“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

D-Day, 6 June 1944 and 6 June 2007

The years change. Duty does not. Protecting the borders and fighting for the freedom and the security of the United States of America is a duty, an obligation and an honor. It is a pact with past generations and those in the future. Those that will not live up to the responsibility of doing so should step aside for better men that will.

Do yourself a favor. Click on the photo of this post to enlarge it. Take a moment and look at it. What must have been on the minds of those young men, for many their last moments of life? That is tough duty. Enforcing the laws of the United States of America is not.


  1. ---
    "Enforcing the laws of the United States of America is not."
    Operation Wetback gave Ike's D-Day 2 Star something to do besides retire.

  2. Amexican Amnesty
    By Bill Steigerwald
    Mark Krikorian tells the truth about the immigration scandal. More>

    A: The worst thing about the bill isn’t the language so much as the complete lack of credibility on enforcement by the president.

    In other words, no one believes that this president is remotely interested in enforcing the immigration laws. So it doesn’t matter what the provisions of the bill are because they are not going to be implemented.

    Q: What’s the reason for the president not enforcing it?
    A: The president is emotionally and psychologically repelled by the idea of enforcing immigration laws.
    He sees it as uncompassionate, as un-Christian, especially with regard to Mexico.
    But he sees Mexico as kind of a proxy for all immigration and he loves his Mexican servants and therefore all immigration must be good.

    A 21st-century society like ours doesn’t need 19th-century workers to function.

    Q: This is scary: You’re saying that President Bush actually knows what he wants to do and is about to get it?

    A: I don’t know that he’s about to get it. Practically speaking, I think there is still a good chance this will fall apart in the Senate and an even better chance that it will fall apart in the House.

    But the president does know what he wants, which is de facto open borders: legalizing the illegals who are here and letting any willing worker overseas get a job with any willing employer, which is a pretty compact definition of open borders.
    Q: Would you prefer that this compromise bill just go away or die?
    A: Yeah. No bill is better than this bill. In fact, it’s hard to see a rationale for any more legislation coming out of Congress until the public is confident that the president will enforce whatever the rules happen to be. In other words, he’s spent six years ignoring the immigration laws so far...

  3. 6 years in, he still won't face the fact that he should not have taken the job, given it's responsibilies, and his refusal to accept, much less honor them.

  4. In typical liberal elitist mode, GWB "proves" (in his mind) he is better and purer than us lowly peons, the racist nativists.
    Far be it from GWB to lower himself to ammend the Constitution to suit his elevated tastes for a 3rd World Nation.
    The better to act out your eliteness.

  5. The office of President comes with responsibilities that transcend the man. A wise president would recognize his duty to the office, the country and the laws he swore to uphold. That duty transcends obligations to family and friends. It transcends sentimentality. He is not the law. He is the steward of the law. Failure to enforce some of the laws weakens all of the laws.

  6. Cool post Deuce.

    I met an old-timer once who's brother was in the printing business in the 40s and 50s. Had a musician call up and order some sheet music and programs for his concert to be printed up.

    When the musician picked up the sheet music and programs, he was enraged by the cover, because the name read all wrong.

    "Ottie Shore and His Orchestra" is what it read.

    The printer was flummoxed "but it was just like you said it over the phone!"

  7. Dangerous Illusions
    Peace-processing our way to disaster.
    by Reuel Marc

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  10. And many thought the Skull & Boner storyline merely a diversion.
    When it really defines Mr Bush's core.
    It was a Secret Society, it will remain so. Don't ask, they won't tell.

    The core Bush family's value:
    We few, we self-selected few, are better than you.
    And we know it, suckers.

  11. lugh lampfhota said...

    Looks to me that nation-states are for suckers these days.
    Better to be a transnational corporation, warlord or international organization.
    Plenty of cash to be made, no accountability to anyone and plausible deniability.

    Welcome to the future.

  12. Trans-National, amigos, that's the ticket.

    Don't be tied down to a terrestrial mind set. Open your minds, to match the border.

    Free flow, means where there is more, it flows to where there is less.
    Downhill is how stuff flows.

    Stands to reason.

    Si, puedo habla espanol. Nessicitamos in los Americas nuevo.

    Labor flows north, capital and tax reciepts, flow south.
    We've seen it all before, white flight from the urban centers.
    Soon from Amerika, itself.

    Almost have reached transnational status, myself. Won't be long, now.

    It's the new Americans, in the old Americas.

