“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos and American Culture. Care to Explain?

Why is this more important to the culture than anything else? She is cute enough but WTF, not as hot as Sonia. Maybe Doug has an explanation. I know Bobalharb does. This is clearly above DR's pay grade but I am sure Teresita has some thoughts. Rufus cannot handle it because she is obviously out of uniform and I cannot picture oak leaves in the right spot anyway. Trish, any help here?


  1. Who is Vanessa Hudgens?

    Looks like just another naked girl, the little christmas lights on the wall, makes it look like a low end whore house.

    Burgundy drapes, couple candles on the dresser, vibrator on the nightstand.

    Lord have Mercy!
    Oh, but for the memories ...

  2. What happened to all Iraq all the time? just the same, who is Sonia?

  3. DR, the lighting makes it a Ho-Ho House.

  4. doug found the sonia link, she used to drop in, from time to tiem, now he claims they're friends, must have got his kayak fixed.

    She is sweet thing, tasted from afar.

    The story of ny life
    oh ho ho, who do you know?

  5. Sonia had the good taste to mark a runway for takeoff. This girl doesn’t even have the good sense to do that.

  6. It's modest USA America girls like this that are our first line of defense against falling back to the Puritanism of our English and New Englandish ancestry. God Bless Charles II for reopening the theatres at the Restoration, without which The Bard might have been lost to history. God Bless the bawdy house, and humorous whores. God Bless Nell Gwyn, The Protestant Whore. It's girls like this that fight tooth and nail and hip and thigh and breast against the talibanization of USA America!

  7. Bob, the Bard of the Tusk room! Well said.

  8. Thought this take on the whole thing was kind funny, haha:

  9. [Sonia]
    On Blogger Since December 2005
    Profile Views 52,002

    Hrmm, what am I doing wrong here...

  10. desert rat said...
    Who is Vanessa Hudgens?

    One can learn quickly with a google search who she is. It should be interesting to watch the fallout in my household. I've a year old daughter who, with her mother, loved the High School Musical movies. We've tried to impress on our daughter that anything she send online, ANYTHING, is essentially public. I'm sure this episode will further that lesson to her...though on the otherhand, a tribute to my pal Bobal here...there really is nothing wrong with nuditly and, my, she is a lovely lass :O

  11. that's a ten year old daughter that I have...that and a screwed up laptop computer that won't type certanin numbers - but that's a different story that Dell is adressing.

  12. Ancient drainage tunnel discovered in Jerusalem. Used as an escape hatch by desperate Jews fleeing Roman bestial excesses, the discovery "shows you planning on a grand scale, unlike other cities in the ancient Near East," said one anthropologist.

  13. Date of Birth
    14 December 1988

    Makes her 18, right?

    There you go, no harm, no foul.

    If you do not want to see naked pictures of yourself, do not pose for them. Maybe that was a movie set. An audition, perhaps?
    Maybe she was just with a friend.
    Maybe she just needs a friend

  14. She seems friendly, that's for sure.

  15. She would've looked friendlier with a tattoo of papa smurf. :)

  16. She's half Flip, at least.
    Wretch is behind this:
    A Filipino Plot of some kind, of the genre, Filipina.

  17. bobal wrote:

    "Maybe she was just with a friend."

    welp, I was just putting my daughter to bed and I, internet dweeb dad that I am, gave her the heads up that she might learn that Vanessa's nude pic appeared on the internet and that the rumor is that her boyfriend, and co-star, Zac might be behind it when she said "Do you know why?" My reply, "No" She said, "Well, they broke up in Hawaii".

  18. my dad had a saying...

    do nothing that left record...

    dont join groups on the spur of the moment

    dont get vanity plates

    maybe he knew something

  19. What was your excuse for becoming a member of the bar, Occupation?
    I know, I know, an idle member is the Devil's Workshop.

  20. "Well, they broke up in Hawaii".

  21. I Overdosed on sanctimony at the BC. I am spoiled and self-indulgent.

  22. Doug said...
    "Well, they broke up in Hawaii".

    well, obviously, it's all your fault now isn't it?

  23. Thanks for taking the bait, Ash, but in truth I remain curious about that statement.


    The caption states, “Touching is believing.” Touching is believing what? That that’s $500 and hours of your life spent waiting in line that you’re never going to get back? In Taco Bell currency, that’s nearly enough for 562 hard-shell tacos.

