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Friday, June 08, 2007

Reflections on our Victory.

And yes it is a victory. There is nothing permanent about any victory but this will change some things. Do not let them lie to you about the inevitability of the outcome. There is no inevitable outcome. There needs to be some accounting done and questions asked of some political defeatists in the Republican ranks. Follow up is important.

The National Archives yesterday unveiled a handwritten note by Abraham Lincoln exhorting his generals to pursue Robert E. Lee's army after the battle of Gettysburg, underscoring one of the great missed chances for an early end to the Civil War. There is a lesson to be learned in that. Had Lincoln's generals listened, the country could have been saved a lot of suffering on both sides. We need to follow-up our victory, but maybe not as much as you think.

The social engineers, who supported this bill, knew that the longer the debate lasted, the more the public would learn and the less the public would like the amnesty. They were right. The public gets it. The momentum has shifted. The media tried to help the Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty cause by discouraging some less than courageous Republicans. None knew it more than the disgraceful New York Times. I want to remind everyone of how the Times twisted the truth and tried to demoralize the opposition to this amnesty bill.
I repeat this post to illustrate what the NY Times did in the middle of the debate. It was never true and they knew it:

The NY Times headlines, widely quoted by the MSM read, "Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll".

Not too encouraging to the opponents of this bill. Could it be that it was printed to encourage our masters and rulers in DC, who will not read the details behind the headlines, as they will probably not read the bill itself? I asked myself, how is this possible?

I decided to do something quaint. Read the data.

The poll itself covers many subjects. It contains over one hundred questions. The published pdf version has been edited.

I simply highlight some of the questions in the same poll that would point to a far different picture from the propaganda and outrageous distortion portrayed by the New York Times. Could it be that the New York Times has an agenda?

8. Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the issue of

approve 27% disapprove 60%

41. Which comes closer to your opinion: 1) America should always welcome all immigrants, OR 2) America should always welcome some immigrants, but not others, OR 3) America cannot afford to open its doors to any newcomers?

Welcome all 24% Welcome some 48% No newcomers 24%

42. Which of the following three statements comes closest to expressing your overall view of immigration policy in the United States? 1) On the whole, our immigrationpolicy works pretty well and only minor changes are necessary to make it work better. 2) There are some good things in our immigration policy, but fundamental changes are needed. 3) Our immigration policy has so much wrong with it that we need to completely rebuild it.

Only minor changes 8% Fundamental changes 41% Completely rebuild 49%

46. In the long run, do you think the people who are emigrating to the United States
today will make American society better, will make American society worse, or do you
ink today's immigrants won't affect American society one way or the other? th

Better 28% Worse 35% Won’t affect society 29%

51. What about ILLEGAL immigration – How serious a problem do you think the issue of
ILLEGAL immigration is for the country right now — very serious, somewhat serious, not too serious, or not at all serious?

Very 61% Somewhat 30% Not too 6% Not at all 1%

52. What, if anything, is your main concern about immigrants in the U.S.?

They use public services 17%
They don’t pay taxes 8%
Terrorism/security threat 8%
Take jobs away from residents 13%
Breaking law by being here 11%
Don’t learn to speak English 5%
Commit crimes 6%

56.Do you think illegal immigrants do more to strengthen the U.S. economy because they provide low-cost labor and they spend money or do illegal immigrants do more to weaken the U.S. economy because they don't all pay taxes but can use public services?

Strengthen 23% Weaken 70%

59. As a result of LEGAL immigration into the United States, do you think the threat of terrorism against the United States has increased, decreased, or stayed about the same? ASKED OF HALF THE RESPONDENTS N=568

Increased 42% Decreased 3%

60. As a result of ILLEGAL immigration into the United States, do you think the threat of terrorism against the United States has increased, decreased, or stayed about the same? ASKED OF HALF THE RESPONDENTS N=564

Increased 45% Decreased 2%

74. Should illegal immigrants be prosecuted and deported for being in the U.S. illegally, or shouldn't they?

Should be prosecuted 69% Should not 24%

The full poll pdf here


  1. ---
    lugh lampfhota said...

    Damn I hate these politicians. Since the US government says that it's only a matter of time until a nuke goes off in America, I hope Washington is first and the House and Senate are in session. Spit!
    A common fantasy.
    I cleaned it up a bit some years back, and Froggy still deleted it.
    Probably would endorse it now.

  2. Listening to c-span, Brian Lamb hosting, discussion on amnesty bill, almost every caller on all sides of the political spectrum are against this bill. All critical of both parties.

  3. Roger Hedgecock will be subbing for Limbaugh this morning.
    America's most knowlegeable and articulate spokesman for immigration sanity.

