-focused, uh, I think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change.

    And, uh, in some ways we still suffer from that.

  6. We cannot repeat that enough.

  7. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

    The long-running conservative feud. With themselves.

  8. Cocksucker, I mean.

    We cannot repeat that enough.

  9. Does that trump Doug's "traitor"?

  10. You remember how I've moaned about those turds at KGO? And how I noticed Karel the Gay's inner beast was showing? How he wanted to cleanse the nation of Mormons?

    Well, listen to This

    "I want Joe the Plumber dead."

    One thing I'll be watching tomorrow is to see if San Francisco passes that ordinance that will in effect allow child prostitution.

  11. Life is one giant fucking outrage and endless march for the cause. Whatever that is.

    Welcome to perpetual petulance, sweethearts. You have joined those you hated.

  12. Cocksucker is a fairly powerful word. To draw someone out in a fight or get the satisfaction of watching him punk out, call him a cocksucker.

    What is the alternative to perpetual petulance when ignored transgressions usually come back at you super-sized?

    Hating may be a state of affairs, but it is not a fraternity.

  13. Personally I think it is a shame that no one really got into it with Obama. Had they, and he came back well, I would have found him more believable. He has no passion. A dangerous indifference to attack is no virtue.

  14. If (when) Obama gets elected, it will truly be the biggest flim-flam, the biggest scam ever pulled on this country. Shame on us.

    Unfortunately, I will not be living abroad, but instead, right here in Texas, in a complete state of denial. He will never be my President.

  15. There's been an explosion of interest on politically oriented Web sites this fall. The Huffington Post, for example, jumped from 792,000 unique visitors in September 2007 to 4.5 million this September. went from 113,000 to 732,000, and from 32,000 to 458,000.

    Interest in the campaign has been extraordinary, with three political speeches at the Republican and Democratic national convention each getting more than 40 million viewers. The vice presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden had 70 million viewers, second only to the Carter-Reagan presidential debate as the most-watched political debate on American television, Nielsen said.

    Election Viewing

  16. As for me, I'll do a little more gardening, and go more heavily back to the books.

    By the way, "Saving Paradise" is a good book, it's got my recommend.

    The squirrels are really working over the sunflower plants, this year.

  17. The Pennsylvania Republican Party was running ads reminding voters of Obama's relationship with his incendiary former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama severed ties with Wright after videotapes surfaced showing the pastor making anti-American statements from the pulpit of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama worshipped for 20 years.

    McCain has refused to make Wright a campaign issue but the Pennsylvania GOP said it spoke to Obama's character and judgment.

    "Do we want the next President of the United States to have spent years listening to hateful rhetoric without having the good judgment to walk out?" the committee said in a statement on its Web site.

    Closing Day

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  19. I'm just going to get drunk. I'm starting tonight. I'll be "drinking and voting." Do friends let friends "vote drunk?"

  20. These are the times that try men's souls. The summertime soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. —Thomas Paine

  21. Rufus, think about Wednesday! :)

  22. I'm gettin Drunk. - Rufus

  23. I'll just be getting a running start on four long, miserable years, Bob.

    This term could be tough on the old liver.

  24. As the votes come marching in, we'll see what we will see.

    But then we'll also see who the patriots are. Who stands by the constitution, even as it's shredded.

    Who will be feeling, deep in their souls that God has damned the United States.

    While praying that he should bless America and Americans, of course. The real, right thinking Americans.

    Or will it be the Wright thinking America that will be recieving the blessings?

    Gotta keep those compassionate points of light, burning.

  25. I have my doubts about this--

    We may look back and think George wasn't all that bad.

  26. I suppose the first revolution was in fact a civil war. Englishman against Englishmen, loyalist against colonialist, each drawing American blood with French, German, English, Delawares. Hurons, Africans and Iroquois on each side.

    The war was over loyalty to the crown or a new idea of governance. State rights against sovereign rights newly established in place of royal rights. That war ebbed but revisited when federal rights usurped states rights.

    Now new rights are being claimed by those with less against those with more. The government by the people and for the people seems more like government for the government in favor of one people over another.

    Where does one loyalties lie?

    To a document ignored and twisted and perverted so that undeclared rights appear and others disappear at the whim of lawfully placed tyrants in black robes? A document claimed to be living, although the document itself says no such thing.

