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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Islamic Virus Spreads.

Looking at the reaction in the US media, you have to wonder that if had the 911 attacks been foiled early in the process, would there have been such a modest response? There should be far more attention to this incident. This aborted attack represents the logical metastasis of the cult of Islam. It exposes the big preposterous lie about Islam being fundamentally wholesome and a religion of peace. Islam is as benign and native to the US and the West as "West Nile Virus." Now for some DDT.

Search for Suspects Continues After Averted Terror Attacks DW

Prosecutors arrested three men and are searching for five more suspects who are accused of planning "massive" terrorist attacks. Investigators suggested that US military facilities in Germany could have been the targets.

German Federal Prosecutor Monika Harms said the three men arrested Tuesday were two German converts to Islam and a Turkish Muslim, all in their 20s. The men are being held on charges of membership in a terrorist organization and preparing a bomb attack.

Harms said the men were members of the Islamic Jihad Union, which has its origins in Uzbekistan. The three suspects attended a militant training camp in Pakistan last year, she said at a press conference Wednesday in Karlsruhe.

Prosecutors also said investigators were still looking for another five suspects.

Harms said the men in custody, identified as Fritz G., Adem Y. and Daniel S., had been able to collect massive quantities of hydrogen peroxide.

That same household chemical was used by suicide bombers in the 2005 London public transport attacks that killed 56 people.

She said once turned into bombs, the material could have created an explosion with the same strength as 550 kilograms (1,210 pounds) of dynamite.

Links to al Qaeda

German security forces were able to apprehend the three suspects and seize the materials Tuesday in the small town of Oberschledorn in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the arrests showed terror attacks in Germany were "not an abstract danger but a very real threat."

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said police had stopped an "imminent threat" to Germany.

Jörg Ziercke, head of Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), said the Islamic Jihad Union had ties to the al Qaeda terrorist network and that the men accused of planning the attacks in Germany were "driven by a hatred of US citizens."

Ziercke said security forces decided to move in on the suspects Tuesday when it became clear the three had begun creating bombs. Harms added that the suspects were taken into custody before making a functioning explosive.

US bases could have been targets

Refering to the terror suspects' aims, Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning told journalists in Berlin: "There were no concrete targets."

"But the German police are speculating that Frankfurt airport was one of these targets," he added.

Harms also did not specify the exact targets of the planned terror attacks, but said US military facilities in Germany were to have been hit. The suspects were apparently planning to detonate a series of car bombs simultaneously, she said.

"As possible targets ... the suspects named discotheques and pubs and airports frequented by Americans with a view to detonating explosives loaded in cars and killing or injuring many people," Harms said.

Officials at Ramstein did not confirm if the air base was a target
Earlier Wednesday, SWR public radio had reported that the US military base at Ramstein was a possible target.

US military authorities at the Ramstein air base, one of the largest US military facilities in Europe, could not confirm those speculations.

International cooperation

Ziercke said over 300 police officers had been monitoring the suspects over six months, and that it was one of the largest police operations of its kind in Germany.

German police worked together with international authorities, said Ziercke, who specifically thanked US authorities for their cooperation.

DW staff


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  2. If it bleeds, duece, it leads.

    If it don't, it won't.

    Prospects of carnage to not grab the imagination, only the actuality will. And it was not even in the US, but Germany, another "over there" locale.
    Far from home.

    500 plus civilians were killed in a single attack in Iraq, barely created a ripple, here.

    Those arrested were just another set of radicalize Krauts, like the Red Army Faction or its' founders Baader-Meinhof.

    Organized in April 1968, the BM group engaged in numerous terrorist acts during early 1970. In May of that year, members of the group traveled to the Middle East, where they made contact with the PFLP as well as the RAF and apparently underwent guerrilla training. Anarchistic in political outlook, group members returned to the Federal Republic after several months and resumed terrorist operations against German business firms and personalities. During the spring and summer of 1972, these activities were expanded to include the 5 May 1972 bombing of U.S. Fifth Army Corps Headquarters in Frankfurt and a 24 May 1972 bombing of the Headquarters of U.S. Army Europe, located in Heidelberg. In these two operations several U.S. personnel were killed and others wounded. Despite the June 1972 arrest of Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, and other group leaders, the remaining members of the gang reorganized under the name Red Army Faction (RAF) and continued to carry out acts of terrorism throughout Germany. Also known as the "Berlin Tupamaros," this group patterned its operations after those of the Uruguayan Tupamaro urban guerrilla organization. Recruited primarily from middle-class students at various Berlin universities, RAF members carried out the December 1974 execution of Dr. Gunter von Drenkmann, President of the West Berlin Supreme Court, as well as the attempted assassination, in Frankfurt, of a deputy to the West German parliament. 9

    Of particular interest in regard to the Baader-Meinhof organization are its links to the PFLP and the Japanese Red Army Faction. In this latter context, it seems quite possible that the false travel documents obtained in Frankfurt and used by the Japanese RAF team that attacked Lod Airport came from Baader-Meinhof. In connection with linkages between BM and the Japanese RAF, it is also interesting to note mid-February 1975 reports from Stockholm indicating Japanese RAF members were still in that city.

    The names and ideology change, but the enviorment remains the same.
    Not many in the US will take note.

  3. I agree with 'Rat.
    And where, by the way,
    are all the
    Hindenburg Posts?

  4. Hopefully our CIA acolyte has not permanently taken leave, so she can counter your hysteria with her well-reasoned response crafted with CIA-like precision:
    "All's Well, and that's a Slam Dunk!"

  5. Any problems that remain in the Wreckage will be worked out by the State Dept.
    Trust Me.

  6. IT has become conventional wisdom that the decision to disband Saddam Hussein’s army was a mistake, was contrary to American prewar planning and was a decision I made on my own. In fact the policy was carefully considered by top civilian and military members of the American government. And it was the right decision.

    By the time Baghdad fell on April 9, 2003, the Iraqi Army had simply dissolved. On April 17 Gen. John Abizaid, the deputy commander of the Army’s Central Command, reported in a video briefing to officials in Washington that “there are no organized Iraqi military units left.” The disappearance of Saddam Hussein’s old army rendered irrelevant any prewar plans to use that army. So the question was whether the Coalition Provisional Authority should try to recall it or to build a new one open to both vetted members of the old army and new recruits. General Abizaid favored the second approach.

    In the weeks after General Abizaid’s recommendation, the coalition’s national security adviser, Walter Slocombe, discussed options with top officials in the Pentagon, including Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. They recognized that to recall the former army was a practical impossibility because postwar looting had destroyed all the bases.

