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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Monday, June 04, 2007

Vile Kyl

What a smug smooth talking snake in the grass you have there in Arizona. I advise anyone from Arizona to listen to c-span and hear this slick arrogant tongue twisting high wire trapeze artist. Can you vote on a recall of a US Senator? Every Republican defending this bill starts talking about the need for change because the existing laws are not being enforced. How stupid do they think we are? Who has the responsibility to enforce existing US laws?

Senator Kyl’s Stockholm Syndrome

by Rep. Tom Tancredo
Posted: 06/04/2007
U.S. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona has outraged many Republicans by joining with Ted Kennedy in sponsoring and leading the fight for the new Senate amnesty bill. He has joined John McCain as the two most unpopular elected officials among rank and file Republicans in Arizona.

Kyl has thus joined President Bush and Karl Rove in thinking that “statesmanship” means abandoning your party’s core principles in order to appease the National Council of La Raza. It is significant that neither Kyl nor Bush need face voters again.

Were the bill’s proponents “rising above politics” when they tried to ram the package through the Senate without hearings or adequate debate? Are they being “statesmen” when they attempt to deny the bill offers an instant amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens? Is it “rising above politics” to accept “triggers” for border security and “certification” by the Secretary for Homeland Security instead of genuine border control demonstrated by actually halting the flow of trespassers? If Kyl truly believes that the triggers and the certification will be effective, why does the bill grant de facto amnesty through the “probationary z visa benefits” immediately -- before the triggers come into play? This feature alone reveals the “grand compromise” to be a sham and a fraud.

In speaking to the House Republican Conference on May 22, Senator Kyl had few answers to the specific objections made to the Senate bill by House Republicans. His defense was essentially trust me: this is the best deal we can get and we have to take it because we have no alternative.

Thus the defense of the Senate bill among hard-nosed political pragmatists in Washington comes down not to the merits of the proposal as a solution to our broken borders, but to pure politics: It’s good for all of us politicians to have this issue behind us. This is “bipartisanship,” Washington style. Shut up and drink the Kool-Aid.

In truth, Kyl is simply a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome: He adopted the thinking of his Senate captors. By saying that a bad bill is better than no bill at all, he shows the effects of political water-boarding. Too many weeks of closed door sessions with Ted Kennedy and George Bush can do that to you.

Kyl has bought into the Washington mantra that we must to “get it off the plate by 2008.” Why does the Washington establishment fear having border security and immigration control debated in the 2008 national election? What is wrong with holding public officials accountable for their votes?

Republican Senators backing the amnesty bill have been suckered into the most disastrous “bargain” of the era. If passed in anything resembling its current form, the Republican Party can kiss the White House and control of Congress goodbye for the next 50 years. Thanks a bunch, Karl Rove.

For five years Karl Rove and other White House minions have lectured conservatives that amnesty is smart politics because it will win support among the growing number of Hispanic voters. This is total nonsense. The 2007 amnesty will be even more disastrous for the nation as the 1986 amnesty, and this time there are no excuses. But if it is bad policy, why is it “statesmanlike” to vote for it because it is “good politics”?

The stupidity of what passes for “strategic thinking” about the Hispanic vote is darkly amusing. None of these self-styled strategists has done any heavy lifting in actually analyzing the patterns of Hispanic voting. They seem to be willfully ignorant of the underlying realities and historical patterns of voting by newly arrived immigrants.
Professor James Gimpel of the University of Maryland has shown why the millions of low-wage, low-income illegal aliens soon to be put on a “path to citizenship” by the Senate bill will vote overwhelmingly Democratic for two generations. Democrats seem to understand this instinctively, while Republican leaders whistle past the graveyard.

Unfortunately, the Senate amnesty bill is neither good policy nor smart politics, and history will not judge Senator Kyl’s “grand compromise” kindly. The Kennedy-Kyl bill will replace the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli deal as the most cynical bait-and-switch con job ever sold to the American people.

All this does not make Jon Kyl an evil man. After all, General Benedict Arnold was not an evil man. The pundits of his time all believed the British would win the war.


