“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The UN Traveling Medicine Show - Now Appearing in Kenya

Climate Change Got You Down?

Feeling a little flushed lately?
Get out of that hothouse and come on down to the
United Nations Traveling Medicine Show

Bigger an better than ever and direct from Turtle Bay, Manhattan in the US of A. Featuring a cast assembled from around the world, this limited two week engagement is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and cure your ills as the UN's Big Top, Big Tent, Three Ring Circus takes scare mongering thrills to heights and lows never before seen on the Dark Continent.

Come to the Nairobi Fairgrounds for a three ring spectacular. Witness the UNparalled display of technical virtuosity of wealth redistribution by the Adaptation Fund. Watch and learn as they demonstrate by sleight of hand, the redistribution of wealth from the rich countries countries to the poor. Take a break from your day to day struggle with the lions, tigers and bears of climate change. You will be amused and amazed by the wide array of tricks and scams demonstrated by our incomparable teams of NGO scam and flim-flam artists who will also share their secrets on how to pick the "Rich man's pockets" so that you too can "finance your great walls against rising seas, or switch to drought-resistant crops," (non-genetically modified of course.)

Deepest Darkest Africa, you are already on the edge environmentally, and you will enjoy the show as your continent is expected to suffer most from shifting climate zones and droughts, like the one now in its fourth year in East Africa. Take a break, bring the family and enjoy playing our vast array of games such as "Dupe the Rube" where the object is to pick his pockets before putting him in the tank.

You will be thrilled and amazed by the "Greatest Sideshow on Earth" which offers the largest collection of "Nature Freaks" ever assembled and as seen in Rio, Kyoto, and Montreal. For your viewing pleasure, our World Wildlife Teams have collected from the four corners of the globe, the largest collection of "Fearsome NGO Beasts" ever seen by man.

Come one, come all to the United Nations Climate Change Traveling Show, where you too can learn how to profit from the coming heat up of the redistribution system and the meltdown of common sense in the industrialized world.
The climate has never been better for change.
November 6-17, 2006, Nairobi Kenya.
Rain or Shine. Hot or Cold.


  1. For an audio tape of the street venders, knock off watch sellers, and pretzel sellers send $10.00 to HABU c/o HABU's USED FOOD FOR AFRICA. One hundred percent of your donation will go to fund the HABU USED FOOD FOR AFRICA CAMPAIGN.
    At he $50.00 donation level you'll get the tape, a SAVE DAFUR T-shirt and a wallet card that says, "I feel good"
    To become truly golden at the $1000.00 level you get all the above plus an autographed picture of Koffi Andrews, a close friend of Koffi Annan and a Koffi Cup with the Oil for Dudes logo and a vile of ebola virus to show your friends.
    Special guest appearence by Bondo, Africa's answer to Bono.
    Let's do it for the children.

  2. UN in Lebanon not going out on patrol at night. Too dangerous.

  3. If I were a partisan, and looking at the diverse Democratic members of Congress, I would say they are in deep shit. Talk about a herd of cats. I can hardly wait to see the new Iraq strategy. And if I were a platoon leader in Iraq well......let's just say no John Wayne moves.

  4. You got that platoon leader comment right--yowza!

  5. "Boys, the message from the voting booth is--keep your head down and count the days!"

    Almost a relief, in a way, to fall back to defensible lines.

    Oil, schmoil, economics. fooey. Build carriers and SSBNs, and punish evildoers from the high seas.

  6. RoadtoSerfdom,
    X-cel-ent additions and in the spirit of the EB.

    We should spend the next two years perfecting ridicule and parody of the Dems..there's no defense for it and if they get all huffy, the entire world will know they can't take a joke..which in my experience always makes you a pariah.

  7. Whit,
    Supreme and ultimate huzzahs for this thread.
    I just mentioned to RoadTS that ridicule and parody are great tools. You are a craftsman and I salute you. Please keep it up and we'll drive the Dems into parody world monkeys. Bravo maestro.

  8. Nice try, habu, but them apparatchiks don't never mind no atmospherics--everything is literal. They don't care who knows they an asshole.

  9. Right on Buddy...there's that scene in the series Band of Brothers where the troops are suppose to cross a river for the second straight night to capture Huns for interrogation. Dick Winters, knowing his men will be pulled out of the line the next day does the right thing for his men and tells them to get a good nights sleep...and in the morning the report will reflect a mission that failed to capture any Huns...that's where I'd be with my Marines..heads down, lets get home and safe. Like you said, NO John Waynes. Let the Iraqi's pull their wagon now, we'll call in our part.