    Moreover, the largely Shiite draftees of the army were not going to respond to a recall plea from their former commanders, who were primarily Sunnis. It was also agreed that recalling the army would be a political disaster because to the vast majority of Iraqis it was a symbol of the old Baathist-led Sunni ascendancy.

    On May 8, 2003, before I left for Iraq, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave me a memo titled “Principles for Iraq-Policy Guidelines” that specified that the coalition “will actively oppose Saddam Hussein’s old enforcers — the Baath Party, Fedayeen Saddam, etc.” and that “we will make clear that the coalition will eliminate the remnants of Saddam’s regime.” The next day Mr. Rumsfeld told me that he had sent the “Principles” paper to the national security adviser and the secretary of state.

    The way it was, according to
    L. Paul Bremer III

    How I Didn’t Dismantle Iraq’s Army

    Read more
    In the NYTimes

  7. GDammit, 'Rat, gimme my hattip:
    I posted that two threads ago, you give up reading comments since you know who flew the coop?

  8. The way it was, according to
    L. Paul Bremer III

    I posted Mine under
    "Doug I"

  9. Je says he Joint Chiefs were briefed and had signed off:
    I sent a preliminary draft of this order to the secretary of defense on May 9. The next day I sent the draft to the Defense Department’s general counsel, William J. Haynes, as well as to Mr. Wolfowitz; the under secretary for policy, Douglas Feith; the head of Central Command, Gen. Tommy Franks; and to the coalition’s top civil administrator at the time, Jay Garner, asking for comments.

    On May 13, en route to Baghdad, Mr. Slocombe briefed senior British officials in London who told him they recognized that “the demobilization of the Iraqi military is a fait accompli.” His report added that “if some U.K. officers or officials think that we should try to rebuild or reassemble the old R.A. (Republican Army), they did not give any hint of it in our meetings, and in fact agreed with the need for vigorous de-Baathification, especially in the security sector.”

    Over the following week, Mr. Slocombe continued discussions about the planned order with top Pentagon officials, including Mr. Feith. During that same period, Lt. Gen. David McKiernan, the field commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, received and cleared the draft order. I briefed Secretary Rumsfeld on the issue several times, and forwarded a final draft of the proposed order for his approval on May 19.

    Walter Slocombe subsequently received detailed comments on the draft order incorporating the views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, making clear that the top civilian and military staff in the Pentagon, as well as the commanders in the field, had reviewed the proposal. ...

  10. Two back is Big Buff, don't see it.
    Three back, my memory fails, it's due to the heat, you know.

  11. That and your failing heart:
    Must be one back.
    Oh, Well, 9 yr olds are nothin, if not resilient.

  12. AlBobAl,
    Are you sure Larry has been made aware of option Number 1, below?
    Could give his office a call.

    In the way that teenagers do, I came to the conclusion that my only options were suicide, something for which I could never find the courage, or "closeting" my homosexuality.

    But being in the closet uniquely assisted me in politics. From my first run for the state legislature until my election as governor, all too often I was not leading but following my best guess at public opinion. Politics was for me a way to secure the crowd's approbation while maintaining a busyness that obfuscated the desires of my heart. Despite being a moderately liberal governor, my stance on marriage was: "between a man and a woman." The position, in my mind, created a tension with the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community that affirmed my bona fides as a "straight." Only after the crisis that resulted in my resignation, when public opinion no longer mattered, did I realize the importance and legitimacy of same-sex marriage.

    I can only pray that Larry Craig and his loving family come to peace with his truth, whatever that may be. To those who judge him harshly, I ask that they fill their hearts with compassion and equanimity.

    The writer, a student at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in New York, resigned in 2004 after two years as governor of New Jersey.

  13. Over 300 police officers to track 8 suspects!? What happened to German efficiency?

  14. Ron Paul favors Eliminating the CIA!

  15. It was a dark and stormy night. Traffic was light on the D.C. Expressway. The wipers blades made a rhythmical humpf as he eased his car into the rest area.....

  16. Best I could do Doug, would be to Fed Ex a bullet to Larry's office. They don't take my calls.

  17. The CIA's probably for eliminating Ron Paul.

  18. hmm,..

    CIA, IRS, FBI, illegal immigration.. Sounds like our guy.

  19. Larry could become a priest.

  20. Pavarotti was a good singer. I'm betting we can all agree on that.

  21. Pavarotti was a better singer than Ted Kennedy will ever be. I bet we can all agree on that.

  22. Mexico: the Next Colombia?
    The danger on our doorstep. More>>>
    Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists?
    By: Daniel Pipes
    What is the real agenda behind New York City's new Arab-language school?
    By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
    It is time to stop promoting the Islamists and their friends.
    An Arab-American Thanks Steve Emerson
    What journalist has risked more to report on terror groups and their supporters worldwide?

  23. THAT'S DOLLARS Contributed, Mat:
    I'd bet my life a poll of individuals would come out different.
    Hell, Trish's family alone probly accounts for half of those "Votes!"

  24. This Man painted one hell of a gloomy picture of things south of the border last night, on the radio. Our beloved United States of America is going to end up the same way, if we don't do something about it. Get that fence built. What's Ron Paul's stance on immigration, wide or narrow?

  25. Doug,

    You'd think the dollars would go the other way, no?

  26. Don't Be Fooled by folk like this. They have been around forever, and what they are into is trying to turn YOUR NATIONAL FORESTS over to private ownership,i.e., to themselves. So just keep on crapping in that Minneapolis restroom.

  27. Drugs can be a very powerful weapon against a nation. British opium pushers in the 19th century are partly responsible for the collapse of the powerful Chinese empire.

    The refusal of US authorities to close off illegal crossings of the US-Mexican border and more thoroughly inspect legal crossings has allowed the creation of a millions-strong class of illegal persons in the US. At the same time the open border has provided an incentive for Mexican drug gangs to open up shop south of the border in order to flood the US with narcotics. Drug use is now on the increase in Mexico as well.

    With Mexican drug gangs corrupting police and terrorizing Mexicans, they also provide a possible conduit for terrorist infiltration of the US. Mexico has long been a way station for “OTMs”—Other Than Mexicans—intending to sneak into the US. The human smuggling business is intrinsically linked to the drug smuggling business. With narco-terrorists borrowing a page from al-Qaeda’s playbook—videotaping executions and beheading their victims, there is little reason to think they would hesitate at assisting Islamist terrorists—if the price was right.

    Drugs can be a very powerful weapon against a nation. British opium pushers in the 19th century are partly responsible for the collapse of the powerful Chinese empire.

  28. Mat,
    Paul supporters are loony's.
    See, Trish.

  29. they send their money down the RonHole.

