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Saturday, September 16, 2006

For Peace, Please Do Not Offend The Muslims

After a day of protest in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian gunmen responded to the Pope's comments by attacking churches.

No one was hurt in a string of fire bombings and shootings that caused no major damage. Five churches came under attack in the West Bank city of Nablus, where militant groups have long been the dominating force.

Masked men, who local security officials said were undoubtedly Palestinian militants, hurled fire bombs at the Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches.

In a second wave of attacks several hours later, Palestinian assailants, this time unmasked, poured petrol outside the gates of the Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Protestant churches, starting fires that were swiftly extinguished, witnesses said.,2144,2175962,00.html


  1. Remembering The Italian Beauty
    And to support the Pope in speaking the truth.
    By the way, here is the speech in its entirety so you can see the Pope's comments in context.
    And here is the email for the pope:
    Considering the threats of violence he's withstanding, I'm sure emails of support would be more than welcome. In a world where no one else seems to have the courage to stand up to the enemy (Israel and Hez, U.S. and the UN, U.S. and Iran and North Korea, etc, etc), perhaps this is the man who can.
    Posted by Tammy

    Tammy Bruce Website

  2. How dare the Pope Offend the Peaceful Muslims???
    They Hate these lies:
    That is WHY they rape, pillage, murder, behead, and mutilate:
    It's the dang Pope and those damned Cartoons.
    It's Their Fault!

  3. "... Hussein Shabakshy wrote in an article published by the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat “It is clear that such remarks only contribute to the fueling of the fire raging between Islam and the West. There is no difference between Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri speaking from their caves in Tora Bora and the stage of an important Christian saint. Both parties contribute to the world verbal weapons for mass destruction.”

    “The pope’s latest statement cannot be considered a slip of the tongue or a comic bit from a TV show; the situation here is different, and his remarks are indicative of an important and highly symbolic stance toward the religion (Islam) and the prophet of about a billion and-a-half Muslims,”
    he said.

    “These are ignorant comments previously made by Adolf Hitler, who spoke of a supreme white race against all the other races, especially the African race."..."

    YNet Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war

  4. One thing's for sure, if Hassan Chop ever kidnaps the Pope, the Holy Father ain't gonna change his name, trade his beanie for a green bandana and start quoting the Q'u'r'a'n.

  5. The Papalfada is about to flame up, no amount of explanation will make a difference.

  6. A Priest is spinning away in the voice over on FOX. Calling on Muslims to stand up in the search for peace.

    Who you gonna call?

  7. Guess we'll see just how many Mohammedans are deployeed in Rome.
    The Romans sent a few hundred troops to Lebanon, bet the Mohammedans can more than match that deployment, in Rome.

  8. It's MSM's fault!
    Those poor victimized Muzzies.
    In proper context, it would have been received warmly- Served with the Popes head on a platter probably would have been just fine.
    Posted by: Gil - Today 5:56 PM ET USA
    I don't think we can blame the rabble rioting in the streets---except for rioting.
    They cannot be expected to read the speech.
    They are only following their leaders, who should have read it and might even find themselves in agreement with it.

    All of them are relying on the reports they saw in the press, written by reporters who lacked the background to understand what they heard or read. They owe the Pope and the Muslims an apology, but it will never happen.
    (I spent 45+ years a reporter.)

  9. ...for your high school paper. Then you graduated.

  10. Let's not forget what the previous Pope did to the USSR.

  11. He came to the Papacy at another time of feckless western confusion. Read John O'Sullivan on what he did to the Soviets, with a few words.

