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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Will of Allah

Caroline Glick's column ""Ahmadinejads Overlooked Message deserves a full post and a closer examination of the message which was delivered at the UN.

I was struck at how similar some of his words were to what I have heard on Sundays here in America about the effect and consequences of increasing secularization in the west.

The second cause for the world's woes is the world powers' rejection of Islam. As he put it, "The second and more important factor is some big powers' disregard of morals, divine values, the teachings of prophets and instructions by the Almighty God... Unfortunately, they have put themselves in the position of God!"

Thankfully for Ahmadinejad, this "corrupted" world order will soon be swept away. Either the "corrupted" powers will "return from the path of arrogance and obedience to Satan to the path of faith in God," or "the same calamities that befell the people of the distant past will befall them as well."

Concluding his UN remarks Ahmadinejad pledged, "Without any doubt, the Promised One who is the ultimate Savior... will come. In the company of all believers, justice-seekers and benefactors, he will establish a bright future and fill the world with justice and beauty. This is the promise of God; therefore it will be fulfilled."

But there is a huge difference between how Christianity and Islam view their places in the world. Christians are "in this world but not of it." Islam is the world. Ahmadinejad makes no pretensions otherwise and has clearly stated what too many try to deny about unfettered Islam and the host state. There is absolutely no separation of Mosque and State in the ideal Islamic world and the danger to the infidel west lies in the fact that the soldiers of Allah have a state sponsor. Ahmadinejad has delivered his religious leaders' second message to the world body that Allah will exact justice for the infidelity of the world. Ahmadinejad has gone to the World body and issued Islam's indictment against the Satan serving United States. Just as bin Laden issued three warnings against the United States, Iran is fulfilling its Koranic obligation to do the same before they begin wielding the sword of Allah against the Great Satan's people (in particular, its women and children).

Unless change occurs in Iran, there is no way to avoid a coming war which has the potential to widen to the entire world umma. Iran's nuclear ambitions mean that this war will come sooner rather than later.


  1. Trish would rather fight the Soviet Union.

  2. trish is a lifer, used to the "old" threat, comfortable with it. It was understandable, to a product of a lifetime spent in the socialized syetems of the US military.

    The concept of fighting a population, not another Army nor even selected evil doers, that's incomprehensible to a "Army Man", especially after twenty years or more, "in the system".

    If the Iranians are really to be considered a threat, then they must be defeated. If they are a military threat, then they must be defeated militarily, if they are an ideological threat, the military solution, as presently applied, will continue to fail.

    Half measures, such as "message" sending air raids and other limited engagements will fail to deter the Iranians, those type of military half measures will only embolden them, ideologically.

    The Governator is showing the US the way, divestiture and US economic leverage would be enough to eliminate the current Iranian threat, if aggresively applied.

    But the US refrains from even those limited methods of coercion, indicating that the powers that be do not consider the Iranians to be any kind of a real threat at all.

    Based upon US actions towards Iran, or the lack there of, really.

  3. "There is absolutely no separation of Mosque and State in the ideal Islamic world and the danger to the infidel west lies in the fact that the soldiers of Allah have a state sponsor."

    The most notable sponsor being us. Which is bin Laden's signal charge against apostate Muslim governments, which in his view post a grave danger to Islam.

  4. "Trish would rather fight the Soviet Union."

    Trish is waiting for the Helsinki Accords to be rewritten and reissued for Iran. Which they most certainly will be.

  5. Post modern strategy calls for the population to be "won over", but not defeated.
    Liberated, not beaten.
    Empowered, not ruled.

    So we are where we are.

    Pakistan is still the eye of the Mohammedan Storm. The mussulmen allowed to retrain, reconstitute and rearm. In the bosom of the ISI.

    Those mussulmen nukes, they will be in the hands of the jihadists, well before the Iranians can ever process enough enriched uranium or plutonium to build a bomb, let alone deliver it.

    But the misdirection of the public's attention, managed from the White House, continues.

  6. The flow of propaganda, from DC, ignores the Wahabbists, ignores the Baathists, ignores the nuclear proliferators in Pakistan.
    It even ignores aQ, now.
    Osama, not worthy of mention, dead or alive. Officially rendered impotent, by White House staffers.

    The propaganda machine is focused upon Iran. Beating the jingoist drums, against an ideological foe, that US military actions have empowered, beyond the Iranians wildest, pre 2003 dreams.

  7. "Those mussulmen nukes, they will be in the hands of the jihadists, well before the Iranians can ever process enough enriched uranium or plutonium to build a bomb, let alone deliver it."

    That's what Steve at Threatswatch says, anyway.

  8. It's what I've believed for years,
    ever since I started thinking about it.

    For what that is worth.

    Look to the real threats, not those that are politically contrived to please the Sauds.

  9. If we're contriving a threat to please the Saudis, Ahmadinejad is cooperating wonderfully.

  10. If the Iranians are not a "threat" how else could the US sell the rest of the Region $100 Billion USD in new US weaponry?

    Gotta keep the arms market active.

    Who would buy weapons from US, to protect themselves from the Pakistani?

