“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morning Medical Report - Islamenoma

Update on Islamenoma* in the Middle East and the world:

*Islamenoma - A virulent and deadly cancer which usually first appears in Middle Eastern mosques and metastasises throughout the Islamic body.

AP is reporting that 65 bodies were found Wednesday morning througout Iraq. In Bagdad, 45 bodies were found in Sunni neighborhoods, 15 in Shia neighborhoods. The bodies show signs of torture and the victims had been shot. Sectarian death squads are implicated. Another 30 people were killed and dozens injured in car bombings, mortar attacks and shootings. 2 US Soldiers were killed, one while fighting in Anbar, the other in a car-bombing in Baghdad.

The death toll from the most recent bombing rose to 15 as three more victims died of their wounds. Seven children were among the dead. The blast occurred in a Kurdish majority area and Kurdish separatists are suspected. More that 37,000 people have been killed in fighting since 1984. The BBC reports: "One separatist militant group, the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (Tac), has said it carried out those attacks.
It also warned on its website last week that it would turn "Turkey into hell". "

Four gunmen in two cars rigged with bombs stormed the US Embassy in Damascus while yelling "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great). One of Syria's anti-terrorism forces was killed and 11 other people were wounded including a police officer, two Iraqis and seven people employed at nearby technical workshop. One of the gunmen survived as is being detained. Al-Qaeda group Jund al-Sham is implicated.

Ships bound for Syria and been detained in Cyprus for "mislabeled cargo." Shipped from China and North Korea the equipment seems to be primarily trucks fitted with radars for an air defense system.

In a gun battle with Palestinians , the IDF suffered its first casualty in Gaza in more than two months ago.

Southeast Asia
From the BBC, a former al-Qaeda bomb maker and bomb making instructor explains why he turned away from terrorism.

The Sydney morning herald reports that Australian troops have killed more than 150 taleban and al-Qaeda during nine days of fighting.


  1. Tales of the Peaceful Muslims,
    by Ralph Peterhead

  2. Murderer in the Cathedral
    Iranian President Khatami’s visit to the Washington National Cathedral.
    You can download this excellent video. Should be seen by as many friends and web pals as possible.

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  4. Secrets in the Senate
    By John Stossel

    Their arrogance is stunning.

    Sens. Ted Stevens (R-Alas.) and Robert Byrd (D-W.V.) are the acknowledged kings of pork-barrel spending. They bring billons of taxpayer dollars to their states to ensure their hold on power. But apparently, that's not enough. They also want to make certain that you and I don't see what they get away with. So secretly they tried to keep us in the dark.

    Fiscal hawks in the Senate, led by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), are sponsoring a bill to create a database that would keep track of government spending. You could search that database from your home and find out who got all that special-interest taxpayer largess.

    That seems like useful information for citizens who would like to keep their eyes on their spend-happy representatives.

    But what's good for the taxpayers is not necessarily good for the politicians who ladle out our money, or the feeders at the government trough who get all those contracts and grants. The power brokers would rather the people not look over their shoulders.

    The bill to create the database has sponsors from both parties, including Majority Leader Bill Frist and Minority Leader Harry Reid. It has support from 100 conservative and liberal government-watchdog organizations. It was approved unanimously by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

    The measure was headed for a vote in the full Senate when suddenly it was derailed by unidentified senators. The Senate, it turns out, has a rule that lets any member delay a bill -- without revealing his identity. It's called the "secret hold."

    This mystery led to several days of speculation, but finally, Sen. Stevens came forward. The next day Sen. Byrd did, too.

    Byrd has since lifted his hold, but Stevens hasn't. Byrd said he wanted time to read the bill and try to improve it. Stevens, who is a member of the committee that held hearings but didn't speak up at the time, now says he wants a cost-benefit analysis done before he makes up his mind.

    Sounds fishy to me. I think these guys just don't want us to see how they spend our money.

    When the Democrats held power, I confronted Sen. Byrd about his "Honorable" Robert Byrd Highway-type projects in West Virginia. His answer was as arrogant as he was: "I would think that the national media could rise above the temptation of being clever, decrepitarian critics who twaddlize, just as what you're doing right here."

    "Twaddlize?" I asked.

    "Trivializing serious matters," he explained.

    I persisted, "Is there no limit? Are you not at all embarrassed about how much you got?"

    Byrd glared at me, "Are you embarrassed when you think you're working for the good of the country?!"

    As for Sen. Stevens, last year, the congressional transportation bill included $450 million to build two bridges to little-populated parts of his state, Alaska. One of these "bridges to nowhere" would connect Ketchikan to a nearly uninhabited island.

    When Sen. Coburn proposed that the money instead be spent to repair a bridge over Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain that had been damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Sen. Stevens had a little tantrum. He stood on the Senate floor and said if his state's loot was cut, he'd resign and "be taken out of here on a stretcher!"

    Good! Sen. Stevens, please go. I'll help carry the stretcher.

    The Senate shot down Coburn's proposal 82-15. Big spenders stick together.

    I'm skeptical of Sen. Stevens's demand for a cost-benefit study. Congress estimates it would cost $4 million to build the database and $2 million a year to run it -- small potatoes next to the hundreds of billions Sens. Stevens and Byrd spend on pork.

    And the benefit? Can you put a dollar figure on the good that would result if the big spenders were inhibited because the people were watching them?

    Maybe we wouldn't need a user-friendly database if the government weren't so big. But it is that big. So at least let's make it visible. Let's get rid of secret holds and secret spending.

    Copyright 2006 Creators Syndicate

  5. Ships bound for Syria and been detained in Cyprus for "mislabeled cargo." Shipped from China and North Korea the equipment seems to be primarily trucks fitted with radars for an air defense system.

    Every dollar that Russia or China tries to make selling this crap to Syria, when interdicted, should be taken out of their hide somewhere else, by Presidential Order.

