“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teresita Kept Misquoting Me

I doubt that even Steve Irwin (RIP), the Croc Hunter would be crazy enough to jump on the back of this beast.

June or July 2005
Joe Goff, a Florida Parks and Wildlife game warden walks past a 13-foot, 1-inch alligator that he shot and killed near the home of Anita and Charlie Rogers. The Rogers, who live between Orlando and Titusville, could hear the bellowing in the night but had dismissed neighbors warnings about a giant alligator in the waterway behind their house. "I didn't believe it," Charlie Rogers said.


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  2. Holy shit, for a second I thought teresita hanged herself!

  3. This is so wrong. There is not a shread of evidence that the creature had actually done wrong. Bellowing is not a crime! This was nothing short of pre-emptive murder.

    I must check the Geneva Convention.

  4. I understand they're partial to joggers and small swimming children. This one looks like her was partial to old Yugo's and Renaults.

  5. Question? *********

    Recently President Bush has been ginning up campaign speeches, or if you wish information speeches regarding AQ and other Iran, etc. Given his pledge to not allow Iran to acquire the nuclear bomb AND the fact that in the lastest Iraq war-to-peace-to-democracy wowa we didn't use our air arm, B-1's,B-2'2 B-52's,Cruise(sub and air why would he wait to launch later than tommorrow? They've seen no action and should be ready as should the Navy carrier task forces...we don't intend to put boots on the ground in Iran just f*ck them up real to the lawyers office ,back later..

  6. When is the dark of the next moon?

  7. The moon looked pretty much full, last night. Say, two weeks, habu.

    But he will not strike, preemptively, before the election. Regardless of the moon's cycle.

    Sixty days 'til that, then there is about a 90 day window. Unless the US is reacting to events, caused by others.

  8. Dr,
    I won't disagree with any vigor but I think a good bust before the elections will give the Reps a big boost at the polls, especiall if the Dems don't act on W's challenge to pass legislation to prosecute the 9-11 dudes.
    Plus, what has our air arm been doing? Nothing of note that I'm aware of, but I really haven't kept any event one of us will be buying the beer and stoogies at some point.
    One last thing. You know how those interservice rivalries go and the stories have been all Army and Marines lately..those Air Force generals want their next star too.

    Great new on this oil discovery deal in the Gulf! Allah favors us.

  9. They said they wouldn’t do it, but they did.

    Israel lifts naval blockade of Lebanon

    They say they won’t do it, but they will.

    West Bank pullout plans over: Israel's Peres

  10. DR..more grist for the mill from Bebe...

    New poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks
    Thu Sep 7, 11:50 AM

    A majority of Canadians believe U.S. foreign policy was one of the root causes that led to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and Quebecers are quicker to criticize the U.S. administration for its international actions than other Canadians, a recent poll suggests.

    Those conclusions are found in a newly released poll conducted by Léger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies.

    The poll suggests that 77 per cent of Quebecers polled primarily blame American foreign policy for the Sept. 11 attacks. The results suggest 57 per cent in Ontario hold a similar view.

    When participants were given the option of choosing more than one cause for the attacks, two-thirds blamed Islamic fundamentalists and their anti-Western views, while a third pointed the finger at Israel and its position in the Middle East.

    Canadian opinions have hardened against the United States and its role on the world stage, said Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to a change of heart among people, he said.

    But Canadians are divided on whether their government should pay more attention to issues fuelling extremist organizations in the Middle East, he said.

    "There are a lot of people who think we should be listening closely [to extremist groups] and that there is an opportunity to dialogue with these sort of groups," said Jedwab Wednesday. "So it is showing a real ideological divide on some of these issues."

    There's a growing need since the Sept. 11 attacks for balanced public education about terrorism, added Jedwab. "There is a tendency to see in these movements something more romantic than actually exists. That's something we need to keep debating in the country."

    Léger Marketing interviewed 1,508 Canadian adults from Aug. 22 to Aug. 27. The poll results are considered accurate within 2.5 percentage points 19 times out of 20.
    Have you noticed how those countries with large Islamic populaions are scared shitless of them? This is normally reflected in this kind of baloney.
    Gutless cannucks

  12. habu_3,

    re: Netanyahu

    Great link, thanks!