    Certainly not the Sauds or the Israeli.

  11. The Islamoids scare the hell out of me, I'll say that. They are insane, all of them. I'd rather deal with the Moscow City Council, even as currently constitutued.

  12. "It's what I've believed for years,
    ever since I started thinking about it."

    And the years will continue to pass just as they have. Without a jihadist takeover of Pakistan.

    "Look to the real threats, not those that are politically contrived to please the Sauds."

    Is it the Sauds that are egging us on to war with Iran? Enemy promotion: That's a game anyone can play.

  13. Pronounced mos-co, as I learned from Garrison Keillor.

  14. Sure he is, it's Abracadbra's game as well.

    Nothing would please him more than some "message sending" airstrikes.
    Consolidate his and the Revolutionary Guards position, in Iran.

    It'd be time to "rally round the flag". Just as it was here, post 9-11.

    Iran is by no means monolithic, but all despots need an "outside" enemy, from "afar". We certainly provide one for the mullahs.

    Unless we were to devestate Iranian infrastructure, bring the entire country to it's knees. Starving tens of thousands of Iranians when the food stuff delivery systems collapse. When there is no electrical power and no bridges left standing in the country. When their entire structure is destroyed, then the "war" would be conclusive.

    But that is not post modern strategy. Limited airstrikes are.
    They will fail to stop the Iranians, the strikes would empower the Iranian mullahs, ideologically.

    Ideological advancement, which is where and what this "war" is all about. The mussulmen gain when we take half measures, which is all we have done, which is all we will do.

  15. Better to take no military action, if half measures are all that is in the kit.

    Iraq is a prime example of half stepping to infamy.

  16. The Bush family and Mr Bandar, they're connected at the hip.

  17. "Iraq is a prime example of half stepping to infamy."

    Au contraire.

    Galloping to it.

  18. The jihadi do not need to "take over" Pakistan. Not to gain control of a nuclear weapon.

    Just need some civil unrest and sympathetic guards.

    I mean, just look at how sloppy US security is with nuclear warheads. Loading them on the hardpoints of a B52.
    Why expect the Pakistani to do nuclear weapon security any better?

    The jihadi gaining access to Pakistani nukes, at least as probable as the Iranians getting the bomb and delivery systems and then using them.

  19. He didn't say that in the linked article.

  20. Mr McCain was sent to the Senate, as recompence for his POW captivity.
    Take little of what he says as being gospel or even right.

    Though he is correct about US vunerability to oil infrastructure attacks outside the US.

  21. "Just need some civil unrest and sympathetic guards."

    Um. No.

  22. Pakistani security so lax, Dr Kahn was able to sell portions of their Program, with NO ONE in authority knowing of it. As he used Pakistani military aircraft to transport the materials sold.

    That is lax security.

    Beware! the Pakistani capacity is "out there" and we are not.

  23. "That is lax security."

    We've had that problem ourselves. What's a few nuclear secrets between friends?

    And we are all friends.

  24. Why expect the Pakistani to do nuclear weapon security any better?

    Because the Pakis have, maybe, ten. Whereas the US has many thousands.

  25. Btw,

    Can anyone please explain why the US is still friends with the Pakis?

  26. McCain sure says some stuff that is hard to figure out.

  27. "Can anyone please explain why the US is still friends with the Pakis?"

    It's rude to answer a question with a question, but why are the Israelis still friends with the Egyptians and the Jordanians?

  28. If we did seven years in a North Vietnamese stir we would babble once and awhile. McCain deserves a seat at the bar.

  29. Because of Carter Clinton and Bush?

  30. Mat,
    Sun Sep 30, 05:05:00 PM EDT
    Um. No.
    (I've learned that's such a devastatingly Hip thing to say that the opposition is left prostrate, pathetically rubbing their prostates.)

  31. Hell, Slow, if I had just pulled off some of the carrier deck heroics like McCain did, you'd never hear the end of it.

  32. Definitely not because of Caroline Glick.

  33. "I've learned that's such a devastatingly Hip thing to say that the opposition is left prostrate, pathetically rubbing their prostates."

    Or their chickenhawk hard-ons, as the case may be.

  34. Mr McCain is not as embarassing to AZ as Mr Byrd is to WV.

    Mr McCain, much like Mr Thompson, in that he shows well & hits the marks.
    Consistently on the "wrong" side of constituent issues with regards Federal agencies in AZ.
    Mr McCain consistently sides with the DC crowd, leaving the real work to the newly elected Democratic Congressmen, who have come through.
    AZ is goin' Blue.
    See it happening, day by day.

  35. I guess I HAVE been too harsh on old John.

    BTW, we now have 140 miles of border fence.

  36. Could someone explain to me why if GW Bush had gone to the UN and spoken of the Lord's second coming the world would be absolutely apoplectic. Yet when Amadjihadi not once but twice prays for Allahs hastened return, you can hear crickets chirp?

  37. I think Martin Van Crevald explained that, whit.

  38. Because, whit, Iran and Abracabra are powerless and contained, in the real world.
    Unlike the world's perception of the US & Mr Bush.

