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Monday, June 18, 2007

Gaza Goes Goo Goo for Allah.

Let me see if I got this straight. We release lots of money to Fatah to help Abbas survive and this will encourage the rest of the suffering and hopeless Palestinians to be more careful who they vote for in the next election. These are the same people who are driven into a state of euphoria when someone with a green rag around his head allahakbars himself and others into great big gobs of Islamic mince meat.

Sorry sports fans, democracy will not fix the flawed disease of Islam. Islam is the problem. It is the mad cow's disease of humanity. It decomposes the brain into humus .
Cull the herd.

Weep for Gaza
The new 'Hamastan' is an unmitigated disaster, and a 'West Bank first' peace is unlikely.

June 18, 2007
LA Times

THE EMERGENCE of "Hamastan" between Israel and Egypt is an unqualified disaster for the world. It's especially cruel for the 51% of the Palestinians in Gaza who did not vote for Hamas in 2006 but now find themselves living under an illegal, self-declared Islamic republic. This outcome is further evidence that President Bush has spent six years allowing a terrible foreign policy problem to grow unimaginably worse. The Hamas takeover is a victory for its key patron, Iran. The only consolation for the U.S. is that relations between Hamas and Al Qaeda, which does have some presence in Gaza, are poor.

In response to the rout of Fatah, the U.S. and Israel are weighing a "West Bank first" strategy. It would aim for a peace deal with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas only on the West Bank, where Fatah remains in control in part thanks to the Israeli Defense Forces. A West Bank peace deal is worth a try, simply because there appears to be no alternative. But the likelihood of success is low.

Can any Palestinian leader, let alone the weakened Abbas, strike a separate peace in the West Bank and survive, while 1.4 million fellow Palestinians are quite literally imprisoned in Gaza, suffering and hopeless? Can any Israeli leader, let alone the weakened Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, force through the compromises necessary to craft a West Bank-only peace, ousting armed Jewish settlers from hilltops even while Hamas continues to fire missiles into Israel from its mini-state in Gaza, as it surely will? The U.S. must hope, and should bolster its hopes with pressure, money and real diplomatic engagement. Only if the downtrodden in the hellhole of Gaza can look up and see a bright and shining Palestinian state rising on the West Bank can hope begin to be justified.

Meanwhile, what can be done about Gaza? Very little. Israel (and Egypt, should it choose) has every right to close its borders against the terrorist state of Hamastan. But the international community will have to supply food and medicine to the Palestinians trapped inside. Because the Europeans have cut off aid, this will probably have to be done by the Arab states. We nominate the Egyptians, who did little to prevent arms shipments to Hamas from Tehran and Damascus.

As a matter of principle, Washington should assert that Hamas' military victory over its coalition partner Fatah is the legal equivalent of a coup d'etat — though no one will listen. Bush should also publicly oppose calls from the Israeli right for a reinvasion and reoccupation of Gaza. New elections, of course, would be desirable, but Hamas refuses them. And elections, as the world has painfully learned, are no guarantee of stability, peace or the rule of law. Weep for Gaza.


  1. Are there different grades of Islamic mince meat? Is that why some martyrs draw different levels of car-swarms?

  2. Our Gaza policy is spotless and American; it's just a little undocumented.

    What is it with Americans and their obsession with documentation? As a lifelong servant of the public, I find such attitudes repugnant and even subversive, especially from an electorate.

  3. Chapter 39: The Last Device
    Michael Yon

    The music stopped at the party. Flames spread in the area around the detonation, as we had planned, for further visual effect. Everybody at the party was focused on the burning lake, where flames assaulted the darkness and lit the rippling water. The pallet was completely destroyed, as if by a nuclear detonation on a small south-Pacific atoll, and only tiny, scorched pieces were found floating in the weeds the next day.

    As the lake burned, we expected the imminent arrival of our hearing-impaired friend in his pickup truck. The people at the party were stunned by the explosion, which still illuminated the lake, as well as the shock wave that went beyond tickling their ears; it thudded through their bodies, as some later testified.

  4. Meanwhile, we have our own self-destructive madmen to confront this week, headed by Presidente King George, and his spokesthing, Silver Tongue Lott.

