“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, October 01, 2007

Shocking news of the day

Day Two and The New York has still not noticed the halving of casualties in Iraq.

The Government says Britney is not a fit mother.

Britney being Britney.

Demi Moore is losing the fight against time. Wants the wrinkles to go.

Putin being Putin. He decides to stay.


  1. Surprise, surprise. Everyone is staying in character.

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  3. Does everyone else see the alignment problem on the blog roll?

  4. I don't see a blogroll, or anything else except for the article, and the thread.

  5. Jeez, what is Old is "New Again."

    Unilateral Disarmament. A Blast from the Past.

    Yeah. Quick, make him President.

  6. I don't know if this story is true, but it could be and is pretty funny:

    A couple of Mormon missionaries were harshly rejected by the lady of the house who slammed the door in their faces. To her consternation, the door did not close completely but swung back towards her.

    "Get your foot out of my door!" she shouted angrily.

    "But, madam ... " the senior missionary companion began, but she didn't listen and she slammed the door even harder. It swung back towards her again.

    Furiously, she screamed "Get your Mormon foot out of my door!"

    "But, madam .... " he began again.

    "Don't 'but madam,' me!" she screamed, going purple, and slamming the door again, this time with both hands, only to see it swing back at her a third time.

    "Aaaaaargggghhhhhhhh!" she screamed hysterically.

    The junior companion stepped forward and said softly through the door opening, "Madam, you will be able to shut the door if you first remove your cat!"

    h/t Joe - A commentor at Hugh Hewitt's blog

  7. I can't get your links up, deuce. But I'd like to say, Britney sure has nice flowers, and I too am for nuclear disarmament. Have been so since I 'woke up' and read Einsteins's letter to FDR, and his other letters, about how the next world war after this one will be with sticks and stones, again.

    For goodness sake, we are all for a sane world. One way to start in my view would be to keep the devil's device out of the hands of the truly insane.

    But I tell you, I'm worried. Like Dr. Wattenberg says on KGO night after night, any group that can make a VW bug, can make a nuke, given the right materials.

    I'm worried, like hell.

  8. Rufus, I have had quite a few of the Mormons visit my house. They are really nice. I just let them in and we visit about things. I am not afraid I will be attacked in the night, by these good people.

  9. I just thought it was funny joke with a neat punch line.

    You know, I'm trying to keep an even keel about Iraq, right now; but there is an awful lot of encouraging stuff coming out of there, lately.

  10. We've won rufus, or we'd not be leavin'.

    Those US Peacekeepers could do an 18 month tour, if need be.

    But they do not need to.

    They're coming home, instead.

    Oh yea of little faith

  11. I'm going to wait and see how Iran votes, first, Rat, before I get too excited. I still can't see how that's gonna be resolved.

    But, at least, we've had a couple of months to be a little more (guardedly) optimistic.

  12. I think there is some good news out of Iraq, and we should be happy about that, for ourselves, and the Iraqis. I also know they are basically nuts, with the exception may be of the Kurds, and we shouldn't expect too much.

  13. Don't worry, Bob, them Kurds are nutters, too.

    'Nite All.

  14. Nite, Rufus.

    I'd like to tell this story about a guy I know from high school, a very intelligent guy, and probably more or less a democrat. His dad was a prof at U of I and he had worked in Idaho state government.

    We had a school reunion a couple of years ago. We traded life stories. He was going over to Afghanistan as a diplomat. He said why am I the only guy that wants to be a diplomat?

    I quess our answer was you are the only nutter among us!

    He is a nice fellow. He was not optomistic about his mission.

    I would just like to say, these things are not matters of verbal phrases you pick up in the newspapers, but of real people really on the ground, and the culture of Afghanistan is one hell of a mess.

    I wish my friend well.

  15. I wonder what military secrets there are to gain from the Afghans. Better not be a new VW assembly plant.

  16. Christ Ash now I have taken the time to read the whole article, you need some medical help.

  17. Putin being Putin. How can anyone look at Putin, and not see a wolf?