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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

One of those brave young man was my father. He is a forever young man and died at an absurd age some years after WWII. I got to know him better as I achieved his age and then passed him.

Fathers are one of the two pillars underpinning all of our lives. Daughters have them, sons can become them. This is the day we set aside to consider them.

Today, any of you who wish to post a picture or story about your dad, please do so. You can upload a picture here and post the url.


  1. "Some days the dragon wins."

    Thanks, dad.

  2. Very nice tribute to all fathers. I lost mine 14 years ago. I was very close with my dad.
    Happy Fathers Day.

    I miss you daddy.


  3. Father of a teenage daughter when answering the telephone:

    "No this isn’t dreamboat this is supply ship."

    (Willam George Plunkett)

  4. For Mother's Day my church had several baskets of prayer requests for mothers. Today, Father's Day, there was one, half-filled basket. How tragic!
    My own father taught me how to tie my shoe when I was two, and how to do my chemistry homework when I was in high school. He awakened my two brothers and myself early one Saturday morning, to pick dandelion blooms to make wine. It may have potential as a future fuel for cars, but as wine it was awful! Dad was funny-when he was dying, the hospital staff asked if he wanted a priest? Dad replied "No, I don't want to confuse him"; generous-he scared us when we learned he gave rides to homeless people; and a "charismatic" leader (he changed his church bereavement group into a social club!). My WWII Dad died three years ago. I am grateful for his loving support, and his humour and I miss him.