    Those that claim to speak for the Constitution say it is there, even if unseen. They speak with the force of government based on power and momentum, regardless of historic distortions of lesser readers but more ambitious men.

    Loyalty to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or our other masters and rulers who hold power would be unimaginable to the original men who wrote the document.

    Does one own loyalty to the constitution or to the perversion of the document?

  27. No George Bush - No Barack Obama.

  28. Even Granny died to support the cause. She will gather more votes from the dopey but sentimental shallow end of the voting pool.

  29. Truth be told, I would have preferred she had a chance to vote.

  30. Maybe granny checked out cause she couldn't stand the truth.

  31. I never pledged Allegiance to a piece of paper. I "Pledged Allegiance" to the Republic. Actually, I, also, pledged allegiance to the flag; but, I always considered that sort of an artistic construct.

    Anyway, the Constitution is a Great Document, but, it has, as we all know, had to be amended several times. That part about blacks being two-fifths of a man just wasn't going to make it. It had to be pumped up a bit with the Bill of Rights, also. Okay, I'm a bit out of synch, chronologically, and all, but you understand.

    So, my "Allegiance" is to the Republic - The Country. Well, I think the Country is getting ready to "screw up," bigtime; but she's mine, and she's all I got, so I guess I'll stick with'er.

    I knew she'd screwed up in 67' too, but I didn't throw my rifle in a rice paddy and tell'em I wanted to come home. (But, I DID get drunk the first chance I got.)

    Anyway, we'll go "vote" tomorrow; and then I think I'll attempt to "make a little lemonade." I believe I'm going to try and raise a little money for a "Biodiesel" Project. The timing seems to be propitious.

    That's the Mercun "Way," right.


  32. Bobal: The squirrels are really working over the sunflower plants, this year.

    It's time to turn over the garden for the winter, bobal.

    Doug, you can't call Obama a redistributer in chief, he's a piker when Bush is sending congress $3 trillion dollar budgets and shoveling out $840 billion dollars to bail out Wall Street banks.

    Gag Reflex: Unfortunately, I will not be living abroad, but instead, right here in Texas, in a complete state of denial. He will never be my President.

    I think that's just as pathetic when the Lefties do it. "I'm taking my ball and moving to Canada". "He will never be my President." Who cares if he's your President, which is only about making your tail wag faster, when he is the President with all the attendant power.

  33. Obama's grandmother dies of cancer

    The Ultimate November "surprise."

    ...I will read to find if someone pulled the plug out of sheer love and compassion.

  34. The Honolulu medical examiner’s office said it did not handle the case, suggesting that Dunham’s death was an “attended death” monitored by a physician.

    Hopefully, aunt Zeituni Onyango will get more than her own $264 back from the President before she casts off this mortal coil.

    ...a shame the Grandkids missed that PROMISED last meeting.

    Will Reverend Wright officiate at the funeral?

  35. Nothing Personal, of course, he would just be responsibly performing his duties for a Typical White Person.

  36. "What will defeat do to the Republicans?

    You might think, perhaps hope, that Republicans will engage in some soul-searching, that they’ll ask themselves whether and how they lost touch with the national mainstream. But my prediction is that this won’t happen any time soon.

    Instead, the Republican rump, the party that’s left after the election, will be the party that attends Sarah Palin’s rallies, where crowds chant “Vote McCain, not Hussein!” It will be the party of Saxby Chambliss, the senator from Georgia, who, observing large-scale early voting by African-Americans, warns his supporters that “the other folks are voting.” It will be the party that harbors menacing fantasies about Barack Obama’s Marxist — or was that Islamic? — roots.

    Why will the G.O.P. become more, not less, extreme? For one thing, projections suggest that this election will drive many of the remaining Republican moderates out of Congress, while leaving the hard right in place. "

  37. @Gateway, lovemissbailey said...

    " This is awesome!!! I can't help but feel like the underdog is going to score the game-winning touchdown (Monday night football, sorry). It's encouraging to see that Palin's support is far beyond what the liberal illuminati give her credit for.

    If lovemissbailey turns out to be correct, I suggest everyone celebrate by watching "The Best of Times"

  38. We ain't that stupid, Ash:
    We know damn well the threat comes from the Chicago Machine and people like 'Rat's Mr. Crown.

    ...but then, you'll probly put all effort into never exploring all those avenues paved w/dollars.

