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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our Nuclear Friends in Pakistan Hate our Guts

"In the one Muslim nation that already has nuclear weapons, people who are intent on using them against us, such as al Qaeda and bin Laden, enjoy more popular support than the people we are trusting such as President Musharraf to safeguard those nuclear weapons."

Bin Laden outpolls Musharraf in Pakistan


Sameer Lalwani argues in a new Web exclusive for FP that the best hope for U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan, surprisingly, is to engage and reinforce Gen. Pervez Musharraf's military regime. It's no secret that Musharraf has seen better days, but a recent poll (pdf) by the anti-terrorism organization Terror Free Tomorrow shows just how dismal a state he is in. The general's approval ratings (at 38 percent) failed to surpass public approval for Osama bin Laden, who was seen favorably by 46 percent of respondents. And Musharraf's civilian political rivals, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, were welcomed much more warmly by Pakistanis (they received respective ratings of 63 and 57 percent).

But these numbers actually help Lalwani's argument in a way. He writes in his piece:

A deeply unpopular United States and the prevailing ethnic fissures also render it politically untenable for a civilian government to do Washington’s bidding. Neither Bhutto nor Sharif will crack down on the tribal regions, whatever promises they are privately making these days.

So, with this much public distrust of the United States (only 4 percent said the United States has had any positive motivation in conducting the war on terror, and 66 percent believed the United States is acting against Islam), it would be difficult to expect a civilian government to be as cooperative in fighting al Qaeda within the country's borders.

Oh, and there is one more thing to worry about: The nukes. Ken Ballen of Terror Free Tomorrow told CNN:

In the one Muslim nation that already has nuclear weapons, people who are intent on using them against us, such as al Qaeda and bin Laden, enjoy more popular support than the people we are trusting such as President Musharraf to safeguard those nuclear weapons.


  1. McCain on "Meet the Press," gave Kerry a rectal exam with a tree auger.

  2. Tora Bora, and the example we provided there, stoked the fires in Pakistan.

    The caca is getting deeper.

    Don't put off to tomorrow what can be done today

    or so the story goes.

    Should of used the B52 with them cruise missiles, bound for retirement.

  3. I recently heard a Council on Foreign Relations speech by Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun chair of Islamic studies at American University. Professor Ahmed warned that the tensions must be eased and discussed a recent trip to the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia to meet with different Muslim communities. His primary advice was that we must try harder to understand the Muslim world. He pointed out that Islam encompasses 100 billion people in 57 nations. Apparently all too many share a visceral dislike of the US for deposing an Arab dictator while the same time despising us for supporting dictators in the Muslim world.

    It was apparent from his speech that it is the Muslim world which misunderstands the US, but either that fact was lost on the CFR audience or they were simply too polite to raise the issue of a contradiction in the Professor's conclusions and recommendations.

    The Professor and some of his students who accompanied him reported that the young Muslims they encountered generally believed that Islam is under attack. They see figures such as bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as Islamic heroes.

    So yes, I agree with the Professor that the rhetoric must be ratcheted down. Where we may disagree is whether it is their side or ours which has enflamed the fundies.

  4. There are how many Islamic military bases in the "West".

    As opposed to the numbers of Western military bases in Islamic lands.

    Perceptions of reality, in 2007.

    Who is flattening the World?
    Opening borders?
    Seperating God from Government?

    Who imposes their solutions upon others, by economic or military force?
    In Israel, Bosnia, Turkey.
    It's the secularist West, it is not the Islamic World that is expanding by use of force.
    Not this round.

    Euroarbia, that is soft power in action, not an invasion, but an invitation. The unintended consequnces just that, unintended.

  5. Imminent War with Iran hysteria must sell newspapers.

    Bush setting America up for war with Iran

    By Philip Sherwell in New York and Tim Shipman in Washington
    Last Updated: 3:20am BST 16/09/2007

    Senior American intelligence and defence officials believe that President George W Bush and his inner circle are taking steps to place America on the path to war with Iran, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

    Pentagon planners have developed a list of up to 2,000 bombing targets in Iran, amid growing fears among serving officers that diplomatic efforts to slow Iran's nuclear weapons programme are doomed to fail.

