“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fear and Submission to God and Man

President Bush has dared use the term Islamo-Fascists two or three times in the past year. Many of us thought it was a breakthrough moment when he had finally identified the "evil doers." Apparently, though for some like Russ Fiengold, CAIR and British Muslim leaders, the epithet will only serve to further radicalise Muslims in the west who since 9/11 have felt increasingly targeted and ostracised.

Muslims would do well to complain less about perceived greivances and take a very stong and very public stand against the terrorists whatever you want to call them. Here is one Muslim whom we can all applaud.
Emilo Karim Dabul writing in the NY Post says:
WELL, here it is, five years late, but here just the same: an apology from an Arab-American for 9/11. No, I didn't help organize the killers or contribute in any way to their terrible cause. However, I was one of millions of Arab-Americans who did the unspeakable on 9/11: nothing.
The only time I raised my voice in protest against these men who killed thousands of innocents in the name of Allah was behind closed doors, among the safety of friends and family. I did at one point write a very vitriolic essay condemning their actions, but fear of becoming another Salman Rushdie kept me from ever trying to publish it.
Well, I'm sick of saying the truth only in private - that Arabs around the world, including Arab-Americans like myself, need to start holding our own culture accountable for the insane, violent actions that our extremists have perpetrated on the world at large.
Yes, our extremists and our culture.
Notice that he said "fear" had prevented him from speaking out previously. Even in America, Muslims are afraid to speak out against the Islamo-Fascists. I believe Islam means submission to Allah, not some irrational lunatics bent on reestablishing a caliphate.

Until more Muslims denounce the Islamo Fascists in the strongest and most unequivocal terms, the rest of us will suspect that the dominant emotion of the Muslim community is not one of fear but of sympathy. And we are not sympathetic to that.


  1. All the complaints about "them" apply almost equally to the Democrats, and to various degrees some Republicans.
    Almost never do we hear condemnation of beheading and other atrocities of the Nazis, but we hear constant condemnation of not just the Bush Admin, but the USA, Really.
    Today Feingold got up in the Senate and condemned the use of the term Islamofascist!
    Soon, war will consist of sensitivity classes on how not to offend "the enemy."

  2. The Marines had their Core Values training, right after the Haditha dust up.
    That was a "code" word for sensitivity training. Do not doubt it for a moment.

  3. From Corps Values
    to "Core Values"
    in one administration:
    Only the Marines perservered through the Clinton years.
    Now even they have had to submit.

  4. Here is an unscientific poll's result from GOP Blggers.

    Seems that of the 272 respondents 72.8% were selfselected "Pro-Lifers". Myself included.
    The two most popular '08 candidates for President, the "G Team", Giuliani w/33.8% and Newt @ 17.6%.

    Interesting, if statisticly irrelevent.

  5. Remember when the Wartime Military used to be the better one to be in?
    Luckily, we won't have to see what it will become in peacetime, anytime soon.
    Given how things are going.

  6. I thot pro lifers were sposed to reject Rudy for just that reason?
    I take him over anything out there so far regardless of any shortcomings.
    Some chance of having a semi-manly view of things, at least.

  7. The results of the total blogspheres 6800 respondents tracks RCP's pretty closely.

    The "G Team" still leads the pack.
    Even though the Pro-Life group is a bit larger in the total group.

  8. He's the only Vet of the Mohammedan Wars. He's lost friends to these animals.
    Payback should be a MediVac.
    Not a funeral pass.

  9. Wretchard is covering the funeral-photo issue under the title "PF Sloan Would Understand".

    Sloan's biggest hit was Eve of destruction.


  10. I always liked his upbeat tone of voice and the ebullient music.

  11. The BC lede on the Afghan photo scandal is about 7 hours behind DR's post here at the EB! Is someone lurking?

  12. Where'd this come from?
    "A nite in baghdad makes a hard man crumble."

  13. Wretchard said,

    1) "What would be your thoughts if the the Predator drone had blown up the Taliban as these poor tribesmen were engaged in the traditional act of mourning?"

    2) " What would be your thoughts if the Taliban bombed a US military funeral at Arlington?"

    To question #1, there would be fewer of these "poor tribesmen" around to kill Canadians and Americans in their "traditional act[s] of policing the former territory of the murdering bastards complicit in 911.

    To question #2, if continually given the chance they will attack.

    Commentary: You have to be shitting me!

  14. And… tell me over and over and over and over again, my friend

    You don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    Of destruction

    Mm, no no, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of destruction.

    (man, that IS upbeat!)

  15. Allen - 8:20:52 PM
    If an insurgent has info on a bomb in your family's neighborhood, would you

    A. Ask politely for that information.
    B. Apologize for being curious and nervous.
    C. Shoot Yourself

  16. "Putin's and Possum's Poontang"

  17. That 19 yr old Ruskie ain't bad.
    Rich, Too.

  18. Quite good so far chaps. I think if we could revive Winnie's Home Guard and get them rolling over hill and dale on our shitty little roads ,past our shitty little houses we could provide some
    extra Mandrake type Jove Moxie Mandrake....raatha lyrical, in a Gilbert and Sullivan way.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. NATO, the cupboard is bare, who'd have ever thought.

    "... Military analysts say the increasing international commitments on overstretched European forces mean NATO will find it hard to raise more troops.

    "The signs are not particularly good for a rapid response," said Lord Timothy Garden, of London's Chatham House think tank. "This has been going on in different theaters for years and years now, really since 1999 in Kosovo, and all our militaries are getting pretty threadbare." ..."

    Seven years, Europe's worn out.
    They could use a little John Paul Jones, but then so could US

  21. doug,

    re: A. Ask politely for that information.
    B. Apologize for being curious and nervous.
    C. Shoot Yourself

    Like, these are trick questions, right, man?

    I get two calls, right?

    OK, who will I call first, State or CAIR?

    Man, I always hated tests! Not fair! Not fair!

  22. rufus,

    re: This "anonymous" asshole

    Do you think Habu's id might have escaped?

  23. I remember vividly my faatha telling about the China-Burma-India theater when he was on staff with Vinegar Joe Stillwell..
    Old Vinegar would have the boys do some plays and such. Smashing good. Then he was posted to the Chindits and caught malaria.