  30. Michael Savage used to say that John Kerry's ?grandfather? I think it was, who had a shipping company and some extra boats and time, used to run opium up those Chinese rivers, and along the coast. I believe it, too.

    Ron Paul is looney.

  31. Old news, doug.
    Not very happy news, either.

    It has nothing, well little, to do with Islamo-leftist global conspiracy, so please, get back on message.

    How can we justify bombing Iran over drug smuggling and usage in the Americas?

    Connect the dots from MS-13 to mussulmen?
    When immigration status is not a criteria for bail?

    From hugo's oil to the Chinese tankers and new refineries being built just for its; use, in China?

    Kickin' some ass, in Iraq, as it was predicted, here, last January, gee whiz wow!

    To what end, exactly, no one seems to know, though. Since none of those German terrorists had visited Iraq nor trained there, had they?

    If not, just another reason to ignore them. Not part of the fly paper narrative that is the reason for the continued US presence there.

    Despite what the Commanders on the ground have to say, the politicos in DC continue to be boosters for the old storylines, on both sides of the aisle.

    The definitive "benchmarks", those that we were to judge "success" by, now to stringent a standard.

    While all of the initial legal whereas's for the War have been fulfilled, there is no discission of that in public. No claims of success at the Republican debates. Just past failure and hope for a better tomarrow.

    Success, just not part of the bi-partison rhetoric by the Boners of either of the political parties, wonder why?

    The origanal mission, forgotten by moving the Goal posts, as planned.

  32. Trish reminds us that the term "Human Debris"
    is Racist when applied to Mexican Child Molesters and Serial Murderers:

    "Stinking Pile of Cat Vomit,"
    when refering to Native American Vietnam Vets is just, well,

  33. Ron Paul wants to close down the IRS? Sounds good, but, er, how are we going to pay for stuff?

  34. Bomb Afghanistan and Iran,
    Open the borders for Mexican Drug Smuggling Gangs!
    Long War.

  35. Mexico's vital interests, doug, much like those of the United States's do not stop at the border.

    Seems a perfectly reasonable position for them to take.

    Where the US sends hard military might, the Mexicans use soft, people power.

    See how well it works.

  36. Tariffs, bob, as per the original US Constitution.

  37. Yeah,
    Soft Power would be for us to encourage Dual Citizenship.
    ...unfortunately, other countries don't care to join us in our Dhimmitude.

  38. Bob,

    What stuff do you want to buy?

  39. Tariffs, as per dRat suggestion, sounds good to me. A sales tax on all foreign goods and services. And only foreign goods and services.

  40. 2164th, Should we use a similar logic to come to conclusions about all in the republican party? Shall we use Craig and Foley as the particulars to judge you all? Are you all really closet queers? My, my...

  41. Going to be some mighty high tariffs. End of international trade.

  42. We're all gay as butterflies here, Ash, join us:)

  43. Bob,

    5 to 15 percent should cover it. To be fluctuated depending on the economic conditions.

  44. When Doug taps his glass on the bar, he ain't asking for another drink.

    This without borders bitch says their group is taking on STATES, since the Feds are no problem.

  46. If the foreign traders can't beat that, they aint worth trading with.

  47. Mexico has a pretty simple Residency program, doug, just not a simple work permit program.

    But then neither does the US.

    Can't blame Mexico for enforcing their labor laws, as regards foreign visitors, just because the US does not.

    The US invaded Granada, to protect the rights of US citizens, there. That the Mexican government wants to protect it's citizens human rights, those that are living outside Mexico, a perfectly reasonable position for them to take. As was Mr Reagan's position toeards the invasion of Granada.

    Goose and gander standard.

    On land, one people, one Americas

    The Way Forward, all together now.

  48. Revitalize US manufacturers, it would, bob.

    Put a crimp in Chinese expansionism that the other blogs are all a fritter about.

    Get the US back to basics, cut way back on our need to police the world. Stimulate energy independence, as well.

  49. Two brothers at Iraq the Model made it out and so did Riverbend. It took four months it seems and she only got to go to Syria - I guess she didn't have the brothers connections.

    "It was finally our turn. I sat stiffly in the car and waited as money passed hands; our passports were looked over and finally stamped. We were ushered along and the driver smiled with satisfaction, “It’s been an easy trip, Alhamdulillah,” he said cheerfully.

    As we crossed the border and saw the last of the Iraqi flags, the tears began again. The car was silent except for the prattling of the driver who was telling us stories of escapades he had while crossing the border. I sneaked a look at my mother sitting beside me and her tears were flowing as well. There was simply nothing to say as we left Iraq. I wanted to sob, but I didn’t want to seem like a baby. I didn’t want the driver to think I was ungrateful for the chance to leave what had become a hellish place over the last four and a half years.

    The Syrian border was almost equally packed, but the environment was more relaxed. People were getting out of their cars and stretching. Some of them recognized each other and waved or shared woeful stories or comments through the windows of the cars. Most importantly, we were all equal. Sunnis and Shia, Arabs and Kurds… we were all equal in front of the Syrian border personnel.

    We were all refugees- rich or poor. And refugees all look the same- there’s a unique expression you’ll find on their faces- relief, mixed with sorrow, tinged with apprehension. The faces almost all look the same.

    The first minutes after passing the border were overwhelming. Overwhelming relief and overwhelming sadness… How is it that only a stretch of several kilometers and maybe twenty minutes, so firmly segregates life from death?

    How is it that a border no one can see or touch stands between car bombs, militias, death squads and… peace, safety? It’s difficult to believe- even now. I sit here and write this and wonder why I can’t hear the explosions.

    I wonder at how the windows don’t rattle as the planes pass overhead. I’m trying to rid myself of the expectation that armed people in black will break through the door and into our lives. I’m trying to let my eyes grow accustomed to streets free of road blocks, hummers and pictures of Muqtada and the rest…

    How is it that all of this lies a short car ride away?"

  50. My complaint is not with Mexico:
    It's with Dhimmi Nation.
    To GWB, that is:
    Global Nirvanna

  51. Move forward on the North American Union, cut back on other non-Americas foreign trade.

    Create the most powerful selfsustaining economic bloc in the world.

    Utilize more soft power, less hard.

    Better for everyone, in the Americas.

  52. Don't usually care for riverbend, but that was interesting, Ash.
    Syria is not pretending to be one thing, while the US Admin insists it is another, as we do in Iraq.
    The Vision Thing for him is a Mirage.

  53. Won't
    North American Union
    be more of
    US bending over
    for THEM?

  54. 30,000 MS-13 from El Salvador in USA:
    Are they part of the Union?

