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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Institutional Breakdown - Whitewashing the Problem

Our institutions are failing us and here is one of the more recent examples; The Pew Research Center recently published the results of a poll of 55,000 American Muslims which it and much of the Media have characterized as showing that Muslims in America "are largely assimilated, happy with their lives, and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world." As was pointed out by Dennis Prager, Pew and much of the media have tried to put "lipstick on a pig." To their credit though, unlike the buried EU study showing rampant Muslim youth hate crimes there, Pew has not tried to lock away the bad news.

Relatively few Muslim Americans believe the U.S.-led war on terror is a sincere effort to reduce terrorism, and many doubt that Arabs were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Just 40% of Muslim Americans say groups of Arabs carried out those attacks.

The poll reveals that Muslims in the United States reject Islamic extremism by larger margins than do Muslim minorities in Western European countries, when compared with results from a 2006 Pew Global Attitudes Project survey. However, there is somewhat more acceptance of Islamic extremism in some segments of the U.S. Muslim public than others. Fewer native-born African American Muslims than others completely condemn al Qaeda. In addition, younger Muslims in the U.S. are more likely than older Muslim Americans to express a strong sense of Muslim identity, and are much more likely to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified.

Very few Muslim Americans – just 1% – say that suicide bombings against civilian targets are often justified to defend Islam; an additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified in these circumstances.

Views about terrorism are broadly shared by all segments of the Muslim American population, but the polling does find pockets of support for extremism. Overall, just 5% of Muslim Americans express even somewhat favorable opinions of al Qaeda. Yet strong hostility toward al Qaeda varies widely – 63% of foreign-born U.S. Muslims say they have a very unfavorable opinion of al Qaeda, compared with 51% of all native-born Muslims, and just 36% of African American Muslims.
Pew's narrative explanation of the poll tends to highlight the positive results while downplaying the negative. For instance 5% of all American Muslims have a favorable opinion of Al-Qaeda. In addition to that, 27% chose to express no opinion of Al-Qaeda. Based on Pew's estimate of 2.35 million Muslims in America, nearly 120,000 Muslims in America have a favorable view of Al-Qaeda while a whopping 23,500 approve suicide bombings! Does that represent Mainstream America? More than 1 out of 4 American Muslims (or nearly 600,000 people) refuse to express a negative opinion of the world's most virulent cancer yet are presented as "mainstream." Yeah, right! 60% of mainstream America do not believe Arabs carried out the 9/11 attack. Would the Pew people or the media have us believe that 17% of mainstream America believe suicide attacks are justified (8%) or refused to condemn them (9%)? BTW - 12% of foreign born Arabs think that suicide bombings may be justified. Pew says "not to worry", compared to other countries our Mohammedans are wonderful liberal people.
Muslim Americans hold liberal political views on questions about the size and scope of government. At the same time, however, they are socially conservative and supportive of a strong role for government in protecting morality. When asked to choose, 70% express a preference for a larger government providing more services; just 21% prefer a smaller government providing fewer services.
"Institutional breakdown" is how I describe the media's ideological whitewash of critical issues facing this country. More and more, it seems that the truth is subverted in order to advance a left wing secular, anti-Christian agenda. Think I'm crazy? Substitute the word Christian for the word Muslim and imagine the media's enraged reaction. What is this country coming to?


  1. Mexicans, and Muslims. I need a vacation.

  2. In a similar vein, it has been argued that the flood of illegal immigrants are merely hardworking, family values people that will only enrich the American experience. Heather MacDonald says that only 40% of Latinos in the Los Angeles county school system graduate from high school. She also said that the illegimate birth rate for Hispanics is astronomical. This too has been whitewashed by our elites and the media.

  3. Ruf:
    I guess I'm just a xenophobe.

  4. Both groups are assets in the United States, President Bush maintains, often and loudly.

    The Government and the media are on the same page, what's the beef?

    Two hands washing each other.

    Outside looking in, there still is hope, time to save your soul. Join now, the new world order beckons.

  5. Whit, I just sent both of my Senators a Scathing email threatening to work against them in "every VFW, and American Legion in Northern Mississippi" if they voted for this this suicidal abomination of an immigration bill.

  6. Whit, as you know; I've written, here that I do have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for a hard-working Man (or woman,) be he Mexican, or Texican.

