“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, September 22, 2006

..."Under Clinton, national security was treated as a joke, and practically everything was put up for sale in a perpetual election cycle"

Beijing's Secret War

Posted 9/21/2006

"Espionage: Beijing stole secrets to every U.S. nuclear warhead while funneling millions to Bill Clinton's and other Democrats' campaigns. Now comes news that on Clinton's watch China recruited CIA officers as spies.
A new book by Washington Times national-security reporter Bill Gertz exposes how Chinese intelligence last decade recruited at least three CIA officers as spies, bribing them with hundreds of thousands of dollars. One CIA officer alone pocketed $600,000 in Chinese cash."

"Beijing at the time activated its own spies here to steal U.S. military secrets. Gertz says two Chinese brothers in Los Angeles stole defense technology that's let China track stealthy U.S. attack subs and possibly build its own version of one of the Navy's supersecret developmental warships, the DD(X) destroyer."


Read it and weep. While we are caught between dueling Muslims and bringing democracy to the coalition of the unwilling, the Chinese are moving on our flanks. They are getting our commercial and military technology on the cheap and practicing a new mercantilism generating a torrent of dollars to put to use in undermining US interests on a global scale. No where is it more clear than in Latin America. After establishing beacheads throughout the Americas, they will need to have military installations to protect their interests and a blue water navy to protect their sea lanes. Think not? The edtorial goes on to say:

..."As shocking as such treason is, it should have been expected given the new environment in which the U.S. intelligence community was operating. The tone set from the top was that the Cold War was over and the communists no longer a threat. Clinton put out the welcome mat to the Chicoms and said it was OK to share secrets.
As soon as he took office, he implemented a policy of "denuclearization." That included ending nuke testing, kicking open the nuclear labs to Chinese visitors and declassifying hundreds of thousands of documents related to our nuclear program.
Clinton also deregulated export of sensitive dual-use technology. And Beijing gleefully took advantage of the dovish shift, sharpening the reliability of the missiles it has aimed at the U.S. and Taiwan."


  1. In order to understand the Chinese order of battle it is IMPERATIVE, repeat IMPERATIVE that you take the time to read the book.

    Unrestricted Warfare

    If you do not you can not understand the dimensions of the Chinese threat.

    PS. The fork I took in the road was the one that turned out to have a cul-de-sac at it's end.

  2. I believe the investigations into Clinton's fuuny money adventures were the instigation of the Gorelick Wall, between CIA and Homeland authorities. On this watch, you are hereby not allowed to connect the dots.

    The unintended consequences of permitting misconduct, graft, corruption, waste and treason to be covered up and excused from prosecution, is of course the price we pay.

    How come Jaime's not in jail? Should we just stuff it our pants?

  3. Welcome back Habu. Missed your insights.

  4. China is just emerging to its natural position on the global stage. China is going to rise as the next world power, the only question is in what manner and whether it will have enough vested in the current world order (its institutions, rules and norms) that apart from its position vis a vis the US, nothing much will change.

    There are many revolutions going on in China right now, they are economic, cultural, sexual, social, and political (this one less obvious than the rest) and what's more their population will likely top out at around the same time as ours. They have too many people to feed to want to go to war and destroy the current capitalist world system from which they are benefitting so much. IF we help China connect to the global economy faster, it is likely that the one party state won't endure since as the people get more money they will demand more of a say in running their own affairs.

    As for China's military being openly planning against us, that doesn't differ much from our own military and several generals who continue to spout nonsense about the coming war with China and how they will fight it. It's military bravado.

    With regard to spies, do you think they are the only ones spying? No. We are doing so as well. While we have to take a more active approach in preventing them from recruiting spies and stealing our technology, it does not follow that their aims are any different than those of other nations who also spy on US, like Israel which despite being a close ally of ours has run spies in our most secret installations and has gained access to our most sensitive secrets...

  5. Rufus,

    Two questions for you:
    1) in what part of Mississippi do you live? I grew up in Tunica and still have family there & Memphis.
    2) you mentioned your use of small business borrowing as a leading indicator - what's the source for that statistic?

  6. Anyone studying the PRC military should know about Popular Mechanics' several in-depth articles on the topic.

  7. habu, the great Yogi Berra said "When you come to a fork in the road, TAKE it."

  8. "WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush President said Friday he was "taken aback" by a purported U.S. threat to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age if it did not cooperate in the fight against terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks.