  5. And their Emissary at the Border, 'Rat's Senator Kyl.

  6. Didn't work at the address, I clicked a few times and it took me to YouTube which does.
    Remember Me

    Time punishes war. The war in Iraq is no exception; as each moment passes, public resolve, politics and passion erode its mission.

    Collectively, many Americans tend to remember the mistakes and politics that led us there, rather than the faces of the men and women who serve and defend us.

    Seven months ago, Lizzie Palmer, a young lady from Columbus, Ohio, barely over the threshold of childhood, felt compelled to do her part to remind people of those faces.

    The result is a stunning video that was showcased on Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday last week.

  7. Shocker Out of SC
    Posted by Ryan Sager, New York Sun
    Mon, 18 Jun 2007 at 12:33 AM

    Once upon a time, John McCain was considered the "frontrunner" for the GOP nomination. Now, this was always a fraud, as Rudy Giuliani consistently beat the Arizona senator in the polls — even a year ago, when most people didn't believe he would run (I may have written about this).

    Similarly, Mr. McCain used to be the frontrunner in the South Carolina primary. Well... not anymore.

    The latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Mr. McCain down to an unbelievable 7% in the state's primary. This used to be Mr. McCain's best shot at winning one of the Early Three states; now he's below Mitt Romney (a place no candidate wants to be).

    The Big Four breakdown looks like this:

    Thompson: 25%
    Giuliani: 21%
    Romney: 11%
    McCain: 7%

    Now, partially, Mr. McCain's drop has to do with Fred Thompson's surge (which could stop surging). But it also has to do with the immigration bill.

  8. Democracies WILL NOT vote for War.

    This Mr Bush has made abundently clear. It is one of his core beliefs. A cornerstone of his strategic policy.

    He was right, and wrong.

    Depends, It seems, on the meaning of democracy, how that is defined.
    As an election does not a democracy make.

    That video, doug, exemplifies a point I made long ago. We could fight the propaganda war, we could "take it to them", a 15 year old girl shows US how.

    The US military does not empower our troops communication capabilities, they diminish and try to control them.

    When there were 800 embedded reporters with the troops, the troops mission had 80% support from the US public. By the time there were 9 embedded reporters, support had dropped to below 28%.

    The soldier's tale was not being told, at home. The MSM could have been by-passed, if they refused to play. But the military is afraid of the content, afraid of the truth, afraid of the coffins at Dover AFB.

    They are afraid that the knowledge of the realities of war, the real costs, will cause a loss of resolve.
    They believe ignorance is bliss.

    They are idiots.

    Proof is in the tasting, they've made a sour pudding, for themselves. The Generals and such.

    The push is on,
    but the public won't won't see,
    so they won't care.

    They wait for September,
    when victory or defeat will be declared, in Congress.

  9. Nuthin Much Happenin there to report, I guess.
    With JCA, the Army could fly into 29 additional airfields in Iraq and another 10 airfields in Afghanistan.

    The JCA will absorb much of the stress being placed on the Army's CH-47 helicopter fleet, which has amassed almost 1.2 million flight hours since October 2001.
    A flight here, a flight there, no big thing.

  10. Two more years, says Mr Gates.
    Mistakes were made, you see, four years ago.

    But what mistakes were they?

    Who made them, and why?

    What is the remedy, to those mistakes, but more of the same, with gusto?

    When the US Military secures the balance of Baghdad, by September, then what?

    We depend upon Iraqi politicians, when our own are not to be trusted or found to be competent. Regardless of Party affiliation.

  11. Interesting point DR. We expect Iraqi politicicans to straighten out their internal security when ours cannot secure our external borders.

  12. I beg to differ, duece.

    The external border of the Americas are secured. It is the internal borders, the ones between the states the we do not defend.

    That Mr Bush sees a land of 81 states, not a mere 50, is just a matter of perspective.

    Leader of the "Free World", has responsibilities to more than just his country, you see.

    All the World must be "free", to be led, espcially the lower 31 states of America.
    Blame the public schools, for the publics parochial vision of the Presidental duties to all the people of America.

