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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Left Wing Canadian Paper Says Cheney Directed B52 to Bomb Iran

I was wondering about the errant flight of the nuclear armed B52. Something does not seem right about it. Searching around I found this. Crazy isn't it? I hope.

Conclusion: Exposing those Responsible for the B-52 Incident the canadian

Consequently, there is considerable circumstantial evidence to argue that the nuclear armed B-52 was part of an apparent covert operation, outside the regular chain of constitutional military command. The alleged authority responsible for this was Vice President Cheney. He very likely used the Secret Service to take charge of a contrived National Special Security Event involving a nuclear armed B-52 that would be flown from Minot AFB. The B-52 was directed to Barksdale Air Force base where it would have conducted a covert mission to the Middle East involving the detonation of one or more nuclear weapons most likely in or in the vicinity of Iran. This could either have occurred during a conventional military strike against Iran, or a False Flag operation in the Persian Gulf region.

Apparently, the leaking and discovery of the nuclear armed B-52 at Barksdale was not part of the script. According to a confidential source of Larry Johnson, a former counter-terrorism official from the State Department and CIA, the discovery of the nuclear armed B-52 was leaked. Johnson concludes: "Did someone at Barksdale try to indirectly warn the American people that the Bush Administration is staging nukes for Iran? I don't know, but it is a question worth asking." LINK.

While the general public is likely to be given a watered down declassified report by the Air Force over the B-52 incident on September 14, the real investigation will reveal that it was part of a covert operation that intended to bypass the regular chain of command in using nuclear weapons in the Middle East. This will likely result in a furious backlash by key figures in the regular military chain of Command such as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, and the Commander of Central Command, Admiral William Fallon, who have direct responsibility for the conduct of military operations in the Middle East. The US. Air Force, the Secretary of Defense and Commander of Central Command, is now aware of what was likely going to be the true use of the B-52 and the responsibility of the Office of the Vice President.

It is very likely that the exposure of the B-52 incident will lead to an indefinite hold on plans to attack Iran given uncertainty whether other nuclear weapons have been covertly positioned for use in the Middle East. Significantly, public officials briefed about the true circumstances of the B-52 incident will almost certainly place enormous pressure on Vice President Cheney to immediately resign if it is found that he played the role identified above. It is therefore anticipated that in a very short time, the public will learn that Cheney has resigned for health resigns.

The forthcoming September 14 U.S. Air Force report will likely describe the B-52 incident as an "error" and an "isolated incident" as foreshadowed in the September 6 Press Statement. This will create some difficulty in exposing the actual role played by Cheney and any other government figures that supported him. There will be a need for continued public awareness of the true events behind the B-52 incident in order to expose the actual role of Mr. Cheney. Only in that way can Cheney be held accountable for his actions, and other government figures that supported his neo-conservative agenda be exposed. Regardless of whether Cheney's role as the prime architect of the B-52 incident is exposed to the public, the official backlash against his covert operation should force his resignation. In either case, a very dangerous public official would be removed from a powerful position of influence. More importantly, the world has been spared a devastating nuclear war by courageous American airmen who revealed the true contents of an otherwise routine B-52 landing at Barksdale, AFB headed for a covert nuclear mission to the Middle East.
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    desert rat said...
    An atomic coup?

    Misappropriation of five nukes?
    Covertly, to false flag a strike?

    Me oh, my oh...

    Talk about Darth Vader, who fills the role of Emperor?

    You'd think thosse nukes would be accounted for well enough not to be loaded on the hard points of a bomber without authorization, from someone.

    So you'd think ...
    It's not like a couple cases of C4 or some landmines. Not as expendable as 5.56mm ball.

    Imagine there would be doubled down deniability on loading nukes, if that's what it was, an atomic coup de etat.

    A nuke, fired from the grassy knoll
    Fait acompli...

    Couldn't be the bricklayers or their Boners.
    They'd have to blame the blood thinners, mixed with booze.

    But hard to believe, that operational security could be so bad on an authorized covert op, or that it wouldn't have been authorized at the top.

    But I don't see Mr Bush as a Seth Lord, but then, appearences can be decieving ....

    Does Mr Cheney still talk to James Jesus?
    Both enjoy flyfishing, or did.

  3. An article obviously written by Ash under the direction of the daily kos. Canadian byline a dead give-a-away. Obvious attempt at political tar and feathering, amateurishly done.

