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Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Hunting Dogs under Bush's Crucifix"

Bin Laden to declare war on Pakistani president in upcoming video, al-Qaida says


CAIRO, Egypt — Osama bin Laden will release a new message soon declaring war on Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, al-Qaida announced Thursday.

The announcement of the upcoming message came as al-Qaida released a new video in which bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, boasted that the United States was being defeated in Afghanistan, Iraq and other fronts.

Speakers in the video promised more fighting in Afghanistan, North Africa and Sudan's Darfur region.

The messages are part of a stepped-up propaganda campaign by al-Qaida around the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Earlier this month, bin Laden released two messages — including his first new appearance in a video in nearly three years.

A banner posted on an Islamic militant Web site on Thursday advertised that another message would be released, though it did not say whether bin Laden would appear in video or speak in an audiotape.

"Soon, God willing: 'Come to Jihad (holy war)', from sheik Osama bin Laden, God protect him" the banner read.

"Urgent, al-Qaida declares war on the tyrant Pervez Musharraf and his apostate army, in the words of Osama bin Laden," it read.

Such advertisements usually precede the release of the video by one to three days, according to IntelCenter, a U.S. counterterrorism group that monitors militant messages.

The sophisticated 80-minute video released Thursday on the same Web site was in the style of a documentary, intersplicing the speech by al-Zawahri with footage from the Sept. 11 attacks, interviews with experts and officials taken from Western and Arab television stations, and old footage and audiotapes of bin Laden.

Al-Zawahri began by condemning the Pakistani military's July assault on Islamic militants who took over the Red Mosque in Islamabad, and he paid tribute to one of the militants' leaders, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who was killed in the fighting.

The siege "revealed the extent of the despicableness, lowliness and treason of Musharraf and his forces, who don't deserve the honor of defending Pakistan, because Pakistan is a Muslim land, whereas the forces of Musharraf are hunting dogs under (President) Bush's crucifix," al-Zawahri said.

"Let the Pakistani army know that the killing of Abdul Rashid Ghazi and his male and female students ... has soaked the history of the Pakistan army in shame and despicableness which can only washed away by retaliation," he said.

Bin Laden and al-Zawahri are thought to be hiding in the lawless Pakistan-Afghanistan border region, where many analysts believe they have rebuilt al-Qaida's core leadership.

Al-Zawahri called for attacks on French and Spanish interests in North Africa and on U.N. and African peacekeepers expected to deploy in Sudan's wartorn Darfur region.

"What they claim to be the strongest power in the history of mankind is today being defeated in front of the Muslim vanguards of jihad six years after the two raids on New York and Washington," al-Zawahri said, speaking in what appeared to be an office, with shelves of religious books and an automatic rifle leaning against them.

"The Crusaders themselves have testified to their defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of the lions of the Taliban," he said. "The Crusaders have testified to their own defeat in Iraq at the hands of the mujahideen, who have taken the battle of Islam to the heart of the Islam world."

The video included footage of al-Qaida's leader in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed, meeting with a senior Taliban commander. In contrast to past videos that showed al-Qaida and Taliban fighters in rough desert terrain, Abu al-Yazeed and the commander were shown sitting in a verdant field surrounded by trees as a jihad anthem played, extolling the virgins that will meet martyrs in paradise.

Abu al-Yazeed said al-Qaida's ties with the Taliban were strengthening. The Taliban commander, Dadullah Mansoor, said: "We shall target the infidels in Afghanistan and outside Afghanistan: inside all the infidel countries oppressing the Muslims. And we shall focus our attacks, Allah willing, on the coalition forces in Afghanistan."

Another clip in the video showed Abu Musab Abdulwadood, the leader of Algeria's main Islamic insurgency movement, addressing bin Laden and vowing that "our swords are unsheathed."

Al-Zawahri called on supporters in North Africa to "cleanse the Maghrib (western region) of Islam of the children of France and Spain ... Stand with your sons the mujahideen against the Crusaders and their children."

The video also included what IntelCenter said appeared to be old, but previously unreleased footage of bin Laden. The images show the terror leader, with a beard streaked with gray and a a white cloth draped over his head, in front of a map showing the Middle East and South and Central Asia. He points to the map with a stick and addresses an unseen audience.

He condemns Arab Gulf governments that have allied themselves with the United States, saying they have "sold the Islamic nation, colluded with the enemies of Islam and backed the infidels. And this is the greater form of being an infidel ... But Allah permitting, they shall leave the Gulf under the blows of the mujahideen," bin Laden said.


