“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Reprobates' Corner

Post 'Em if you Got 'Em.

Welcome to the Elephant Bar!
Please check all weapons at the door.
Gentlemen, kindly remove your hats.
Ladies, please observe proper decorum.

The forum is yours.

Outstanding comments may be featured in future posts with owners permission and proper attribution.


  1. doug...
    Is that you, doug...
    Guess not

  2. Due to prevalence of late-night drunken rowdiness, the Elephant Bar will have to renovate the men's room.. We will be adding a trough in the meantime, feel free to be a sitzspinkler. That place get's pretty bad at the end of the night. Reminds me of the superdome after Katrina.

  3. It's that damned Larsens fault:
    He even takes the Urinal Cake home when nobody's lookin.

  4. Probably put Creme Whip on it,
    ...or Gaawd knows what.
    Thanks, Whit, kind sir, for saving us from the unwashed.
    Even eatin Urinal Cakes, the guy still smells like...

  5. You're picking on your best "Bud" again.

    I can tell you love 'em but I'm still wondering if it was you that drove him away from BC for so long.

    Did you do that?

    Why do you always hurt the ones you love?

  6. He's such a sensitive soul, I just caint resist.

  7. I was gonna ask ,whose getting the urinal cake concession ..I heard we're gett'n muscled by some guys from Jurzy

  8. I hear they mix concrete dust in widda cakes ta make em last long but afta like three big whizzes da don't wourk so gud.

  9. You stuff enuf of them cakes down a stiff's throat, he disappears beneath the surface faster than lead bricks.
    Smells great too, and the fish love em.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Just remember;
    The Elephant Bar aims to please.

    We ask that you aim too, please.

  12. Whit,

    Too funny...
    say are we gonna have rubber machines wit da resvoirini tips?

    and whadda 'bout fold down diaper changin stattions?

  13. I don't know about the boss, 2164th, but I'm old school and do not believe children belong in bars or package stores. So as far as I'm concerned no changing stations.

    Just a trough.

  14. naw man da changin stations are for where da broads well anyway da ain't fa kids

    kids belong out hustlin dope on da streets

  15. florida vs. tenn tonight 8pm

    should be good game ..

  16. alma maters?

    me..Florida 1970

  17. I wrote this after the Florida Alabama game last year:

    Alabama 31, Florida 3 - After the beating

    The Honorable Bob Riley
    Birmingham, Alabama

    Dear Governor Riley:

    I write today on behalf of many of my fellow citizens who are unable to do so for themselves as a result of physical and mental injuries sustained in a vicious attack while on an October 1, 2005 field trip to Tuscaloosa. During this visit, a group of University of Florida students were suddenly and unexpectantly set upon by Alabama hooligans and for sixty minutes were mercilessly beaten while their friends and family watched in impotent horror.

    It is on their behalf that I register our protests of the barbarity of the attack in which the Florida students were repeatedly beaten, manhandled, gang tackled, and mauled. While they tried to defend themselves they were ultimately and brutishly overpowered. Needless to say the mental anguish suffered by their friends and family having been forced to watch this outrageous atrocity is undoubtedly enormous and may in some cases require long recoveries.

    It is on the behalf of these victims that I demand you take immediate steps to identify the perpetrators of this outrage and ensure that they receive their just rewards.

    Thank You,

    A Concerned Floridian

  18. Can George Michaels use this thread, or will Elton John throw another tizzy about the John?

  19. Whit,
    I hope it was well received...I only remember parts of the game cause I didn't wanna be called as a witness to a mugging.

  20. Tammy Bruce Up next in 10 minutes:

  21. "do not believe children belong in bars or package stores"
    Well isn't that Special?
    Sorry Old Man: ADA Required.
    Them Stations WILL Be installed,
    do you hear me?
    That, or I'm shuttin this place down.
    It's The Law!
    (You do have two weeks to install the required signage re:
    Safe hetero/homo/bi sex in public bathrooms, Code #6969666)

  22. Googled "reprobate" and here I am, fellas!

    Dear Doug,

    I'm an occasionally bi gay fellow who sexually engages with women only as a transgendered 'lesbian'. Can you accommodate me at the EC?

