“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, June 13, 2008

Neothinker, Obama and the Black Mainstream. Change You may Not Like.

I have watched this guy for some time. He is not out of the main stream in black thinking. He is the main stream as well is Obama and his wife Michelle. If you think not, listen to the black programming on NPR. Listen to the black callers on C-span. Black main stream thinking and ideology is not in the mainstream.

The liberal media is doing their best to cloak Obama and represent him as change, and they may be successful, because the left has had a free reign in the education and indoctrination of young Americans. They are hiding the facts that Obama is a mainstream black thinker and his friends and church accurately measure who he is.

Listen to Neothinker:


  1. I wonder if that fellow has any idea what the Japanese did in China, and elsewhere. Having lost the war the Japanese weren't subjugated, rather allowed to build up a powerhouse of an economy and tugged along into a more modern world; and they should be darn glad it wasn't the Chinese or the Russians that whupped them. If you are going to lose a war to someone, the word on the street is, lose it to the Americans.

  2. I'm accepting donations for a drive to get Peggy Noonan to stop writing until November.

    Surely with the deep pockets at the bar we can encourage her to take a vacation - and save her maudlin hankie-waving til its warranted.

    'Course, more than half the bunch is of another mind altogether. Demoralized, in disarray, and defecting. Or moral degenerates to begin with.

    I expect whit to make up the difference.

  3. You be the judge--

    Brave New World?

    June 14, 2008;

    And so it begins, the campaign proper. You probably guessed that there would be no letup in this relentless year, no break between the primaries and the general election, that both candidates would stay on the screen. You were right. They will not leave, and go, and rest. They feel they can't, it's inch by inch, slow and steady wins the race. This robs them of the power of disappearance. You disappear and then come back and people say, "Hey, look at that guy." They listen anew after a break in the drone.

    Not this time. And maybe never again.

    Ismael Roldan
    For Barack Obama this week, a Beltway setback. He chose for a key position a D.C. insider who got fat working the system. This was a poor decision by the candidate of change. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." But Jim Johnson was removed with dispatch, and the country didn't notice. Beltway bottom line: Mr. Obama the cool customer had a problem, removed the problem, has no problem.

    John McCain had a worse time, with the famously awkward speech in front of the background whose color was variously compared to snot, puke and lime Jell-O. He was scored for not being adept with a teleprompter. The press knocked him, essentially, for not being smooth and manipulative enough. But if he were good at the teleprompter, they'd complain that he's too smooth and scripted.

    The press will be nice to him again. When he's 17 points down.

    It should not count against a man that he has not fully mastered the artifice of his profession. Then again, he should have nailed the prompter by now. Such things show a certain competence. Voters are slower to trust you with big things if they see a lack of skill in small things. In this vein, a suggestion. Podiums always seem to swallow Mr. McCain. He has limited mobility with his arms because of his torture in Vietnam. It restricts his ability to gesture. And he is not a big man. He often looks like he's flailing up there: I'm not waving, I'm drowning! His staff should build a podium for him, one that fits, and take it wherever he goes. For a seal, the great state of Arizona, which he has represented in the U.S. Senate for 22 years. Let him master the podium five months out. Other masteries will follow.

    The lay of the land? Mr. Obama is ahead 47% to 41% in this week's Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, and no one is surprised. Everyone knows he's ahead. Everyone knows this is a Democratic year. But I think there are two particular subtexts this year, or perhaps I should say texts. One, obviously, is youth versus age. This theme is the clearest it's been since 1960, when the old general who'd planned the Normandy invasion found himself replaced by a young man who had commanded a rickety patrol torpedo boat in World War II. You know that on some level, at some moment, Dwight D. Eisenhower looked at John F. Kennedy and thought: Punk.

    But 2008 will also prove in part to be a decisive political contest between the Old America and the New America. Between the thing we were, and the thing we have been becoming for 40 years or so. (I'm not referring here to age. Some young Americans have Old America heads and souls; some old people are all for the New.)