    Pentagon and CIA officers say they believe that the White House has begun a carefully calibrated programme of escalation that could lead to a military showdown with Iran.

    Now it has emerged that Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, who has been pushing for a diplomatic solution, is prepared to settle her differences with Vice-President Dick Cheney and sanction military action.

    Read the rest in the Telegraph

  6. Those are good points DR but the Professor says the US is seen as a crusading Christian nation. Not a secular one.

  7. Defense Sec Gates said on Fox News Sunday that the US is committed to pursuing peace with Iran.

  8. Whit: Now it has emerged that Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, who has been pushing for a diplomatic solution, is prepared to settle her differences with Vice-President Dick Cheney and sanction military action.

    Yeah, the military solution is really working out in Iraq, time to give it a whirl next door in a mountainous country many times bigger. All we have to do is stop rotating soldiers back home and jack up the signing bonus a little and we should have enough troops to stop the waves of retaliatory Iranian infantry coming over the border, at least for a while.

  9. Ms T:
    I agree, that's why I find the foreign hysterics so weird.

  10. I don't give a fuck what Akbar Ahmed says.

  11. Perez Gets A Head Full of Madonna I used to respect Perez but now I don't give a fuck what Perez says, and I don't give a fuck what Madonna says.

  12. Sometimes, more often these days, I think we would be better off with the Habu solution.

  13. Well, whit, perceptions vary, from place o place, but according to this, most of US believe as the mussulmen do.

    By Andrea Stone, USA TODAY
    Most Americans believe the nation's founders wrote Christianity into the Constitution, and people are less likely to say freedom to worship covers religious groups they consider extreme, a poll out today finds.
    The survey measuring attitudes toward freedom of religion, speech and the press found that 55% believe erroneously that the Constitution establishes a Christian nation. In the survey, which is conducted annually by the First Amendment Center, a non-partisan educational group, three out of four people who identify themselves as evangelical or Republican believe that the Constitution establishes a Christian nation. About half of Democrats and independents do.

    ON THE WEB: Read the full poll results

    Most respondents, 58%, say teachers in public schools should be allowed to lead prayers. That is an increase from 2005, when 52% supported teacher-led prayer in public schools.

    More people, 43%, say public schools should be allowed to put on Nativity re-enactments with Christian music than in 2005, when 36% did.

    Half say teachers should be allowed to use the Bible as a factual text in history class. That's down from 56% in 2000. Charles Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center, says the findings are particularly troubling during a week when the top diplomat in Iraq gave a report to Congress on progress toward achieving democracy there. "Americans are dying to create a secular democracy in Iraq, and simultaneously a growing number of people want to see a Christian state" here, he says.

    Haynes says the Constitution "clearly established a secular nation where people of all faiths or no faith are protected to practice their religion or no religion without governmental interference."

  14. Right, as long as they don't want to over throw the constitution, which is all we have, and what they want to get rid of. Regardless of what they 'say'.

    Kick 'em all out.

    I must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed today, or maybe the right side.

  15. OJ Simpson is in jail, in Las Vegas

    Of all places, maybe there is justice

  16. "Don't take those guns to town, boys
    Leave those guns at home, OJ
    Don't take those guns to town."

  17. It sounds like Mr. Haynes subscribes to the erroneous "wall of separation". The first amendment doesn't say a damn thing about creches on the public square or prayer in schools. I would like to know how many people think the constitution says that there will be a separation of church and state.

  18. Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Can be read in a variety of ways.
    ... no law respecting an establisment of religion...

    Mr Jefferson mentioned a "wall" once in a private letter, made public.

    ... or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...

    No public announcement of that debate, to de-legitimize Islam as a religion, has begun.
    That concluson, it'd really justify a jihad against those that deride Allah and his Prophet .. yada, yada ...