    A backwater President can speak of the "second coming", because no one cares. Let the Headliner behave that way, folks would think he's aiming for Armegeddan.

    The Iraninas can only get to the dance if we bring them along.

  39. There are only 6,500 miles of border, rufus, discounting the coasts.
    150 miles, that'd be 2.3%.

    If we thought the Canadian border not worthy of a fence, and only thought the 2,100 miles of Mexican frontier worthy of fencing.

    Why that'd be 7% completed, since the authorization was signed on 26 Oct 06.
    At this rate, the fence will be finished in 14 years.
    Assuming continued funding in by the next Administration.

  40. van Creveld: I doubt whether the U.S military leadership has followed either Clausewitz or Sun Tzu, or else it would hardly have gotten itself involved in an unwinnable war in Iraq.

    In the future as in the past, both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu will undoubtedly have a lot to offer.
    As to the U.S, I do not see that it follows any particular set of principles except hypocrisy: meaning, the heart-felt need to dress up its extraordinary hunger for power with fine-sounding phrases about freedom, democracy, women's rights, etc. You believe the current US involvement in Iraq will end up like the Vietnam War. What are the major parallels? In a more philosophical sense, why do we as human beings do not tend to learn from our history and past mistakes, especially in a serious matter as warfare?

    van Creveld: Both Iraq and Vietnam are, to use the terminology I developed in The Transformation of War, non-trinitarian conflicts. Experience shows that almost all countries that tried to fight such wars from, let us say, 1941 on, have lost, as did the U.S itself in both Vietnam and Somalia. Why should the war in Iraq end up differently?
    I think that war, i.e. politically-organized armed conflict, is part of human nature; recent observations have even confirmed the existence of something very like it among chimpanzees. Therefore it is almost certainly going to be with us as long as humanity itself lasts.

    As history since Hiroshima shows, the best, perhaps the only, way to curb war is to deter it with such overwhelming force as to turn it from a struggle into suicide.
    The best way to mitigate it is to use all possible means to bring it to a speedy end.

    I think both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu would agree on these points.

  41. Well I guess you COULD SAY that we've done 125 miles since the last time we looked a couple of months ago, and at that rate we'll have it done in 3 years. OR, you could say, we're just gearing up and it'll be done in a year.

    They're trying, evidently, to have about 350 miles done by the election. I guess they'll probably make it.

    Heck, it's a start.

  42. BTW, the more miles of fence, the more people are freed up to reinforce the unfenced portion.

    It'll have an effect.

  43. Yep, 150 to 170 miles a year, if the "Goal" is 350miles completed by the '08 election.

    Two years from the Authorization, 350 miles, 175 per year. Averaged.

    150 miles this first year, hoping for 200 miles in the next.
    Even at 200 miles a year, ten more years to the project, to build a static defensive line.

    Piss poor performance by any reasonable standard.

    That is pitifully poor performance.
    Not what one would call a "Vital Interest" being served.
    No, more like "Eye Candy".

  44. “.. turn it from a struggle into suicide.“

    As Saddam, Assad, Ahmadinjihad, and like minded fellows, are to find out.

  45. Well, anyway, it's better than 14.

  46. Mr. McCain isn't nearly so embarrassing to Arizona as Mr. Craig is to Idaho. Talk about embarrassing....

  47. Doubt it, mat.

    We did not kill Saddam.
    Nor Ho Dhi Minh.

    If the US Army had not rolled to Baghdad, Saddam would still be there. 1991 proved that.

    If the US Army does not roll to Tehran, the mullahs will win.

    Because the US is not fighting a "war", despite the rhetoric.

    Hell the World Bank is still funding Iranian projects with US funding. As money is fungible.

    There is no war.

    30,000 troops home for the 4th of July
    Gonna have a parade

    The GOP could play it to their advantage, but it'd take some balls. Cajones that the GOP leadership just does not have.

  48. ”Piss poor performance by any reasonable standard.”

    I disagree. 175 x 1.6 = 280 km per year. About a one km a day, that's pretty good progress.

  49. “We did not kill Saddam.”

    Right. Tell that to his supporters.

  50. “If the US Army does not roll to Tehran, the mullahs will win.”

    Again, I disagree. A death by a thousand cuts, is still a death.

  51. Van Creveld's one of those rare individuals who is brilliant, but often goes completely off the deep-end on certain things due to his personal prejudices. Resentful anti-Americanism is one of them.

  52. Saddam is as dead as the ancient Romans. But he had that 'fuck you' attitude right to the very end.

  53. His last book, in particular, was dreadful.

  54. Actually, I guess I shouldn't have said it was rare. It probably isn't, most people are probably "off" on a few things.

  55. 2,100 x 1.6 = 3,360. ten years.

    Not a national priority
    Just an eye candy project.

    Will not make it through the next Administration, there'll be 350 miles of fence, that'll be the end of it, watch and see.

    If it was an important issue, to the US Government, They'd double or triple the rate of construction, hell, they'd finish the thing. Even at a million a mile, which is about what a hiway costs, only 2 billion bucks, it'd have be done, end to end, in two years.
    Four or five days worth of Iraq cash flow.