    BUT, I have NO SOFT SPOT in my heart for "Cultural Suicide." This bill is an absolute abomination, and I've been thrashing my representatives, virtually every day, about it.

  7. I feel the same way, I try to treat individuals as I would wish to be treated. That doesn't mean I am stupid enough to think that unchecked immigration is a wonderful thing. The recent developments with the Bush crowd have been very disturbing to me. Bush's people like Linda Chavez have been too quick to play the race card. Like this immigration bill, if passed, they could destroy the Republican party. Not that I am tied to the party but it would seem a lot easier to correct the problems within the GOP than starting a new conservative party from scratch. I am very discouraged with the direction we are heading. Very disappointed with GWB. (Very little conservative leadership.) If someone like Ronald Reagan doesn't step forward soon, it could be very dark days ahead for America especially with Democrats in control of Washington.

  8. The Bill just codifies what you've supported for as long as we've been discussing the issue, rufus.

    You have never favored workplace enforcement. Told us you liked the low prices that criminal enterprises afforded your family to eat out.

    This makes all those workers legal, puts them into the System, not available for wage slavery.

    Ms Chavez qould have to file SS withholdings on her houskeepers.
    A double dose of reality for the elites.

  9. Well, let's don't rewrite history. RR started this amnesty bullshit when he signed Simpson-Mazzoli in 86'. He gave us the 12 million illegals we have now.

  10. AND, don't YOU rewrite MY speeches, Rat. I've always said I was in favor of some sort of "Reasonable" deal being worked out, and that I thought a lot of the Mexicans that are here illegally were actually a plus for the country (True, I might have got out in the weeds a bit on this one)

    BUT, I "NEVER" Came out in favor of anything as nutty as this bill.

  11. No, not at all.
    It was lack of enforcement, since that 1986 fiasco that has allowed the 12 to 20 million infiltrators to enter the country.

    The stampede has accelerated under the Bush Administration. Now that Amnesty is in the air, the traffic will increase, just as Mr Bush decreases the National Guard support to the Border Patrol, by almost half.

    It a rigged game.

    Not Reagan's fault, now that he's in the ground. Out of authority for over 18 years, now.

    grabibing for s straw to far, rufus, a straw to far.

  12. I meant someone who could promote Conservative values as Reagan did. As to the amnesty bill he signed, I doubt that he would have signed a second one. We have no excuse now, this will be the third wave. We know now, that amnesty will simply lead to another flood of illegals. The Government wishes to assure us that this time they will enforce the laws. Why should we believe them? That's another discouraging thing about all this. We can no longer trust our government. Oh, we can trust them to get guys like Scooter Libby or you or I, but otherwise they have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and that is a scary thing.

  13. I'm ticked off about one thing today. Five days ago or so, when I was in my 'acitvist mode' I sent a nice 4 paragraph letter to my liberal newspaper, to the letter to the editors column, and I know the letter was ok, and well written, cause I passed it past my wife, and she oked it, and hand delivered it to the newspaper office. By God, they still haven't published it If they don't publish it by Sunday, I'm going to be feeling I have been censored.

  14. The illegals have to leave, or be legalized.

    There are no other options.

    Mr Bush tells US the Government cannot be expected to make them leave, it is not possible, he said. That is a constant.

    You have always been against the fence, always against workplace enforcement. Not fair, you'd say. Just people wanting to better their lives, economic refugees.

    Well they have to be made to depart, or become legal.
    What other course is there?

    There are 20 million of them.
    8% of the US population and growing.

  15. Bob;
    Maybe they're holding it for their big circulation day. Maybe they want to have the most exposure. I hate to think that even Idaho has gone totally PC.

  16. Rufus, I have that 'soft spot' too, believe me. But citizenship, no. I think we can have that soft spot without giving the farm away to these folks, via the vote, citizenship, etc.

  17. Citizenship is a big deal. There is no going back from that.

  18. I tell you what I would support:

    1. The border must be closed and enforced as a prerequisite to all else.

    2. Stiff penalties enforced on employers. That should reduce the amount of illegals by 24-50%.

    3. A point system by country of origin.

    4. No credit towards social security payments made with a phony ID.

    5. The only way they could vote is that they have to return to their home and get in the back of the line for that country. No special status card where they could just come and go as they like.

    I am sure you all will have others.

