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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Is France Serious About Iran?

While I am here, I want to see if I can get and convey a better picture of what France must do to meet the threats posed by Islam to the West. One thing is clear and that is after the 1960's (more on that later), France plunged into the multi-culture link with the Islamic and North African World. I took a walk around Montpellier last night and and it is very clear that Muslims are as part and separate to French life as African-Americans are to life in the US. They have invested in the experiment. You see many mixed race and ethnic couples, but come away with a sense of danger as well. I like doing "what ifs" when trying to de-construct a problem. To understand the French dilemma, think about what the US society would be like if we tried and reverse the clock and separate African-Americans from US society. It would be a tragic mess. The Muslims in France are both more integrated and less that African-Americans are in the US. This must play very heavy on their view in all matters vis a vis Islam and Iran.

Here are three recent questions posted to various French Ministers about Iran.


"(Lappeeranta, 2 September 2006)

THE MINISTER – On the first point, i.e. Iran, what is there to say that you don't know? You know the situation. Iran's response isn't what we expected. Moreover, the IAEA Director General concluded in his report that Iran isn't implementing UNSCR 1696. We have to discuss together what to do next in the framework of what the resolution had decided. I remind you that UNSCR 1696 was passed unanimously, and, of course, it commits us. So it's normal for the experts from the Six to consult each other next week. That's a first point.

The second point I wish to bring to your attention is that this morning we Europeans assessed the situation. We are united, the Europeans are united, in considering our three key words to be unity, firmness and dialogue. With this in mind, Mr Solana and the Iranian negotiator have to hold talks soon. The high representative is our representative, he needs to obtain, on our behalf, clarifications on certain aspects of the Iranian position. I want to say publicly that Mr Solana has our wholehearted support. Here I'm not speaking only for France, I mean that he has the support of all the Europeans, that's one of this morning's conclusions.

Third point to stress to you, on our French position. Yesterday, the Prime Minister expressed our regret that Iran has not replied positively to the offer of cooperation made to her. We hope she will change her position. Of course, we're giving priority to dialogue. We all have to be absolutely clear on this. Philippe Douste-Blazy said so, yesterday, when presenting the French position, it's obviously the main message he wanted to convey yesterday. We're giving priority to the dialogue, but, of course, it's important for the international community to get Iran to understand that she needs to change her position, suspend her enrichment activities and so comply with UNSCR 1696. I don't need to remind you of its content, i.e. that since this resolution, suspension has been an obligation. Let me add that we are convinced that it's in Iran's interest to return to the concert of nations, grasp the opportunity currently offered to her, particularly since the offer made at the beginning of June, and so choose the path of cooperation which the international community has proposed to her.


Q. – As regards Iran, can there concurrently be negotiations and sanctions? Have any member States spoken out against sanctions?

THE MINISTER – We're not at that point. In the process set in train in the United Nations framework, a step has already been taken with UNSCR 1696. Yes, the discussion has begun. It's normal, after stating that Iran hadn't implemented the resolution, for us to ponder the consequences we draw from this and the different possibilities which may present themselves. For the rest, I reiterate this and it's really this morning's main conclusion, we want, through dialogue and the contact the high representative is shortly going to have with the Iranian negotiator, there to be a discussion to remove a number of ambiguities and provide clarifications where necessary. This is something we're still waiting for. The Iranian reply is long and complex, and we wanted to study it in detail before asking for clarifications. This is the framework of the mandate for Mr Solana's mission. He has our full support. This is a delicate moment; this meeting is, of course, one of the elements which will help us think about the future. We want dialogue to prevail, while drawing attention to the framework in which the international community is reflecting. (…)./.



(Paris, 6 September 2006)


Q. – Tell me straight out, are any sanctions ready to impose and what are they? The Americans have given a week – I see George Bush comparing Iran to al-Qaida! You've seen that too, he's reiterating his determination to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and for him Iran is al-Qaida.

THE MINISTER – Only one question matters: suspension of the sensitive nuclear activities, and to this question we have to find a solution which combines the necessity of halting these activities – if we want to have serious negotiations – with respect for Iranian sovereignty to which Tehran is rightly attached. Indeed I believe we can end the present deadlock, it's up to us to display imagination, for example, by adopting, in the discussions, an incremental approach allowing us, without lowering our demands, to address the Iranian concerns. (…)./.


  1. Good morning from the States 2164 if you find that 50 franc French golg rooster I left near the quay de O'rsay just go ahead a slurge on me!