    Such major projects used to be the morm, not the exception.
    When the US was exceptional.

  56. dRat,

    When the general construction boom sufficiently slows, manpower can be diverted to this project.

  57. Ahh, but then it is no war.
    With the US being more suseptable to being "cut" than the Iranians are.

    The US not even cuttinng Iran finacially, yet.

    Knock 5 to 10 thousand off the US per capita GNP, see who bleeds the most.

    The Iranians are already living in mud huts. How much further could they fall, while the US public, not ready to stumble let alone fall, over Iran.

    The blow back is to risky for the DC crowd. Not in the plan, Stan

  58. It is not manpower, but will.

    The US Army could be building the fence, if it was important.
    It is not.

    Construction will cease, be over, with the next election.
    It is, always was, a matter of money, not men.

    Eye Candy
    Ten years at the current build out rate, a rate that will not be sustained by the next Administration

  59. I hear they're having a hard time finding "Mexican" laborers:)

  60. "The blow back is to risky for the DC crowd."

    That leaves you happily in the position of being able to advocate for it on the ground of the well-being of everyone else. For a populist, that's a pretty good stand, I'd say.

  61. WHIT: He didn't say that in the linked article.

    He didn't say that in the first paragraph of the linked article. You gotta read down a bit.

  62. RUFUS: They're trying, evidently, to have about 350 miles done by the election. I guess they'll probably make it.

    The President of Mexico says free trade should include the labor commodity. No word yet on when he plans to open up his southern border.

  63. Ms T:
    I'm sorry you're right. I read the darn article a couple of times. Too quickly, I guess.

  64. Kasparov throws Chess Piece in Ring

    The best of luck to Mr. Kasparov.

  65. T said:No word yet on when he plans to open up his southern border.

    I think we all have a pretty good idea when that'll take place. and, with "Global" warming, it's unlikely to be Real Soon.

  66. If the US wanted to build that fence quickly, just hire one of the more aggresive construction companies in the Americas to do it.

    Mexico's top construction firm ICA (ICA.MX: Quote, Profile, Research) (ICA.N: Quote, Profile, Research) aims to participate in Panama's $5.25 billion canal expansion as part of an international consortium, the company's chief executive said on Friday.

    Panama began work on the canal expansion on Sept. 3 to build a new lane and set of locks to double capacity and allow longer, wider ships to transit the 50-mile (80-km) waterway from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    "We are studying a way to form part of a consortium to prequalify to build the locks in the Panama canal," Chief Executive Jose Luis Guerrero told Reuters at a company event in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.
    ICA is trying to grow its construction portfolio and this month won an $800 million contract to build one of the world's tallest dams, La Yesca, in western Mexico.

    Guerrero said ICA's plans would not take the company into debt and it has enough financing to continue bidding for infrastructure projects.

    "We don't see any problem in closing our financing, even with market volatility," he added.

    ICA hopes to sign its La Yesca contract on Sept. 21 and to start work on Sept. 27, backed by its first loan for the project of $80 million.

    Shares in ICA rose 0.17 percent to $23.27 in New York and slipped 0.1 percent to 64.56 pesos in Mexico City, where shares in general fell on Friday.

    Plenty of qualified help to hire, leagally.

  67. I advocate against it, trish.

    Let others advocate for it, there are not many, politicos, that do.

    Though few politicos will vote to limit Presidental Authority to do so, when given the opportunity.

    I do not see where attacking Iran is in the US's best interests, let alone it's "Vital Interests".

    On balance there is little to be gained, much to be risked.

  68. You ever run into that guy in my Iran link above, 'Rat?
    Says he spent some time down Panama way.

  69. Mexico does not have a Free Trade Agreement with Guatemala or Honduras, let alone Nicoland.

    There is not yet an Americas Free Trade Zone. When there is, rest assured, Mexico will honor it, be a major part of it.

    They hold a good hand, low cost labor and can export a million barrels of oil every day.

    The US claimed soverignty in Granada, to secure the safety of US citizens.
    The Mexican government has the same responsibility to its' citizens abroad. The labor of the citizens one of Mexico's major exports, with remittances to Mexico, by workers in the US, almost $13.3 Billion USD annually.

    With a per capita GDP of $10,000 per year and a capita base of 110,000,000, that's 1% of GDP, but goes directly to the people, so there is considerable purchasing power to that 1.2%.

    An economic force multiplier that the Mexican government will do what it can to protect.

    A May 28, 2004 study by Bendixen & Associates6 found that legal and illegal immigrants send a total of $30 billion to their home countries on an annual basis. Mexico receives $13.3 billion a year. The largest amount in remittances ($9.6 billion) is sent from California, followed by New York ($3.6 billion), Texas ($3.2 billion) and Florida ($2.5 billion). Of those surveyed by the study, 24% were Latin American-born U.S. citizens, 39% were legal residents, and 32% were illegal aliens. Sixty-one per cent of those surveyed send remittances overseas at least once a month. A typical remittance is between $150 and $250.