  12. We may have been feckless and confused, but not
    THIS Feckless and Confused!

  13. They do tend to test one's equanimity.

    HBO's Goldwater Special: Pierre Legrand clicks on one of John Hawkin’s site ads for an HBO special on conservative icon Barry Goldwater and comes away from the experience a bit dismayed.
    “[W]e hear Senator Hillary Clinton’s voice right after Senator Goldwater,
    then we get Walter Cronkite [and] then,
    to add insult to injury, [James] Carville is questioned.
    Ok folks, I know liberals think the world revolves around them and that everyone thinks Hillary and Carville are geniuses but…how wrapped up in your world can you be when you have 3 of the most liberal people in the United States giving opinions about Mr. Conservative?”
    (Pink Flamingo Bar)
    PJM in LA 7:14 PM

  14. Interesting story on the Pope having spoke out before on Islam:

    We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of political correctness.

  15. Papa’s world:

    A Horse Of Course

    “According to this article in Aftenposten, Norway's second largest newspaper, Denmark is the first stop for Norwegians, in the little talked-about sex-with-animal farms.”

    “[M]ost customers of the Danish animal sex industry are from Germany, Sweden and Norway and one German website refers to Denmark as an “animal whorehouse”.

    AoS Lifestyle, Northern European Division

    “Actual cathouses. That is, if you want to have sex with a cat. But you can have sex with pretty much any species you wish.”

    Sundries: "A Horse Of Course"

    “On the Internet Danish animal owners advertise openly that they offer sex with animals…”

    Sort of gives context to a thought from the dawn of history:

    “The earth became corrupt before God; the earth was filled with lawlessness…for all flesh had corrupted its ways on earth…God said to Noah…I am about to destroy them with the earth.” ___Tanakh: Genesis 6:11-13

  16. Sharia could come via democracy: Dutch minister

    AMSTERDAM — Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has provoked an angry response by stating it has to be possible for Sharia Law to be introduced in the Netherlands via democratic means.

  17. MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem said Donner seemed to be forgetting that several points of Sharia Law are in conflict with the Dutch Constitution.
    The Scotus 9 could take care of that:
    Just cite law from some other country.
    Saudia Arabia, perhaps.

  18. Sodia, Sodia, sing to me, softly,
    Sing to me the song of love, Sodia.

  19. "Sodia, Sodia, oceanchild, calls me
    So I sing a song of love, Sodia
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    I can only speak my mind, Sodia

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  20. doug,

    Per your

    Harry's a hit at Guantanamo

    Richard Miniter: A Deadly Kindness

    what, are you seeing an admiral behind every wave?

    Oh, if you see Trish, ask her to tell that tall tale of Waziristan – of brave generals and the ghoul Rumsfeld and his cold grasping fingers. It's probably entirely nonsense, but who knows; she might for once have more than a Vienna sausage in her hand.

  21. Doug:

    Sodia sing at bar mitzvahs?

  22. Larry Johnson would know:
    Grab his Johnson.
    The hysteria about Euromuslims is just that, son:
    Once they are a majority, they will adopt the attitude of our founders, and Europe will live in Peace and Diversified Tranquility.
    ...or Dhimmifried.

  23. A Day in the Life

    I read the news today oh boy
    About a lucky man who made the grade
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    Nobody was really sure
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    I’d love to turn you on.

  24. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran,
    Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
    Let's take a stand and Bomb Iran!
    They're Evil-doers yes it's true, there's nothin' left to do,
    But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

    Went to Iraq, caught lotsa flack,
    No turnin' back so while we're there let's just attack,
    And Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
    They're a threat to me and you, there's nothin' left to do,
    But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

    Troops will have to see, a tour of duty 3,
    They may get the shaft and you know we'll have to draft,
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    They got the nukes you know it's true, there's nothin' left to do,
    But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

    Bombed Afghanistan, but gave up the Taliban,
    Hey at least this rhymes with "stan" and that's enough to make a plan
    To Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
    You're a commie if you doubt and my time is running out,
    To Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

  25. Where the 5% get-into-government hurdle has been jumped by the Nazi Party.

    Is this odious islamism creating an odious reaction, or is it something even more odious?