  55. That fellow on Coast to Coast last night made some sense. There are about five or so conflicts going on in Iraq. Starting from the north and working down--Kurds vs. the Sunni (and Turkmen too I quess) where they bump up against each other; Sunni vs. Sunni; Sunni vs. Shia; Shia vs. Shia; criminals against each other and everybody else--it's about the piece of the pie more than religion according to him, though that's a close second. And everybody, of course, against the occupiers, except the Kurds. They'd be better off I think if they'd take some sensible direction from us, but they aren't doing it. What if we leave, he was asked. Get's worse, at least for a while. Might get real bad.

  56. He said they had a crazy law in Brazil I think it was for awhile--couldn't charge anyone under 18 with a crime. Well, you know what the result of that was. Many of those places, worse than Iraq. We don't want that here.

  57. As a 15 year old,
    I mighta voted for it!

  58. No, not really, doug.

    There are practical advantages to having most of the illegals here. Or they'd not be.

    Practical advantages to bringing Mexico up to a US standard of work place and enviormental safety. The IBEC/WalMart model of cultural modification accelerated and expanded.

    The disadvantages of criminal migration could be alleviated by better law enforcement. The illegality of the migrants, in and of itself, reasonably minor, in the grand scale of things.

    If the manufacturing jobs that have moved to China had gone or relocated in the future to Mexico, the Mexicans would not be migrating north, for economic reasons.

    The development of Mexico could be fueled by capitalist driven means, as it was in China and Korea.
    Not by US governmental grants, but adjustment to US tax laws.

    The case can be made, and it is not that outlandish.

  59. Typo in plea agreement may favor Craig.

    "...engaged in conduct which I knew or should have known tended to arouse alarm or resentment or others."


    Plea Deal Questions

    The circus continues.

  60. A 100% tariff on nonNorth American imports, would stimulate hugh economic growth in the US, Canada and Mexico.

    It would limit China's influence in US politics and economy. Getting that trillion dollar surplus they have whittled down, instead of growing exponentionally.

  61. I don't like Mexican culture. I don't even like tacos. I didn't like Ocio, who was raised in our town by a nice Christian lady and went to school with us. All he'd ever talk about was gringo this and gringo that.

    I like Canadians. They are educated, fun to be around, not corrupt from top to bottom.

  62. Rat on your 11:19, Include all the Americas, the EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India and any true democracies that I missed and you have my vote.

  63. Like Chinese culture more, bob?

    Should the US support slave labor, enviormental destruction and the corruption of US politics, vis a vie Mr Hsu?

    The IBEC/WlMart model of cultural modification does work, over time.

    Who does it make the most sense to help, economically. Those across the seas, or those that walk from poverty to your house?

    Most of the migrants that I have met, and there are many, came for a job, not any other reason. If there were jobs in Mexico, most of the illegal border crossers would have stayed home.

    I am not all that enthused with the culture of New York and New Jersey, truth be known.

  64. Include the Americas north of the Rio Grande, the EU, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel, and you might have my vote.

  65. I’d include all of Eastern Europe and Russia on that list. There’s a lot of brain capital there.

  66. That'd sure work, duece.

    Soft power, economic strengts that only the US pocesses, currently.

    But give the Chinese time, and continued free access to the US and that economic strength projection will be matched.

    The Globalist Boners not US nationalists, nor North American Unionists. They are supporting an open border with Mexico, to get Chinese products to Kansas even cheaper, by cutting out the US ports and workers.

  67. Then, bob, you lose the lower cost labor base. Not alleviating the causes of the economic migration.

  68. Ash said:

    2164th, Should we use a similar logic to come to conclusions about all in the republican party? Shall we use Craig and Foley as the particulars to judge you all? Are you all really closet queers? My, my...

    I think getting or giving BJ's in PC's is beyond Queerdom. It is Weirddom. Seldom done by Republicans or Democrats. Done by a senator or governor, it is just dumb dumb.It comes as a shock or surprise when it does happen.

    Sometimes Ash, my good friend, I am shocked and surprised by your comments. This is one of those times. Surely, you have noticed that there appears to be a correlation in that acts of terrorism against innocents is overwhelmingly conducted by those who who are deeply in love with Allah and raisins.

  69. There are quite a few Muslim extremists but the problem is not the Muslim part but rather the extremism. You shouldn't find that shocking. Similarly there seem to be a fair number of Republicans preaching God and Family values yet leading a double life cavorting with gays in public washrooms and hiring hooker boys or trying to hump underage pages. The problem is not their republicaness but rather their actions. Simply because you are a Republican or believe in Islam does in no way imply that you will engage in those respective actions.

  70. The problem is the muslim part. It's what the book tells em' to do.

    'A moderate muslim is one that's out of ammo.' Henry Kissinger

    China's the last place on earth I think that I would want to live. I'd probably include the Phillipines on my list, and a few other countries. The list grows the more I think about it.

  71. 2164th,

    Let me try another tack. Are you familiar with the phrase Correlation does not imply Causation?

    For example, you can find a correlation between the incidence of car accidents and the distance from your home. More car accidents occur within a 20 mile radius of the drivers home then outside that radius. Does that imply the cause of accidents it the proximity to ones home? No, you simply are driving closer to your home more often then further away from your home thus increasing the likely hood of an accident closer to home.

    In your virus example you are implying that Islam is the infection causing the disease of extremism. This is easily countered by pointing to all the Muslims who aren't extreme. I suggest you should delve further into the causes of these extremist acts rather then assuming it is simply the Islam factor.

  72. What happened to your promised reform? Right.


    Sexual fiendishness is apolitical. Is it an issue of micro psychology. The political fiendishness prescribed in Islam is religious cultural political dogma. Is it an issue of macro psychology.

  73. Craig did a good job staying in the closet all these years, taken all in all. I remember a few years ago when some rumor came up. "He's an Idaho rancher for God's sake is what his office put out through an attractive female spokeswoman. They are trying throw dirt on him for political reasons. Sounded kind of reasonable to me at the time, but I wondered. If one's gay and in politics, the best thing to do these days is just admit it. Even in Idaho.

    Ash, put Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch on your daily reading list.

  74. It's weird alright. I can understand my renters Kevin and John, but a stranger? In a restroom? Just, anybody? jeez

  75. Chinese empire powerful in the 19th century?!? Sorry for the late correction, Doug, but China was already in decline since the 16th century. Powerful, even in the days of Kangxi to Qianlong, it was not.

    The opium war only hastened the end of the dynastic system. Good riddance.

    BTW, Bobalharb, some parts of China, like Shanghai, are pretty nice places to live. If you ask me, the worst places to live all locate in Africa, and maybe the poles.

