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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ass Kissing

Some are more worthy than others.

Canada Free Press
The Republicans-in-name-only are officially dead

As is their ability to do so, Democrats will now go on a search-and-destroy mission of all things that have been a thorn in their side for all these years. They will attempt to silence talk radio, internet conservatives, Republican activists, and to a small extent, we have it coming. We have been too tolerant.

We have allowed RINOs to take over the Republican Party. Those who sought to reach out to Democrats, while a noble gesture, are the ones who brought the Barack Obama juggernaut down around us. When Bill Clinton was first elected with a Democrat house and senate, no overtures were demanded by the media, and none was offered by the left. When John McCain found media refuge in bashing his own party in 2000, he believed it was the ticket to political success. When George W. Bush was elected, his “New Tone” was not embraced, and should Rahm Emanuel become Obama’s chief of staff, no new tone will even be considered.

They will seek to crush their opposition while they have the opportunity; something we could have done in 1994 and in 2000, but Republicans listened to and obeyed the demands of our political enemy. We left them alone.

While millions of Americans took to the streets in Third World-style jubilation, celebrating the end of all things racist, sexist, homophobic, intolerant, Republicans who stayed at home last night should reflect on why they didn’t come out for John McCain and Republicans.

Our elected national leaders decided it was more important to be liked by our enemies, and took our votes for granted. Our elected leaders decided it was more important to water down our principles, spurn the base that put them in power, and reach out to those who consider us lower than Satan’s bile.

We have allowed them unfettered access to our children, and liberals have successfully spawned a new generation who voted for Obama because they were told they would see “change”. We allowed the left the room to protest conservatives, while they redefined our God-given right of dissent as “hate” and “smears”. We have allowed them to rewrite history for their political convenience, and use the very words of racism and intolerance upon those who had the nerve to oppose them.

Thankfully, we are now going to live in liberal America. While that’s reason for many of us to be concerned, it’s also a golden opportunity for another brand of change.

When most sports teams have a disastrous season, very few go without making drastic changes in personnel and direction. This is our opportunity and Republicans nationwide need demand a house cleaning of so-called leadership.

RINOs should be told, in no uncertain terms, to leave the party and become Democrats. Those who sympathize with the enemy are the enemy, and we should have no use for them. At this time when we are about to be gang raped by the Democrat Party, we should allow no place in our home for those who opened the door and let the rapists in. That means saying sayonara to the McCains, Romneys, and our turncoat senators and congressmen and women who reached out to everyone except those who put them in power.

My father said, “You have to kiss ass until you can kick it.” Sorry, but RINOs tried kissing the ass of the left and their media and look where it got us.


  1. As the recriminations over the Republicans' defeat in last week's elections continued, the deputy director of the Hoover Institution, David Brady, said the party had moved too far to the right, leaving behind a significant proportion of its supporter base, and that more would leave unless the party returned to the centre.


    "At this point the front runners would be [Mitt] Romney, Palin, [Mike] Huckabee. But I think what might have to happen is a governor coming up out of the ranks in the same way that George [Bush] did in 2000."

    Professor Brady will join the former Los Angeles Times editor Michael Parks and the chief executive of the United States Studies Centre, Geoffrey Garrett, in a public forum on America's new political landscape at Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney, tonight.

    Change to Survive

  2. During those early weeks of Bush in 2001 the alarm bells went off in my head every time the retention of Clintonistas in the administration and bureaucracy came up.

    I tended then to shrug it off with a "he knows better than I do" dismissal. I suspect there are millions who share that recollection. We're about to get a lesson in how it should be done. I hope someone's taking notes.


    ...and then I read Sam's post. Excuse me while I stick my head in the toilet...

  3. Any way you can keep Professor Brady in Australia, Sam?

  4. There was only, after all of Obamasa's "ground game" a 1.1% increase in the size of the electorate. compared to 2004.

    The Republicans stayed home.
    Or the RINOs stayed home.
    Or a lot of folk that voted for GWBush, in 2004, soundly rejected the McCain option in '08. Regardless of the label one would like to attach to them.