  26. Didn't Paul Harvey do ads for Mecklenburg?
    My best friend's wife had a Western Pomeranian.

  27. check yer news search, 'nun'/ mogadishu/ shot in back/ related to papal words/

  28. teresita,

    re: Bomb Iraq

    :-) ;-) :-D

  29. The Pope exhaled some sound waves, the sound waves got evil-magic'd into high velocity metal, which flew into the back of a humanitarian woman helping the needy far from home, and killed her for real, in the sense of "snuffing out her life".

    Bad Pope, bad, bad Pope.

  30. I keep thinking of the 60's when college students felt "empowered" by the Zeitgeist, and ranted and raved and screamed... Until they grew up or became Democrat operatives, politicians, and presidents.
    Now, that same MSM/Multicultural Powered Zeitgeist "empowers" millions of 20 year old Muslim Males AROUND THE WORLD to rant, rave, and scream.
    The Pictures have become Iconic.
    Seems the problem is the MSM/Multicults/Legalists et al:
    Mass Voluntary Dhimmification.

  31. If Words Could Kill, it would have been Benedict instead of him.

    The children asked him if to kill was not a sin.
    Not when he looked so fierce, his mother butted in.
    If looks could kill it would have been us
    Instead of him.
    All the children sing
    Hey, Benedict Bill
    What did you kill
    Benedict Bill?

  32. Thirty years of western hate speech against western civ has had its effect, alright. Its what suicides do, keep repeating to themselves how miserable and worthless they are, do it long enough, and off the bridge they jump.

  33. Well, in the "REAL" news, Katy Couric is in third place among the three broadcasters.

  34. Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe

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    And drop them into the muddy water off the Tallahatchee Bridge

  35. that was a sprightly Polka, wasn't it? Or perhaps a Polonaise?

  36. Please, guys, let us not let this thread devolve into an anti-Islamic rant. There are millions and millions of “moderate” Muslims in the world who agree with the Pope. We have been told that Islam is the “Religion of Peace” by the head of the free world, and by G-d it is.

    Just because a few radicals, like the governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, etc. etc. etc. have maligned the Pope for daring to quote a 14th C. Byzantine emperor, is no reason to stereotype. Right!?

  37. That Winston Churchill passage, guess that's setting off the Muzzies in the "other" world, back behind the Great Beyond? Becuz it IS rawther insulting to the Religion of Pissed-Off.

  38. re: Polonaise,
    Is there some more general Polish/Scandanavian Connection?

  39. If I hadn't been named "Doug," I'd take Winston.

  40. Shorten that to the Religion of Pissed. That way, "RoP"(tm) will still work.

    "Hi, we're Muslim, we're pissed. and we're here to keel you!"

  41. Polonaise is Polish Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is the addictive sandwitch spread, whose victims often end up in padded cells at the Mayo Clinic. Lettuce pray for them.

  42. The pope didn't say he was sorry for saying it, he said he was sorry the head-choppers got so violent when he mentioned the violence of the head-choppers.

  43. That males are grossly overrepresented in the lower IQ realms has been anecdotally proven by Muslim males, following the Pope’s recent remarks on the historical Islamic preference for violence.

    Muslims Turn On Each Other at Anti-Pope Rally in India

    Infantilizing Muslim "rage"

    “Never in the history of Christianity has a pope been proven correct so quickly and demonstrably.”

  44. The Pope's Sunday speech includes an apology for quoting an old text that upset the Muz, and said that the quote doesn't reflect his own opinion. Vatican spokesman, said, "this will have to do the trick".

    Oh, jeez--"this will have to do the trick"--THAT's gonna be chewed over, along with the sweet tea and dried goat ass.

  45. Illustrious Son just set a record for Fat Ingestion at a local place called "Moose McGillicutys"
    Some unG_dly number of Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburgers in 28 min.
    Now king of the Hill:
    Previous Recordholder was an AF Guy that works on the top of Mt Haleakala.
    Ten Thousand Feet and Clotting up Fast.

