“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tying Ourselves in Knots

The long running argument over Guantanamo has taken a new twist as the bleeding hearts take up the case of an Al-Qaeda fighter, Omar Ahmed Khadr who was fifteen at the time he killed a US soldier. The NYTimes says the facts about the case are grim and Military Prosecutors say that he is a committed Al-Qaeda operative, spy and killer. I say, prove the case and execute the lad. The left though, fighting Quantanamo tooth and nail cry about his youth and International Law. Make no mistake, this is not about some 15 year old jihadi. It's a continuation of the onslaught against the American war on Islamic terrorists. I am not optimistic that the Bush administration will pursue this case with any vigor. Not after they, with hardly a peep, let slide the dreadful US Supreme decision which twisted and misapplied the Geneva Conventions regarding terrorists captured on a battlefield. By law, the Al-Qaeda terrorists were not entitled to the more restrictive clauses traditionally accorded uniformed soldiers but that is what our wise leftists of the Court decided to give them. Why do we continue to tie ourselves in knots to appease a world who despise us? John Edwards, Barack O'Bama and others of their ilk have said that there is no "Global war on terrorism". Maybe they are right. If we were serious, the kid would have been executed in Afghanistan long ago.


  1. Whit,
    Were it not for the initial and ongoing need for intelligence the AQ should be killed, even after capture, while attempting a "get-away"

    After the AQ that we choose to interrogate have given us what we need or all they know they too should be killed. Forced to walk the roadsides poking for IED's while under the scope of a sniper or the best shot in the squad.

    Special ad hoc units, informally banded, but known about by their comrades in arms should be able to pose significant terror to AQ when the get-backs begin and include shoving a pigs penis' down the throats of the AQ being dispatched and then depositing them on the roadside...word will get out.

    The Geneva Convention does not cover AQ and other terrorist organizations so you do it and test it again.

    As a general rule I would simply kill all AQ that are in a fight with me and let the intel do a work around.

    We MUST be more violent, more savage, and less forgiving than any enemy we ever fight. Other wise they, as the Japanese and the Germans did, will treat us with less fear and that equates to more dead and wounded.

  2. Being the son of a lawyer, you'd think I'd be the one that would put a high value on 'procedures'.

    And I do. I think we should proceed to monitor every mosque in the land, and charge with treason everyone that subscribes to islam, and talks sharia. Ladies, particularily ladies, and gentlemen, they preach overthrowing our constitution. This is serious. We should take them at their word, as they do mean what they say, when they are telling the truth, which they often are not.

    There are some big white clouds out over the mountains today. It is summer now. When we get those big white boomers out there over the mountains, it is summertime, around here.

    I don't want to have to spend my summers, however many may be left to me, fighting around with the muzzies. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I believe my father would agree with me. I'd sure like to be able to ask him.

  3. I think it is foolish, not taking This kind of statement seriously.

  4. The 'suppressed Lebanese nation'. That place used to be a going concern. Wasn't Danny Thomas from there? A good entertainer, but maybe I'm thinking of someone else. What is it turning into now, other than another moslem shit hole?

  5. "Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind."

    President George W. Bush Washington, D.C

    As to Hamdan, still in denial, aye?

  6. JUST A REMINDER......

    Congress returns from recess this week and will no doubt jump back on the Amnesty Bill. We can still defeat it.

    Now is not the time to back off but rather go heavily on the offensive with telephone calls and emails.

    Here's an idea. I sent bothe of my Senators emails last night and intend to do so daily. The first was to Mel Martinez(R-FL) who is a BIG TIME supporter of the bill.
    I mentioned to him that I felt President Bush had allowed the invasion of the 12 million since 9-11 and complicit therefore in the murders they committed in this country. I said he certainly should be impeched for ignoring a 12 million person invasion.....naturally he won't do crap BUT then I sent a copy of that email to my other senator to Bill Nelson(D-FL) suggesting that the Democrats might want to ask the President what he was doing while 12 million illegals invaded...will it do any good? Don't know but no guts no glory.

    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes a coward of a man." - Abraham Lincoln

  7. Hey DR,

    Did you finish compiling that list of "infintile deaths", as you defined our war dead? I mean I did provide you the list of US engagements since Memeorial day began. Be a good chap now and complete you it for our enemies they love that stuff.

    Gonna publish it?

  8. Well, hooray! The Lewiston Morning Tribune published my letter, unedited, in the paper this Sunday.

  9. I informed both of my Senators, yesterday, that I would "Work against them in EVERY VFW, AND AMERICAN LEGION in Norther Mississippi if they voted for that piece of garbage.

    Tomorrow, I will start pounding on my Rep., in addition to emailing my Senators, again.

  10. Bob_L

    Congratulations!! It's a great feeling, having been there we need to get you on the local radio ... it can happen

    But I know, if you were like I was, that since the day you emailed or snailmailed the letter you've eagerly watched for it's publication ..The smile and pride is probably still giving you super good feelings.

    And I am sure your family is very proud.
    Way to go.

