“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Know Your Enemy

This is how we lost. Young Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that the US is fundamentally a racist country that needed cleansing, perhaps redemption. The only means to redeem America was to choose one, who would show the world that America not only needed changing but has changed. Enough people bought the argument.

That is not difficult to understand.

Whites have been brow beaten into accepting that everything about their heritage was wrong and poisoned. America turned over the education of their youth to a generation of social activists who have taken control of the fundamental channels for education and media. White guilt is an accepted fundamental from which social theorems were created.

The papers and media are full of stories about how America has been changed, cleansed, redeemed. It is not much different than an Islamic shaving of the body, a religious cleansing, a baptism, a sacramental excorcism, voodoo for the white man, shown the way to eternal salvation by the black one, chosen for the quest.

We have a problem. This is different. This is not going to be solved by a short Republican jaunt into the political wilderness. We have lost something and started something. Just like the Jew became the source of all evil to the nazi, so has the White European-American become the symbol of all that is wrong with America. If the world and American youth believe the lie, they will accept the remedy. They obviously believe, and all the controls of information and media are firmly in the hands of the one. The Left and liberal establishment has accepted the putsch and fallen in adulation of the leader. That is how religious fervor works.

This was not an election. This is the beginning of a religion about a shepherd and his flock.

It has taken the son of a Muslim goat herder, an African and a white girl as Mary, who provided the holy grail to start the fundamental change of reordering America. There is a creepiness here that can get out of hand. This is something new for us, but not new to mankind. It is a dismal historic repetition of the past. Careful, be very very careful.


  1. I'm hopeful that this election will be a catharsis for many black Americans. Maybe now, they, particularly the young, can be released from whatever feelings of oppression or inadequacy that may have been inflicted on them by an older generation. Maybe now, we can begin judging one another by the content of character rather than the color of skin.

    A coworker who is black, fairly conservative, a preacher, and I spoke briefly and he said that "you have to give him credit for running an outstanding campaign." I agreed and said that I wish Obama was conservative, that's all. It was obvious that even this conservative black man was very proud and very affected. It's historic and it should be healing. I touched on Obama's socialist tendencies but if this friend was experiencing a joy, a release, a relief I will never need, why would I spoil his moment?

    I hate to see this election reduced to hate. Hatred is a devastating emotion which blinds and ultimately embitters the person who does not rise above it. We do not have to endorse Obama's policies and we do not have to bow down before his throne. We can stand for our core conservative principles, our ethics, our values but we must never let hatred rule our hearts.

    I heard a young black man speak to Rush Limbaugh today and it was obvious that this young man desparately wanted all Americans united. Of course, his politics may not be mine but is that any reason to curse him for his color? No, I will not do it. He had a sincere hope for a united America and isn't that something we have all missed since that few shorts weeks after 9/11 when the country was united?

    Let the young people who elected Obama learn the hard lesson that hope and faith placed in man is destined to bring disappointment regardless of the color of the man's skin or his political affiliation.

    Good can come of this.

  2. Why should my brother go through all of that, to be called a racist, because he is white.

    Let them take care of themselves, and die, if they can't do any better for themselves.

    We don't owe them anything.

  3. Take a break, go cool off. Go to church. Take a ride in the country, spend a night in the outdoors. Get away from it all for awhile.

  4. Still, Mohammed Arshad, a schoolteacher in Islamabad, doubted Obama's ability to change U.S. foreign policy dramatically.

    "It is true that Bush gave America a very bad name. He has become a symbol of hate.

    But I don't think the change of face will suddenly make any big difference," he said.

    Sober Wakeup

  5. I ask, have any of your ancestors ever been thanked by a black for your ancestors dying to free blacks from slavery? I ask.

    I'm finished with this black crap.

    Let them go to Rhodesia, where the ballots are counted fairly.

  6. Let them build their own medical schools, the fools think it is so so so simple.

    Black children, and I will call them what they are.

  7. From Sam's link:
    n Afghanistan, the U.S.-backed president demanded that Obama change U.S. tactics as villagers
    said U.S. warplanes killed 37 people -- nearly all of them women and children -- during a cat-and-mouse hunt for militants.

