“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"A permanent constitution must be the work of quiet, leisure, much inquiry, and great deliberation."

Well, we did not get that. A President driven by blind dogma and ideology has committed American forces to an ill-conceived and dissipating war in Iraq to bring freedom, democracy and prosperity to a band of Arab tribes. He did this to protect America. During the darkest and most challenging days of this foreign war, this same President divides and alienates his base over a foolish notion on amnesty and immigration that is a result of not defending American borders. Worse than Johnson, less competent than Carter, this foolish, foolish man continues to take apart brick by brick and stone by stone, the work of his own party and nation.


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  2. White House Report Hides the Real Costs of Amnesty and Low Skill Immigration

    Taxpayers Will Foot the Bill
    Heritage responds to publications by the White House Council of Economic Advisers challenging Heritage research on the costs of low skill immigration and amnesty.

  3. Foolishness driven by Arrogance of a sort reminiscent of Carter:
    The Narcissism of Self-Perceived Holy Men.
    Wretch or someone had a term that included Narcissism in a discussion we had about Carter.

  4. Green Dream of "Fiscally Conservative, Results Oriented" Environmentalist POTUS overruled by House Democrats;
    WASHINGTON -- The House on Tuesday drove a stake through President Bush's proposal to study draining Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, the storied place some thought could once again rival Yosemite Valley.

    But in truth, the idea was dead on arrival several months ago.

    In a multibillion-dollar Interior Department funding bill, lawmakers Tuesday pointedly declined to include money needed to study the Hetch Hetchy proposal. Bush had sought $7 million to begin studying the idea of draining the reservoir and restoring the once-famous valley near Yosemite Valley.

    Forget it, lawmakers said.

    "This highly controversial proposal, with a potential cost of as much as $10 billion, was not well justified in the budget materials," the House Appropriations Committee noted.
    This would have had the added benefit eliminating energy producing pure water supply for the City of San Francisco, necessitating burning fossil fuel to pump up the pesticide laden recycled agricultural wastewater that now passes for drinking water for the hoi polloi at least in the minds of the elite like GWB.

  5. Would Ayn Rand have ever been inspired to write had the men in her day all been like Compassionate Metro GWB?
    Dam Foundation
    Excavation of the foundation of O'Shaughnessy Dam.
    The tall timber tower (380 ft.) was used to elevate concrete for placement

  6. Legacy Photo:
    La Raza Leaders Holding Giant
    "Mission Accomplished" Banner behind Maximo el Presidente Bush as he congratulates them on their accomplishment.

  7. Border bill's support slipping

    The Senate votes to resume debate, but with the backing of fewer Democrats.

  8. There is no real point trying to understand Bush, but what are the Republicans thinking? I find it hard to believe that Mississippi wil ever re-elect the dopey Lott and does Lindsey Graham have a chance in South Carolina again?

  9. Mr Bush owes his allignece to something greater than the Republican Party, an idea grander than the constraints of the White House or the Law.

    Mr Bush is an idealoge, a revolutionary. He truly believes and will work to implement those beliefs upon the rest of US, regardless of our desires.

    Mr Bush believes he is building a better tomorrow, for all mankind, through compassion and understanding.

    The United States, in its' present form, just a tool to be used in his quest for salvation

  10. As long as the money flows, to Mississippi and SC, those two believe they are secure in their positions of power.

  11. The GAO report ... was limited in its scope, but its findings indeed suggest that the rule of law was subverted. The watchdog agency found that in six of 19 provisions in spending bills in fiscal year 2006, the law was not followed after President Bush expressed reservations about them in signing statements. The GAO report did not attempt to judge the constitutional merits of Mr. Bush's objections.

    As The New York Times reported, lawmakers intend to look further into Mr. Bush's heavy use of signing statements. No doubt this will be dismissed as the usual partisan gamesmanship, but conservative Republicans true to their old principles ought to be as disturbed as Democrats. The president can always veto a bill he doesn't like, but he can't -- shouldn't -- change laws with the stroke of a pen.