  6. Peterhead's Portrayals of the Peaceful Muslims Among us, and around the globe:
    Peters wrote,
    We write off the suicide bomber as a criminal, a wanton butcher, a terrorist. Yet, within his spiritual universe, he’s more heroic than the American soldier who throws himself atop a grenade to spare his comrades:
    He isn’t merely protecting other men, but defending his god.

    Peters comparison of jihad terrorists and American soldiers in this thoughtless essay is dangerously unhinged—about as unhinged as the crude innuendos in his New York Post piece ,
    which the Council on American-Islamic Relations enjoyed enough to include in its “American Muslim New Briefs” of 9/8/06.
    Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad .

    Petering Out Mark Levin
    I don't know very much about Ralph Peters.
    He occasionally writes an insightful column, but I never thought he deserved the kind praise that some truly outstanding thinkers/writers have received.
    Now I'm certain of it.
    Read this ,
    this ,
    and this .
    --- During his interview with Ms. Ingraham, Peters held up Indonesia “the world’s most populous Muslim country” as a paragon of moderate Islam. This is the same Indonesia that in the mid-1960s, Sukarno fatwa in hand, waged a murderous jihad against its own Chinese non-Muslim population which killed at least 100,000 ethnic Chinese. In the 1980s a frankly genocidal jihad was waged by the Indonesian government against the Christians of East Timor, leaving hundreds of thousands dead. For at least the past decade, there have been intermittent Indonesian jihadist pogroms against the Christians of the Moluccas which have also killed thousands.

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  8. 77-year-old man accused of using camera phone to peer up woman's skirt


    PORT ST. LUCIE -- A 77-year-old local man who reportedly admitted looking up women's skirts for 13 years, was arrested Monday in connection with an incident last month at a Wal-Mart SuperCenter in St. Lucie West.

    Harry Tasker, of the 500 block of Southeast Anchor Lane, faces a video voyeurism charge.

    Tasker, who declined comment Tuesday, reportedly told investigators that he had been looking up women's skirts without their knowledge for about 13 years. He said he used a mirror from the stores to stare up their skirts.

    Police learned of Tasker after a woman found him with a camera cell phone behind her.

    "I think it's horrendous," said Connie Sue, 57, one of Tasker's neighbors. "He just kept looking at you every time I walked past."

  9. He's already here:
    Where do you think "Buddy Larsen" came from?
    Michael Yon - Getting Stronger

    We are seeing the results on the battlefields of Afghanistan.
    Instead of the planned shift toward stability that was expected to be far enough along to enable us to draw down U.S. troops and turn over the security operations to NATO forces, the Taliban has resurged, re-armed, regrouped, and re-emerged as a serious military threat.

    According to retired four-star General Barry McCaffrey, who recently returned from a trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan:

    "In my view, there is little question that the level of fighting has intensified rapidly in the past year. Three years ago the Taliban operated in squad sized units. Last year they operated in company sized units (100+ men). This year the Taliban are operating in battalion sized units (400+) men."

    Afghanistan is the new hot war — and it’s getting hotter.

  10. Kill Bush mania
    By Michelle Malkin
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

  11. Habu's gone deep cover to report from Port St Lucie.

  12. Master Poster Whit, Sir:
    Your Australia link is mistakenly a repeat of the SE Asia one above.
    Thanks for your kind attention to this matter.

  13. Good hand-off Whit. Glad to see Wretchard has come to his senses. Got to run!

  14. MICHAEL YON: If killing bad guys is all we do, we will be spending a lot of money to lose a war. “ Stagnation
    Tufus will no doubt explain how it's all part of W's master hand, encouraging us to double down on the sure bet.
    Anybody seen GWB, Tufus, and Wretchard in the same photo?

  15. Cardin Leads in Md. Senate Race
    Attorney General Nod to Gansler; Mishaps at Polls Slow the Returns

    By Matthew Mosk and John Wagner
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006; 7:20 AM

    Maryland's Democratic primary voters gave Baltimore Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin a commanding lead over former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume this morning in the race to be the party's candidate for U.S. Senate, but chaos at polling sites delayed final results for that and other key races.

  16. Fish kills spear-fishing diver
    Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:39 AM ET

    MIAMI (Reuters) - A Florida diver shot a large grouper with a spear gun then apparently drowned when the fish sped into a hole, entangling the man in the line attached to the spear, investigators said Monday.

    The 42-year-old man, whose name was withheld, was free-diving in about 25 feet of water off the lower Florida Keys Saturday and speared a Goliath Grouper, Monroe County Sheriff's Detective Mark Coleman said.

    "It looks like the fish wrapped the line attached to the spear around the victim's wrist. The fish then went into a hole in a coral rock, effectively pinning the man to the bottom of the ocean," Coleman said in a news release.

    Police divers found the speared fish tightly wedged into the hole, with the man's body still tangled in the line, a sheriff's spokeswoman said.

    Goliath Grouper are the largest members of the sea bass family and can weigh hundreds of pounds.

  17. 190 taliban fellas gather in tight formation in Afghanistan, a US drone spots them from the air, sednding realtime video back to the Command Center.

    The perfect target for hellfire?
    nah, seems the Taliban had gathered for a funeral, and being on hallowed ground, have Sanctuary there, as well as in Warizistan.

    Seems the US RoEs will not allow killing the enemy while they are at funerals, to disrespectful of the dead. So when some of those 190 Taliban fighters happen to kill or wound a US or NATO trooper, remember to thank Mr Bush and his Generals for a job well done.
    Respecting the Mohammedan dead, that's the priority, not killing the enemy or achieving victory, we can do that, later.

    As reported on FOX News.