  13. "He is not the law. He is the steward of the law"
    Sheriff Joe's Creed.

  14. Labor is just another commodity, 'Rat:
    How backwards would it be to restrict it's free flow?
    Anticapitalist, if you ask me.
    ...or the WSJ.

  15. I mean, once you are behind the closed gates, who cares where the compound is?

    Panama City Panama, live the Trump style, in his soon to be built Tower and Yaught Club, for under $300,000 USD.

    A seven story apartment building, with 12 units, $1,600,000.
    A two story penthouse, atop a short tower, $260,000 USD, less than a building lot costs in Scottsdale.

    The big pipes will make it possible, to live anywhere while profiting in the US.

    It's gonna be grand!

    For those that can grab the bull by the horns, for those that have cajones similar to those that come to the US, penniless.

    To much of a challenge for some, they'll be going to Montana, soon.

    They'll have to watch out where the huskies go, don't want to eat that yellow snow.

    But then Mexico's real name, amigos
    The United States of Mexico, all 31 of them and a Federal District.

    We'll consolidate 'em down to 25 or so. No need for two States in Baja California.

  16. Just read about a minaret in Montana:
    Habu will be relieved to know the Shriners were behind it.
    Still, there is one in Jersey, and Boston's planning a big one:
    How will the new arrivals interface w/the Musselmen?

  17. Money, it's just a commodity, as well.

    Hell, the Panamanians will sell passports, to those with a need.

    It ought to cost more to become a US citizen than a Panamanian, but under this new Law, the US will be selling passports at a big discount. When compared to Panama.

    Priced according to value, I guess.
    Or the US is selling at a big discount, to generate volume, it seems.

  18. Romney:
    "I've read the bill, how do you know who's in the country, if you're not keeping track of who left it?"

  19. After that due date, the new crop of new illegals will keep wages in the desirable range.

  20. 20 years after that, this large population of illegals will simply HAVE to be legalized...
    We cannot ignore them, we must address the problem and fix it.
    "Doing the hard work."
    - Big John

  21. The prior crop of illegals, now legal, will not be able to earn a living wage, but fear not, they will be caught in the social safety net.
    All's Well.

  22. Not after he got to the US.

    Discussion of ethnic backgrounds is another form of profiling, you xenophobe you!

    Next you'll accuse Ponzi of developing a Scheme.

    Rascist dog!

  23. I call it a template for the future and consider him a visionary, as did FDR, and the whole new crop of socialists on the right.

  24. Pardon me,
    "Italian American"

  25. Savanna Samson endorses Rudy!

  26. I guess we'll leave the National Capital in DC, with a Regional Capital in the other Federal District, in Mexico City.

    Send the SS Administration down there, to be closer to the clients.

    The CIA puts the population of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos at just shy of 109 million, a third the size of the US.

    But, remember my brothers, over 10 millions of their population has already achieved de facto refugee status, here in the Estados Unidos Americano.
    When (Cuando) the desired Goal of Los Estados Unidos Norte Americano is achieved, the United States of North America will have a population of over 440 million folks, in what had been the old "US", Canada and the United States of Mexico.

    But few "illegals"

    Movin' on up.

  27. The other option would be to create a new Federal District, in Kansas or Oklahoma.

    I'd vote for that, maybe Nebraska could use the jobs and population a new Federal Capital District would create.

    Turn Washington DC into a museum.

  28. The common thinking, promoted by the "right" as well as the "left", is that socialism is a progressive movement forward to greater equality.

    They do this in total disregard to the historical truths.

    The only Socialists proud enough to carry the title, that came to power in the 20th Century, were in Germany.

    The National Socialists.
    Whom were neither "Left" or "Right" judged by todays' culture, just wrong. The title of their movement buried here in the US, as is the name of our nearest nieghbor.

    In fact it is not the people or country that spawned those Socialists that are demonized today, but their leader and a few select henchmen.

    The Germans were liberated from themselves, that's the ticket. If only those Iraqi were half as clever, or as beaten down.
    Ready for a "new wat foreward", but they are far from it, today.

    Doubt much changes by September.
    The timeline that isn't. A defacto schedule, self imposed, without preperation for the results.
    Other than hopes and prayers.

  29. Enuff to make one pray for a Tornado.

  30. DC will have to content itself w/a dirty muzziebomb.

  31. Shouldn't Soros get an Honorary Bones Membership for all the money he has spent supporting GWB's Quest?

  32. Brasil did it, built a Capital City.
    Ours is old, out dated.

    The FBI cannot network it's computers, the building is dysfunctional. Not wired to today's specs.