  12. A President driven by blind dogma and ideology ...... Worse than Johnson, less competent than Carter, this foolish, foolish man continues to take apart brick by brick and stone by stone, the work of his own party and nation.

    Jeez Duece you need to go outside and get some air......matter of fact, I think I'll get some air myself. It's a short walk to the "Wilsonizer" or Whit's place.

  13. Ingraham caller says Burr's office said he will be voting NO on the next Cloture Vote.

  14. Laura's third hour featured the man, George Foreman, don't miss it if you are a fan, like I am.
    (to me, "Ali" is a big, stinking Muslim turd, others on the "right" still act like he is God incarnate - like GWB)

  15. Hope jake runs into Tiger at Whit's place, for a fresh whiff of Reality!

  16. In California, Home Depot is now required to provide Shelters for Illegals,
    ...some seeking jobs!
    Coming to your progressive, compassionate, Village.

  17. Let me ramble a bit:

    Government, at all levels, seems to be out of control and spending our money without regard to where it actually comes from.

    Remember Tim Leary's "Turn on, tune in and drop out." It may be time to once again, "drop out." As in, sell out, cash out, drop out and disappear off the tax man's radar scope.

    The only way to keep government out of your business and your pocket book is to not give them anything to tax.

    Sad that it's come to that, but lately, I don't trust any politician, especially with my money. That's why, I am skeptical of the news reported on Fox last night about the deficit being cut by another $40 billion due to huge inflows into the treasury.

  18. Reid is asking for a vote on the Clay Pigeon Ammendment Bill before anyone has seen the "improvements" wrought in Teddy's workshop last night!

  19. The question is, "How does one appear to have no assets, no income and still manage to take care of oneself?"

    In other words, how do we move about in those "shadows" they're trying to bring the illegals out of?

  20. I'm going to work my heart out against Senator Craig in the coming republican primary. We got a guy, Robert Vasques, left a limb in Vietnam, came here legally, knows the issue backwards and forwards, to take him on. I think Craig is vulnerable now that he is doing this. He is a bankrupt farmer/rancher(not that that should be held against him) and now a bankrupt senator and man. He has never done a thing for any of us but that's ok as we don't expect anything, and don't really want it. All we have wanted is not to be massively harmed over the years. I know the people in Idaho are pissed. A total Bush lapdog and nothing more.

    I'm wondering what the prospects are in the House. With the fervor against this bill, I think those folks would be thinking seriously about this, being on a short leash.

    Time is up. One thing about this southern Ohio,WVirginia, Kentucky area, the folks sure decorate their grave yards. Never seen the like of it. By the way, I have taken a picture of the statue dedicated to the memory of "Moth Man" at Point Pleasant, if indeed a man he is, as I could not discern any evidence of sex one way or the other, except of course very muscular. If you were made out of iron, you'd look strong too!:)

    Got a picture of Moth Man--high point of my trip!!


  21. I bet that's a cut from the New GWB Level deficits, Whit:

    New Federal Spending in the Trillions indeed does stimulates the economy:

    Credit it all to Saint George Tax Cuts!

  22. Claire McCaskill, D. Missourri thinks Cloture will fail if we keep up the commotion.
    She, of course, will vote no:
    These days I trust more Dems than Pubs to do what they say.

  23. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush, short on political capital and time, is devoting much of what's left of his term in office to getting an immigration deal.
    Starting with an April 9 speech in Arizona, in which he talked tough about border security and prodded Congress to get moving, Bush has staged a dozen immigration events. That's not counting his four radio addresses on the topic in that time, or his phone calls to lawmakers, or his bold prediction that he'd see reporters at the bill-signing for a bill that seemed dead.

    His agenda reflects that immigration is a White House priority for multiple reasons.

    It is deeply important to the president, a former Texas governor who sees the status quo on immigration as a failure for the nation and a looming disaster for his party.(!) It is seen as a major legislative victory within reach. And it is seen as urgent—now or never for him, most likely.