  18. "we can do that, later"
    My thoughts exactly:
    The next Pres is going to be left with one heck of a mess on his plate.
    ...but maybe that's part of the Masterplan tm, and Superman waits in the wings, brought back from the dead by stem cells provided by a class action lawyer with good hair.

  19. Human Feces Powers Rwandan Prison

    Breaking News from AP:
    Imagine eating food that was cooked using natural gas generated from your own human waste. Thousands of prisoners in Rwanda don't have to imagine it -- they live it.
    Prisoners' feces is converted into combustible "biogas," or methane gas that can be used for cooking. It has reduced by 60 percent the annual wood-fuel costs which would otherwise reach near $1 million, according to Silas Lwakabamba, rector of the Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management, where the technology was developed.

    Last month, the Rwandan prison biogas facilities received an Ashden Award for sustainable energy. The award, which comes with a prize worth nearly $50,000, is given by the Ashden Trust, a British charity organization that promotes green technologies.

    "It's turning a negative social situation in terms of the Rwandan genocide into something that can benefit local people in the local area," said Corrina Cordon, spokeswoman for the Ashden Awards.

    Many of Rwanda's 120,000 prisoners are incarcerated because of the genocidal campaign. The prisons are overcrowded by a factor of 10, Lwakabamba said.

    He added that prison overpopulation has created a situation where the facilities have significantly increased energy needs. The overcrowding also leads to large amounts of human waste that the prisons cannot adequately process.

    Lwakabamba said that prior to the construction of biogas facilities at a prison situated atop a hill at Cyangugu in southwestern Rwanda, some human waste was being thrown down the hill, near natural bodies of water such as Lake Kivu.

    "It got started when we went to these prisons and we realized that so much human waste was going into these rivers and we had to try something," he said.

    The university rector said that the Rwandan biogas facilities, which are currently in half of the 30 prisons around the country, now contribute half of the energy needs for cooking and lighting in each location.

    Rwanda's biogas facilities are among the most ambitious in the world, given their size and scope. They range up to 1,000 cubic meters in something resembling a beehive shape.

    The process requires putting a given amount of human or other animal waste into a "digester," which ferments it using bacteria to release methane gas that can be captured and then burned as fuel. Attached is a "compensating chamber" that replenishes the supply of bacteria to keep the operation self-sustaining.

    The lead engineer on the project, Ainea Kimaro, says that within four weeks, 100 cubic meters of waste can be transformed into 50 cubic meters of fuel.

    Biogas is being used around the world, including in homes in Nepal and to power trains in Sweden.

    Kimaro said that while waste smells bad initially, the biogas that is produced has no foul odor. He added that the Rwandan prisoners are not put off by the idea of using the byproduct of human waste to cook.

    "Our people are very adaptive," he said. "They see it working; they want to use it."

    Once the methane is produced, the remaining waste is used as an odor-free fertilizer for the gardens at the prison.

    Martin Wright, an Ashden Awards judge who traveled to Rwanda and visited the prison at Cyangugu, got down on his hands and knees to take a whiff of the manure.

    "I've sniffed the residue and there is no smell at all," he said.

    As remarkable as the odorless fertilizer is, Wright said that he was even more impressed by the idea that the new energy project involves people being held on charges of genocide in Cyangugu, just across the border from the volatile civil war raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    "(That) they've become the site for this amazing pioneering project means that you're taking something that's a consequence of human misery and producing something hopeful out of it," he said.

  20. Dear anonymous:
    A link or url plus short citation would be preferable.

  21. And looking around I can't help thinking that if Churchill had to face the obstruction and opposition that Bush now faces, that we probably wouldn't have won the war. Bernard Lewis, 9/11/06 Hudson Institute Watch the video of his compelling speech below.

  22. mitfühlend, zurück zu dem Aufstellungsort zu kriechen, der Sie unten schnitt und Ihren Eingang so leicht mißachtete

  23. einer was für Zeitverschwendung Schnitt und Paste selben jeden Taggroundhog Tag bevölkeren

  24. Just now on Fox, the lady anchor inadvertantly called Chaffee "Laughee" - twice.

  25. gerry said:

    Just now on Fox, the lady anchor inadvertantly called Chaffee "Laughee" - twice.

    The only funny thing will be the looks on the "realpolitik Republicans" when Chaffee votes with the Demos on the next judicial appointments. I never want to hear another complaint about spending or immigration or security again from the right after the GOP worked so hard to keep this Democrat in Republican livery in office.

  26. Half a loaf, teresita, is better than no bread at all.

  27. And even no bread at all is better if the enemy don't have the wheatfields.

  28. buddy larsen wrote:

    Half a loaf, teresita, is better than no bread at all.

    Even half a loaf would be nice to get once in a while. This little morsel actually voted against the Iraq War and he didn't even vote for Bush in 2004. He votes to raise taxes on top earners, opposes drilling in ANWR, wants a withdrawal timetable in Iraq,

  29. Yeah, you can go, go where you wanna go, do, do what you wanna do

    DR earlier posted the story of 190 Taliban mourners getting a free pass after being discovered and photographed by a UAV. Well, the military is not denying the story. No, indeed, they are not; instead the brass is concerned about the unauthorized release of the photo.

    Some hero has decided that he/she is tired of the people in the field being needlessly being endangered so some fat-assed general, ensconced out of theatre, can get that warm fuzzy feeling coming from liberal generosity.

    Who knows, maybe the President will finally grasp his role as commander-in-chief and fire someone. Nah, never happen.

    U.S. military investigates leaked photo

  30. It's the leak, allen, that is the problem. To the Institution.
    It is not, they think, the decisions or the process that allows those particular Taliban sanctuary within Afghanistan.
    No wonder Afghanistan is the "Forgotten War", it is not that it is "Forgotten" but not a "War" at all.

  31. You're right, rat. it's inside a a nation with an allied government, so it's something other than a classic "war".

  32. I'm not a sandybergerite, but I do remember USSR killed off a million Afghans, leveled towns wholesale, and got themselves in a horrible pickle.