  46. Ms T 10:11:13 AM,
    I'm sorry too.
    Also Fed Up w/this whole
    Suicide on Parade

  47. Hey, the acorn don't fall far from the nut tree.

  48. Luckily he was not also Ethanol Powered as was Mr. Tree.

  49. Well, i gotta go wake up the peeps and get 'em back on the road to Loosyana. They went n' saw Willie Nelson sing las nite in Austin, and are having to sleep off the heavy low cloud layer of funny smoke in the ambient air. Central Texas is gone from drought to flash flood warnings, and dey needs to scoot--

  50. re: Pope

    Michelle Malkin, noticing the conspicuous absence of apologists for Pope Benedict XVI, writes:

    Pope Rage on the Internet;
    church bombings in Gaza

    “Germany's Angela Merkel has stood up to support the Pope against the hate-filled, threat-implying jihadists.”

    “What about the men of the West? Where are they? Hello, President Bush?”

    Dear, Michelle, the President has taken a side: Remember, RoP?

  51. Defining Today's Moderate Muslim
    The American Jewish Congress' awards to those considered friends of Israel offend some Muslims.
    We Be Offended, and We Be Proud.

  52. The President's position vis a vie the Papafada is clear, as it was with the cartoons.
    Do not piss off the Mohammedans, it messes with the Master Plan.

  53. Just heard Senator Allen of VA say unequivically, there will be no long term US Bases in Iraq.

    That fellow is dumber than a rock, compared to Mr Webb. Does not know if he supports Mr Warner or Mr Bush on the Art 3 definitions.
    Does not have up to date poll numbers on that, yet, aye?
    Mr Webb, he knows what he believes.
    Different than me, but he's not afraid of stating his beliefs.

  54. Mr Allen not only does not know what to do, he does not even know where he stands.

  55. If we end up with no permanent bases in Iraq, we're done, we lost the war. Not to say we can't restart it from the seas, but we'll have lost the one we're in now.

  56. That was something that US Senator from VA, Mr Allen, '08 GOP Presidental hopeful, said without equivication or doubt.

    There stands the Republic.

    at least for now,
    it is election season.

  57. The governments nearby will begin turning hard, on our announcement.

  58. Well, as a second-rate power, we can always enjoy geopolitical assholery, like France does with such relish.

  59. Allen knows his NASCAR, tho.

  60. Just wait for the transcript, buddy, what he was saying about US strategy, redeplying to mega-bases, and the importance of Force Protection made me cringe. I left the room, rather than listen to him babble on.
    Fellow is photogenic, though.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Betcha Joe would bet on the G Team
    Save Yourself, Blame Bush

    Mr Scarborough does not think blaming Mr Bush will be enough to save the Republicans in 49 days.

  63. Or so we were led to believe, catherine, but what if Mr Allen, a true blue GOP hopeful, is giving US the real skinny.

    Mr Bush said it would be up to his replacement, Mr Allen says the US ain't stayin', especially not if he gets the job.

    Plain as day, dear lady.

    "Cut and Run" Allen for President, I can see it now.

  64. desert rat said:

    Mr Bush said it would be up to his replacement, Mr Allen says the US ain't stayin', especially not if he gets the job.

    Maybe he doesn't believe the US should be the World Policeman. I say close all the bases overseas, do 100% inspection of all cargo ships, finish the missile defense shield, and permit no commercial airlines to fly within 200 miles of our coast if their manifest includes a Muslim passenger. Let the EUtopians pay the dhimmi tax.

  65. That is fine for you to say, Ms T, but that has no more chance of becoming US Policy then the Kyoto Accords.

    The fact is that Mohammedan immigration into the US is at an all time high, there is and will be no embargo on Muslims.
    Not any time soon.

    Mr Allen is telling US of his vision of the future, he is a Republican "star".
    There stands the Party.
    No Permanent Bases in Iraq

  66. Count the votes, then cathrine, as the Republicans implode, for your Policy of choice.

    They are not there.

