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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who is the Dumbest Man in the US Senate? Hint: Trent Lott

"Talk radio is running the country. We're going to have to deal with that problem." -Senator Trent Lott, Republican, MS


  1. Who is the dumbest man in White House?

    “Great effing work Condi and Georgie! Great effing work.”

    “Bush's actions in the last year, and the growing, monumental disaster of his global foreign policy, which has created chaos virtually everywhere, now eclipses any respect he had stored up with me for his actions in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. George W. Bush and his entire incompetent staff and administration can now officially be damned. I will support him on absolutely nothing. Nothing.”

    Is Tammy Bruce now ready to join the impeachment brigade?

    Condi and Georgie give $60 million to Hamas

    From LGF:

    “The officer said Hamas seized thousands of U.S.-origin M-16 and Soviet-origin AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles as well as military radios. He said other booty captured by Hamas included trucks, mortars and hand grenades.”

    A Weapons Windfall For Hamas

  2. We're far ahead of Ms Bruce, aye, allen?

    I believe that we all objected when the monies and weapons were sent to Fatah, no need to wait for the failure to arrive, to see it coming like a frieght train

  3. DR: I believe that we all objected when the monies and weapons were sent to Fatah, no need to wait for the failure to arrive, to see it coming like a frieght train

    Everyone thought the M-16s would eventually be used against Israel. No one predicted Fatah would pass them on to Hamas first. Now that Gaza is a festering pus-filled Syrio-Iranian shi'ite colony, the world community should hold their Arab brothers to the same standard they hold Israel (or the US re the Mexicans) and say, "Mister Mubarak, tear down that wall!"

  4. "-- we can win this war on terror if we're steadfast and strong. It's not going to happen on my watch. It's going to take awhile. We can spread liberty and freedom to create peace. And we can work on the Palestinian-Israeli issue at the same time. I am the first President to have articulated two states living side-by-side in peace.

    And I'm also a President who believed that the Palestinians needed to have elections. There's an interesting debate in Washington, is do you wait for the conditions to be perfect before elections, that the institutions be in place before there are elections, or do you have elections as a step toward a civil society and a democratic society? As you know, I've taken the latter rather than the former, and encouraged the Palestinian elections."

    -George W. Bush, Charlotte, NC, April 7, 2006

  5. More from the seer in the White House:

    President Bush yesterday told Hispanics to step into the middle of the immigration debate and make sure senators who have been bombarded with calls from opponents also hear from those who support the bill.
    "There's a lot of emotion on this issue, and it makes sense to have people from around the country come and sit down with members of Congress to talk rationally about the issue," he told those attending the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington yesterday.

  6. And the outcome of the shallow thinking:


    Hundreds of Fatah gunmen have stormed Hamas-controlled institutions in the West Bank, including the Palestinian parliament building in Ramallah.
    The gunmen reportedly tried to seize the Palestinian Legislative Council's second deputy speaker, Hassan Khuraishah, but staff intervened.

    Fatah supporters also took over the Hamas-controlled council in Nablus.

    The clashes came after Fatah was ousted from Gaza by Hamas, ending a week of clashes which left more than 100 dead.

  7. We gave the weapons to "Palistine', Ms T. After the elections empowered Hamas.

    You describe it as if Fatah and Hamas were not one and the same, they are both Palistine. The old vs the new.

    The difference is tactical, not strategic. Like Republicans and Democrats, both differing branches of the same tree. Like peas in a pod.

    For the US not to have recognized that was a strategic failure. To continue down the "Peace Process" trail, with Fatah, is a fools game, which the Bush Team will encourage both Israel and US to play.

  8. Much like arming Sunni militias in Iraq, that have killed over 2,500 US servicemen, and calling it progress.

    Or training and supplying a 250,000 man Shia Army in Iraq, to secure Saudi Arabia from an aggressive Iran.

  9. DR: We gave the weapons to "Palistine', Ms T. After the elections empowered Hamas.

    Not so. We gave the weapons to Abbas precisely because the same democratic elections pushed by Bush resulted in the rise of Hamas. Abbas sat there in Ramallah and phoned it in, and the result is the Hamastan we have today. The breach can never be healed. Already they are talking about a three state solution, with the West Bank standing up first, making the people of Gaza jealous and ready to reverse their "wrong" choice in the democratic elections. The moral of the story is: Elections are for human beings, not for the lower beasts.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hamas was legitmized by the elections, they had already risen.

