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Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama, Born Again with a New Birth Certificate? (hat tip: Charles)

Link Here for an analysis of this certificate.

Forget the Birth Certificate. There Are More Relevant Records.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jim Gerraghty, National Review

More than a few readers have asked me what I think of this article from a publication called the Israel Insider, particularly a section which suggests a Hawaiian state official has doubts about the birth certificate posted on Daily Kos and Obama’s StopTheSmears site:

Janice Okubo, Director of Communications of the State of Hawaii Department of Health, told Israel Insider: "At this time there are no circumstances in which the State of Hawaii Department of Health would issue a birth certification or certification of live birth only electronically." And, she added, "In the State of Hawaii all certified copies of certificates of live birth have the embossed seal and registrar signature on the back of the document."

I spoke to Ms. Okubo late Wednesday afternoon, and she said she had seen the version of Obama’s certificate of live birth posted on the sites. While her office cannot verify the information on a form without the permission of the certificate holder (Obama), she said "the form is exactly the same" and it has "all the components of a birth certificate" record issued by the state. In other words, she sees no reason to think the version posted on Obama's web site and Daily Kos is not genuine.

The “embossed seal” in question is, she said, probably on the back of the document provided to Daily Kos, but not visible (as in another certificate posted on Israel Insider for contrast). She thinks the difference in visibility can be attributed to the pressure used when applying the seal.

I know I was one of the guys who wondered if there was something there when Obama initially refused to provide his birth certificate to PolitiFact. It seems many people continue to think that they will uncover something that will prove Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore ineligible for office of the presidency. As I wrote in the initial post, this scenario is “rather unlikely, as it would require everyone in his family to lie about this in every interview and discussion with those outside the family since young Obama appeared on the scene.” I would add this would require Obama to lie about his birthplace in every interview going back to Harvard Law.

There are, however, other documents in the past of the Democratic nominee that would be worth a close examination. For example, they may not even exist anymore – a convenient destruction – but Obama’s office records from his service in the state legislature, particularly the correspondence, would be an interesting resource in learning more about his efforts in state government.

The Illinois State Archives told Judicial Watch that they never received any request from Senator Obama to archive any records in his possession. Similarly, in 2007, Obama said to Tim Russert that his records were “not kept.”

MR. RUSSERT: You talked about Senator Clinton having records released from the Clinton Library regarding her experience as first lady, and yet when you were asked about, “What about eight years in the state senate of Illinois,” you said, “I don’t know.” Where, where are the—where are your records?

SEN. OBAMA: Tim, we did not keep those records. I...

MR. RUSSERT: Are they gone?

SEN. OBAMA: Well, let’s be clear. In the state senate, every single piece of information, every document related to state government was kept by the state of Illinois and has been disclosed and is available and has been gone through with a fine-toothed comb by news outlets in Illinois.* The, the stuff that I did not keep has to do with, for example, my schedule. I didn’t have a schedule. I was a state senator. I wasn’t intending to have the Barack Obama State Senate Library. I didn’t have 50 or 500 people to, to help me archive these issues. So...

MR. RUSSERT: But your meetings with lobbyists and so forth, there’s no record of that?

SEN. OBAMA: I did not have a scheduler, but, as I said, every document related to my interactions with government is available right now. And, as I said, news outlets have already looked at them.

MR. RUSSERT: Is your schedule available anywhere? Are—the records exist?

SEN. OBAMA: I—Tim, I kept my own schedule. I didn’t have a scheduler.

I have no idea how Obama's statement that "every document related to state government was kept by the state of Illinois and has been disclosed and available" can be in line with the statement from the Illinois State Archives. Is there some separate archive for state legislators?


  1. Geraghty's blowing it.
    Charles link to Israel Insider explains:

    Unstamped certificate suggests Obama may not be natural born US citizen

    Geraghty's interpretation of Okubo's comments is inexact and tendentious. First, her observation that "the form is the same" is not contested, here or elsewhere. No one is doubting that the form that appears on the various websites (including this one) is a replica of that used for valid certificates. Therefore Geraght's interpretation that follows "In other words" is clearly his own conclusion, not hers.

    Indeed, Okubo confirms to Geraghty that the image is lacking the "embossed seal" (and the official signature) that are required for the certificate to be valid. While "she thinks" that the difference in visibility might be attributed to varying "pressure," she admits that she does not know and has not seen the original.

    Contrasting the purported Obama image with the DeCosta sample, it is hard to imagine the embossed seal and signature being of such light pressure that they would become completely invisible.
    Kos now has a Higher Quality Version which has the background, but still has some of the other problems mentioned by the graphics guy.