    It was a standard election, except, this cycle, the Democrats brought their "A" game, and the GOP did not.

    As to "why?", well, it was the most liberal Republican of the entire candidate field, that was nominated.
    The liberals of NH, a State that was not even competitive in '08, choose McCain, in a winner take all Primary system. Allowing Maverick to tie up the nomination, early, and then go to the Vortex Ranch, for a 120 day nap.

  5. :)

    Possibly. Ya never know, he may just fall for the beach babes.

    Bush admin's a strange mix, actually. Keeping the Clintonistas but also having Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz.

  6. In 2004 Bush garnered 50.7%, Kerry 48.3%
    A 2.4% margin

    McCain lost 52% to 46%
    A 6% margin, with only 1.1% greater turnout.

    McCain was not an effective candidate,
    as I had foretold.
    The financial meltdown only "hurt" McCain, because he was oblivious to it, until it was "to late".

    Then he played it poorly.

  7. An Obama presidency does not herald the end of racism in America. Obama isn't "post-racial."

    He isn't the messiah whose coming ends bigotry and inequality for all time. He'll just be the president.

    Still, tectonic plates have shifted, and the contours of America's cultural landscape look a lot different today than they did before.

    Looks Different

  8. Ok, whit, I had my fit.

    But I'm going to say this about Rat.

    He's the saddest son of a bitch in America.

    He has attacked my wife, for no reason.

    And I don't like him.

    So here's about my wife.

    I met here many, many years ago when I was going over to Hawaii to visit my retired dad. We were going out of Portland, Oregon and I happened to sit down by this girl, who was on a 'Happy Hawaii Holidays Tour' or whatever it was, and another girl that turned out to be godmother Linda, and we just got to talking, and never quit.

    We kind of 'fell in love' or whatever. She was living in a trailor house out of Beria, Kentucky then, taking classes and teaching.

    We got married and came back here. She took advantage of our University here, and has a Master's Degree in "helping the kids". Honestly, I can't remember what the degree is called, it's one of those 'help the disabled kids' degree.

    She gave birth to our two children. She has also worked a lot for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, for practically no money, and she thinks it is worthless group, and, she's probably right.

    I remember her and another worker, and a Catholic priest, burying a little black kid, the worst case I ever saw. The only friends that kid ever had.

    She has been back to Ohio many times, sometimes working, and sometimes taking care of her mother.

    She's the best person I have ever known.

    She called the lady at elections, to see if see was registered, and if it was ok, and she was.

    Stick it up your asshole, Rat.

    Always moaning, groaning, and trying to find fault with someone.

    Someone who is better than you, like my wife.

    Always negative, always cynical.

    Christ it gets tiresome.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Attacked your wife?

    Are you insane or just mentally nonfunctional, bob?

    When did I do that, attack your wife ...

    I drew an analogy to you supporting her behaviour, voting in a State in which she does not presently reside, while bemoaning the homeless voting where they do.

    That is not an attack upon her, but your double standard of rightousness.

    You attack the "Courts" for allowing the homelsee to vote, while using the "Courts" to defend your lack of steady standards.

    I merely pointed out that the McCain organizer in California, who, as your wife did in Ohio, used his boyhood home as an address to register to vote, while not residing there, was indicted.
    Bail was set at $50,000.

    That is not an attack upon your wife. But a related story to awaken you and yours to the dangers of believing a court clerk, in Ohio.

    Your use of profanity, is typical of a teenager, that has no intellectual base for their ranting.

    You have no intellectual base, bob.

  11. You implied that my wife voted illegally, which she didn't do.

    You are the saddest son of a bitch in America.

  12. Teresita knows some literature, as does Mat.

    You don't know a goddamn thing,
    Rat. And are hard to teach.

    Moan, groan, that's all it is.