    Mr. McCain is the Old America, of course; Mr. Obama the New.

    * * *

    Roughly, broadly:

    In the Old America, love of country was natural. You breathed it in. You either loved it or knew you should.

    In the New America, love of country is a decision. It's one you make after weighing the pros and cons. What you breathe in is skepticism and a heightened appreciation of the global view.

    Old America: Tradition is a guide in human affairs. New America: Tradition is a challenge, a barrier, or a lovely antique.

    The Old America had big families. You married and had children. Life happened to you. You didn't decide, it decided. Now it's all on you. Old America, when life didn't work out: "Luck of the draw!" New America when life doesn't work: "I made bad choices!" Old America: "I had faith, and trust." New America: "You had limited autonomy!"

    Old America: "We've been here three generations." New America: "You're still here?"

    Old America: We have to have a government, but that doesn't mean I have to love it. New America: We have to have a government and I am desperate to love it. Old America: Politics is a duty. New America: Politics is life.

    The Old America: Religion is good. The New America: Religion is problematic. The Old: Smoke 'em if you got 'em. The New: I'll sue.

    Mr. McCain is the old world of concepts like "personal honor," of a manliness that was a style of being, of an attachment to the fact of higher principles.

    Mr. Obama is the new world, which is marked in part by doubt as to the excellence of the old. It prizes ambivalence as proof of thoughtfulness, as evidence of a textured seriousness.

    Both Old and New America honor sacrifice, but in the Old America it was more essential, more needed for survival both personally (don't buy today, save for tomorrow) and in larger ways.

    The Old and New define sacrifice differently. An Old America opinion: Abjuring a life as a corporate lawyer and choosing instead community organizing, a job that does not pay you in money but will, if you have political ambitions, provide a base and help you win office, is not precisely a sacrifice. Political office will pay you in power and fame, which will be followed in time by money (see Clinton, Bill). This has more to do with timing than sacrifice. In fact, it's less a sacrifice than a strategy.

    A New America answer: He didn't become a rich lawyer like everyone else—and that was a sacrifice! Old America: Five years in a cage—that's a sacrifice!

    In the Old America, high value was put on education, but character trumped it. That's how Lincoln got elected: Honest Abe had no formal schooling. In Mr. McCain's world, a Harvard Ph.D. is a very good thing, but it won't help you endure five years in Vietnam. It may be a comfort or an inspiration, but it won't see you through. Only character, and faith, can do that. And they are very Old America.

    Old America: candidates for office wear ties. New America: Not if they're women. Old America: There's a place for formality, even the Beatles wore jackets!

    * * *

    I weigh this in favor of the Old America. Hard not to, for I remember it, and its sterling virtues. Maybe if you are 25 years old, your sense of the Old and New is different. In the Old America they were not enlightened about race and sex; they accepted grim factory lines and couldn't even begin to imagine the Internet. Fair enough. But I suspect the political playing out of a long-ongoing cultural and societal shift is part of the dynamic this year.

    As to its implications for the race, we'll see. America is always looking forward, not back, it is always in search of the fresh and leaving the tried. That's how we started: We left tired old Europe and came to the new place, we settled the east and pushed West to the new place. We like new. It's in our genes. Hope we know where we're going, though.

  4. 2164 - ...because the left has had a free reign in the education and indoctrination of young Americans.

    You hit the nail on the head! The liberals got the courts first and from there legislated to control the schools and create a money machine for themselves with tort law. Meanwhile they also took over the universities, so for the last 25-35 years, kids have been brainwashed with liberal/PC bs from kindergarden through college. These same kids have also ONLY experienced the good economic times for which Ronald Reagan laid the foundation and for which you have to give Clinton some credit for not allowing the uber-libs in his party to fuck up. So, they really don't "get it" when it comes to the economics of socialism, cause they've seen none of the negative consequences, unlike those of us who grew up with it during the 60's and 70's.