  2. All the Messiah would have to do to clear it up would be to ask the State of Hawaii for a Certified Copy.

    ...but he doesn't, even after McCain had to prove his "innocence" to the media with his top notch big time Expert, Ted Olsen.

    Why not O' Enlightened One?
    Jive Ass Turkey.

  3. Looking at that better jpg Charles, brings to mind that the Hokey State of Hawaii might well have printed out something with amaturish borders like Barry's.
    ...Maybe the kid's roommate (with an AMERICAN Black Dad and white mom) can come up with his for comparison, in addition to that old 1930 model, which might have been different.

  4. Stupid people using jpgs for this kind of "proof."

    Kos's higher quality jpg removes a lot of the jpg induced artifacts around the text.

    Everybody should have used a gif or png.
    ...except maybe Barry's site if they WANTED to cover up the details.

  5. EB should bring back the Weekend girl this week featuring Laura 34D Logan:

    Laura Logan, Michael Ware, in Combat!

    Sources say the Emmy winning Lara Logan began the affair with 36-year-old U.S. State Department contractor, Burkett in war-torn Baghdad.

    And yet another scandal brews in the steamy mix: Lara's reported romance with a star CNN correspondent – Michael Ware, whose jealousy exploded in a battle royal with Burkett in a Baghdad “safe house.”

    Burkett's wife Kimberly, 32, was so upset about Joe's cheating that she took an overdose of Valium.

    Kimberly Burkett's attorney told the Enquirer, “Kimberly believes Lara stole her husband – and now they're trying to steal her little girl.”

    To add fuel to the fire, her two lovers, Burkett and Ware, got into a brutal battle over her in Baghdad!

    Passions got so hot in the combat zone that one of her lovers, Joe Burkett, brawled in a Baghdad “safe house” with her other lover, CNN war reporter Michael Ware, a source said.

    Unfortunately, her reporting from the frontlines of Afghanistan has taken a back seat to her alleged sexual exploits. This will only fuel her infamous nickname coined by the British tabloids as “34D Lara.” You can see those 34 D’s in a swimsuit here.

    Logan was previously said to be living in London with her husband, Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player.

  6. "The pal also said Logan was particularly hurt by the comments because she had met Kimberly Burkett and thought the two were "friendly."
    Ya can't make this stuff up.

  7. It's a stunning turn of events for the respected journalist, who once told The Washington Post that she
    "has no social life."

    Yesterday, CBS announced, without a hint of irony, that she was given a new Washington assignment as chief foreign-affairs correspondent. She joined the network in 2002 and became a "60 Minutes" correspondent in 2006.

  8. "Logan was given a new Washington assignment as chief foreign-affairs correspondent."
    Can't say should doesn't know about foreign-affairs.

  9. I'd think somebody needs to sue, to get at the bottom of this. Should be a simple enough matter. Ask some court for a declarative judgement that he's not a citizen and make him defend against the allegation. Wouldn't that be the proper path to get at the bottom of it?

  10. Has Obama left the US, ever?
    Did he use a US passport?

    If he did, the State Dept has vouched for the authenticity of his Birth Certificate, already.

    Lotta smoke, not much flame.
    Unless the conspiracy involves the State Department, too.

    As to not keeping records of his schedule, as a State Senator, good for him,
    No need to self-incriminate, in the US.

  11. He went to Africa, and the mid east, I think.

  12. Doug: Kos now has a Higher Quality Version which has the background, but still has some of the other problems mentioned by the graphics guy.

    "In a museum in Havana, there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus, one when he was a boy and one when he was a man." -- Mark Twain

  13. - When Mugabe Was Received at City Hall -

    Might Mr. Barron harbor second thoughts about having brought Mr. Mugabe into City Hall?
    “Absolutely not,” the councilman said.

    “Does he do things that I disagree with? Yes,”
    Mr. Barron said.
    But he clearly still regards Mr. Mugabe as a liberator more than an oppressor.

    “You didn’t care about black Africans when whites were killing them in Rhodesia,” he said. As he sees it, the real reason that Mr. Mugabe has come under strong attack from the West is the confiscation of white-owned farms.

  14. Charles,
    How come in that old DeCosta certificate the font looks the same where it's been filled in too?

    ...doesn't look like a typewriter font, but obviously must have been.

  15. "In a museum in Havana, there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus, one when he was a boy and one when he was a man." -- Mark Twain


    Where's that found, Lil? What book?

  16. Sorry Bobal. It's a particularly funny Mark Twain quote I memorized, and it's all over Google, but no one seems to know the exact source.

  17. I wonder if Obama's childhood skull is sitting around somewhere?

  18. It's in the Crackpipe Museum on Oahu.

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