    “You’ve already sold us with the ‘hundreds of tacos are superior to one iPhone’ analysis,” you’re thinking. “But isn’t the iPhone at least the second coolest thing ever, after tacos?” I’m glad you asked. Let’s pretend I’m the typical consumer who needs to buy a phone. It’s nice to have a few extra features, but really the phone functionality is most important when you’re shopping for a phone, right? WRONG! “You’re totally missing the point!” you’re thinking. “I mean, it lets me take 2-megapixel images, surf the web, listen to mp3s and watch videos, ALL IN ONE DEVICE!” Wow, you’re right. Instead of buying an iPhone, why would I want to buy a 5-megapixel Canon camera, a superior Sandisk Sansa mp3 player, get a free phone with solid call quality, use my computer to surf the internet, and still have nearly $300 left over afterward for tacos?

    According to CNET, “Despite some important missing features, a slow data network, and call quality that doesn’t always deliver, the Apple iPhone sets a new benchmark for an integrated cell phone and MP3 player.”

    Bottom line: Who cares if it sucks as a phone?! It’s integrated! YAYYY!

  24. Slow:
    It do get deep over there, don't it?

  25. Everyone is attributing your quotes to me, Rat. It's flattering but I have no control over it.

    I was just listening to a guy from the Teamsters. The House voted some time ago 413 to 3 to stop this trucking up from Mexico. The Senate is voting 'next week' he said. I'd contact my Senators, but one's hard to find and has better things to do than attend to the Senate. I'll try to contact Crapo(that's Cray-po) though.

  26. Doug,


  27. Not being a Constitutional Scholar, AlBob:
    Please tell me the significance of that 413 to 3, vote.
    Does Congress actually get a say in this?
    If so, poor el Presidente King George is gonna shit his pants.

  28. Not so fast Mat:
    They're talkin about about the I-touch, after talkin about how bad the early adopters got screwed by Ashole.

  29. I guess you're right, my bad.

  30. iPhone users have been using AirBoxes to access data features while in the middle of a call. Since the AirBox provides a Wi-Fi hotspot, iPhone users can use Google Maps to get directions while traveling, check the status of an important email, or exchange photos, all through Wi-Fi while speaking on a voice call.

    AirBox cellular routers are available for sale now from and select dealers nationwide.
    The AirBox CM3 retails for 499 dollars and the AirBox X2 for 1099 dollars.

    The new iPod Touch was unveiled week as the latest addition to Apple’s now iconic iPod range. It boasts Wi-Fi capabilities and a touch screen.

    WAAV's Airbox

  31. Doug,

    The touch doesn't have camera or cell fone function. It does have WiFi, which the iPhone doesn't.

  32. Clinton Gang strikes again. I'm starting to believe all this stuff.

    I think it means the House don't much like the idea and if the Senate passes a veto proof margin thr American truckers win. I haven't read anything about it though, just what I heard just now on the radio.

  33. Someone who bought one 15 days ago paid $200 too much!
    Good ol Apple!

  34. Now YOU'RE wrong I think mat:
    they make the touch and touch phone, right?

    Revolutionary Phone
    iPhone redefines what a mobile phone can do. Tap a number to make a call. Listen to voicemail in any order with Visual Voicemail.
    Widescreen iPod
    iPhone is an equally brilliant iPod. Enjoy music, videos, and more on the 3.5-inch color display, and browse by album artwork with Cover Flow.
    Breakthrough Internet Device
    iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari, the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device. 8GB


  35. NM. The iPhone tech specs:


    * Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    Wireless data

    * Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
    * EDGE
    * Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

  36. Touch is $299.
    What an exciting interchange, eh Gang?

  37. Doug,

    Those cheaper ones could be "refreshed" units.

  38. 413-3 This doesn't sound all that good.

  39. Dammit Mat, one has a phone, one doesn't!

  40. Go to Apple,
    relieve me of all this stress!

  41. AlBob,
    All we EBers gotta do is arrange for one of them trucks to immitate the MOAB someplace out like Moab Utah, where nobody'll get hurt except the child-molesting illegal driver, and that'll take care of their "pilot program!"

  42. Doug,

    A new 16GB iPhone model is just around the corner. Will be unveiled in Europe.

  43. Basically, Apple is clearing the channels with the price reductions.

  44. Tap a number to make a call? Not from your stall, you don't.

  45. True believers, cutler.

    Does not bother me, bob. It's the writers voice, not public ego that I am massaging.

    Or I'd be me.
    Not rata del desierto

  46. I'm actually reading True Believers again, atm.

    I think we need Cedarford for the full Royal Flush.

  47. Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet

    That should cover most stall users.

  48. He's been invited, but never came to play.

    He hardly plays at the BC, of late.
    Though he gets a reader spike when Chinese spies and bombing Iran become the threads, up almost by half, in just a couple of days.