  19. So it seems that any religious activity can occur on the public square, as long as the activity was not State established (funded) or limited to select, approved, by the State religions.

    To my limited understanding of english, seems pretty clear.

  20. Ms T mentioned the Iraqi do not want the US to keep on, keepin' on.

    In a survey conducted Aug. 17-24 for ABC News, the BBC and NHK, the Japanese broadcaster, among a random national sample of 2,212 Iraqis, 72 percent in Anbar expressed no confidence whatsoever in United States forces. Seventy-six percent said the United States should withdraw now — up from 49 percent when we polled there in March, and far above the national average.

    Withdrawal timetable aside, every Anbar respondent in our survey opposed the presence of American forces in Iraq — 69 percent “strongly” so. Every Anbar respondent called attacks on coalition forces “acceptable,” far more than anywhere else in the country. All called the United States-led invasion wrong, including 68 percent who called it “absolutely wrong.” No wonder: Anbar, in western Iraq, is almost entirely populated by Sunni Arabs, long protected by Saddam Hussein and dispossessed by his overthrow.

    Money can't buy ya' love, no, no, no
    But in Iraq
    it sure will buy the ho, ho, hos

    If the object is to leave the streets to the Iraqi, US public popularity is not an issue.

  21. Whit: I would like to know how many people think the constitution says that there will be a separation of church and state.

    No one says it says that, but the Constitution does forbid a religious test for any federal employeee, and the principle is implicit in the clause of Amendment 1 forbidding the establishment of a state religion, which has the effect of prohibiting direct connections between religious and governmental institutions. That is why the President's "Faith Based Initiative" is unconstitutional and will not survive Clinton II's term.

  22. Ms T:
    I think you had to make quite a stretch to make that argument...

  23. Do you folks realize that we're Importing almost a BILLION DOLLARS worth of oil products every day?

    Now, think about those diseased forests, and Factor in this Little Baby.

  24. Whitey is giving OJ another rap. He's under arrest. "The charges against Simpson will include robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a firearm, all felonies."

  25. Maybe he oughta quit robbing, and killing, Whitey.

    Are Jews considered, "Whitey?"

  26. Play that funky music white boy
    Play that funky music right
    Play that funky music white boy
    Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die
    Till you die , oh till you die

  27. CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (Associated Press) -- A bullet whizzed through the door of an empty mosque here, and police were investigating whether a hate crime was committed.

    The bullet pierced the aluminum frame of a glass entry door at The Islamic Center of South Texas on Friday afternoon. The mosque was empty at the time and nobody was injured.

    The bullet shattered an exit transom window at the other end of the mosque's central hallway, according to police.

    "We're sure it's a high-caliber weapon, based on the damage," Corpus Christi police Cmdr. Jesse V. Garcia said.

    Pieces of the bullet have been recovered for testing, but police have yet to name any suspects and haven't determined whether the incident is a hate crime.

    Osama Bahloul, the spiritual leader of the mosque, is among some 600 members who are celebrating Ramadan, a month of dawn-to-dusk fasting, prayer and giving to the poor that started last week.

    "We hope this is the end of it," Bahloul said. "But we are genuinely concerned about our people. We have a large number of children here this month, and if he or she did this again someone could be killed."

  28. dla said...
    And this is just one more reminder of why Bush is sooooo right, and Bush-haters are soooo wrong.

    We have to hunt down and kill Al Qaeda world-wide. It just happens to be easier to do it in Iraq. But we desparately need to close the Muslim-freak-show in Pakistan before Bush is out of office, thus forcing Al-Qaeda to hide elsewhere.

    You don't negotiate with these people, you simply kill them and move on. Sort of like the systematic extermination of the Nazi SS conducted by the British after the close of WWII.

  29. Lay off, Rufus:
    Nobodie's picking on you, you Hot Orange Stinking Pile of Cat Vomit!
    Now, if she starts calling you "Orangie," oth...