    And for those of you worried about the Islamic threat, keep in mind the adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. China's playing the Iranians, not the other way round.

    If China ever replaces the US at the top of the heap, I'll be laughing hard when everything they've done bites them back in the ass. And the Chinese are not as pussy as the US(well, most of you) is now. When they play, they play for keeps, lives be damned. You only have to look at the Korean War for proof.

  76. When it comes to corruption, bob, the Mexicians are amatuers.
    No one can compete with the folk fom New Jersey, unless it's New Yorkers.

    TRENTON, N.J. (Associated Press) -- FBI agents arrested 11 public officials in towns across New Jersey Thursday on charges of taking bribes in exchange for influencing the awarding of public contracts, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

    Two of those arrested are state lawmakers, two are mayors, three are city councilmen, and several served on the school board in Pleasantville, where the scandal began.

    All 11, plus a private individual, are accused of taking cash payments of $1,500 to $17,500 to influence who received public contracts, according to criminal complaints, said Michael Drewniak, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie.

  77. Andrew Tilghman is a former reporter for Stars and Stripes who spent nine months embedded in Iraq in 2005-06. Since then he's been investigating the role of AQI and has come to the conclusion that both its size and the scope of its operations have been systematically exaggerated for political reasons. His story, "The Myth of AQI," is forthcoming in our October issue, but today we're offering a sneak preview:

    What if official military estimates about the size and impact of al-Qaeda in Iraq are simply wrong? Indeed, interviews with numerous military and intelligence analysts, both inside and outside of government, suggest that the number of strikes the group has directed represent only a fraction of what official estimates claim. Further, al-Qaeda's presumed role in leading the violence through uniquely devastating attacks that catalyze further unrest may also be overstated.

    ....In a background briefing this July in Baghdad, military officials said that during the first half of this year AQI accounted for 15 percent of attacks in Iraq....Yet those who have worked on estimates inside the system take a more circumspect view....spectrum of estimates, ranging from 8 percent to 15 percent....But even the low estimate of 8 percent may be an overstatement.

    ....How big, then, is AQI? The most persuasive estimate I've heard comes from Malcolm Nance, the author of The Terrorists of Iraq and a twenty-year intelligence veteran and Arabic speaker who has worked with military and intelligence units tracking al-Qaeda inside Iraq. He believes AQI includes about 850 full-time fighters, comprising 2 percent to 5 percent of the Sunni insurgency. "Al-Qaeda in Iraq," according to Nance, "is a microscopic terrorist organization."

    ....The view that AQI is neither as big nor as lethal as commonly believed is widespread among working-level analysts and troops on the ground. A majority of those interviewed for this article believe that the military's AQI estimates are overblown to varying degrees. If such misgivings are common, why haven't doubts pricked the public debate?

    Yes, why haven't they pricked the public debate?

    Even Brookings has reported that aQI has never amounted to more than 2,500 individuals, 850 could be accurate, as well.

    Good reason why General Odierno does not consider aQI to be a major concern, now that the Sunni Tribes are not as allied with them as they had been.

    Even if there were 2,500 of them, not 850, it still would be proportional to MS-13's strength just here in the US, let alone the Americas.

    aQI not quite necessitating 162,000 troops to arrest, not really a vital US interest, just as MS-13 is not, here in the Homeland or across the Americas.

    Those terrorists arrested in Germany, they trained in Pakistan, who'd have ever thought? Pakistani based aQ training camps not treated as a vital US interest, either

    The public in the US being played for fools by jingoists and Boners. Unreported by the Press, who'd have guessed?

  78. More depth to the shallowness of aQI

    Both sides of the debate in DC, playing to the crowd, not the realities on the ground.

    Or both General Simmons and his commander General Odierno are lying.
    But what they report is buried, while Mr Bush is reported telling the world:
    "We're kickin' ass"

  79. dRat,

    How are we to reconcile the notion that AQ is a rather small organization with the idea that Islam is the problem? Shouldn't we accept the virus model and conclude that AQ really is a few billion strong?

  80. While the Staffers in General P's office reccomend declaring the ISF and possibly Mr Maliki himself, hostile to US.

    Expansion of the war goals, so as to not let it end. Wouldn't want to give up the sandbox and go home to barracks life, that is such a drag.
    Considering that mortality rates for the troops, being no worse than for college kids at Spring Break.

    While the U.S. military has recently touted "news" that Sunni insurgents have turned against the al-Qaeda terrorists in Anbar Province, there is little evidence of actual clashes between these two groups. Sunni insurgents in Anbar have largely ceased attacks on Americans, but some observers suggest that this development has less to do with vanquishing AQI than with the fact that U.S. troops now routinely deliver cash-filled duffle bags to tribal sheiks serving as "lead contractors" on "reconstruction projects." The excuse of fighting AQI comes in handy. "Remember, Iraq is an honor society," explains Juan Cole, an Iraq expert and professor of modern Middle Eastern studies at the University of Michigan. "But if you say it wasn't us—it was al-Qaeda—then you don't lose face."

    The second benefactor is the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, often the first to blame specific attacks on AQI. Talking about "al-Qaeda" offers the government a politically correct way of talking about Sunni violence without seeming to blame the Sunnis themselves, to whom they are ostensibly trying to reach out in a unity government. On a deeper level, however, the al-Maliki regime has very limited popular support, and the government officials and ruling Islamic Dawa Party feel an imperative to include Iraqi troubles in the broader "global war in terrorism" in order to keep U.S. troops in the country. In June, when faced with increasingly uncomfortable pressure from the Americans for his failure to resolve key political issues, al-Maliki warned that Iraqi intelligence had found evidence of a "widespread and dangerous plan by the terrorist al-Qaeda organization" to mount attacks outside of Iraq.

    Elsewhere within the Shiite bloc of Iraqi politics, Moqtada al-Sadr has his own reasons for playing up the idea of AQI. "The Sadrists want to overstate the role of al-Qaeda in a way to emphasize on the 'foreignness' of the current problem in Iraq; and this easily fits their anti-occupation ideology, which seems to gain more popularity among Shia Iraqis on a daily basis," said Babak Rahimi, a professor of Islamic Studies and expert in Shiite politics at the University of California at San Diego.

    The US being played by the Iraqi, the people at home being played by it's own Government.

    The only whereas left to base the legal deployment of 162,000 US troops and the expenditure of Fifty million dollars a day, aQI, all 850 of 'em.

    Said with a straight face by all the politicos involved.
    Empire building on the taxpayers dime while knowing that the public has deep rooted concern for the troops and a desire to "win".