  1. We've fallen a long way, since the days of Goldwater and Fanin, even DeConcini was more honest.

    Real shame, what has happen to the Republican Party, no longer the Party of Lincoln, but the Party of Bush League.

  2. A comprehensive immigration reform bill in the U.S. Congress has sparked 108 amendments with a variety of outcomes that could dramatically affect the fate of at least 12 million undocumented workers in the United States.


    Menendez-Hagel amendment

    As it stands, the compromise would clear the backlog under the existing family and employer-based system, but only for those who submitted their applications before May 1, 2005.

    "As a result, an estimated 833,000 people who have played by the rules and applied after that date will not be cleared as part of the family backlog and will lose their chance to immigrate under current rules," Mefford said.

    The Menendez-Hagel amendment would extend the application cutoff date to Jan. 1, 2007 - the same cutoff date set to legalize undocumented immigrants.


    Clinton-Hagel amendment

    Current immigration law limits the number of green cards available to spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents to 87,900 per year. For these spouses and minor children, quota backlogs are approximately four years and nine months long.

    Critics say thousands of legal immigrant families have been devastated by "inequitable" policies that affect minor children and spouses dependent on the status of their U.S. sponsor.

    The Clinton-Hagel amendment would re-categorize these spouses and children as "immediate relatives," thereby lifting the cap on the number of visas available to close family members and allowing permanent U.S. residents to reunite with their loved ones in a timely fashion.

    Dodd-Hatch amendment

    The bill would set an annual cap for green cards for parents of U.S. citizens at 40,000 (less than half the current annual average number of green cards issued to these parents). It also would create a new parent visitor visa program that only allows parents to visit for 100 days per year and collective penalties that critics say are harsh.

    The Dodd-Hatch amendment would increase the annual cap of green cards to 90,000, extend the duration of the parent visitor visa to 365 days to help families remain together for a longer period; and make penalties levied on individuals who overstay their S-visa applicable to that individual and not collectively applied to their fellow citizens.

    Immigration Reform Compromise

  3. Why the immigration bill probably Won't Pass

    article from Real Clear Politics

  4. Uh, I hate to have to get personal on my first post again, but honesty compels me to credit one of your posters two threads back with a hat tip.
    To keep this from getting TOO personal, I will let his or her, or it's identity just stand as "Anon"
    Thanks, and h/t "Anon"
    (if its AlBobAl that would be "Double Anon," as in "Double Al")
    Thanks again,

  5. Double Al thinks he's being tailed.
    I can tell, but of course, I won't demand credit for my clairvoyance:
    It was a gift from G_d, along with the many others.

  6. The staunch pro-border enforcement, anti-amnesty, anti-illegal immigration position of this blog must be commended. I fully support that position.

    On the other hand, I still think DR is the most full of shit and obnoxious commenter I have encountered on the web - a genuine poser. That Deuce prefers his commentary to that of Buddy Larsen, Allen, Rufus and many other thoughtful and honest commemters speaks volumes about Deuce whose tacit support of DR is steadfast. Were that not the case, EB patronage would be 2X what it is now, at a minimum.

  7. Does this mean I am Al-
    Anon, and should not be allowed in a bar? Try to bring good news, and out on my ass.

  8. Breaking: Sen. Thomas in Serious Condition

    If Bush League and Gonzo had been doing their Jobs, we'd still have a majority in the Senate, with Reed and Feinstein thrown out for corruption, and a couple more that don't come to mind right now.
    Then again, if Bush League and Gonzo had been doing their Jobs, a LOT of things would be different.

    Oh, well.

  9. Just trying to give you a possible chance at the fame and fortune a hat tip can bring, Double Al.

    BTW, you have to take the 24 step cure.

  10. Ah, I quess I see what you are saying , Sam is Anon with a blown cover and I am back to me, whoever I was. Just as well.

  11. I'll decide for sure after I'm sure if Mars is warming or cooling.

    ...and when it is scientifically proven beyond a doubt to be caused by our Rovers, the enforcement phase of comprehensive reform will be fully functional.

  12. I'd like to compliment whoever posts this annonymous blog w/no readership for posting often and early.

    You'd probably garner some readers if you'd be a little more diligent w/them missing hat tips!
    Without that, it's a piece of crap.
    But then that's just my personal opinion, and personal things aren't welcome here EITHER.