    He praised Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for being one of the first foreign leaders to come out after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to stand with the U.S. to "help root out an enemy."...

    ... Musharraf said a peace treaty between his government and tribes along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border is not meant to support the Taliban.

    He said news reports had mischaracterized the deals. "The deal is not at all with the Taliban. This deal is against the Taliban. This deal is with the tribal elders," Musharaff said.

    Said Bush: "I believe him."

    He said that Musharaff had looked him in the eye and vowed that "the tribal deal is intended to reject the Talibanization of the people and that there won't be a Taliban and there wont be al-Aqaida (in Pakistan)."

    Well now it is offical, I do not believe Mr Bush.
    Either he is dumb as Mr Allen, or a liar, I do not believe he is as dumb as Mr Allen.

  9. Failed diplomacy, rufus.
    Confronted by the Islamist threat on all sides, Europe pathetically caves in, bu Gerard Baker

    Behind the comic relief at the UN by Patrick Buchanan

    Hassan Nasrallah has appeared in public for the first time since the end of the war with Israel, receiving a rapturous welcome from supporters and fighters in the devastated southern suburbs of Beirut.

    While: Israelis pessimistic on eve of Jewish New Year

    'Egypt will pursue nuclear energy' and will supported in this effort by US. As was the Shah, in Iran.

    Across the board the forces of evil are on the advance, both politically, militarily and ideologicly, as Noam Chomsky's book hits #1 on Amazon.

    Yet the CiC tells me that he believes the General President, when the facts as reported by Mr Roggio and others dispute the General President's verasity.

  10. Which in conjunction with the updated and improved by a reality count of civilian casualty figures in Iraq, the death toll continues to mount. To the highest levels ever, a quanitive representation of the failure of military and diplomatic efforts by US.

    Fueled by insurgents that have been "Caught & Released", as per Abracadbra's rant at the UN.

  11. I posted that a couple of days ago, rufus. Good news on the indig front in Anbar.
    The Sunni Militias will go after aQ and those Iraqi that stay with them.
    The Introspective Generals are in ascendence, in Iraq, for now.

  12. Just the facts, rufus, just the facts.

    Learned that from Joe Friday, as a kid.
    No wishful thinking or hope for the best will win a 1400 year conflict. Not when the other side has the mo'.

    History is circles and cycles, more then a series of straight lines, to my viewing.
    To beat the trendlines takes more than going with the flow.

  13. Yes, the fork in the road I took ended abruptly in a cul de sac, so I whipped her around and gunned it back to the original fork.
    There's one helluva bar near that fork so I thought I'd drop in for some tiz win and directions.
    There's no getting around it, it's gonna take a lot of lipstick to put on this porcine global situation we've got.
    Iran is forcing the ME into a situation where everyone will want the bomb. Eqypt certainly isn't going to let Iran have it and become hostage to it's "diplomatic effect".
    The UN, as I have said ad nauseum is useless for us as a forum for anything. We should withdraw and ask the institution to relocate.
    Some European countries have begun an awakening and are moving to the right, but the pace is glacial and will not help the USA in the near term. And we need near term help. Australia will, as she has in all of our conflicts stand with us. She among the nations of the world has been our most steadfast ally. England will help. France will get the vapors at the first sign of trouble and duck and cover if not actually impede the US.
    It is a strange brew the cauldron has produced since the fall of the Soviet Union.
    Islam,China,Russia,Venezuela,Iran aligning against us. Too few with us.
    Israel will be forced to attack Iran and we will aid her. What incandescence is being derived from all this heat? None.
    When the attack comes, as we all know it will, the reactions of our acknowledged (by NIE's and NSC briefings) enemies China, Russia, Venezuela et. al. are not predictable.
    I have the feeling it's 1940 and we aren't even in Louisiana training men with broomstick handles for rifles. I believe it is going to be very, very ugly.

  14. Thanks for the charts Rufus. As one who has financed, worked for or worked as (an) entrepreneur(s) for much of my career, I wholeheartedly concur. Just didn't know that there was a stat for it. Never heard of economagic either, but it looks useful, albeit rather early Internet/retro in appearance.

    Next time I am over your way, maybe we can have a cold beer and some fried green tomatoes at The Hollywood (who would have ever thunk it would be the subject of a hit song), while of course solving all the world's problems!