  39. Money makes the US presidency dance a grotesque tune dougo, just take a look at the Bush Admin. for verification. The revolving door of government/corporate america. I find it funny how FoxNews has Rove on and Tony Snow became Bush spokesman and that's just the highly visible media end. Cheney and Haliburton just one example at the elected end. The revolving door turns around and around.

  40. I find myself in infrequent agreement with Ash but there is something to his point on the unholy alliances of both parties to hold onto power at all cost. If there is something to be said for Obama, it is that he is about ideology.

    Perhaps if the Republicans had settled onto an ideology and fought and defended it we would not be where we are now, vulnerable to an ideology in which we disagree.

    After the election, and I still believe McCain will win, we should have some discussions about where the Republicans should go. Personally, I would prefer an end to two party rule. If that were to occur, we could have a credible conservative party.

  41. I shut down Belmont:
    The Truth was too ugly to Bear.

  42. It is absurd to think that the Republican party, if it is be a party of inclusion can still be conservative. The Republican party needs to be a conservative party and open to any and all who share those values. Honesty and consistency to core values will be more attractive to those who share core beliefs.

    let the Democrats be the feed lots for the rest.

  43. Think of the dreadful Republicans we have had in the last eight years... I am joining Rufus, but I cannot take bud lite, what's the point to that?

  44. If he ever invites me for the dinner, I'll bring my own. Funny I dreamt I was smoking a pack of Pall Malls the other night.

  45. Trish was admonishing us for fighting the truth with anger. Anger is probably a rite of passage.

  46. Hours before the election , the investigator appointed by the Alaska Personnel Board has cleared Governor Palin, concluding that "there is no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with the firing of some asshole or another.

    Shocking, truly shocking.

  47. I hate it when I make a post look like a roll of postage stamps.

  48. the way mld, drinking coffee at a County Club? Perhaps a County Club exists where they serve coffee. look for one and leave us a message.

  49. The US Dollar's gonna be worth
    1/2164 of a cent at this rate, so we can just print it out and make a whole lotta copys.

  50. I will be leaving for a couple of days.

    Please do not be misled by the polls. I honestly believe that we have a very good chance of winning tomorrow.

    I am convinced PA will go for McCain. The bar will be open. Be well.

  51. Report clears Palin in Troopergate probe

    Nov 3 09:00 PM US/Eastern


    Associated Press Writer

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A report has cleared Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of ethics violations in the firing of her public safety commissioner.
    Released Monday, the report says there is no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with the firing. The report was prepared by Timothy Petumenos, an independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board.

    It was all a bunch of political craparoo from the gitgo. But, Ash will be disappointed.

  52. Have a good'un, big guy. Don't be offended by any "drunkblogging" going on tomorrow. We'll be suitably apologetic, Wednesday.

  53. Suitably Apoplectic, unless of the strokes is fatal.

  54. lovemissbailey said...
    This is awesome!!! I can't help but feel like the underdog is going to score the game-winning touchdown (Monday night football, sorry). It's encouraging to see that Palin's support is far beyond what the liberal illuminati give her credit for.

    4:48 PM

    Doug said...
    If lovemissbailey turns out to be correct, I suggest everyone celebrate by watching "The Best of Times"

    hunterkirk said...
    (re "The Best of Times")
    Saw this in the theater in '86 and fell out of my chair laughing more than once.

    "Beirut"..."What do you know about Beirut?"..."Beirut...he's the best damn baseball player who ever lived."

    You know how it's going to end but it has a great time getting there.

    The training scenes are very funny but the best scene may be the one when Jack and Reno are attempting to watch the Falcons v. Vikings Monday Night Football game while attempting a make-up dinner with their wives.

  55. We expect souvenirs, dear host. Do *not* come back empty-handed.

  56. You won't recognize the place when you get back, Deuce, but have a good trip, anyhow.

    "the place" = USA

  57. It's going to be a crazy day tomorrow

    safe trip

  58. I've put a turd and some glass shards through the Veg-O-Matic. Who wants one?

    Get it over with. You'll feel better.

    Trust me.

  59. No bread, Doug. Knock it back quick-like.

    Trish has learned a thing or two over the years, after all.

  60. Though it'll obviously be dampened by the general unpleasantries to come, I'm certainly going to have fun skewering this bunch for however many years.

    "Catch. You're it."

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  62. Pity it's hard to imagine either party being anything worth rooting for anytime soon.

