“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pissarro? No. Early Van Gogh? No. This is the Work of Adolph Hitler

Strange as it seems, This is the work of ADOLPH HITLER. This was posted on the Daily Telegraph website. There is a real lesson for life in that the most evil among us can seem to be the most normal. No screaming Stukas, no tanks, no people. Maybe that is the clue.The appearance of normality and human life without the people. Silence. The hand that made these painting went on to become the leader of a once great nation. Given the choice between creating and destruction, he took the Germans into hell and destroyed nations, families, and his name is synonymous with the worst in mankind. His hatred knew no bounds and he came close to detroying all the Jews in Europe. Wonder why Jews are suspicious of the least hint of anti-semitism? Look at these paintings and see if you can find a hint of it. I can't.


  1. habu, where oh where did you find that missive posted at BC? It certainly was not any work by Carlos. Sub-Saharan Africa and it's historic lessons for the ME.

    Not even a cross or a church in any print.

  2. Well maybe that last print is a church, but maybe not.

    The Taxman cometh.

  3. Mention taxes around habu, it's like watchin' Bill Clinton after he's asked about 9-11.

  4. Rumsfeld was attending a NATO defense ministers meeting here. During the meeting, the ministers approved extending NATO's control of military operations across all of Afghanistan _ a move that Rumsfeld hailed as a "bold step forward" for the alliance.

    Under the new arrangements, as many as 12,000 additional American troops will be put under foreign battlefield command, a number that U.S. officials said could be the most since World War II.

    But a four star US General is on his way to Afghanistan, to take command of NATO troops there.

  5. DR,
    Just a 'bit o fun lad.

    Truth is found in strange places, and I'm in a strange place ...
    I can see some of the eggheads scrambling to authenticate the Khoi-Khoi-Dinka-Cewa-Igbo-Samburo et al conundrum.
    I sure hope they can make sense of it..not doubt someone will argue the point.

  6. Did you check out the "Anent Africa" link.... authored by
    created by Pamela Fraser
    Lawrence Cook Middle School.

    Disinformation Directorate

  7. In Vienna, the Vienna Academy of Art, rejected his application as "he had no School Leaving Certificate". His drawings which he presented as evidence of his ability, were rejected as they had too few people in them. The examining board did not just want a landscape artist.

    He was convinced that it was a Jewish professor that had rejected his art work; he became convinced that a Jewish doctor had been responsible for his mother’s death; he cleared the snow-bound paths of beautiful town houses in Vienna where rich people lived and he became convinced that only Jews lived in these homes. By 1910, his mind had become warped and his hatred of the Jews - known as anti-Semitism - had become set.

    Hitler's Art Attempt

  8. Abracadbra is talkin' smack,
    That UN Resolution is for Iran to stop it's cascades is refered to on FOX News as "International Law".

    The Iranians announced that the Resolution was declared "illegal" by Iran.

    More news from Kudistan, Iraq.
    Payback towards the Sunni is a bitch. Now the Kurds are being integrated into the ISF, but the Kurds will not allow ISF Arabs into Kurdistan. reported by FOX

    Funny stuff.

  9. The prophetic warnings of Santayana concerning the doom of those who fail to heed the lessons from the mistakes of the past are of no avail when the mistakes cannot properly be identified. In order to avoid the mistakes that enabled a monster such as Hitler to seize power, we first must know what they were. We have to know what Hitler was really all about in order to do so, and we must know his deceptions in order to avoid falling for similar ones in the future. Martin Boorman's secretary copied down some of Hitler's dinner musings, such as...

    "Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers
    -already, you see, the world had already fallen into
    the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing
    Christianity! -then we should in all probability have
    been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which
    glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh
    Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic
    races would have conquered the world. Christianity
    alone prevented them from doing so."

    (August 28, 1942, midday)

  10. DR,
    Anything on Fox about the Dinka-Igbo kerfuffle?

    I hope it can be caontained or we might have another Cewa-Samburo situation ignite.
    Oh the humanity..