  30. Obama:
    A Nigga with Gravitas.
    (well, I mean for a 35 yr old raised by Whitey, at least.)

  31. I think Simpson did it(the murders) but the cops left a lot to be desired. That Mark Furman, the racist cop who probably planted some of the evidence, is up here in north Idaho now, doing a small radio show out of Spokane, Washington. He was about as corrupt a cop as you could ask for, and he ought to have done time for perjury.

    Surprising that Simpson was arrested. I had just read that the victum didn't want charges pressed--at least I thought I read that.

    Never use a gun, always makes it worse.

    I kind of tend to believe Simpson on this--so far.

  32. Hey, 'Rat:
    That Poll was conducted by these firms of international reknown and reputation:

    Field work by D3 Systems of Vienna, Va., and KA Research Ltd. of Istanbul.

  33. Both polling companies work with an all-Iraqi staff from in-country. ...

  34. OJ won't come out of prison alive, there's plenty of lifers who would love to be the one to mete out justice for Nicole. Jeffrey Dalhmer's already cranking out the "Welcome, OJ" t-shirts in the Infernal Regions.

  35. “9/11″ Zogby Poll Was Commissioned By Iran
    That's right, boys and girls: I-RAN!

    I've been sayin good brother John is just a slicker traitor than his CAIR Bear Brother.

  36. Ms T,
    I'd almost die for a live video feed!

  37. With advance notice, we could all set up little Mini-Circuses on the front lawn around the giant HDTV!

  38. Doug: We have to hunt down and kill Al Qaeda world-wide. It just happens to be easier to do it in Iraq.

    There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq until we took Saddam down. The Kurds, the Shi'ites, and even the Sunnis hate al-Qaeda, but al-Qaeda goes where we go (Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, New York). At this point the Iraqis just want us to go away so al-Qaeda will go somewhere else to fight us other than their own streets and malls and homes.

  39. Someone called me a "pile of cat vomit?" My, my. It must be from one of those commenters I don't read. A "She," you say? Hmm, I know it wasn't "T;" I always read all of her comments. Oh well. We had a saying, "Fuck all but six; save them for the pallbearers."

    I think I can round up "Six" without worrying about whoever that was. :)

  40. You shoulda been the lawyer instead of your dad, Albob!
    I had a friend that argued for months with me that OJ didn't kill Nicole!
    Eventually I quit being friends with him!
    Bush/GOP Berkley Engineer undercover as a Fucking Moron!
    ...Yeah, them blood clothes in the washer were a....

  41. Who else would you have conduct a poll of Iraqis, if not Iraqis, doug?

    Send in a team of Romanians?

    Iraq, for Iraqis, by Iraqis

  42. Don't miss this traitorous Moron Marine, Rufus!

  43. How do we know it wasn't paid for by Saudi Arabia?

  44. Hey, Ms T:
    That Weren't me that said that!

  45. It's not who pays for it, doug, it's how the poll is conucted.If the MSM boys paid for it, multiple years, and the results vary, which these do ...

    Who knows...

    But the $700 million the US has passed out to the Anbar Tribal leaders, that was the kicker. Plus the construction contracts.

    A turn around from "the Tribes are not part of the future Iraq" narrative.

  46. * " The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters ":
    This is my favorite movie among this weeks movie releases. A hilarious, clever, entertaining, light, and enjoyable flick, it's about the quest to be the world record holder in the classic video game, "Donkey Kong." Unlike most movies, I had fun watching this one. And after "In the Shadow of the Moon," it's the second best documentary of the year and in my top ten movies of the year.

  47. KERRY on Meet the Depressed:

    "A policy of putting more troops in and staying is a policy for staying. It is not a policy for winning or for changing the equation. And the fact is that over the last four and a half years, they’ve had ample opportunity to make any of the fundamental political decisions that really don’t relate to security. An oil revenue law does not take security to be passed. A de-Baathification law does not take security to be passed. It takes political will. They haven’t shown the political will. "

    My sentiments exactly.