  24. Yeah I'm fuck'in sick and tired of these anon posts. If we ever find out who it is well we'll just send him over to the BC for punishment.

  25. "... Iran offered to help the United States leave but did not go into details, Annan said. He would not give his own thoughts on whether he believed the United States should leave Iraq yet.

    "The timing has to be optimum and it has to be arranged in such a way that it does not lead to even greater disruption or violence in the region," he said. ...

    ... He said that on Monday, the U.N. would host a meeting of the Iraq Compact, a new group created by Iraqi's government meant to help strengthen its economy.

    "The idea here is to generate support for the economic development of Iraq," Annan said. "Wait till next week, the pessimists will be surprised as to what happens."

  26. 'His mom's letting Harry back in the game. Try hitting him harder in the face,'"
    UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- A T-ball coach's desire to win at all costs became a crime when he twice asked an 8-year-old boy to hurl baseballs at a disabled teammate for $25, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

  27. "Wait till next week, the pessimists will be surprised as to what happens."
    I can't wait: Where's Ari with the Masterplan when we need him?

  28. Allen - 8:20:52 PM
    If an insurgent has info on a bomb in your family's neighborhood, would you

    A. Ask politely for that information.
    B. Apologize for being curious and nervous.
    C. Shoot Yourself
    I know I'm gett'in either ready or paranoid. I thought I had the paranoia beat after about 10 years out of the Company but if I see a muzzie I have a friggin arsenal...and I'm working on a new potato gun too

  29. Not that many posts at the old BC, they won't punish anon, just welcome a new, semi-literate member.
    Maybe they'll teach him to use apostaphes

  30. Check out the BFG here

    This guy is a master. Nicest .50 caliber semi auto around ..everyone gotta have one.

    The BFG stands for Big Fuck'in Gun..I think he gives some free ammo if you know that..he's a friend of a friend..

  31. "... SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea's vice foreign minister said Wednesday he understood the United States had offered one-on-one talks with North Korea on the communist nation's nuclear program, but was rejected. ...

  32. Wretchard, the cat says
    "... the easternmost provinces of Pakistan came under the sway of the Taliban without anyone in the outside world much noticing. Though we will, one day. ..."

    Guess he did not read his comments section, back in the day, aye.

  33. Ok so let me understand. we can't kill the enemy when he's most vulnerable.
    We pay huge dues to the UN so that Cuba and Syria can sit on the Human Rights Committee.
    NATO won't send troops to honor NATO commitments
    Iraq is now best friends with Iran
    Russians are all over our shit in venezuela
    China and Russia are feeding nukes to Iran.
    So things are OK huh?

  34. Habu,
    That BFG is on my son's list, but right now he's still gotta pay for the turbo he blew up with a hacked computer on his STI!
    The mills of reality grind exceedingly small on irresponsible youth.

  35. Either it's gettin' better all the time, or we're on the eve of destruction.

    As they say at FOX, we report, you decide.

  36. Habu 9:58:57 PM
    At the last thread I visited at BC, posters were predicting the enemies collapse!
    We gottum where we want em boys:
    Circle up and fire.

  37. That secret Masterplan, it's sure a dooozy

  38. Rufus,
    I'm damn proud of Tony Blair and how he's stood tall against a sea of Euroweenies.
    When he addressed a Joint Session of Congress way back I recorded it. I play it every so often because it really borders on the great speeches of Winston Churchill, And I've got almost all of Winnies speeches during WWII.

    I think when he says "if we draw up the bridge" or whatever they don't realise how endangered they'd be..or they don't care ..until they come for them

  39. DR,
    The BC lost it's vitality when you veteran posters got locked out with everybody else. I think he should have allowed you guys and gals who were the heartbeat to remain...we were fortunate that2164 and Whit stepped up to keep some continuity with a like minded group. yes we each have a different take n certain things but I don't think I'm off the mark by saying we all feel we should fight to win with our best stuff.

  40. Rufus,
    I'm gonna try and poop around on that French pilots story.
    I do know that the one commenter had his facts a little balled up, saying that Army Air Corps had pilots "seconded" to the Chinese. He's talking about Clair Chennault and the AVG (ALL Volunteer Group)who were from all over but mostly Americans like Pappy Boyington......but the French flying for Iraq..hmmm.

  41. terror-free,

    Welcome aboard and thanks. Spread the word.

  42. rufus & habu,

    re: French pilots

    That came to my attention a while back. It did not surprise me because the money was right. The truth will eventually out.

  43. okay, now that Vinegar Joe Stillwell and the Chindits have come up, who was the crazy Englishman who led the Brit forces attached?

  44. Rufus. Couldn't get through to a man I needed to speak with but that would have been in my arena and I just don't recall it.Perhaps Luttwak is confused on dates and engagements..see below

    "True, French pilots helped defend Israeli airspace during the Suez Campaign in 1956, but this time a new precedent seemed to be established in the U.S.-Israel relationship
    In the paragraph on American Guarantees.

  45. Buddy I didn't look up but i want to say wayvel? spelling??

  46. Buddy ..did you know that off top of head?

  47. Wingate--that's the one. he was a complete loon 9the history books say), but a helluva jungle fighter.

  48. No, the story was stuck in my mind but I could not for the life of me remember the name. that's why i asked, actually.

  49. Names go quick after age mumble-mumble.

  50. Buddy yeah i knew wayvel was way too high up command to lead the chindits but if given another hour i'd have come up with it orde wingate...and boy did they have it tough

  51. re: Wretchard

    Wretchard has seen the future and is terrified. He is hoping beyond hope.

    This is just an opinion, but we are all living on borrowed time. While we choose to ignore the bad guys, they have not forgotten us. There will be hell to pay.

    This reminds me of a scene in the movie Gettysburg. Stuart finally finishes his ride around the Union forces, too late to help Lee. General Lee is clearly displeased with his gallant subordinate. Detecting Lee's displeasure, Stuart, the consummate Southern gentleman, tenders his resignation. A visibly shaken Lee responds, "There is no time, Sir. There is no time."

  52. the story is just too bizarre--armies stuck off in the farthest corner of the world, in the deep jungle of the subcontinent on India's northeast frontier, air supplied irregularly, led by a Calvinist disciplinarian Vinegar Joe and an English aristocrat who rode a white horse into battle in his birthday suit. Chindits--on their own, for a long long time.