    You make it sound as if the US were arming factional Palistinian warlords, to combat each other. That was not the "Plan" as described at the time.

    Palistine, the fledgling State recieved the weapons, the controlling factors within the "State" changed.

    It's all good.

    Say the Curse!

  12. The West Bank will be next. Remember this:

    " in 26 communities across the West Bank, candidates associated with Hamas but campaigning under different banners won about 35 percent of 306 individual races. When negotiations are finished on the formation of coalitions, they could end up controlling or sharing control of governments in at least nine and as many as 13 municipal governments."

    Washington Post, Jan 6, 2005

  13. What of the Golan?

    Will Israel still hand that real estate over to Syria, as planned in DC?

  14. "Now that Gaza is a festering pus-filled Syrio-Iranian shi'ite colony"
    ...and this crazy Flip objected to "beaners?"
    This crazy Scot thinks perhaps you have a festering pus-filled problem that Americans are not willing to tackle.
    Or This!
    " Elections are for human beings, not for the lower beasts."
    When will the racist, xenophobic, paranoic, elitist, exclusionist rhetoric Stop?
    "We are the World!"

    Sing the Verse!
    (Help me Gawd, I need a wet nurse.)
    Outsourcing OK

  15. Fatah Gunmen Storm West Bank Buildings

    Above, fighters loyal to Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah entered the Palestinian parliament building in Ramallah today.
    In Aftermath of Gaza Battle, Grim Realities

    Photo link...
    Times Topics: The Conflict Between Fatah and Hamas

  16. Fatah is finished. It is only a matter of time before the West Bank becomes Hamastan North.

    By standing behind Abbas, the US, Israel and EU have guaranteed the success of Iran's agents.

    Soon, Israel will be surrounded by Iranian proxies. Hizb'allah in the north, and Hamas on the eastern and southwestern flanks.

    The only thing keeping them from being completely surrounded is Arab paranoia of Persian Shia influence.

    But when you're in the land of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", all bets are off.

    Jordan and Egypt sure ain't Switzerland. The US is now supporting monarchies and autocracies over democracies in the ME.

    Never mind that the current occupant of the Oval Office said we were no longer doing that in his 2004 inauguration speech announcing that the US was now going to save the world from itself, whether it liked it or not.

  17. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Hundreds of Fatah gunmen on Saturday stormed Hamas-controlled institutions in the West Bank, including parliament and government ministries, and told staffers that those with ties to Hamas will not be allowed to return.

    Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with the U.S. consul-general in Jerusalem, his office said. The meeting between Abbas and Jacob Walles took place at Abbas' headquarters in Ramallah hours before Abbas was expected to swear in an emergency government.

    Abbas had dismantled the Hamas-Fatah coalition, fired Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and appointed Finance Minister Salam Fayyad in his place after Hamas took control of Gaza by force.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. "that the US was now going to save the world from itself, whether it liked it or not."
    And on the Domestic Front,
    they are going to
    "Save us from our Immigration Problem"

    Whether we want to be saved or not.
    We are the problem, we need the cure.

  20. Actually, I was thinking of some kind of Canal other than the Panama.
    And now the other links are gone with me none the wiser.

  21. At least Trent Lott is not in a position to do massive damage to this country, and as a consequence to the World.
    ...like Somebody We Know.
    And Sidekick Candi.

  22. What you simple-minded plebes don't seem to get, is that this whole Persian Empowerment thing is a massive misdirection by Master Poker:
    How else could he arrange for the Taliban/AQ grow beyond what it was in Afghanistan prior to 9-11 in the land of Nukes and 30,000 Madrassas?
    Only true Genius might imagine, much less implement, a strategy of such brilliance.
    At this point I stop, since only the Master Poker knows how he will wield this new strategic advantage to benefit all of us.
    We'll just wait...

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. rwe, he see it quite differently, doug

    "The growing Taliban Threat": Once they had a whole country to play with, with foreign aid pouring in, even from the U.S.

    Today they hide in the mountains. control perhaps a village or two, and come out on occasion to get the ever lovin' daylights beat out of them. Once they had an Air Force; now they deploy forces who don't even have shoes.

    The Taliban are the Titanic without the dance band or the deck chairs.

    Don't worry, be happy.

  25. I left out, how could he do that without Massive recognition of the fact, without the brilliant misdirection.

    If Bubba's was the
    "kick the can presidency,"

    W has to be the
    "Kick the Islamic Nuclear Jihad into High Gear"

  26. That is sad, 'Rat.
    (shakes head)

  27. Back when ABC News reported on the resurgent Taliban, 3 years ago or so, they controlled more than a couple of villages, and far from "hiding out" they were doing Demonstration raids documented on DVDs.

