“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Paul Pots. Try and Keep a Dry Eye.


  1. Larry looks a lot more credible without the baseball cap.
    I think I've got a hard-on for him.
    Probly just the Crack.

  2. I haven't seen many of those.
    Has the 'Head' Guy
    (thinking of Larry)
    ever had that kind of transformation?
    Beats Britney and the wannabes by a mile.
    Now for an Orthodontist.

  3. The Creator of Dilbert lost his ability to speak a few years back to some rare condition.
    Started reading poetry to kids, and regained his voice against all odds.

  4. Pavarotti Departs, Pots arrives.

  5. Just what I was thinking, Doug.

    A quick glance at the new Obama politics--

    Hoffa for Obama
    The unexpected endorsement of Barack Obama by Teamsters President James Hoffa followed private indications by Bill Clinton that the 19-year federal monitoring of the big union under a court decree would not be ended under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    Hoffa previously had told friends he probably would stay neutral in the presidential race. He changed his mind, according to union sources, partly because of pro-Obama sentiment among rank-and-file Teamsters and partly because of former President Clinton's attitude about the consent decree.

    Obama has indicated willingness to end federal oversight of the Teamsters. Refusal by President George W. Bush to do so helped sour his administration's relations with the union.

  6. "Obama has indicated willingness to end federal oversight of the Teamsters."


  7. He tried out a Spanish phrase or two in the morning appearance at the University of Texas-Pan American — “Sí se puede!” (“Yes, it can be done!”) — in a passable accent. And he was called to the stage and introduced as “Barack-A Obam-A!”

    Which is awfully lame, and close to Barack Al-Obama.:(

  8. Wretch has a Perfect Post for your's, Al-BobAl-Harb, so I graciously took credit for it.

  9. "Now for an Orthodontist.

    Yes, Doug. Is there a particular pain in the head you need to cure?

  10. Sinclair Syndrome.
    (Hard-on HEADache)

  11. I think I'm gonna have to have a

  12. I've already had it too long, (sic)
    you oughtta know that, Doc!

  13. I'm auditioning to be Barry's Running"mate."

  14. Hey, maybe Barry GIVES Head.
    ...things are looking up!
    In more ways than one.

  15. Looks like Larry and I are gonna have to fight it out right through the Convention.

  16. Trust me, it'll be a BlowOut.

  17. "I thought he’d take all the money and blow it."

  18. "A sperm burping gutter sl*t like sinclair is still 1000 times more credible than a marxist POS like Obama"

  19. 0-60 mph Acceleration (mfg. estimates)
    4.6 sec. [1] [5]
    Top Track Speed (mfg. estimates – electronically limited)
    170 mph [1] [5]
    ¼-Mile Acceleration (sec)
    13.0 [1] [5]
    Almost as fast as the kid's 2004 Subaru to 60, governed top speed!

    Luckily they instituted a really tough speed law here, waiting to see if it's enforced and the effect.

  20. 8 speeds!
    I drove w/3 speeds on the WRX, except when I played teenager.

  21. To: org.whodat

    Makes me feel like I need a show just seeing it posted.

    Take your show and we'll let you know what happened. This is hu and ser.

  22. To: freespirited

    "Incidentally, I listened to him on the radio for an hour. He was not a moron at all. Intelligent guy."

    Podcast link?
    PM PST by montag813
    To: montag813
    From, click on secret site tab (just under sumpter’s photo).

    The interview is the first hour of the show dated Feb 18th.

  23. Here's all we know at this point: a B-2, commonly known as a "stealth bomber", had two pilots aboard and was taking off at around 10:30 Saturday morning when, for reasons still unexplained, crashed.
    The pilots ejected and were transported to the Guam Naval Hospital in Agana Heights.
    The U.S. Air Force confirms they were evaluated by medical staff and are reportedly in good condition.

    Community reactions
    Several eyewitnesses form the northern village throughout the day called, e-mailed and uploaded video and images to from a vantage point of the crash site atop Mount Santa Rosa. One such citizen correspondent, Bert Siron with Black Construction, was working up at the base at the time of the crash.