  70. No, not from Panama but this

    Today, Carney is the president of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in Tampa, Fla., a nonprofit organization that helps children who have lost a parent in a special operations mission or training accident.

    Brings up a John McCain story.
    Col Happersett and I organized a fund raiser for the above mentioned charity, in 2003.

    Turned out to be on D-Day +3 or 4, as I recall.
    Anyway, Big John sits on the Board of that charity. But try as we might Big John's office did it's level best to ignore us. That they'd blow off the Col., that was surprising. He'd run with Bull Simmons, the Foundation initially being set-up for the children of the Desert One casualties under Simmons's command.

    Just to busy, I guess, to write a letter we could have published, for a fund raising event for a charity he sat on the Board of, in his home town.

  71. Bob,

    If one does not play, can we say one still does not lose?

  72. "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country... Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

    Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865

    By 1913 the Senators were free from the authority of their States and a Federal income tax was made Constitutional.

    Almost 100 years of legal and cultural modification. To get where we are, today
    Mr Wilson's ideas still holding sway. Empowered and reinforced by those that define the Course.

    The Ivy Leaguers and those that aspire to hold personal power and control.

    Still crazy after all these years...

  73. My brother always used to whip my ass at chess Mat so I am staying away from that game!

  74. God Bless Abe, yet I think it is more complex than that.
    We need corporations, we can't all be small farmers like myself. I have seen corporations come, and corporations go. We have some wonderful ones..Deere, Cat..Boeing..we wouldn't be the country we are without some of these great American corporations.

  75. We would not have been able to put Hitler and Company in their proper place, which is dead, without Boeing and Rosie the Riveter.

  76. "... an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

    Mr Hsu bundled $850,000 in contributions. Mr Soros ...
    The Military Industrial Complex, Corporate to it's soul.
    The Saudi influence, the entire web of modern life.

    "... and the Republic is destroyed."

    The Republic he knew has been destroyed.

    The Roosevelt/Taft era reforms have seen to that.
    For better or for worse.
    We span the globe now,
    most certainly did not, then.

  77. Bob,

    Chess is like any other game. Once you learn how fsckjudtsu your opponent’s momentum to have them fly to the floor, it’s easy.

  78. Mr Cunningham, Mr Stevens, Mr Hastert all fed at the public trough. Some more corruptly than others.
    Mr Reid ...

    The list is endless.
    Power corrupts, add in the power to tax and the Federal Income Audit.

    The Republic that Mr Lincoln fought to maintain, has morphed so greatly, that his original is destroyed, as predicted.

  79. "Mr Wilson's ideas still holding sway. Empowered and reinforced by those that define the Course.

    The Ivy Leaguers and those that aspire to hold personal power and control.
    The clever part is letting THE PEOPLE be Definers and Holders, to a degree:
    Just gradually dial in taxes and benefits until a greater number benefit above and beyond their individual tax burden. (when greater than zero)
    From that point on, it becomes a simple process of promising more to the benefactors in exchange for their votes.
    Works just f


  80. "Just f"
    Just about sum it up!

  81. I knew I'd heard the name, 'Col Happersett' before, I just forgot where.
    That is a Classic Big John Story, but I guess there are many.
    He's never been too busy for a TV booking, that I know of, tho, 'long as the host is National, ...and liberal.

  82. That is really what Mr Paul is proposing.

    Repealing the income tax
    Which return personal freedom and liberty, privacy of your papers

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches ...

    A search of your papers ...
    what else is an audit?

    What business of the Federals should it be how much money anyone makes?

    That they should get a share.
    As if it was theirs, by right

    Mr Taft, more consequential than one would be led to believe.

  83. Without This we would not be having his discussion.

  84. This NYTimes article, is a pdf copy from an interesting 1911 piece about Mr Taft and his visit to and speach at the Masonic Lodge in Newark.

    Interesting indeed.

    Taft defeated Roosevelt for the Republican nomination in a bruising battle in 1912 that forced Roosevelt out of the GOP and left Taft's people in charge for decades. William Howard Taft remains the only U.S. President to finish third in a bid for reelection.

    During World War I he helped set national labor policy that reduced strikes and generated union support for the national cause.
    In 1921, he became Chief Justice. As President and Chief Justice he helped make the federal courts, especially the Supreme Court, much more powerful in shaping national policy.

    Boner to the core.

  85. A bunch of good hearted dirt farming constitutionalists out here in Latah County Idaho armed with 20 guage shotguns got No Chance against this.


    GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732-1799)
    First President (1789-1797)
    Initiated: November 4, 1752,

    JAMES MONROE (1758-1831)
    Fifth President (1817-1825)
    Initiated: November 9, 1775, St. John's Regimental Lodge in the Continental Army.