    "We cannot win the fight against terrorism with airstrikes," President Hamid Karzai said. "This is my first demand of the new president of the United States -- to put an end to civilian casualties."

    This is one issue which will accelerate a withdrawal from that country. Without enough troops to wage effective COIN, we rely on air support. Photos and stories of dead women and children are devastating PR. We either get more boots on the ground in Afghanistan or we get out. Which do you think it will be?

  8. I'm tired of this black shit.

    Why can't the blacks create their own medical shcools?

    They got the momey.

    Because they can't.

    The whites get tired of taking care of them, after a while.

    Let them create the Black Medical School of the
    Americas, if they know what they are doing, which they don't.

    Stir them up.

    That is the truth, like it or not.

  9. Fox News is really airing all the dirty laundry of the McCain Campaign. Sarah Palin is being trashed.


  10. "I think she has a great future," added FOX News contributor Bill Kristol, though he wouldn't place any bets on Palin running in 2012 or 2016.

    Kristol said he thinks she should focus on returning to Alaska and filling out her duties as governor, and easing away from the 2008 campaign.

    "There's no baton to be passed," he said, noting that the Republicans' more immediate question is how to deal with an Obama administration.

    Political Future

  11. Whit, you probably made my evening with that post. That's very much how I feel and I'm only sorry I wasn't back home among my fellow Americans. This is my third or fourth general election overseas and the only time I've regretted "missing it." Crowds of expectantly, spontaneously, deliriously happy Americans is a joy so unlike any other. Who can say bah humbug to that? (Avalanche of bah humbugs beginning in 4, 3, 2....)

    No celebrations here, as you can imagine.

  12. Nah, Deuce, it was just an election.

    People were ready for a change. The fabled "Yellow Dog" would have won this year.

  13. Trish:
    I suspect that your "absence has made your heart grow fonder." I can't say that I delighted in the joy of the Obama crowd. I'm not that magnanimous. :)

  14. Obama made an issue of South Asia. Could he and Petraeus drag us and our allies kicking and screaming to the undertaking that, with few and remarkable exceptions, everyone has more or less assiduously avoided for the better half of a decade?

    Afghanistan isn't going away. We're not going away from Afghanistan. That you can take to the bank. (Maybe that's a bad metaphor under the circumstances.)

  15. I suppose it has, whit. But it always does. All Americans should live abroad at least once, in order to better appreciate home. (Though there are those Americans who leave home once or twice for some quaint, colorful destination and then spend the rest of their lives shit-talking their own country with a phony-baloney sophistication you can't beat out of them.)

  16. "A coworker who is black, fairly conservative, a preacher, and I spoke briefly and he said that "you have to give him credit for running an outstanding campaign."


    It was a classic execution of Chicago Machine Corruption, Alinsky-Cloward-Piven dishonesty and thugery, voter fraud, and finally, a skillful exploitation of white ignorance and self loathing.

    And any dumb motherfucker that wants to join Ophra in a swoon of good feelings isn't gonna get any respect or appreciation from me.

    It isn't Sunday School, kiddies, it's real life.
    Ask your black preacher friend what he thinks about BHO and the Ho sending their kids off to Black KKK Church every sunday, Whit!

  17. Doug:
    I've talked to him enough to know what he thinks about Wright but 99.9% of the black community couldn't help themselves. They got caught up in something (mesmerized?) that can be analyzed in the future.

    "Outstanding" is probably the wrong word for the Obama campaign but regardless of the adjective you have to admit he went through the opposition like a scythe through wheat.

  18. Why can't the blacks create their own medical shcools?

    Put da Joos out of business. Thanks, Bob. :)

    Seriously, in my graduate year (BSc Chemistry) there were 5 of us left from an initial group of 500. The top student was black. I think the problem with blacks in academia is as much cultural as anything else.

  19. Afghanistan isn't going away. We're not going away from Afghanistan. That you can take to the bank.

    I am always amazed at the certainty with which you say that.