    But the three year trend seems to have bottomed out, just like support for Mr Bush. Interesting correlation.

  49. "Schippers said that as it turned out, his book didn't receive much public criticism from the Clintons because it was as hard on Republicans as it was on Democrats. In "Sellout," he told of GOP senators who refused to allow evidence on the floor, including highly disturbing testimony from Willey and others that formed a pattern of alleged abuse and intimidation of women by the president. "
    Such a Corrupt GD place.
    A Pox on them all!

  50. I think that spike is since I started posting again 'Rat.
    In all modesty, of course.

  51. The 1 year trend is a better feel, Rat.

  52. Instapud is down by half, also.

  53. Sorry, better feel than 6 months I mean.

  54. Sonia is a better feel, Sam.

  55. Sex, Drugs & Let's Roll!

    Like it was 1979
    back to the low cost bordellos

    with the ho ho ho lights.

    Those were the days of a well spent youth, like a warrior prince, scouting the empire.

  56. Wow, Instapun is down over %300 in a year.

  57. That's percent 300, of course.

  58. The three year, started after the crash. So much traffic is blew the circuts in the memory. Overloaded the system. Assume it peaked then, but I was not watching, then.

    Now, it's less than it was, but so is the war news. So is support for Mr Bush, he is enjoying an upward spike, much luke the BC.

    A rallying of morale, interest.
    Lurkers returnng.

  59. The picture is blury, and really, you would just assume it was some perv who photoshopped it like the “nude Britney” pics of old (remember when that meant something?). But no, contrary to any common sense, the actress publicly confirmed that it was her, saying “the photo was taken in private, and not wasn’t meant to be shared.”

    No shit, but that was probably the worst PR move she could’ve made.

    Why? Oh I don’t know, maybe because she’s the star of the most family-friendly, record-breaking movie ever, “High School Musical.”

    Innocence Meets Reality

  60. I expect them to shoot up again an undetermined amount the closer we get to the election.

  61. What's the BC trend since the EB opening?

  62. It is an truly indicative poll, actual viewership.
    Support has eroded, the ads are gone.

    Follow the money

  63. I know I've seen Cedarford on an off at Ann Althouse and Durnham in Wonderland. For some strange reason, everytime I say his name I expect him to appear, like the Sandman.

  64. Paste in the URL at the top of the form, it'll run a comparison.
    The EB tracks the same, at a lower viewership, last I looked.

    Vanessa may help out, pump up the volume.

  65. So, veterans who served in Iraq ask the Democratic leaders in Congress: Does speak for you? Do you agree with

    Or do you repudiate this despicable charge? has helped frame the core choice: Whom do we trust to run this and its allies in Congress, or Gen. David Petraeus and his colleagues?

    Calling Petraeus a Traitor

  66. Too bad for Richardson, if only he had the proper name he might be set to pick up a bigger percentage.

    Watched Die Hard III on Telemundo tonight, judging by the commercials, it could have been the Mexican nationalist channel. No Stars and Stripes to be seen.

  67. Same. Buenos noches...gringo.

  68. Wretchard's flown the flippin coup, that's for sure. He's a few events away from babbling about leftist cameras or writing in a phonetic alphabet.

    Dymphna has gone big time now and won't return his calls. Glenn Reynolds just lets W goto voicemail. Only Fausta can tolerate Wretchard and his arrogantly self-effacing user icon. How did all this come to pass?

    The redeeming waters of BC were sullied when referee Wretchard dropped trow and shat regulations into the pool.

    The fecal dye was cast and surely and hastily, BC goers evacuated and kept their distance, lest Wretchard flip out again and close comment threads, like an Internet Gloria Arroyo.

    No doubt Vanessa wouldn't be comfortable enough to disrobe with Petit Monsieur Fernandez.

    We have to make the Internet safe for Vanessa and her friends.

  69. How would the Deuce vs Wretchard cage match go?

    Eskrima vs Boxing?

    Family Man vs Bachelor?

    There'd no doubt be taunts about vegemite, barbys and relatives acutely vulnerable to banzai charges.

  70. Or Perhaps we'd see the Pacifist Wretchard, who never met a threat he didn't dismiss and trivialize with academic aplomb, which he did contrary to the mainstream. For as long as he was seen as a weak writer, readership dropped.

  71. what the fuck was that bitch asshole in the world would do that fucking shitty is what she is .a fucking asshole,a fucking bitch,a whore,ho, and a fucking fucking fucking bitch asshole and whore

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