  23. Great, maybe this'll get Doug off my sorry old broken-down ass.

  24. Talk about your Otter Identity Challenge.

    Take two genders
    Add in some ice
    Mix in a blender
    And throw the dice.

    A little pachy-derma humor for the thin-skinned.

  25. Bob Smith,

    I see you're starting with two genders, as if they ever were definitive. What simplistic and wholly inaccurate reflexive bi-polar extremist thinking. Humans and other animals self-perceive and act out their gender identification and sexuality in numerous and fascinating ways; a continuum of possibilities is who we are, and don't you forget that Bob/ Bobbie Smith. If my female pet cat wishes to date a poodle and act like a tom, who am I to judge? (Or, what am I)

    Just so you know, I bend, not blend. But that ice is nice---


    You're a good man and I like your politics, even if you've a broken-down ass. Have you thought about getting a little tuck to put a smile on the woman or man in your life?

  26. pat, pat, pat ...

    This is a bar. The peanuts on the floor require some imagination but still a bar.

    I am fully aware of the spectrum of sexuality but I couldn't make it rhyme with anything in my simple vocabulary, let alone dance to it.

    Note to self: Do not make jokes. You are not now nor ever will be funny in any way shape or form. Repeat silently to self until behavior self-modifies.

  27. Oh, gosh, "Bob," it was just tongue-in-cheek. Left side.

  28. The London Telegraph States:

    "Quoting the 14th-century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologos, in a speech at Regensburg University in Germany, the Pope said: "The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war. He said, I quote, 'Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached'.

    "The emperor goes on to explain in detail the reasons why spreading the faith through violence is something unreasonable. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul."

    Now it seems that the "religion of peace" is taking violent exception to the charge that they are violent. It is clear to me that the Europeans are understanding the predicament they are in. We shall see where this leads, but the Pope's comments are reflecting a lot of current European thinking.

  29. Speakin' o taters, marsupials and hygeine, I give ya

    Marsupialization, a surgical technique for taken care of cysts:

    "The patient is placed in prone jackknife position, the area over the sacrum is shaved and prepped, and the limits of the pilonidal cavity are determined. This can be done by probing, or by using vital dye such as dilute methylene blue injected carefully into the sinus. This will stain the cyst but not the surrounding tissue, and be a helpful guide regarding completeness of excision of the cyst."

    Fellar with that post-op condition would prolly be best to stay away from the elephant bar and its Superdome bathroom. The guy'd need to keep that whole volume of excised stuff packed with gauze and keep on changin' it - just like a bullet wound come to think of it.

    Seems thats the problem with the Muslims - you dye em and excise em but then you gotta fill in that gap and let it heal. And healin takes a long time. Sometimes you need to use silver nitrate to burn the wound walls to generate some good ol' America granulation tissue. Alas, I don't think the dems want to use any more gauze. Just take it out and let the thing seal up on its own, and let god sort out whatever festers inside. Thems the patriots, as i hear.

  30. Don't the Eus have some kind of a law over there about "villifying religion, or something like that?

    Isn't that what got Oriana (sp?) Fallachi crosswise with them?

  31. It must be sweeps month in the blogoshere. Wretchard has gone from one post for the weekend to one every twenty minutes.

  32. i see my name is being taken in vein up above, a little harsher than i think it artery.

  33. What's everybody drinkin?

    I'm debatin' either La Fin du Monde or Sam adams myself. Sorta seems like the transatlantic dilemmas all wrapped up into the beer in my fridge at the moment.

    Course theres a mighty fine liquor store thats just a stumble and a slur away. Next store to them some kindly messican folk decided theyd supplement the bbq with godless tortas and tripas. Cryin shame

  34. Ice is nice? -Anon

    One of the higher hills of wisdom is knowing when to take that long tall drink of life straight and when to dilute. I think of it as a rheostat.

  35. Benedicts speech at linked to here

    Its worth reading just to understand what makes the oil ticks abuzz.