  13. Well, j, each are free to have their own opinion.

    I tend to look to statisitcal references to reinforce mine.

    The mothership of most all our blogging careers, Belmont Club has been on a three year slide as evidenced at the link.
    Click on the three year view for the most accurate perspective. Prior to establishing his current site, Wretchard melted down his original, thus fallbackbelmont. Don't have any reference data for the original.

    With or without my input, the BC is not what is once was. My departure from posting there has not changed the trend line, one way or the other.

    If one adds the EB's address, http://2164th.blogspot.com/ in the comparison window, one sees that the EB, with my input tracks the BC performance curve, at lower levels, as befits a start-up.

    Would they match the BC without my input, perhaps, we'll not know soon.

    Almost 13,000 attempts have been made to view my profile, j., 92 have looked at yours.

    Must be something the stokes their curiosity, to have gotten so many views of an empty file, and only a few negative counter posts, after almost four years of this hobby.

    Most could not make an intellectual arguement, resorting to name calling and threats of violence.
    buddy could defend the President, but reality chased him back to the cheerleading section, misery loves company, they say.

  14. I like Ike,
    esp for project Wetback.

    Kyle OTOH, is Vile, and his vile work will produce REAL EVIL if it sees the light of day.

  15. Buddy could and WOULD defend W doin just about anything, including signing our children's futures away, after preparing the field by REFUSING TO DO HIS JOB.
    A fact that Buddy was unaware of until I beat on his head enough for him to acknowledge it.
    With me not around, he's probly back to pretending W's been doin his best on the border and in the workplace.

  16. An obsevent reader woud have also noticed that the ads have disappeared from the BC, not enough click throughs would be my bet.

    Old men wanna be pudits are not the right demographic for ads sale click throughs, it seems.

    So many complain of the MSM News, but even with You-Tube channels the early money bloggers do not have a video news presence.
    Now that Apple TV is going to carry You-Tube, the window of opportunity is almost closed to easy market entry.

  17. Buddy's an awfully smart man; I miss him when he's not around.

    I miss Allen, also. Where did he go.

    But, I greatly, hugely appreciate Deuce, and Whit. Running a decent bar is more work than it looks, and the customers can be a real pain in the ass, sometimes. Exceptin yours truly, of course.

  18. "Now that Apple TV is going to carry You-Tube, the window of opportunity is almost closed to easy market entry. "
    Mr Clueless doesn't get that, could you please expand/explain?

  19. allen flamed out here, then from BC, too.

    He kicked around westhawk's a couple of times, then ?

  20. I was told by a reliable source that Apple has signed with you-tube as a distribution network, putting you-tube on televison devices.

    The network flowing over the various big pipes.
    Programing on demand, with you-tube as part of the inventory or programing.

    Your computer and TV, one and the same. But on demand with your computer recievered big screen.

  21. Wow, even Bill Crystal thinks this bill is an unenforceable pile of crap, as stated on Hewitt.

  22. Apple operating as the Network, you-tube as the producer.

    Ad revenues to follow?

  23. I haven't been keeping up, but that's hard to immagine.
    Do you know if YouTube is making much on ads?

  24. What kinda cap is that, 'Rat?
    Better not be housecat.

  25. Doubt much yet, but times are changin'

    Check this piece out.
    Kinda got the beat, I think.

    First heard the words, thought first of Mr Bush, but only cause I'm cynical.

  26. Here you go, doug, Tomorrow's home theater, today.

  27. "This is the first time users can easily browse, find and watch YouTube videos right from their living room couch, and it's really, really fun," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "YouTube is a worldwide sensation, and Apple TV is bringing it directly from the Internet onto the widescreen TV in your living room."

  28. Beautiful Animals, can't say as much for our ex-Cowboy President.
    No more photo ops of choppin brush, ridin herd, nope:
    Condi firmly in control of appeareances, Super Shuttle pretend diplomacy.
    Just read how many flights shes taken but don't remember, except that it was a LARGE Number.
    Talk the talk,
    and talk the talk,
    some more.
    If this Bill gets through it won't really matter, since W will be the most reviled by Conservatives President in History, and the GOP WILL be history.