  1. Sons of the Crusaders:
    On to Islamabad!
    Let them die in their shame and despicableness.

  2. At Tanta University in Egypt, the backdrop for speakers at a symposium in August read, "The Beginning of the End, No to Female Circumcision." The Egyptian government, religious authorities and activists have united in an effort to end the tradition, which is so common that a survey in 2005 found that 96 percent of Egyptian women had undergone it.

  3. This video is a recruiting tool. Look at the fiery poetic language of the jihadi. "Hunting dogs under Bush's crucifix."

    A banner reading: "Soon, God willing: 'Come to Jihad; from skeik Osama bin Ladenm God Protect him.'

    It sounds like "Soon, come to Jamaica, man."

    Young muslims are being encouraged to "get in on the fun"
    "The Crusaders themselves have testified to their defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of the lions of the Taliban," he said. "The Crusaders have testified to their own defeat in Iraq at the hands of the mujahideen, who have taken the battle of Islam to the heart of the Islam world."

    They're saying "We're kicking their asses for Allah. Ain't we got fun?"

  4. As long as us Crusaders ain't stuck with French Virgins.
    Who needs toothpaste?
    The article quotes a pair of dentists, one from a Paris teaching hospital and one from the French dentistry association, and offers the following statistics (without citing sources).

    - one million French citizens never brush their teeth
    - half of all French do not brush their teeth in the evening
    - 57% of French children under five have never brushed their teeth
    - the average French citizen uses between one and two toothbrushes in a year

    Hmm. This sounds like a situation in need of radical change. Has anyone told Mr Sarkozy?

    - Reynolds

  5. WHIT: They're saying "We're kicking their asses for Allah. Ain't we got fun?"

    US dead 3,781 US

    US MIA: 4

    US wounded: 27,689

    US Contractors dead: 231

  6. I think that US employeed contrators KIA, though not all US citizens, is around 800. The foreigners count as people, too, Ms T.

    $500 or $600 Billion dollars, let US not forget about that.
    Since withdrawal was always portrayd as defeat, now that we've Accomplishec the Mission, outlined in the Authorization, no one knows how to declare success.

    That's the trouble with "limited Wars". Can't claim Victory while the Enemy still stands, while that is the whole point to limited War, no knocking people to their knees.

  7. Cutler said...
    "This is the message we are sending to the Iraqis about free speech at an institution of higher learning in a Thugocracy."

    Repuke, thugocracy.

    Impressive skills of rhetoric.
    "Free Speech" was the class Clown, with history, aping another staged event which had taken place at UCLA.
    Free, Indeed,
    To be a complete ass, and feel a little shock, if not awe.

  8. I was about to sign up if that 231 was correct, 'Rat.
    My bad habits here represent a greater risk.
    ...but I have grown used to them.

  9. "A law enforcement source says the Iranian mission to the United Nations has informed the Secret Service that the Iranian president intends to visit Ground Zero Monday at 10 a.m.
    The source says regardless of the NYPD's rejection of the request for a Ground Zero tour, Iran's president and his entourage will be accompanied by a Secret Service protective detail, a detail provided to all heads of state when they visit the United States.

    The Iranian mission to the United Nations made the initial request to the NYPD and the Secret Service, who will jointly oversee security during the president's two-day visit."
    Why was it then, when Mitt Romney refused to provide protection for Hitler Jr to visit Harvard, the Party was canceled?

  10. They already had the merry prankster, with 101 questions, in cuffs, doug.

    They could have carried him away, instead they gave him a dose of volts, poor form on the cops part.

    A little excessive police use of force, that's all. Like the Blackwater boys or Marines in Afghanistan.
    One step over the line, just one step over the line.

    All it takes, when eveyone carries a video phine camera. Big Brother IS watching.

  11. Mayor Rudy Giuliani released the following statement on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

    "Under no circumstances should the NYPD or any other American authority assist President Ahmadinejad in visiting Ground Zero. This is a man who has made threats against America and Israel, is harboring bin Laden's son and other al-Qaeda leaders, is shipping arms to Iraqi insurgents and is pursuing the development of nuclear weapons. Assisting Ahmadinejad in touring Ground Zero - hallowed ground for all Americans - is outrageous."

    Senator Hillary Clinton released the following statement:

    "It is unacceptable for Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who refuses to renounce and end his own country's support of terrorism, to visit the site of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in our nation's history."

