“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Kevin Cosgrove

Today is September 11. Don't Forget It!


  1. But the only player, of international note to remind US of that day on US television of late, is Osama, that taunting perp.

    The General and the Ambassador speaking to a totally different subject. The truth of what they report, daunting enough.

    Now Osama, safe in his Pakistani sanctuary, has the propaganda edge, he got the free minutes of US face time. The Towers and the victims, left unseen.
    Memories best left to fade away, lest they breed anger.

    With Osama's next release, a hijacker's face, one of Osama's hero's, is superimposed upon the burning towers. Another of the perps memorialized.

    Whilest the victims are best forgotten, Memories best left to fade away, lest they breed anger.

    aQ lives and breeds, trains and dispatches terrorists, not from Iraq, but Pakistan. The madrassases are in Pakistan, funded by the Sauds, turning out radicalized recruits. Footsoldiers, born and bred.

    Radicalized Bosnian refugees are resettled across Europe, plotting attacks against US assets. Trained by Pakistanis, funded by the Sauds.

    The two common threads that tie 9-11-01 to the current state of terrorism in the world
    Saudi Arabians and Pakistanis.

    Memories best left to fade away, lest they breed anger.

  2. Too bad we never turned Tora Bora into a mushroom cloud farm.

  3. alQ will not attack CONUS any time soon.

    They are winning the propaganda war and played the US perfectly.

    We are kicking each other in the balls daily here at home and are one election away from going into a total defensive posture in the ME.

    Attacking CONUS would only fire up the population and unify us to see this thing out.

    As we stand today, we are a house divided being led by an obstinate ass who has mired the country in the payback of a blood debt.

    As DR points out, the safe havens in Waziristan and flow of petro dollars from Saudi Arabia and Iran to tangos around the globe continues.

    Airport security is more of a farce than it was on 09/10/01, since the same dopes now have government badges, guns and pensions.

    Grandmothers and children are violated at the X-Ray machine so imams can scream "Allahu Akhbar" at the airgate and sue anyone that resists their intimidation tactics.

    The enemy has a funeral ceremony that we film on a Predator but fail to send a Hellfire up their asses because we don't want to be insensitive.

    Marines clear a house from which they take hostile fire after an IED attack and are brought up on charges, tried and convicted by their leaders before going to trial and ultimately are exonerated when the facts come out. They are fighting a war and sometimes good people get killed. No shit.

    Our country cannot field a properly-sized counter-insurgent force because the populace is disillusioned with the chain-of-command over the current goatfuck in Mesopotamia and won't sign up to get the job done.

    The fact remains we need one million men in arms to properly run COIN operations in IRQ and AFG.

    The leaders of the country do not make the pitch to build up that force and get the job done. They tell us to go to the mall.

    Six years down the line, we are getting videos from the same dude from a new set of caves that we will not obliterate so as to be mindful of the sensitivities of the residents of the host nation.

    The forces of political correctness have the upper hand. We fight lawfare. The enemy is exploiting that to his maximum advantage. They saw some heads off, we "tsk-tsk." Someone draws a cartoon of mohammed, they riot, issue fatwas kill people, and we apologize.

    Who are the suicidal ones?

  4. What would be the iconic equivalent of the twin towers in the islamic world?

  5. "Obstinate Ass"
    Concise, descriptive,
    well said!
    It's all good, 'Rat:
    We hunted down AQ in Afghanistan just like GWB said we would.
    That Doctor Z now plots from a more affluent, Nuclear Armed Land is of no consequence.
    "Stay the Course!"
    How better to characterise an Obstinate ASS?
    On this Day 9-11 2001
    Previously unpublished photos.

  6. JPOST:

    Twin Towers chief engineer Hy (Chaim) Brown to build prefabricated solar houses in the Negev. The house, fully equipped with appliances - including dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, oven and tailor-made items such as a Shabbat heating plate (or, for Beduin needs, a courtyard for livestock) - costs $50,000, and can be assembled from start to finish in two weeks. All it requires to run efficiently, says Brown, is four days of sun per month.

  7. 70 sq meters
    750 sq feet

    $50,000 or $66.66 per square foot.
    Shipping, handling and set-up not included.

    Still, I'd take two, fob Houston, at $50,000 each.

  8. 4 days.
    ...and 25 plugged into the Grid!

  9. Elsewise, the damned Joo has discovered perpetual energy!
    Goyim Gore!

  10. Didn't deliver free energy, as promised, aye?

    That's half of the package, the energy production and storage. To run that range of appliances.

    Make the pre-fabricated building interesting, but not worth $66.66 per foot. fob Houston.

  11. The idea that a home, or building will be built anywhere south of the Mason Dixon Line w/o Solar panels is ludicrous. Same, of course for Israel, or any other civilized Mediterranean, or Caribbean/tropical country.

    Big companies are shitting their britches all over the world.

    The Automakers are telling the Europeans that more than 5% ethanol could damage their engines. They're telling us that more than 10% could be "problematic," all the while selling the same engines in Brazil where the regular gasoline has 23% ethanol.

    The oil companies are crapping because they know that eventually we'll figure out that ethanol is "high performance" 105 OCTANE Fuel, and twenty percent (with the right engine) is a HELL of a lot better than 10%.


    Four environmental groups indicated they intend to go to court to force the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to consider protecting the giant Palouse earthworm.

    The groups cited the federal governments's inaction on a request to protect the 3-foot-long, pink, spitting worm as their reasons to go to court.