  81. The ideology of militant Islam could easily have 100 million or more adherents, ash.

    But that does not make them aQ.
    Nor organized to act in an asyemetrical military fashion.

    Indeed, eight here, twenty there...
    The Fort Dix six.

    Onesies and twosies, not militarily signifigent, to use Mr Rumsfeld's expression.

    There is a larger ideological battle, but as General P and the rest of his Command structure keep saying, it cannot be won by the military.

    Unless we follow the advice of the ultimate jingist, habu, and nuke 'em all, letting God decide which was good, which was evil.

    But based upon fear, not an actual military threat. The only Mussulman country that is a real military threat, that'd be Pakistan.
    No other has capacity to project overt hard power beyond it's borders.

  82. I'll just have to stay here in Idaho then, where the politicians are all up front and truthful, and the women are all beautiful astronauts.

  83. William F. Buckley of National Review fame has a piece on the subject:
    World War IV?

    Add to the above "a huge number of committed cadres. If Islamists constitute 10 percent to 15 percent of the Muslim population worldwide, they number some 125 million to 200 million persons, or a far greater total than all the fascists and communists, combined, who ever lived."

    Recognition, then, of the scale of the pretensions of the Islamist enemy has to precede substantial measures against it. In the matter of Iraq, for instance, the ambiguity of our engagement and the enlarging political cry against it would alter dramatically if one accepted the premises of the Fourth World War so ineluctably spelled out in Podhoretz's little volume, which takes time here and there to demolish such arguments as were mounted in protest against President Bush's mention in his 2003 State of the Union address of yellowcake hunting in Niger.

    Those critics who insist that it is only a small war-party faction of the Islamists that we have to fear might have been asked a generation ago if it was not merely a small number of Germans and Russians we were properly exercised about. Sixty million people were dead after that misreckoning.

    The threat definately exists, the Western response has been feckless and inept. Focused upon a military solution, when the military tells US it is beyond their capacity and capability to solve, within present Doctrines.

    Genocide or some other course must be charted.
    An economic and cultural course, which folk like you, ash, renounce. As exemplified by your not wishing the stopping of the World Bank funding Iranian projects.

    If we do not move to rigorous "soft powered" economic and political solutions, with appropriate gusto and verve, genocide will follow, as surely as night falls.

    Which, I think, would be bad.

  84. The Chinese I read are dropping out of Zimbabwe, been one of their backeers/investors for a while, kept Mugabe's nose just above water.

  85. Hell, we'd probly use up half of our Nuke Arsenal, too, not like the good old days when we could eliminate the muzzies just using up our Korean Arsenal.

  86. No more Desert Storm Surplus Weapons Wars for us.

  87. Now we got a War on the Credit Card.
    Courtesy of GWB, results oriented fiscal conservative that he is and all.
    And Oh!
    So Compassionate!

  88. "But that does not make them aQ.
    Nor organized to act in an asyemetrical military fashion.
    That'll have to wait til they vote themselves into Sharia in Europe.

  89. "We're kickin' ass"
    That new book seems to do a good job of characterising his ability to remain positive while re-arranging the deck chairs.
    VERY Competitive guy, who, as a boner, has yet to compete on a level playing field for the first time.

  90. Bet the Chinese will be there, in Rhodesia, to pick up the pieces and back the next rider on that African merry-go-round.

  91. Even if thos estimates of radicalize mussulmen is off by a factor of ten, still leaves 10 to 12 million of 'em.

    A factor of 100, still over a million free radicals bouncing around the world.
    Quite a crowd, regardless.

  92. "Correlation does not imply Causation?"
    Hey, I never thot of that.
    And you, Deuce?

  93. How did you acquire your intimate understanding of Kevin and John, AlBobbie?

  94. dRat wrote:

    "Genocide or some other course must be charted. An economic and cultural course, which folk like you, ash, renounce. As exemplified by your not wishing the stopping of the World Bank funding Iranian projects."

    I know you like a binary approach to things, black or white, good or bad, but it is a false dichotomy that you present - 'Either you support Genocide or you agree with me to cut off World Bank funding of that project in Iran'. One could, actually, increase aid, do more business with Iran and thusly not fall on the Genocide side of your equation. There are more ways to skin a cat and you clearly accept the status quo vis a vis Iran - no talkeee no trade ect. One problem the administration has had is that there are virtually no diplomatic contacts with Iran and no trade or other interaction left to cut off. You have seized upon one World Bank project in Iran as evidence of US subsidization of our enemies, as if the World Bank were part of the US government. You do bring up an interesting idea as a means of further detaching ourselves from Iran - forced divestiture of any US citizen or company doing business with Iran - but given the failure of successive administrations policy toward Iran it might be worth considering another approach - negotiation. You, though, prefer the dream of bringing down by 'not talking' to the mullahs.

  95. Hey Wobbly, did you confuse me w/someone else, or did my senescence erase my memory of a recent blurt of mine?

  96. Just remember this, Ash:
    "Dagos good,
    Chinks, Bad"

  97. (hadn't heard that word since high-school, until Miller was talking about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis!)

  98. His F-Bomb for Charity was just too Cool!

  99. 10 or 15 percent, 1 percent, .01 percent, 50 percent? All fictional numbers grasped at in a vacuum. How about a realistic and evidence based assessment for a change? That was a good start using AQ numbers.

  100. but, but, I love the food from both I have to chose just one?

  101. "The Myth of AQI"
    Meanwhile, the founders,
    now AQP, are conveniently ignored.

    AQP being better than AQA,
    for some reason beyond my understanding.

  102. Spaghetti or Dog Balls, Ash,

  103. Ron Paul
    Navy 6975
    USAF 7765
    USMC 4650
    VET- 1500
    ARMY 1250

    (not so grand) TOTAL $22,140

  104. Ron Paul Is Guaranteed Victory in 2008

    (As proven by an exponential regression based on the average increase in rate of growth per half hour, it becomes clear that by December 19th, 2007, Ron Paul’s Meetup membership will be 259,582,280 people, or in other words, roughly 85% of the American population.)

  105. The EU has negotiated with Iran for years, ash.
    The Iranians have not modified or mollified their positions. Indeed the have escalated their covert activities in Lebanon, according to published reports.

    The US has negotiated with them directly concerning their actions that are contrary to UN purposes in Iraq, yet they continue to escalate their covert activities there.

    The neighbors of Iran wish to obtain tens of billions of dollars worth of US weaponry, because of the threat they see emanting from Iran. They all meet with the Iranians on a regular basis. Price Bandar serving as a US proxy in that regard.

    As to the other mussulman threats, the US proxy in Pakistan, the General President, has negotiated with the radicals in Warizistan, to no avail. The violence increases, regardless.