  15. Buddy,
    I was not a Yankee fan but a fan of certain Yankees. DiMaggio,Mantle,Berra,Maris,Babe,Lou....

    But once Berra amazed me. I was watching a game where he hit a home run. To hit the ball he actuall jumped off the ground in the batters box to make contact...Mantle with good knees could have been the best ever.
    My grandfather faced Ruth many times in pre season inter league games..he had Ruth's number..When it came showdown time in the 1932 World Series he faced Ruth and got him out. Then he dispatched Lou Gehrig, and Red Ruffing..1,2,3....

  16. The Jihadists have a whole series of States at their current and future disposal.
    Starting in Lebanon, then on to Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not to mention Iran and the KSA.
    Eygpt and Jordon, as well.

    All have majority Jihadist populations. When you say the Jihadists, you really mean Osama & aQ. The Jihadist movement is so much more beyond him, it has infected the entire peoples of the countries involved, if not the overt & covert Governments.

    There are no "moderate" mosques in Iraq, Iran or the KSA.

  17. Rufus,
    God love 'ya man but please this late in the game don't try to explain to me how Iran Is not going to get the bomb.
    You're making an assumption that is too dangerous to pursue with vigor, for if you are wrong,we lose. Israel certainly loses all. The game it would appear is in Israel's hands. When they reach the conclusion that we will not attack Iran, they certainly will.
    Israel would never by into you assumption. I don't either.

  18. "... The conflict between us boils down to this: The United States contends that, as Iran kept part of its nuclear program secret for years, it must be seeking a nuclear weapons capability. Thus, Iran cannot be entrusted, despite its rights under the NTP, with a uranium-enrichment program. For the knowledge and the experience Iran would thereby gain would move it but a step away from being able to produce nuclear material for an atom bomb.

    The bottom line question for President Bush is this: If Iran is unwilling to surrender its rights under the NPT to enrich uranium, is he willing to go to war to prevent this? Or would he settle for IAEA inspectors in all Iranian plants, which Ahmadinejad has said at least he is willing to accommodate? This may be the most critical question Bush will face in his remaining years in office. "

    Patrick Buchanan

  19. DR,
    I read Pat's column this morning and his usual insight appears a bit myopic to this reader.
    Iran, as did Iraq will play with the IAEA until they have the bomb.
    Israel certainly doesn't care what the IAEA does at this point.

  20. "... Iran must abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions. The world has no objection to Iran's pursuit of a truly peaceful nuclear power program. We are working toward a diplomatic solution to this crisis ..."

    George Bush.

    Mr Olmert, the Lion of Lebanon is who will come to the rescue of the West?
    Not likely.

    Perhaps the Israeli will elect a new government, perhaps not.

  21. DR
    Can't find fault in what you say.

    Do you in your gut feel as many of the professional thinkers and writers do believe we are (the world) on some thin ice at the moment?

  22. This small statement carries a whole lot of punch. Why, this would be a good place for Trish to come in.

  23. I think the ice has cracked, all around us, and there is no way back to shore that does not get us wet. Just a matter of how wet.
    On the present course, we're gonna be gettin' soaked.

    Without Iranian insurrection and revolt, the Mullahs move ahead.
    There are plenty of cultural fault lines in Iran that we could have exploited. There is no evidence of an uprising or bombing campaigns nor even a Coup.

    Pakistan, the situation is even worse, as the warheads and missles are in inventory. The Wahabbists are on the throne throughout Warizistan, and are advancing toward Islamabad, ideologically & politicly.

    Deep caca, IMO

  24. I’ve just overheard a conversationon on TV where a Canadian figure in the know said that OBL has recently spend 3 days with Pakistani nuclear scientists discussing details concerning miniature nuclear weapons. I’m going to try and get further details.

  25. This small statement carries a whole lot of punch. Why, this would be a good place for Trish to come in.

  26. Pakistan, financed by the Sauds, have always been the greatest threat. They founded the Taliban, to create strategic depth in Afghanistan in case of a war with India.
    India our newest nuclear ally, a status not given Pakistan.

    The Sauds, backers of Wahabbist expansion. aQ, Wahabbist hitmen.

    aQ is still as likely an extension of KSA intelligence as ever, set up with "plausable deniability"

  27. This small statement carries a whole lot of punch. Why, this would be a good place for Trish to come in.

    how can we defeat China!

  28. Israel would fit into the Texas seacoast, between Corpus and Brownsville. There's almost nobody there, at present. Let's ask Israel to move to Texas, so we can blow that half of the world into Moon orbit.