  19. I have not always been against a fence, or workplace enforcement. You're making shit up. Doug asked me a couple of months back what I would do and my first three answers were deport the illegals in jail/prison as soon as they'd completed their sentences, shut down the border, and require proof of legality to work. Look it up.

  20. So is maintaining a sub-class of illegal wwage slaves, bob, a big deal.

    That is the status que.

    A gray market that crime flourishes in.

    But Mr Bush won't begin, today, working to improve the border security. No indeed, he is pulling the National Guard off that duty.

    So goes the battle.
    Trust but verify.

    I've verified there is no trust.

  21. I agree with Deuce's points except the one about social security contributions; those should go to the legitimate SS recipient otherwise this piece of crap, big spending government will get them.

  22. Rufus, just kick back a little, have some fun, and go Surfing

  23. We're talking about that little Mexican eatery, not far from your abode, rufus, where the prices are low, the help illegal, not just those infiltrators in prison.

    Oh no, we're talking about your waiter, and the cook.

    All of whom give that eatery an unfair advantage over the Mom and Pop US citizen pizzeria. Those that pay withholding taxes for their staff.

    Your position was made clear, if it saves you money, you're for it.

  24. The picture of the monster wild pig was named Fred. It was raised in captivity and sold to some hunting farm four days prior to the big hunt. Knowing something about a farm raised pig, that would be like shooting a pick up truck or your family dog. The pig probably took a few bad shots and tried to escape when he figured out what was going on..

    FRUITHURST, Alabama (AP) -- The huge hog that became known as "Monster Pig" after being hunted and killed by an 11-year-old boy had another name: Fred.

    The not-so-wild pig had been raised on an Alabama farm and was sold to the Lost Creek Plantation just four days before it was shot there in a 150-acre fenced area, the animal's former owner said.

    Phil Blissitt told The Anniston Star in a story Friday that he bought the 6-week-old pig in December 2004 as a Christmas gift for his wife, Rhonda, and that they sold it after deciding to get rid of all the pigs at their farm.

    "I just wanted the truth to be told. That wasn't a wild pig," Rhonda Blissitt said.

    Jamison Stone shot the huge hog during what he and his father described as a three-hour chase. They said it was more than 1,000 pounds and 9 feet long; if anything, it looked even bigger in a now-famous photo of the hunter and the hunted.

  25. Ah, heck I agree with you. I asked the other day, when I saw the two latinos waxing the floor at Albertson's, illegals for sure, what can I or should I do about it? Call the State Police? What? Albertson's, where I buy most of my food, is breaking some US law here, I am sure.

  26. I still don't see any bullet holes in that pig.

  27. What a bunch of crap. They chased poor old Fred for 3 hrs in a 150 Acre Fenced in area?


  28. If you study revolution, you know that it is hastened not by the extremely poor and illiterate but by the educated and often well off middle class.

    I have no way of knowing the economic or social status of the 23,500 agreeable suicide bombers already in the US. Ideology has spurred on the worlds revolutions and Islam is a bloody ideology, anathema to our American way of life. That alone tells me of the degree of peril we face of an immediate nature.

    The intelligence community should run a polling operation similar to the Pew operation in which they gather a list of those 23,500. They should then cleanse the country of this internal conflagration that simply waits for it's holy command. It would not be a hard operation to run.
    If they are willing to admit that suicide bombings are justifiable then they present a clear and present danger to this country and should be dispatched.

    As for the other 2.3 million, get 'em out of here. It seems to me to be common sense. Why do I know it? Because since Mohammad, and then much more since 2001, it’s become evident to me that it’s a fight, not just a disagreement, between civilizations, and urgent fight -- They mean to destroy our world, and we’re not going to have it.

    In Albert Camus’s novel, “La Peste,” “The Plague.” The plague goes into remission. The rats go back down into the sewer. But they’re always breeding. They’re always carrying the bacilli. And one day, they reemerge to spread "La Pesta" in our nation. Get them out and do not let them return.

    If we do not preempt the plague now and if only one tenth of those 23,500 decide to act in concert on any given day, we will have chaos and uncontollable panic in our country. People will begin hordeing food and shortly the shelves will be barren. People will demand their money from the banks. The nation will be a New Orleans of today, only much worse.

    And then the payback will begin, as it always does and slaughter will ensue.