  53. Buddy

    My first wife's father was a glider pilot in the CBI shot down..E &E'd and made it home base but he said the first night in the jungle his hair turned white overnight..honest

  54. Allen...why is wretchard depressed other than the world right now is very close to chaos

  55. habu, there are other cases of that. Especially in the seige of Vicksburg--the bombardment turned several young women's hair white almost overnight.

  56. I thimnk a lot of the trouble is this thing right here--the instant communication. Everything seems like it's going off at once.

  57. Buddy,

    I know we have Spec Ops people all over with every agency now but those men in the WWII had no radios worth a shit no highenergyfood no water purifiers all the modern shit ...and I never heard one of my Dad's Marine buddies cry over any of it.

  58. those are the boys who grew up barefooted in the depression--there was nothing soft to 'em anywhere. Yet not cynical or low-cunning--just smart and faithful, and hard, hard-working.

  59. Buddy, I wrote a position paper at the Company about the compression of time in decision making when we were about to go real time satillite...i said i did not believe it would always be to our advantage to react instantly...but over time that's the course people started reflexion on the situation, no recalling history of similar was like a new toy

  60. plus i don't think anyone of consequence ever saw the paper

  61. i think my boss used it to clean up some spilled coffee

  62. leaded..he was a Pole who'd lost his parents to Hitler and then watched his country get swallowed up by the Soviets ...gotta love Yalta

  63. Popular, as always

    Db2m said...
    I thought 2164th's Elephant Blog was going to be a working alternative to a Belmont lockout, but the transported, transplanted belmont drunks have taken up their favorite topic again; sheep, goats, bestiality. ...

  64. allen said:

    This reminds me of a scene in the movie Gettysburg. Stuart finally finishes his ride around the Union forces, too late to help Lee. General Lee is clearly displeased with his gallant subordinate. Detecting Lee's displeasure, Stuart, the consummate Southern gentleman, tenders his resignation. A visibly shaken Lee responds, "There is no time, Sir. There is no time."

    And then Longstreet wanted to try to get around the enemy's left (Afghanistan) again, but Lee demurred, because "The enemy is here (Iraq), and I will fight him here." Well let's hope we don't hear the lament after the battle, "Too bad, too bad, oh too bad!"

  65. Allen
    re: borrowed time

    I think all of us who have been in tight situations, or hell even seen a dead body reflect a bit on the thin thread connecting us with, he is vs. he was
    but it does appear to be getting hairy again ..i'll tell you what ..i ain't mess'in wit no stingrays uh uh

  66. Had a Hungarian E6 that walked across Europe for the chance to join the US Army, tough fellow. Loved to use the pugel sticks, take on all comers, 4 or 5 at a time. Never saw him lose, which was a bitch since he'd always clean my clock. I had always thought I was good at it, another lesson learned.

  67. DR..sounds about right to me

  68. desert rat quoted from BC:

    ...the transported, transplanted belmont drunks have taken up their favorite topic again; sheep, goats, bestiality...

    I thought that was what boys talked about at Mensa meetings and Slashdot and places of this general ilk. It sure as shit ain't about the last time they got laid.

  69. I remember now, vividly for some reason, sitting in my dad's house, in my early 20s, at a party, debating politics with my dad and his friend & associate Harry Fisher. I wuz a-tellin' how the cow ate the corn, in the "new world".

    And they were listening respectfully, with never a snort or a sneer.

    At the same age as i was then, my dad had flown on the 1943 Regensburg, Stuttgart, & Schweinfurt missions (and had been shot out of the air on #13 to spend 15 months a a POW), and Harry Fisher had been a B-24 pilot on the Ploesti Raid among others.

    And there i wuz, telling 'em how it's a gonna be in the new world.

    And there they were, polite enough to listen.

  70. I'm on Belmont Club yesterday and it's deader than a dodo. I start thinking, where's everybody at? Then I remember a couple of weeks ago 2164th mentioning something about starting his own site. I google search and, bingo! Found you guys! I was getting separation anxiety there for awhile.

    Why did you guys bail on Wretchard? What gives?

  71. Being polite is not always easy, but in the end it usually proves to be the be course.

    I don't usually discuss, Ms T, the last egg. There was that time in Korea, though, nothing like a four egg omlete.

  72. sam said:

    Why did you guys bail on Wretchard? What gives?

    Theory #1: The chattier posters at Belmont Club realized they were cluttering up Wretchard's blog and used his lock-down of external commentary as an opportunity to take up shop here.

  73. Tere...amen sister

    Lee was also very much influenced by the Battle of Solferino in the Austro- Sardinia War in 1859.

    Similar in tactics with each flank having been heavily assaulted Nepoleon broke the center on the third.Lee remembered this and felt he could do the same.
    Lack of accurate artillery, an inaccurate count of his troops and a host of other big risks defeated the attempt ... Longstreet went on to become villified for being too slow to act and Lee became the Godlike "Marble Man"

  74. desert rat,

    re: Db2m said

    A sense of humor comes hard for the anally retentive – busy saving the world with that one opinion that no other human being over the last 3 million years has had. Oh, and remedial reading with the aid of bifocals would do a world of good for old “Dumb.” Although I must not be too harsh, English is not the first language of everyone.

    The poor lad/lass must feel lonely. Sheit needn't, there is the BC. Stay there if the heat is too high over here. Enjoy.

  75. desert rat said:

    I don't usually discuss, Ms T, the last egg. There was that time in Korea, though, nothing like a four egg omlete.

    I would offer a brief bit of applause, but since you're talking about Korea I'm sure a little clap is not in order.

  76. teresita,

    re: getting laid

    Not to put too fine a point on it, darlin, but what would you know about that?

    By the way, I never mentioned sheep. One must draw the line of propriety somewhere.

  77. It wasn't just Longstreet on the right. The corp on the left was to've made a coordinated attack on the second day, and never did punch it in. The commander--i won't 'search'--was --

  78. Hell, allen, there ain't no heat, here or there.
    Didn't even reach 100 degrees, today.

    Now there is a bit of heat in Warizistan, a bit more in Afghanistan, but not much. At an average of just three funerals a day, we'll never be done.

  79. sam,


    As Anna Nicole Smith has proven, one can be smart and still be a party animal.