    So each day, a White House strategy team weighs how to maintain momentum on a bill offering legal status to millions of unlawful immigrants.
    George Bush is the looming disaster for party and country!

  24. "My administration is deeply involved in the issue," Bush said. "I feel passionate about the issue."
    Well, be sure to act out your FEELINGS on the rest of us, you morally corrupt elitist liberal, you!

  25. DeMint says Domenici is voting against Cloture tommorrow!

    Says Norm Coleman, John Ensign, Kitt Bond, Ben Nelson, Jim Webb, and Mark Pryor would be good ones to call.

    Immigration Videos

  26. Go doug!

    Not in a revolutionary mode, today, aye?

    Still have that reactionary spirit, a Tory at heart.

    Open your mind, amigo.

    Think of the benefits, then reap the rewards of inexpensive tacos, burritos and enchiladas.

  27. Lindsey Graham's polls were 60%, now 30%!

  28. Lots of bigoted xenophobes in SC?

  29. I thot it was his stand on imported Palmettos.

  30. One last day, guys. I know you're tired of this, and so am I; but, I think we might be winning.

  31. OH, about that 4.4 billion (Enforcement Money.) It can be (Read: will be) used to administer the Z Visa/J Visa programs.

    You can bet your bippy THAT Money will never see the bank account of a "fencing" contractor.

    These Worthless Motherfuckers DON'T KNOW HOW to tell the Truth!

  32. President Bush, who made the immigration reform bill a key legislative target, lobbied Republican senators who were reluctant to support the measure. Many of them feel that the bill doesn't focus on enforcement and that it equals amnesty.

    In exchange, Bush offered $4.4 billion in spending on border protection.

    If passed, the immigration bill would create a legalization path for most of the 12 million undocumented immigrants. It would also tighten borders and create new visa categories for skilled immigrants, who will get the priority from family-based immigration.

    Immigration Bill

  33. $4.4 Billion for Border Security?

    Not according to the Congressional Research Service!

    Just another Fucking Lie.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, "I'm Shocked, Too."

  34. Calling the Kettle Black, cont.

    "Immigration reform stayed alive in the Senate yesterday, albeit not without continuing rancor among Republicans."

    Notwithstanding the small but loud segment of the GOP base preoccupied with the issue, hostility to immigration has never been a political winner.

    Like trade protection, people protectionism always polls better in telephone surveys than on Election Day. For a Presidential candidate especially, it sends a negative message rather than one of optimistic leadership.

    If GOP candidates can't support Mr. Bush and Senator Jon Kyl on immigration, they should at least avoid the kind of demagoguery that will hurt their party for years to come.

  35. Why are the Elite addicted to illegals?

    Do the Boners Extract Adrenochrome from the pineal gland of terrified illegal help?
    "Adrenochrome in popular culture

    Author Hunter S. Thompson mentions adrenochrome in his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In the book it is derived from a living donor's adrenal gland (removing the gland kills the donor; it cannot be taken from a corpse). As such, it is purported to be very exotic, and very intense: "the first wave felt like a combination of mescaline and methedrine".
    In the DVD commentary, director Terry Gilliam admits that his and Thompson's portrayal is fictional hyperbole.

    In the book and film A Clockwork Orange, the drug whose street name is "drencrom" is possibly a reference to adrenochrome.

    Alex Jones (radio) makes reference to "adrenalchrome" [sic] in his documentaries. He is an advocate of the conspiracy theory that this drug is extracted from the pineal gland of "terrified slaves" close to the point of death and used by members of secret societies to get high on.

    Author Aldous Huxley mentions adrenochrome early in his book The Doors of Perception relating it to lysergic acid and mescalin."

  36. Explaining Ted
    The Sisters of Mercy recorded a song called Adrenochrome, which appeared on the album Some Girls Wander By Mistake.
    ("Into the mess that scalpels make")