“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Victorious. Next time they will listen.

Now the real work begins. The left and the Democrats are going to spin this as a racial issue. It is not. We cannot let them get away with it. On the other hand, it is about time to gather the legal Americans of all groups and create a reaffirmation about American values and that includes a concerted effort to lift the middle-class into higher levels of real family wealth. The corporations and special interests almost took it away. This is a wake-up call. We can never trust the Republican establishment again. We need a party that looks after all Americans, that is inclusive of all people who want to get ahead, own a home, build family wealth and practice American values. That is a majority. We can make that a growing and permanent majority.

Disappointed future Democrats


  1. Sounding more and more like James Webb, duece.

    Not that that is a bad thing, out of hand.

    Jim Webb and the Populist Pitch

    The Skull & Boners have had a long enough run. Ms Clinton would provide for 24 years of domination of DC by those bought and paid for, by and for the Boners.

    Income equalization with Mexico, a leveling, is paramount to those that want to diminish US nationalism, creating a North American Union.

    The trend is easy to see.
    Prior to the Civil War, States were preeminant in US politics, Robert E Lee was loyal to Virginia, not the Federals.

    After the Civil War, US Nationalism was promoted to replace that previous loyalty to States. Especially in the South, were those State loyalties were strongest. The North fighting that War with draftees and Irish immigrants, the South with volunteer home boys.

    Now there is an attempt, by the Boners, to diminsh nationalism, replacing it with a Global perspective. We are still in the early stages of this movement, but movement it is.

    Expansion by assimulation, the revolution of the Borg.
    Mr Reid is right, it will return.
    Until they win. Either in big steps or incrementally.

    They are winning and will continue to, until the border is secured against unlawful entry into the United States.

    Wal-Marting Mexico, at the expense of the northern masses.
    Gotta keep those support checks flowing south.

  2. Rat, the only coalition that will sustain itself in American politics is one that is united because of an external war or one that appeals to the middle class and advancing their values and security. It is Nixonian if you think about it.

    I have not voted Republican all my life for what is being dished out by the crowd in the White House. There really is a silent majority that is a little less silent than they thought. The establishment has learned a lesson. They may try and take our horns away by gelding talk raid and muzzling the bloggers, but we can handle that.

  3. "Democrats are going to spin this as a racial issue"
    That's exactly what "THEY" did in California, but "THEY" were the Dems AND all the non-conservative Republicans.

    ...and now California is a left-socialist Mexico wannabe.

  4. Optimistic Rush doesn't think they'll get "fairness," 'cause talk radio is established, the web, and new-media in general.
    Hope he turns out to be right.

  5. "This immigration bill has become a war between the American people and their government," said Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican. "This vote today is really not about immigration, it's about whether we're going to listen to the American people."

  6. Bush should become a REAL compassionate guy, and eat a shit sandwich for lunch on national TV for the rest of his term to repair our hurtt feelings.

  7. BENEATH THE FOLD (have to scroll @ 1024 x 1280)

    Senate Blocks Effort to Revive Immigration Overhaul
    The Senate voted today to effectively block efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, meaning that the issue is most likely dead until after the 2008 elections.
    Interactive Graphic: Roll Call
    Timeline: Past Immigration Votes
    Times Topics: Immigration

  8. The whole thing is indicitive of eyewash.

    The magical fence will be very slow in coming, those 700 miles approved a year ago. In the "pipeline", but behind a stoppage of some sort, like a turd in an over flowing toilet.

    Workplace enforcement will remain in the status que mode. So as to say no enforcement to speak of.

    No new Federal monies will be coming to bailout the Emergency room nightmares or the foreign students in the classrooms.

    No change will be made to the 15% of the drivers on the roads of AZ being unlicensed and unisured foreigners. Causing us to have some of the highest auto insurance costs in the country. The high propability of being in an accident with an outlaw driver.

    The Silent Amnesty status que will continue, at least until '09 or '10.

    That can be described as many things, but a victory, not even close.

    Debate, in Committee should begin tomorrow on a new Bill. That is what they should have done in the first place. An open debate, within the normal Senatorial system. Complete with Hearings and Public input.
    Then time for the public to digest the finished product.

  9. Good point DR. The promise made, prior to the vote that the US Government was going to get real serious with border enforcement. They were real serious this time. Let's us keep on eye on say....Lindsey graham, and see if he gets real serious about border protection.

  10. Next time around, there will be 25 million of them in the country, not 12 to 20 million.

    They will continue coming north, with the prospect of amnesty in '09 or 10, with ever more vigor and zest.

    Thousands per day, 4 million per year, so says that House report.

  11. As in Iraq, The Bill, much like Saddam, has been defeated.

    But the War, not hardly begun.

    With the "Conservatives" and "Labor" claiming mission accomplished, when it hasn't hardly even started.

