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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to Basics on Border Control?

Arrest made in Colo. dragging death - Yahoo! News
Posted: Thursday September 21,2006 - 03:06:01 am

By KIM NGUYEN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 37 minutes ago

Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, 36, was being held without bail on a first-degree murder charge at the Douglas County jail.

The woman, whose strangled and battered body was found Monday in a subdivision about 20 miles south of Denver, had still not been identified. Preliminary autopsy results indicated she died of asphyxiation and head injuries from the dragging, the coroner's office said.

Nancy Foley, who lives near the house where the body was found, said the woman was found with an orange tow rope around her neck and that her face was unrecognizable. Investigators said she had been dragged for at least a mile.

Investigators did not say how or why the photo had been left near the body.

The photo shows Rubi-Nava with his right arm casually draped on a woman's shoulder. Sheriff Dave Weaver said investigators had not determined whether the woman in the photo was the victim.

The photo had been made public after the body was found, and investigators said it prompted a flood of calls. Weaver said tips from the public had led to the arrest, but he did not elaborate.

At a court appearance Wednesday afternoon, Rubi-Nava listened impassively through a translator as District Judge Paul A. King formally told him the charge he faces.

King sealed the arrest warrant affidavit, which outlines the preliminary allegations against Rubi-Nava, at the request of public defender Kathleen McGuire. King said he would consider McGuire's request for a gag order.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Carl Rusnok said agents believe Rubi-Nava is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and were trying to confirm his identity.


  1. Wonder if he had a drivers license, or liability insurance on the vechile?
    I'd bet he didn't.

    At least this guy was caught. There are over 4,000 arrest warrants for folk that nave fled home, to Mexico, that we cannot retrieve for trial.
    Accounting for more dead US Civilians than all the Mohmmedan attacks to date.
    But it's not War with Mexico or even Mexicans that have hijacked a peaceful culture, US Policy is to ignore the problem, perhaps it'll go away.

  2. It's the apples and peaches all over the ground, out on the west coast, rat. But you know that already.

  3. Then a system of worker visas would suit California, just fine.
    Obviously allowing "illegals" to fill the slots has failed, buddy.

    The process of allowing anarchy to rule supreme a an immigration policy has failed. It has failed agriculture in California and public access healthcare providers across the Southwest.

  4. There's no doubt of that. Yet, this season, watch, when the produce prices start reflecting the meager border tightning as is (14,000 agents now), the voices arise to wonder where the harvesters are. People work outward from the food question. Holding congress' feet to the fire is going to be a job.

  5. Rat, let me say this; I believe the border has to be secured. I, also, would like to see a lot of attention paid to this whole "workers from Mexico" debate in the next couple of years. I personally believe that the optimum policy will be, surprise, surprise, somewhere in the middleground of the existing arguments.

    However, having said that, although 4,000 sounds like a large number, it loses some of it's shock value when compared to 11,000,000. Again, this deal is all screwed up, right now; and, it may come to pass that we don't need nearly as many laborers as some businessmen claim, but there are, today, millions of tons of unpicked fruit laying on the ground in California.

    They had some of those growers on CNBC, yesterday, and they're trying everything they can think of to get labor (local, Mexican, or Martian; it's all the same to them.) I don't pretend to know all the answers on this. I'm sure there are poultry processing plants in the south (just an example) that could pay an extra $1.00/hr and get all the local labor they can use, but there seems to be pretty good evidence that you can't get fruit picked by locals for any price.

    I hope that after the elections we can all calm down and study this problem/opportunity in a calm, reasonable manner.

  6. As I said when this matter came up at BC, the Security and Labor issues are not connected.
    The Border should be secured, the illicit human traffic stopped.

    The situation of the 12-20 million illegals in the US could then be decided.

    The actual, ongoing, US labor needs could then be evaluated in the new enviorment. Adjuuustments to Policy then made.

    The Maricopa County Sheriff pays Deputies $20 per hour and the slots go empty. Should he hire illegals to fill them, if they can pass the piss test?

    That is all that keeps US citizens from filling those slots, the initial and ongoing piss tests.

  7. That is 4,000 outstanding homicide warrants, not the total number of murders, nor does it include those like Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, already in police custody. Nor does it include those incidents where the perp is unknown, but may be an illegal.

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  11. No doubt about felons having a cross-the-border incentive--it's as old as walking upright.

    And the separation of the labor vs criminal & civil violations is strong in the theory. All rufus & I are saying is that growers from Washington, Oregon, & California are feeling the first wave of the border tightening, and many cannot harvest, even offering as much as 50% wage hikes. "Fact".

  12. Ms T
    You are a blast, but where did the link to your bio go?

  13. Well, then. buddy they should offer even higher wages, or not have grown so much.
    If the realities of the Law suck, change the Law, do not advocate breaking it, or contiuation of the criminal cycle.

    A year of fruit shortages will not hurt the economy, and those farmers where living in an "unreal" world. Better they move on, or wait until the market and government policies adjust. Much like BLM ranchers, here in AZ.

    Their products unprofitable, legally. Their chosen field of enterprise, a bust.

  14. Same as Ford Motor, GM and Chrysler.
    The UAW has made them uncompetitive. Bringing illegals to Detroit to break the Unions, is that the solution to the US's economic ills?

    Illegals will work for $8 USD per hour, can we save the US auto industry if we would only convert to their program? No health care or retirement costs for the companies to fund. That's the future, I can see it now.

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    Teresita, glad to see your faintly lewd but entirely alive self back on the line.

  17. teresita,

    It is always a joy to see such a shy thing emerge from her shell.

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