    Did I mention Entebbe and the great Col.
    Yoni Netanyahu? Talk about swift and iron fisted!

  13. Larry Kudlow is Celebrating the Passage of Coburn - Obama.

    He thinks it's an important "First Step," and I agree with him.

  14. I am on my way to Europe for a week. I will check in when I can. Take care of the joint for me. Good opening week. Pass the word discreetly. I am still looking for some more contibutors so you can post your own articles. Whit stepped up.

  15. My thinking is we can do a take on the lighter, absurd funny, ironic stuff. that includes most of the Left Democrats and all of congress. As John fffing Kerry would say, "au revoir".

  16. Go over to Moonbattery, and Meet your New Leaders.

    Better yet; you might want to take a Valium, and a shot of Whiskey, first.

  17. Anyone wanting to be a contributor. You can email me an email address that you can sign in with. Send to:

  18. Be Careful over there, two. They ain't like real people, you know.

  19. 2164th,

    Best wishes and be well!


    Males more warrior like

    Sep 8, 12:14 PM (ET)

    NORWICH (Reuters) - Men may have developed a psychology that makes them particularly able to engage in wars, a scientist said on Friday.

    New research has shown that men bond together and cooperate well in the face of adversity to protect their interests more than women, which could explain why war is almost exclusively a male business, according to Professor Mark van Vugt of the University of Kent in southern England.

    "Men respond more strongly to outward threats, we've labeled that the 'man warrior effect'," he told the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting.

    "Men are more likely to support a country going to war. Men are more likely sign up for the military and men are more likely to lead groups in more autocratic, militaristic ways than women," he added.

    Van Vugt said the finding is consistent with results from different behavioral science disciplines.

    In experiments with 300 university men and women students, Van Vugt and his team gave the volunteers small sums of money which they could either keep or invest in a common fund that would be doubled and equally divided. None of the students knew what the others were doing.

    Both sexes cooperated in investing in the fund. But when the groups were told they were competing against other universities, the males were more eager to invest rather than keep their money while the number of women contributing remained the same.

    "We all know males are more aggressive than females," Van Vugt said, adding that co-operation is needed to establish institutions and governments and to wage wars.

    "Male co-operation is a double-edged sword," he added.

  21. 2164...head on a swivel careful we want you back as vrooooom.."Leader of the Pack"

    Have a great trip.

  22. Allen,
    Entebbe will forever go down as the premier hostage rescue. It was, from what I have read and seen a thing of beauty.

    IDEA to Conjure ..once a month for laughs we swarm the Daily Kos. We hammer them for an few hours and disappear .. hit the enemy on their turf preemptively...we could also do it to other leftest outlets.

  23. Cool your Jets, Warrior Man. You ain't never seen a Denial of Services attack like those guys can put on. I don't think you would want to subject 2164 to that.

  24. "Teresita Kept Misquoting Me"
    Typical Right-Wing Homophobic Hate Piece.
    You are SO pathetic and hurtful to other sensitive souls like St Teresita.
    Learn from the Barb:
    bobalharb said...
    Sexual orientation is determined in the womb. Remember listening to an hour long interview on Brit radio with a double PH'D biology prof from Oxford who, along with his team, had studied this issue for years. Wish I could remember his name but it was a year ago or so. Upshot--all sorts of things are happening very rapidly in the first few hours and days of a ppregnancy. It seems too that most females are not quite as hardwired in as most males. Any society is going to have a certain percentage, unless they kill them all, which would be REALLY tragic, as we wouldn't have a Walt Whitman(unconsumated) or a W H Auden(consumated). Take things in scripture with discretion--everyone was needed in those tribal days to reproduce to carry on the fight.

    Married 25 years to my female wife.

  25. "harb"
    I thought I was reading the Bard.

  26. When they can point to the specific circuits, I'll buy the lamebrained, hardwired excuse.

    You would think that DNA has selected the problem out of existence by now. Afterall, morality has been "selected for."

  27. According to some very smart people at Harvard and "another site."

  28. Any objection to “ilia capitolina” coming aboard? Could be interesting, the writer is a bright bulb.

    If “yes”, how to finesse it without offending Wretchard.

  29. I kept reading invites @ Belmont, then going over to the "doug" threead--and there was no one there. Now I'm really pissed.

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