  12. Wuss Bush says:
    In a new tone.
    Hillary has more balls than the "Cowboy."

  13. Because Harvard ain't NYCity and the Iranians care now, they didn't care then.

    Stage management, doug.
    They cannot keep people away, not in the USA. Unless the agree to it.

    Can't just taser folk that get uppitty.

  14. I'll take the taser over the M-16, thanks!

  15. Rudy and "Candidate Hillary" would!
    I can vouch for Rudy,
    I report,
    You Decide!

  16. His visiting is as unacceptable as those centrifuges that he has spinning, what a wonderfully vague word, "unacceptable". Great rhetoric for describing what US Politicos have already come to accept.

    If the police do not protect him, he can always hire contractors to perform those duties. I'm sure the Cubans or the Venezuelan Missions have the appropriate personnel at the ready.

  17. I still say, the EB should maintain threads for things that are

    folks like Sandypants Burglar,

    and the like, so the distinguished members can add to the threads over time, with Wikipedia beating results.

  18. Maybe a dedicated Frum-Speech thread,
    Comparing promises to results delivered.

  19. You do not mean to say that shooting unarmed questioners, in custudy and cuffs, would be acceptable, do you, doug?

    That it's a one or the other decision, judged by the same criteria.
    Either shoot/tase or nothing
    When the suspect is on the ground, cuffed. Should have been nothing more than what the Police had already accomplished. To take him out of the room

    Seems what they did, a bit over the top, it would have been worse if they had shot him.

  20. Trish, rational, realist, librarian that she is, knew all along that it was all a pipe dream.

    Just like all those folks that claim everybody had a plan until Bremmer implemented the deciders plan.
    Cain't trust ANY of them,
    Including General Secretary Powell.

  21. No, I said the Taser was to be preferred to the the M-16.
    ...and if some Jerk refuses to calm down, try a little peripheral lobotomy just to see if we can break through.

  22. My kid watched some bitch here get tased SIX TIMES!
    ...gotta be a safe procedure.

  23. 'Course she did have brown skin.
    (Comment added for Ms T's Paranoia Vault)

  24. There were many options on the post invasion table of fare, doug.
    Lots of menu items to choose from.

    The Decider listened to the comments from those seated around the table, discussed the various entrees and appetizers with the Team.

    The he ordered, for eveyone.

    As often happens at that type of shin-dig, some got chicken when it was the prime rib they hungered for.

  25. No shit.
    And now the Trishtiites can put all the blame on Rummy, ignoring the plain fact that it was the Decider and a couple of Evangelical Neocons.

  26. HOW could it be that Rummy does NOT miss rubbing elbows with the GREAT Decider?
    He lies!
    Not to be trusted.

  27. Rudy Giuliani scored a coup in his White House campaign yesterday by meeting Gordon Brown at No 10, conferring with Tony Blair, receiving an award from Baroness Thatcher and wrapping himself in the legacy of Winston Churchill.

    The unprecedented feat of staging a show of genuine closeness to four British prime ministers – three of whom evoke degrees of veneration in America – placed the former New York mayor firmly on the global stage and cemented his claim to be a world leader.

    Linking the September 11 attacks on America to the July 7 attacks in London – when Mr Giuliani happened to be in the British capital – and the Blitz, he hailed the transatlantic relationship as a force of history.

    "It's now such a strong relationship that it's going to endure whatever we have to endure to overcome Islamic terrorism, which we have both suffered from," Mr Giulani said, highlighting personal bonds beginning with Sir Winston and President Franklin Roosevelt and continuing up to Mr Blair and President George W Bush.

    He praised the "most resilient people of Britain" who after July 7, he witnessed returning to work as if nothing had happened. "You've got the right attitude, which is you've got to take it seriously, you've got to do everything you can to stop it but God forbid if it happens you can't let it break your spirit."

  28. FYI, Trish,
    Rummy and Garner were close,
    evidently not nearly as close as the orgasmic state Wolfie elicited from Mr. Rogers, er, the decider, when he preached the gospel of Pan ME Muslim Democracy.
    Quite an immagination for a Joo, huh?

  29. The United States rolled over, then disbanded the Iraqi Army, after liberating the country of Iraq.

    Fact of the Matter
    Decided by the President, expressed in a letter to Mr Bremer, 23 May 03.

    The poor planning and execution in providing for a replacement Security Force to that Army, that is high on the list of the post invasion period fubars.