  80. Buddy,
    I usually attended my folks cocktail parties as a go-fer, so I heard a lot of stories. The first song I learned was the Marine Corps Hymm, all three versus and I was about five.
    By the time i could read i read "The History of Marine Corps Aviation in WWII".
    by the time i'm 10 I realize just what the men playing golf,water skiing etc HAD done. My father was one of 'em..people who had the MOH,Navy Crosses,etc I got to "know " them I just listened..but they didn't talk a lot about war..they just did their jobs ..all serious "A' types though..had to be.

  81. sam, my impression is, wretchard wants to tighten up, fewer comments, and on-topic. This place is not a bail on wretchard, it's a cooperation *with* wretchard.

  82. ole baldy ewell search..yet..ewell on the first day by nightfall was suppose to have taken Culps Hill but didn' cold feet..meanwhile Karl Schertz(sp), an old Prussian who liked fortifications had the Union digging in. Rebs took the Hill for about 4 hours but were repulsed.

  83. Basicly, sam, wretchard said he did not want a chat room, but a learned discussion, with long word counts and improved vocabulary.
    Not at all my style.
    I, and I suppose the others, took him at his word.

  84. teresita,

    re: ps: getting laid

    In hindsight, I may have to rethink my position. Bushwacking may be comparable to getting laid, after all.

    Hmmm? Decisions. Decisions.

    Do I get laid or whack 190 Taliban. What do you say Petie?

  85. habu, that connection with Pappy Boyington--you must have hit the roof hard, when that University statue problem came up.

    wondewr what your dad--or you--thought about the tv show--Baa Baa Black Sheep?

  86. Whack the 190, then go find a girl or two.
    That's my advice, allen.

  87. I just love watching that Corsair fly, land, or sit. folded or open. the Hose Nose is a thing of evil beauty.

  88. habu said:

    Lack of accurate artillery, an inaccurate count of his troops and a host of other big risks defeated the attempt ... Longstreet went on to become villified for being too slow to act and Lee became the Godlike "Marble Man"

    No doubt Lee's skill in extricating his whole army back to Virginia contributed to this, as well as Jefferson Davis refusing to consider his resignation. Longstreet's mind was always in greater accord with the facts on the ground. He knew "no 15,000 men ever arrayed for battle can take that position" and he knew that the loss at Gettysburg and at Vicksburg was curtains for the Cause. He got a lot of crap from his rebel buddies after the war, but history has rehabilitated Longstreet.

  89. Buddy, DR,

    Ok, gotchya. Must have missed all that. You're right, Buddy. This is a good idea in conjunction with Wretchard.

  90. Buddy,
    At El Toro MCAS in 48-49 we lived two doors down from Dad thought he was a bum, as did most of the aviators.
    My dad rarely cussed but several times watching Baa Baa Blacksheep (we watched for the f4U shots) Dad would say "shit" when Boyington would be portrayed as doing some shit..You know the Marine Corps has taken down several of his kills claimed while he flew with the Flying Tiger/AVG because nobody ever saw them and a search of war records never proved the Japs lost planes on those missions.So he's now #2 behind Joe Foss.

  91. Foss was the P-38 man, who got sucked into a low & slow, wasn't he?

  92. Boyington was a character--had the Red Man's bottle troubles, alright.

  93. Tere..agree..when Lee reorganized the ANV he had almost all the generals as Virginians...that was a sore spot for a good many other generals...I think Lee, aaside from suffering from angina during the battle was convinced the middle would break as it had at Solforino...but I think they should have moved around the flank and forced an attack in stead of attacking. all in all many many mistakes were made and showed how much Jackson's command was missed.

  94. desert rat,

    re: Whack the 190, then go find a girl or two.

    DR, that is SOOOO old Corps. Don't you understand, the lads are a leaner, CLEANER, fighting machine.

    Only O-7s and above are licensed to chase tail with impunity. We do have an image to maintain.

  95. Foss flew hellcats,wildcats and my knowledge the marine had no p-38's in their inventory ..wasn't carrier enabled.

  96. I was an Army Engineer, allen.

    Naked women and beer, though not often in that order.

  97. IoM concludes

    "What I'm sure of is that there are no more individuals with enough power to drag Iraq, on their own, into disasters.
    Mistakes exist with pluralism as well but these cannot be as destructive as those of dictators."

  98. teresita,

    re: Longstreet

    He was superb at Chickamauga - oblique flanking. He still should have resigned, given his sentiments.

    For the lurkers out there, do note, sheep, goats, chickens, waterfowl, and lugubrious sea life have not been mentioned. Habu does have some great zuchinni receipes for the faint of heart, though.


  99. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  100. Foss later became a gov. of one of the dakotas, commisioner of the afl and head of the NRA...funny story but kinda not.....he's going to a reunion of aviators shortly after 9-11..the TSA girl calls security cause she think his Medal of Honor is a ninja throwing star...honest

  101. Foss-i got him mixed up with Tommy McGuire--shame getting those guys mixed up.

  102. Allen is correct ..all lurkers are welcome here at the Elephant Bar, just pull up a chair and join in..we throw our peanut shells on the floor, misspell words, crucify grammar but we have great talks and so far no reported injuries.

  103. re: Lee at Gettysburg

    Some histories point to Lee suffering debilitating dysentery - could not mount his horse much of the time.

    The effort was noble. The logistics were insane.

  104. well midnight hour..time to rack to all

  105. desert rat,

    re: Naked women and beer

    Is there a complaint here?

    For the sensitive among us, note, no bestiality, unless you girls and booze are not your cup of tea.

  106. Lee's previous battle, Chancellorsville, is said to've convinced him the AOP could not stand against the ANV.

  107. Surrendering On Ceremony:

    ...the new offensive by coalition and Afghan government forces has scored some impressive victories, killing hundreds of insurgents. But a one-time elimination of 190 Taliban leaders would have devastated the morale of terrorists throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    It would also have made clear to our enemies in Iraq and Iran how much we mean business in this war.

    Surrendering on Ceremony

  108. On arrival @ Guadalcanal, Joe Foss had 14 aerial victories in 13 days, bring four different F4F Wildcats back, too shot up to ever fly again. Grumman saved pilots.

  109. buddy larson wrote:

    Boyington was a character--had the Red Man's bottle troubles, alright.