    "I heard the bomber, the B-2 taking off," he recalled. "But then when I looked, I just saw the jet fighter on the runway and it's burning [sic]. I saw the two pilots ejected from the plane, but then they were covered by dark smoke, and I never saw where they dropped." He said the thick, billowing smoke cascaded from a mountain of fire.
    "I never saw the plane before it set on fire," he added. Siron said he and his co-workers about 500 yards from the runway, adding, "We were evacuated, especially those closest to the plane."

    About the aircraft
    The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber is a low-observable, strategic, long-range, heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated and dense air defense shields. Operated exclusively by the U.S. Air Force, the B-2 that crashed today was from the 509th Bomb Wing based out of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The deployment of B-2s to Guam are part of the continuous bomber presence the Air Force has maintained on island since 2004.

    The B-2 has a crew of two operators, a pilot a mission commander. Each plane costs over $1.2 billion to produce.

    Military aircraft diverted to GIAA
    As a result of this morning's incident the Guam International Airport Authority received some unscheduled arrivals, as executive manager Jess Torres confirms the airport and U.S. military have a memorandum of understanding in place. Such an agreement states that GIAA's runway can be used in the event of an emergency, and accordingly four military aircraft - three C-135's and a single C-5 - were inbound from Hickham Air Force Base in Hawaii to Andersen when they were diverted and landed at GIAA this afternoon. The airport at this point isn't expecting any additional aircraft.

    All four USAF aircraft are anticipated to be at GIAA overnight.

  24. 8 speeds? My 1960 F-600 Truck has TEN(if you add in the high/low.) And two in reverse, too! Has a CB radio too. So what if a little exhaust seeps up from under the floor mats? So what if it gets 6 mpg? I really ought to get rid of it, all it does is sit, but, a few more years, it will be eligible for one of those 'Idaho Old Timers' license plates. They're nifty.

  25. Crashed on takeoff. Amazing that the pilots got out.

    The original plan was to build over a hundred,but with the Soviet Union no more, we scaled back to twenty. Or nineteen, now.

  26. Trying to remember what our Neighbor's Classic 50 ? Ford 3/4 ton had.
    We bought their 49 Chev that had the super low first speed.
    What was that called?
    Hauled a lot of shit, bent frame and all.

  27. I read we had 21 now 20.
    Hope that's the correct number, sucks to be so vulnerable.
    Howdy, General, we just lost 5% of the bomber fleet @ 2 Billion.
    Sorry 'bout that.

  28. Half-Ton
    What was the nickname for the super low 1st gear?

  29. I read an article that pointed out that B-2 Pilots have the only job in the World w/sole responsibility for a Billion Dollar Machine.

  30. Super Shit Kicker gear?

    The Vatican is on the road, with a road show in North America. In St Petersburg, Florida now, then on to Cleveland, Ohio, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Among other items on display is 'The Mandylion of Edessa'.

    "But the star of the room, and indeed the collection, is the Mandylion of Edessa. For believers, the gaunt, bearded face staring from the cloth is the likeness of Jesus, and is among a rare class of artifacts deemed 'not made with human hands.'

    Religious lore has it that Jesus pressed a handerchief to his face, leaving an indelible imprint of his likeness, much like the Shroud of Turin. Scientific evidence suggests it is a painting, but regardless, the object remains one of the Vatican's prized possessions."

    I think there is a theory that the original Mandylion was the face of the Shroud, when it was folded up, so the face was all that could be seen. This object is a painting based on that, perhaps.

    When the image began to appear on the Shroud, so one theory goes, three or four hundreds of years after Jesus died, appearing that late because, in this theory, the fibers in the linen took that long to yellow up and form the image. The fibers having been stressed at the time of the Resurrection. At any rate, it is interesting, because about this time the depiction of Jesus in art changed radically, where he had been depicted as a beardless youth, perhaps carrying a lamb, all of a sudden he is shown as he is imaged on the Shroud.

  31. Ian Wilson speculates that the Mandylion and the Shroud are the same object. He suggests that between 1204 and 1357 the cloth was secretly kept by the Knights Templars. If Wilson is correct, a case can be made for dating this cloth to the 1st century.