  10. hell, they shot the Czar's little kids in the face, at close range, with pistols.

  11. My favorite part of the movie, habu. Dick Winters did the right thing.

  12. Well maybe we can get a laugh out of it..screw them..they just think were Orwellian "proles"

    The lamented election is over. The carnaval of buncombe is about to begin.
    Let's have fun until it's time to lock and load.

  13. Yep, winters wasn't gonna let that bird colonel use his men for a good fitness report

  14. hey, whit--that comment you axed about is about ten or 12 down from the top of the "The Speaker Speaks" (or something like that) over on BC.

    LOL, habu--carnival 'til the lock & load--I've heard worse advice--

  15. RoadtoSerfdom,
    You know it's kinda surprising that no entrepreneur didn't do one of those car flags, blue with a white glob stain on it. I'll bet it woulda made money, or an inside blue sign with white glob saying Bill's DNA on board!

  16. whit, what I was talking about is, that's one of the reasons I sooo hate JFnKerry. He led the way when the Dem primaries season began, with an attack on the war--and it became from that point a downhill snowball.

    Despite the public agreement with the immediate-post-911 sensibility that we may be in for a generation-long war against this enemy.

    The Dems wanted office so bad they sold our birthright for pottage.

    They learned that they can do anything they like, majority or not, so long as, like Kerry, nothing means anything past the moment.

    Want the public to forget the situation we are in? Just make enough distraction, and it will. See Nov 7.

  17. I watched from inside the CIA as the Democratic Congress ceased funding the South Vietnamese.
    I watched from inside the CIA the troops withdrawn.
    I watched from Saigon the NVA approaching daily and watched the panic develope. I watched in Saigon as the USA left 6-10 thousand loyal South Vietnamese we had promised to get out. They had worked in our Embassy and in the field with our intel, and we abandon them..abandon them..
    Thank God we don't have that kind of commitment from the Iraqi's. But we also have no need to stay and watch our men and women get fucked up because the ME is one big cluster fuck.
    Hit Syria and Iran by sea and air but no more wasted lives in a war the Democrats are not going to see through..we don't need another black wall in DC ... been through that horror...admit we're a weak horse now jockeyed by a socialist party and get out.

  18. Now that he has admitted that plans for Rumsfeld's replacement were on-going before the election when he (Bush) said that Rummy would remain in place.

    Small potatoes. I got a bigger kick out of the other one he told, "We've never been 'Stay the Course' George." when it was just his campaign slogan for 2004.

  19. posted by whit at 11/09/2006 04:05:00 PM | 30 comments links to this post

  20. In 1982, Reagan had a loaded Congress against him. He could not get a budget passed and had to rely on continuing resolutions. That was not enough for the Democrats. One scumbag Congressman attached the Boland amendment. Wikipedia misrepresents it at having been passed 411-0. They do not mention, that if the Amendment and continuing resolution was not passed the government would be closed down. Congressman Edward Boland, D, Mass., attached the amendment with no thought about the irregular troops in the field fighting the Sandinistas and the consequences to them with the cut-off of funds. In short they would have been slaughtered. Reagan should have told the Democrat controlled Congress to go fuck themselves and see you in Court or hell. Reagan folded and did some gymnastics getting the Japanese and Saudis to fund the Contras through the CIA. I helped unload planes of wounded with injuries that smelled like yesterday's dead dog, while on a farm In Costa Rica, owned be an American hero, John Hull. Hull was maligned by another Democratic piece of shit, John Kerry. Do a Google on John Hull, CIA drugs and you will read lie after lie after lie. If John Hull was a drug dealer, he was the worst on record. He never had any money. He still owes me $500, he borrowed to buy fuel for his plane to get more wounded from Nicaragua. Expect nothing noble from Republicans and worse from Democrat Politicians. I hate all of them.

  21. 2164,
    I remember Mr. Hulls contributions even though I was getting my intel at that time through old buddies. He did a great job.
    I had a real hate on for Jim Wright and the Dear Commandante letter writers, some of whom are about to ascend to power positions.
    The Democrats have worked for the last 45 years to subvert this country. I'd love to smack one around just for old times sake.

    Yes teresita I'm a violent man.

  22. This post alludes to some kicked-cans that are creeping up on us, only now they are millions more than when we kicked it down the road before.

    I'm honestly not sure if its unChristian but frivolous charity on national scales seem to encourage people to have lots of kids and that's about it. Just enough wealth re-distributed such that sufficient sustenance exists for more children. More children that will need the NGOs all the more.