  13. It's amazing to me how quickly people want to deny the fact that Hamas IS the duly elected 'Palestinian' government. How can an elected government effect a coup de etat? Now el Presidente Jorge is in a sweat to turn the monetary gravy train back on for the 'good terrorists' in Fatah, without a word to explain why he's dropping the democratization plan for the 'Palestinian' territories while Iraq must be democratized at all costs.

    It is clear that Hamas' gambit has opened tremendous possibilities for those dedicated to Israel's destruction - the chief one being the turning of the West Bank into an armed camp, funded by American and European largesse. Israel itself would provide additional terrorists to hasten its own demise.

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The emergency government that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas installed after Islamic militants seized control of Gaza reaped its first windfall on Monday, with the European Union promising to restore hundreds of millions of dollars in crucial aid.

    On Monday, the European Union urged Israel to restore the transfer of tax revenue to Western-backed economist Salam Fayyad's new West Bank administration.

    The EU traditionally has been the Palestinian Authority's largest donor, and the reinstatement of aid, cut off after the Islamic Hamas movement took power 15 months ago, could signal the beginning of the end to a crippling international boycott.

  14. When the US Military secures the balance of Baghdad, by September, then what?

    Not gonna happen. In August there will be a series of Tet-like spectacular offensives taken by the "militants" (as the AP is wont to call them) designed to make whoever set a September milestone into a fool. Petraeus is already making noises about wanting more time for the "surge". When a surge gets too old it becomes the new status quo. Of course, if the Democrats try to pull the plug on the Forever War, the Pubs will say they don't support the troops, and the Donks will shudder and roll over once again.

  15. Mr Bush spoke to the "Americas" in 2001. These words are his own, not David Frums, so he believes them, in his soul.

    "Some look south and see problems. Not me," Bush said during an appearance at the State Department. "I look south and see opportunities and potential."

    Addressing a gathering of new foreign service officers, Bush said he looked forward

    "to discussing how we can build a century of the Americas"
    when he meets with Fox in Mexico City today and in talks with other Latin American leaders, who will gather in Quebec in April.

    Bush said he would "carry this message with" him when he meets with Fox, who will host the president for a day of talks at his ranch before the two appear together for a joint news conference later in the day.

    "I'm looking forward to hearing his ideas on expanding trade throughout the hemisphere, on safe and orderly migration, on expanding educational opportunity for all our children, and what we can do together to fight drug trafficking and other types of organized crime," Bush said.

    Bush, a former oil executive, and Fox, former head of Coca-Cola's operations in Mexico, first met six years ago in Austin when they were both governors struggling with their respective border issues. During his campaign, Bush called Mexico "an emerging success story" and a country which he expected to have a relationship "as clear and strong" as that with Canada.

  16. Here the White House lists the billions of USD we have spent, pursuing Mr Bush's vision of the
    "Century of the Americas"

  17. DR,

    re: 15 year old girl shows US how

    From the mouths of babes...

  18. Ms T, Tet was a disaster for the VC, the NVA as well.

    But it won them the War.

    The US Military will secure the majority of Baghdad by September, no matter the Jihadi.

    As they did in Hue City, Saigon and the US Embassy, there during Tet, regardless of the VC and the NVA's best attempts.

    But that will not win the War in Iraq.

    As US military victories during Tet did not in Vietnam.

  19. Here is the Coalitions press release site.

    The push is on, but the Jihadi are not dying, they are being captured.
    With each jihadi captured, one is released.

    The Insurgency regenerates.
    Not enough prison beds, or cots, or space on the floor.

    Just capacity for 40,000 prisoners, same as 2004.

    It's a Zero-sum Game we've tasked our troopers to.

    Worse than Tet, as we've done this to ourselves, without the Jihadis involvement.

    Imagine returning the captured soldiers of the Waffen SS back to Germany, after 8 months captivity, because we did not have enough POW camps to hold them.

  20. Like deporting folks accross a (n intentionally) porous border.

    That sicko is a Child Molester!
    Get him out of our Country!
    Mission Accomplished,
    Stay the Course!

  21. Not enouh beds to keep the Afrika Corps detained, so we ship them off to Italy ...
    Right before we land at Anzio.