    But there's a problem. The Shroud is a full-body image; the Mandylion was only a facial image. Wilson, however, thinks the Mandylion was probably folded so that only the face was visible. He may be right. Careful photographic analysis reveals that the Shroud may once have been folded as Wilson describes. But this is uncertain.

    Probing The Shroud of Turin

  32. Someday Barry's Snot-Rag will have similar value.

  33. A good case has been made that they royally screwed up the carbon dating on the Shroud this last time, and it should be done again. One allegation is, they dated the patches on the Shroud, not the original Shroud material.

    The Shroud is a topic that can kind of suck you in--the more you read about it, the mystery seems to deepen. There is a vast, and steadily growing literature on the subject.

  34. :) For the DNA evidence, if nothing else.

    I read an article said the crowd cheered when he blew his nose. Think of that. When I blow my nose it usually brings forth a groan from my wife.

  35. Mine doesn't complain unless I pick it at the dinner table.

  36. We ain't in Ideehoe no more, Mabel!
    Traffic looks brutal.
    Maybe gettin murdered is a relief.

  37. joe buz said...
    Capn, your title is a bit least the end of it..."gay sex and crack use"!

  38. 6-10pm PT: Art Bell- Somewhere in Time returns to 4/26/1996 for a discussion with former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on space travel.

  39. ""A sperm burping gutter sl*t like sinclair is still 1000 times more credible than a marxist POS like Obama""
    You can't make shit like that up.
    Or, I should say, *I* can't.
    Probly a good thing.
    I already get into too much trouble.

  40. Last time I heard Art was around '86, right after he flew from the deck to the rocks below.
    Amazing he still looks so chipper.
    Probly from excercising his dipper.

  41. When she growls about your blow jobs, you should tell her how lucky she is you're not a
    Sperm Burper!

  42. Couple ladybugs coupling?

    I'm not sure.

  43. Jeeze, you're right!
    Hope it isn't the Bug version of Brokeback!

  44. Cracked Exoskeleton Mountain.

  45. I forgot they're LADYbugs.
    Lesbo Buggers.

  46. Got treated Worse than Mormons:
    "Etymologically, a "Bugger" was a "Bulgre" (French Bougre). Originally, it was derived from the French word "Bougge­rie" ("of Bulgaria"), meaning the medieval Bulgarian clerical sect of the Bogomils, which facing severe persecution in Bulgaria spread into Western Europe and was branded by the established church as particularly devoted to the practice of sodomy.[1]"

  47. “The ruling elite nowadays has no ideology,” Ms. Chelysheva said. “Their only aim is to obtain as much power as possible, to keep this power, by whatever means, and to profiteer off this power. In this respect, these people, who are so cynical, are much more dangerous than was the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R.”

    Putin Is A Thug Good long article on the tactics of rule in Russia these days.

  48. I think you're right:
    "Compound Low"

  49. Probly a Good Primer for DC.

  50. the medieval Bulgarian clerical sect of the Bogomils,

    Them clerics, always a larger percet gay, down through the ages, than in society at large. One of the positive things about Luther was, let the clergy marry.

  51. Harold Icke's Daddy:

    "Ickes was known for his acerbic wit and took joy in verbal battles. He often took verbal abuse too.
    For instance, Roosevelt selected Ickes to deliver a response following the nomination of Wendell Willkie.

    In response to Ickes' comments, Senator Styles Bridges called Ickes "a common scold puffed up by high office."

    Republican Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce once famously remarked that Ickes had "the mind of a commissar and the soul of a meataxe."

    In September 1944, Thomas E. Dewey, the Republican nominee for president, promised to fire Ickes if elected. Ickes penned a letter of resignation to Dewey and it was widely printed in the press. Ickes wrote, in part:

    Hence, I hereby resign as Secretary of the Interior effective, if, as and when the incredible comes to pass and you become the President of the United States.
    However, as a candidate for that office you should have known the primary school fact that the Cabinet of an outgoing President automatically retires with its chief.

  52. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, Al-Bob!