    I also remember that traffic accident a few months back, as well an earlier accidental hit on a [so-called] wedding party, as well as a few other things--NewsWeek's Koran/toilet play, for one--that filled the Afghan urban streets with civvies busting the shit outta everything western.

    We need them streetsful of civvies in some mental condition other than jihad, if we can manage it. What if some of that funeral had been plain old friends & family? Do we know otherwise?

    What we DO know is that Canada is in there heavy, and the population behind the Canadians--and NATO in general--is squeamish as all get out.

    Just for purposes of discussion.

  33. trish,

    I'll try again. When your friends are being killed and maimed because someone is too squeamish to act in the interest of his immediate command, I would consider heroic any action that might eventually save my ass and that of my comrades.

    Technically and legally, whoever broke ranks should face the music. But as you must appreciate, whereas some general was more interested in brownie points than his troops, we will have to be content with a courageous company grade officer biting the bullet rather than some responsible O-8.

    I am unaware of changing my tune from week to week in a feminine sort of way. If you have something specific in mind, please advise. Otherwise, I will assume your fingers were agitated and you were just filling empty space.

  34. In the vital interest of winning hearts and minds in central Asia, rather than killing clustered, murderous Taliban, the administration will try its best to smother this firestorm. No doubt the President will take the same manly stand he did during the Great Islamic Cartoon War 2005, i.e. screw the Constitution – pay any price, and bear any burden to placate our Muslim friends. A president’s work is never done.

    Bush to hold talks on Ali G creator after diplomatic row

    Borat to be the subject of White House talks

  35. Did you catch the name of the guy in anon's post, about the guy who has spent 15 years looking up womens skirts?

    His name is "Harry Tasker".

  36. buddy larsen; 2:49:55 PM

    re: civies

    A couple days ago, I read an authorized NATO report indicating that many of the present batch of Taliban operating in Afghanistan are Pakistani. (If I can find it, I will post a link.) Are we, then, to worry about placating the civilians of both countries? And, if we may not make anyone mad unless they agree to allow us to make them mad, how in hell is a war to be fought?

    No, this is not Vietnam. This is a conspiracy of dunces.

  37. Allen, ya can't be a Mongol if ya don't got a horde. like i said, "eggshells".

  38. Allen, I have no position on the matter of Afghan war-tactics, I'm not there, and I don't know enough about the situation to be anything but a pile of words. I'm just sayin', we've got NATO, we've got Canada, in there with us. We like it that way, it's quantum better than "just us".

  39. "Harry Tasker" of PORT ST LUCIE, aka Online as "Buddy Larsen"

  40. buddy larsen,

    re: Harry


    The id is a terrible thing to waste, but I shant go there. For an hour today, I shall attempt to take the high road.

  41. Larsen was neutral on the subject of safe havens during Mac and LBJ's enterprise in Vitnam, also, Allen!

  42. My post I just put up at the BC seems to fit right here at the EB, so here it is:
    reocon said,
    "Lawrence Wright, in a recent radio interview, stated that the Iraq war gave Al-Qaeda second life. AQ was reeling after OEF, but the killing blow was not launched: either in Tora Bora or through pursuit into Waziristan.
    Iraq became a great recruiting and funding tool, while AQ and the Taliban reformed in the safe haven provided by Musharraf.
    This was predicted by many critics of OIF.
    The Elephant in the room:
    Who woulda thought allowing safe havens at the periphery of the battle might result in a less than optimum outcome?
    Syria and Iran would be great examples except that they were outshone by the premiere one in Warizistan, since the essence of the maneuver was to simply relocate the enemy enterprise a hundred kilometers East, set up shop, and rebuild, retrain, and re-arm, virtually unmolested, for years..
    No doubt much of the training involves skill sets to neutralize the enemy offense with moves like "the old funeral procession gambit," and etc.
    While you and those around you may get it, ADE, a large portion of the population, and an even larger proportion of the leadership become increasingly clueless over time.
    And Peters makes a great example of Michael Rubin's point, that of explaining the enemy away, as do some posters here.

  43. buddy larsen,

    re: Afghan eggshells

    I have friends there now. They would like some eggshell reciprosity. To them, the prospect of death and injury in the interest of Taliban or civilian sensitivities has no heroic currency.

  44. Allen,
    The Iranian Americans in the
    Murderer in the Cathedral
    Video I linked above, and a couple of experts on the subject, think GWB's invite of the Terrormaster was less than a Masterstroke of Genius, also.

  45. doug,

    Sometime in the future, the public will have its revenge. Hubris is the first step to perdition.

    Were it not for injury to my country, it would be entertaining to see Chafee do the full Chafee on the administration.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. GWB strikes me as one of the most misguided presidents of my lifetime.
    But then, I'm not a follower or the ROP OR Compassionate Conservatism.

  48. Allen,
    What's amazing is the number of posters at the BC that define the present situation as the death-throes of the enemy!!!
    1939 had NOTHIN on us Moderns.
    (aka MORONS)

  49. Okay, i won't argue that the proper position, if you don't know the deatils, might be to give Central Command the benefit of the doubt. Y'all have at it.

  50. re: unauthorized disclosures (a.k.a. as leaks)

    The DoD, as the administration generally, has leaked like the proverbial sieve. When it works to the administration’s interest, no one is incensed. When it embarrasses the dumb shits, well, “Katy bar the door.” In the interest of fairness, let us hope the administration pursues ALL unauthorized disclosures with equal vigor; perhaps, starting with the Powell-Armitage cabal. Nah, I didn’t think so.

  51. I once told my best friend I'd vote for Clinton if his oppo was Powell.
    Half in jest.
    Now I'm not so sure.
    In a fair World, his and Armitage's name would be mud.
    In the Real World they'll continue to be venerated by many.