  11. caontained is Southern for contained.

    Rufus where are you.


  12. It refreshing to talk about art work instead of the wowah.

    His artwork is now on sale and no doubt it will bring millions.

    How these guys rise to power is always fascinating. Mao,Hitler,Stalin..I mean Hitler was a nothing and yet you watch "Triumph of the Will" in utter amazement.

  13. Bobal,
    I suppose you wanted Mein Fuerher to include the Obligatory Ball of Snakes?
    Love to post this twice, even if OT both times/places:
    Khobar Towers
    The Clinton administration left many stones unturned.
    ...I was overruled by an "angry" president and Mr. Berger who said the FBI was interfering with their rapprochement with Iran.

    Finally, frustrated in my attempts to execute Mr. Clinton's "leave no stone unturned" order, I called former president George H.W. Bush. I had learned that he was about to meet Crown Prince Abdullah on another matter. After fully briefing Mr. Bush on the impasse and faxing him the talking points that I had now been working on for over two years, he personally asked the crown prince to allow FBI agents to interview the detained bombers.

    After his Saturday meeting with now-King Abdullah, Mr. Bush called me to say that he made the request, and that the Saudis would be calling me. A few hours later, Prince Bandar, then the Saudi ambassador to Washington, asked me to come out to McLean, Va., on Monday to see Crown Prince Abdullah. When I met him with Wyche Fowler, our Saudi ambassador, and FBI counterterrorism chief Dale Watson, the crown prince was holding my talking points. He told me Mr. Bush had made the request for the FBI, which he granted, and told Prince Bandar to instruct Nayef to arrange for FBI agents to interview the prisoners.

    Several weeks later, agents interviewed the co-conspirators. For the first time since the 1996 attack, we obtained direct evidence of Iran's complicity. What Mr. Clinton failed to do for three years was accomplished in minutes by his predecessor. This was the breakthrough we had been waiting for, and the attorney general and I immediately went to Mr. Berger with news of the Saudi prison interviews.

    Upon being advised that our investigation now had proof that Iran blew up Khobar Towers, Mr. Berger's astounding response was:
    "Who knows about this?"
    His next, and wrong, comment was:
    "That's just hearsay."

    When I explained that under the Rules of Federal Evidence the detainees' comments were indeed more than "hearsay," for the first time ever he became interested--and alarmed--about the case. But this interest translated into nothing more than Washington "damage control" meetings held out of the fear that Congress, and ordinary Americans, would find out that Iran murdered our soldiers. After those meetings, neither the president, nor anyone else in the administration, was heard from again about Khobar.

    Sadly, this fits into a larger pattern of U.S. governments sending the wrong message to Tehran.

  14. Hey 'Rat,
    Which is worse, pointin Fake Guns in Homie's Neighborhood at innocent black folk, pullin the trigger while yellin the "N" Word.
    Or just sayin the "N" Word?
    Why was Mr Web Secretary for Only Eight Months?

  15. "Webb" as in weaves a tortuous Web.

  16. I'd say pointed fake guns at folk, is worse, doug.
    As to Mr Webb's bio, I have little insight.

  17. That's what Mr Webb did in Watts, according to an Old Military friend of his.

  18. Says after they got caught and beat up, they changed their behavior.
    Too bad that's what it took.

  19. This is terrible news for aQ, the MSM, and anti-warriors:

    For the sake of American honor and the faint of heart, I just trust the Iraqis are in compliance with Geneva. But there is a niggling concern, could there be some correlation between interrogation and the number of subsequent high-value-targets killed and captured?

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. The Post put this on PAGE EIGHTEEN OF THE B SECTION!
    After running 40 A-Section Stories on Allen!

    "They would hop into their cars, and would go down to Watts with these buddies of his," Cragg said Webb told him. "They would take the rifles down there. They would call then [epithets], point the rifles at them, pull the triggers and then drive off laughing. One night, some guys caught them and beat . . . them. And that was the end of that."

