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Friday, June 06, 2008

Gates Wakes Up the US Air Force


  1. Interesting info on the meth trade from Foreign Policy online.


    Methamphetamine to the United States

    Traditional source: “Mom-and-pop” operations in the U.S. Midwest, California, and other rural areas

    New front: Mexico, with component parts shipped primarily from China, India, and Germany. Mexican organized crime is producing stronger meth in “superlabs,” then sending it along via the traditional routes for cocaine and marijuana trafficking: from Tijuana into San Diego and up the West Coast of the United States, or from western Mexico through major Texas cities and other southern U.S. urban hubs. Today, U.S. officials estimate that 80 percent of the meth in the United States originates in Mexico.

    Reason for the shift: The U.S. Congress passed the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act in 2006, which tightened restrictions on the component parts (ephedrine and pseudoephedrine) that producers were using to concoct meth in their basements and garages. Pharmacies and discount stores clamped down, moving Sudafed and NyQuil behind the counter and pushing production of the dangerous drug south of the border.

    The effect: As production has moved south, so too has addiction. According to the 2006 U.N. “World Drug Report,” treatment for drug use in Mexico is “growing more strongly for methamphetamine than for any other substance.” And though Americans have the boom in Mexican meth to thank for lower street prices and fewer meth lab explosions, the shift is boosting drug-related crime in Mexico, where warring cartels dropped 2,100 murder victims in 2006—more than double the 2001 figure.

    The crackdown: The March seizure of more than $200 million in meth money from a Mexico City mansion hints at just how far the U.S.-Mexico trade in this drug may extend. The INCSR praised the “strong [anti-drug] actions” of the new administration of Mexican President Felipe Calderón. His dispatching of 24,000 police and soldiers to drug-soaked areas was a strong first step, but Mexico’s cartels have often outlasted even the most well-intentioned of officials.


    Gotta love that globalization. The World is Flat and High as a Motherfucker.

  2. DR,

    Asshole, listen ..lets do it this way. We'll go to court. I'll prove that I was in the Marine Corps and the CIA in return for your entire magazine empire, your house and your car.

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  3. CIA is moving on the cool action. Good for them. Someone's got to pay for all them 400 sq ft marble gilded toilets.