    Lots of desire to "Stand 'em up" but no execution on what is, was, will be, the most important Mission in an attempt to gain Strategic Success in Iraq.

    It is the Iraqi Army that must stand with US in a war on terror, if that is the Goal, much more so than the civil Iraqi Government.

    While at war, the Iraqi military should have been the focus of US attention, building a secular core to that corps. We will have had seven years, or more, to accomplish it. I do not think we've even tried. Not from the get go. So much time wasted, frittered away.

    Cause the Generals ain't gonna study war no mo'.
    If it's not what they do, the way they do it, it just ain't done by US.

    A mental Maginot Line

  30. Information we can all use in this day and age, distinctions with a difference.

    Taser Boy did a good job of it, trying to provoke an incident so he could sue the U, and retire for life.

  31. We must also remember that core to US Strategic Success was to replace the Tribal Command Structure, in Iraq.

    "Success" came when we abandoned that Strategic Goal for tactical success, which the US could have done sooner, but did not choose to

  32. How 'bout Petraeus?
    Anbar is a repeat of what he did 3 years ago in Mosul:
    What you always argued for:
    Close interaction/learning tween the occupiers and the Iraqis.
    Perhaps ONLY the secular Sunnis, in fact.
    Fact is, the Army was integrated and Nationalistic, just like DOD planned on, until the decider had a better idea.

  33. In a follow up discussion tonight a roundtable will discuss the 'mindset distinctions' of bloggers 'Doug', 'Trish', 'Rufus, 'Ms T', 'Rat' et al.

  34. "We must also remember that core to US Strategic Success was to replace the Tribal Command Structure, in Iraq."
    With a magice stroke by Viceroy Bremmer?
    ...I'll take pragmatic Petraeus.
    It is what it is.

  35. AlBobAl,
    Trish=Moonbat Crazy Denial of Reality.
    Couldn't ask for a more perfect
    Ron Paul athletic SupportHER.

  36. Ms T is subject to mindless upchucks of leftist dribble.

  37. The rest of the time,
    a load of fun.

  38. Rufus,
    All Green, all the time.

  39. 'Rat:
    This space left empty for comments:


  40. The US is slowly coming to the conclusions I reached three years ago.
    The elections that the Iraqi had self-organized in the summer of '03 should have been encouraged, not suppressed.

    We had "bottom up" Iraqi oraganizers from the first day of the liberation.

    The an implementaion of Mr Biden's Federal Autonomous Zones, which we are doing today.

    Which will, in the '09 Iraqi elections, play a major role.

    The US will maintain a major presence through that 2nd Iraqi Election cycle, which will be when and how Mr Maliki is replaced. If he is to be, or another UIA clone sits in the chair.

    Perhaps the '09 elections will produce a different result than the '05 affair. Bringing Mr Allawi or Chilabi back to Baghdad or some other character, as yet unknown to US in the viewing public.

  41. The French talkin' tough to the Iranians, it's not about the nukes, more smoke to cover the real issue. Deaar Mr doug, was sitting on this cluster:

    Seventy-four percent were in favour of immigration quotas, and the same amount supported limiting the right to come to France to those who understand French, according to the OpinionWay survey in Le Figaro newspaper.

    Eighty-seven percent were opposed to a blanket regularisation of illegal immigrants, who are estimated to number between 200,000 and 400,000 in France.

    The French government aims to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants before the end of the year.

    25,000 in 100 days
    That is a slap to the Ayatollah's key European outpost. Where Ayatollah K found refuge from the Shah. Their most developed network, is in France.

    It's not about Iranina nukes, that is not why the French sabres are rattling. The Francofada is about to start, in ernest, if the Frogs try to deport 2,500 mussulmen a day.

    With an anticipation of more to come.

    Is Paris burning?

  42. Imported homegrown terror.
    Just the beginning.

    It had calmed for a while after Chirac waved his nuclear club. Publicly announcing the retargeting of the France's submariner deterent missile threat. Targeting State sponsors of French terrorist activity.

    Then the 1st Francofada came to an end. Start deporting 2,500 mussulmen a day...

    spontaneous combustion

  43. Let them eat cake!

    Which by the observed level of obesity, they do.