    ANDREW JACKSON (1767-1845)
    Seventh President (1829-1837)
    Initiated: May 5, 1851,

    JAMES KNOX POLK (1795-1849) Eleventh President (1845-1849)
    Initiated: June 5, 1820,

    JAMES BUCHANAN (1791-1868) Fifteenth President (1857-1861)
    Initiated: December 11, 1816,

    ANDREW JOHNSON (1808-1875)
    Seventeenth President (1865-1869)

    JAMES ABRAM GARFIELD (1831-1881) Twentieth President (July 2 - September 19, 1881)
    Initiated: November 19, 1861,

    WILLIAM McKINLEY (1843-1901)
    Twenty-fifth President (1897-1901)
    Initiated: May 1, 1865,

    THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919)
    Twenty-sixth President (1901-1909)
    Initiated: January 2, 1901, Brother and President Roosevelt issued an Executive Order, dated, October 17, 1901 changing the name of the "Executive Mansion" to the "White House".

    WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT (1857-1930) Twenty-seventh President (1909-1913)
    Initiated: February 18, 1909. Brother and President Taft addressed the Brethren, saying, "I am glad to be here, and to be a Mason. It does me good to feel the thrill that comes from recognizing on all hands the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man."

    WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING (1865-1923) Twenty-ninth President (1921-1923)
    Initiated: June 28, 1901, Marion

    Thirty-second President (1933-1945)
    Initiated: October 11, 1911,

    HARRY S TRUMAN (1884-1972) Thirty-third President (1945-1952)
    Initiated: February 9, 1909,

    GERALD RUDOLPH FORD (1913-2006) Thirty-eighth President (1974-1977)
    Initiated: September 30, 1949,

    The Boners, Bush & Kerry follow in the footsteps of the Masters.

    The Masonry, more underground in the post modern age. But we are where we are, by accident or design.

  87. Well, actually, to the "Beneficiarys" as well as the "Benefactors."
    What was I thinkin?
    The real true and
    being the All-American Taxpayer.
    That'd be you, LeRoy!

  88. I think the Free-Masons are not all that bad, and I can argue the point with you Rat, and would like to do so tomorrow or the next day. I am really tired now, but it is a good subject and let's engage on the morrow--night.

  89. We mighta run out of Bomber Pilots, tho, AlBob, if it had not been for this fighter:
    North American P-51 Mustang

  90. I'm not sure the Masonic influence is totally negative. I could argue forthrightly that it is not.

    But it is indicitive of two things.
    They were fundemental in founding the Nation. Mr Washington and Monrow proof enough.

    A good thing.
    A Radical thing.

    The era of McKinely, Roosevelt & Taft, 16 years, set the stage for the modern Nation. A Radical departure from what had been.

    FDR & Mr Truman, what more era of Radical Change has there been for the Nation, based upon the foundations laid by those before them.

    Incremental change over 200 years.

    Intellegent Design or a series of accidents?

    Putting US at the top of the heap, with the highest standard of living with the least governmental interference for the most number of people of any Nation in the world.

    300 million of US, livin' large.

    Not a bad thing, at all.

    Compared to living in Darfur.

  91. " I am really tired now, "
    Poor guy can't admit he feels
    Sorry, AlBob!

  92. There used to be a Canuck at BC that seemed to be a limitless source of info wrt the Founders and the Masons.
    Last seen at that Yarg place.
    I'll visit and see if he's still there.

  93. With a prospect of another 8 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush
    from 20 years to 24 or 28.

    One reason Mr Bush retained many of the Clinton appointees? Continuity of the reigme ...

    Now that'd be something.

    Currently we've already passedthe the Masonic Trio's combined term of
    16 years

    FDR & Truman the Masonic duo made it to 20 years in office, combined.

    Equaled today, but if Ms Clinton gains the White House ...

    It will break the mold

  94. "Truepeers" was his nick.
    Seemed a real Brain.
    FW That's Worth.

  95. "One reason Mr Bush retained many of the Clinton appointees? Continuity of the reigme ..."
    Also, the GD Moron's never done anything different, to my knowledge.
    If he owned a Restaurant, and caught a cook taking food out the back door, he'd promote him to Foodlocker Moniter, just to demonstrate his limitless compassion.
    ...the Restaurant would obviously have to be taxpayer subsidized, or funded by some of Daddy's Texas Oil Buddies. sic

  96. Ike gave warning of what he saw coming.

    He'd been there, when the WWI vets marched on Washington. When they were dispersed by armed force, the cavalry on the march.

    On the march, to the missle gap.

    Building a War Machine we cannot use

  97. You look upon them as if they were seperate entities, doug.

    It is just the Federals, with a few name cards changed.

    The essential policies that Bush had planned to pursue, opening the flow to Mexico, did not need a change of prosecutors.

    The Clinton holdovers muddled on. No change in deportation or other parts of what mattered most, to Mr Bush. He may have gotten to them in last half of 2001, if September 11th hadn't interfered.

    Hard to say what would have been
    But Mr Bush had no "Conservative" agenda that he was promoting.

  98. WW I Vets had nothin on FDR's WWII "Vets," all his men who got a taste of centralized control, and big buck funding to boot during the War, decided to test it out in Peacetime.
    Hell, Galbraith made an Entire Philosophical/Political Edifice out of it, and further enriched his coffers sellin books about it.
    Then came McNamera's Best and Brightest War.
    Good Long one, that.