    The Center for Biological Diversity, Palouse Prairie Foundation, Palouse Group of the Audubon Society,(I thought the Audubon Society was about birds) and the Friends of the Clearwater filed a 60 day notice of their intent to sue Monday. They say the worm was once abundant on the Palouse region of Idaho and Washington, but a century of development and intense farming has pushed it to the brink of extinction.

    (This is odd as I have asked around now to the other farmers and no one has ever seen one, or heard stories about them from the ancesters.)

    A year ago, the groups petitioned the federal wildlife service to list the worm as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, but the agency declined to act on it, citing other more pressing needs.

    Steve Paulson, a member of the Friends of the Clearwater, said the government needs to take the petition seriously and determine the status of the worm.

    "The fist thing is to figure out if it is still here and how rare it is," he said. "To do that is going to take a lot of biological studies and research. At the present time they don't have any idea what a burrow, which is what these guys live in--a kind of deep hole--they don't even know what it looks like."

    But do you know what it looks like, Steve?

    information about the worm is available at

    Christ! Dr Bill Wattenberg was on a roll on KGO the other night about the Delta Smelt--at least people have seen that. The smelt is threatening to put out of business thousands of farmers, etc.

    Among other things we need to do is get a grip on the Endangered
    Species Act, which is being misused all across the nation. It is causing damage on the scale of 9/11, in my opinion.

  13. I wonder if the Nez Perce Indians have any memory of a giant worm. They used to dig camus on the prairies, if anyone had bumped into them, they would have. I will call the Tribe, and find out.

  14. dRat,

    The way I read it, shipping & handling IS included. All utilities and costs of operating them included too. $100,000 USD for 140 sq m (1500 sq ft), that’s a not a bad deal.

  15. If it works, it would be a good deal.

    That was my initial point.

    I've got off grid property I'd pop two of those onto. It'd be price competitive with 750 foot modulars and fabricating the required conventional solar system.
    If the electrial works, at wattages real people utilize in those appliances mentioned.

  16. This looks interesting:

  17. "But don't you realize, that's where I sail!" -- Ted Kennedy, On the Cape Wind Project, as quoted in Cape Wind : Money, Celebrity, Class, Politics, and the Battle for Our Energy Future on Nantucket Sound (2007) by Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb

  18. On another site it was asked whether Dick Cheney, never mind Osama, is still alive. When's the last time you saw Dick Cheney?

  19. Dick Who? Cheney?

    Isn't he making Porn movies in Compton?

  20. Remember the B-52 incident thread?

    Where has Darth Cheney gone?

    Blood thinners and Beer
    Blame it all on that.

    He heard that there'd be troops out by Christmas, ... something just snapped!

    Was it the Seventh Day of September?

    Mr Cheney, at a secured, undisclosed location

  21. One "Interesting" comment about Al Gore, and 1992 Greenland bs. From an actual, you know, "Scientist."

  22. Maybe we could transplant some of those excess polar bears down to Antarctica, where they could eat penquins, if the seals aren't available. Just as a kind of insurance policy for them.

    For the bears, that is, not the penquins

  23. Just shoot them, collect the fees from the hunters.
    They do it for buffalo, quite a bit.
    A slaughter, much more than a hunt, but it makes little difference to the buffalo, it's dead, regardless.

  24. Straight from Christian Amanpour Israeli planes seem to have attacked a weapons shipment through Syria.

  25. Christiane, she demands a proper spelling of course.

  26. 40 Israeli troops wounded

    Tit for tat, bob, tit for tat

    Israeli leaders were holding emergency meetings today to discuss retaliation to a rocket attack from Gaza that wounded at least 40 soldiers on an army base.

    The rocket was launched by the radical Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad in collaboration with the smaller Popular Resistance Committees. It hit the Zikim military base, less than a mile from the Gaza Strip, in the middle of the night. The casualties, some of whom were in serious condition, were army recruits sleeping in tents.

    The strike will increase pressure on the Israeli Government to tackle the problem of the home-made Qassam rockets that hit southern Israel every day, and usually target the working class town of Sderot. An Islamic Jihad missile landed next to a packed nursery last week, prompting panicked parents to remove their children from schools at the start of the new academic year.

  27. Dear Commentators:
    I'd like to ask you how many American flags you saw in your neighborhoods today?
    Thank you.

  28. Seen what, where?

    Those memories best left to fade away, lest they breed anger.

    Celebrate the GOOD NEWS
    Troop withdtawal announced
    6,000 home by Christmas

    Victory Iraq announced

    The troops are coming home!!!

    30,000 by July.

    Who'd have guessed it could happen, now?

    The Good News spun flat.
    No bump at all, nor credit where due. Piss poor information management, worse than piss poor.

  29. lh--haven't been able to check the flags out, but there was a parade, or walk rather, scheduled from one town to another today in our area remembering 9/11.

  30. 1. My Flag Flew today...

    2. Tit for tat dr? Not hardly, unless israel would shell the civilian areas without warning or aiming...

    Hamas has already gone to ground, evacuating all governmental buildings and is hiding out.

    If be fair, if i was ruling israel, i'd cut off electricity to the specific village that fired the rockets, then i'd start shelling 10x the amount of rockets all over the town...

    the goal? get the population to flee...

    then i'd level the town... just like hama without the deaths..

    3. If this is a war, then oil is a weapon which we MUST defeat

    go solar, fuck the arab sheiks