  36. I think the EU's are holding their breath. There is no sympathy for the Muslims, and they are worried. They just do not know what to do. Events will shape their reaction, but if anyone thinks the average Joe in Europe is going to just succumb to Islam, they will be in for a surprise.

  37. Seems the challenge, across the board.
    "They just do not know what to do."

  38. By the way, since the Elephant Bar is Rarely on topic for long, our namesake bar had an actual stand in the men's room that looked like a deep sink with a wide drain and a handle on each side. Over the divice was a sign that stated, "Puken Hier" . (Actualy it was a Herren Room.)

  39. DR, you are correct. They do know what to do. I would not be surprised at anything.

  40. anyone have any pix of michelle malkin?

  41. While we rejoice in the new possibilities open to humanity, we also see the dangers arising from these possibilities and we must ask ourselves how we can overcome them. We will succeed in doing so only if reason and faith come together in a new way, if we overcome the self-imposed limitation of reason to the empirically verifiable, and if we once more disclose its vast horizons. In this sense theology rightly belongs in the university and within the wide-ranging dialogue of sciences, not merely as a historical discipline and one of the human sciences, but precisely as theology, as inquiry into the rationality of faith.

    IOW, change of theatre from warfare to academic inquiry. The Pope is supposed to apologize for this?

  42. One of the higher hills of wisdom is knowing when to take that long tall drink of life straight and when to dilute. I think of it as a rheostat.

    You forgot how mixed drinks are like mixed metaphors :)

  43. Well, Patster,

    Fortunately I don’t require permission to mix, blend, puree, or fry, but it’s interesting that you focus your sharp intellect on the completely irrelevant. Last I heard cross-sensory associations were a sign of creativity. But there I go mixing subjects and dropping pretense.

    Good nite to all my fans out there. I expect there is at least one.

  44. I like you, Bob! You're smart and entertaining. And I drink mixed.

  45. pat and bob
    sittin in a tree
    kay eye es es eye en gee

  46. Good phonetics, buddy, but I be a straight girl not much interested in Bob the girl. She took my joshing too seriously, when, point in fact, the vicious attacks against wimmin here have been so absolutely ... vicious [am open to snarky rejoinders, "Bob", if they be your thang.]

  47. How do we know Pat and Bob aren't Reealy two too friendly men?
    Might even be typin in tu tu's.

  48. Doug,

    Good thinking, but my guess is that two men typing in tu-tu's don't reealy get along that well. One would be wearing denim or leather or nothing at all, I think. But you guys here are welcome to correct any misimpression women may have of how male bonding and complementary coupling reealy works.

  49. I guess I'm just an over-the-hill romantic at heart.
    These young sexually agressives are just too much for me.
    I thought my little scene was at least quaint.
    Bob and Pat sat like that, like tupeas in a pod.
    Oh, well.
    Now back to real, crass world of liberalism:
    Right Wing Peckersniffers
    The obsession by creepy wingnuts with oggling Bill Clinton’s jock and any boobs that get within 60 feet of it continues. Mrs. Snickering Right-Wing Beat-Off hoists herself into the fray, but one has to wonder looking at the bizarre and disturbing photo above — are her agressions displaced?

  50. Ahem, ladies:
    Frog froth to treat wounds
    The Tungara frog of Trinidad is an amphibian of unusual habits. When females lay eggs in ponds, their mates build huge balls of froth around them. These act as nests that protect their delicate, developing offspring. But those froth balls are proving to be very special.
    Scientists have found that they contain a new type of detergent, as well as anti-microbial agents. Researchers are trying to isolate and develop this chemical to make new drugs and medicines.
    'This material is amazing,' said Professor Malcolm Kennedy, of Glasgow University's biology department. 'You could imagine using this stuff as an emergency spray on soldiers injured by shell blasts or on burns victims. It could provide immediate protection for the wound and stop infections spreading.

  51. "Ponds Cleansing Tungarian Froth Cream (TM). Promotes healing and amphibious smooth skin"

    I'd buy that. I also like how the professor listed this material's possible benefit to wounded soldiers first.