  29. They'll have to filter/censor it, won't they?

  30. No more than Syrius or XM, I'd think.
    Pay for play service.

    There's x rated cable, pretty hardcore in NYC I'm told.

    Local decency standards on a wireless? Outside my imediate expertise.

  31. Oh, yeah, I forgot.
    Porn for Preschoolers, and the like.
    Blame the parents, who should be there 24/7 to moniter.
    Nothin else to do.

  32. We need a guy like Sarkozy to set some of our policies here.

  33. "If a part of the strategic nuclear potential of the United States appears in Europe and, in the opinion of our military specialists, will threaten us, then we will have to take appropriate steps in response. What kind of steps? We will have to have new targets in Europe," Putin said, according to a transcript released by the Kremlin. These could be targeted with "ballistic or cruise missiles or maybe a completely new system" he said.

    National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, asked aboard Air Force One about Putin’s comments on the missile shield, said there has bee "some escalation in the rhetoric."

    "We think that that is not helpful. ...

  34. STITOV, Czech Republic - Big politics rarely play out in little places like Stitov. That is no solace to Vaclav Hudec, whose tiny village is caught in the middle of an international debate over U.S. plans to build a missile defense system here and in neighboring Poland.

    Hudec, the mayor, and most of the residents of Stitov - population 58 - are bitterly opposed to the idea of hosting a U.S. radar base at the Brdy military zone next door.

    So is Russia, and President Bush will wade into the fray when he visits Prague this week.

    Recent polls suggest more than 60 percent of Czechs oppose the missile defense plan, which the United States says would help shield it and Europe if Iran unleashed a rocket attack. Opponents fear it could touch off a new arms race with Russia and make the Czech Republic a target for terrorists.

  35. WASHINGTON - Newt Gingrich described the Bush administration as dysfunctional and its unpopularity as hazardous to those in the Republican Party.

    "The government is not functioning. It’s not getting the job done," said the former House speaker, who is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination. "Republicans need to confront this reality."

    Gingrich said in a broadcast interview he believes Bush "means very, very well" but falls short when it comes to putting his goals in place and running the government.

    "All you have to do is look at the examples I’ve given you today where the government simply fails," said Gingrich, citing the administration’s handling of the war in Iraq, its immigration policies and response to Hurricane Katrina.

    "We have to have very relentless, dramatic change in American government," he said.

    Gingrich added, "The key question is: Is somebody prepared to stand up and say that the American people deserve fundamental change in Washington?"

  36. "We have to have very relentless, dramatic change in American government,"

  37. Next thing you know, Newt will want to institutionalize revolution.

    Nah, he's to smart for that.
    He and Rudy, still think that's the premier ticket, for the GOP and US to stand a chance of getting through the mussulman challenge successfuly.

  38. Don't know if they'll make it through the GOP Fix Challenge, tho.
    I feel like a Kos poster, the amount of distrust those b....... have put in my formerly placid skull.

  39. I think Mr Thompson will represent the Bush Leaguers in DC.

    He fits the pattern, lots of hat.
    No real idea about him or his background, executive experiences? He delivers his lines on the marks.

    An air of confidence, but that is an actors stock and trade.

  40. I understand this fellow is a General, but he contradicts almost all of us, at least once a piece.

    "There are some signs that our new strategy is working," Brig. Gen. Anderson said in a teleconference from Baghdad. "It's going to be a long, hot summer, and it won't be really until the end of it that we'll be able to evaluate it. There is plenty of opportunity, and plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic about what's going on over there."

    The 10 myths, as outlined by Brig. Gen. Anderson, are:

    • The war in Iraq is about oil;

    • The U.S. is fighting alone in Iraq;

    • Iraq is engulfed in a full-scale civil war;

    • The Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein than under the new government;

    • The Iraqi government is ineffective;

    • Economic development is non-existent in Iraq;

    • Contractors cost the U.S. government too much money;

    • U.S. troops aren't properly equipped;

    • Morale is low among U.S. troops; and

    • The U.S. has lost in Iraq.