  48. Just heard that Welfare Costs $600 BILLION a year!
    Good that W's changes will speed up the Bankruptcy Process.

  49. DOUG: Just heard that Welfare Costs $600 BILLION a year!

    I believe it. Every year, an estimated $150 billion in the form of direct federal subsidies and tax breaks that specifically benefit businesses is funneled to American companies.

  50. DOUG: But what do WE Get for Christmas?

    The Pentagon has agreed to warn military bases worldwide that they should not directly sponsor Boy Scout troops, partially resolving claims that the government has improperly supported a group that requires members to believe in God. (11/16/04 Miami Herald)

  51. We get

    5,700 Troops Home for Christmass

    doug. How many times do I have to tell you?
    Catch & Release, continues apace.

    5,700 Troops Home for Christmass

    Count the win, any way you want

  52. That was an interesting case, that Simpson case. I watched it all the way through, and since I was doing some business with my lawyer at the time we talked about it alot. It was interesting, watching a man get away with murder. Damn near everybody lied on both sides. The only guy I believed was that Katlin kid. the houseboy. I have wondered how I would have voted, knowing in my guts that he was guilty, yet also knowing that the police lied on many material matters. Well, that's between OJ and the Lord now, he could walk over to the public square and say "I killed them both, cut 'em up with my knife, in a fit of anger and jeolousy" and the law couldn't touch him, he had his day in court. That Johnny Cockran(sp) that black lawyer, did a great job for OJ. He has died now.

  53. The Fwench have decided that we need to "Prepare" for a War with Iran.

    I wonder how John F'n Kerry feels about this? Scaramouche

    Make sure you read the comments.

  54. By the way, if you are in trouble, remember, your lawyer is an officer of the court. Don't admit to guilt. My lawyer, once a judge for four years, told me that, and it surprised me, as I thought you could basically spill your guts to your lawyer. But they are officers of the court, and if they have evidence that the client is guilty, if the client has confessed, they are supposed to come forth with that. Not that all do of course.

    1.)Keep your mouth shut--'they never caught a fish that opened it's mouth'.
    2.) Remember your lawyer is an officer of the court. Keep your mouth shut--'they never caught a fish that opened it's mouth'.

    In an ideal world of course.

    Best of all, keep your nose clean, then you got no worries, and can sleep good at night.

    If you are going to steal something, do it through paperwork. NEVER use a gun.

    Advice from ol' AlBob.

  55. Talibanization of America, or a damned good idea? Caught with your pants down.

    Hard to enforce, but I think clothes do make a difference. I look through the old photos in the garage--back then everyone dressed well--that is to say nobody wanted to look shaggy--I have pictures of folks around the grain elevator, even they were wearing nice clothes, for the job.

  56. Obama has hired Brezinski to advise him on foreign policy. While he may need some advice, is this the guy to give it?

    I was thinking that Hillary would put Obama on as her VP, but I'm not so sure now.

  57. "The Fwench have decided that we need to "Prepare" for a War with Iran."

    Unless they're bringing the entire French Army and then some, no thanks.

  58. i love these wonder fun guys...

    for years we just knew them as crazy arabs content in bombing us, stabbing us, raping us, burning down our towns and villages..

    for 100's of years we were forced to take jobs such as sewer sweepers, had to wear yellow stars of david..

    for years we knew these nutty bastards as the bastard offspring of our patriarch, Abraham via the bitch Hagar..

    now you call them "al queda" and say there was none in iraq til we got there...


    these murderous pricks change names and club designations faster than I can put a schmear of cream cheese on a bagel....

    fool yourself if you think all these different groups are actually unconnected...

  59. Still no clear idea on what the Israelis were Up To

  60. WiO: now you call them "al queda" and say there was none in iraq til we got there...

    The first action of Al-Qaeda in Iraq (Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn), Oct 30, 2004, kidnapped Shosei Koda, a Japanese citizen and murdered him.

    This was 1 1/2 years after the invasion of Iraq by US forces.