    I did get extremely pissed off when the University of Washington rejected a memorial to Pappy Boyington, because, according to one student, many UW monuments already commemorated "rich white men." Fortunately, this decision was reversed, despite Pappy being, in the words of another student, "a Marine who killed people".

  110. Wretchard picked up on something funny in a rancid sort of way; one is tempted to say a Bush sort of way, but I repeat myself.

    Who do you fear?

    The answer for who do you fear, in the instance of Mr. Wynne, is his shadow. He was appointed by Mr. Bush, if I may be so rude.

    Sleep tight EBers. Mr. Bush is too.

  111. In the morning, when marketing whizzes like Habu and Buddy have washed the sleep from their eyes, with the permission of 2164th of course, may I suggest some serious displays of tits and ass? Why even the puritans at BC might have to stop by for a gander, for purely academic reasons, mind you. It is so very important to know whether some little vixen is a D or DD cup, particularly when coupled with a link to the latest fiasco in Afghanistan or the possibility of a nuclear exchange with Iran. In the last analysis, the fate of the world does hinge on the libido, sad but true. The last man standing will scratch his crotch before checking out. Does that make you feel any better, girls?

    Sleep well, sweet prince.

  112. trish,

    From my ass to yours.

    Dismay at thwarted attack on Taleban funeral

    May your wrinkled orifice feel man-love again!

  113. Last five posts at the BC: 2:28 AM, EDLST

    33 total
    teresita 6
    buddy larsen 2

    Why, Ms. T has posted 18% of the responses and buddy (so much for the two week rule) has posted 6% of the responses, yielding a total of 24%. So, nearly ¼ of Wretchard’s feedback comes from two posters. If we were to figure in C4 and a couple others, the vast majority of responses to the last five posts have come from five commenters. My, that is exciting, isn’t it?

    Give me goats and bestiality, or give me boredom.

  114. We'd tracked em for three days, finding the exhausted of their party gazing at nothing and thirsty in the sparse shade of the trail. Bongo dispatched them each the same, striking viciously to the head with his pipe of faux wood, then stabbing with the ornamental acrylic cannabis leaf fastened to the base.

    Each succumbed the same, a faint, excruciated "b-but, dude?..."

    When the sun set, we tracked them by hookah-light and when that light was extinguished we'd tune our ears to the sound of their exasperated cackles and wild speculations about the nature of the universe. Self-evident Heidegger and larger than life Foucault shrieked like bats beneath the moonlight.

    We finally ran them down into a valley, whose land terminated into a torrential rapid. Some overcame their paranoia, calculating that mother nature was infinitly more welcoming than vindictive squares. They'd tuck their elaborate paraphernelia beneath their woolen sweaters, dragons, phoenixs, potpurri psychedelic patterns and non-descript plastic were clutched to their chests as they attempted to wade into the plunging violent rush. Without fail, the second step into the river saw the miscalculation of the depth and the resultant "wooooah" as each toppled face first into aquatic oblivion.

    Those too discombobulated to proceed stood untense and as expressionless as zombies. Bongo broke west to corral the lot of the stoners, with the rest of us galloping towards them, machetes light in our hands and fiery to the touch by the energy of the morbid desert sun.

    Some tried flicking their lighters, others padded ther pockets, desperate for their own incendiaries. Inflammed eyes, gasping shut from the sun tried to squint at the demise bearing down at them. Others, looked away and pressed themselves violently to bongs, bowls and all manner of hand-rolled devices. They were beheaded or mortally cut down in turn, dismembered mouths tumbling through the air in arcs of bloody mist and acrid smoke. The ground was soaked with them, emanating the few faint moans of the dying, the deathly fade-out to the orchestral horseback violence, an interlude to an afterlife oft pondered about in smokey tents and foggy cars. But its arrival was nothing like an Orbital song at all. That was for sure.

  115. okay, now that Vinegar Joe Stillwell and the Chindits have come up, who was the crazy Englishman who led the Brit forces attached?

    -Orde Wingate, who also was famous as the Zionist who trained Jews in interwar Palestine until he was transferred.

    Churchill loved him, but his reputation is mixed.

    Done without google, thanks!

  116. Bah, I see Habu beat me to it.

    I always arrive too late. :(

  117. "Had a Hungarian E6 that walked across Europe for the chance to join the US Army, tough fellow. Loved to use the pugel sticks, take on all comers, 4 or 5 at a time. Never saw him lose, which was a bitch since he'd always clean my clock. I had always thought I was good at it, another lesson learned."

    I don't remember where I heard the story - it may have been a Belmont Club link way back when, though I don't believe so - but it was a story about a Hungarian refugee who survived World War II, then fled soon to be Stalinist Hungary. He was then asked by an American immigration officer why he did not seem to be worried by the officer's questions, and responded: "I've crossed an entire continent, survived both Hitler and Stalin, so forgive me, but I'm not intimidated by you."

  118. BTW, so much animosity flying around. What happened? I feel like I'm hanging around the SA after the Night of the Long Knives. :P


    This should be added to you alt fuels knowledge (unless you already know this)
    "Diesel was not the only alternative fuel at Bonneville this year. Mark Dickens, a General Motors engineer, set several class records driving Chevrolet Cobalt SS coupes; one (reaching 156 m.p.h.) was the first to be powered by an E85 ethanol blend"

  120. In reference to Mrs Hughes I bring up Mr Clarence Page, not a typical writer of the "Right". He has a piece that discusses the new ethnic "Survivor". Not super a serious dissertation but I found the title a fitting response to Mrs Hughes's vision of winning Hearts and Minds in Mohammedanland through "Diversity".
    Equality Beats Diversity. But then that's been my point of view for years.

  121. Now I don't speak fur no sheriff of a blog site. That here would be Mr 2164 but I done noticed some new folks arrives last night or early this motning, it be'in A Thursday in September BUT WE gots ta let ya know..
    Good grammer's great, bestest grammer better, but the essence of communicat'n iz be'in we don't give out grade sheets.
    Peanut shells go on the floor. Anybody caught up short on a drink just runs a tab.
    Body odor..please shower sometime during the week
    Topic, we don't need no stink'n da John Lee Hooker song says..."da boy got da music and it gots ta come out" You wanna mention something go ahead ..we'll ignore ya or someone will talk...donation nation 2164 is buying all the liquor and beer,paents and urinal then lettle seat sheets for the use you common sense and send cash c/o Habu1 ..I'll do my best to as honest as Willie Sutton. oh yeah..morn'n folks

  122. So far my favorite topic is Saddam's juge say'n he twart no dictator.

  123. two other pieces have caught my eye this morning. Must be something in the September air.

    Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country” and member of the House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001, is the author of Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day writes of Mr Clinton and how, back in the day, Washington DC was a more "Conservative" place. Based not on rhetoric, but outcomes.
    I know it makes buddy squirm, but Joe is right, in more ways than one. Check out "And we thought Clinton had no self-control".

    Lawrence J. Korb, who was assistant secretary of defense for manpower, installations and logistics during the Reagan administration, writes about:
    Why We Can't Send More Troops.

    Between him and James Webb, as well as old Joe...
    the Reaganites cannot all have become "defeatists", so perhaps those that were "Right" once upon a time, still are.

  124. Thursday 14Sep06
    OK now I'm getting real concerned.

    Kissinger warns of possible "war of civilizations"
    I did some courier work for this man during the '73 Arab-Israeli War. He was ans is considered very knowledgeable on world affairs..not good

  125. DR,
    Great Joe Scarborough article. I mentioned the other day how much Bush was spending but I had no idea.
    gotta run some errands .I'll get to your other one soonest.

  126. roffy12 said:

    ...I have been reading BC for a long time and very much appreciate Wretchard's wisdom....but without all the banter from the rest of the members if becomes like a university lecture...

    It sounds like Mr Wretchard applied the government's philosophy to his own blog, "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is."

  127. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us, by the awful grace of God.

    --Aeschylus (in a not-exactly lite moment)

  128. Well, Ms T, it is his to do with as he pleases. While he attracted over 12 million hits, my blogger profile has about 2700, yours about 3900.
    Success can be measured in a variety of ways. Quantity of traffic is certainly one of them, as is longevity in the marketplace.
    To each his own. He has said, in the past, that he wanted a more thoughtful style of discourse at his club, it is not what he had before, nor now.
    A bit like the "new" Coke.
    I wish him well, regardless.

  129. Well, it's off to the mountains of Tonto Basin, I wish you all have a pleasent day.

  130. I must've checked my profile a thousand times, and it still only has a thousand hits.

  131. If you find the Lost Dutchman, rat, "share and share alike"?

  132. Buddy,
    thats last night for that "Aces" link..I saw where Boyington is third in the Corps aviation ,not second as I had said.

    Also if you want to read up on a truly great one read Marion Carl. Then tell me why he didn't get the MOH? He was a personal friend, we hunted together,he had me over for dinner a dozen or more times when I was home from college and always sat me to his immediate right, which as you know is the seat of the 'honored guest" I think he was trying to get me interested in his daughter.....a great read with a tragic ending.

  133. Buddy,
    That Kissinger article is sobering considering the mans experience and depth. I did some courier work directly to him w/ Company info during hte '73 Arab Israeli War. he was always polite but aloof..of course I was just a kid 25 so what are we gonna do...lunch at the San Souci?

  134. During an aerial fight off the coast of Guadalcanal on September 9, he was forced to bail out of his shot-up Wildcat and was losing his battle to swim ashore against the tide, when he was picked up by friendly natives in a canoe. After five days with the natives, he finally made his way back to his base. General Geiger, the Marine air commander, informed Captain Carl that Major Smith, his rival ace, had just shot down his 16th plane, while Carl only had 12. "What are we going to do about that?" the General asked. "Goddammit, General, ground him for five days!"

    Marion Carl

  135. Quite a aviator..twice he was put in for the MOH and twice it got knocked down to NC. His wife Edna, says it was pure politics since he had become THE first Marine Corps ace ever and was probably the best pilot in the Corps, there was too much jealousy. But he was everywhere. His murder was one of the darkest days of my life.

  136. I've got a "honey do list" writtten in big letters so I'll be off for a while..pick up later

  137. yep--the bureaucratic dropped balls. Whose head rolled over sending the Brewster Buffalo up against the IJN's top-quality naval fliers in summer of '42?

  138. off topic... just wanted to show you'all this

    after 12 posts at belmont (of which 3 were teresita's) i posted this

    What is "Occupation" said...

    Please Teresita, COOL THE AMOUNT OF POSTS
    MAke a comment and BACK OFF.
    Go to the elephant bar or your own blog to "chat" or at least wait intil 70 posts have been made.

    Her response was

    Teresita said...
    Request denied. Wretchard doesn't get 70 posts per thread anymore. Besides, he has a rule that says "about two or three posts" which I have not broken. And about the Pachyderm Powwow, I don't want to talk about sheep and bestiality and making sure not to defecate in the direction of Mecca.

  139. Well that trash-talking quasi-limey, with all those barnyard preversions, must certainly be highly offensive to any cloistered little flower.

  140. trish,

    re: "Given your insistence on the previous thread that you treated nothing but the facts"

    Trish, I reviewed the previous thread to see if you might be right. You are not.

    Oh, "nothing", "always", "all", "never" etc. are words most often used by hyperbolic, hysterical women, frequently in the context of, "You never really always loved me. All my sacrifices have meant nothing to you."

    You have a nice day, now, and don't forget to keep that paper bag handy. And yes, the hot flashes will subside over time.

  141. what is "occupation",

    Good to see you once more!

    You can never be off-topic here because life is the topic.

  142. buddy larsen,

    re: Ms. T and, "he has a rule that says "about two or three posts" which I have not broken."


  143. Supplimenting DR's link "Why We Can't Send More Troops" (9:15 AM) is Rick Moran's take "IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT"

  144. Rules of engagement: Notes on the media at war

    “The U.S. military acknowledged Wednesday that it considered bombing a group of more than 100 Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan but decided not to after determining they were on the grounds of a cemetery.”

    “NBC News claimed U.S. Army officers wanted to attack the ceremony with missiles carried by an unmanned Predator drone but were prevented under rules of battlefield engagement that bar attacks on cemeteries.”

