“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit.


  1. Kid was telling us about a 60 buck or so conditioning thing, I guess that's it.
    Long list of features, checks balance, calories, etc and records them all for reference, then asks you why you failed to perform up to specs when that is the case.
    An electronic nag.

  2. Some guy from Boise was talkin about Trolley cars coming back or something.
    What's up w/that, al-Bob?


  3. Newsvine - The most unforgettable article I've discovered at Newsvine"

    “An orangutan has been rescued from a "prostitute village"'.

    For the sheer combination of prostitution and bestiality, the article has struck a sensitive, humane chord in me.

    I discovered the article as I was about to seed an item on orangutans, during my Newsvine research as a precaution not to seed a duplicate. It is my SOP to search for keyword(s), looking both in Tags and in Full text, and as the results came out, the article seeded by Chello beckoned a click. The story is about an orangutan in Borneo named Pony, who was used by village men as a 'prostitute'. The summary goes: "You could choose a human if you preferred, but it was a novelty for many of the men to have sex with an orangutan." Pony was about 6 or 7 years old and had been held captive for a long time. Used as a sex slave, "If a man walked near her, she would turn herself around, present herself, and start gyrating and going through the motions."

  4. About Obama, Tony Blankley asks.
    "Dictator or democrat? Radical or liberal? Who in the world is this man? Where in the world is the responsible media? What's going on?"

    Read the rest

  5. The envelope please...

    From the previous thread about the car bomb vehicle of choice, the EB award for the best comment of the day goes to.....

    Joe Buzz for:

    It's official...these mullahs are pure evil. The Corolla is a decent little car.

  6. The funny stuff, now, is the ODS, that is all the rage, on the "Right".

    First Mr Sowell asks about Obama's intellignece, now Tony mentions "Dictator". Right out of the "Get Bush" playbook, from the "Left".
    The Bush as Hitler analogies, rescripted with Obama as the new lead actor to derange US.

    But with Obama having such a thin resume, there are no deeds that can be pointed to, to exemplify the fear generated by Obama Derangement sufferers. The symptoms just manifests themselves as fear mongering, in the attempt to rally the "base"

    None of the spokesmen for the "Right" want to believe Newt. Guess it is either to hard, or not as much fun, as Obama bashing.

    Guess the GOP and John McCain have no positive ptogram to promote. I agree with Newt, an anti-Obama campaogn will not "get it done".

    Especially signifigant that Tony has gone over to the Obama Derangemnt Syndrome campaign.
    Goin' down with the ship.

  7. Thanks offense directed towards the poor brainwashed 14YO boy of course..I am just partial to Toyotas.
    Doug, we used to talk about Pu-Tang when I was a kid but I'm glad O-Tang never entered the conversation.

  8. Well, the "Party of Stupid"TM has come out fore-square For Tax Breaks for Big Oil, and Against Tax Credits for Solar, Wind, and Ethanol.

    These idiots may not end up with 40 Senators.


  10. The New Republic

    Mr. Right?
    by Bruce Bartlett
    The rise of the Obamacons.

    Really, it's come to this, now.
    Counter derangement,
    Obama, the "conservative" ...

    It just gets crazier by the day.

  11. I've got ODS bad.

    Don't know about any trolleys in Boise, Doug. Didn't know there ever were any. Doubt there were.

    My daughter was talking about one of those exercise dealies.

    If they didn't pay that orangutan that makes it rape, or consensual. From the description of her behavior, sounds consensual to me. Not guilty.

  12. Said Mr. Obama: "Everybody, you know, who is tangentially related to our campaign, I think, is going to have a whole host of relationships – I would have to hire the vetter to vet the vetters."

    Obama Fails To Vet Vetters

    Everybody around Obama is a crook. Also, Obama says, "you know", way too often. Can't stand that, you know.

  13. and McCain say "My friends" even more. Really irritating. I also hate, and think politicallly stooopid, the statement "ordinary Americans" Who the heck thinks they are ordinary??

    Sorry Bobal, didn't get to pepper my engineering bud on your questions. I'll try next week.

  14. You know, my friends, I could use one of those exercise programs myself, would help my back, make me into an extraordinary American.

  15. My friends, keep in mind Obama won't release his birth certificate.

  16. Obama has appointed a free trade guy as his economic advisor.


  17. Holy Smokes Batman, he won't release his Birth Certificate. What does it mean? Is he an alien? An Aaaarraaab? Maybe he's only 22 years old? Maybe he's really white? Never been born?