    In Palistine the US and the UN and members of the quartet have been negotiating since the before there was a UN. Peace has not broken out because of it.

    Negotiation preassumes that there are reconcilable points of contention. These do not exist within radicalize mussulmen's position, as crafted by Allah and Mohammed, his Prophet.

    Thusly, where possible as in Jordan or Egypt or Pakistan or even with the Saudi Arabians, the US does negotiate with moderate Muslims, it does seek common ground.

    Success is often found, as between India and Pakistan on a truce in Kashemere. But even the General President found negotiations to be impossible at the Red Mosque and in Warizistan. He having to redeploy tens of thousands of troops there.

    So the claim that the US and it's proxies refuse to negotiate with Muslims is patently false.
    That nothing comes of those negotiations with the radical mussulmen, quite evident.

    You presuppose tha the US should vacate it's positions, to reach compromise. The US Government has done so, often. The US giving an inch, the radicalized mussulmen then demanding a mile.
    As in Pakistan and Iran, Sudan and Somalia.

    Where moderate Muslims are in power the US enjoys reasonable relations, as in Indonesia. Where US relief efforts save tens of thousands of lives after the Christmas Tsunami.

    Iran has been at war with the US since 1979, that their antagonism has been so inconsequential, to US, for so long does not mean it will or should remain so.

    The negotiations with the radical mussulmen in Khartoum has only worsened the plight of moderate African muslims, in Darfur.
    The world has negotiated until there is little left to discuss, as most of the victims in Darfur are dead or have left the country. While the Sudanese proxies now push into Chad, following the survivors.

    The Sudanese never giving to the ICC those of their citizens under indictment by that Court. While signatory to the treaty.
    Negotiate away and reach agreemnts that are worthless, as exemplified by the Sudanese actions.

  106. The Iranians signatory to the Non-proliferation Treaty, but not allowing the IAEA inspectors free access to Iranian facilities as the Treaty allows.

    Causing there to be more negotiations over the results of past negotiations that the Iranians have negated.

    Why continue, when the signature of the Iranians on the existing Treaty is for naught?

    Why presuppose the next signature will bind them to an agreement, when they have a track record of noncompliance with past agreements.

  107. OT, but it sounds like the Idaho Fish and Game Department, to me. Biologists Introduce Wrong Fish

    Just don't ever let Idaho Fish and Game near your fish tank. :)

  108. Maybe Larry was in the wrong stall:
    Thot he was in the lady's room?
    Did you miss my query about Kevin?

  109. They asked me if I knew of anyone they could stay with in Hawaii over the Christmas vacation, and I said, well, yes, I think I may. How about it, dude?

  110. Tell them I have a nice Palapa out in the backyard, out of earshot of the house.
    Lucky we live Hawaii!

  111. That's what the call "personalizing" the candidate doug. Puts a "human face" on Mr Obama, a normal guy, loving if odorous.

    Read that about the trout, bob, a couple of days ago. More of the ineptitude, 20 years worth of compounded error, in a good cause.

    Lots of nice Bed and Breakfast deals in Hawaii, bob.

  112. So that's what you call a grass hut! I always called a grass hut a grass hut.

    Osama's back with a new video coming out 9/11. Maybe we really ought to just nuke Warizistan(sp).

    I used to have a time share on Kauai, but never used it so dumped it. Busy farming, or child raising.

  113. So that's what you call a grass hut! I always called a grass hut a grass hut.

    Osama's back with a new video coming out 9/11. Maybe we really ought to just nuke Warizistan(sp).

    I used to have a time share on Kauai, but never used it so dumped it. Busy farming, or child raising.

  114. Larry's been 'personalizing' himself these days:)

  115. Larry knows all about his Trout, all-right. do many others.

  116. That wasn't the problem 'Rat:
    Prob was, when Barrack Hussein heard that he said:

    "Oh, Yeah?
    Well, I didn't give her the Nic
    "Brown Trout"
    for Nuthin!"

  117. Ophra gave him a big Party and had a Chef from Ethiopia prepare the Vittles!
    Put that in your Multicultural Menu and swallow it, Ash!

  118. The face of the Party,
    so to speak.

  119. What ever happened to tonya, doug?
    I recall you practicing your kayak skills to paddle over to her island, maybe she has a spare room for bob's friends.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Larry Craig,
    looming large,
    hanging tough,
    standing wide.

    When Mr Craig stands with someone,
    is it hip to hip,
    or shoulder to shoulder?

    Would Mr Specter would know for sure?
    Although Barney Frank said he had his suspicions, well, he said he was sure.

    Wonder if love was in the air
    or was it lust in his heart?

  122. Wasn't that Sonya? Or Tonya and Sonya?

  123. "a spare room for bob's friends"
    Only if they're interested in watching her perform with her girlfriends.
    ...with me, she insists on being discreet.
    Something about
    "beyond all Worldly Cares"
    "Celestial Bliss,"
    she would say.

  124. Tonya is the Dyke she only sees about once a week.


  126. Sometimes I wonder why 'Rat's so Jealous.

  127. They wouldn't be interested in that Doug:)

  128. That's not the girl I remember, must be the heat, aye?

    No wonder my heart aches

  129. I just wear my glasses,
    they stay steamy for the duration.

  130. As you can see, I've lost track of the real Sonia:
    All the other Polynesian Beauties demanded their fair share.
    ...I'll try to find her.
    If not, the next time she pleads me to visit, I'll ask for her URL.
    She'll be thrilled I'm showing some interest again.

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  132. Danielle said...
    Doesn't she ever get cold?

    9:12 AM

    sonia said...
    Danielle,Fortunately, Tonga is a bit warmer than Antarctica...

  133. That's the one I remember!
    I knew you'd come through for us.

    51,000 profile views, little wonder why.

  134. Sonia says the rest of you guys could try this, and you might get a date w/one of her friends:

  135. Obama might use a little of that stuff.

    Wonder if this new Osama video presages some sort of attack?

  136. AlBob:
    His wife says the only attacks he ever wages come from the fart-sack.
    He could become Hillary's Secret Weapon as VP.

  137. As you can see from that last pic, Ash, we serve from a Banana Leaf:
    What do you use,
    Recycled Hubcaps,
    Fiat Trunk Lids?

  138. AQ guy meets his virgins, the Couple, anyway.

  139. Sonia likes to put the Banana Leaf on her surfboard, and we dine floating au naturel in her lagoon.

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  141. I thot Barrack Hussein left them all in Honolulu when he went native and ran for Senator in the Midwest.