  22. This may come as a shock, but if you are white and fifty or more and never used the N-word, well I guess I believe you, but you did not grow up in my neighborhood.

  23. Yep, Mr Webb sounds like a likely candidate for the Marines, yeah I think he was one, at that.

    I'd care more if I lived in VA. Mr Allen was little known to me, previous to this campaign. He was oft mentioned as a likely candidate for President, in '08.

    Beyond that, my interest, now, is in how the Campaign progresses. How quickly the whole thing raced to the bottom.
    I'm not sure that Mr Webb is responsible for that.

  24. In my school, above the Mason-Dixon line, the Jews called the blacks, shvartser. The Italians called them moollies, and everyone else was less ethnic and used the N-word. The blacks called anyone white; oh'fays, honkies, gray boys, crackers, rednecks, etc. The interesting thing is at the time none of the racially insensitive words sounded as bad as they do today. The use at the time was not meant to be offensive. The words were used as common slang with no real malice. That is hard to explain to young people, although if you read Mark twain, you get some understanding. Nigger jim was not a slur on Jim. Today, and mostly to white people, the term nigger, is hard to listen to and harder and less forgiving to say.

  25. So now they have funded the border fence, guess I can vote for Jon Kyl, in 40 days, They got the Security Bill passed.

    Now we need to enforce employer sanctions against those that use illegals.

  26. mulenzan, the one Iltalian word I learned.

    moolli, never heard it said like that, but that is the reason mulenzan is the only Italian word I ever learned, in my 2nd generation Italian immigrant family.
    mulezan = eggplant

  27. I for one am tired of seeing GWOT used as an appreviation for the terror war.

    I hereby nominate a change to something we can all relate to.

    TWAT....The War Against Terror

    By doing so we're refreshing the language, breaking out of the old thinking and comfort modes and developed a more accurate descriptive.

    Imagine beginning your thoughts with.

    In TWAT yadda..yadda
    Fighting TWAT is imperative for the success of the free world...
    We have the wrong Roe's for TWAT...
    It is in fact not such a great war, but it is THE WAR AGAINST TERROR..... TWAT

  28. Our Battle Cry....




    bumperstickers .. TWAT SUPPORTER

  29. or


  30. "LET'S LICK TWAT "



    no contest

  31. "... BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Al-Qaida in Iraq's leader, in a chilling audiotape released Thursday, called for nuclear scientists to join his group's holy war and urged insurgents to kidnap Westerners so they could be traded for a blind Egyptian sheik who is serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison. ..."

    Let's execute the blind sheik, tomorrow. End the possibility of any negotiation forth with.

  32. I'm sure we could UP enlistment and ENLARGE THE SIZE of the coalition if it were done my way.

    Let's get some Madison Avenue boutique advertising firm to put together a Victoria's Secret TWAT show. I'm sure we can pull this off.

  33. I guess I can never go to Salt Lake City again.

  34. "... "There are fractures politically inside Sadr's movement, many of whom don't find him to be sufficiently radical now that he has taken a political course of action," a senior coalition intelligence official told reporters in Baghdad, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak publicly on intelligence issues.

    The official added that "I can think of about at least six major players who have left his organization because he has been perhaps too accommodating to the coalition."

    Last Friday, al-Sadr urged his followers not to use force against U.S. troops, saying "I want a peaceful war against them and not to shed a drop of blood." ..."

    Mr al-Sadr, Iraqi moderate

  35. DR,
    I agree. Juice him on a table or fire up the tree branch shredder.

  36. This from the Weekly Standard is the crux of why we fight there.


  37. Hitler's buildings look like people--bad people, pretending to be buildings. Yep, there's squirrel all over that stuff. Of course, if Mother Theresa had painted 'em, they'd look different. It's the Heisenberg, or is that Hagen-daz, principle, sorta.

  38. The Boston Globe reviews tonight's Cinemax premiere of The Hidden Fuhrer : Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality. The review's opening graph reads like European porno. Apt.