    But for now one bite at a time. We must keep the Mexicans in Mexico or the eventual mongreliztion of this nation will be irreversible.
    Why do I say mongrelization, such a charged word. Because 50% of Mexican childen are born as bastards. A ninth grade education for a Mexican is "higher" education. I could go on, but go ahead, characterize it a different way if you can.

  29. Wal-Mart hired sub-contractors to clean their floors, that then hired the illegals.

    But you can be sure the Wal-Mart store managers knew who was in the store, at night. Or they'd not be managers for long, would they?

    Same as Albertson's, I'd wager.

    Call Homeland Security, we're still at "Orange" aren't we?

  30. bobalharb,

    To your question about what to do at Albertson's. I would ask for the manager and in a friendly tone ask him if he is confident that Albertson's is doing dur diligence on thier labor force?

    "Why what do you mean he/she will say"

    "Well I happen to see some people here who might not have all the required paperwork to be here, and buy the way do you have a businesss card and who do you report to?"

    That should do the job, but just to make sure give the regional VP a friendly call and go over the same territory..it will get the message across.

  31. If these folks are given the vote, they will use it, to our disadvantage. It may take some time, but that is what will happen. That is the message I write to my farmer friends here, this is an extremely foolish move, on our part, if we do it.

  32. Before we "go off" on business, consider this. If a business calls the Fed's checking on the validity of a SS number, they may be told that the Feds are unable to verify the number but cautions/warns the business not to discriminate against the applicant on that basis. Now, is that screwed up or what?

  33. I'm thinking about calling the State Police, and asking. I may go down to their office here, later today, and asking, "A citizen here knows laws are being violated, what happens now?"

    The State Police here are great, I like them, one officer lives not far away from me, always on the ball, about traffic tickets. What about something serious?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. JFK terrorist plot, Black Muslims from Trinidad.

  36. Bob:
    I'll bet the Idaho State Police are not trained to make Immigration arrests. That's another part of the charade. State and Local Police have been prevented from asking about someones immigration status.

  37. The nationalities of the illegal alien population in the Census Bureau estimate.
    North and Central America 5,312,990
    Mexico 3,871,912
    Cuba 216,297
    Dominican Republic 17,942
    El Salvador 336,717
    Guatemala 238,977
    Canada 156,231
    Haiti 48,003
    Honduras 138,000
    Jamaica 37,666
    Trinidad & Tobago 44,178
    Otr N&C America 345,067
    South America 624,419
    Argentina 35,958
    Brazil 77,000
    Colombia 174,786
    Ecuador 105,197
    Peru 68,174
    Otr S America 240,304
    Europe 1,113,683
    France 36,477
    Germany 113,327
    Greece 15,507
    Italy 62,456
    Netherlands 17,885
    Poland 92,684
    Portugal 33,874
    Spain 23,816
    U.S.S.R. (incl. Est., Lat., Lith.) 344,877
    United Kingdom 123,246
    Yugoslavia 110,280
    Other Europe 141,487
    Asia 1,363,419
    Middle East 114,818
    Iran 30,823
    Israel 24,372
    Africa 243,342
    South & East Asia 1,248,601
    China (incl. Taiwan) 226,886
    India 200,306

  38. That seems to be it, Whit. I know, they know, everybody knows, these people are here illegally, and wanting citizenship. Dang it, I'd almost want to make a citizens arrest, but I fear the getting in trouble deal. Those jobs at Albertson's should be going to some of our American youth here.

    I have a good lawyer here, that knows a lot of stuff. I am going to get ahold of him, Monday morning. He will have an answer.

  39. From the Pew Poll:
    "20% of American Muslims are native born African Americans who identify themselves as Sunni."

    Trained no doubt down at the local Wahabbist run storefront Mosque.

    Also from Pew:
    "More generally, native-born African American Muslims are the most disillusioned segment of the U.S. Muslim population. When compared with other Muslims in the U.S., they are more skeptical of the view that hard work pays off, and more of them believe that Muslim immigrants in the U.S. should try to remain distinct from society. They also are far less satisfied with the way things are going in the United States. Just 13% of African American Muslims express satisfaction with national conditions, compared with 29% of other native-born Muslims, and 45% of Muslim immigrants."

  40. Trinidad, a nice place mon, they speak the queen's wnglish there.

    Great accents, had a compadre at both Fort Hood, then later in Panama that was from Trinidad. He was a jolly ole Brit, in his own way. Black as black could be.