    None of these myths are true, Brig. Gen. Anderson said, and the situation in Iraq is much better than is often reported here.

    The war in Iraq is essentially a fight against religious extremists, Brig. Gen. Anderson said. And while oil is an important element in the situation, it is not the key element. "It is essentially about freedom and peace and democracy, in my opinion," he said.

    While violence levels in Iraq still are unacceptable, the situation is not a full-scale civil war, Brig. Gen. Anderson said. The fight involves religious extremists on the fringe and does not involve large-scale force-on-force combat, he pointed out.

    "Do they need to get better? Absolutely," he said. "But are there signs that they are getting better? Absolutely."

    ... Body armor is provided to every troop who deploys, and vehicle armor is constantly upgraded as technologies become available, he said. In addition, Iraqi troops are becoming increasingly well equipped. They have armored vehicles, mortars, helicopters and aircraft, and the government is spending $7 billion this year to improve their equipment, he said.

    Retention rates among deployed troops prove that morale is high, Brig. Gen. Anderson said. The troops know that many Americans don't support the war, but they continue to see the outpouring of support for those who fight, he said.

    "This new generation of kids is unbelievable, and I think they are representing Americans extremely well," he said. "They're disciplined and compassionate; they don't pull the trigger indiscriminately; and they go truly overboard to protect citizens and respect Islamic culture."

    "We understand that the military cannot win the war (on its own), but we're certainly not losing it," he said. "We can only help set the conditions for a political solution; we understand that.

    (Sgt. Sara Wood writes for the American Forces Press Service.)

  41. That's great news, that the Iraqi are going to spend on this entire year's procurement budget $7 Billion USD, almost equaling four days worth of US expenditures.

    But still, the shopping list is being filled. The Iraqi are standing up, again and again and again ...

  42. For a guy seeking to establich a little independence, F.T. seems to have a lot of old time Bushies advisors around.

  43. Make that five days worth of US expenditures, to be on the high side.

  44. Newt and Rudy.

    While the Pawns burn, the Knight and Bishop move to save the Castle for the game finally at the opera.

  45. Sometimes I think we should go to direct democracy, by passing the Senate and House, and just vote on these issues at home. But, I know the objection, it would lead to 'mob' rule, and we do need the stability provided by the likes of Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana ,in there, especially during 'stormy weather.'

  46. Then, by extention bob, the Electoral College would becone passe'.
    Mr Bush would not have become President, in 2000, without the disproportional representation.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Bingo, all our problems solved:)

    Time to listen to talk radio--Nite.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Associated Press) -- A former Laotian military general and a former California National Guard officer were among nine people charged Monday with plotting a violent overthrow of Laos' communist government.

    The group was raising money to recruit a mercenary force and buy enough weapons to equip a small army that could pull off a coordinated set of attacks with anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers and C-4 explosives, prosecutors allege.

    "We're looking at conspiracy to murder thousands and thousands of people at one time," Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Twiss said in federal court.

    Thousands of co-conspirators remain at large, many in other countries, Twiss said. Prosecutors said they believe all the leaders of the plot are in custody.

    General Vang Pao, who immigrated to the U.S. in about 1975 and has been credited by thousands of Hmong refugees with helping them build new lives in the U.S., was accused of being the mastermind. He was charged with conspiracy to topple Laotian leaders.

    Also charged was former California National Guard Lt. Col. Harrison Ulrich Jack, who was accused of acting as an arms broker and organizer.

    Vang Pao had led CIA-backed Hmong forces in Laos in the 1960s and 1970s as a general in the Royal Army of Laos, while Jack is a 1968 West Point graduate who was involved in covert operations during the Vietnam War.

  51. I'm not following the link to the blown anonymous cover. wtfo.

  52. The video editor and you-tube specialist

  53. No one's anonymous, not in this realm.

  54. I feel dizzy after watching your video, Rat. Thanks.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Republicans and Democrats working to push through a broad immigration measure are weighing a bargain that would trade a tougher legalization road for millions of unlawful immigrants for a better deal for family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.


    Kay Bailey Hutchison

    Wants to require heads of families to return home before gaining legal status.

    John Cornyn

    Proposes denying legal status to illegal immigrants who defied deportation orders.