  63. If I havent said it lately...



  64. I am serving up a shitload (no pun intended) of Cocksuckers.

    I will allow the Bud Lite chaser.

  65. I have it on good authority that Obama is in Manassas this evening. Huge fucking crowd.

  66. Democrat Barack Obama enters the final lap of his presidential bid with the chance to remake the nation's electoral map, with polls showing him leading in at least a half-dozen states that President Bush carried in 2004.


    In the RealClearPolitics' average of polls on Sunday, Obama was ahead, at least slightly, in most swing states: Colorado (5.5 percentage points), New Mexico (7.3), Nevada (5.8), Virginia (3.8), Pennsylvania (7), Florida (4.2), Ohio (4.2) and North Carolina (0.3). McCain had edges in Arizona (3.5 points), Georgia (3), Montana (3.8), Missouri (0.7) and Indiana (0.5).


    The McCain camp believes late-deciding voters will turn the race around. McCain's chief pollster, Bill McInturff, predicted last week that the roughly 8 percent of undecided voters would break sharply for the GOP nominee, giving McCain a net gain of three to four percentage points.

    Electoral Map

  67. It's a pity I have principles or there'd be even more fun to be had.


    Blah blah blah, repeat to infinity.

  68. Host--Saft travels

    Trish--I'll have a double, heavy on the shards.

    Teresita--never compare me to the lefties, please. It ain't the same. BTW, I will be in Seattle all week. Where shall I take my customer to dinner? Recommendation?

  69. In a fine article on National Review Online last week, Byron York reported on a moment at a McCain rally:

    "I just gave John McCain my Purple Heart," Marine Sgt. Jack Eubanks told me a few minutes after McCain finished a speech at a campaign rally in Woodbridge, Virginia, Saturday. "I said, 'I want to give this to you, sir, as a reminder that we want you to keep your promise to bring us home in victory and honor, so it will mean something.' "


    On December 26, 1839, responding to the confident prediction of one of his political opponents "that every State in the Union will vote for Mr. Van Buren at the next Presidential election" and that Lincoln's opposition to the Van Buren forces was therefore bound to be in vain, Lincoln responded:

    Address that argument to cowards and to knaves; with the free and the brave it will effect nothing. It may be true; if it must, let it. .  .  . The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just. .  .  . Let none falter, who thinks he is right, and we may succeed. But if after all, we shall fail, be it so.

    McCain vs. the Juggernaut

  70. You could find out where Barry's mom was taken out to eat on Whidbey Island, or wherever it was, Gag:

    It soon will have great Historical Significance.

  71. Joshua said..

    Jim, heads up,

    from American Spectator, Obama campaign source said, "senior Obama aids knew his Auntie was here illegally."

    Aunt Zeituni's Protectors


    "Senior aides to Sen. Barack Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick were aware that Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, was living in the United States illegally and in a South Boston public-housing project, and were monitoring her at the request of senior Obama campaign officials, according to a current employee for Obama's key political consulting firm, AKP&D Message and Media."

    "Back in early 2007, as Obama's chief campaign strategist David Axelrod was organizing and planning the Obama campaign, he identified Obama's unique family situation -- a number of half-brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, some living overseas -- as a potential problem, says an employee for Axelrod's political consulting firm, and who has done work on the Obama campaign. "Given [Obama's] father's family history here and in Africa, David wanted the campaign to know who was who, where they lived, and what they were doing."

    "No surprises. We knew she was here illegally. We knew her income levels, but I don't think anyone from the campaign had had contact with her."

    Rest of the story tells how Axelrod arranged the deal to watch over Auntie...
    Aunt Zeituni's Protectors

  72. Geeze, the first comment was 9 HOURS AGO!


  73. In a Nov. 1 story about Barack Obama's aunt, The Associated Press reported that federal election law prohibits foreigners from making political donations. The story should have noted that the law permits green-card holders — foreigners with U.S. residence permits — to give money to campaigns.

    The aunt, Zeituni Onyango, a Kenyan living illegally in the United States, contributed $260 to Obama's campaign.

    Aunt Story

  74. Ohio Coal Association Says Obama Remarks Make It Clear: Obama ... -

    "It's evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state's voters.
    "Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation's coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to 'bankrupt' our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.
    "In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation's long-term energy security - a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty...