    The Open Borders, North American Union movement has hit a speed bump, but not a tire stripper.

  12. Certainly no roadblock, let alone a wall.

  13. Six million more by the time debate opens on the subject, again.

  14. They did listen, all those emails and calls had a real impact. Very good for sorting out who is who in the senate too, and where they stand. I second Rufus, way to go boys. Hard not to be a little happy, even though the future is always uncertain. And we have ammunition to use in the coming elections for our most unliked candidates. Way to go!

  15. Minimum, six million more.

    Some call it victory

    My point about Iraq, we could have declared an early victory, and begun to leave with honor. While, any withdrawal, now, will be painted as US defeat.

    After winning the initial battle.

    In Iraq the long term outcome has little real meaning, in the US Homeland, other than a possibily varied level of threat down the road.

    But on the migration issue, winning a battle and declaring victory cannot be done, because the War is on our streets, driving the highways, uninsured, unlicensed and uncariing.

  16. It's only a short term victory unless, the public throws out the bums. It's time to clean house from top to bottom. From D.C. on down to the dog collector.

    These feckless crooks have got to go.

  17. Pay up, scribe

    11:40 a.m.: Piggy-backing on the previous blog about the community's open-handed generosity toward firefighters:

    Bee reporter Ryan Lillis went into a South Lake Tahoe bakery Wednesday to get a cup of coffee and a croissant. He was wearing bright-yellow fire pants and covered with soot.

    The girl behind the counter, thinking he was on a fire crew, handed him his order and waved away his attempt to pay, saying, "Your money's no good here."

    "But I'm a reporter," Lillis told her.

    "Oh," she said, clearly unimpressed. Then she held out an open palm.

  18. Medved was spouting that bogus line about Bush being totally consistent with what he ran on:

    Oh Yeah!
    "If I am elected and we are attacked, some of said attackers having breached our borders, I will not only leave the borders ungaurded, but I will prosecute anyone who tries to gaurd it.
    I will sign a Bill Written by Ted Kennedy, La Raza, MECHA, and John McCain.
    Kennedy will write my education bill, calling for the largest increase in spending on education in History.
    My team will write the prescription drug bill calling for the largest increase in spending in history in healthcare.
    We will fight wars of occupation and Nation Building, staying until every last Wahabbi becomes a Jefforsonian Democrat.
    Marines will be prosecuted for discharging their firearms prior to being wounded 3 times....
    etc etc

  19. ...and THAT is why we all voted for Compassionate CONSERVATIVE, reborn Honest George.

  20. "Let's us keep on eye on say....Lindsey graham, and see if he gets real serious about border protection."
    He CAN'T, and neither can GWB nor his earnest faggot Homeland Blowjob Guy:
    You bastard racist Xenophobes TRASHED THE CAREFULLY CRAFTED BILL that would have made serious enforcement possible.
    And THAT'S why most Mexicans won't vote Pub for evermore.
    ...hope you all are proud of yourselves.
    - Buddy Larsen

  21. Amen, Buddy!
    ...The WSJ Editorial Board.

  22. Speaking of the WSJ, its' future owner has some interesting things to say about the future of publishing.

    Wants to take on the NYTimes, with the WSJ. Even bring back the Saturday edition.

    When Murdoch talks about the future of newspapers, you get a sense of how contemporary he really is. Circulation and advertising revenues are ebbing away everywhere, he notes, proportional to broadband penetration. "You've really got to worry," he says. "Tribune Co.'s revenues [in May] dropped 11% across broadcasting and newspapers. That's huge. The Times dropped 8.5%. Half of men under 30 aren't reading print newspapers, and there's no sign that they come back as they age."

    How does he respond to this bleak picture? By musing about investing even more in newspapers. "What if, at the Journal, we spent $100 million a year hiring all the best business journalists in the world? Say 200 of them. And spent some money on establishing the brand but went global — a great, great newspaper with big, iconic names, outstanding writers, reporters, experts. And then you make it free, online only. No printing plants, no paper, no trucks. How long would it take for the advertising to come? It would be successful, it would work and you'd make ... a little bit of money. Then again, the Journal and the Times make very little money now."

    $5 Billion bucks to play that game, just to buy in. But then he does make #2.5 Billion USD, per year with NewsCorp.

  23. Ugly Case:

    Jury delivers Webb verdict

    The former sheriff's deputy is acquitted of shooting an unarmed airman in 2006.

  24. WSJ is one of the Only Online Papers making money, last time I checked.
    ...not much, but Murdoch's definitely got ideas.

  25. Well, doug, we've published a little over 500 million paper pages of newsprint over the years. Nener killed a tree to do it, green before green was cool. Recycled paper is cheaper, you see.