    “The good guys will kill most of them some day, but these black turbins will do more damage before that day of reckoning.” – TigerHawk

    “[T]here are 18,000 soldiers from NATO fighting alongside Americans in Afghanistan, and some of them may well die because the United States did not drop a Hellfire into the middle of a Taliban funeral.” – TigerHawk

    U.S. declines Taliban funeral target

    “Defense department officials first tried to block further publication of the photo, then struggled to explain what it depicted.”

    "During the observation of the group over a significant period of time, it was determined that the group was located on the grounds of (the) cemetery and were likely conducting a funeral for Taliban insurgents killed in a coalition operation nearby earlier in the day,"

    “[O]ne Army officer who was involved with the spy mission [said] "we were so excited" that the group had been spotted and was in the sights of a U.S. drone.”

    “[F]rustration soon set in after the officers realized they couldn't bomb the funeral under the military's rules of engagement.”

  145. One of Mr. Bush’s “moderate” Muslim friends has some nasty things to say about…dah, dah…America. Did you think I was going to say Islam?

    Former Head of Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. on Iranian TV: 'The 9/11 Events Were Planned by the American Administration'

    Mr. Al-Asi is also an American history buff, who informs his Iranian audience,
    “Therefore, the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was similar to what happened on 9/11. We know very well that it was planned with precision."

  146. re: Mr. Al-Asi

    How rude of me not to mention that Mr. Al-Asi is a Muslime intellectual, i.e. part of the best and brightest. How's that hearts and minds project working out?

  147. Well, what the hell. USA did Pearl Harbor and 911 to itself, Israel faked the Holocaust, what else?

    No no, that doesn't have any effect on us, does it?

    It may for internal consumption, but--thems fightin words.

  148. One of the "professors" pushing the 911 Conspiracy (that is, the 'other' 911 Conspiracy, not the AQ one, the GWB one), is employed by Texas A&M University--possibly the most red/white/blue institution in the American SW. I can hardly believe it. really. Something is terribly FkdUp.

  149. Morgan Reynolds, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Texas A&M. Professor, sir, you can't be that stupid. So, what's your game?

  150. rufus said:

    This is "Good News," because the higher his poll numbers the more "Aggressive" he can be.

    I want to vote for a President who will be as aggressive as she (or he) needs to be to protect the American people, not her (or his) standing in the polls.

  151. re: no hellfire for Taliban mourners

    Would anyone argue with the proposition that a’Q and the Taliban are very media savvy?

    What then would be the impact on American public opinion if some of the boys in the company sized funeral party go on to kill and/or maim US troops in suicide runs or IED ambushs?

    Should this happen, the Muslims will certainly be sure to give it advertisement.

    Whereupon, Mr. Bush will be as vilified as Mr. Clinton for failing to take the shot.

  152. rufus said:

    T, perhaps I should have said, "He will be less "Constrained" by Congress (including his own party.)

    I think Bush likes to be constrained. That's why he sent Laura Bush to campaign for Lincoln Chafee, with some success I might add.

  153. When I quit watching TV, listening to Rush,reading a dozen conservative magazines (pre net)it was because I was always agitated and the little man in my head starting asking hard questions.
    Why was I doing it? What end did it serve? Was I happier knowing and being a "font" of political knowledge? I mean I knew I was voting for the conservative who liked guns. There were "other" issues to consider but would they ever change my mind so that I would adopt a "liberal" attitude?
    Well now I'm reading about Sen. John McCain who is touting legislation that will provide terrorists with greater "cover" under "international law" and the Geneva Convention, which deals with the issue of non uniformed baby killers who are not signatories to the Convention and represent no State. ie terrorists.
    Part of the bill states that if they are not allowed access to classified information then they get-out-of-jail-free. WTF over.
    The little man in my head is now playing the old video game "Pong" inside my brain.
    He's saying WTF is going on in todays world and do I need this shit at 58 1/2 and set for life?
    There is obviously one sane answer which I had arrived at years ago but broke when I discovered blogging with like minded compadres. No.
    Plato said the only reason man works is to gain leisure. Well I've done the work, with a few dabbles here and a few there,but "the man" is gone and I no longer have to be a producer. I can be a full time consumer.
    But the world is igniting so one must keep an eye on the conflagration to know when it is time to lock and load.
    But the little man knows that I could be chill'n and he's not happy I'm not. Winters com'in so I'll put off the cross country backroads trip in my Birkin..but come springtime I'm tak'in the little man on that ride. No radio, no superhighways, no knowlege but the direction I'm head'n.
    I just don't need no Pong in my brain. The little man approves.

  154. rufus; 2:09:19 PM

    re: President's approval

    Steven M. Warshawsky at the American Thinker has an interesting take on Mr. Bush's problems with public approval of his policies.

    Why Americans Oppose the Iraq War

    It has been my opinion from the beginning that Mr. Bush's problem was not the war, per se, or American aggressiveness; rather, his fortune suffered the public's perception of his administration's vacillation and timidity. The whole business of failing to take the shot on the Taliban funeral mourners is just another reinforcer of these flaws.

  155. madness

    "this video speaks for itself"

    What does it say? The firemen--what do they say? Why is this absurdist innuendo making news? Is masscom driving us mad?

  156. "The recut version of Loose Change has been released. This is essentially the 2nd edition with many errors removed and some other changes here and there"

  157. sorry--bolding mine, quote from the "madness" link.

  158. habu, I know whatcha mean. Things come together and ya can retire finally, and here the world decides to turn to shit right under yer feet.

  159. rufus said:

    Maybe, the Taliban just figured out that Cemetaries are Sanctuaries, and, thus, wonderful places to have "Meetings."

    Good, let's plant 'em all in nice neat rows so they can have their meetings and a dirt nap. We got over the Ramadan taboo on combat, we'll get over this.

  160. It is hard to divorce oneself from caring about your country. At least in my world. But I see so many who take everything for granted. They couldn't tell you if we ever landed on the moon but thet sure as hell know an MP3 player and a cell phone..I know those are kids but there are adults who are actively working to undermine the traditions and values of this nation and they are within the letter of the law protesting for change but somehow we always find their umbilical is another country anathema to just can't prove sedition or treason anymore.

  161. I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the Charles Sumner moment in the Senate.

  162. During WWI reasonably intelligent men worked from the idea that there was some combination of men and materiel that, when pushed into the meat grinder, would clog the gears, bringing victory. So, more or less, each battle was an enhanced version of its predecessor. The rest is history, evidenced by mass graveyards across Europe.