    First congratulations on juggling the number of items you are currently handling, and for the fine update and questions posed in todays thread. Supurb job.
    The first question posed I believe was if sanctions and negotitations could simultaneously occur? I beleieve it is possible but will be wholly ineffectual. Iran is going to remain intransigent until she is nuclear or deprive (for a time) of acquiring the bomb. The French,a you pointed our have a massive internal problem with Islam which nakes them "more flexible" and accompdating to that community worldwide. They will fold soonest.The residue of the war in Algiers is still a haunting spector pasted down to newer generations in both countries.
    On the second question the French Foreign Minister deflected a response by pointing to the United States resolve to bar a nuclear Iran. Explaining that documents received from the Iranians were lenghty and required careful study reminded me that at the beginning of WW11 the Supereme French Commander chose a palacial estate miles from Paris from which to do his planning and direct the Army, yet he installed no telephone lines or other communication other than motorcycle courier. Thus the French will repeat their gaze at the hour glass debating the fall of each grain of sand. The USA will not wait so long while allowing development to continue on an Iranian bomb.
    Options are closing rapidly. We took the high road prior to Iraq and gave then time to prepared for an insurgent war. This time we won't invade with troops but halt Iranian progress with sustained airstrikes. The world will condemn us in public and thank us in private. It is the result of the demographics internally within Europe vis a vis the Islams. A military coaxing will retard Iranian progress and advance diplomatic progress.
    Best to you,

  2. P.S. My wife will soon commandere this high speed computer for her work so my input today will probably be more sparse tha I would like. But then that may not be such a bad thing.
    Once again enjoy life my friend.

  3. I just checked the news, Elvis is still dead and Hoffa's not surfaced so in those areas things are about the same.
    I did however take the opportunity to go back over some of Wrethchard most resent threads.
    In some, fom the git go it got down and dirty. Nazi's vs. virtuous leftists etc.
    A focus that has not left my mind since leaving the closed world of US Marine Corps Air Stations to attend the University of Florida, (1966-1070 with breaks for war) in the tumultuous years
    during Vietnam is the absolute cleavage that splits this country to this day in my generation.
    I do not believe it is repairable. The left has grown more strident, if that is possible and the Right finally awoke with the Reagan Revolution.
    Washington is a place where a former National Security Advisor can steal TOP SECRET documents, solicit money from Chinese Communists and walk away. We've suffered a resigned president and an impeached president. The impeached president could easily suffer from a deep psychosis developed from childhood by a dysfunctional family.
    Wrethard faces no choice but to face this cleavage and identify at what level of argot does he want the venom to flow. Unctuous pesentation and a high class deconstruction of history will not suffice to satisfy. The blood letting will continue to our graves.

  4. Good morning, all. Thanks "deuce," high quality post. Good Reading. Gotta wake up before I go talking about the French conundrum, though. Them suckers leave me discombobulated when I'm at my best. Prior to my first cup of Sumatra, I'm definitely at my lowest ebb o' the day.

  5. I suspect that since 9/11 the French Muslims have reacted the American Muslims from Patterson, New Jersey. CBS aired a segment on "Sunday Morning" and the theme from the American Muslims was, "We're Americans and we are being unfairly targeted." One chador wearing Muslim woman said, "I'm a Jersey girl, I grew up eating hamburgers and hot dogs." She went on to relate being detained for five hours by immigration officials during a recent return from Jordan. She couldn't understand why except that she wore the chador.

    In other words, in their minds they are victims not of terrorists but of American discrimination and prejudice. This is not a good sign.

    Western Muslims must surely know that Islam is susceptible to this violent fundamentalism but so far like secular leftists they wrongly invoke Timothy McVeigh and refuse to publically acknowledge the inherent flaws within the Koran. Until Western Muslims come to grips with that reality the fissures will widen, building pressure that could be eventually released in catastrophic ways.

  6. Whit, my first instinct would be to take our chadora-wearing "Jersey Girl" with a grain of salt. My suspicion is that they had a "reason" of some sort to check her out. I mean, we've all flown since 9-11. How much overt discrimination have you seen?

    I feel like we've just sat down in a poker game in the back of a strange pool hall. I don't know if anyone's cheating, but the odds are pretty good that someone is. I'm going to be pretty careful, for awhile.

  7. Khatami is playing to a world stage. He will say all the right things in front of the International cameras and then as Arafat did repeatedly sing a more sinister tune back in Iran. The link you provided tells the true story.

    Khatami's visit is just so much political theatre scripted to elicit world sympathy especially when it can be contrasted against a ravenous Israel and the arch villain, Bush.

  8. But it was Mr Bush that approved the visa, whit.
    Perhaps it is all part of aristide's "Master Plan" or another instance of ineptness by the Administration.
    Time will tell.
    President Abracadaba will reach moral equivalence with Mr Bush when he addresses the UN.
    Mr Bush will refuse to debate Abracadabra in an open forum, guess where the spin on that will go, internationaly?