  13. Your standards of judgement are corrupt and your longing for mat's approval, comical.

  14. BAR FIGHT !!!!!

    Bring me a pitcher of Bud...I'll be up on the balcony...should be outta harms way up there...

  15. What State is her drivers license issued by, bob?

    If Idaho and not Ohio, she could be indicted, as was the fellow in California.

    Guilt, that is decided by the Courts, not me.

  16. I don't particularly like either one of you.

  17. And the sites biggest Rino-rat scurries along preparing the thread for his defense of being THE KING RINO on this site.

    Any if you. go back two, three, or four years you are hard pressed to find a sentence in support of the outgoing President, just a constant metronomic pounding of the President and the Republicans by rino-rat. A cascade of daily screeds against the party and the President. I do not think James Carville could have produced any better vitriol. And in this past election instead of doing no harm, as he could have done with the President, he increased the intensity of his criticism. Once again he could have at minimum done no harm but he had a mission against John McCain so he turned to being Cassius, waiting daily with dagger in hand to slash the Republican candidate Political Parties depend on support but rino rat was there daily with his treachery. And make no mistake it was treachery to undermine your party candidate in the general election, never seeking any good and never hesitating to deepen and exploit any wound.

    He was the best voice the Democrats had on this site by far but to call himself a Republican and then write copy endorsing the Democratic candidate for mayor of his home town while simultaneously savaging the Republican Party is not the type of back stabbing player I want on my team. As much a Benedict Arnold as one can find on this site.

    And as if that wasn't enough rino rat would be more than happy to tell you how to run your life and political thought. What a guy.

  18. Quote a poem, quote some literture, quote the Bible, just quit this godawful deadfanny moaning and groaning all the damn time.

    The sun shines tomorrow, asshole, even on a prick like you.

  19. When you and your wife went on the road trip, to Ohio, it was to a place, you said, you all hadn't been to, for years.

  20. This is not about poetry, bob.

    It is about residency.
    Voter fraud, not voter registration fraud.

    Where is her drivers license issued, bob?

    That tells the tale.

    Half a league, half a league
    half a league onward, into the Valley of Death rode the 600.

  21. Answer the question, then, bob, if it's shit.

    It is what it goees back to, and will

    Time and time again.

  22. Except. When. He's. Threatening. My. Daughter.

  23. I don't particularly like either one of you.

    Grab a glass and come on up to the balcony,'s a tag team match! Two on one...

    Rat's quoting verse. Habu's circling...another jab from dr...

  24. habu is counting down the days until his hero, GWBush nukes Iran
    Seventy and counting, or he'll be wrong about GW, again.

    Saw GW on television, today.
    Didn't look as if he had it in him, but ...
    time will tell

    Seventy days worth of it, actually.

  25. How am I doing, Mat?

    Don't ask Mat a question, Bob. He'll just answer with another question.


    With rat you gotta learn to parry and butt stroke. Stay light on your feet. Keep the elbows in.

  26. I remember the first time I heard that: butt stroke. Captured on an exercise. My honest response: "You're sick."

  27. The "War on Islam" that has sputtered to a halt
    The two Islamic Republics the US founded, under the auspices of Team43 have turned out to be not to friendly, to US.

    Mr Bush and his Team cannot even get their proxies in Baghdad to agree to let US stay.
    In Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic, there, wants US to stop bombing its civilians, from the air.

    Opium production has sky rocketed in Afghanistan and the Pakistani government, which gave sanctuary to Afghan and other foreign jihadists, while we supported it with tens of billions of dollars, collapsed.

    Wonder if Obamasan will be having Ramadan breakfasts, in the White House? Anyone care to guess how Rahm will advise him, on that one?

  28. How to win a bar fight

    ...Don't pick up a bottle and crack it on the edge of the bar-

    if you cut him he's going to get really pissed, and instead of fishing slivers of mirror out of your still intact buttocks, you could be pulling them from a really tender place in between those cheeks.