    His name escapes me.

  41. Sgt Williams, that's it.

    Bet those guesstimates are off, by 50% in some cases.

    But I love the detail that the numbers imply, the accuracy of saying that there are 15,507
    illegal Greeks in the US,

    That 7, that just makes it look so exact, as if they really knew. Because if they did know, exactly, then they know where all 15,507 of them are. Wouldn't they?

  42. Bush’s Push on Immigration Tests His Base
    (his remaining base is either clueless, or corrupt)
    Some of the president’s allies view him as pursuing amnesty for foreign law breakers when he should be focusing on border security.
    Times Topics: Immigration »

  43. Specialist Williams reminds me of one of the nicest guys I met in the Army.

    He happened to be black, which reminds me of a black guy I worked with who got circumsized while there:

    He reported extreme discomfort.

    I think "pain" had something to do w/it.

  44. Globalism and Free Trade are
    ALWAYS good for this country, Whit:

    Please delete your Error.

  45. W will smear and shame you, otherwise.

    Then comes the REAL Heat.

  46. Well, it's started:
    G8 Protestors Clash with
    German Police

    "ROSTOCK, Germany (AP) -- Protesters with black hoods and bandanas covering their faces showered police with rocks and beer bottles Saturday, before the heavily armored officers drove them back with water cannon and tear gas during a rally against an upcoming Group of Eight summit.

    Black smoke from burning cars mingled with the sting of tear gas in the harbor-front area of the northern German town of Rostock, where tens of thousands of people had gathered peacefully at the start of the day. The clashes broke out among hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators and police on the edges of the crowd as the rally progressed.

    Some 146 police were hurt, 25 of them seriously. Police said they made 17 arrests.

    It was an unruly start to what is expected to be a week of rallies against the three-day G-8 summit beginning Wednesday in the fenced-off coastal resort of Heiligendamm, 14 miles from Rostock."

  47. I would imagine so, doug.

    I got off the bus, at Fort Kobbe, to be greeted by ole Trinidad.

    Bag upon bag of TA-50, field gear, all my personal shit and possessions.

    "Don't leave that down here, these fuckas steal it, for sure."

    My welcome to the 518th Engineers.

  48. Follow up on death of Pakistan's Cricket coach.
    Police believe Woolmer died naturally.

  49. This entire "don't look.don"t see" began in the sixities when federal laws were passed that prevented the local police from reporting the ethnicity of a perp..in those days it was driven by outrage from NAACP,CORE,SCLC, all the negro civil rights clubs who formed a colored coalition around MLK. naturally the FBI, since they had followed MLK and his commie budddies around had to quit using stats too.

    Newspapers quickly fell in line, not reporting that the perp was white,black,brown or whatever..without statistics it became hard to pinpoint trends etc.

    Now everyone is a "picked on" subset of "American" each demanding their own way. First negros wanted intergration, then separation, then a new name du jour, blacks, African-Americans..Negro was just fine for Bayard Rustin Bayard Rustin as he wrote in a number of political tracts.

    Now Muslim cab drivers won't transport you if you are carrying alcohol...imagine what a pork BBQ sandwich would do!

    Illegal Mexicans within our borders demand DEMAND our government do things for them ..Bush has bent over forwards to accomodate them.

    Now come the amnesty Bush wants so so badly. W's brother Jeb and his hispanic wife Columba will be so proud.

    Well we're all gonna pay the bill while Bush is returning to the great state of Texacano. Shit on 'em all ..take it to the street.

  50. take it to the street.

    Well, OK. There's about 5 Million of us Vietnam Vets that have kinda been waiting for a chance to square off with a buncha fuckin hippies.

    I'll be on the Point.

  51. 45 percent of Marines, 37 percent of Army used elsewhere, yet to deploy

    I can't speak for the Army but ALL MARINES are trained as riflemen FIRST...people join the Marine Corps to "get some". That means go and kill the enemy.
    I feel sorry for those Marines who want action and can't get it.
    Now I understand that the tuba player at "8th and I" might not be of much value in Anbar but not all Marines play the tuba...and those that do still have to qualify.

  52. Rufus,
    Then they'll be two of us out front, we'll flank 'em ...

    Honest to G*d my soul is still not at rest from Vietnam. I guess it never will be. And the damnable part isn't any antipathy toward the Vietnamese, it's toward those "Americans" who followed Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. I know when I encounter an aged hippie who starts to mouth off I just have to leave immediately. I think they call it trauma.