    Just now on FOX, their female talking head was wearing a stylish head scarf, while reporting from Tehran. Then from FOX via AP
    "Iran ready to suspend nuclear enrichment for a month or two"
    "A hugh development" says the FOX man.

    Makes me grin, that the seduction develops on schedule.
    The last question at the bar
    "Your place or mine?"

  9. Rufus:
    Good point about the absence of overt discrimination. I wish "these people" would look at India where tit-for-tat is the rule. Hindus go "postal" every now and then and it seems to keep things in check. Muslims ought to thank Allah they live in America.

    You're right, I guess Dubya did approve Khatami's visa. We'll have to see how (and if) he uses the events and occasions to US advantage.

    BTW - 6.0 earthquake hits in Gulf of Mexico 250 miles southwest of Florida coast. Weird!!!!

  10. 'Rat 12:23:25 PM, Huge developement indeed.
    Like we haven't been here before, and before that and...
    See "Brown Shirts" for more from me on Master Plans versus F... Ups.

  11. The State Department is embarrassed and CAIR is not pleased.

    A Side of Court Summons With Your Halal Entrée

    Families Of Kidnapped Persian Jews Sue Khatami In US Court

    “On Friday evening copies of the complaint and summons were served on Khatami at a reception in Arlington, Virginia hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

    “The Plaintiffs allege that Khatami has singled out the Jewish community and authorized the policy of secretly imprisoning the Jews indefinitely.”

    “Over the years, the Jewish families have received reports from other former prisoners and guards that the missing Jews are alive and being held in different prisons.”

    "’It is shocking that the State Department would grant this anti-Semitic criminal a travel visa instead of joining with the families in the struggle to bring him to justice.’”

    Oh, and President George W. Bush personally signed off on Khatami’s travel visa.

  12. Huge Shipment of Hatred Headed for U.S.

    “15,000 young peaceful religionists raised on the most virulently anti-infidel form of Islam are about to be sent to our universities by the Saudi government.”

    “Thousands of students from Saudi Arabia are enrolling on college campuses across the United States this semester under a new educational exchange program brokered by President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah.”

    “The U.S. State Department sees the exchange as a way to build ties with future Saudi leaders and young scholars…”

    “Meanwhile back in Muhammadland, there's still a bit to worry about regarding the curriculum that these kids are graduating from. ‘Saudi schoolbooks still in dispute five years after 9/11.’”

  13. As far as I have been able to determine, the ACLU is uninvolved in the law suit.

  14. Amestesty International? Human Rights Watch? Anybody on the case?

  15. Man, I've mispelled some words in my life--but that was a helluva mangle on 'amnesty'.

  16. Yah, I don't know nobody that can't spell "Amunutsty!" uh, "Amnutootsy?" uh, .. oh, hell ...

    Just leave the sumbitch locked up.

  17. buddy,

    re: Amnesia International

    If any of the usual "human rights" groups are involved, I have not seen it. And, unless some angle to harm the US can be found, it's unlikely.

  18. It's "Amistesty International," the organization dedicated to excoriating friendly nations only, because they won't torture or kill you for your speech.

  19. "Amnesiotootsie": (noun) the condition of having a movie memory that would rather be forgotten.

  20. "Hume & Rights Watch" organization fights actual news anchorman's interference with broadcast networks' "Stupidity Project".

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  23. Don't argue with Dick Shunnaire, hr's got a vocabulary like no one else here plus, he wrote the book on spelling and pronunciation.

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  25. I've got a slight typing impediment which affects my r's and e's. My wife says it's not too noticiable but I teee,,,ryryry to avoid using woeds with rrrrr,....rrrr..AH RRR'SSS and eeee...eee...E'S.

    I am also dyslrxic.

  26. whit, re typing impediment, try typing with your dentures in.

  27. My dog is dsyrlxic. he say, "Krab, krab, krabkrab krabkrab!"

  28. Buddy,

    Brit better not criticize CBS Benighted News with Katie Incur Ick. Hume & Rights would denounce him for sexism faster than you could say women should be treated just like men.


    I don't brook no dissension. So go ahead!

  29. Yes, Katie Concurit certainly has her prose and constituency.

  30. Buddy, I'm just worried about your krabby god.

  31. Well, me, too, Shunnarie. The Caninites have been difficult since the beg inning.

  32. Wait, did you say you had "Gobby Crabs?"

  33. What are "Gooby" Crabs, uh, .. Gobby Krabs?

    Krabby Gobs?

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  34. Caninites, lol. Why we're expected to roll over and play dead.

  35. yuk yuk--punsters got no shame--tank goodness--

  36. Nice savage writing up top there, habu. I had meant to compliment.