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Sunday, June 29, 2008

CBS Calls This a School Prank Gone Wrong.

Uniondale High School Classroom Profile
  • Students Per Teacher 11.8
  • Enrollment 1,839
  • Economically Disadvantaged 23.1%
Breakdown by Ethnicity
  1. White 1.4%
  2. Black 68.8%
  3. Hispanic 28.8%
  4. Asian/Pacific Islander 0.6%
  5. American Indian/Alaska Native 0.4%

New York City Schools

NEW YORK (CBS) ― A school prank gone wrong on Long Island is caught on tape.

Police said a group of students, dismissed early from Uniondale High School during the June 10th heat wave vandalized a 7-11 store.

They're seen grabbing items off shelves and throwing items on the floor. According to police, they also stole candy and beverages from the store.

Three teenagers are charged with riot and petty larceny.


  1. The New Patriarch is the Welfare State:

    Comparing Fertility in the U.S. and Home Countries

    Analysis of data collected by Census Bureau in 2002 shows that women from the top-10 immigrant- sending countries living in the United States collectively tend to have higher fertility than women in their home countries. As a group, immigrants from these countries have 23 percent more children than women in their home countries, adding to world population growth. Among the findings:

    Among Mexican immigrants in the United States, for example, fertility averages 3.5 children per woman compared to 2.4 children per women in Mexico.

  2. I served detention for riot,
    but never petty larceny.

    We had our standards.
    (in the good old days)

  3. Putting a little happier light on the scene, it's not so bad compared with some of the extra-curricular acitivies I've seen in civilized Europe after a losing soccer match. And, quite tame compared to the car-b-ques of Paris. Much less than the riot after the hydroplane races in Coeur d' Alene, that left a haze of tear gas.

    But, you'd think they know about the cameras.

    Maybe one of the crowd had it in for the store owner, and hatched this plot.

    In which case it's a conspiracy, a conspiracy, I tell you.

  4. Political Rally Gone Bad And less than this incident, which another news article attibuted to Hillaryfolk. McCain was dissed too, that article said.

  5. Show Trial Continues in Kafkanada Against Steyn, In Lesser Venue

    The pack of destroying vandals continues its marading in B.C., trashing freedom of speech.

    "Continue the Resistance"

  6. 74 Year Old FEMA Inspector Acts As Role Model For Youths Everywhere Attacks with golf club, claims "I'm with FEMA, I don't have to slow down."

  7. FEMA--"No Worse Friend, No Worse Enemy"

  8. We gotta git that Birth Certificate Story to Bubba!

    HE'LL know how to set things right!

  9. What if CASTAƑEDA's just been swallowin Mushrooms again?

  10. After the Sept. 11 attacks, President George W. Bush committed the nation to a "war on terrorism" and made the destruction of Bin Laden's network the top priority of his presidency. But it is increasingly clear that the Bush administration will leave office with Al Qaeda having successfully relocated its base from Afghanistan to Pakistan's tribal areas, where it has rebuilt much of its ability to attack from the region and broadcast its messages to militants across the world.
    Rat and I said that for 3 years, then we finally tired of it.
    Meanwhile, at BC, the terror fighting Shrub could do no wrong.

  11. Osama would make a good head of RePub Leadership:

    Well Practiced Dhimmis that they are.

  12. Doug, sometimes I think you're trying to be hard on George.

  13. Just sick of folks that have a hard on for George.

  14. You be the judge.

    Doubt--Curse of Blessing?

    The great Victor Hugo, suffering in exile, was seeking answers to spiritual questions when a spirit identifying himself as Martin Luther reportedly communicated with him (via medium). Hugo asked Luther why God does not better reveal himself, to which Luther responded: "Because doubt is the instrument which forges the human spirit. If the day were to come when the human spirit no longer doubted, the human soul would fly off and leave the plough behind, for it would have acquired wings. The earth would lie fallow. Now, God is the sower and man is the harvester. The celestial seed demands that the human ploughshare shall remain in the furrow of life."

    from Vital Signs

    Luther would say something like that. How about maybe the celestial seed is planted in the earth to grow up, up and away?