  18. Birth certificates, bob, are part of the Public Record, in the County he was born in. They are not for the individual who was born to release or withhold.

    Where'd you come up with that birth certificate storyline, anyway?

  19. Bartlett was "right", an Obamacon is walking the earth

    ... liberal activists were seething Tuesday over Barack Obama's choice of centrist economist Jason Furman as the top economic advisor for the campaign. The critics say Furman, who was appointed to the post Monday, has overstated the potential benefits of globalization, Social Security private accounts and the low prices offered by Wal-Mart ...

  20. Here and sundry other Obama Derangement Syndrome sites.

    "Never trust a man that won't release his birth certificate."

    And, indeed, why not release it? It's not like a tax return, or one's criminal record.

    Maybe he wasn't born? But bloomed full grown from the hand of Zeus?

  21. You are right, its' not like like a tax return.

    If you want a certified copy of Obama's Birth Certificate, go to the County he was born in, and buy it. Typically a small fee is involved, payable to the County Clerk.

    If you just want to view it, it may well be on file, on those microfische machines, at the Recorders office.

  22. If Michelle is right, about Hawaii, then it's up to doug to set things right, there.

    Not Obama.

  23. Hawaii doesn't release birth certificates, they say.

    My friends, our only hope is that the Supreme Court rules both candidates ineligible.

  24. Doug, you're on the ground there. Get busy.

    Get that birth certificate any way you can.
    Someone needs to file a court case challenging Obama's eligibility. That would do it. Somebody probaby will.

  25. Lets see what could be "wrong" with that document. Ive got $5 that says it has him listed as a dreaded Caucasian! If that got out it would ruin him fo shizzle!

  26. It seems you can buy a little golf pack from McCain's website. You can also leave a review of the product. Balloon juice has some funny reviews. One of my favourites:

    "When are you going to offer a Joe Lieberman Certified McCain Ballwasher?"

    more at:

  27. That cover photo really portrays a nice evil menacing aura to those pesky muslims.

  28. I told Doug (back in the fall, I think it was) that Oil would get to $140.00 bbl by the end of this year.

    Looks like we may make it a little sooner. $136.72 at present.

  29. The standard " the likelihood of imminent violence " is the telling one.

    Both for and against the Islamists.

    Like calls to "outlaw" Islam
    when there is no "imminett violence" being promoted, here in the US.

    To "outlaw" Islam in Iraq, well, it's an Islamic Republic, like Afghanistan, so not much chance of that. Particular folks, those out of favor with the Government, they are banned, from time to time.

    “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market,” Justice Holmes wrote.

    “I think that we should be eternally vigilant,” he added, “against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe and believe to be fraught with death.”

    The First Amendment is not, of course, absolute. The Supreme Court has said that the government may ban fighting words or threats. Punishments may be enhanced for violent crimes prompted by racial hatred. And private institutions, including universities and employers, are not subject to the First Amendment, which restricts only government activities.

    But merely saying hateful things about minority groups, even with the intent to cause their members distress and to generate contempt and loathing, is protected by the First Amendment.

    In 1969, for instance, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned the conviction of a leader of a Ku Klux Klan group under an Ohio statute that banned the advocacy of terrorism. The Klan leader, Clarence Brandenburg, had urged his followers at a rally to “send the Jews back to Israel,” to “bury” blacks, though he did not call them that, and to consider “revengeance” against politicians and judges who were unsympathetic to whites.

    Only Klan members and journalists were present. Because Mr. Brandenburg’s words fell short of calling for immediate violence in a setting where such violence was likely, the Supreme Court ruled that he could not be prosecuted for incitement.

    So, Abracadbra of Iran has committed no breach of the US Standard, when he calls for Irsrael to be "wiped off the map", since Iran poses no capable threat coupled with the capacity to carry it out. And there were no Israeli in the crowd, when he said it.

    He may have violated the EU Standard, though. Is it to bad the EU Standard is not enforced, by US, aye? Or is it to bad that the EU Standard is not the US Standard?

    I think not, Justice Holmes was "right"

    So, toughen up, fellas.

    We live in the United States of America, or at least the lucky amongst us do. Where you can say nasty and mean stuff, can hurt others feelings, and be protected by Law.

    The move to limit that freedom, derided as Political Correctness, unless it's Islam that's in the crosshairs.
    Which ain't the way "Freedom" works., here.