  53. Miztuh Rufus suh,

    I gotz a kinfolk, "BullDog"Tater. Man he on ugly posum. cauz uv dat ugly he got a gud rage go'in on..no possum luv ul doit to a critter..he wantz da go as our mascot
    He dunt et much so I figure maybe you could use him to sniff out HE afor it getz you an Habu.

    ur frend

  54. I'd dun be hapy ta goes but da bog town ladies ..well you know..i means look at dat piture..iff'n you a she-sweet-tater could you pass on sum 'o Possumtater two back'in?

  55. Yeah, Habu, that Marine qualified with a rifle (at least, with that thing they call a rifle, nowadays) before they gave him a Tuba.

    Great plan, P'Tater; A HE-sniffing BD'Tater would be just what the Doctor ordered.

  56. Dang, when I saw that headline 'Terror Threat To Blow Up Kennedy' I was almost happy, thinking Ted, not the airport.

    But I am and continue to be, a law abiding American.

  57. Somebody threatened to flick a Bic when he exhales, AlBobAl.

  58. Actually, Habu, your operation Wetback link said it got canceled 'cause of the stink.
    Always easy when it's someone elses Ox, wife, or child that will be gored.

  59. Hey, 'Rat,
    (and anyone else that would like to contribute)
    Although you are too much a cynic to see signs of a coming Jeffersonian democracy in every new development, why isn't the Tribes Killing Al-Q good news overall?

  60. Back when we carried M-14's, we all had to qualify in Basic.

    AIT was next, although it was certainly not all infantry training all the time.

  61. Danica - Godaddy Team Up

    You never had anything to say about Mr. Parsons (ex Marine) when I mentioned him, 'Rat:
    You harbor a negative opinion, if I may ask?

  62. As Europe Self-Destructs

    Notes to the act stated, "Since a large group of people have their origins in another country, the Swedish population lacks a common history. The relationship to Sweden and the support given to the fundamental values of society thus carry greater significance for integration than a common historical origin."

    As 'Fjordman' explains, the act was nothing less than national suicide. "Native Swedes have... been reduced to just another ethnic group in Sweden, with no more claim to the country than the Kurds or the Somalis who arrived there last Thursday. The political authorities of the country have erased their own people's history and culture."

    This is what is happening to America .. really not a melting pot anymore, but a sewer of separarte ethnicities.

    Europe,the End

  63. With Korea as Model, U.S. Ponders Long Role in Iraq
    For the first time, the Bush administration is publicly discussing basing American troops in Iraq for years.
    Bridge Bombing Raises Tensions in Northern Iraq

  64. Habu,
    Our friend Harrison at Possumbistro has a ten mile long piece about an even longer piece by that Fj Ford guy.
    Followed by equally long comments between him, Allen, and others.
    Me, being your basic retard, never made it through the whole thing.

  65. With Korea as Model, U.S. Ponders Long Role in Iraq

    It worked for Korea, now a great economic success with great free people

    Korean Model for Iraq

  66. Doug ,thanks for the heads up....needless to say I can easily go to a Possumbistro!!

  67. Bob, I just saw your surfing link. All I can say is, "I don't know what to say."

    Except, "They're out of their Freak'in Minds."

  68. Gosh Doug,
    Didn't mean to step on your post...sometimes great minds yadda,yadda RE: Korean model for Iraq.

  69. Rufus,
    Not us that watch them girls.

  70. Doug, now you know what I mean when I use the phrase 'mis-spent youth'--that is a youth spent not doing all those things things that look so good, when you are a little too old to do them!

  71. and when you get to the age that you write things things twice....

  72. Fantasy life knows no age limit, AlBobAl.

  73. Rufus, rather, not Doug, jeez, I am making no sense...let's go surfin' now...

  74. Lets all go surfing together..I body surfed in Hawaii when I was a kid, but never had a board...man would I like to live it all again....and do it right, with not a thought for the morrow....

  75. NoFreeMustang-com

    The average illegal immigrant family receives an average of $30,000 in governmental benefits! Yet they pay only about $9,000 in taxes per year. That creates a $21,000 shortfall that the American taxpayer has to make up. That’s like buying each of these illegal immigrant families a brand new Mustang convertible—each and every year!” —Robert Rector, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation"

  76. bobalharb said...
    "Romney seems to go over really well with the fifty-something girls, that seems sure."