  15. In Bruce Greyson's foreword to Tony Peake's book "Is There Life After Death" he states that "Peake's explanation of your immortality is the most innovative and provocative argument I have seen. The question is whether that is the way your universe really works."

    Your univers? My universe? According to Peake, we may each inhabit a singular universe that comprises only one facet of a complex, holographic multiverse which literally requires immortality.

    What intrigues Dr. Greyson and many other readers is Peake's astonishing thesis that, despite his book's title--and despite appearances much to the contrary--physical death in the way our senses testify to it, is not possible at the quantum level.

    Instead, the author marshals compelling evidence from contemporary neuroscience and quantum physics, combined with insights from the great mystical traditions, to explain how we may come to relive our lives.

    You may want to visit the author's Web site at CheatingTheFerryman and you can access a recent interview at astreaemagazine

    from Vital Signs

  16. Just sick of folks that have a hard on for George.

    LIke Larry Craig? Sick fellow, no doubt. A sick hard man is good to arrest.

    I gotta give Larry credit though. He did vote for those judges over the years that ruled on the 2nd Amendment, so he earned his place in the stall, so to speak. When drawing out the pistol, he always had a wide stance. Whether he's fast on the trigger I don't know, only the crapper in the stall next door knows for sure.

    His deep practiced Senatorial voice was on the radio just the other day, reminding us how hard he had worked for Idaho values

    Don't know what happened to his legal case, though, probably still winding around in the courts.


  17. Stalled in the courts, a stall prank gone wrong.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Luther Burbank knew more about seeds and furrows than 2 Martin Luthers.

  20. Well, well, well ...

    Our good and only sometimes reliable source, See-more Hersh, tells US that Team43 has followed the course laid out many, many moons ago, between myself and buddy larsen, at the BC, what, three generations ago.

    Clandestine ops, in Iran, using

    covert activities involve support of the minority Ahwazi Arab and Baluchi groups

    Just four or five years behind the curve. When the window of opportunity was open, the US played fiddle faddle politics, in Iraq, instead of prosecuting the war.

    We'll pay a high price for such inept war time leadership. Seven years of a "Phoney War", when in WWII it only lasted months.

    Instead of prepping the US poplation materially and mentally, the Administration lost what ever 9-11 edge that'd been honed through the fire of that experience.

    As predicted, long ago.

  21. June 29, 2008

    Drug Wars Next Door
    By Clarence Page

    As if our military didn't have its hands full in Iraq and Afghanistan, the head of the Minuteman Project border security group seems to think they might also make good narcotics cops.

    Minuteman cofounder Jim Gilchrist suggested in recent radio interviews that the U.S. give Mexico 12 months to corral its criminal drug cartels and rising violence, particularly in border towns like Juarez and Tijuana -- or deploy the U.S. Army to do the job.

    That's the Minutemen. Their remedies for the drug war next door sound simplistic, but at least they're paying attention.

    While most of us north of the border have been absorbed with our presidential sweepstakes and other happenings, or southern neighbor has exploded into the full-scale drug violence previously associated with Colombia or Peru.

    For now, we're not sending troops, just money. The Senate last week approved a $1.6 billion, three-year package of anti-drug assistance to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Known as the "Merida Initiative," it includes $400 million for military equipment and technical assistance for Mexico's anti-drug fight. The bill was passed earlier by the House, and President Bush is expected to sign it.

    Mexico's government cheered the bill, because it waters down proposed restrictions that would have required Mexico to change the way it handles allegations of human rights abuses by its military.

    Mexican leaders threatened to reject the money, if there were too many restrictions on their sovereignty.

  22. Throwing money at a drug war.

    What's next - a clean syringe for every user?

  23. 12 students per teacher - that's an astonishing low ratio.