  20. "99.9% of the black community couldn't help themselves. They got caught up in something (mesmerized?) that can be analyzed in the future."
    The ones that were required to help themselves, rather than rely on the White Masters of the Nanny State, managed not to get mesmerised.
    ...most of these practicioners of victimology never came close to having to overcome the challenges that Sowell faced.
    EXCEPT FOR growing up in lawlessness and cultural devastation visited upon them by the all-caring white liberals, and black demagogues like Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama.

  21. Trish is certain of everything, til proven wrong, then she's forgetful!

  22. I wish I were so sanguine. At heart I am an artist. I paint what i see. i see something very sinister at work. Whit said some fine things. i hope he is right. I hope I am wrong. i doubt that I am.

  23. I know what it feels to be in the opposition. I have been on the wrong side of elections before. This is different.

    There is a change.

    This is a long war. It is not an interlude. The American public has been snookered. It is not going to end with thankful smiles and grateful kind words. Wish it were. but it won't.

    Look for gratitude, but don't be surprised if it comes in something more hard, course and vengeful.

  24. Why is it that I never hear anything from the blacks about what is happening in
    Rhodesia/Zimbabwew? It is the worst, like north Korea, yet it is never discussed?

    I'm sick of this shit. It was all ok in my church when they were criticizing the white rule, but, what about now? Not a damn word, which is one reason I don't go much to church any more.

    I can get my politics at home.

    And, I love a good gospel song.

    It's bs. Habu was right, they needed another couple hundred years of colonialism. Maybe we do too.

  25. If the blacks in Ameria were sincere, and didn't want to just live off the dole, they'd do something about R

    They'd make a stink. But they don't.

    Let the black cousin die.

  26. Your first comment is a good comment, Whit.

    But why o why does our first black President have to be such as he is?

    Ayers, Wright? I would have voted for Sowell or many of the others.

    This, it's the shits.

    And I am sick of that bs, whether it is from Ayers or Obama.

  27. Someone posted a famous quote at the Corner today: There's a lot of ruin in a nation. The past eight years have NOT disproven that and I can't remember any eight years that have.

    Don't *make* me link the Doris Day.

  28. All that underlies this is racism, real racism, that American Whites are scum, only fixable by a black man:

    'Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Here is a sampling of the world's reaction to Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election.

    ``Forty-five years ago, Martin Luther King dreamed of an America where men and women will be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character,'' Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told reporters in the southern island state of Tasmania. ``What America has done is turn that dream into a reality.''

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy congratulated Obama in a letter released to the public, saying the outcome ``resonates well beyond your borders.''

    ``Your stunning victory rewards a tireless commitment to serving the American people,'' Sarkozy wrote. ``It is also the crowning achievement of an exceptional campaign whose brilliance and high tone demonstrated the vitality of American democracy to the entire world, while keeping them spellbound.''

    ``A new broom sweeps clean,'' said Wu Ruiling, 69, a retired teacher in Shanghai. ``The new president may introduce concrete measures to fix the financial crisis. Once things improve in the U.S., the world improves and China improves.''

  29. I liked Doris Day, and, "The life of Riley".

  30. Speaking of which, rufus had the best link of the day.

  31. Please Don't Eat the Daisies is my favorite. I can watch that til the cows come home.

  32. Trish,
    What I thought of today, when I heard Pelosi talking about $300 Billion MORE Stimulus, with the money going to build roads and bridges, etc, was how much better it would be, if it's gonna get spent, for it to be dedicated to REPAIRING ROADS BRIDGES and other infrastructure.
    If I've learned anything from living in this one-party state, it's that big Govt People are great at funding NEW construction, and the shits about maintaining what's already been built.

  33. But why o why does our first black President have to be such as he is?

    So he can be controlled and manipulated. Like a compromised agent.

  34. ``Your stunning victory rewards a tireless commitment to serving the American people,'' Sarkozy wrote. ``It is also the crowning achievement of an exceptional campaign whose brilliance and high tone demonstrated the vitality of American democracy to the entire world, while keeping them spellbound.''

    Right. And the other day the Israeli press reported Sarkozy said Obama was a fool.

    Which is believable.

    Let them make _Paradise in Africa, instead of criticizing the whites here in America, who have given them everything.