  30. What I don't get is why some brave hearted Canadian doesn't bring a complaint against the koran, and all he preachers of it, which is filled with hateful shit.

    Looks like a real pic of real muzzies to me, Ash. They are much more than pesky.

    Corn is making a big move up.

  31. Iran is certainly working on the capability, day and night. whirwhirwhir

  32. "We are kidding ourselves if we think we can drill our way out of these problems," House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, D-Wis., said during the bill mark-up session.

    For his part, Peterson said: "There is no valid reason for Congress to keep the country from energy resources it needs."

    The G-damned democrats, wtih $4 gas and $5 diesel, continue to Say No To Offshore Drilling

  33. Well, bob, if the Mexicans massed 160.000 troops, just south of Nogales, well, I'd be nervous, too.

    But they don't, they just sent 12 million or so of their Americans to the US.
    Without a humvee or a Stryker
    Winning without firing a shot, using all the aspects of their capabilities, not depending upon their military to achieve their Goals.

    Now the Mexicans have not failed in their foreign adventure, as the US has.
    Lessons to be learned, there.

  34. Unless it's thrown away by Obama, Iraq will probably not look so bad, in the end.

    How to put pressure on McCain to close the border, that's a good question.

  35. I'm curious Bobal as to when 'the end' is and what 'not bad' would look like?

  36. Well, Ash, the Kurds are much better off already. Even you would probably agree with that. If they can pick up some parliamentary ways, not kill one another, and act more or less sane, and not go invading Kuwait, Iran or some other neighbor, not go nuclear and kinda be civilized, I'd think that would be considered by most folks an improvement. But not by you, of course. Who seem to long for the good old days of Saddam and Sons. Or maybe you're just into defeat.

  37. Pressure? McCain?

    Ha, ha ha ha.

    He is beyond pressure, bob.
    He is a maverick.

    Long as momma's happy.
    Oxycontin has its' benefits

  38. McCain, on the Today Show displayed his ignorance of the real issues in Iraq.

    Claiming it was only the US casualties that concerned the US electorate, not the long term occupation of Iraq.

    How anyone could support him, boggles the mind. But then, we are being urged to vote against Obama, not for McCain.

    Newt's right, sadly.

  39. As for your list, bob.

    All those requirements you list, they've been met.

    Yet we remain, spending $3 billion USD per week, on the adventure in Iraq.

    While we try to micro-manage their politics, from DC. Like it was a US possession or somethin'

  40. As for your list, bob.

    All those requirements you list, they've been met.

    You see, Ash, we've already won. Now all we have to do is hang around a bit, maybe at lower levels, make sure it doesn't unwind, and all is well.

  41. I can't get over it. The democrats, with these prices, want to tax the oil companies even more, and no drilling. Now that's a heck of a good policy. The party of the working man, no longer.

    Tax them less, mandate exploration maybe, and turn them loose, that makes sense.

  42. The real estate market in Baghdad is beginning to blossom.

    The Tide of Good News Waxes In Iraq

    The author still clings to the view the war was a mistake, but things are going well, he says we must admit.

    Time to invest in Iraq, Ash.

  43. 'Rat,
    In response to overwhelming public input on amnesty, and defeat on same, combined w/disasterous poll numbers, John conceded that he

    "Got the Message"

    ...until he didn't again.
    That would be now.

  44. Wed Jun 11, 04:53:00 PM EDT
    otoh, Rufus,
    When I posted the New Century Meltdown, you said it wasn't nuthin!
    (Just keeping things fair and balanced.)
    ...meanwhile Larsen was long on oil futures @ $100.
    Wish I had that balance in the bank.

  45. Bobal: My friends, keep in mind Obama won't release his birth certificate.

    He's waiting for his Mullah to issue the appropriate Fatwa releasing the document from the relevant Mosque.

  46. some legal scholars say
    some legal scholars say ...

    f the legal 'scholars'


    Dang, you might be right, lilith!

  47. I'm still not convinced that the Mortgage deal was/is such a big . . . uh, deal.

    Some folks that didn't really qualify became homeowners. Some will have to go back to being renters. Some illegal aliens did really well for awhile building houses; now they're going to have to do somethng else for awhile.

    Some dumbassed banks made silly bets and lost some money. They had plenty; no big deal, I think.

    We're Americans, Doug. We gotta keep some kinda shit goin.