    We have an abandoned Horse racing track, in Goodyear, AZ. It was once owned by the Delaware North Inc. Mr Jerry Jacobs of Forbes 400 fame.
    When doing a utilization study, oh fifteen years ago or so, the grandstand building was already dyfunctional, due to the electrical that would have been needed to bring into a networked solution, then.

    Amongst some other challenges.

    Just look at the Executive Office Building, next to the White House and you'll see modern dysfunctionality, exemplified.

    Time to move on, on to the heartland, with the National Capital, whether the United States of Mexico is annexed, or not.

  33. Another great work up by deuce.

    $260,000 for a building lot in Scottsdale, Arizona? jeez, Ive been living in the woods too long.

    On the previous post Doug has McCain quoted as saying "some control over the border"--some--that's some control alright.

    I hope the Senate bill is crumbling, but I'm not sure yet. I've read things might look worse for it in the House.

    Senator Craig, skull and bones, Idaho---Craig must be an aspiring boner, as he has not lowered himself to reply to a lowly peon like me yet.

    Busy day for me--keep up the good work--and remember, brush those teeth with baking soda--protect yourself from the one world, new world order economy. (Make sure the baking soda was manufactured in the USA.)

    Have a great D-Day.

  34. Wait, wait, there were I think, now as I muse, that there have been some Christian Socialists that have had power in Europe.

    Combining both religion and governmental collectivism, for the greater social good.

    The Christian Social Union is in power coalition now, in Germany.
    God & Country, if the Country is the Government.

    We've moved forward, as well. Thousands of points of Federally funded light. Funded with a borrowed dime.

    Federalized school standards, instead of local ones, for a socialist public educational system.

    The list goes on and on.
    In both the Civil and Military branches of government.

    Continued examples of broken dysfunctional governmental management are easy to find.

  35. $260,000, bob, down from $320,000 before the top came off the market.

    Houses on those acre lots, $1.3 million and up.

    Must be four or five under construction, just on Dynamite Blvd. Which will be a heavily traveled artery (6 lane) in a decade, less.
    It was a ribbon of pavement through empty desert, 30 years ago.
    $5,000 maybe $10,000 per acre.

  36. I know this guy, bob, he bought 3.5 acres and a house with 3 small bedrooms, 2 baths, about eight years ago, in the $250,000 range.
    He turned down 1.3 million, just this past September. He couldn't replicate it for that, in the area.
    Even on less dirt.

    The Mrs loves her horses.
    More than money.

  37. Then, the enlighten tell US it is Nationalism, not Socialism, that made the National Socialists EVIL.

    Protect against the ravages of Nationalism, but embrace the equality of outcome promised by the socialists.

    We are the World.

  38. The Fountain of Youth!
    Like being back in College.
    Bones is Bitchin!

  39. David Brooks predicts McCain/Obama on Dennis Miller!

  40. I remember WW2 a little differently than the history books tell it.

    My old man was the first of our family to be born in the U.S. He was born in Albany N.Y, April 6,1912.

    As my mother tells it: sometime in late '38 or early '39 he decided that the coming war in Europe was going to be a great adventure and, so, he ran off and joined the Canadian Army. He ended up in the R.C.H.A. (Royal Canadian Horse Artillary).

    He was sent overseas in late'39 and came back with the rank of Staff Sergeant in '45. He was a broken and bitter man and I don't think he was ever happy again.

    One day, in the early 50s, he got into a drunken rage and took his box of medals (which until then were locked up and never worn) and threw them into the garbage. I retrieved them and hid them away. I didn't tell him. He had a ferocious temper.

    He never talked about the war until one day many years later when he and I were well into the sauce. One thing led to another and he started talking about some of the men he knew overseas. I thought this would be a good time to tell him that I had saved his medals. I got up and told him that I had a surprise for him. I handed him the box and he opened it.

    I knew instantly that I had made a huge mistake. His eyes started to water and he collapsed onto the floor and cried uncontrollably. I put him to bed and we never spoke of it again.

    When I think of war I think of my old man and the suffering he and hundreds of thousands of others. Necessary suffering, mind you, but suffering all the same.

