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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mozart Threatens "Religion of Peace", Germans Retreat

Political and Cultural Leaders Condemn Opera Cancellation DW

Buddha, Mohammed, Poseidon and Jesus all appear in the opera

"A violent scene with images of the Prophet Mohammed led Berlin's German Opera to take Mozart's "Idomeneo" from the schedule. The move has sparked a fierce debate on the limits of artistic freedom and religious respect.

Many religions could find director Hans Neuenfels' adaptation of Mozart's "Idomeneo" blasphemous. Although the opera itself makes make no reference to Islam, Neuenfels introduced the closing scene that depicts the decapitated heads of the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Buddha and the Greek god Poseidon.

The director of the German Opera, Kirsten Harms, said she had made her decision in consideration of the "very agitated situation" caused by the remarks by Pope Benedict XVI. earlier this month."


  1. Thank you for the indulgence during the almost TKO at the Elephant. All better now.

  2. From the director of the opera:
    The severed heads are an addition by director Neuenfels to the 225-year-old opera, which was last performed by the company in March 2004.

    Translating for Neuenfels "Mozart created a thing of beauty which I felt compelled to turn into a musical 'Piss Christ' in order to express my disdain for Western Culture and my rejection of Organized Religion, both of which I replace with self-worship."

    Nonetheless, this piece of crap should be able to present his opera with Mohammed's head included. Surely, the Germans can develop a backbone and stand against the Religion of Peace.

    I suppose we might take some heart that the almost mythical Moderate Muslim finally appears to take a reasonable stand.
    The leader of Germany's Turkish community said it was time Muslims accepted freedom of expression in art. "This is about art, not about politics," Kenan Kolat told Bavarian Radio. "We should not make art dependent on religion — then we are back in the Middle Ages."

    The Turk is correct. However, it is paramount that the Germans, and all of Europe take a stand first. This on top of the Brits consulting with Muslim leaders before raiding suspected terrorist lodgings in London. Arrgghh. It's all a bit too much.

  3. Now here's where some Islamic clarification is needed.

    Do they object to the image of Mohammad being displayed?
    Do they object to the beheading of Mohammad?
    Do they object that Mozart wasn't a Muslim?
    Smells like car-b-que in Munich tonight ..hey will this mess up Oktoberfest?

  4. You know I think there's a great marketing opportunity opening up here as we close out September and move toward Holloween.
    Mohammad bobbing head dolls, BigMo on a pole, BigMo fake noses and ears. Mo on a roll of toilet paper.
    And a Buddy Larsen produced DVD....MO Does Butt-Ups.
    And for those suburbanites that live in deed restricted areas that require dog poop pick up, plastic bags with the image od Mohammad on then. When filled the coorect hue will be attained (unless the dog is sick).
    Mohammad urinal cakes and stickers in all toilets...

  5. Stoutfellow, I agree with you 100%. Why those, with minor talents, feel compelled to distort the works of their betters has always fascinated me. The Germans would never halt a work that was insulting to the US or Christianity. Pathetic that they weaken at the knees when Islam is involved.

  6. We must learn to use more patronizing humor and parody to drive these guys into religious breakdowns. Mock them with no pity.

    During this season of Ramadan special attention should be given to taking your video gear down to the local mosque and videotaping the butt-ups as they come and go..this alone will up the paranoia and perhaps get 10-15% to move back to their 7th century countries.
    Hey, the NIE says they're gonna do us anyway so WTF .... Islams Funniest Butt-Ups ...some clever editing and you've got Pig Rid'in and rop'in muzzies.

  7. Wretch has Blown it: Philosophical Piece Runs Off Rails

    It's moments like this, when I'm laughing so hard I feel like I might die shortly after this burning guy does, that I also try to take stock.
    Sure, there's something undeniably uproarious about a man engulfed in flames, but am I laughing for the right reasons?
    Am I cracking up because there's a little bit of me burning with him? Deep inside, is my own heart deep-frying in my chest?

    Life is short, so it's important to see the lighter side of things. But if it were me watching the spreading pool of flaming petroleum melt the soles of my shoes to the blacktop, I concede that I may not have seen the humor.
    Would I laugh if it were my fillings liquefying in my mouth? Would I chortle as hard if it were my lungs filling with white-hot flames? I'd like to think so. But I realize it's tough to see the humor when your glasses are oozing like taffy across your boiling eyes.

    Can everyone around me smell the metaphorical roast-pork odor given off by the third-degree gasoline burns on my soul? If that's why I'm laughing, it's okay, isn't it? This is an important question.

