“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why We Should Hate and Love New York

GWB's devastating"New Tone" has been for GOP Politics:
All Surrender,
All the time.
No Defense, no offense: the enemy has had a clear field for the past 6 years. Kiss their Butts, again and again, bend over and grab ankles.
Not so with Rudy."

So says Doug in a previous post (slightly edited).

One thing all Republicans need to understand. The Democrats will most likely hold on to both houses of Congress. It is important that there be a Republican President who can lead and pick up a few of the remaining Democrats that still have any modicum of responsibility and common sense. Guiliani and Huckabee have the talent, but Rudy can carry a couple of states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After winning he can lead and temper the worst inclinations of the Democrats. With Hillary as President, there will be no stopping the Democrats from any excess. GWB has been a terrible problem for the Republicans. Giuliani can help repair the damage done by Mr.Rogers.

A taste of what is in store for Hillary


  1. Of all the GOP stalwerts that are running, Rudy is the only one that stands a chance against the Clinton Organization.

    He has competed against the Mob, before, and won.

    None of the other candidates are tough enough to stand up, succeccfully, to Team Clinton.

  2. DR: Of all the GOP stalwerts that are running, Rudy is the only one that stands a chance against the Clinton Organization.

    Rudy is liberal on abortion, gay rights, gun control, illegal immigration and school prayer. He believes in Darwinism, civil-unions, embryonic stem cell research, global warming, and has been married three times, and he's makes totalitarian remarks like, "Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do."

    By all means, vote for Rudy.

  3. Its Bob Dole election deja vu all over again!

    Something big has to has to happen to enable a Repub to win.

    - even Rudy

  4. The field of "acceptable" candidates is slim, Ms T.

    There is the possibility of 28 years of continued Family Dynasties in the White House, or the son of a gangsta.

    I'll ride with the Gangsta'.

    Freedom without Authority is
    Freedom without Responsibility

    And there can be no Responsibility without Authority.

    I have been married twice, have had happy friends, I'm opposed to school prayer, want to control the borders and regularize the illegal migrant workforce. Which does not have to lead to citizenship. Open to debate on that.
    I own all the guns, ammo and reloading supplies I'll ever need, so limiting the "rights" of others will not effect me, with regards to guns. If guns are outlawed, I'll be an outlaw. Simple enough, but I do not think that Rudy or the Congress will outlaw guns, so it's a moot point, really.

    Blood feud, vendetta. There is only one candidate that I believe holds those values dear.
    No matter what his Team or his mouth say. I want Osama's head on a pike, both literally and metaphorically.

    Rudy is the only candidate that may see it my way. None of the others do, Rudy, by nature and culture, might.

  5. Take Iraq off the table.
    Mr Bush could do that, change the entire tone of the next year.

    He'd have to get out in front, to do it. Something that is not in his nature. Just pronounce a 32 Months to Victory Plan.

    Coordinated with the Iraqi, the US Military, the UN.

    Declare the "War" over, the Peace begun. Then the debate is centered on an "events appropriate" Plan.

    To be against a reasonable Plan, to be against victory. But, a year out, they'd have to start, soon.

    Why won't the Democrats take YES for an answer?

    It is a question, that if presented correctly, patrioticly and proudly, with the courage of conviction could devestate the Dems.

    Mr Totten writes
    Combat operations are finished in Ramadi. The American military now acts as a peacekeeping force to protect the city from those who recently lost it and wish to return
    Whether Anbar Province is freshly christened pro-American ground or whether the newly founded Iraqi-American alliance is merely temporary and tactical is hard to say. Whatever the case, the region is no longer a breeding ground for violent anti-American and anti-Iraqi forces.

    “As of July 30,” Major Peters said in early August, “we’ve have 81 days in the city with zero attacks since March 31.”

    “We’ve had only one attack in our area of operations in the past couple of months,” said Captain Jay McGee at the Blue Diamond base. He was referring to the Jazeera area immediately north of the city and including the suburbs. “And we haven’t had a single car bomb in our area since February.”

    Peacekeeping, hermanos, that is the Mission, now.