  41. According to Victor, you could forget about everything else for at least 10 Seconds, as you try to keep the skin on your face, and your lunch in your gut:

    12.9 litre motor
    1100 hp
    top speed = 200+ (est)
    0 - 125 mph = 4.9 secs
    0 - 186 mph = 10 secs
    1/4 mile = 180 mph @ 7.5 secs (est)
    weight = 2178 lbs.
    85.25 hp/litre
    power/weight ratio = 1009 hp/ton

    Here's how to build this car, if you are determined to have one.

  42. Welcome to EB Viktor!
    "Remember, every molecule in the human body is configured and located by way of instruction from our DNA.
    DNA contains more information then we can imagine.
    We can write down what we know about DNA but the collective knowledge we have about it is so vast that it can only be grasped as an intuition.

    The glue that holds DNA together in the correct configuration and location is information. Wouldn't it be more correct to say that the material in our body is not so much formed matter as it is informed matter?

    I was expaining all of this and the true nature and origin of intelligence to a hot blonde sitting next to me at a bar.

    She said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. It's sorta like biomimetic neural learning for robots."

    I said, "Boy, you can say that again."

    She said, "Yeah, I know what you mean.
    It's sorta like biomimetic neural learning for robots."

  43. Garret Hardin Giggles in his Grave.

  44. Maybe it was a blessing Charles Schulz was taken as a picture of Health, and before 9-11.

  45. Schulz attended St. Paul's Richard Gordon Elementary School, where he skipped two half-grades. He became a shy and isolated teenager, perhaps as a result of being the youngest in his class at Central High School.

    After his mother died in February 1943, he was drafted into the United States Army and was sent to Camp Campbell in Kentucky. He was shipped to Europe two years later to fight in World War II as an infantry squad leader with the U.S. 20th Armored Division.

    Never that simple:
    Peanuts ran for nearly 50 years without interruption and appeared in more than 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries. In November 1999 Schulz suffered a stroke, and later it was discovered that he had colon cancer that had metastasized to his stomach. Because of the chemotherapy and the fact he could not read or see clearly, he announced his retirement on December 14, 1999.

    This was difficult for Schulz, and he was quoted as saying "I never dreamed that this would happen to me. I always had the feeling that I would stay with the strip until I was in my early eighties, or something like that.

    But all of sudden it's gone. It's been taken away from me. I did not take it away. This was taken away from me."

    Schulz died in Santa Rosa of a heart attack at 9:45 p.m. on February 12, 2000, at age 77. He was interred in Pleasant Hills Cemetery in Sebastopol.

    The last original strip ran the day after his death. In it, a statement was included from Schulz that his family wished for the strip to end when he was no longer able to produce it. Schulz had previously predicted that the strip would outlive him, with his reason being that comic strips are usually drawn weeks before their publication. As part of his will, Schulz had requested that the Peanuts characters remain as authentic as possible and that no new comic strips based on them be drawn. United Features has legal ownership of the strip, but his wishes have been honored, although reruns of the strip are still being syndicated to newspapers.
    ew television specials have also been produced since Schulz's death, but the stories are based on previous strips.

  46. Wisdom you can use from Thomas Naylor at Vermont Republic:

    Notice point #2."Violence begets more violence, not the other way around."

    Note to myself: Invite Mr. Naylor over for supper. Don't forget to buy a good bottle of Chianti.

  47. Victor welcome to the EB. Thanks for the post.

  48. It's just not old KGB hands like Mr Putin, no even "moderate" Communists think we are acting a bit over the top.

    CNN International - 1 hour ago
    MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said Wednesday that US plans to build a missile defense shield in Europe are arrogant and threaten to usher in a new Cold War.

    Even the moderates ...

    Turning back the hands of time, all for 8 anti-missile missiles?

  49. They're wheelin' out all the tricks in the book.

    65% of Czechs were said to be opposed to the placement of the US facility, or so it was reported.

    Massive or minor street protests in the ofting?

    Mr Bush would be blamed, for the Ruskies targeting Paris and Warsaw.

    We can take our message to the streets, through Voice of America, ahh, no can do, we shut Voice of America down, to save a few bucks, besides the the Cold War is over.

  50. Almost all the tests have been successful, some early failures, but only in a zero defect enviorment, like Washington DC, are no failures expected.

    The reported track record on ABM Systems have been very good.

    Wonder how key the Czech piece is, to the whole system? To not admit that it would catch mobile Russian launchers, as part of an early warning & response cycle is denying the obvious. Seems to me.

  51. Wouldn't mobile launchers be cheating?