    And how far is too far to take a joke? Or, in this case, a fire? If the sight of this burning guy running out of the church is funny, where do you draw the line? Was it wrong for me to laugh at those two nuns welded together by the searing heat?

    I guess you could say I have a "sick" sense of humor. I see someone shrieking while the burning flesh bubbles off his bones, and I'm tickled. Is that so wrong? I mean, if you could have seen the terrified look on this guy's face, I think you'd have been in stitches too.

  8. Floridians are newly endowed with the untimate Islamic protection. If one gets too out of line ...
    Stand Your Ground

    This should work nicely.

  9. Remember the cluster munitions that were used by Israel in south Lebanon.

    "... Added Chris Clark, the program manager for the U.N. Mine Action Coordination Center: "What we've seen are strikes on top of strikes on top of strikes on top of strikes. It's tantamount to shooting a dead body 20 times."


    So far, U.N. officials say, exploding cluster bomblets have killed 14 people and wounded 90 since the war ended.

    "In the areas where there were strikes, it's the most extensive contamination I've ever seen," said Clark, who has worked in Kosovo, Sudan, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. It "is just off the scale." ..."

    Then the Westhawk view:
    "... If Israel really did leave a million unexploded bomblets in south Lebanon, the purpose was to thwart all of these Hezbollah sustainment requirements. Israel persuaded much of the population in south Lebanon to leave the area during the fighting. The cluster bombs are there to discourage its return. ...
    ...both the U.S. and Israel have hoped that a precisely targeted “top down” strategy of attacks on leadership and command and control targets would settle international disputes without the wholesale destruction of the enemy’s infrastructure, economy, and society. The seemingly endless low-intensity conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere have left many doubts about the top-down approach.

    Israel has clearly shifted to a “bottom-up” strategy in Gaza and south Lebanon. The Israeli government is now making life as miserable as a hostile media will allow it for the common people in those places. The Israelis hope to convince the enemy populations to compel their leaders to change their anti-Israeli policies. And if that fails, then perhaps a broken, impoverished, and starving enemy will result in a weakened military opponent. This is what results when every other tactic has been tried. ..."

    Those Boys @ Westhawk have hit it, again

  10. Doug, Put your quotes on. You frightened me for a moment.

  11. Chapter 5
    As soon as the Israelites have crossed the Jordan, God orders Joshua to "make flint knives and circumcise the Israelites." Apparently circumcisions were suspended during the wilderness years. (I'm guessing they were cancelled due to a shortage of bagels and lox.) Anyway, Joshua and his men proceed to circumcise all of the Israelite males—that's a cool million of them, and these aren't kids either. They're grown men. Ouch! The Lord is delighted and says the maxi-surgery has "rolled away the disgrace of Egypt." The Israelites name the spot where they're camped "the Hill of the Foreskins." (Now that's a place I don't want to visit next time I'm in Israel. Can you imagine going there with kids? Jacob, don't pick that up! No, Rachel, you can't keep that "ring" you found.)

  12. The marketing genius of St. Paul ne Saul: "Let's let the gentiles slide on becoming Jewish first, and go straight to Christianity, otherwise they may not make the cut".

  13. I certainly hope so, whit.

    The "enemy" is the relationship 'tween the people and the militia. To defeat an indiginous militia the sea must be drained of all the fish. Or have the fish reject the militia.

    Wack a Wahabbi just is not enough. The people must be flipped or defeated.

  14. The Israeli percieved themselves as being nice, thoughtful, peaceful. Abandoning south Lebanon after all that time, Gaza, too.

    That was the attempt to flip the people, seems to have failed.

    The last four days of the 34 day border romp, the IDF must have decided to deny the battlespace to the Lebanonese, at least for a while. That was when the "new" General showed up, was it not?

    No landmine mapping, either.

  15. I'd like to assciate myself with the esteemed gentlemen that propose
    Wack a Wahabbi

    I think it's also a great way to teach Islamofascist children how to pick up after the enemy has left.
    Now Iran in the Iran-Iraq war use children as human mine cleaners.."OK kids just run,run,ka-boom"
    "Good work Ali".
    Now to really make the point the Israeli's need to drop leaflets with instructions on how to make prosthetic legs and feet from chunks of concrete and bent rebar.

  16. landmine mapping...we don't need no stinking land mine mapping..

    Alexander's Ragtime Band (updated)
    Come over hear
    And have no fear
    It's the best bomb in the land

    They can play a bugle call like you never heard before
    So natural that you want to go to war
    That's just the bestest band what am, honey lamb

    Come on along
    Come on along
    Let me take you by the hand
    Up to the man
    Up to the man
    Who's the leader of the band