  44. I read the following Iraqi lady occasionally. For those who wonder if our actions in Iraq actually cause terrorists to be created she gives some food for thought:

    "s there anything in Iraq that the Americans have not destroyed ?
    Anything at all ?
    And you dare wonder why I detest you so much...And you have the audacity to come to my blog to question me about my origins, my location, my ideas, my roots, my sense of belonging...
    What kind of a race are you ? What kind of a people are you ?
    Yes, I said people not government. I am not politically correct. Your government is part of you and you are part of it. Like it or not.
    And don't come and tell me in your sheepish ways that I know all too well : " Oh, but I did not vote for this one. "
    I don't give a fuck whom you voted for or did not vote for. It is not my problem.
    My problem is you. Your culture, your behavior, your mentality, your character, your haughtiness, your arrogance, your false pride, your denial, your collective stupidity and ignorance, your way of life which I find boring, empty and distasteful, your accent which is an affront to my ears...and to my senses.
    I do not like you. Full stop.

    I know, I know, some of you are good people...
    I know, I know, America is not a homogenous group... I know all that shit.
    It does not make one iota of difference in my life and that of other Iraqis."


    "You wanted regime change in Iraq - you got it.
    You also changed us, me, beyond anything I can recognize...I never hated you before. Today I do. I really hate you.

    You collectively disgust me. Even our ancient Mesopotamian deities and spirits are disgusted with you. Every single letter of the Alphabet is disgusted with you.
    The earth, the rivers, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the birds of Iraq are disgusted with you...The cosmos is disgusted with you ...

    Everytime I spot one of you anywhere in close proximity and hear that ugly accent of yours I run away...I avoid you like the plague. I can't bear to hear you or see you.
    You represent nothing but Death and Destruction to me.
    Your ugliness is all pervading...
    Everytime I switch on the TV or the Radio and see or hear one of you, I zap. I wish I can zap you out of my life once and for all...

    I know, I keep repeating myself, but then you keep repeating the same acts.

    Iraq is going down, with its past and its future...

    I can only promise you one thing, however long it may take, we are going to take you down with us."

  45. "I can only promise you one thing, however long it may take, we are going to take you down with us."

    Not so. Clinton 44 will get us out of there and you can stick your collective purple thumbs up your ass.

  46. Did you read or listen to the Michael Totten piece from Anbar, Ash?
    Whole bunch of Iraqis with an opposite view of us Americanos.

  47. That lady does not want US around, so it goes.

    The US is headed out, slowly to be sure, but headed to the door.
    How fast and far, no one has presented a "Plan" that fits the reported and agreed to situation on the ground, today.
    It's out of Iraq, but for a "presence", right after their '09 elections. Should be down to 75,000 troops or so, by then. At the proposed rate of withdraw, which is about the same rate of build up. Unless, of course, you want to portray the withdrawal as a rout.

  48. Has a KATUSA roommate for a while. Nice enough guy, well kept, studied like a machine, always another exam.

    In any case, he was sure that Korea was going to come to dominate the United States, economicly. The size of the differental between our countries made no difference to the fellow, Koreans were so much better, he knew, it'd make up the difference.

    A well educated man, young man I guess, but an sterling example of how perceptive realities shape how people think.

  49. I browsed it Doug. Sounds like it is a peaceful pleasant place now. The Sunni were our enemies before they were our friends. Isn't that the place where Bush's favorite Sheik was blown up? Anyway, it is encouraging that the attacks are less there and maybe we can bring those troops home. It is also interesting that the success came in a place where we didn't surge. Do they have any oil in Anbar?

  50. Her old man used to work for Saddam's police, got bumped off, and now she has no source of income, no special status, and is ticked off.

  51. It was plain she holds a grudge.

    Does not seem to have an open mind.

    Local police, ash, make for local security. When the definition of criminal begins to coincide, so do outcomes. The Sunni will get their space, the Shia theirs, Kurds as well.

    The US will remain there for a long time, in the 35,000 to 65,000 man detachment range, for up to a decade more. Some troops may be in Kuwait, or on a float, not in Iraq proper.

    That's the "Plan", the powers that be just won't admit it. Two more years of pretty heavy peacekeeping presence.
    Unless Mr Maliki cannot renew the US occupation's lease

  52. What year was that, 'Rat?
    I shared a Barracks w/quite a few KATUSA's.
    Back in 67, they had not yet acquired the Niponese 'Tude.

  53. I was talking about the more normal Japanese attitude than this, I guess:
    The Motherplane - SCIFIPEDIA
    According to Muhammad, the Mother ship and her fleet of Baby Planes were built on a Niponese Island situated off the coast of Japan. ...

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