  52. What gets me more than anything is, Powell/Armitage sat on all that for years, while it demoralized and ate resources out of an already over-engaged nation.

  53. You might add "Scary as Hell,"
    also, Trish.
    I kinda wanted to leave a partially safe World for our kids.

  54. Yeah, doug, Islam is dead, just does not know it.

    Vietnam was a country where we were in a country with an allied government where we fought a type of War, buddy. As was Korea.

    What ever our objectives are in Afghanistan, killing the Taliban and aQ foot soldiers is not high on the list, obviously.

    Taking away terrorist sanctuaries and training camps in Syria, Iran, Somalia , Sudan and Pakistan are not priorities.

    Why would a camp in an unoccupied, by US, Iraq be a greater danger to US? There are already such camps in Iraq where terrorist train and stage attacks against our NATO ally, Turkey. Why are those camps still there, if the establishment of terror training camps is the reason the US remains in Iraq.

  55. That was the heart of the 911 movie, trish--that fear of the lawyers just put the quietus on damn near every direct action available.

  56. Don't know if it made this thread yet, but Armitage's excuse was that Fitz ordered him to be silent.
    Problem was, he was silent
    Fitz so ordered.
    Novak will cover that tomorrow, I hear.

  57. The President's public reasoning, for remaining in Iraq, in such large numbers, is logicly unsound when compared to the other realities of the Global War.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  58. I used to think it would take a good sized attack to wake us up.
    Now I think the only thing that would be a WMD on Israel:
    Assuming they actually WOULD go Nuclear, which is also now in question, I guess.

  59. I dunno, rat. I don't agree with everything re the horror of the sanctuaries--I was just remarking on the leaked funeral photo, and saying there may be more to it. How that got me to being a LBJ/McNamara man, I do not know. Marking off the Yalu river against the depredations of Gen'l McArthur was step one on the road to hell, i fully agree with you.

  60. JFK's Only Inaugural Address ... and today's "Progressive Democrats piss all over it.

    Excerpts. If you read or listened to the entire speech, which was great, you would feel compelled to piss on every Democrat on Capitol Hill. and in every supporting entity...

    "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty...JFK"

    "Now the trumpet summons us again -- not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need -- not as a call to battle, though embattled we are -- but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, "rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation,"² a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself....JFK"

    Listen to it hear and weep for what the Socialist Democrats have enemy of the USA.

  61. correction, i "do" agree, not "don't" agree.

  62. That, doug, a nuclear attack against Israel, is the Master Plan.
    If there is one, at all.

    Solves ALL the current problems of the ME in a couple of days.

    Granted there will be a new set of problems, but they'd be much smaller. Not nearly so many people will be involved.


  64. "How that got me to being a LBJ/McNamara man, I do not know"
    Elementary, My Dear Larsen:
    Nothin to it but to do it!
    (only the truly age-impaired will get to the HEART of that one)

  65. The Canadians are fighting, indeed, in Afghanistan, and valiantly, I will add, with the result that they have taken some serious casualties. We will see if the Canadian public and its government are pleased with the missed opportunity to take out a company sized formation of Taliban, based on some idiotic notion of fair play.

    As written earlier, the US government is not denying having failed to take the shot. So troubled is the government by this embarrassing public disclosure that it is refusing to discuss rules of engagement. Well, that is not going to take them far. This could be a story with legs. If so, it might be the one that breaks the camel’s back, at long last – an Abu Ghraib in reverse. Talk about irony.

  66. thanks for the explanation, doug. i didn't know what I thought until you told me.

  67. trish,

    Unworthy of a response. Pull yourself together.

  68. Frog Marched back to a real Wowa?
    I ain't holding my breath no more.

  69. Buddy,
    If you have any questions about the future, I'm always here.

  70. Allen, where is this issue being discussed--all I know is what I've read right here on this thread--did i miss a link?

  71. (I learned quick from Aristides:)
    Now I just gotta get paid like he do.
    Anybody a Grant-Writing Expert?

  72. Thanks, doug. I wouldn't know what to do without you.

  73. You ARE the missing link, Larsen!

  74. i always wanted to read his auto biography--glad I remembered that--must find a copy.

    Wretchard has a new post, the front part concludes with something related to the topic here (ellipses & bolding mine):

    "One telling story involved saving the baby chickens...on such battlefields you are never at war with everyone: just some of the people and then only part of the time."

  75. Anyhoo, check the news, the IDF is firing big chiefs.

  76. From my readings today it is quite evident that you blokes have no idea of what's to be done in you war's of global hegemony.
    Much the pity.

  77. no, anonymus, you're reading it wrong. The problem here is the near 50/50 split in the polity. that can change.

  78. tradesports just went to 50/50 on the House. Up from GOP low 30s only a couple weeks ago.

  79. While you're at it Larsen, get Henry Ford's Autobiographies.
    All of them.

  80. how many did he write, anyway? did he mass-produce 'em?

  81. Perhaps it is your polity. What will you ever do in the coming decade when you are faced with a muliparty system that requires coalitions with Communists,Greens, and your own problem, hordes of illiterate Mexicans who've been made citizens?
    I see a fallen but currently bloviated empire in ruin.
    Of course as you are so fond of saying. That train has already left the station. You, with only two parties now, have an ungovernable country unable to manage even it's own borders.
    But then I suppose you could just adopt the European model.

  82. Good idea, anonymous. just let us get a little more suicidally depressed first, then we'll take you up on it.

  83. Oh my, no need for depression, just continue your submission, the rest will take care of your freedoms.

  84. now I get it--we need a new revolution. hey, i agree with you. come over here and help us.

  85. rufus, "fuck you, Euro" is *not* a foreign policy.

