“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thomas Sowell on Lindsey Graham

Tolerance has been one of the virtues of western civilization. But virtues can be carried to extremes that turn them into vices. Toleration of intolerance is a particularly dangerous vice to which western nations are succumbing, both within their own countries and internationally.

Double standards are being wrapped in the mantle of morality. The drive to extend Geneva convention protection to terrorists who are not covered under the Geneva convention is one of a number of dangerous self-indulgences by people who seem to think that being morally one-up is the ultimate and survival is secondary.

Senator Lindsey Graham's comment that we are going to win in our struggle with terrorists "because we are better" was all too typical of this mindset.

It would be hard to know which would be worse -- if he said it as just some offhand political rhetoric or whether he is really fatuous enough to believe it and irresponsible enough to gamble American lives rather than extract murderous secrets from captured cutthroats. Thomas Sowell


  1. Sen, Lindsey Graham's remark "because we are better" is right out of "Gone With the Wind" where Charles Hamilton is explaining to Rhett Butler that the South would win because any Southerner was worth ten Yankees.
    Well, poor Charles died of pneumonia early on so he never saw the outcome but the South lost that one.
    With Sen. Grahams' arrogance awash in his Southern drawl it would serve him well to realize the dimensions of Islams aggression and determination to get a new worldwide Caliphate.
    ...and you know, like the Eagles said,years before 9-11...

    "Everything can change
    In a new york minute
    Things can get pretty strange
    In a new york minute
    Everything can change
    In a new york minute"....and the world did.

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  3. Maybe some of you have seen this site, Logic Times

    Has an Iraq Survival Count done in the style of the infamous Iraq Body Count counter. Might be something to consider adding to the site...

    More On Topic:

    The Logic Times feature an article on the Path to 9/11. The author describes the state of pre 9/11 America. It's difficult to differentiate this from Sowell's description of Graham and the culture associated with Graham:

    "The first stems from the recognition that pre-9/11 American society was structurally vulnerable; that the people of that society – petulant, prosperous, and deluded by soft years of a pseudo-peace – would never permit the measures necessary to stop a determined, suicidal enemy. Perhaps the September 11th plot of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed could have been foiled, but the mixture of Islamofascism, Western freedom and technology was destined to violently explode on American soil. Recognizing this, it is clear that neither the Clinton Administration nor the Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11, debunking once and for all the hysterical attempt by the Left to blame Bush on the heels of Richard Clarke's duplicitous 9/11 Commission testimony."

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  5. "... Aside from the debate between the largest Shi’a and Sunni parties over the desirability of the federal autonomy plan, the most heated element in the debate was a charge by a member of Iyad Allawi’s National Iraqi List, Usama al-Najaifi, that Kurdish militias were engaging in ethnic cleansing in Mosul, attempting to change the demographics of the city, which is the capital of the Ninawa Province in northern Iraq. Kurdish members rejected the charge and demanded an apology, and the List’s parliamentary leader, Hamid Najid Musa, apologized saying that the Najaifi did not represent the party, and that the accusations were wrong. ... "


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  7. I think the "Tee" says; "Tolerance is a virtue of a man with no conviction"

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