  6. It's beginning to look like open season on conservatives. First there was the mugging by the Belgian police of demonstrators who gathered for a moment of silence to commerate the 6th anniversity of the September 11 attacks and to protest the Islamization of Europe. Far leftist Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thelman defined as hate speech the moment of silence and simple placards reading Stop the Islamization of Europe. Some of this reflects the Flemish/Walloons antagonism described in Cutler's post above. But much of it is due to the lefts love affair with multiculturalism. In any case, it's astounding that a moment of silent protest is 'hate speech' and the Mohammed Cartoon protestors with their placard reading 'Behead those who insult Islam' and 'Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on it's way' is protected political expression.

    I just returned home from the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels. The Belgian police beat up the peaceful demonstrators in what even the Belgian public television call "an extremely violent fashion." Here are some video images. The grey-haired man whom we see being attacked by the police first is Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, the Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament. Shortly afterwards we see the police maltreating Frank Vanhecke, a member of the European Parliament and the party leader of the Vlaams Belang. We see how he is handcuffed and pushed into a police bus. Afterwards we also see the police "taking care" of Filip Dewinter, the VB group leader in the Flemish Parliament. We see how his arm gets caught between the closing doors of the bus. An Italian MEP and a French MEP were also arrested. The demonstrators were kept in cells for seven hours and released this evening.

    Now we have a University of Florida student Tasered by the police for trying to question John Kerry regarding the 2004 presidential campaign. So much for free speech, if it's not following somebody's party line.

  7. DR

    Rudy is my second choice, second mainly because he is just too "New York" for me. My first choice, Thompson. Just wait....

  8. I find it interesting that you folks assume Clinton will be the Democratic nomination? Why is this, wishful thinking? Does her organization and money trump all? My take is that she has some solid support but that is all there is. As other candidate drop their support will go mostly to anyone but Clinton. I'm betting Obama will be the guy. I am not saying he has my support but that is my reading of the tea leaves.

  9. If the Democrats nominate Mr Obama, they'll blow their greatest political power advatange opportunity, in my life time.

    Greater opportunity than post-Watergate is presented to the Democrats now.

    Yes, ash, I think organization will triumph, in the Primaries. They are frontloaded, giving Ms Clinton an advantage.

    The super early States, like FL are being boycotted by the candidates, giving Ms Clinton an advantage, then watch the Dems allow those delegates to vote at the Convention, push come to shove.

    Rudy could trounce Mr Obama in November, while he stands a chance against Ms Clinton.

  10. Mr Thompson shows very well, at scripted events, Jay Leno as an example.

    With his K Street background and lack of executive experience. He looks more like Bob Dole, to me, than Ronald Reagan.

    Mr Dole being an example of an upstanding patriotic citizen. A fine Public Servant, but not a President.

  11. Belgian police beat up the peaceful demonstrators in what even the Belgian public television call "an extremely violent fashion."

    These demonstrators should file assault charges against the police men and take them to court.

  12. Mr Perot present Bill Clinton the White House
    Mr Nader handed the keys to George W Bush.

    There is no spoiler on the horizon, this year.

    Straight up, head to head.
    A New Yorker vs a Carpetbagger.

    Fought in the Blue and Purle States, if the Home Team just hangs tough, with the Team.

    More than doable, if folks could just get the story straight.

  13. Can you do that in Brussels?

    Charge the Police, civilly.
    Or does a Judge or prosecutor have to act?

    European law ... a murky subject for me.

  14. Try 'Amy's Organic Lentil Soup'--I just have, you should too. You'll like it. Just warm it up, and spoon it down.

  15. Alliance
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    We're calling the Dream Act the "Nightmare Amnesty Act."
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    --The Dream Act gives amnesty to any illegal alien
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    --Any illegal alien can apply, no matter the current age. So
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    --Those who get amnesty through the Dream Act can then
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    Damn them, they don't give it up. Best get busy again.

  16. Kerry, the shit, should have come down there to the aid of that kid. I hope he tries to sue the cops, and I'd be lucky enough to be on the jury.

  17. Ms T,
    "Anbar is in the hands of warring Sunni militias. "
    Ms T has been taking silliness lessons from Trish, methinks!
    Michael Totten strongly disagrees with your assesment:
    Anbar Awakens Part II: Hell is Over

    Or clik Cutler above!