  86. rufus, to get to the bottom of the question, I'm gonna need a list of all the countries that have long waiting lists of Americans trying to get in. You know, like we do, of every other country on the globe.

  87. buddy,

    I linked this earlier after I pulled it out of my ass. It is not too soiled to read, I hope. ;-D

    U.S. military investigates leaked photo

  88. Chaps, you've taken offense. I would be the first to admit that what you have is far superior to anything anywhere else. You're just allowing it to slowly erode away by the infiltration of "the Eurpean model" which has long since failed.
    I just think mores the pity for the world that you can no longer muster the individual moral clarity that you started with and instead have exchanged it for a totally centralized government.
    Your own Constitution mentions something about powers not specifically delegated to the goverment shall reside with the states, or some such thing. Tell me then about the efforts of your citizens on the Southwest border to protect themselves (and your nation)when your centralized controllers in Washington won't allow you to fight invaders?

  89. A gunman in a black trench coat and sporting a mohawk haircut opened fire Wednesday at a Montreal college and wounded at least 12 people - six critically - before he...(more)

    BUSH again!

  90. anonymous, all due respect, but all those centralized powers accrued to Washington as a result of the need to fight the 20th century wars that you guys kept throwing at us. Promise you'll behave for a few hundred years and maybe we can reverse out of it some.

  91. There's no doubt we Euro's have taken "Easy Street".

    You Americans work 50-60 hour weeks,are fearful of taking holiday for fear of being let off.

    We work a 30-35 hour week and have a months holiday, with pay and come back to our jobs.

    Who's ahead. We eat well, our water closets are working ,why we even have elecricity.
    Butt keep working hard chaps we love you military protection.

  92. heh--good comeback, anonymous, you turd, you.

  93. Buddy,

    Jeez the place was like a tomb ..this is the Elephant Bar, Chaps!!!

  94. Good to see the fighting spirit of 1776 still lives!

  95. Hell I thought for sure you'd see enough misspelled words to catch me

  96. you can take the man outta the company, but you can't take...oh well, you know....

  97. tufus, you better apologize to our fellow anglospheroids.

  98. Hey guys, I may be a lot of things, but one of them is a guy who likes his friends good enough to have then use solid American words like shit and fuck when "talking to both got A++

    Drinks and Monica flavored cigars on me! barkeep, over here...

  99. i wuz about to mention needing a 30 hr work week because five daily butt-ups to the sand-monkey god, takes a lotta time outta the day.

  100. I think my 6:04 was best , but the "holiday" one and military protection ...30-35 hour work weeks....

    All that's why I want us out of the UN..fuck'em all ...we can still negotiate with individual countries , make pacts etc..we don't need the damn UN

  101. well, i W#AS holding it back--good catch--but only waiting for his next shot. i'm an old (OLD) golden-glover, counterpuching takes patience.

  102. and I'm sure as hell not pleased with the movement that believes "international laws" trump our own ... if need be lets become a free and independent nation..sounds good to me ..yeah they'd call us a rogue nation..too bad

  103. "counterpuching" is when your counterpuNch "miss de mark".

  104. Is 2164th still over there?
    Perhaps a bit of Rice/Allbright diplomacy is in order until he is safely returned to the bar?
    Might be prudent.

  105. You've been such good sports about all this, what say we buggar some small boys ...those thaat do butt-ups for a start.

  106. Miss DeMark, a french lady of the evening, she take your money and disappear.

  107. Rufus...thank G-d we still have non coms ..but it's definitely the UN that's taking us for a big ride, and we pay most of the freight

  108. hey, watch the viking bit--we no Greeks.

  109. i gotta admit, that "we love your military protection", right after the "30 hr work week" did kinda grit my remaining teeth pretty good.

  110. now they're both loose. oh well, no more of that "chewy" mush.

  111. Buddy,Rufus,
    i do apologise for all that shit but one things for sure..I know I got some blood pressure readings somewhere above normal.

    bad thing is is that's what they think...wouldn't you say so? or was I over the top?

  112. If you go back and read it from my side...well I was on the floor...sorry..i should have done it to some of the BC big-brains

  113. no, it wasn't overkill--i had you pictured as a lefty Oz, actually. It was the "blokes", i think.

  114. you are both entitled to call me in print an asshole

  115. oh, that's for sure, no doubt about THAT. but funny anyway.

  116. Buddy early on you were right ..we do need another revolution ...I'm starting to listen to Newt again. I liked him then he done went and gots in trouble.
    But he may run and he's smart and crafty

  117.'s haley Barbor(sp) doing? as gov?

  118. I'm just so DAMNed tickled over that tradeports reversal, I can barley contain myself. That Dem crew is about ten times more awful than most folks really know. You have to have watched their shit for Lo! these many years.

  119. buddy,

    Lo and behold, look what else I just pulled out of my ass. Good grief, I’m starting to worry about impaction.

    My goodness, how did a little eager beaver like trish miss all this?

    U.S. military to probe release of Taliban funeral photo

    “The photo appeared on NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders’ blog and never aired on television, the network said Wednesday. Sanders wrote that he was told that the photo had been properly declassified but later received an “urgent request” from a U.S. Army colonel to pull the photo from the Web site.”

    “’As a courtesy, and with an awareness of the danger U.S. forces are in, I had the photo pulled,’ he wrote.”

    “Taliban militants this year have been waging their bloodiest campaign of violence since their 2001 ouster from power in the U.S.-led invasion”

    Military investigating photo supposedly of Taliban gathering

    “The Pentagon won't comment on the picture. But a U-S military spokeswoman in Afghanistan says they're investigating who released it.”

    No new commitments for NATO Afghan force

    “NATO failed Wednesday to win new troop commitments urgently needed for its Afghanistan campaign.”

    “Their reluctance has raised fresh concerns about NATO's unity and brought appeals from leaders of those nations in the spearhead of the anti-Taliban operations.”

