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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Apportez-le dessus (Bring it On)

“I’m prepared to kick their ass from one end of America to the other,”

Senator John F. Kerry on what he'll do with John O'Neill and the Swiftboat Veterans.

Bill Sammon, The Examiner


  1. Maybe the Swift Boat guys can give him a couple black eyes to go with his three Purple Hearts.

  2. I waited thirty five years to get even with Kerry. The first time I saw the long haired, long faced asshole in battle fatigues with all his medals and ribbons selling every GI who served with him down rivers Kerry may or may not have sailed up, I asked myself, what does he want. I found it hard to believe that the American people would fall for such a transparent opportunist. Then there he stood, John Kerry, "reporting for duty".

    It was one of the sweetest electionss to vote against Kerry. The Democrats could not be so foolish to give us another shot at Kerry, could they?

  3. 2164th,

    re: Killer Kerry's medals

    Hey, good to hear from you again!

    When you saw Kerry, was it before or after he threw those medals away?

  4. Hard to say Allen. He was awarded so many, It was hard to keep track. Actually, I am back in Paris. I will be flying tomorrow and then I have an interesting post regarding a dinner I had with some of the more conservative members of the Anglospheric Establishment. I will put it together on the plane.

    It is good to see the Elephant Bar having esatblished itself. I saw Doug's comment on a dual comment section. Using this format it is not possible. I will check in a little later.

  5. doug was wrong before, he's wrong about a reformat. It is not as if there are so many participants that we are confused.

    A solution to a problem that does not exist.

  6. Cutler said...
    “The three senior JAGs for the Army, Navy and Air Force, known as TJAGs, want three-star rank… But they need a larger corps of military lawyers to justify the boost in rank, we are told.”

    Talking about useless fixtures...Pardon, my mind was wandering.

    Cutler, like me, I am sure you are interested in offering a helping hand to the hard working barkers of the JAG corps. In that spirit of charity, may I suggest the incorporation of the commands of the three TJAGs into a single unit? With that, one of the MajGs could be promoted to a LeauG and two MajGs could be eliminated. Think they would go for that?

  7. 2164th,

    re: Killer Kerry's medals cont'd.

    I asked because his medals, as his policy statements, have come and gone - "I threw them away, before I didn't throw them away."

  8. VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict is sorry Muslims were offended by a speech that provoked fury in the Islamic world and led to calls for the leader of the Catholic church to apologize personally, the Vatican said on Saturday.

    "The Holy Father is very sorry that some passages of his speech may have sounded offensive to the sensibilities of Muslim believers," Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said in a statement.

    Morocco recalls Vatican envoy over Pope remarks-
    Egypt summons Vatican envoy over Pope speech-
    Palestinian churches attacked after Pope remarks-
    Arab papers urge Pope apology for Islam comments-
    Iraq calls for calm after Pope's remarks-
    Indonesians rally to support Palestinians, condemn Pope-

    Has Papafada begun?

  9. CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said a Vatican statement on Saturday saying Pope Benedict was sorry for upsetting Muslims with his comments on Islam did not go far enough.

    "We want a personal apology (from the Pope). We feel that he has committed a grave error against us and that this mistake will only be removed through a personal apology," Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Mohammed Habib told Reuters.

    "Has he presented a personal apology for statements by which he clearly is convinced? No," he said.

  10. desert rat; 12:16:26 PM

    The Pope's remarks may drive Muslims into unanticipated actions, such as the violent firebombing of Christian churches. With crossed fingers we must hope that "moderate" Muslims will prevail, as has so often been the case, say, during the Great Islamic Cartoon War 2005.

  11. rufus,
    What with gerry rigging the Districts, the House has always been harder to flip. Historicly it only does so only in conjunction with a flip of the Senate.
    The Senate though has often flipped when the House did not.

  12. rufus said:

    The part I "Love" is the part where the Muzzies go out and Firebomb "Eastern Orthodox" (Non-Catholic) Churches.

    Hey, maybe the Holy Father can dredge up some crap the Mormons said about Mo' (pbuh).

  13. Rufus, that is a very interesting chart. You da man.

  14. In one of the safest Democratic congressional districts in the nation, Republicans are welcoming the victory of Keith Ellison, a black Muslim, in the September 12 primary election just concluded. This is not because the GOP nominee, Alan Fine, has a serious chance to win in November, but because the Democrat holds views that Republican strategists feel will cause undecided voters throughout the state to regard his party (called the Democratic-Farmer-Labor or DFL here) as too extreme. ...
    Read More!

  15. As I look down the roster of participants on this thread I feel one common vibe (cue the music,,Joint Armed Forces choir humming,"God Bless America").

    That common vibe is that there was a significant number of anti war assholes back in the day and a lot of them are still around ... it's that old chasm ...and it's still payback time for the shit they did then and their continuing support for shitheads like Kerry ... sound like a vibe to ya'll?
    (Band breaks into Sousa, Washington Post March,fortissimo.

  16. ...pardon me ladies...Kerry and his minions are do-do heads

  17. "... By last night the protests had not spilled over into the kind of violence seen in February in protest against the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad. But Diaa Rashwan, a Cairo-based analyst of Islamic militancy, warned that the comments were "more dangerous than the cartoons because they come from the most important Christian authority in the world. The cartoons just came from an artist."

  18. It'll just take a couple of days for the Mohammedans to decide on the scale of the protests.

  19. DR..they're just pushing this Crusade stff until they get one..provided we can muster the Euroweenies and our some of our generals.

    Maybe they should now be called gentlerals

  20. Whit..kerry's just "puffing" I'm sure..trial ballon, cause he ain't gonna kick anyones ass.
    my gawd the man's not real..he's a Fairy Kerry

  21. trail ballons don't rise as high as a true balloon does

  22. It'll just take a couple of days for the Mohammedans to decide on the scale of the protests.

    Maybe some Roman "youths" will turn over the Popemobile and torch it.

  23. Ms T
    Popes got that sky hook thing work'in

  24. BTW..nice Burma Shave last night

  25. Whit,
    2164th is Bedazzled in Paris:
    It's really quite simple to interspers blank posts with only a date and whatever else you want to make a placeholder with in it:
    That way when people like Bud get the runs, he can do do in that thread, and when I do, he can lick my ass.
    'Rat's been wrong before, wouldn't hurt a thing.
    (if nobody gets the runs, it just is one small empty comment thread that is easily deleted)

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