    Mr Allen is correct, even if he is not "Right".

    There never was time for a "Long War", especially one where the objectives were not made public.
    Mr Lincoln was correct about fooling the people.

  67. And why not, if that is what is required, rufus?
    Afraid of the truth?
    No wonder the people have abandoned the cause.
    The cause has abandoned the truth.

  68. Wait for the transcript, rufus, his priority is force protection, not victory.

  69. "...So even our unmanned drones are obliged to behave with sensitivity. But then, these days the very soundtrack to our society is, so to speak, an unmanned drone."
    Read More!
    © Mark Steyn 2006


    In a totally surprising atmosphere it appears that Islam is at odds with Christianity and all other religions.

    Passages from Winston Churchill were invoked as well as a few carefully chosen words by the Pope.

    Beatle and Beachboys dominated the TOP 40 with Ms. T's and Doud's contributions.

    Giving more than metaphorical meaning to "I'd love to turn you on" was Buddy's admission that ambient air at a Wille Nelson concert in a college town can indeed do so.
    The Tallahatchee Bridge was invoked,so can Poke Salad Annie be far behind.
    Islamic behinds were an angry mauve yesterday as the Pope quoted Lenny Bruce.
    DR,Buddy,Teresita,Catherine,Rufus,PossumTater,Allen, and asoorted reprobates and lurker were in full agreement that nitrogen is still a component of air.

  71. Wants to "stay" for the sake of "staying", seems like Mr Allen was saying to me.
    Get our boys on those big bases, "where they'll be safe", quoting in the docudrama mode we've all come to appreciate.

  72. It is beyond pathetic, or as Bertrand Russell might have put it pathetic+, that the idelogy of Islam is now the acknowledged playground bully.
    An everyone is in fear.

    The answer is clear..modified genocide.

  73. and Launch Co-branded Internet Site That Tracks Growing and Influential Political Blogosphere
    Thursday September 14, 11:46 am ET to Host RealClearPolitics Opinion

  74. Those fellows at RCP have done a great job in, what, six or seven years.
    That is one thing about the nonPorn aspect of the Inet, takes alot of time to create real value.

  75. Hey, Trish, conservative icon Mark Steyn is pulling stuff “out of his ass.” Go get him, girl!

    Coverage of 9/11 anniversary was too wimpy

    “We fight tastefully, too. Last week one of America's unmanned drones could have killed 200 Taliban big shots but they were attending a funeral and we apparently have a policy of not killing anybody near cemeteries out of sensitivity. So even our unmanned drones are obliged to behave with sensitivity.”

    I will e-mail Mr. Steyn and set him straight. He has not heard of the plenipotentiary Senior Airman Ulack. Talking about the muscular Ulack, what heroic role does he play in your saga of Waziristan?

  76. Hutus and Tutsis,Angola,Etheopia and a host of others are using modified genocide to great effect and no repercussions.
    I say if hacking to death 500,000 people with the machete is accetable to the world, and starvation of millions in other countries gets a pass the we owe it to ourselves and the world to step up and show them how it can really be done. We could use the Soth African tribes tradition of "necklacing" and can simultaneously cut down on our growing mound of used tires. The residue could be used as a road sealer.
    We could even hire out the work by training our E-Coli germinating illegal immegrant Mexican workers to use that machete for peace.

  77. Sounds pretty repugnant but folks it's our real world.

  78. habu1,

    re: machete for peace

    Cutting Edge
    Edge of Night

    Most Mexicans are Roman Catholic, aren't they? A slash of civilizations could result.

  79. i just read several articles on the Pope. I would appear that as his predessor took on communism this Pope is going to take on Islam.

  80. desert rat; 11:11 AM

    So, what does Joe Scarborough really think?

  81. desert rat; 11:11 AM

    So, what does Joe Scarborough really think?