  120. i like Newt--a lot. He IS brainy. In fact *leagues* ahead of the DC mill-run.

  121. Rufus, I got the distinct idea that England isn't first choice for your next "holiday"

  122. eager beaver like trish

    is she?

  123. allen--that's what i was trying to get at this morning. Shaky NATO, go easy in here, keep the focus forward. I know the counter argument. but we gotta quit this circle-jerking blame game.

  124. Allen,
    Out of NATO UN ...No Nato...

    we'll all get harleys and tattoos and scare them

  125. Was that your German, habu, as well?
    Givin' us sympathy?

    Any way check out the GOP Blog poll I linked to, next thread.
    The "G Team" leads the way.
    Gulliani @ #1, Newt in 2nd place.

    Run with the big dogs,
    or stay on the porch.

  126. It makes me sick, that not a soul speaking for the NATO effort has made any sort of "we will never quit" speech.

  127. Buddy,
    newt and ?


  128. nothing that got any press anyway.

    rat, what do you think about the AZ primaries? Conservs shoot theyselfs in the foot?

  129. damn, i like condi and rudy too. damn

  130. Because they'd be lying, buddy.

    They won't step up to the levels they previously promised. And why not, when the Enemy forms up on the parade ground, unmolested?

    Could have hit them as the left the grave yard, there by not violating our "agreement" with the Afghan government, but NO CAN DO.
    Well we could have, but did not.
    The lack of WILL to WIN persists.

  131. i don't see ANYbody tackling any 2nd amendment "issues" so long as this war's on.

  132. Dr,
    I like that poll...I like Newt for #1 and Guil#2

    I think they would wip up in all debates and really kick some serious ass

  133. Do not really know, buddy.
    The AZ 8 District is down on the border and pretty much split 50/50.
    Mr Kolbe, the current Congressman, is a "happy fellow", he has been out of the closet for years, to no ill electoral effect.

  134. Rufus,
    I don't know the bios of all the GOP'ers but have any ever made a's damn hard to be a professional pol and do much else..althought Newt had some things go'in..but it might have been with donations

  135. DR..I wish I could tell ya where we could find some will to win but I don't see it either...
    what's happened?

    have we gone ALL the way to EURO PC?

  136. They've been fighting hard over there. It's just, so has the taliban.

  137. somehow the fire has gone out of the Condi movement--tho Dick Morris sez she's the only one who can beat the Mizziz Clinton machine.

  138. brothers,

    All I tried to do was defend the reputation of a good man from feminist assault (bob smith) and things went downhill from there.

    All I did was cite perfectly legitimate scientifically verified facts, for instance:

    Male to female ratio of 2.3:1 with IQs of 130+, 3:1 with IQs of 145+, and 5.5:1 with IQs of 155+

    “The disparity is more pronounced at higher levels, with three men for every woman scoring above 130 and more than five men per woman above 145 IQ.”

    “There were twice as many men with IQ scores of 125, for example, a level said to correspond with people getting first-class degrees.
    At scores of 155, associated with genius, there were 5.5 men for every woman.”

    The male to female Mensa membership ratio is 2:1.

    The ratios on the old SAT show the similar distributions. No data is yet available on the new SAT.

    Now, I find the lady has personalized the debate, writing, “Being a girl, I am a mere anti-semolina. [I have no idea what that means either.]”

    Am I supposed to claim responsibility for her lack of self-esteem?

    Trish, without so much as bothering to examine for herself a vast horde of available data supporting my link and comments, personalizes my deflation of her balloon, writing, “Where did you get this information? You pulled it out of your ass.” Trish, it seems thinks such a statement is self-evidently true. Her perception of the sheer brilliance of her logic is tragic. In my defense, unlike some, I did not have to pull my head out my ass before blogging today.

    Ms. T. What can I say?

    Although my personal experience has taught that women can be breathtakingly smart, even prodigious, I may have to consider just ignoring the girls. I just cannot deal simultaneously with debate, tantrums, and tears.

  139. Did I write that the US should get out of NATO?! I don't think so. I just reported that NATO is getting out of NATO. No need to shoot the messenger.

  140. Allen,
    This might help:
    "...what preoccupies him are the minutest issues of daily existence, most of all the question of ritual purity within traditional society,"
    I wrote of him two years ago (Why Islam baffles America, April 16, 2004).
    His website, as I reported at the time, contains detailed instructions for regaining ritual purity after sodomy with an animal, for washing the anus after defecation,..."
    Spengler on Sistanni

  141. Allen,
    debate,tantrums,tears,and all day lawn duty....i say just kick back with a six pack of Yoo-Hoo and let the stats fall where they may....we know who really has the power femme.

  142. Note
    1. For example:
    "It is obligatory to conceal one's private parts in the toilet and at all times from adult persons, even if they are one's near relatives (like mother, sister etc).

    "It is not necessary for a person to conceal the private parts with any definite thing, it is sufficient, if, for example, he conceals them with his hand.

    "While using the toilet for relieving oneself, the front or the back part of one's body should not face the holy Ka'bah [shrine in the Great Mosque, Mecca]."

  143. I hope Tufus doesn't miss that when he gets back from the Beer Run.
    Get his ass oriented, so to speak.

  144. women are for breed'n, housework and grocery shopp'in ..even then they gotta have a list

    and htey call us male chauvinists for watch'in football all weekend and a little what DO they want

  145. I've lost the conversation. Are we talking about the ButtHole Surfers or what?

  146. Women, can't live WITH 'em...pass the beer nuts."

    Norm, "Cheers" (IIRC)

  147. Butt Hole Care and Management, 101

  148. would you wax your body for your loved ones, or your wife even?

  149. whazza matta,da think if youz face away you get a Kabbah uo yoowrs

  150. there's the Englishman, again. Trying to lure us into some of that English preversion. where is Keenan Wynn when we need him?