    I mean it.

  35. Has anyone ever heard a black man say, thanks, for getting us out of slavery?

    I haven't. Not with all those deaths.

  36. I'm damned glad Israel has nuclear weapons.

  37. The coming changes to our world will not be easy for social conservatives. But be comforted because our Savior is still the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    He will never forget us nor forsake us. In fact, I believe the soil may soon be ripe for a new Great Awakening in this country.

    Man does not have all the answers, Jesus does. Let us be ready to share the true hope that is the basis of our faith.

    The Look Ahead

  38. I have never heard a black man say to a northern white, thanks, for dying for us.

    Have you?

  39. Taiwan's democratically-elected President Ma Ying-jeou made history Thursday when he became the first leader of the island to meet with a senior Chinese official since the end of a civil war in 1949.


    China promised to allow more citizens to visit the island, just 180 kilometres (110 miles) off its eastern coast.

    The deals have been hailed by business as a potential boon to profits, though many ordinary people fear that more jobs on the island will be lost as factories continue to move operations to China to take advantage of cheaper operating costs.

    Amid Protests

  40. The white devil is a natural born killah. No need to thank him for what he does naturally. :)

  41. If I've learned anything from living in this one-party state, it's that big Govt People are great at funding NEW construction, and the shits about maintaining what's already been built.

    Wed Nov 05, 11:00:00 PM EST


  42. ;0

    ah, hell, Mat, I can laugh, but it's the truth:)

  43. Bob,

    I'm glad I can cheer you up a little. :)

  44. ah, hell I luv ya, Mat, and, I'm workin' on a sale. If it goes, I'm gonna met my man!

    Did you see the car that Linear had picked out for you?

    With a little extra gas from Ash?

  45. I think Wretch needs a little cheering too. He seems a little distraught.

  46. Or, hot air from Ash, rather...

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  48. extra gas from Ash

    Them fumes aren't toxic?

  49. I think--I think-I
    got a sale going, and, I want to met this smart ass Israeli!

    Got to get some sleep.


  50. Bob, check this out:

  51. Good night, Bob. Rest well. There be lots of uphill peddling w this smart ass Israeli now that you've pee-peed peddling downhill on electric bikes. :)


    Night, Mat.

  53. The new technology comes from the California company PowerGenix. The company holds twenty-three patents (granted and pending) on nickel-zinc batteries.

    The base formulation for NiZn batteries isn't new (Thomas Edison attempted but gave up on making the formulation work), but as PowerGenix CEO Dan Squiller notes, "What the engineers and chemists at PowerGenix discovered was how to make the elements play nice together and last for an extended period of time while charging and discharging."


    When a vehicle goes into the "auto stop" mode, the engine shuts down but all accessories stay running. As in some General Motors hybrids (the Saturn Vue and the Chevrolet Malibu, for example), a helper electric motor can also add torque to the internal-combustion engine.


  54. I have a request from the Bar to the Proprietors:

    How bout a post on the liberal groups that visited the Justice Dept, and the DOJ's response.
    (there response was complete surrender of the poll to the Obama thugs, minus whatever local officials could do [the minority that WANTED a clean election] to preserve the integrity of the process.)

    A fox newsgal was on Miller yesterday talking about it.
    It makes me too angry to research myself, I'll stroke out.

    Here's what you'll get in return:
    I'll go over to BC and tell all the Bush Suck-Ups what Maroons they are.
    When did God give that PUSSEY the Right to
    ...I could count the ways, but again, I'd get too angry.
    Patriot My Ass!
    Good Man, My Ass!

  55. Here's another one from the Dennis Miller Show:
    Guy from Illinois voted a week ago, then, just to check, he went down to see if his name had been taken off the voter roll.
    It hadn't meaning he could have voted as many times as he wanted.
    Guess who did that?
    The ACORN Army.
    Thanks Bush:
    You gave the country away in every possible way with 8 years of unchecked lawlessness.

  56. Doug is peddling law and order.
    Sam is peddling Nickel-zinc batteries.
    I be pedaling me IF-Mode bike.