  4. Saw it on this mornings FOX scroll, the Republican Senators promise the "Bill" will return.

    Don't think they were speaking of Mr Clinton, but, then again ...

    So we're not going to Tampico, either?

    Damn ...

  5. Meanwhile the world didn't stop, not for a moment.

    ROSTOCK, Germany, June 7 -- After days of escalating rhetoric about missile defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise offer to President Bush on Thursday, proposing that Russia join with the United States and some of its European allies to operate a shield intended against missile threats from Iran.

    Meeting with Bush during the summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations, Putin suggested that a Soviet-era radar installation that Russia operates in the Caspian Sea country of Azerbaijan could feed real-time data into the planned system.

    Mr Bush, behaving in his typical mode replied:


  6. ... Congress should try an alternative approach: (1) Deny amnesty to people here illegally that will help deter future illegal migration and make the point that we insist everyone respect the rule of law. (2) Enforce workplace laws on the books and gain back control of our southern border. (3) Create more practical and flexible legal opportunities to come and work in the United States. Together these measures offer a real strategy for breaking America’s addiction to undocumented labor.

    This strategy is not only realistic. It is within our grasp. Most of the authorities required to beef-up border security and workplace enforcement are already on the books, approved by Congress. In addition, the defeat of the Senate bill is a rejection of amnesty. What is needed to complete the picture is practical and realistic legal alternatives to undocumented workers. That means more visas for high-skilled labor and a temporary-worker program. These initiatives must be based on the labor needs of the marketplace and not driven by bureaucratic direction from Washington, nor undermined by the unrealistic requirements demanded by organized labor.

    By creating more realistic and flexible legal alternatives for working in the United States, Congress can deliver on its promise to address comprehensive immigration and border-security reform. That would be a real achievement that the Congress and the president could be proud of. And unlike the Senate’s “crash and burn” bill, it will actually help make America safer and more prosperous.

    — James Jay Carafano is a senior research fellow for defense and homeland security at the Heritage Foundation.

  7. Another series of views, not quite in tune.

    But Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) spoke of the reality of the day. "The United States Senate," he said, "in its long and storied history, today bipartisanly failed the American people. That's plain and simple."


    Twice in two years, Congress has grappled with immigration. The first time, Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress, but Bush could not persuade members of his own deeply divided party to resolve their disagreements. The Republicans, responding to their conservative base, pushed for a tough border security bill but balked at dealing with the controversial question of how to treat the 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.

    This time the prospects seemed brighter. The November midterm elections changed the balance of power in Washington, with Democrats now in control of the Capitol. The compromise immigration bill in the Senate enjoyed the support of Bush, Senate Democratic leaders and some prominent senators from both parties -- the kind of coalition that many politicians claim to prize. The bipartisan bill still ended up in a heap.

    "The reality is most people are just desperate to see a solution. If this goes down, the opposition is not offering an alternative, and that means the problem is still an issue," said Pete Brodnitz, a Democratic pollster. "We're in a period where people are looking to see leadership and progress."

    Still finding the present Law unenforced or enforceable.
    Mr Bush still withdrawing the National Guard, from US Border Patrol support missions, still cutting the assistance by almost half.

    4,000 infiltrators, each night, are still crossing the frontier, hoping the sun does not catch them.

    There is no victory, there was no victory.
    There was only staving off a defeat.
    Secure the frontiers, enforce the Law. Then there'll be victory, or at least some success.

    The 100 states in the 1 State Solution, it's still on the board.

    Building towards a better tomorrow, with brick.

  8. It seems that it is not Mr Romney that Mr Fred Thompson is chipping away at, no, it's that other Washington favorite, John McCain that's taking it on the chin, according to WaPo reports.

    John Dowd represented Sen. John McCain in his darkest hour, the "Keating Five" scandal. He supported McCain the first time he ran for president in 2000 and signed up to be a major fundraiser for him in this year's presidential race. But when former senator Fred D. Thompson began thinking about running, the Washington lawyer changed his mind.

    For McCain (Ariz.), who started off as the favorite to win the Republican nomination but now trails former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in most polls, Dowd's move signals yet another threat to his struggling campaign. As Thompson (Tenn.) builds his team of major fundraisers such as Dowd, the challenge for McCain will be to collect the millions of dollars necessary to maintain a nationwide campaign and convince Republicans that he is their best bet to retain the White House.

  9. 'Rat,
    Your Senator, Kyl, voted for Cloture before he voted against it,
    What's up with that???

  10. Did he know Paris was freed before the second vote?
    All's well for a Sunny AZ voter.

  11. Paris Liberated, Kyl votes no on Cloture.

  12. Opps vive or whatever.
    Spanish lingo taking over.

  13. "Viva" has been legalized in France by the US Senate.