    What will all those "enraged" and "disillusioned" young men do with themselves, after all the women are felled by HIV, owned by militias, murdered by muslims or egressing on their own fortunate accord?

    Whatever they end up doing, its probably best if alot of them die, if only to not make more of them. Guess I find myself treating foreign life in a way different than I'd have people treat the lives of the poor in my own society. I mean to allude to a convergence in how life is valued between myself and abortionists. But I like to think the big difference is a critical administrative point: my resources for my policies. And I would support poor American kids that have a chance, but I won't support poor barbarians who are just savages, and need our well-educated poets to conjur them into something "noble."

    I guess I really just want alot of the world to die, and it would, if only we'd stop sustaining them.

    I can't stop thinking of Travis Bickle and the NYC of his era. Some folks see that kind of social material and fancy "shrinking it" with $100 laptops. I can't help but think that we can shrink it, by shrinking the number of people living there. They gotta learn that the plow is more valuable than the AK47. The NGOs help in inverting this valuable calculation.

    Is the only solution for my own security some PTA/Blackwater in the suburbs that gun down marauders with robots at the outskirts of a literally "gated" communtiy?

  23. Rufus,
    I still have special pixel powers enabling me to pixel you into the clandestine world.
    When you awake in the morning you will be operative "Still" working on project "Senior Nectar"

  24. hey, I"M "Jim Smith"--dammit.

    ppab, great dark post. yes.

  25. Mr Rufus,
    Are you denying under oath that you have no knowledge of this Ukranian nurse?


    Are you sure?

  26. 2164th wrote:

    Reagan folded and did some gymnastics getting the Japanese and Saudis to fund the Contras through the CIA.

    With all due respect to your service to the wounded, 2164th, if Clinton used the NSA to channel federal funds to the Taliban in the 1990s by saying, "It depends on what your definition of intelligent agency is" the GOP-controlled Congress would have gone ballistic.

  27. Dang, am I the only one on this blog who Never worked for the Company?

    The first rule of the Company is, you don't talk about the Company.

  28. Ms T,
    That's why all the former spooks are all over TV right?

    That use to be the code..the Company was absolutely ruined by Stansfield Turner and Jimma Carter. The Company as such evaporated overnight and it became every man for himself. I was there and I mouthed an awful lot about it. It got me in trouble but with those two in charge it became way too dangerous to get hung out. Ask any old hand from the OSS days to the 1950's through the 1970's about the Company then and after Carter took over..two totally different places.

  29. I'm cut'n and runn'n for bed..nite all peacefully

  30. rufus said:

    By the way, my real name is Jim, "Jim Smith," and I really, really love the CIA - and all other Spook-type guys, Really.

    Rufus, don't buy into this "I was inside the CIA" stuff. Blah blah blah. There really are Feds on the blogs out here, but they don't say much because they signed a SF-312

  31. rufus @ 10:34--yes, yes, yes. Just one of the myriad critical issues that were at stake. That's why I will never ever understand what happened. Lack of info, I suppose.

  32. Another of Wretchard’s inaccuracies.

    “Here it [1st Marine Division] became heavily engaged with the Chinese Communists in the bitter fighting around the Chosin Reservoir. Despite being completely surrounded, the Division broke the encirclement and fought its way to Hungnam with all its men and equipment, destroying ten Chinese Divisions in the process.”


    “The First Marines were nearly encircled at Chosin.”

    The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    Colonel “Chesty” Puller’s 1st Marines held the single exit out of Chosin and was essential to the evacuation of the UN forces, including most notably the 1st Marine Division. Note, contrary to Wretchard’s rendition, the 1st Marine Division was “completely” surrounded.


    Reporter; "Colonel, you've got Chinese to your front, to your rear, to your left and to your right. What are you going to do now?"
    Col. Puller; "Damn sight better than the U. S. Army. At least I know they'll be there in the morning!"

    Hey, Marines, in 8 minutes, here in the East, it will be the Corps’ birthday. Semper Fi!!!

  33. rufus,

    re: Hell, they're writing "best-sellers" containing classified information about ongoing operations.


  34. was = were

    For the uninitiated, when one speaks of the 1st, 6th, 9th Marines, etc. this references a regiment, not a division.

  35. The 1st of the 1st was born on the Battleship Texas--I have stood on her decks, she is moored just outside Houston, near the grounds of the Battle of San Jacinto, where Santa Anna was captured, and Texas was born.

    Happy Birthday, Marines--and thank God for ye!

    From the halls of Montezuma
    to the shores of Tripoli.

  36. P_rodigious
    O_ut of control
    S_ell-by date passed