  61. "I have wondered how I would have voted, knowing in my guts that he was guilty, yet also knowing that the police lied on many material matters."
    I'm a man of conscience in the Jury Box.
    Less'n I really don't like somebody, then It's hang em guilty or innocent!

    You should spend less time w/lawyers!

  62. I wish I knew just how it happened, and who wrote it, the story of 'the bastard offspring of our patriarch, Abraham, via the bitch Hagar'. I'd suggest dropping reading the Bible and the Koran altogether, if a friendly barbeque and a swim after would result from it. Unfortunately, the muzzies are their book, and their book is the muzzies, so I think all we can do is defend ourselves from 'those that read, but really don't read'.

  63. Clarification--I would have voted to convict him, but the police did lie a lot, Doug.

    It always pisses me off when the police lie, as they do all to often.

  64. I useta only visit the Grain Elevator in my up-armored hummer, the damned things blew up so often.
    Good Show.

  65. Furhman's pretty smart tho, just not in that case.
    Haven't heard much of Kato Kalin:
    I guess his star status was more asteroid-like.

  66. BOBAL: I was thinking that Hillary would put Obama on as her VP, but I'm not so sure now.

    You want to pick a VP who comes from a purple state so you can make it your own color come election time. Illinois is already blue.

  67. Sun Sep 16, 09:03:00 PM EDT
    Did YOU write that BobAl?
    That's LITERATURE!

  68. You would have voted to convict him, I take it Doug, even though you knew for sure Furman was a racist, and planted some evidence?

    I hate it when cops lie, but digging deep down I would have voted to convict him.

    Johnny did a great job for OJ, played that jury like a piano, we can agree on that I think.

  69. So is Sun Sep 16, 09:03:00 PM EDT your masterpiece, or a quote.
    Tip of the hat, if yours.

  70. Where's the evidence that Furhman is a racist?

  71. "So yes, I agree with the Professor that the rhetoric must be ratcheted down. "
    But can you put a silencer on a Sniper Rifle?

  72. I wrote it, but I will make you mad with this--if I was King, I would burn all of Ayn Rand's books, along with those of Nietzche. And I'm the nephew of a librarian.

    I would ban them because they are pornographic in the real sense, and totally wrong headed.

    I would make "The Phenomena of Man" mandatory reading for kids in my class.

  73. He was questioned by that old fat white lawyer whose name I can't recall

    He asked "Have you ever used the 'N' word?"


    Then they played the tapes of him using the 'N' word, over and over and over and over again.

    Furman is a racist and a perjuror and a liar, and should be in jail himself. And I am ashamed white trash like Furman is living in Idaho.

  74. "...but I will make you mad with this..."

    Takes a lot more than that to make me mad.

  75. Wiki It was F. Lee Bailey that cut Furman to pieces, cut him to shreds, which is why he is now disgracing my good state with his unwanted presence.

  76. Then again, seeing you personally take the torch to my copies might get me heated.

  77. Not me!
    ...but I really like this keyboard, so I'm gonna hold it in!
    First Keyboard I ever really liked:
    Wireless Logitec w/wireless mouse:
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    PERFECT Mouse! $9.95, same source.

  78. Lee Bailey is like Norman Mailer before he went completely nutz.
    A real Ego Case Asshole.
    I'd take Furhman any day.

  79. During cross-examination, Fuhrman denied using the word "nigger" in the previous ten years. In response, the defense produced four witnesses as well as an audiotape flatly contradicting his testimony. In one 1985 recording, Fuhrman gave a taped interview to Laura Hart McKinny, a writer working on a screenplay about female police officers. In the recording, Fuhrman bragged about his membership in the secret organization within the LAPD known as MAW (Men Against Women).[1] In further interviews, Fuhrman bragged about beating and torturing gang members and was quoted as saying, "Yeah we work with niggers and gangs. You can take one of these niggers, drag 'em into the alley and beat the shit out of them and kick them. You can see them twitch. It really relieves your tension."[2] He went on to say "we had them begging that they'd never be gang members again, begging us". He said that he would tell black people, "You do what you're told, understand, nigger?"."[3]

    Although very limited excerpts of the tapes were admitted as evidence in the Simpson trial--and though the defense never proved anyone fabricated evidence in the case--the admitted portions of the tapes were strong enough to cast doubts on Fuhrman's motives and credibility.

    from Wiki--but I remember the testimony. Furman, or however you spell, is a racist and a perjuror and a liar. He planted some evidence I do believe. And that Van atter--or whatever his name is -the big older white cop--is cut from the same suit.