  151. Lionel Mandrake "operator could we make that a station to staion call the I don't seem to have ....

  152. Okay, but if you don't get the president on the phone, you're gonna have to answer to the Coca Cola company.

  153. so what is happening down on the border? those dudes ever build that fence?
    are the illegals still coming in at 10k+ a day? or is it now a trickle of 6-7K?

    Ok so let me understand. we can't kill the enemy when he's most vulnerable.
    We pay huge dues to the UN so that Cuba and Syria can sit on the Human Rights Committee.
    NATO won't send troops to honor NATO commitments
    Iraq is now best friends with Iran
    Russians are all over our shit in venezuela
    China and Russia are feeding nukes to Iran.
    So things are OK huh?

  154. ah Bob ..all Possum Tater material is copywrited.
    You may choose another marsupial or perhaps an armadillo but no,no on knock off Possum Tater quotes.

  155. BoB Smith,
    I realize you're relatively new but....

  156. No, bobbie, you're better now. honest.

  157. Hard to deal with pretense, self-importance, and narcissism all in one thread.

    you missed compensatory facade,schizophrenia, run of the mill jealousy, declining testostrone levels, male pattern baldness, and having to drive a minivan..

  158. habu1; 8:18:04 PM

    Remember, Habu, Bush IS THE MAN!

    Gingrich is a great man, but he will never get the nomination: He was mean to his wife (Whether #1 or #2 or #1 & #2, I don't remember). In the new model America, he is too insensitive and consumed by an insistence on factuality. Most importantly, he has painted a truly unflattering picture of the King.

  159. allen said:

    The male to female Mensa membership ratio is 2:1.

    Mensa is where inflated egos go to display how brilliant they think they are. College is where young people go to prepare for a career. The male to female college membership ratio is 60:40. Thank you for your attention.

  160. Bobbi.....sorry it happen to be your best material but now you have an opportunity for growth. Open up to a new species

    Actually I think an Annie Armadillo could give you a personna not already developed and allow for road kill potential just like PossumTater deals with when he's not bogg'n wit mz Possum "Honey Dip" Tater or one of his other numerous paramours.

  161. buddy larsen said:

    somehow the fire has gone out of the Condi movement--tho Dick Morris sez she's the only one who can beat the Mizziz Clinton machine.

    You leave Hillary's electric marital aids out of this.

  162. No Federal fence, the vigilantes built a mile of so, just a cattle fence, no big deal.

    The local politicians say we're down to 4,000 or 5,000 per day. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but the migration moved West toward San Diego as the summer heated up. The desert along the old Camino del Diablo is damn tuff, come summer.

    Have not been south to Naco for a while so I'm not sure as to the actual sitrep

  163. Allen,
    yes and he may not be metrosexual enough for our new society. BUT being mean to wives 1-4 doesn't count, they're only practice for the trphy wife who'll be too young to ever catch on.
    I mean lets face it ..a little powder, alittle paint, make a woman what she ain't...and after about 26,27 it's a good 45 minutes job to make-up to doorway. The there's the cellulite OMG

  164. habu1; 8:30:23 PM

    re: "Hard to deal with pretense, self-importance, and narcissism all in one thread."

    Man, I am so ashamed. Well, that's it for me, no more facts. I've learned my lesson, from now on it's out of the ass for me.

    I drive a Volvo S-80 and a Sequoia, depending on how much environmental damage I wish to inflict on any given day. My motto is, “Everything is relative and Gia is a bitch.” Minivan, indeed! Ditto to everything else.

    By the way, is there an emollient for id?

  165. Allen,
    i was talk'in about me dude..sorry if you have the same challenges but I'm the one here that looks like Burl Ives,has "issues" with protecting a make believe Possum from encrouchment, not to mention having to deal with Doc Johnson products.

  166. there's little in life that a grilled ham n cheese can't help.

  167. By the way, is there an emollient for id?
    yes..... Shakira

  168.'ve even got a themesong by Hall and you're set just pick the 'vore of choice and go to it.

  169. Buddy,
    I go with tuna..after all our olfactactory sense plays a huge part in our overall joie de la vie.

  170. re: the EB

    Contretemps in chaos? Is there a train of thought to be found at the EB? Didn't Habu lay out the groundless rules at the outset (or would that be onset?)?

    It's time for me to have a drink, kick the dog, and curse the little woman (I may have that backward). It will get sorted after a six pack. By then, homos take care. If they are little brown people, well, they are dead meat.

  171. habu1,

    re: Shakira

    Good G-d almighty! Makes me almost wish I didn't hate Latinos. Oh well, such is the price of border security.

    Hips! Lips! and Torture! So much to offer, so little time.

  172. Allen,
    I think all have fled to the new post ..Shkira could cure me.

  173. well, I had to proofread the middle dotter's resume, as she is wont to apply for 22 yr old CEO of a Fortune 500.

  174. bob smith,

    See you at the new post.

    Oh, in case you missed it, I am something of a cantankerous "old" SOB, but in a "compassionate" sort of way.

    "Golden Years, indeed," he mumbles as he shuffles off to he medicine cabinet for his Zocor and a sleeper.

  175. yep, double major in the Slavics and Anthropology. Her big sis was just in town, from Dallas--she & new hub are moving to Long Beach for a year and a half, where he will help set up some sort of medical software dealie. they all so much more accomplished than they gone-to-seed ole dad.

  176. ...of the way we weeeeere...ah, babs...before you were a pol, you sang like an angel.

  177. bob smith,

    Just checking in on you.

    I am impressed. You too are a member of that select crew, able to get totally shit-faced while still capable of conjugating a verb. Salute!

    I am sorry to report that the mediocrities at BC will be harsh.

    Hitchens, you magnificent bastard, you are not alone!