  18. from 'The Looming Tower'

    bin Laden has been cut off from his Saudi money spigot--

    'Jamal al-
    Fadl, who was one of bin Laden's most popular and trusted men, had been chafing at the differential pay scale, which favored the Saudis and Egyptians. When bin Laden refused to give him a raise, the Sudanese secretary reached into the till. He used the money to buy several plots of land and a car. In the narrow circles of Khartoum, such a burst of affluence was quickly noticed. When confronted, Fadl admitted to taking $110,000. "I don't care about the money, I care about you. You are one off the best people in al-Queda," bin Laden told him. "If you need money, you should come to us." Bin Laden pointed to other members of the organization who had been given a new car or a house whne they asked for help. "You didn't do that," said bin Laden, "You just stole the money."

    Fadl beeged bin Laden to forgive him, but bin Laden said that would not happen "until you bring all the money back."

    Fadl considered the offer, then disappeared. He would become al-Queda's first traitor. He offered to sell his story to various intelligence agencies in the Middle East, including the Israelis. He eventurally found a buyer when he walked into the American Embassy in Eritrea in June 1996. In return for nearly $1 million, he became a government witness. While in protective custody, he won the New Jersey Lottery.'

    Some guys have all the luck.

  19. Thompson, using the C.......... method of running.

    Watch and listen carefully as all the others articulate their positions, make their gaffes, and etc.

    Craft your words and strategy to best excel over them, and then campaign as tho that is who you are as a candidate.

    Very Clintonian, much like Focus Groups to decide where the Clintons used to vacation, and even what they should wear and do.

    The anti-Rudy:
    Rudy comes closest to
    what you see is what you get:

    Thompson, you have to take on faith that who he says he is, is who he is.

  20. Yay!
    Bush out flanks the Dems:

    Wants to put Universal Coverage in Place!

    Socialism NOW!

    Announced by Health and human services secretary.

  21. Rudy says he's liberals' 'worst nightmare'

    Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign is up with a radio ad in Iowa claming he is liberals’ “worst nightmare” — an effort to get early voters to think ahead to November when they caucus in January.

    The spot, called “Nightmare,” shows that last week’s ad bashing Army Gen. David Petraeus is the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans.

    “ is the most powerful left-wing group in the country,” the ad, which is running statewide, intones. “They spent millions electing anti-war liberals. And publicly brag how the Democratic Party is theirs — bought and paid for. Why is MoveOn attacking Rudy Giuliani? Because he’s their worst nightmare.”

    “They know Rudy is a Republican who can beat the Democrats,” continues the narrator, in the style of a disaster movie voice-over. “And they know, no matter what they say — Rudy will never, ever back down.”

    Giuliani and the liberal political action group have been in a war of words since he, like many Republicans, seized on the MoveOn ad that questioned whether Petraeus should be called “General Betray Us?"

    As evidence for the claim that he is the Democrats’ “worst nightmare,” the Giuliani campaign points to calculations by Real Clear Politics showing that in head-to-head matchups in national polls, Hillary Clinton is an average of four points ahead of Giuliani but nine points ahead of Fred Thompson and 11.7 points ahead of Mitt Romney.

  22. To the rescue!! ACLU rides in on white horse to the defense of Larry Craig Craig, who has a 5% rating with the ACLU--agreeing only on the Patriot Act, and sundry other matters--'welcomes their ideas'.

    ACLU is filing 'friend of the court brief'.

    ACLU argues that toe tapping and solicitation of sex in a restroom is protected speech under the First Amendment, no matter where the solicitation occurs.

    You just can't 'do it' there in public, says ACLU.

  23. I'm keeping an open mind on the GOP hopefuls. No commitments yet.

    Keeping the powder dry.

  24. Doug: Bush out flanks the Dems: Wants to put Universal Coverage in Place! Socialism NOW!

    Silly Doug, you can't outflank Dems on the Left. They'll just go lefter.

  25. The gods are Trying To Tell Us that they have about had it with all our crap.

  26. I want medical care as good as my congressman gets, at the same cost too. I deserve it, he doesn't.

  27. Ah, hardeharhar--One Can Only Hope The Story Is True

    Dennis Kucinich, are you listening?

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