  28. It still is all about the airplanes, for rwe.

    No air force, no country, not a threat.

    Seems American Airlines was the Taliban Airforce, in September of '01.
    AA, they didn't even know

  29. I wondered what that Air Force refered to.
    Coulda been all about airplanes for W. 3 years ago, take out the whole stinking mess and surrounding support.
    ...now, it's yet another intractable issue requiring further negotiation and calculation.
    Count them Beans, Mr MBA.

  30. Per Doug,

    re: Mahmoud Abbas met with the U.S. consul-general in Jerusalem

    But not at the US embassy. That would be the embassy in Jerusalem promised by then candidate George W. Bush.

  31. They had to smuggle people in on that Air Force then.

    Now the London Pakistan Corridor is well traveled, and so many more we are ignorant of.

    Say the Curse!
    Full Speed Astern!

  32. Promises, Promises.
    "Hunt em Down and Smoke em Out"

  33. "...and State Sponsors of Terrorism."

  34. Carly's Song could become our Mantra:

    "That's not exactly what we had planned."

  35. UPDATE:
    LGF now has cell-phone video of a lynching on Gaza by Hamas.

    Proceed at your own risk, but I think it's important for you to see what an Iranian Death Squad does, and what American foreign policy has allowed to grow strong in the Middle East.

    Posted by Tammy

  36. Since I'm going to bed, I will defer.
    Take note for me if you'd like:
    " I’m warning you up front.

    Don’t watch this video if you don’t want to see what’s been happening in Gaza, up close, apparently recorded with a cell phone after some unfortunate person was lynched and beaten to a pulp. They’re still kicking the body. And someone helpfully picks up and displays what’s left of the head so the cell phones can get a good shot.

    There are no words.

    And by the way, I’m not kidding one bit. Don’t watch this if you’re aren’t mentally prepared.

    I may remove it after a short run."

  37. The dumbest man in the Senate, that be big John McCain.

    Not only does he think that the Freedom of Speech should be regulated, he moved legislation on that subect, Then thought he qualified to be President, because of it.

    Mr Lott, he just thinks the US would have been a whole lot better off, if Jesse Helms had been elected President, back in the day.

  38. thought lynching was where one got hung, not beaten to death.

    ah well, it's all about the meaning of is, isn't it.

    Paybacks are a bitch, in the Gaza.
    Worse than a medi-vac, it's a hearse.

    At least, by comparison, the Albanians are civilized, they just steal watches.

  39. dRat,

    Don't fret. The primary constituency of the Olmert government is the US State Department. And as per instruction from The Great Decider, Israel will continue to supply electricity gas food water and even blood to Palistan.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. More of the dumbest people not only in this world, but in any world:

    ___”In Ramallah and Nablus, hundreds of Fatah gunmen took over the Palestinian parliament and other Hamas-controlled government offices, and said staffers with ties to Hamas could not return.”

    Fatah is not a government, it is the Mob. And these are the people in whom Sean McCormack, Dr. Rice, Mr. Bush, and the “international community” have great faith.

    You have got to be kidding me.

    Palestinians: U.S. promises embargo end


  42. Meanwhile other aspects of the Federal government continue on course, at flank speed

    4,500 Pieces of Mail Sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center Never Delivered to Soldiers

  43. US Promises Fatah: Get Rid of Hamas and the Money Starts Flowing
    What the hell is wrong with our government? This is obsessive-compulsive, reality-denying policy on a massively dysfunctional scale: U.S. to End Embargo Against Palestinians With New Government.

  44. Anybody care to assert we would been worse off under a King Bubba?

  45. From Jules Crittenden

    Mr. Bush will never bother to watch the video, because some reading is involved.

  46. "Fearful of a looming humanitarian disaster, Israel will allow food and other basic supplies into the Gaza Strip following Hamas' takeover of the coastal area, a senior government minister said Saturday.

    "Our consideration is the humanitarian issue. Allowing merchandise through Karni in order to prevent hunger in Gaza is what will guide Israel to allow merchandise," Public Security Minister Avi Dichter told Channel 2 TV.
    W and Candi outta convert:
    How many Cheeks do them Jooos got?

  47. Doug,

    You ask how many cheeks do them Israeli butt heads have. I'd say, considerably more than two.