  14. If Paris is ordered back, will Kyl rescind his Cloture Vote?

  15. Viva near beer!

    It's a hard, hard thing we do.

    Asking elected officals to both enforce and obey the law, as it is written, today.

    Just to much to ask of them, really.

    Vote Republican Values
    Vote Foley

  16. We appreciate a fine ass.
    Just don't ask or tell about the gender.

  17. Maybe that's why W is so enamored of the Donks?

  18. You got a fine ass there Pedro:
    Wanna work in Waco?

  19. She's hot in that new ankle bracelet.
    The boys at HQ can cheer you as you screw.

  20. Power to the "Loud People"

    -Lindsay Graham

  21. I knew a woman that wore an ankle bracelet with little bells on it.

    Noticed it when she walked, thought about them for a couple of hours, while we talked and danced.

    Music to my ears, until morning.

    Nothing wrong with a good ankle bracelet.

  22. A couple of days ago, bigots, now just loud.

    How we've progressed

  23. Sessions, Cornyn, Flake, DeMint, Vitter, Thune. good men.
    McConnell a big improveent over Frist.

  24. Arlen Spector,
    "A Profile in Courage"

    - Dick Turbin.

  25. Turbin '08
    I love listening to that guy.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Never again can the GOP complain about JFK2 bragging about voting for it before he voted against it.

    Or Vice Versa

  28. JFK could vizualize going to the Moon in 10 years.

    GWB cannot visualize building a fence.
    Fine Cowboy, that.

  29. 60% increase in shooting LA Police since Anti Gang effort began.

    Work many Citizens just are not willing to do.

  30. I'll wait for J. Willie to Complain.
    Creatively, of course.

  31. "Estremist Radio"

    Gerald Heerahrah, Fucks News.

    ...doesn't want our e-mails anymore!

    Good to know, loser.

  32. Kyl, Lott, and Graham for McCain.
    How can they be wrong?

  33. Just nosed over 13,000 looks at the old profile.

    A far cry from the 14 plus MILLION that have checked out the BC, but even still, 13,000 is 13,000.

    Wonder if J's broke 100?

  34. We'll have something for them to look at, soon, I keep getting told.

  35. ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Associated Press) -- Rep. William Jefferson pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of soliciting more than $500,000 in bribes while using his office to broker business deals in Africa.

    Jefferson, D-La., said he understood the charges during the federal court hearing. He was released on $100,000 unsecured bond.

    "I am absolutely innocent of the charges that have been leveled against me," Jefferson said afterward. "I'm going to fight my heart out to clear my name."

    As conditions for his release, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III denied the congressman access to shotguns and rifles in his Louisiana home. Jefferson said the guns were used for hunting.

    Ellis also ordered Jefferson to surrender his passport.

  36. 'Rat,
    Your Senator, Kyl, voted for Cloture before he voted against it,
    What's up with that???

    Maybe Jeff Sessions told him that he would pull a Charles Bishop on him if he voted for it.

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Session-long tensions in the Alabama Senate boiled over Thursday as Republican Sen. Charles Bishop of Jasper punched Democratic Sen. Lowell Barron of Fyffe in the head before the two were pulled apart.
    The 69-year-old Bishop said he punched Barron, 65, in the head after the senator called him a "son of a bitch."
    "I responded to his comment with my right hand," Bishop said.

    More likely, however, it was because the bill had become too conservative for his taste. Ditto for neo-liberal Chambliss of GA.

  37. Displaying another aspect of google search technologies.

  38. Paris was burning in a way, going through withdrawals. Well,

    With bells on her fingers
    And bells on her toes
    She'll make music
    Wherever she goes...

    Isn't this the fourth time that the Bush Administration has tried an amnesty bill? Seems like early on he tried to cut a deal with Foxxy to open up the Mexican oil sector to the gringos in exchange for open borders. I can't recall the other attempts but I believe this is the fourth go around. I think it's dead for Bush on this.

    One big reason the mandarins in the USA have been not enforcing what laws we have on the books, since about 1970 or earlier, is the fear of a revolutionary Mexico, a real fear. Wanting to ease the pressure there, by letting many of the potential revolutionary folk steam in here, a short sighted folly. Mexico is a mess for sure, but with the opening up of the political system, and the trade pacts, hopefully things might improve. Getting that birth rate down would help.

    Ash, first thing we do is really enforce the laws. Especially against the employers.Doing that should go along way to making improvements in the situation

    NYT--all the propaganda fit to print. I actually had a subscription to the times many many years ago. What a youthful fool I was!

  39. G. Gordon Liddy is interviewing a guy who says the data show, around the world, in our federal government, and in our states, you give the women the vote....government grows.

    Makes sense really.