  53. Many general election scenarios remain possible, but, as I reckon it, the only one forecasting a Democratic victory that respects mass-electorate math and state-by-state statistics is a few-point win over McCain that involves McCain getting millions fewer evangelical votes than Bush did in 2004, the Democratic ticket getting as many or more African-Americans as Kerry-Edwards did in 2004, and the sleeping giant Latino vote going decisively against McCain.

    It's Not Over Till It's Over

  54. Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques
    preach anti-West extremism
    Secret survey exposes
    widespread radicalism

    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    An undercover survey of more than 100 mosques and Islamic schools in America has exposed widespread radicalism, including the alarming finding that 3 in 4 Islamic centers are hotbeds of anti-Western extremism, WND has learned.

    The Mapping Sharia in America Project, sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, has trained former counterintelligence and counterterrorism agents from the FBI, CIA and U.S. military, who are skilled in Arabic and Urdu, to conduct undercover reconnaissance at some 2,300 mosques and Islamic centers and schools across the country.

    "So far of 100 mapped, 75 should be on a watchlist," an official familiar with the project said.

    Many of the Islamic centers are operating under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian government and U.S. front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood based in Egypt.

    Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official who runs the Center for Security Policy, says the results of the survey have not yet been published. But he confirmed that "the vast majority" are inciting insurrection and jihad through sermons by Saudi-trained imams and anti-Western literature, videos and textbooks.

    The project, headed by David Yerushalmi, a lawyer and expert on sharia law, has finished collecting data from the first cohort of 102 mosques and schools. Preliminary findings indicate that almost 80 percent of the group exhibit a high level of sharia-compliance and jihadi threat, including:

    Ultra-orthodox worship in which women are separated from men in the prayer hall and must enter the mosque from a separate, usually back, entrance; and are required to wear hijabs.
    Sermons that preach women are inferior to men and can be beaten for disobedience; that non-Muslims, particularly Jews, are infidels and inferior to Muslims; that jihad or support of jihad is not only a Muslim's duty but the noblest way, and suicide bombers and other so-called "martyrs" are worthy of the highest praise; and that an Islamic caliphate should one day encompass the U.S.
    Solicitation of financial support for jihad.
    Bookstores that sell books, CDs and DVDs promoting jihad and glorifying martyrdom.
    Though not all mosques in America are radicalized, many have tended to serve as safe havens and meeting points for Islamic terrorist groups. Experts say there are at least 40 episodes of extremists and terrorists being connected to mosques in the past decade alone.

    Some of the 9/11 hijackers, in fact, received aid and counsel from one of the largest mosques in the Washington, D.C., area. Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center is one of the mosques indentified by undercover investigators as a hive of terrorist activity and other extremism.

    It was founded and is currently run by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Imams there preach what is called "jihad qital," which means physical jihad, and incite violence and hatred against the U.S.

    Dar al-Hijrah's ultimate goal, investigators say, is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by sharia law.

    Another D.C.-area mosque, the ADAMS Center, was founded and financed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and has been one of the top distributors of Wahhabist anti-Semitic and anti-Christian dogma.

    Even with such radical mosques operating in its backyard, the U.S. government has not undertaken its own systematic investigation of U.S. mosques.

    In contrast, European Union security officials are analyzing member-state mosques, examining the training and funding sources of imams, in a large-scale project.

    Some U.S. lawmakers want the U.S. to conduct its own investigation.

    "We have too many mosques in this country," said Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y. "There are too many people who are sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at them more carefully."

  55. Pure Bullshit.
    Damned things should be shut down.
    Wonder if the Librarian thinks I should be damned?
    Shoulda let Hitler Youth Groups Operate to, but we weren't enlightened yet.

  56. Sample Only:
    S: Well, Senator McCain had plied me with mixed drinks, cosmos, chocolate martinis and stuff like that. He took the hat from my uniform and began wearing it and he wasn't shy about running his hands through my hair.

    PI: Is that all he did?

    S: He began standing close to me when I was talking and sniffing me. Out of nowhere he asked me if I work out and if I had a six pack.

    PI: Do you have a six pack?

    S: I'm pretty fit, yeah.