  99. I liked Trupeers. He used to post here, but I can't find him anymore.

  100. Yeah, he could have perhaps at least put in a few of his own, with a bit more loyalty, and less leaks.
    Woulda kept me on board a while longer, at least.
    Course the CIA woulda still leaked like a Sieve, and Powell, well he did bring him in again as his own personal backstabber.

  101. The Monroe Doctrine
    Teddy and the Canal

    Globalists of their day.

    The Masonic trio, they'd see the results of the handiwork, and be proud.

    It does me good to feel the thrill that comes from recognizing on all hands the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man."

    Mission accomplished, so far.

    Expand the inalienable rights to another 140,000,000 million people in the Americas.

    Gotta give it a go.
    In incremental progressions.

  102. Without 9-11 ...
    what would the Bush tenure have been like?

  103. Rat you can't be serious with this skull and bones stuff.

    Well, yes you can, but then you have to demonstrate how it corresponds to - rather drives - political/philosophical trends.

  104. The Reforms of the Masonic Trio Era made the Federals pretty much unaccountable to the people, under the guise of greater democracy.

    Smooth as silk, actually.

    While providing bombast enough to disguise continuity.

  105. It's become an alternate reality for him Trish!
    Beats a mugging by illegals in Phoenix.

  106. Um. That's a little thin. And I'm not going to go Googling for you.

  107. With that Lynne and Cynthia pair, It'd be Oogling, Not Googling.

  108. There's a fraternity brother of mine, a year below me. One of the smartest and kindest people I ever met - didn't drink and never caused trouble. Had been a moderate democrat last I knew. Found out he's now an enthusiastic Libertarian who works in domestic at AEI. Just sent me an email with Byran Kaplan's latest in Reason, actually. Between the two of us we turned another two of our brothers over the summer.

    Still hope.

  109. I had an odd fraternity, to say the least. Already seen two of them have emails published at the 5 out of a total of 43 went into the military or coast guard, that I know of.

  110. 43 being the frat's size when I was a freshman, can't track most of the people below me.

  111. I was speaking to Rat, Doug.

    (Cynthia McKinney, oh my. Made our morning Atlanta Journal interesting, I'll say that.)

  112. I'll always remember the story my Doc told me about his public HS in NJ:
    All but 1 out of 243 went on to graduate college, I think, and the one was killed in Nam.
    His folks being teachers, could hardly afford the neighborhood, but they managed, so that he could go to school there.

    Now HIS son makes multiples of what he makes as a Big Time Corporate Lawyer.
    ...another rich Jooish Lawyer!

  113. All 5 were white, 4 rich families and 1 middle class.

  114. Drive?

    It's a Team surfing relay.

    Can't control the wave, but can ride it, manage it.

    Fraternities that are of greater personal importance than loyalty to political parties?

    I certainly believe that to be the case. Know it for a fact.

    Ask any Ranger or Marine, past or present.

    In the "Big Tent" you gotta have the ushers to run the floor.

    Ideological beliefs that are greater than a political party's "platform".
    One would hope that a non-sectarian fraternal order would promote the central ideas of human progress.

    One outside of the Church of Rome and beyond Mecca's Rock.

    I know for a fact that other aspects of the modern conspiritorial backroom world management exist. They paid my daddy for his labors in their cause.
    Tri-lateral way.
    In the Birkshires.
    With the Sauds and in Kuwait.
    In Brazil and Mexico.

    Men of common belief and faith, working for common goals, bettering humanity.

    Not even hiding, but back in the day, proud of their pact of Fraternal Brotherhood.

    Charts and trends. Prove it is not the case, that the fraternity WAS NOT an influence, when Mr Taft certainly thought it was, and a positive one indeed.

    That during the trio's tenure the changes were not made, that they and other Masonic members had no influence on the reforms.

    Can't be done.

    If one wanted to return to the roots, back to before ...

    It'd take a group of dedicated citizens that believed in the righousness of their cause, through the generations it takes to achieve cultural change.

    Driving force, not at all.
    Just trying to guide the run-a-way six up team.

  115. Cynthia could Probably Purge the Urinal and Constipation all by herself, if she put her "mind" and Soul to it.

  116. Inspiring story Doug.

    Somewhere Bill McKinney weeps.

  117. We could hope the Globies could be stopped at a rejuvenated border.
    Course we can hope for the Tooth Fairy Too.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Rat, none of that takes an underground fraternity.

  120. Cynthia's Dad, Bill, was reputed to be at least as openly antisemitic as she is.
    The musician Bill Mckinney, William "Bill" McKinney was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky!!!

  121. "The second and more important factor is some big powers' disregard of morals, divine values, the teachings of prophets and instructions by the Almighty God... Unfortunately, they have put themselves in the position of God!"
    The big accomplishment of Jesus was to ban the practice of human sacrifice throughout the world.

    Its no accident that the power of homosexuals has grown by leaps and bounds since roe v wade. abortion is considered by many to be a form of child sacrifice.

    human sacrifice and homosexuality in the priesthood were the twin pillars of ancient religions. Cortez encountered the same thing as Abraham. His reaction was the same.

  122. Which of the two Skull and Bone alumni, running in the last Presidental election, GWBush of JFKerry, was not a globalist?

