“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hugo Chavez Is Not A Clown But He Is Making Our President A Fool

"Iran and Venezuela bolster ties

Iran is backing Venezuela's bid to join the UN Security Council
Iran and Venezuela have signed a string of bilateral agreements at the start of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the Latin American country.
Mr Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed accords including oil exploration and car production.

President Chavez said the visit would strengthen the strategic alliance between the two states.

The Iranian leader was earlier welcomed to the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, with full military honours.

Iran and Venezuela have emerged as leaders of a growing anti-US front of developing countries."

China, Cuba, Syria, Iran and Russia are all a few of recent deals and visits by Hugo Chavez. We have what can at best be kindly called an open border to our southern neighbors. Venezuela is an important country because of its location and oil. Would someone pleace ask GWB to put down the weights for fifteen minutes a day and read some briefs about what is going on in Latin America. Is the Monroe Doctrine dead beyond revival?


  1. Send more money to the UN.
    Bend, scrape, and apologize more to the Muzzies and their ROP.
    Invite CAIR into secret airline safety areas.
    Invite the terrormaster as a guest so the MSM can spread his lies as truth.
    Encourage Mass migration of uneducated folks from south of the border consisting of more than 10% felons, and another fraction of welfare gaming parasites. Muslim agents that slip in with them are not a problem.
    Let in record numbers of Muslims to go to our Anti-American Colleges so they can become radicalized while learning the ropes for playing/taking down our society.
    Don't pull the trigger on 190 Osama Mini Mes.
    Pray for a suitcase nuke to be smuggled in as our last hope of saving the country.

  2. Hey. it's all good man.

    I mean we got more gadgets to occupy our time, more porno on the net than a persons libido can handle.
    We got zero fiancing on new cars. We got goobers of illegals works cleaning our septic tanks.
    We got TiVo. If we have a dysfunctional family then we join a gang. We got a huge crop of poppies and more marijuana grown in Kentucky that in all of Mexico.
    We got Prozac
    We got a Supreme Court that helps Halliburton steel presidential elections.
    Hey man it's all good. Don't worry,be happy.

  3. Steven Warshawsky responds to critics

    “Islam at its core is not compatible with western-style democracy.”

    “[W]here are the “moderates” in the Muslim world? Where are the westernizers? Where are the leaders who are seeking a reproachment with the West?”

    “[M]y strategy would return to the essentials of the original Bush Doctrine.”

    “What is the event or condition that will signify victory? Overthrowing Saddam? Done. Eliminating his WMD programs? Done. Creating a new government and holding some elections? Done. So what’s left?”

  4. The modification of Mohammedan behaviour all those Goals were to bring US.
    That is what is missing

    Half steppin' to Victory.
    Not bloody likely

  5. Difference 'tween Hugo and Saddam,
    we do not have a spare 150,000 troops now, like we did then.

    Even if there was a desire to intervene, which there is not.
    No UN Resolutions to give muscle to, with Venezuela or Iran.

    We got the wrong Army to go to War with, all the wrong skill sets, Mr Rumsfeld told US so, we just did not want to listen.

  6. "... TIME: Why won't you agree to suspend enrichment of uranium as a confidence-building measure?

    Ahmadinejad: Whose confidence should be built?

    TIME: The world's?

    Ahmadinejad: The world? The world? Who is the world? The United States? The U.S. Administration is not the entire world. Europe does not account for one-twentieth of the entire world. When I studied the provisions of the npt [Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty], nowhere did I see it written that in order to produce nuclear fuel, we need to win the support or the confidence of the United States and some European countries.

    TIME: How far will Iran go in defying Western demands? Will you wait until you are attacked and your nuclear installations are destroyed?

    Ahmadinejad: Do you think the u.s. administration would be so irrational?

    TIME: You tell me.

    Ahmadinejad: I hope that is not the case. I said that we need logic. We do not need attacks.

    TIME: Are you worried about an attack?

    Ahmadinejad: No.

  7. Interesting DR, but we always get into the military solution. It is always cheaper to come up with a political and diplomatic solution. My biggest beef with the Bush Administration is that they wasted their best hand when it came to diplomacy. If we cannot make diplomacy work in our own backypard, that is a problem.

  8. Allen made a great reference. By the way Allen, Hello!

    "allen said...
    Steven Warshawsky responds to critics

    “Islam at its core is not compatible with western-style democracy.”

    It inspired me to post the next piece.

  9. Oh, totally agreed, "duece".
    The US diplomatic response is so poor, historicly, that we reach for our guns, immediately.

    Now, however, the Posse is already out on the trail, while another Gang rides into town.

    Mexico teeters on anarchy, while the fiddles play in DC, and the US dances the night away.

  10. By the ay DR, A warm Hello to you as well and all the other pirates on the good ship Elephant.

  11. Gray Whales down

    Report Says General Motors and Ford Have Discussed Possibility of a Merger or Alliance

    DETROIT (AP) -- Executives of General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have discussed a possible merger or alliance, the trade journal Automotive News reported Monday. Both companies declined comment

    Who needs an industrial base, when they have the Asian/Pacific Rim to depend upon?

  12. Gray Whales down

    LOL--boys and girls, we are witnessing the bloom of a new comic talent, far out in the dry wrylands of Arizona.

  13. Yeah, but each starts with a knife, or at least a sharp blade, and the willingness to cut.

  14. desert rat,

    re: willingness to cut

    May I add, willingness to gut?

    You have some good stuff up today. Thanks!

    Compliments are in order for 2164th and Whit for making this site look like someone is at the throttle and brake. Life is more than just T&A, right???? Hmmm Didn't someone once write, "Life more than broad alone?"