  29. You and Abracadbra are beginning to see eye to eye, buddy.

  30. Lol--i think he suggested "Alaska". But we here have it beat on Latitude and soil characteristics.

    Plus, musician Kinky Friedman, whoses band was called "The Texas Jewboys", is running for governer and may just win.

    Texas below Corpus is sorta torpid--we could use all that lively mediterranean vigor and those jillion industrial patents.

    Annnnd... "No More Freaking Palestinians!"

  31. Arafat said the arab womb would win, sooner or later. Maybe the little bugger was right.

  32. anyhoo, that Breitbart you posted @ 11:57--Jewish pessimism--is terribly sad.

  33. The Israelis are--or were--Araby's best all-time shot at first-world status, at a peaceful, progressive world, busy improving the lot of mankind.

    But, nooo, they just weren't up to a joint-venture.

    Too much jealousy, too much envy, too much nutball philosophy.

    Clear the area and nuke it from orbit.

  34. buddy larsen,

    re: "No More Freaking Palestinians!"

    The membership of La Raza would increase by millions of Muslims overnight.

    Some believe the struggle is a cosmic one for the soul of man.

  35. Allen--i agree, wholeheartedly. it ain't the real-estate. i was just venting. worrying about your people, my people, too, in the sense of western civ, surrounded by the likes of that yellow-shirted mob frothing in victory frenzy, about as able as cockroaches to have an original thought or sentiment.

  36. "... Nasrallah called for a change of government in Lebanon and slammed Arab leaders for failing to defend the Lebanese people.

    "The current government is unable to protect Lebanon, or to reconstruct Lebanon or to unify Lebanon," he said.

    "The building of an able, just and strong state starts first with the establishment of a national unity government. This is our new project that we will work for with all our force in the coming stage."

  37. See! See! The President gets it. Why doesn’t the Pope?

    "We Muslims are peace-loving people."

    "If I get hold of the pope, I will hang him…"

    Thousands Rally Against Pope in Mideast

  38. They’re pessimistic because many now realize there is no such thing as appease, err,.. I mean a peace dividend.

  39. that quote of rat's--Naz on how th Leb gov't "can't pacify Lebanon"--that's exactly what Achmadinejad said at the UN, re USA and Iraq.

    first, destabilize an area, then mock the forces of order for not stopping you.

  40. matt, i guess, in that way, it is a step forward, then.

  41. Yes. People are starting to grow up. All those songs for peace in the coming year, songs that I grew up with singing in Israel, were the songs of naive children.

  42. well, no one can ever say that Israel has not tried to Give Peace A Chance. You went the last mile, to the pont where the only next step is into a grave.

  43. rufus, want to help Darfur? Airdrop a million 9mm semi-autos--with ammo.

  44. I dunno--probably not, tho a lot of people really like him. Think "Jesse Ventura". KF does have some nifty ideas, tho. In second place, with them other two being the Republocrat and Demican candidates from the major farties.

  45. tho a .45 hole in a janjaweed is better than a 9mm hole, there's lots more 9mm stuff on the shelf, and it's lighter--ya can haul more dead janjweed potential in a freshly-painted Air America C-47 Goonybird.

  46. well, per the 5.56mm theory, a wounded enemy overloads the rear areas and...hmmm...i forgot the rest of it.

  47. Judge Andrew Napolitano is reporting that the President blinked several times to please the Republican monks, McCain, Warner, and Graham.

    Water boarding and other “harsh” treatment is out. All the methods successfully used to break the bad boys are out.

  48. Rufus,

    Now back in the day those Idaho people elected Frank Church as a Senator. He was an asshole..but they've got some good sense to have gun control in each home....

    sidebar: I had a client in securites brokerage whose name was(she was Hawaiian ) Ida joke

  49. Must not be needed, then.
    GWB would never put US in a structural disadvantage, not that Texas poker player.
    Why he's the best damn poker player ever, no one beats him, 'cept the Manchurian Candidate.

    And that Abracadbra fella.

    "... Iran must abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions. The world has no objection to Iran's pursuit of a truly peaceful nuclear power program. We are working toward a diplomatic solution to this crisis ..."

    George W. Bush.