    Insanity, you say?

    The US models that, in Iraq, every day.

  22. 2164th wrote:

    "Islam is the problem. It is the mad cow's disease of humanity. It decomposes the brain into humus .
    Cull the herd."

    So, are we to stop taking your opinions seriously, or are you really calling for the massacre of many people? What criteria are you proposing for this cull of yours? When culling a herd of cattle one looks to the health and productivity of the individual animals and then the killing of, say, the lowest 10%. How do you propose to identify the 100 million or so of Muslims you think should be terminated? What termination procedure do you plan on using? Lethal injection? Gassing? Ovens?

  23. I propose we expose them to wacked out liberal thinking, crazed ravings of Canuck Bloggers, etc:

    The combination of madnesses will cause those brains previously stricken with human mad cow disease to explode, taking out some wacked out liberals in the process:
    Win Win!

  24. Maybe you can hermetically seal the borders and only allow good law abiding rich pasty white folk to pass through...

  25. Ash gives his support to the Negative Immigration "Eugenics" in place in the USA since Ted Kennedy, 1965, which sytematically EXCLUDES many pasty whites in favor of uneducated Latinos.

    (was that before or after he culled the young female herd by immersion?)

  26. Maybe if the Pentagon didn't act so stooopidly they wouldn't need spend big bucks on PR?

    General Says Prison Inquiry Led to His Forced Retirement

    Published: June 17, 2007

    WASHINGTON, June 16 — The Army general who investigated the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal has said he was forced into retirement by civilian Pentagon officials because he had been “overzealous.”

  27. "stooopidly"
    Canuckistanians even WRITE that way!

    I'm going Oooout for some fresh air.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. One brick at a time, elijah, one brick at a time.

    The poverty and other adverse social problems in Mexico would create a pressure boiler explosion, if the pressure was not released.

    The stream of refugees north would consist of a fuller range of humanity, more than just "the workers".

    A grave humanitarian crisis.

    Advancing consumerism and trade, after the end of 72 years of PRI socialism will take more than the decade General P says may be required in Iraq, to change the laws, customs and procedures in the United Mexican States.

    Secure the border, then measure and control the relieve valve, to better manage the migration.

    Come to terms with them's that are here. One way or the other

    I know a young man, similar to the the one you mentioned yesterday, doug, brought here when he was 8, 21 or 22 now. Been through school here, special education, as he's deaf.

    We've invested quite a sum in the boy.

  30. Due to age, or "chemical imbalance" I can't remember the example I had yesterday!

  31. With 50 Democrat votes, Tancredo finally passed his Bill to withhold Homeland Security funds from Sanctuary cities.
    ...learned from Ingraham, I think.

    Hewitt, OTH, having backed Bush's crony losers and RINOS time after time, starts his program with some demeaning, race-baiting "Joke" about Tancredo.

  32. Been through it all before as people like him helped deliver Calif to the Dem Socialist Wackos.

  33. Some young lady, illegal, false papers, multiple time criminal, depth of her criminality unknown to the kid, told she she documented, but papers lost.
    Some such storyline.
    Lots of links in the post.

    Getting a special law, Senator Hatch


    got it at VDARE, shoulda linked it.

    Good stuff, if a bit stomach turning.


    Like RWE says: They're just hiding out in caves like a bunch of StanRats.

  36. Reported action by MNF, Monday, 18 June 2007

    ‘Garryowen’ troops detain suspected roadside bombers

    Suspects seized in cordon, search operation in Abu Saida

    11 suspected VBIED cell members detained

    Marne Torch air assault yields five detainees

    Iraqi Security Forces detain four suspected terrorists during raid in Samarra

    Iraqi Forces detain terrorist facilitator in Kirkuk

    IP detain four insurgents wounded after emplacing IED

    40 suspects detained, no insurgents reported killed, on Monday, 18 June 2007.

    The Push is on!

  37. ABC News, still trying to inform POTUS, POTUS not interested.

    ...just heard Lieberman disclosing info on what we told Iran we know, but Bush does not want to talk about that to us either:

    Like Waziristan, to acknowledge would be to admit his near TOTAL FAILURE to responds to growing terrorist threats in other places.

