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Monday, September 11, 2006

Aymin Al-Zawahiri

Aymin al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian mastermind behind al-Qaeda took the occasion of 9/11 to issue a new video in which he paid tribute to his 9/11 martyrs and issued warnings.

To the US he said:

"We have repeatedly warned you and offered a truce with you. Now we have all the legal and rational justification to continue to fight you until your power is destroyed or you give in and surrender," he said. "The days are pregnant and giving birth to new events."
Having issued the warning, he has once again performed his Koranic duty. Now his hands are clean and his conscience is clear as he tries to rally troops and advance the jihadist agenda.

All Experts at says this about the "Evil Doctor."

Al-Zawahiri is an Eqyptian who by the age of fourteen joined the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin), an Islamist group and became a student and follower of Sayyid Qutb. By 1979 he joined Egyptian Islamic Jihad, where he eventually became one of its leading organizers and recruiters. He was arrested following the assassination of Anwar Sadat, but released after serving jail time for illegal arms possession. In the 1980s he journeyed to Afghanistan to participate in the mujahideen resistance against the Soviet Union's occupation. There he met Osama bin Laden, who was running a base for mujahideen. In 1990 al-Zawahiri returned to Egypt, where he continued to push Islamic Jihad in more radical directions employing knowledge and tactics learned in Afghanistan. In late 1996 he was detained in Russia for six months by the FSB after he apparently tried to recruit jihadists in Chechnya. In 1997 he was held responsible for the massacre of 58 (or 67) foreign tourists in the Egyptian town of Luxor. On February 23, 1998, he and bin Laden declared war on "Jews and Crusaders".

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  1. Al-Zawahiri's latest threat to strike us again should be taken seriously. They may do real harm with some NBC device. To do so on our soil would mark the end of many Islamic worlds.
    Atheletes often in the aftermath of a wonderful home court victory will smack with,"Not in my house uh,uh." The same holds true here.
    If they hit us again with any magnitude then the caves of Afghanistan will be radioactive for 50 years. Moslem countries that we know from intercepts and money trails that have helped will be demanded to be destroyed by our population by nuclear force, and they will be.
    We will not provide them with the paradise they seek for our nuclear arms will be anointed with pig I say, go ahead and bring it on if you think you can prevail. We will wipe out your ideology and cinder your sanctuaries.