  5. I failed to identify the writer of the above piece as Peggy Noonan. My guess is it's the article that pushed Trish over the edge.

  6. Young people think you can snap your fingers and change stuff. The truth is a little different. There was a history prof at the U of I who lived a few doors away from us, when I was growing up. One day we got to talking about the Chinese revolution, and he pointed out how it wasn't going to change much. The vast bulk of the people would continue living as they had for centuries. He said it would take a long process of industrialisation to change much in China. For all I know, the Chinese revolution may have enabled the process a little, after Mao was out of the way. If people think Obama is going to make much of a difference in their lives, I believe they are in for a let down. And, he might well make things a lot, lot worse. It being easier to tear down than build up.

  7. And, I got to laugh, Obama, the man of change, puts this Johnson fellow in there as his vetter, Johnson, who's an inside fixer. Then he fires him when things get a little hot. The new politics.

    One thing about Obama, he isn't afraid of being disloyal to his pals.

  8. Ireland Derails a Bid to Recast Europe’s Rules

    The defeat of a treaty to consolidate the European Union’s power shows that many Europeans feel alienated from it.

    Europe was thrown into political turmoil on Friday by Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, a painstakingly negotiated blueprint for consolidating the European Union’s power and streamlining its increasingly unwieldy bureaucracy.

    The defeat of the treaty, by a margin of 53.4 percent to 46.6 percent, was the result of a highly organized “no” campaign that had played to Irish voters’ deepest visceral fears about the European Union.

    For all its benefits, many people in Ireland and in Europe feel that the union is remote, undemocratic and ever more inclined to strip its smaller members of the right to make their own laws and decide their own futures.

    The repercussions of Friday’s vote are enormous. To take effect, the treaty must be ratified by all 27 members of the European Union. So the defeat by a single country, even one as small as Ireland, has the potential effect of stopping the whole thing cold.

    Reacting with frustration to the vote, other European countries said they would try to press ahead for a way to make the Lisbon Treaty work after all and would discuss the matter when their leaders meet in Brussels next week.

  9. Make me an Irish Car Bomb, bartender.

  10. Here's some good writing from Melanie Phillips at The Spectator regarding Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    More importantly, this is a very dense piece of investigative journalism, which ties Obama deeply into the Rezko/Blagojevich/Chicago corruption story. I have no knowledge of the journalist's or the publisher's credibility, so I skimmed it skeptically. My summary take on it would be that there is an awful lot of smoke for there not to be a fairly big fire. The phone call records are the most interesting fact that i could easily grasp, and as we now are beginning to see is par for every course he plays one, Obama remembers it differently from the facts (one or two phone calls vs several hundred). We will just have to wait and see what Fitzgerald and company dredge up. Its kind of odd to now pull for Fitzgerald after having been thoroughly disgusted by his grandstanding in the Plame saga.

    Anyway after reading that article, the next day I see that the Illinois Speaker of the House has called for the impeachment of Blagojevich, who apparently was supposed to be the guy running for President and not Obama.

    More here.

  11. The Soviets were ready and would have swallowed Japan if it wasn't for those bombs. Those bombs were intended for Yoska more than anyone else. Neothinker, youz out of your league, and that's besides being a Neoracist.

  12. Roger that on Peggy Noonan. No sense in even reading it.

    No sense in watching MSNBC until the State Funeral is over for Tim Russert. The normally incoherent Chris Matthews will be rushing back to try and determine if he wants to run for the US Senate or wait for the white smoke to rise out of the NBC chimney.

  13. Neothinker said racist America incinerating Japanese was a hate crime, that white America only incinerates yellow, brown and black people. Really? What about the incineration of the white residents of Hamburg and Dresden? Racism?

    Neothinker needs to get over his skin color. What really defines this man is his ignorance.

  14. Let he serve out her sentence and die better than her victim:

    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Former Manson family member Susan Atkins has requested a "compassionate release" from prison because she has less than six months to live, a California prisons spokeswoman said Friday.