  52. "Ponds Cleansing Tungarian Froth Cream (TM). Promotes healing and amphibious smooth skin"
    Warts not included.

  53. It's even worse than that, Doug. The ingredients would have to list the correct name of this pond frog, Physalaemus pustulosus.

  54. She took my joshing too seriously

    I’ve been blogging since 2003, which is not a record, but long enough to know that the shiv can be inserted with a degree of subtlety - or not. Doesn’t happen frequently but the digital waves are a force-multiplier for any form of condescension. Having survived graduate school, not with any grace or style but I did get out alive, the radar is finely tuned for any behavior that smacks of head-patting - the kind tenured professors are so skilled at dishing out. Not my thang at all. I wouldn’t give a para-dimes for their meta-fours, mixed or doubled down, in a pink tu-tu or a purple tux. [I have no idea what that means.]

    As for male bonding - word is out that it’s a continuum - from the gay puree to the balanced blend to the straight up.

  55. Welcome back, Bob! Why don't you hit another thread where reprobate behavior isn't so encouraged?

  56. Yes - leads to retro-debate.

    Which I expect explains Wretchard's fussiness about peanut shells on the floor of his forum. How quickly we slide into that profound naval gazing space of peanut envy.

    As usual, I have no idea ...

  57. Whit:
    We need Reprobate Moniters!

  58. Get over yourself. One of the things that prompted my posting on this site was the early angst about who to 'allow' in the club.

    The very first thing that happened, courtesy of the informality of peanuts, was the clubiness devolved into a gender divide. You will note that Starling has not entered the forum. Nor would I. If I had a stake.

    Which is a huge point. There is no single issue that unites the western world. The stress fractures are the definition. Unity is precisely what we are not about. And the American polity is taking the hit.

  59. I have a letter from Starling stating that he plans to visit.
    ...course it could be some kind of mind game.

  60. Bob,
    Didja ever Google Tammy?
    (or was that Catherine?)
    She used to be President of the LA Chapter of NOW.
    Long term Commitment to Lesbian Lover.
    Was surprised when she got into talk Radio that all the warnings she heard about Narrow Minded Christians were unwarrented.
    They disagree, but most not disagreeably.
    What's wrong with disagreeing w/someone you respect?
    She was also surprised they were happier and had more of a sense of humor, and were less narrow-minded than many of her prior associations.

  61. Doug - Tammy can go her own way. The issue is 'too much information.' I dont't care if she f^cks broccoli. Sexuality has no place in the debate.

  62. Sexuality is Part of the Left's Agenda.

  63. Catherine:
    Do you feel divided by Gender?

  64. Doug,

    Only when Bob lists female commenters here as herself, Trish and Teresita in another thread :)

    Still, while I don't completely understand Bob's reaction above to Saturday Night Live Pat who was just joking around based on your restroom rules, she has half a point. Occasionally a guy here will lash out at women as if the wife forced him to blog in a frilly den with pink wall-to-wall. Another might snub certain commenters who happen to be female-- whatever-- that game happens on other sites, too.

    But most of you are good and gruff gentlemen, which the world needs more of. You're gracious enough to make newcomers feel welcome and only ask that commenters can take as good as they give. Which is fair, I think.

  65. Late but just to straighten the record.

    Your name, Catherine, was unintentionally omitted from my list, which is why I seldom list. Mental radar blip. My disk is full - always having to port information back & forth from storage to free up working space.

    Interesting feedback on the Pat-gate episode. I heard condescension straight out of the hallowed halls of academia. I had a flash-back.

    At any rate, in the interest of keeping the shrinks up at night, they are good and gruff men, for the most part, but I am thinking there is a lurking strain of Venus envy out there.

    Let me know if I can dig this hole any deeper ::))

  66. As a footnote, Catherine, that list you posted on BC was hard-core and ... priceless. I meant to mention that in the earlier post, but I ... forgot.

    I am *hoping* that that kind of intellectual edge rises to the surface and dominates our response to the challenge of transforming societies into modernity. Maybe the triumph of hope over exerience but our toolbox is not well equipped at present.