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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Larry Sinclair Completed 4 Hour Polygraph on Gay Sex and Crack Use With Obama.

This should be interesting. I am not sure that I believe it or just want to. Probably both.

BREAKING NEWS - Larry Sinclair Completed 4 Hour Polygraph Test Today

2/22/2008 8:45 PM

Due to security concerns, we had to move the Larry Sinclair Polygraph up a few days. We conducted it in secret today and the picture to the left is from one of the two arduous polygraphs Sinclair underwent today.

The process took four grueling hours, testing Sinclair's claims of sex and drug use separately and also including a drug screening to ensure that Sinclair didn't enlist any chemical assistance.

The results are being confirmed by a second expert and we'll have conclusive word, along with video of the whole thing, Monday or Tuesday. Check back then for more, including video the tests and, of course, the results.


  1. I'm starting to get the feeling the guy is telling the truth. If he tests out ok, will the media even follow the story?

  2. When the New York Times went after McCain this week, I thought about this Sinclair charge.

    Now, he is not an anonymous source. The story goes to the heart of illegal activity.

    It certainly deals with ethics and qualifications to be a moral and spiritual model for change, but there was not an interest in this story by the MSM. Although there may be something to it as Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg when he listens to Obama. It seems to me a tingle running up the leg, depending on how much you have to drink, may have follow-on consequences.

  3. One sentence on this release jumped out at me...

    "We conducted it in secret today and the picture to the left is from one of the two arduous polygraphs Sinclair underwent today."

    TWO TESTS- if he were lying , I doubt they would have bothered with the second.

    ARDUOUS- people use that word when they want to verify a positive but difficult result. Maybe I over-think it.

  4. I think it was Laura Ingraham who said Mathews had sciatica:)

    'Due to security concerns' jumps out too. He did claim in his lawsuit to be threatened and harassed by Obama's people.

  5. To be honest the past drug use is passe since Clinton, and being a part time fairy only increases his "diversity" and "inclusiveness".

    That only leaves his other negatives : A partially muslim upbringing, no clear policies, a foreign policy clown, no experience of administration of anything, a nasty hard-left radical wife, a racist white bashing church and a mesiah complex.

    How the feck can this man even be a candidate? He couldn't make a serious run for a small town mayor with his resume in most countries.

    Man, the US is competing with the Russians for "worst elected official". Terrifying.

  6. Its almost like a stalking horse thing ... float specious but ultimately trivial concerns about personal matters (considering personal charisma is his strong point) in order to divert attacks from the matters of substance.

  7. Monday or Tuesday happens to be before the next primary in TX and OH. Just a thought.

  8. I think the timing has Hillary written all over it. Use it or lose it, right before Texas and Ohio. I've got the idea she is behind it, and wouldn't have used it if she was in a better position. Impossible to tell though, I quess. Sinclair said it was all his own doing, nobody else, or a campaign behind it. But then he would say that. I hope they asked him that very question, is somebody behind this?

  9. Michael Savage, who I never know to believe or not, said Obama's first money backers gearing up the campaign were what he called 'the gay LA mafia', whatever that means or might be.

  10. If the public sees this as a Clinton smear, it will go nowhere regardless of whether it is true or not.

  11. As for me, it would be a big issue, regardless of the source, not that I would ever vote for Obama anyway. We should know all that can be known about candidates. It might change some votes. Robert Novak said early on that the Hillary camp had some bad stuff on O. This seems to fit the bill. Some independents might be unfavorably impressed.I'd hope so anyway.

  12. Getting a blow job from another guy while smoking crack has got be a deal killer for enough people to stop him. It can't be that bad, can it?

  13. this is a sad story:

    Artist hanged herself after aborting her twins
    Last Updated: 2:03am GMT 22/02/2008

    An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: "I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum."

    Emma Beck was found hanging at her home in Helston, Cornwall, on Feb 1 2007. She was declared dead early the following day - her 31st birthday.

    Her suicide note read: "I told everyone I didn't want to do it, even at the hospital. I was frightened, now it is too late. I died when my babies died. I want to be with my babies: they need me, no-one else does."

    The inquest at Truro City Hall heard that Miss Beck had split up with her boyfriend, referred to as "Ben" after he "reacted badly" to the pregnancy.

    She saw her GP before the termination, but missed an appointment at a hospital in Penzance. She then cancelled, but later turned up to an appointment at a clinic at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske. The counsellor was on holiday so a doctor referred Miss Beck to a pregnancy counselling telephone service eight days before carrying out the abortion when she was eight weeks pregnant, the inquest heard.