    I don't know what to do about it, but the LA police department gives the Mexicans a good run.

    Just stay out of LA, you will be better off.

  80. What, Bobal, is using the N word worse than Genocide?

  81. Oh,
    I never heard that.

  82. He is in a court, Doug, sworn to tell the truth, and he did not tell the truth.

  83. If he doesn't like Criminal Illegals, I say send him back in!

  84. Lawyers OFTEN Don't tell the truth in court:
    Take Johnny Cochran, for instance.

  85. Had the "Greater Good" in mind, bob. Then you can lie, it's okay. Like a Slam Dunk.

    Or anonymous folk testifiying at trials. It's all good

    5,700 Troops Home by Christmass

  86. I'd have Furhman down in Gitmo, if I was Czar!
    Trish will assure us that he would not get one bit more out of them.
    I doubt it.

  87. Right, I agree. The whole trial was one lie upon another. A true circus. Simpson was guilty, the cops lied, and Johnny played the situation like a perfect golf shot. Justice in America.

  88. What do you have against Ayne?
    I don't think I ever read one of her books all the way through.

  89. Ayn Rand is what college kids read when they leave Daddy's house and have rejected his values, and need another complete philosophy to cling to. Eventually the kids grow up and come up with their own ideas. In the mean time, they plow through her lengthy books about how Greed is Good, which is like pushing your head through 50 light-years of saltwater taffy.

  90. Really I haven't read much of her either. What I have agianst her is I think we need to help one another--I think we are all the same behind the scenes--the Secret of The Two Brothers--Schopenhauer--Kant--she sees us as all enemies one to another, and I think that is the worst mistake that can be make.

  91. I think she may be one of Trish's favorites.
    "Reason" and all that you know!

  92. OT

    I've just gotten out of a Turkish prison, so I may have missed it, but did our man of few words, desert rat, have anything to say about the recent Isreali airforce activities?

  93. Ms T and I are on the same page on Ayn Rand, it seems.

  94. That taffy analogy works pretty good for describing a "conversation" with Trish!

  95. Larsen once did what he's so good at:
    Putting things to words to make them sing.
    Something about how you can go through a lot of what Ron Paul says and agree, but since you KNOW he's Bat Shit Crazy, you might not want to vote for him!

  96. Murray: was firstest on speculation on that one.
    I haven't checked up on him since then.
    Something about some Korean Hardware, also?
    Congratulations on your escape!

  97. So, AlBob:
    Are you of the
    "Hug a Muzzie Today"
    You said we're ALL the same.

  98. I would certainly agree that Rand herself was a horrible person and that her books do not contain the key to life.

    Nonetheless, my copies would be burned over my dead body. Same goes for the Gramsci, Hayek, Hobbes, Machiavelli, etc.

  99. I think Dennis Miller likes Ayne!
    Hate to tell you!
    At least he's not a Muslim.

  100. Cutler,
    How about the little Red Book?

  101. When in the H... did you read Hobbes?
    Was it for a class?

  102. I don't have the Little Red Book, but I've got his treatise on Guerilla Warfare. Have Marx's Manifesto and (of all people) Gadhafi's Green Book on the book shelf, though. The better to know the enemy.

  103. I read Wiki:
    I can see why you would read him. Didn't know he was so influential.

  104. No, not for class. I've read a lot of international relations theory in Graduate School, but they haven't assigned Hobbes. They mostly assign modern material from the people currently considered the top scholars for a given theory. Leviathan was one of the toughest things I've ever read though, quit in the middle of it the first time.