  57. No booze in the Senator's drinks, Doug, did you catch that? Dead giveaway, right there, whole thing's a made up.

  58. Besides, this stuff about bell hops, that doesn't fly. Those fellows are trained. A lot of lecherous old farts hang around those hotels, and they are trained to spot and avoid. If it had been a Cub Scout, I might give it some consideration.

  59. Bacrack Al-Obama vs Senator Cain. We're sunk.

  60. S: McCain had ordered room service, unbeknownst to me. We had several drinks, although the Senator did not seem affected. In retrospect I'm wondering if his were more watered down or if there was even booze in them.

    Gitout gave the game away, there. We all know Senator Cain to be a notorious drunkard.

  61. Writing in the aptly named Granma, Fidel--"Comrade Fidel"--rejects Change reaffirming the old rule that the hero of yesteryear becomes the tyrant holdfast today. His spry 70 something year old brother--"Comrade Raoool"--is likely to be named in his stead, to hold the cement in place.

  62. bobal said...
    Bacrack Al-Obama vs Senator Cain. We're sunk.
    Copied and pasted @ Gitout's.

  63. Bobal,

    Read the transcript for yourself. The sprightly bellhop confesses to drinking heavily. He may have only been drinking with someone who could handle his alcohol much better than he could, being a peach-fuzzed waify plaything to the hardscrabbled AZ representative.

    The American people conceive of the most creative explanations for allegations of leaders' misconduct. I would hope this factoid could be suspended so an honest look at McCain could occur. It saddens me greatly to know Americans and the rest of the world will let McCain Jena 6 this poor young man. I can only hope he's not been sent off to a Halliburton re-education camp.

  64. Michael Tanner on Obama's record. Tanner's book is also good, particularly its primer on the various Republican factions.

  65. including nearly doubling taxes on capital gains. Americans would face some of the highest marginal tax rates in the world.

    I'd always thought of the capital gains tax, at least as it applies to real property, as a 'tax on inflation.'

    My accountant came up with a better term--'a tax on the passage of time.'

    I'm doing a 1031 tax exchange right now. The name of my facilitator company is "Asset Preservation Services".

  66. And just why should time be free?
    Everybody knows,
    "Time is Money"

  67. Farmer Al-Harb is Evading Taxes!

  68. Yeah, that's a Gem, Cutler.
    You gonna get his book?
    Sounds meatier than I thought it would be.

  69. Farmer bob doesn't do a thing without the accountant's ok!

    The Telegraph reports:

    One close confidante said that the president believed he had run out of options after three of the main parties who triumphed in last week's poll announced they would form a coalition government together, and also pledged to reinstate the country's chief justice and 60 other judges sacked by Mr Musharraf in November.

    "He has already started discussing the exit strategy for himself," a close friend said. "I think it is now just a matter of days and not months because he would like to make a graceful exit on a high."

    That's democracy ain't it. Now we'll see whether there is broad support in Pakistan for the fight against radical Islam. Better that we know it now than after mooted plans to move masses of troops into Afghanistan eventuate, only to discover that the Pakistani logistical rear has gone over to the other side.

  70. I didn't know about the Fascist stuff going on under Wilson.

  71. Yes, when the price goes down.

    A lot of what he is writing about has already been written before, just not in such a popular format. There's a lot of material to work with.

    Nonetheless, I'm a big fan of Goldberg. Besides being entertaining and smart, he's well grounded and generally not a partisan.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. *party partisan, I think anyone with opinions is a partisan to some degree.

  74. And you know, Obama has said on the stump that we can create a kingdom of Heaven on Earth. His advance people, when they go around, they’re told not to talk…this was in the New York Times yesterday, they’re told not to talk about issue. They’re supposed to testify about how they have “come to Obama”, you know, instead of come to Jesus. And it reminds me a bit of the 1912 Progressive Party convention. They changed the words of We Will Follow Jesus to We Will Follow Roosevelt.

  75. I think I'm glad I've missed most of Obama's speeches. I can be a sap for a well twilled word. Better to read about it on the internet.

  76. Compound low?

    What is Granny Gear?

  77. It's stuff they advertise in Castro's Paper.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

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