    Atkins, 60, was convicted in the 1969 slayings of actress Sharon Tate and four others. She had been incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California.

    But Atkins, the state's longest- serving female inmate, has been hospitalized since March 18 and is listed in serious condition, state corrections department spokeswoman Terry Thornton said. Because of privacy laws, Thornton would not disclose the nature of Atkins' illness.

    Atkins' husband and attorney, James Whitehouse, was quoted as saying she has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, according to a blog called Manson Family Today. She also has had a leg amputated, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday, citing sources close to the case.

    The compassionate release request has been approved by the prison, which conducted an evaluation, and is under corrections department review, Thornton said.

    If the department approves, the Board of Parole Hearings and the sentencing court in Los Angeles also must sign off on the request. There is no timeline for a decision to be made, Thornton said.

    Atkins, known within the Manson family as "Sadie Mae Glutz," has been in prison since 1971 and has been denied parole 11 times.

    According to historical accounts of the murders, Atkins stabbed Tate, who was 8½ months pregnant, and scawled the word "pig" in blood on the door of the home the actress shared with director Roman Polanski.

    "I don't want to seem like a heartless creature, but in all my years, I never considered this could happen," Debra Tate, the actress' sister, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

    "She showed no compassion. She told my sister as she slit her throat that she didn't (care) for her or her unborn baby," Tate added.

  15. How long has the attorney been married to the murderess?

  16. Geez man...I couldn't listen to the whole thing. That neothinker like to push whitey's buttons although he tries to come across as thoughtful and reasoned.

    Also, don't hold up a Gore Vidal book in front of me and expect to make your point.

    Last year, I had the occasion to listen to urban ;) talk radio. Surprisingly, the host was the most conservative and sane. It wasn't good. Waaay to many defective thinkers.

  17. 'I'm Not Anti-Islam;Islam is Anti-Me'
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains why she left Islam and became an atheist.
    (took about 3 minutes for page to load for me)

  18. Responding to Trish, 2164th said...

    "Roger that on Peggy Noonan...."

    Now, hold on there, boss! Don't commit me to subsidizing Trish's Bribery Foundation. Some of the irregulars here think I'm already too censorious. Besides, I happen to think she (Noonan, not Trish) is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful of the DC writers.

  19. Think of all the above average intelligence ladies that went to college, gained "insight,"
    ...and proceeded to have no children.
    At least Ingraham has adopted a little girl from Guatemala.

  20. 2164th said:
    "No sense in watching MSNBC until the State Funeral is over for Tim Russert. The normally incoherent Chris Matthews will be rushing back to try and determine if he wants to run for the US Senate or wait for the white smoke to rise out of the NBC chimney."


  21. Its kind of odd to now pull for Fitzgerald after having been thoroughly disgusted by his grandstanding in the Plame saga.

    My dad always did like the saying "it all depends on whose ox is getting gored".

  22. re j willie's articles--one wonders if there's an honest man in Illinois.

  23. bobal,

    Ole Honest Abe would have a hard time making a living in his home state these days.

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  25. interesting times when the "reporter" is more important than the news...

    today in the news...

    1100 islamic warriors broke out of prison

    iran refuses latest offer of money, pleading and ass kissing to continue to make an Islamic nuke

    The lord messiah obama's brother stated he was raised a moslem

    the lord barry was challenged to 10 town hall discussions by, as the BHO's camp calls him "confused and old" John McCain, Lord Barry would do ONE town hall meeting...

  26. 'Course, more than half the bunch is of another mind altogether. Demoralized, in disarray, and defecting. Or moral degenerates to begin with.

    You nailed that one. That's us, elephantbarfliesisus!

  27. Great sharing this.

  28. This is the sort of black bigotry being shown, so outright. Which the supposed Afro-American race have complained about. Firstly, you are either American or African (Black or White) you cannot be both, secondly you should also remember it was your own people who sold you into slavery, I do not hear your denegration of the African people who perpetrated this moral dilemma.