  11. Whit,

    I just took a look at your family crest in an exploded image ..awesome Whit's must have been a handful on the battle field..I saw no ponies or goats but two BIG LIONS and that very cool shield. Neat-o

  12. Habu,

    Check out the bottom of the comments thread at the previous post. Apparently the Reverend Phelps is mad at me too.

  13. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


    adjective: DISAPPROVING
    typical of a child and therefore unsuitable for an adult:

  14. Lugh,

    How about that. She makes two very brief posts and 10% of her words are curse words..10% ...she should become a rapper.

    I'm sure some think I've been unfair labelling her as "Trish Trash" but when a woman has a mouth like that it's a deserved sobriquet. And I would guess her daughter is subjected to the same vocabulary.

    Off that. Your piece was excellent,and makes more sense than
    anything the leftest cynics can make as a case. It would seem they prefer one of two choices. Alice in Wonderland or fight it out here on our streets.

  15. You weren't really a Marine, were you?

  16. infantile comparison, habu
    That's what you've made.

    Not infantile deaths.
    But you know that

    Nor from Clay County, I'd wager.

  17. Iran? Lebanon?

    No worries, the Persians are harmless...only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are of concern

    the jihadis fight to the death;

    maybe we could counter their zealotry by utilizing a massive letter writing campaign or email their jihadi websites whining about Bush or Congress - using the Capslock function

  18. Yeah, those caplocks will impress them.

    Why not send more bullets to the Lebanese Government? Why not send them better advisors, perhaps even some contractors, to remove the Sunni Palistinians that are insurecting in the 50 year old refugee camp.

    The Iranians would then be out of the influence loop, if those Palis were dead.

    Instead we get an ongoing tv news show. Live at eleven, each night.

  19. Mr Bush's rhetoric wears thin, doug.

    But lead US he must.

    Rally round boys, rally round!

    He can still save your soul!
    Just follow his lead
    One land, one people, from the artic to the isthmus.

  20. We had a really nice girl here, well from Spokane, grew up in Walla Walla, lived in Moscow for awhile, I believe her name was Laura Roth, but I just checked google, and don't find her there, just some bimbo actress who isn't her. Anyway, she was making her way up on the local talk show circuit, almost ready to go a little 'bigger time', then she bought a Harley, and ran dead square into a big deer, and that was the end of her career. She was really messed up, and hasn't been back on the air. A great loss, all you folks would have liked her, she was very sharp, and never used a swear word, and had a lot of humor, too.

  21. Here she is, but hasn't been back on the air for a long time. Great girl.

  22. Dang, the article says Laurie is back. I am going to have to check this out. She doesn't swear like a drunken sailor, and makes all sorts of good sense. If you are really back, Laurie, Welcome Back!

  23. My thought for the day:

    How much easier it would have been to bomb camps and villages in Waziristan the day after that ABC News report came out citing their gains and their aims.. All of which have come to pass.

    But, of course, when we suggested as much at BC, we were called bloodthirsty warmongering ethnic cleansers. (or dreamers by Trish, who sometimes argued air power is useless, or out-of-bounds for one reason or another)
    The Cancer has now grown large, and is rapidly spreading.
    Many more lives will be lost than would have been then, at some time in the future, as inevitably as night follows day.

  24. Elijah,
    You may think we're in Dire Straights now, but you have no idea the chaos and horror that would result from a premature resort to the Caps Lock Function.

    Control yourself man!
    Hold your Ire!
    Meet your adversaries fair and square:
    Typeface to typeface:
    In lowercase.

  25. ""Marxism brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide.
    May Day is also an occasion to remember that Marxism gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind."

    President George W. Muush Washington, D.C

  26. 14 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Over Weekend

    All but one of the deaths were the result of makeshift bombs, which insurgents have been employing with greater lethality.

  27. Putin is calling the US/EU bluff in the European Theater meanwhile Ahmadinejad is ratcheting up the ante in the Levant. They both see the fear and weakness in GW's beady little eyes. India and China both told us to take a hike last week. US influence is plummeting and the world's warlords see opportunity.

    Meanwhile the jihadis in Iraq are killing our soldiers at triple the previous rate. Nothing on captives Fouty and Jimenez (nor Maupin and al-Taei). MSM is silent.

    Everything just pissed away. Tragic really.

  28. Check it out folks..from a guy who lives in Arizona DR can say this without equivication.

    "Remember, if you will, when the Bush kids were in Argentina.
    The one girl's purse was stolen while at lunch.

    So, to be truthful doug, Mr Bush did not send the "A" team with his children The kids were virtually defenseless, in a country where HB had operated openly in during the past few years.

    Like so many of DR pronouncements to us HE KNOWS that the "A" team didn't go with the girls...

    There it is So, to be truthful doug, Mr Bush did not send the "A" team with his children The kids were virtually defenseless....

    Now how can he make this statement?

    But he does this stuff as a matter of course. It's like breathing to him. I mean how does the publisher of a horsey magazine in Arizona KNOW the "A" team wasn't there?

    How 'bout 'splain'in you big hunk 'o man