    But the "greenest" publishing is on the web, the technology is almost there, to provide a real publishing experience, as opposed to a series of linked articles.

  26. Wonder if anyone got anything for youtube?
    'Surreal' night for Paul McCartney

    The ex-Beatle performed for a delirious crowd at Amoeba Records.

    The ex-Beatle employed that adjective twice during his hour-and-a-half long set, gazing out at the delirious crowd pushed up against the record racks during what might just have been the greatest in-store performance this Ground Zero of in-stores has ever seen.

  27. We have our continuing Federal boondoggle story, here in Scottsdale, all centered around some BoR ground with a horse show facility built on it. The one where Craig Jackson puts on his used car sale.

    Seems evey few years, once a decade, we go to the mattresses over that once and future City Park.

    Each time is more fun then the last, since we have an institutional memory, the Mayor and Federals, they do not.

    I believe it was Mr Hearst who once advised against getting in a fight with people that buy ink by the barrel, paper by the ton.

    Unless, of course, that's your game, too.

    Murdoch is both the latest and the last of the outsize media moguls like Henry Luce, William Randolph Hearst and William Paley, men who loved their properties and used them to make fortunes and influence politics and society. But unlike many of his contemporaries, Murdoch has consistently been able to see around the corner. Love him or hate him, he moves into the 21st century as a new kind of media titan. Much as he'd like a legacy, he knows that worrying about it isn't good for business in the ever-morphing media environment. The Bancrofts relished their role as guardian of the Journal's independence, but they did not pay close attention to the business at hand. Murdoch is way too rich to care about money and way too involved to let the Journal's garden go unweeded.

    But he's still going to be Rupert a man who buys ink by the barrel and isn't afraid to apply it.

    Gotta love it.

  28. Romney was on Hewitt:
    The Guy can answer questions at full speed for 20 min straight, and never screw up, never even say anything negative!
    ...Should have him for balance at the EB!

  29. If you want a little Local Federal flavor
    Check it out on page 20/21. Use the little buttons at the bottom to zoom in and read it.

    Were taking it to one of Mr Kyl's old staffers, now at the BoR. She's gonna love us, too.

    The tech is getting better, no doubt.

  30. My turn next for the Intern!

  31. (just to get even w/Kyl, of course)

  32. Hell, I might even pull into the lead w/that Fillie!

  33. Fillie was never ridden and it breaks my
    heart not to be able to ride her.
    Even though she is not sound She still shows her beautiful movements. Fillie has the most gentle expression in her eyes...
    I can't go on like this.

  34. It just keeps getting better, doug.

    Always need a hook, you know.
    A good story, us against the abusive Government, the rich elitists.

    Those that would use government power for private hain.
    Makes it fun, to stick 'em in the eye, from time to time.

    Now that the BLM has been prosecuted under RICO statutes, with pro bono lawyers beating the streets, drumming up business.

    The Scottsdale story is more fun than making the Forest Service obey the Law. It is older and the Law even more definitive.

    It is those in authority that much be watched the closest.

  35. Gives us a drum to beat, locally until the next election, in '08.

    Drag out the pain, or the glory, depending upon the perspective.

  36. Sorry I was gone so long:
    I took her to be a quarterhorse, but she was still pullin strong @ 11 fulongs.
    She's already got a Nic for me:
    I got a little Drunk and Abusive, but I think she'll be back.

  37. Crap!
    I don't know what's come over me:

  38. I knew a girl with fur loins, once.

    Brought her a razor and some shaving cream, but that's a story for another time.

  39. desert rat said...
    I think, from the Land of Oz, you misread the US public, dear host.

    72% of the public believes Mr Bush has mismanaged the War.
    There are no do overs.

    We've run out of time.
    Mr Webb and Bob Kerry, have already made the Democrats case.

    "You do not have to occupy a country, to fight the terrorists in it"

    What will Mr Bush offer in retort? He needs more time, "Stay the New Course"?

    Mr Maliki is the man we pin US hopes upon? He is the key to US success? Nah, that will not sell, not in todays enviorment.

    The GOPs elected politicos will bail on Mr Bush, as Mr Lugar and Mr Voinocich already have.
    The public will buy into a new Democratic definition of Victory, since there is no GOP definition that is not as dysfunctional as the Iraqi Government.

    Mr Bush has misspent his political capital, on a project that alienated his core support, Mr Reid certainly has not.

    The Congress can authorize a war, we'll soon see if it can de-authorize one, as well.

    6/28/2007 06:39:00 PM

    wretchard said...
    Well I guess you've got a better sense of what will happen politically. Last night I was on the blogger round table with the coalition training folks and the question I asked was whether we were out of time. The frank answer was that he "didn't know". There was a kind of fatalism to the reply. Que sera, sera. I guess that says it all.

    6/28/2007 06:50:00 PM