    Everything they wish we woulda been.
    If only they knew how much they'd miss our unique charms!

    ...besides, Mitt never asks em to trim their ear hairs!

  77. Come on, Doug, Rufus, Rat, Habu, Deuce, Whit, and all the rest of you...let's go surfing, we can commit suicide with the best of them young folk.

  78. well, doug, depends upon what the mission in Iraq REALLY is.

    If it is a mission to establish a nonfeudal republican government, then enlisting the Anbar tribes, not the Iraqi Army, to battle the aQ elements is direct testimony to the failure of four years of US policy in developing the ISF.

    On the ground, it may be a field expedient method to control aspects of Anbar, but it is a direct repudiation of our previous mission parameters.

    Which was to isolate, then diminish the influence of Tribal leadership in the new Iraq.

    Instead, today, we are strengthening their role in Iraqi Society.
    Same technique used by Saddam.

    It maybe that it is an effective way to police the area, but it is an admission of Policy failure to do so.

    We've come full circle since Mr Bremmer was Viceroy.

  79. Just sayin a dead Al-Q is better than a live one, no matter who killed him, right?

    ...and Mr Parsons?

  80. This is why duece is never around, off to the beach, it'd seem
    Jaco Beach

    But then in Florida, things are not always what they appear to be
    Who do you love?

  81. Mr Parsens, I don't listen to talk radio, so I conttinue to draw a blank when you mention him.

    Now GoDaddy was started in a house, next door to Col. Happersett's ranch. A totally outlaw operation, to start. Violated every zoning regulation in the book. My kind of guys.

  82. I am all for killing whomever deserves it, doug.
    Still do not think that aQ hands out ID cards to their troopers. Hard to tell who is part of "the Base" and who is just taggin' along for an exciting ride.

    The Tribes of Anbar have been respoonsible for over 2,000 US combat deaths, now those same riflemen are our friends and hope for the future.

    That's Amnesty, amigos

  83. Yeah, I was readin that the so-called Tribals are sometimes largely ex Baathists, many from high up the killin chain.

    But I say if they did their killin of innocent Iraqis and US Warriors before June 1, 2007, they're just strivers that deserve a helping hand.
    ...and, of course legal standing, legal aide, foodstamps and etc.
    But that AIN'T Amnasty, cause I say so!

  84. Just thot you might know Parsons since he's been so successful in Phoenix.
    Sounds like him "bending" the rules to take an unfair advantage.

    Before GoDaddy, he had an outfit called "Parsons Technology" I think, selling software and computer gadgets and computers.
    Sold it for a Bunch, I think.
    Haven't checked to see if GoDaddy is still the growth king.

  85. GoDaddy I know of, if this Parsons is GoDaddy, puts him in the big leagues.

    Started out right down the street, went public, made a mint, I'm led to believe.

  86. Last time I read his blog he had just decided not to go public at that time after all.
    Guess market conditions have "improved" since then.

  87. Looks like typical Scottsdale, to me.

  88. Whatever that means.

    The company line is that the Tribals were killin us cause we had the wrong strategy, and now with General Eienstein in charge, well what would you expect.

    Mighta known our gittin killed was OUR fault.

    Somethin we never woulda learned if we had killed THEM FIRST.

  89. Learning opportunities abound under the long war strategy.

  90. What ever, doug, the fact is the very same people that were our foes, are now recipients of US cash.
    Paid to play, nice.

    We could have taken that approach from the beginning, saving thousands, literally, of US lives. If the previous policy was bad, who is to blame?
    Where does that buck stop? General Casey was promoted, not relieved, Mr Bremmer, didn't he get a Medal of Freedom or some such.

    No apology, no remorse.
    Only dead GIs in a fools game.

  91. Forgot what the math was on dividing what we've spent by their population:

    Here's my twenty twenty masterplan:
    Divide the money up, deposit it in the women's names only, to be spent solely at their discretion over time, no lump sums encouraging a quick trip to Rasin Hell.
    Raisin Hell has a nice ring to it, don't it?

  92. 500 billion divided by 25 million
    That comes to $20,000 per Iraqi

    A new Mustang for each man, woman and child in Iraq.

    Just like illegals in the US.

    Cynical, nah.