    The coroner, Dr Emma Carlyon, ordered that the identities of the doctor who performed the abortion and her lead consultant be kept secret.

    The inquest heard that Sylvia Beck, the victim's mother, wrote to the hospital after her daughter's death, saying: "I want to know why she was not given the opportunity to see a counsellor.

    "She was only going ahead with the abortion because her boyfriend did not want the twins.

    "I believe this is what led Emma to take her own life - she could not live with what she had done."

    The doctor said: "I discussed Emma's situation with her, and wrote on the form, 'Unsupported, lives alone, ex-partner aware'.

    "It is normal practice to give a woman the number for telephone counselling when a counsellor is not available.

    "I am satisfied that everything was done to make sure that Emma consented to the operation.

    She added: "We have since appointed more counsellors so there is more holiday cover."

    Katie Gibbs, Miss Beck's GP, told the hearing: "She was extremely distressed by the abortion procedure, and I didn't think she ever came to terms with it.

    "She had a long history of anxiety and depression. Despite my best efforts, she was not willing to see a counsellor after the termination."

    Her boss at the clinic, said: "The time that can be given to a woman by a counsellor is limited in a busy hospital.

    "I am satisfied everything was done to make sure Emma was consenting to surgery. I don't feel there was any gap in the counselling service.

    "There were lots of individuals who would be alert to any doubts. The comments made by Emma's mother are not about a doctor I recognise."

    Mrs Beck told the court: "Emma was considered a talented artist, and sold a number of paintings.

    "She was pleased when she became pregnant, but Ben reacted badly to the news."

    Recording a verdict of suicide, Dr Carlyon said: "It is clear that a termination can have a profound effect on a woman's life.

    "But I am reassured by the evidence of the doctors here."

  14. from

    Gay Sex, Drug Use Detailed in Barack Obama Lawsuit

    Article Date: 02/22/2008
    By Ross von Metzke

    A lawsuit filed in the United States District Court of Minnesota February 11, 2008 alleges democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama engaged in illegal drug use and sexual activity with another man in 1999.

    The suit, brought by Larry Sinclair, alleges three named defendants have actively engaged in internet intimidation and have illegally investigated his personal life. The suit names Obama, along with the Democratic National Committee and Democratic political consultant David Axelrod, as defendants.

    The suit claims the defendant’s actions are in violation of Sinclair’s First Amendment freedom of speech. Sinclair goes on to claim he attempted on numerous occasions to contact Obama through his campaign headquarters to come forward regarding the allegations.

    After claiming his requests were ignored, Sinclair says in the suit he contacted numerous media outlets with his story. Those outlets, the suit claims, refused to even pose questions to Obama about the alleged incident.

  15. The "Swiftboating" of Obama begins

    While McCain answers and reanswers old charges, from anonymous sources.

    Oh, so, sweet.

    Wake me up, when it's over, please.
    It is just a dream, right?

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  17. What is it about
    "Getting a blow job from another guy while smoking crack"
    that's wrong?
    Is this fucking Nazi Germany, or something?
    Jeeze, as if ONE Akmaneedsablowjob ain't more than enough!
    Chill Out, Dude!

  18. The superdelegates seem to be jumping on the Obama wagon. They have a big choice to make by March 4th, as if Hillary doesn't win Ohio and Texas, she looks to be toast. Unless Larry Sinclair starts to get some real traction. Tough spot for a superdelegate to be in...what to do, what to do?

  19. I didn't realize Larry was a SuperDelegate.
    He IS Super, tho!
    Like to give him supper?

  20. "A sperm burping gutter sl*t like sinclair is still 1000 times more credible than a marxist POS like Obama"

  21. To: freespirited

    "Incidentally, I listened to him on the radio for an hour. He was not a moron at all. Intelligent guy."

    Podcast link?
    PM PST by montag813
    To: montag813
    From, click on secret site tab (just under sumpter’s photo).

    The interview is the first hour of the show dated Feb 18th.

  22. Capn, your title is a bit least the end of it..."gay sex and crack use"!

  23. Sad day for America, his children, supporters ie Oprah Winfrey, some of the Kennedys. All those who voted for him re. charisma, speeches, good looks, youth and popularity.

    Where there is smoke there is fire.
    After seeing the picture of Larry in 1999, he was handsome, clean and I can see Obama with him. I also heard him speak and he spoke intelligently.

    Obama lied to the American people. Everything comes out eventually. Thank God is not too late.

  24. I have been listening intently to Karel the house gay man on KGO. Not a word about Sinclair's allegations. I thought he would at least mention it. He's a 'Hillary man' and hopes for Obama to be vp and get his eight years after Hillary.