    To which Abracadbra answers

    "... The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of the IAEA and is committed to the NPT. All our nuclear activities are transparent, peaceful and under the watchful eyes of IAEA inspectors. Why then are there objections to our legally recognized rights? Which governments object to these rights? Governments that themselves benefit from nuclear energy and the fuel cycle. Some of them have abused nuclear technology for non-peaceful ends including the production of nuclear bombs, and some even have a bleak record of using them against humanity. ..."

    Peace through the IAEA, just a the UN founders had hoped for. The emergence of the New World Order continues.

    As Mr Reagan was "blindsided" by Pakistan, as Mr Clinton was "blindsided" by North Korea, Mr Bush will be "blindsided" by Iran.

    Peace in our Time

  50. Matt, where is that canadian/OBL link?

  51. I was just shin'n up my new Bushmaster 6.8 SPC carbine.
    The new round doesn't just through the body but instead packs a bigger whoop ass.
    This fall they're bring to market a .45 caliber M-16. Now talk about stopping power.
    I love my 1911. Slow big slug if I could just get a good price on razor wire ....

  52. Wright says that while Oneill knew we were overdue, Freeh Continued to tell Clinton AQ was not a problem.

  53. OT from Syrian Comment:
    Al-Qaida Plans for Syria
    Here is a note I received from Massoud Derhally of Arabian Business about a documentary al-Jazeera is showing on al-Qa`ida in the Levant.
    It explains how al-Qa`ida leaders hope to open a new front in Syria and the states surrounding Palestine.

    Al Jazeera ran on Sept 18 the second part of a documentary by Yusri Fouda on Al Qaeda in "Bilad al Sham". The thesis is that inherently Al-Qaeda has a forward looking plan that was to attack the US, draw America to the Middle East and then fight it (i.e. in Iraq) and then exploit that conflict to get to the Palestinian front using Damascus and Lebanon.The documentary interviews among others the son of Azzam who I am sure you know was instrumental in indoctrinating OBL in his early days before he jumped ship to Zawahri.

    An interesting and worrying dimension to all this was the existing and growing Salafist movement in Lebanon, namely in mountainous areas and even places like Baalbak where one of the 19 hijackers that carried out the Sept.. 11 attacks was from.

    As the writings of Abu Musab al-Suri, Abu Bakr Naji, Fouad Hussein, and others make clear, the tradition of Salafi jihad existed before bin Laden and Al Qaeda and will likely survive them; yet, from the beginning of the war on terror, the strategy of the Administration has been to decapitate Al Qaeda’s leadership. Bruce Hoffman, who is the author of “Inside Terrorism” and a professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, told me,
    “One of the problems with the kill-or-capture metric is that it has often been to the exclusion of having a deeper, richer understanding of the movement, its origins, and our adversaries’ mindset.

    The nuances are absolutely critical.
    Our adversaries are wedded to the ideology that informs and fuels their struggle, and, by not paying attention, we risk not knowing our enemy.”

  54. Her cousin, Boss, is on tv all the time

  55. The General President says he got got the skinny through his Intellignece Chief, not direct from Mr A.

    Plenty of room for plausable deniability. All the way around

  56. Thought this was in my Syria Comment OT Above
    Lawrence Wright, who has recently published his block buster book on al-Qa`ida, The Looming Tower , which is the best al-Qa`ida book to date, has written about these plans in his latest New Yorker article: (I am copying less than half the original article. It is all worth reading.)

  57. " we risk not knowing our enemy.”

    Well, nuh!

    And so it continues

  58. Eudemonia. Is it achievable within the Islamic philosophy or it it circumscribed by it?
    Certainly the Christian and Hebrew, Taoist,Hindu and Buddhist allow greater latitude fro the possibility. In fact it is encouraged.
    The followers of Islam seem estopped from it and their character reflects that fact.

  59. If we had a Disney_IslamoWorld built say on the Golan heights do you think it could provide the luricant for a ME settlement?

    I mean we'd be doing it for the children.

  60. Buddy, nothing so far. This seems to be old news. Maybe I misheard.

  61. or it could even be a lubricant, the others too painful from what Teresita said

  62. aha, so THAT was the "fork in the road". NOW it all makes sense.

  63. matt, i hope you DID mis-hear--it was enough to bite a huge chunk outta my new Herman Miller-copy office chair.

  64. Buddy,

    A Sholin monk who is Kung Fu master is on a search for his half-brother Caine. Abel is on a search for his cousin Joseph. Esau is on search for his cousin Ishmael. And Sarah, in her wisdom, saw it all coming.