  105. I bought a book on Marx for a Korean once!
    They were illegal there.
    Now, I wouldn't take that chance.
    When you're young, ya know.

  106. The muzzies are very confused. They are human beings however. We should protect ourselves first, and try to show them some light second. They are one hell of a problem.

    Burn books, I don't really mean it.

  107. Libya is one strange-ass place, I guess:
    We know a couple here:
    Really nice folks!
    (now if his place of work goes up, I may change my opinion!)

  108. Agreed:
    Some should see a VERY Bright light.
    Afterwards, they would see no more!

  109. Yeah, Qadhafi's a character, to say the least.

  110. One of those people who you don't know if they're crazy like a fox, plain-crazy, or a combination of the two.

  111. Knew a kid from Morroco, too:
    Would have been a perfect agent:
    Good looking and SMOOTH.
    ...probly got that from the French, I guess.

  112. What are you SUPPOSED to be doing now, Cutler?

  113. Personally, I'm about to get thrown out of the house, so I better go.

  114. Probably the best thing I ever did was attend a liberal arts college.

    Hurt me in a few classes (Ancient Chinese literature?!?!?!?!?), but I can't imagine not having the wider background.

  115. I recall now that after F. Lee Bailey crucified Mark Furman, he wanted to continue the questioning after the break, the next day, and Furman started taking the 5th Amendment Rights plea. There was some talk after the trial about putting Furman on trial for perjury, but nothing came of it, he resigned from the LAPD and got his ass to Idaho.

  116. Tell me, Ms T, should I plow through Ayn Rand, or not? Take into consideration that I only have limited time left.

  117. Bobal, maybe you could pick up The Fountainhead, it was made into a movie with Gary Cooper and Patricia O'Neal, it's not quite as long or weird as 'Shrugged.

  118. I'll do that then, thank you.

  119. By Peter Reeve (Woodland Hills, CA USA)
    There are three telling omissions in "The Fountainhead": the first is that, although this is an epic tale, covering several decades in the lives of many characters, there are no babies born, no children reared. I'm afraid a philosophy of selfishness has to go the way of dirty diapers when Baby arrives. The second omission is humor. There are no laughs here. Egoism is a serious business. The third omission, perhaps arising from the first two, is emotional warmth. Ironically, Rand's essentially Humanist (that is, atheistic and anthropocentric) view lacks humanity. Her heroine can only achieve sexual fulfilment through being forcibly raped, her hero's heart and soul are centered on bricks and mortar. This novel will oblige you to think, but will not move you to laugh or cry.

  120. If there are no belly laughs then I think it can't be good literature. I'll read the Fountainhead, though, just out of grim duty.

  121. Belly laughs are a movie requirement for me.

  122. What's he doing with his white ass up in Idahoe, AlBob?

  123. "I only have limited time left."
    Til What?

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  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Probably better stuff to be read out there than the Fountain head, to be honest. Efficient too, considering the length.

  128. Are those fake pouty lower lips?
    I like my women au natural.
    Screw "the shining path," I'll take the garden path.

  129. I wonder what those deletions were?
    Hope he didn't delete any of the few days he has remaining!

  130. It was Mat:
    He's got plenty of time.

  131. This comment has been removed by the author.

  132. ""Hydrogen doesn't spill on the ground. The flames go straight up. You just don't want to be riding in a bag full of it when it catches fire."
    Ms T:
    Actually, if you were riding in the bag, your screams would be really cool, and that would be your legacy:
    Cool under fire.
    "Do you believe that Teresita?
    What a Card!
    Immitating Donald Duck in the face of Death!"

  133. NahnCee said...
    Everyone keeps claiming that Pakistan has a nuke.

    Would it be too much to ask them to prove it?

    I mean, like, we thought Saddam had some way-bad shit, too. Turns out we were a little bit, but not totally, wrong about that.

    Personlly, I'm thinking that whatever Pakistan *does* have can't possibly measure up to what the West thinks of as a "nuclear bomb".