    The leaders of the carnage were trapped in a mindset that could not be broken. Their Weltanschauung was immutable.

    This brings me to the present and the American elite. The age of Camelot never was nor ever will be, but the myth is immutable. It will be carried by the true believers to the grave. Its poisonous Sirens' song has and will, sadly, condemn countless millions to death.

    Ultimately, I believe, leadership will evolve to break the current strategic impasse with Islam. Getting there, it seems, will apparently take egregiously monumental suffering.

  163. Some of us (me, f'rinstance) are set-up to where the last letters of pasted links disappear, don't 'print', unless one goes into 'properties' and changes some settings.

    I think I have a way to EZ-teach the html tags.

    The problem is always that, in 'writing down' the tag characters, for purposes of demonstration, the tag characters instantly 'become' links, and thus, in the posting, all the engineering naturally disappears.

    Then if, in order to work around that problem, text is substituted to explain the tag characters, then, what with the needed spaces, and the confusing use of "quotation marks" interspersed with maybe, maybe not, actual hyperlink characters, it all gets too messy and too interpretation-sensitive.

    So, here's a possible fix.

    Below, is a habu post that I will set up to make the name Charles Sumner into one o' them blue 'click-on' hyperlinks.

    The way I will keep it from becoming a hyperlink itself, when posted, is, I will enclose each character and space inside these square brackets: [ and ].

    Here's the drill, recopy what I lay down, but eliminate each and every [ and ].

    Leave no space where the eliminated brackets are eliminated from.

    Just, disappear the brackets, and ONLY the brackets.

    OK, here goes, starting w/ (A) habu's post, then to (B) the bracket demo, then to (C) the finished product:

    I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the Charles Sumner moment in the Senate.

    I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the [<][a][ ][h][r][e][f][=]["][ ]["][>][Charles Sumner][<][/][a][>] moment in the Senate.

    I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the Charles Sumner moment in the Senate.

    Voila! Eureka! I reeka, too!

  164. Whereas, yesterday, the military classified the release of the Taliban funeral photo as “unauthorized”, yesterday it also claimed the photo was authorized. Therefore, Trish, no company grade heads will roll, and the execution of heroes is a risky business at any time. Oh, but those “officers” cannot be heroes, can they, since the photo is now "authorized" for release?

    For those confused, take heart, so is the Pentagon. Did someone there say, "Let's have a study?"

  165. Let a thousand Sumner moments bloom in DC.

  166. Rush has a fourth hour update:
    Sucks to be poor:
    Rush doesn't really gamble, but does not want to be a stick in the mud when golfing, etc:
    Recently he won $29 million.
    Bought the twin turbo Merc Convertible 604 hp model today.
    And even some news for Ms T:
    A friend of his is marrying a lesbian!

  167. What's the BC update for the day?
    I don't want to have to start my day reading why it's a good idea when a hundred of your enemy, in uniform, have a cluster fuck, it is immoral to cluster bomb them.
    And who can prove they are smartest by demonstrating in words why it's a really good idea to say "have a nice day."

  168. Buddy,
    The sun shines again on our fair land ....thank you ..It's being copied and after midnight I will test it.

    Seriously thanks..always good to know the blues.

  169. Rufus,

    And in keeping with the video from The Path to 9//11, be certain to always place that portable swingset outside wherever one is staying.

  170. Welcome to the Bar Geof esq!

  171. Rufus,

    Are you saying lameducks can have clear, heavily supported mandates? Whoa!

  172. Hey good buddies yer ears on?
    whats yur 20,over?

    breaker,breaker, this is Miss Be Heaven, any you hard work'in men need a 10-81, over.

    Miss Be Heaven, this is Big Load and 10-94 at the 20.

  173. what's a 10-94? and how do I get one? does it require a visit to the health clinic after the 10 or the 94 or both?

  174. "It has been my opinion from the beginning that Mr. Bush's problem was not the war, per se, or American aggressiveness; rather, his fortune suffered the public's perception of his administration's vacillation and timidity.
    The whole business of failing to take the shot on the Taliban funeral mourners is just another reinforcer
    That was my fear on the morn of 9-11:
    It has now obviously been borne out.

  175. did i hear that one of the astonauts lost his nuts in space or went nuts in space or had no space for his nuts?

  176. good buddy a 10-81 is a hotle/motel reservation and a 10-94 is "give me a long count"

    trucker stuff

  177. "I just don't need no Pong in my brain. The little man approves"
    Uncle Sam (that would be us)
    NEEDS YOU! much vacation you want this year, boy?

  178. Habu,
    just put the mouse down and walk're not a trucker

  179. Is a hotle some kind of prostitute?

  180. "That's why he sent Laura Bush to campaign for Lincoln Chafee, with some success I might add.
    Is Linc's wife a Hotle?

  181. shit don't tell me i can't be trucker..right now we got a judge in Iraq tell'in Saddam he ain't a I can be a damn trucker.

    Then why not be a Playboy photographer. At least your fingernails will stay clean.

    well,well will they respect me in the morning? hell no they don't repect you now...
    but you get to look at young 20ish flesh all day....
    well, ok...

  182. Anyone seen my beer or the goat?

    Oh, Hey, Geoffgo!

    mumble...mumble...(belly scratching)Where's that damned goat?

  183. "Whereupon, Mr. Bush will be as vilified as Mr. Clinton for failing to take the shot."
    Already IS here:
    It IS Post 9-11 ya know.
    That goes for border security and some other "minor" issues as well:
    Who gives ANY SOB the right to f... with our children's future, and the countries great good fortune?

  184. buddy wrote

    I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the [<][a][ ][h][r][e][f][=]["][ ]["][>][Charles Sumner][<][/][a][>] moment in the Senate.

    Or do what the girls in my Densa meeting do:

    I think a cathartic moment would be a repeat of the <a href="
    Sumner</a> moment in the Senate.

  185. habu said:

    did i hear that one of the astonauts lost his nuts in space or went nuts in space or had no space for his nuts?

    Yeah, it was Mission Specialist Dick Loner.

  186. A lone Specialist in Space, huh?

  187. I have very low interest in that.

  188. Where's Bob Smith when I need her?