  4. "A nuke, fired from a grassy knoll"---:)

  5. Slim Pickens one of my favorite actors...."a fist full of dollars, and a belly full of beer"...from another movie, name forgotten.

  6. Craig to drop Bomb in court Monday, filing to have guilty plea withdrawn.

  7. President Merkin Muffley
    General Buck Turgidson
    General Jack Ripper
    Group Captain Lionel Mandrake
    Major TJ 'King' Kong
    Colonel Batguano

    and of course...

    Dr. Strangelove

    Patriots all.

    "We cannot ALLOW...a doomsday GAP!!!!"

    "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the WAR ROOM!"

  8. Bob, you always have one in reserve:

    bobalharb said...
    "A nuke, fired from a grassy knoll"---:)

    gotta love it.

  9. What if it's a Chicken Coup?
    Or, for your traveling Chicken, Coup'e.

  10. And in the middle of all this is none other than Larry Johnson

    If you can't get enough of his particular "insight" here's his blog, "No Quarter"

  11. From Wiki:

    In an interview with PBS's Frontline for its 1999 program, Hunting bin Laden, Johnson discussed Osama bin Laden.[12] According to Johnson, Americans had "tended to make Osama bin Laden sort of a superman in Muslim garb." "Actually," he continues, "Osama bin Laden, in my view, represents more of a symptom of a problem, and the problem is this: the Saudi Arabian government, not just Osama bin Laden but many people in Saudi Arabia, have been sending money to radical Islamic groups for years." Johnson continued:

    When you look at who's killed Americans in the last 10 years, the individuals he's supported and backed--I'm basing that upon the initial information that's been released in the indictments and conversations with others in the intelligence communities--Osama bin Laden has been the one killing Americans. No other terrorist group in the world has been out killing Americans except for Osama bin Laden.... Osama bin Laden remains out there as the one really targeting us. So, we recognize that he's the threat. He's serious about wanting to kill Americans, but as long as he's in Afghanistan, as long as he doesn't have access to a cell phone, as long as he can't just hop on a plane and travel wherever he wants without fear of being arrested, his ability to plan and conduct terrorist operations is extremely limited. We have to recognize [that] he would like to do a lot of damage. He would like to kill Americans, but wanting to is different from being able to, having the full capabilities in place.[13]

    In the interview, Johnson doubted the ability of members of bin Laden's organization to plan and put their lives on the line:

    There's not another Ali or Mustafa out there at this point and Osama bin Laden in my view has not been a very effective organizer or leader. He talks a great game and puts out terrific threats as far as stirring the passions in the United States and maybe firing up the imaginations of some young Muslims throughout the world. But when push comes to shove, can he get a group of people who are together who will say: we are going to plan an operation, we're going to put our lives on the line, we're going to go out and try and kill people and we don't care what the consequence is? It hasn't happened.[14]

    Frontline asked:

    [Is it] ... fair to say what you're saying is that the president of the United States, his national security advisor, his deputy national security advisor for counter-terrorism, are basically blowing smoke [about the danger posed by bin Laden] and his followers]?

    Johnson responded:

    They're grossly exaggerating the problem. They are hyping it. They shouldn't be talking about rising terrorism. Instead of saying "terrorism's rising," it's not. "Terrorism is spreading," it's not. "More people are dying from terrorism," not the case. But what they should be saying is, "There's one individual out there that really doesn't like us, and he's made it his mission in life to kill Americans, and we've gotta deal with him." But we need to have a voice of reason in that process instead of putting ourselves out crying wolf, because this is essentially what's taking place right now. They call it the administration that cries wolf.[15]

  12. That was Rat's line, deuce, credit where credit is due.

  13. Sorry DR. i owe you another flor y cana with coka.

  14. Fat Man said...
    "...Reminds me of a verse from Tom Leher's song "Lobachevsky":

    I have a friend in Minsk,
    Who has a friend in Pinsk,
    Whose friend in Omsk
    Has friend in Tomsk
    With friend in Akmolinsk.
    His friend in Alexandrovsk
    Has friend in Petropavlovsk,
    Whose friend somehow
    Is solving now
    The problem in Dnepropetrovsk.

  15. Larry Johnson was one of Trish's sources of inspiration, Whit.
    The other Larry,
    Something about his Johnson...