  142. I think this piece of Virgin tail is not what they'd imagined.

  143. Sam, I GREATLY ADMIRE the Man's Courage. I just don't like his politics.

  144. I envy W getting to see Helen in the front row of every news conference, Rufus!

  145. It will or it won't bob, only his Doctor knows for sure.

    Osama was dead, been that way since Tora Bora, read it at the BC, before that poster faded away.

    Forgetting that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    Rehashing Chinese spy tales, from the 1990's. Has not even gotten to ALGores religious conversion to Buddhism, yet.

  146. Remember all the Shit McCain got for calling them "Gooks?"
    No tolerance from our antiseptically pure MetroMulticulti Populace and the MSM Guides.

  147. Mr McCain has ridden that POW pony a long way, deservedly so.

    He's really a pretty poor Senator from a constituent service perspective, the Democratic Congressmen get more done for the folk. Though JD was not bad, if he knew you from the "old days" and he thought you could deliver 500 or so votes.

    Mr McCain consistently sides with the bureocrats at the BLM and Dept of Interior, against the interests of the plain folk and good forest management. But he'll retire soon and we'll get some other carpetbagger, as likely as not.

  148. Swindall used to be out here, don't think he still is.
    I must admit, I thot some of his stories were exagerated,
    guess not.
    Maybe he couldn't have done as badly as W?
    ('Rat Strokes Out!)

  149. I won't be votin for him this time, 'Rat!

  150. I must say I believe once again!
    (That Rudy will be better than W)

  151. Joke O' The Day

    That's 'Butch' the gov lurking in the background:)

  152. I had high hopes for Mr Bush, but reasonable expectations.
    Dashed upon the rocks of reality.

    Like my parents really do not need for my son and daughter to borrow money for their medications, but they have to do it, regardless.
    Thanks to Mr Bush.

    Expansion of Federal largess, to fill the night skies with a thousand points of compassionatly conservative light.
    Thanks to Mr Bush.

    Even Bill Roggio is cashin' in on Mr Bush and his lack of communication skills, his new website name
    The Long War Journal
    Which the BC thinks is a "better name"

    Must be why I get the stories direct from the MNF web site, lately.

  153. Isn't Rudy's family from New York/Jersey?

  154. What it says at Wiki

    Rudolph Giuliani was born in Brooklyn, New York, the only child of working-class parents Harold Angel Giuliani and Helen C. D'Avanzo, both children of Italian immigrants.[11] The family was Roman Catholic and its extended members included police officers, firefighters, and criminals.[12] Harold Giuliani had trouble holding a job and had been convicted of felony assault and robbery and served time in Sing Sing;[13] after his release he served as a Mafia enforcer for his brother-in-law Leo D'Avanzo, who ran an organized crime operation involved in loan sharking and gambling at a restaurant in Brooklyn.[14]

    In 1951, when Rudy Giuliani was seven, his family moved from Brooklyn to Garden City South on Long Island. There he attended a local Catholic school, St. Anne's.[15] Later, he commuted back to Brooklyn to attend Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, graduating in 1961. He had an 85 average there, graduated 130th out of 378 students in his class, and received SAT scores of 569 verbal and 504 math.[16]

  155. dRat,

    So it’s beyond the realm of possibilities that some of them New York/Jersey families might’ve adopted some pet Chihuahuas.

  156. That interesting about Giuliani.

  157. Basicly the same background as George Boner.
    So we expect another Mr. Rogers Presidency from Rudy, as the country demands 8 more years.

  158. Rudy was good at prosecuting the Mafia, since he knew it from the inside!

  159. So says Ted Olson, who worked with him.

  160. By setting himself apart from the gaggle and having a one-on-one chat with 6 million Americans, Thompson messed up the political ecosystem. In a single well-timed appearance, he made up for a late start and got exposure and buzz.

    And it didn't cost him a dime.

    Some mistake.

    No Mistake

  161. Bad Old days: - Wife of Solicitor General alerted him of hijacking from ...
    Barbara Olson, a conservative commentator and attorney, alerted her husband ...
    ... A short time later the plane crashed into the Pentagon.

  162. Olson and Rudy both worked in Reagan Admin, I think.

  163. Pretty Sad:
    Dennis Miller has some catchin up to do on his history and current events, or common sense, whatever it is:
    Congressman David Dreir is just back from Columbia trying to get free Trade agreement.
    Say's Uribe has really accomplished quite a lot, under the circumstances.

    Miller Blows the whole thing off THREE TIMES, as a sideshow, and a distraction from the main event, which of course he, like many of the Bush cheerleading team, acts like is the only event worth paying attention to.

    Dreir must been shakin his head when he hung up.

    Says he's going back again soon even tho he just about got booed off the stage for a perceived ettiquite gaff.
    Miller gives him shit one more time for going back!
    oh my!

  164. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has pledged to kill the so-called "marriage penalty" and "death tax." Arizona Sen. John McCain has spoken in support of President Bush's tax cuts.

    He also supported requiring a three-fifths majority vote for Congress to raise taxes, repealing the alternative minimum tax and flattening the tax structure.

    By contrast, Democratic candidate John Edwards has proposed raising capital gains rates on families making more than $250,000 a year to 28 percent. He would tax dividends at 39.6 percent, the rate during the Clinton administration.

    Eliminating Some Taxes

  165. Yeah, but Edwards is gonna make One America out of Two, Sam.
    A miracle on the order of breaking bread, only in the other direction.

  166. Three all time Dem Bastards on NY Times Frontpage video feature.
    (which always works, but their archives never do, weird.)
    Schumer, Reid, and Turban.

  167. Ethanol and the Tortilla Tax
    The spin is that ethanol is good for the environment because it will “reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”
    But there are mixed opinions over the energy gains from ethanol.
    In 2006, a study out of the University of Minnesota found that ethanol returns only 25 percent more energy than it takes to produce it
    — and critics have suggested that the study didn’t calculate all the variables that go into producing it, such as the power to irrigation equipment to water the corn crop being used, the power consumed in making the fertilizers that nourish the crop, the cost of the farm equipment used to harvest it (and the fuel to power that farm equipment).

  168. This seems to me like a realistic appraisal of the Situation in Irag, or Iraqs. De facto partition, at least for the present, from 'the ground up'. They hate one another's guts, hatred not a basis for a long lasting relationship. Charles Krauthammer's article.

  169. And we know what the answer to that is, Doug--nuclear power plants. Which Tom Tancredo was boosting today, during an interview I listened to.

    By the way, Tancredo said talk radio and the bloggers were the ones totally responsible for the immigration defeat, and that now in D.C. the sentiment has really swung our way. But can you really trust them(other politicians) he wondered out loud.