  75. I have to hand it to John McCain. He's got a lot of years on me, and I couldn't have kept up his pace. For a guy of 72, it's really something to be admired. And with his beat up body too. John McCain has a lot of grit.

    McCain/Palin '08

  76. Then you better git off your DEAD ASS and spread links around for him!!!

  77. FUCK!

  78. And, it seems appropriate to once more, prior to tomorrow, thank Sam for Zombies

  79. Maybe you should move to Sweden so you can be taken care of by the Nanny Motherland?

  80. :)
    Doug, you got to admit, that would be a tough run at 72. 72 and 1/2.

  81. jeez, didn't mean to make you mad...

    I've linked to everyone I know for weeks...

  82. Whit,
    I have an mp3 of Bullshit Barry's interview with the
    SF Chronicle I can send you, if you want it:

    18 mb 52 min

  83. Yeah, right:
    Tell me you've passed on all the links I've put here today.
    Join BS Barry.

    Be sure not to overstrain anything.
    ...gotta be fit for that run down to the Casino.

  84. Give up!
    McCain only spent six years in agony.
    It's only your daughter's Country.

  85. It IS my daughter's country.

    My son's. too.

  86. I'm sending them on right now.

  87. That's better!
    A Super Big Gulp for the Swede!

  88. Done. All your links, plus the entire Elephant Bar posts, with special emphasis on Obama giving the finger to everyone on earth.

  89. I'll have Chivas Regal and Mountain Dew.

  90. What about a link to the BC Thread I shut down?

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  92. More links in this one!
    SF Gate Multimedia (video)

    Obama: I'll Bankrupt Coal Industry; Your Energy Prices Will Skyrocket
    Ohio Coal Association Responds -

    RUSH: Here is Obama, this is in January of this year in an editorial board meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle.

    OBAMA: What I've said is that we would put a cap-and-trade system in place that is more -- that is as aggressive if not more aggressive than anybody else's out there, so if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.

    RUSH: He's gonna bankrupt 'em, he's got a cap-and-trade program, Algore, this is to save the planet. He's going to bankrupt 'em, by definition, they will bankrupt. But that's not, by itself, the single most damaging aspect of what he said. This is.

    OBAMA: When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, uh, you know, under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.

    RUSH: So folks, he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Now, I've never seen a presidential candidate actually admit that he wants to destroy elements of the US economy. He did, he said it, and now he wants skyrocketing gas prices. You remember when gasoline spiked up to four bucks? The only thing Obama said about it, "The only thing that bothers me is how quickly we got it up there." But he didn't do one damn thing to lower gasoline prices. He didn't care that they were that high. His only stated concern was that they got up there so quickly. Here he is, same interview with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board, January 2008.

    OBAMA: Regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I'm capping greenhouse gases, coal-powered plants, you know, natural gas, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money, they will pass that money on to consumers. If you can't persuade the American people that, yes, there's going to be some increase in electricity rates on the front end, but that over the long term because of combinations of more efficient energy usage and changing lightbulbs and more efficient appliances, but also technology improving how we can produce clean energy, that the economy will benefit. If we can't make that argument persuasively enough, you -- you can -- you can be Lyndon Johnson, you can be the master of Washington, you're not gonna get that done.

    BIDEN: We're not supporting clean coal! Guess what? China's building two every week, two dirty coal plants. And it's polluting the United States! It's causing people to die! The first guy to introduce a global warming bill was me, 22 years ago. The first guy to support solar energy is me, 26 years ago. Came out of Delaware. But guess what? China's going to burn 300 years of bad coal, once we figure out how to clean their coal up because it's going to ruin your lungs and there's nothing we can do about it. No coal plants here in America, build 'em, if they're going to build them over there, make 'em clean, because they're killing you!

    RUSH: All right, so we're going to leave the coal industry to the ChiComs, and we're going to make noises. Like the ChiComs are going to listen to us! "Hey! Hey, Hu Jintao! Clean up your coal," Biden will say. "Hey, buddy, old pal, clean up your coal.
    Stand up, Hu! Let everybody see you?"
    Oh, oh, you don't tell a communist stand up.
    Communists tell you to sit down.

  93. M. Wilcox said...
    The fallout from ACORN will be felt for years.

  94. Catholics probe aid directed to ACORN

    How Bizarre is it for the Catholic Church to send Millions to help the Candidate who favors Infanticide?

    At one time, no one would have believed...