    Why is the scope of the global US empire discussed only by Ron Paul, of all the Presidental candidates?

    The "One World" view dominates.
    Global Government with the US as it's sheriff. Based in NYCity.

    Fancy that...
    NYCity, the Capital of the World
    With America's Mayor, as President

  123. "Cynthia's Dad, Bill, was reputed to be at least as openly antisemitic as she is."

    Is there a reason given?

  124. "Cynthia's Dad, Bill, was reputed to be at least as openly antisemitic as she is."

    I thought you realized, Doug, it was Bill who blamed "the JOOOOOS" in the first place.

  125. Nothing underground about it.
    The Masons were anything but underground. Mr Washington's first inaugural was a Masonic Ritual, complete with garb.

    If it was a secret society, those members who became President, their membership would not be public knowledge.

    Hiding in plain sight.

    Though the Boners are a secret society.

    Where do loyalties lie?
    To the Nation or your fraternity of patriots

    Perhaps fraternities cannot exist in the post modern age.

  126. Hey, speaking of the Big Apple.
    Bolton explained the "Function," or a least the functional byproduct of the UN:
    Shocking in it's simplicity, and a surprise for me to hear from his lips:
    When all the movers and shakers from around the *GLOBE* congregate, ostensibly to attend the UN, all kinds of meetings take place, obviating a bunch of Jetting around the World.
    He says a lot can get done in a little time, that way.
    A UN Fraternity, of sorts, Trish!

  127. Barr was damned near as Nuts as Cynthia!
    Maybe it's the water?
    "Linder was expected to benefit from crossover voting from the tiny group of Democrats in the district (Georgia has no party registration), but they were ultimately irrelevant to the result. The quiet conservative and former Gingrich protégé rolled up a huge margin in his Gwinnett County base and ran even in the exurban precincts that were part of Barr's old district. It's unclear how much the result was influenced by the most recent Barr antics that have amused political activists around the country — his accidental discharge of a firearm in a meeting with gun activists, and his hilarious efforts in a direct-mail piece to suggest that Bill Clinton was the demonic force behind Linder. It is clear Atlanta voters had grown tired of Barr's act. "

  128. "If it was a secret society, those members who became President, their membership would not be public knowledge."

    But it is, Rat. Goes to the eldest male descendant, my brother-in-law, for example.

    If the Boners are secret, the secret is open. And worth nothing.

  129. I think I remember reading a statistic that an estimated half of the Freedom Riders were Jewish, representative of their presence in the civil rights movement. Which is one of the reasons it is odd that the highest rates of anti-semitism in the country are among blacks.



  130. This was my favorite part:
    " McKinney managed to compound her problems by accepting contributions from a variety of Islamic sources with ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, and even al Qaeda"
    Course for Columbia and the Ivy Leagues, Muslim money's just fine, isn't it?

  131. That's half the white portion of the Freedom Riders.

  132. Doug, it doesn't even surprise me anymore - left or right. 8 years ago I'd get angry at stuff that out there. Now I have absolutely no sense of outrage. You could have Al Qaeda register a protest march down Madison Avenue and I wouldn't even find it out of the ordinary.

    It scares me.

  133. Basic Sociology, Cutler:
    The Scapegoat Scapegoats the nearest Scapegoat, thereby evening the score in some non-cosmic, but human, way.

  134. In NY City, the stories were that Jewish Businesspeople would take advantage of poor blacks, using much the same methods as banks do with credit cards.
    Poverty on the installment plan.

  135. No, membership was never secret, the rites were to be.

    The confessional of brotherhood compromises

    Ties that bind, to an idea, a cause or ideology.

    In the case of the modern Boners, globalism and the new world order take the center stage, as the cause celeb.

    The brother of the Colonel?

    Does he work in Government, too?

  136. You are going to judge a man by his actions and ideas or by nothing at all.

  137. Of course he doesn't work in government.

  138. Like a West Point graduation ring, trish.

    Creates a group apart, within the whole.


    Hiding in plain sight, which is the only way it could be done.

  139. No, that is not how it works, trish.

    Folks are judged by the company they keep.

    Well before the full background checks are done.

    Folks that lay with dogs, get fleas

    Judgements can be reconsidered, with new data, but make no mistake judgements are often made quickly with less than fully reliable information.

  140. Not really, Rat.

    More myth than reality.

  141. "No, that is not how it works, trish."

    That's how YOU and any other person ought to judge, Rat.

  142. Have you been laying with dogs?

  143. Nixon and Reagan were two good examples of how despised the non-boners were by the inside crowds of the Northeast and the Beltway.
    Doesn't one pick up habits, attitudes, and mannerisms along the way to bonerdom, that mark folks, with no need for credentials?

  144. And, of course, if not by birth, then by upbringing, by bonerparents, some habits are acquired very early on.
    Obviously, and admittedly, I've become quite taken by the Nomenclature of Bonerdom.

  145. If you came back, trish.

    What are ones associates, but the results of ones previous actions?
    Fulfilling your quest to judge, by past performance

    I have known a dog or two in my time.