  82. Hamas has stated today that it is dissatisfied with the Pope's apology. ME peace will now demand an appearance by Dr. Rice.

  83. He did not tell you, himself?
    Come now allen, it seems darn clear, to me.

    The Dems will win small, in both the House and the Senate.
    Judical niminees being filibustered will not provoke the Nuclear Option threat from the Republicans, they won't have the votes.

    In the House either strict Party line votes or chaos will result as the Republicans continue to, as cathrine said, implode.

    The MSM will scent the blood in the water, the '08 Campaign will begin, in earnest.

  84. Could this be the face of he Olmert government?

    Tell me it's not true

  85. America in it's feminization stage loses world leadership buy having a male population of metrosexuals and chest waxed woosies.
    Latest converts..Colin Powell,John McCain,,Howard Dean,John Kerry (a founding waxer),all of the Democratic party leadership and a growing segment of the RINO's.

    The feminizaton of civilizations, particularly in the military, cost Greece and Rome there empires. Our generals have sensitivity training as do the troops ...time better spent in "the pit"

  86. DR,

    Mr. Scarborough is so coy, I couldn't quite make out whether he respected Mr. Bush and the present Republican Party or not. ;-)

  87. I think not, by the tone of this oiece and the one he did a few days ago.
    Seems the only thing that dould save the Republicans is that the Dems are inept.

    That is why the Allen vs Webb story is so interesting, to me.
    Mr Webb is anything but inept.

  88. habu1,

    re: The feminizaton of civilizations

    What is that I hear? Whaling?...Oh, sorry, I meant wailing.

    Wouldn't be bracing to hear an officer who didn't sound like Truman Capote? - male or female

  89. whaling? Are we back to aristide's idea of translating Moby Dick, then letting the prose infiltrate Arabia, in an attempt to change Mohammmedan thinking.
    Better than a television campaign, he and his thought.
    Denying the Mohammedan's inability to read.

    The Papafada advances, no meely mouthed half apoloagies will be enough to bring Peace.
    If only the Pope understood the importance of his remarks, so said the ladies on FOX.
    As if he did not.

  90. habu, the feminization of the hunter-gatherers cost us some prime mastodon jerky but we got bread and corn and lettuce in return.

  91. Doug Urbanski (Rusty Humphrey Sub) is a Serious Catholic:
    Just read Pope's "apology" which more explicitly condemns violence than original statement.
    Since Papa is not elegible, I nominate our very own Fred for '08:
    Knows more about the Muzzies than anyone here, and could have an underground direct line to Cardinal Ratzinger.
    Official Relations would be between DC and the Vatican.

  92. allen said:

    Most Mexicans are Roman Catholic, aren't they? A slash of civilizations could result.

    I don't know what Pat Buchanan is bitching about. Even if all the Mexicans came north of the border, we don't have to worry about cathedral bells being replaced by the "call to Prayer" from minarets like in EUtopia.

  93. Allen,
    Meanwhile, Traitor Jane waxes her upper lip.

  94. re: Peaceful Mexicans:
    More than 1 out of 10 are convicted Felons Ms T.
    As Harry Reid recently said:
    "We can do better than that!"
    Feminized and Soft in the F..... Head we are:
    No Muzzies, No Felons!

  95. Humphries has yet to find David Koresh on Mt Carmel.
    Continues to Scour the ME.
    Dr. Karridine also missing.

  96. Urbanski deeply into subject of this thread on 9-16 Humpries Show linked above. (B-1 Bob)

  97. What is Wrong with a Religion that can only be taught with Violence?

  98. No Katyuskas in Shimona today, Rusty Reports.

  99. "We could even hire out the work by training our E-Coli germinating illegal immegrant Mexican workers to use that machete for peace."
    No Collaborative Relationship exists between Montezuma and Mr Spinach.

  100. Spray the Rock With E-Coli.
    And the Goats.