    Tough Road

  57. Senator Dies To be replaced by Democratic governor from a list of three candidates chosen by State Republican Party.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. That Alexa site's pretty neat, Rat. Thanks.

  62. That Jay Cost article about why it may pass senate but not house reads like typical inside DC, inside the box thinking.

    People that have heard nothing but bullshit over and over and over lose the ability to think outside the pile of shit.
    He talks about the status quo the way all these corrupt lying bastards want us to think about the status quo:
    That if no new legislation passes nothing can change.

    Total Bullshit, of course, cause things changed when Outlaw GWB took office and virtually declared open season on illegal immigration as compared to every other president in our lifetime.

    Things would change if laws in place were enforced at levels they used to be.
    Things would REALLY Change if they were enforced to the maximum extent possible both by the Whitehouse, and at State and Local levels.

    Given a nuclear attack proven to be from a border jumping illegal tomorrow, you can be damned sure even this bunch of lying, corrupt pigs would change!

    Furthermore, in typical Beltway Fashion, just as most of the Bastards in Congress and the Bastard in Chief in the Whitehouse want us to do, he forgets to mention that Duncan Hunter's NEW LAW passed last year called for 750 miles of fence.

    If we were properly serious about things, that fence could be effective damned soon.

    But, the Worthless piece of shit in the Whitehouse and most of the corrupt pigs in Congress didn't get there by being Truth tellers, did they?

    Cost finishes up by blaming the founders!

    God himself could not design a system to get justice out of this group of lying corrupt criminals!

  63. "j willie said...
    The staunch pro-border enforcement, anti-amnesty, anti-illegal immigration position of this blog must be commended. I fully support that position.

    On the other hand, I still think DR is the most full of shit and obnoxious commenter I have encountered on the web - a genuine poser. That Deuce prefers his commentary to that of Buddy Larsen, Allen, Rufus and many other thoughtful and honest commemters speaks volumes about Deuce whose tacit support of DR is steadfast. Were that not the case, EB patronage would be 2X what it is now, at a minimum."

    ...for the record, I do not moderate comment. Very few blogs do not. Kudlow's site comes to mind as well as the Belmont. Kudlow believes in the free market and practices that belief on his site. Wretchard is fair and open-minded to many opinions different ffrom his own.

    The policy is the same here at the EB. Say what you want. Others who disagree with you, should speak up. Some choose to leave, rather than do so. I have neither the time nor inclination to chase people off the site or chase after them to return. The double doors at the EB swing in both directions and I for one welcome the new faces and am always pleased to see a familiar one.

  64. Another thing going on here took place in near identical fashion before in the once great state of Calif:
    People like bush and the rest of the Rockefeller Republicans were FIRST to start pulling the race card, and raising emotions with neat words like "Vigilante," and etc.

    Having poisoned the waterhole, they now claim it is US Nativist, Racist, A-holes that have done just that.

    WE are responsible for what THEY did, and it will be OUR Fault when the country turns into Mexico Norte and the dems have a permanent majority thanks to ailienated citizens, and ailienated Mexicans.

    Perhaps Habu can fill you in on the details of what went down in Calif. He was probably there.
    I'm too pissed off to put more time into it right now.

    Suffice to say, people like Hewitt and many others, as well as ALL the liberals still put all the blame on the honest conservatives, ignoring THEIR Race Based Rable rousing AND the fact that the State would still be viable had the GD Court not stepped in more than once to Veto the will of the people, just as King George Negates the will of the people, his oath, and the laws of the land, and then blames the result on us.
    F... Them All!

  65. There's also the matter of the impossibility of 'Rat or Trish being FULL of shit, given the many times that they were right, and the cheerleaders were wrong, over and over and over!

  66. Just a smattering of shit here and there, thank you!

  67. Doug,

    Interesting link to Buchanan. I always thouught there was very little up side to the NATO expansion east. The Russians have always been suspicious of foreign powers at their borders. We are not much different if you think back to both the Monroe Doctrine and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Buchanan misses what I believe is the real reason for the missile defense system in Europe and that is against a possible future nuclear missile attack from an Islamified Pakistan.