  38. 40 in 40 Out,
    Stay the Course!

  39. "Connecting the Dots" in Waziristan would consist of watching Videos Aired by ABC News over the past three years, and allowing your brain cells to function as designed.

  40. They invite the Press to their Taliban Graduation Ceremonies, but of course, like Osama, these guys never do what they say they are going to do.

    Stay the Course!
    Disaster Looms over the Horizon,
    Full Speed Ahead!

  41. We captured 1/10th of 1 percent of detaention capacity, today.

    Ten days, 1%
    100 days 10%
    That's 10% of total capacity, at todays rate, by the General P September report.

    Rotating jihadi, three hots, cot. A little R&R, the bionic runners' mother told him, after his IED detonator failed to function, and he was captured.

    "They'll treat you well, you'll be out soon"

  42. Mother knows Best,

    Even father 41 knew a Hell of a lot Better than Junior, re: Iraq.

  43. Trish thinks Yoni the blogger is FOS:

    I think his analysis just now on Hewitt is closer to the truth than anyone else I've heard.
    If Hewitt does not post it, I'll try to summarize.

  44. He does it here:

  45. "But the threat of Hamas taking over has resulted in America, Europe and Israel falling over themselves to give food, money and weapons to Fatah.

    Let me tell the truth that George Bush and America has refused to see, Hamas is Fatah and Fatah is Hamas, 99% of Palestinians want every Israeli dead and Israel destroyed.

    Israel should not send the IDF into Gaza if the rockets continue to fall on Israel.

    Israel should shut off the water and electricity to Gaza and let the evil that is the Palestinian people suffer just as the Germans had to suffer for their sin of supporting the Nazis.

  46. The Entire West Embraces Islamic Terror with Cheeks Turned en masse.

  47. Police arrested two members of an outlawed Islamic terror group suspected of planning a suicide attack that killed more than 40 people at a religious festival last year, an official said Monday.

    The alleged members of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group were arrested Saturday after police received information about their hide-out in Karachi's Jamshed Quarters neighborhood, Karachi police chief Azhar Faruqi said.

    The men - identified as Mufti Zakir, an Islamic cleric who ran a seminary, and Rehmat Ullah - are suspected of orchestrating the attack at a gathering of thousands of Sunni Muslims in Karachi in April 2006. More than 40 people were killed at the festival marking the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.

    Planners Arrested

  48. It's sad about Taguba, ash. His investigation and report were good ones.

    Truth be told, anyone halfway decent who got that task was going to find him/herself at career's end.

    You know that line, "It's not personal. It's just business."

  49. well Trish, that just sucks!!

    They give him a task, he performs it, and then they skewer him for doing it. That is just plain wrong.

    Here in Toronto we've got some gang banger problems. The kids in the gang got this thing about 'snitchin'. Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil. Is that the name of the game in the military too? I guess it is par for the course with the cops as well. At the core are they all really a bunch of gang bangers?

    Something is seriously wrong...

    Something is rotten in Denmark...

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. That's how it goes Ash, in left field:

    Cops = Gang Bangers = Military

  52. Well, doug, please explain to us how a guy, a general in the vaunted US military, gets a task which he performs as requested and it leads to his forced retirement, is a good thing.

    Please, doug, Mr. Man of the Right, tell us how this is the way to run a world class military. Tell us how it differs from the gang bangers who refuse to rat anyone out. Is that how it is in your right wing world - praise the glorius Commander in Chief no matter what he does????

  53. "Is that the name of the game in the military too?"

    It can be, yes. Does that surprise you? Of course it's wrong, ash. There are worse things to say than "wrong."

    I know it and have no small amount of affection for it. I don't romanticize it.

  54. Check out the tattoos, ash.

    Only fellows with more tats than the USMC is MS-13.

    It is so prevelant, they have to write new rules
    USMC tattoo announcement

    It a tribal thing.

  55. Here is an Official Video with visual examples of USMC tattoos, no longer allowed.

    Previously they were illegal as well, as the Reg was written, but no one enforced it.


    Maybe allen will tell us I'm wrong.
    He may know better, about that Reg enforcement.