    Distract him by singing, or reciting poetry or, if your brain is too addled from the short unhappy flight through the ether of the bar, then pull an ad jingle from your childhood and start chanting.


  29. My honest response: "You're sick."

    It's all in the context, Trish.

  30. Isn't it, though.

    I think that story has made the rounds.

  31. How am I doing, Mat?

    Better than you think. You woke me up from my sleep. It's 2 AM here now.

  32. Don't ask Mat a question, Bob. He'll just answer with another question.

    You've not answered the question from the previous thread. I'm letting you be the judge.

    So what's worse?

  33. Sweat Jesus

    Save us from the sad

    Those without imagination

    Save us from them

    Sweat Jesus

    May it be true


    "The gentle finger of the LORD brings up the laggards."

  34. It is about residency.
    Voter fraud, not voter registration fraud.

    No, it's not.

    The law is as arbitrary as the elite oligarchy care to make it. The only logic is the logic that the elite oligarchy cares to apply, and cares to enforce.

    You should be better than this. You're intelligent. But you rather turn yourself into a sophist and draw blood from a genuinely good person like Bob, than come to his aid. You're a sadist. But the real cruelty you do is to yourself.

  35. Ok. Looks like I can go back to catch some Zz. G'nite, Bob. You too, Linda.

  36. Lady Liberty is a Whore.

    No, I don't agree with that, at all.

    She is a respectble woman, that is what she is.

  37. You've not answered the question from the previous thread. I'm letting you be the judge.

    So what's worse?

    Nice try, mat. Answer the question without quibbling.

  38. A Veteran's Day Prayer

    From It Takes a Church, via Mark Roberts:

    God of the ages,
    We thank You for all who have served in the armed forces of this country.
    We thank You for the freedom their sacrifice has earned and guarded for us. Help us to prize this freedom and use it well.
    We ask You to bless all living veterans in a special way today, as well as the families of all veterans.
    Comfort those who grieve for those who gave the last full measure of devotion.
    Strengthen those who bear physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.
    Stand with those who provide care to them.
    Move us to reach out to sisters and brothers who are veterans, or relatives of veterans, or who currently serve in the military.
    We pray for the day when no one needs to serve in the military. Help us to live now in anticipation of that day, as people who long for peace, who pray for peace, and who seek to be peacemakers in this world.

    We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.


    From Maggie's Farm

  39. From the NYTimes

    A.I.G. shares were 8 percent higher, to $2.28 near the close of trading Monday. In the revised bailout, the Treasury Department will use the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the $700 billion financial system rescue plan, to buy $40 billion of newly issued A.I.G. preferred shares.

    The government created an $85 billion emergency credit line in September to keep A.I.G. from toppling and added $38 billion more in early October when it became clear that the original amount was not enough. As part of the revision, the Federal Reserve said it would reduce that credit line to $60 billion.

    When the reorganized deal is complete, taxpayers will have invested and lent a total of $150 billion to A.I.G., the most the government has ever directed to a single private enterprise. It is a stark reversal of the government’s assurance that its earlier moves had stemmed the bleeding at A.I.G. But Fed officials said the $40 billion investment would allow them to reduce their exposure to $112 billion from $152 billion, and improve the condition of the collateral for its loan. The revised deal will probably intensify the debate in Washington over why some companies should be saved while others are left to wither.

  40. The new deal makes the government a long-term investor in A.I.G., something that Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. had said he hoped to avoid.

    The government will also spend $30 billion to help A.I.G. buy up a type of security called collateralized debt obligations that the company had agreed to insure against default. The securities are now held by institutional investors.

    As their insurer, A.I.G has been forced to put up large amounts of cash as collateral as the global economy has soured and the securities seemed increasingly likely to default.

    The new arrangement calls for A.I.G. to put the securities into a new entity, effectively removing them from the company’s balance sheet.

  41. Sonia-Belle

    Honorable Mention for this "Ass Kissing" post.

    h/t Doug